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Deaner’s Diner

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DINING If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth for breakfast, it doesn’t get better than Sandy’s Donuts. Try the angel icing donuts if you like cream filled. They are incredible. The filling is a light and fluffy whipped icing that is every bit as creamy and delicious as a normal cream filled donut while having an elegant airy texture. Emily’s favorites are the blueberry cake donut or the s’mores donut. 1

Deaner’s Diner is the neighborhood greasy spoon, small town diner. All of their dinners (which can be ordered for lunch too) include soup or salad and two sides, all for under $10. It’s a whole lot of food for a very reasonable price. And their bread pudding with caramel sauce and whipped cream might be the best dessert in town. 2

Sandy’s Donuts

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES Right now, our family consists of our lap-loving kitty, Zeus, and our cuddly puggle pup, Taz. So, our favorite family-friendly activity is to take Taz on walks to Elmwood Park or Veteran’s Memorial Fields. She gets very excited when she knows we are going to the park and loves trying to make friends with the wildlife. You never know what you are going to run into in this neighborhood. So far, we have seen a giant turtle, turkeys, deer and a couple of beavers. 3


NIGHTLIFE The West Fargo VFW was recently remodeled and is open to anyone, not just members. And they have one of the best deals in town. On Tuesday nights, you can get a pizza and a pitcher of beer for only $11. Tuesdays happen to be their trivia night as well. They seem to have something fun going on most weekends. 4

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Fargo Monthly 100 Issue 2019  

Fargo Monthly 100 Issue 2019