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THE Trend !!

Summer fashion


Btween Fashion and Simplicity lies 304 ...


ummer Style Guide

304 Designs Offers exclusive designs for summer spring season and casual wear. Their collection will give customers a summer feeling due to the light fabric colours chosen and uniqe designs. The collection offers reasonable proces with well designed clothing. All the fabric chosen are high quality fabrics and sutible for a lighter wear that suits the UAE weather.

The main concept behind 304 Designs is that the idea itself might alredy exist in the market. However, the prices of 304 designs collection are affordable with a high quality finishing and fabrics.

Hey I he

ard you were a w ild one?!

The wilder the better, the braver the bolder. The cheetah background gives a wilder hint of the person wearing the tee. The tee look will not be completed until ones dare to wear the tee and be a wild one. So, I hear you were a wild one?

Exotic plate numbers and letters play an important role in the Emirati society. The idea behind this design is for the love of Dubai plate numbers and people seeking glamorous tees. The letter is on you and the printing is on us.


Golden Jumpsuit

The design was made for a comfortable wear and the waist belt can be adjusted for a fitter size.

For a casual wear, go for this golden jumpsuit that could be worn anytime and anywhere.

The trend!!

Summer Beauty ... Going for a party?

Looking for something simple? Classy? Not too dark not too bright? Not too short not too long? Go for this black and white simple dress that can match any clutch, any heels your planning to wear. The stretchable fabric gives it the perfect touch for a trendy look.

Small word five letters and a change in the world, is what this Tee was made for. So, for the love of smiles the T-shirt was designed to attract people and make them smile the second their eyes fall on it. The 3D concept is a way of manipulating ones eye, and attracting ones heart.

Summer Fashion,,


This is the first issue on 304designs magazine