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company head, we tend not to put medical professionals in the "entrepreneur" category — even though that's exactly what Dr. J.J. Johnson is. Johnson is the owner of Saving Smiles Dentistry in South Fargo, but you might know him better by his newly found local celebrity status as "The Guy Who Rented Out a Whole Movie Theater to Watch Star Wars."


ead the following statement and try to guess who said it:

"I truly enjoy helping people and taking care of them. I feel a sense of value when I get a genuine thank you from my customers. They are trusting my team, which is why we do our very best to meet their needs."


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Who was the first person that came to mind? A banker? An insurance agent? A mechanic? If you said "dentist," good for you, but for most people, that was probably pretty far down their list. Despite starting a business at great personal risk, employing five to ten people minimum at a given practice, and wearing all the hats (and more) of a typical

A graduate of Fargo South High School and Concordia College, Johnson returned to the FM area after completing dental school at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and in 2011, he purchased the practice of retiring dentist Marvin Ugland. Johnson, who also volunteers with the Red River Valley Dental Access Project, an urgent care walk-in dental clinic for lowincome patients, has one piece of practical advice for his fellow business owners out there: "If your business offers dental insurance, encourage your employees to take advantage of it," he says. "Dentistry goes hand in hand with other areas of medicine, in that routine care is not only good for your overall health and well-being but can help reduce expenses for care. A small problem caught early can be far less expensive than waiting for something to hurt and then going in to have it diagnosed."

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