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There are two important things you need to know about Cori and Big Dog. 1. Cori is pregnant. 2. No, it’s not Big Dog’s baby. After that you should probably know that their morning show focuses on women who have a busy schedule and that they’re trying to make a difference in people's lives. Big Dog hopes that he can make people laugh and help them forget their problems every morning. In our opinion, they’re doing just that.

Making a difference Every year they do a Christmas Wish program. Since 1989, the Christmas Wish program has been helping make Christmas wishes come true. This Christmas they raised over $25,000. The good the Christmas Wish does ranges from helping a family who can’t afford to heat their home to making Christmas wishes come true for a family who lost a loved one.

Shyness One thing that might surprise everybody is that both of these DJs are kind of shy. It’s easy to talk into a mic, but Big Dog still finds himself getting nervous in social situations. Numerous hats Big Dog is not only a DJ for 105.1 but he’s also the Program Director for 105.1 AND the Operations Director of Go Radio. How

exactly does someone handle doing all that? “It’s very busy. Everyday is a different challenge, that’s what’s fun about the job. Everyday is different. You go in with a plan and schedule and usually by 9 or 10 in the morning, you’re winging it. It keeps it interesting.”

Where and when you can listen to them

You can listen to them at 105.1 FM weekday mornings from 6 – 9 a.m. // 39

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