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Latest Oil Trends For the Body, Hair and Nails

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Letter From the Editor/April ‘13

Being Bold


girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous’ - spoken by a true icon who succeeds elegantly at both. Coco Chanel, what an inspiration and influence her words have had upon generations, myself included. When I am facing difficult situations or fighting the temptation to behave a little less ladylike, I think to myself what would Coco do? The answer is always to spritz on a little No.5 and a dash of rouge lipstick so I’m ready to

take on the world in a classy and fabulous fashion once more. Chanel paved the way for the modern woman, encouraging us to

swap our skirts for a trouser suit and embrace being bold. So we threw out the rule book and said; ‘we will be mothers, we will be wives, we will be the female bosses of the generation and we will do it all in a pair of six inch heels. If they can’t topple us, nothing is going to.’ Next season is all about being bold and being daring, preparing to get our hands dirty, as long as it doesn’t put our shellac to shame. But it’s our eyes that will be stealing the spotlight with heavily jewelled lids complete with gold leaf motifs, seen on Michael Van Der Ham’s catwalk this season. We’re topping off our extravagant eyes with a pair of full, fluttering eyelashes set to captivate the attention of the Mr Greys from across the bar. But he better hold onto to his briefcase tightly, as women are officially taking over the boardroom with PU-plastered pencil skirts and sharp shirts, combining the boss with the belle of the bedroom. Think Chanel meets Bardot - the compelling combination of the sexy and the sophisticated, sure to score us points on the career path and possibly a few phone numbers. The tables are turning and it’s our time to take charge. Be Bold. Be Beautiful. And Be Inspiring. Three things we here at Allure UK are not afraid to be.

Taking time out to enjoy the sunshine

Chelsea Allen

Chelsea Allen, Editor in Chief

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Insiders’ Guide

Expert advice on creating a beauty blog and survive fashion week, plus confessions of a celebrity stylist and more.

I’ve been to three Fashion Week’s, two in London and my first in New York, courtesy of Tumblr. com. I try to go at least once a year if I can. Be Prepared. Some people look at the shows as if they’re a life or death situation. The best thing to do is to stay calm, make sure you’re organised and be kind, it’s a very full-on environment but as long as you keep your cool you’ll be fine. Also, bring flats. Go Backstage. I went behind the scenes and managed

to see the Oscar de la Renta collection before everyone else. It’s very hectic so it’s a case of getting in with the right crowd. It’s incredibly busy with lots of half naked models running around in full hair and makeup. You just need to keep your eyes continuously open because you never know who or what might inspire you. Make Connections. At Fashion Week I talk to everyone I can, even the designers, as long as you are nice, appreciative and professional it’s a great way to gain connections. I’ve built up great relationships with

some of the UK’s biggest designers and brands, it’s all about getting in the know. Make it your own. Fashion Week is a highly stressful event, make sure you’ve organised your schedule and know when and where the next show is. If you have a few shows to go to in one day, you really need to be in and out in an instant. There is lots of rushing and queuing but you always end up having fun and doing/seeing things you never thought you would. - INTERVIEW BY CHELSEA ALLEN

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An Interview With Stephanie Toms Toms is a fashion writer who has attended London and New York fashion week.


How to Make the Most of Fashion Week

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Insiders’ Guide

How to Handle a Bad Haircut There is nothing worst than when a haircut goes horribly wrong but remember a stylist would rather have the chance to rectify it then see you hiding in a hat. Prevention Preparations. The most important thing is to go somewhere they are going to give you a thorough consultation, so you are going to minimise the chances of this situation in the first place. If you are going to have a major change make sure you bring as many photos and information as possible as sometimes the way people describe what they want and what actually envisage is totally different. Communicate with your Stylist. Your stylist wants you to be 100% happy so talk to them, explain what you want and be open to their suggestions. If they recommend that it is not going to work with your hair type, listen to them and make adjustments. If you want to go in before the appointment, your stylist will be more then happy to discuss your ideas and look at 00 Allure UK • April 2013 Final.indd 6

some pictures so by the time the appointment comes around there shouldn’t really be a problem. Be Polite. If there is a problem, say something. If you don’t feel you can speak to your stylist, ask the speak to the manager and they will try to rectify it for you. Remember to remain calm, as I know your first instinct is to panic, try and explain what you are unhappy with, avoiding getting aggressive at all costs. We would rather you say in the salon that you are unhappy, then have you go away unsatisfied and expressing your concerns to other people. Give the salon a chance to rectify the problem. Give it time. Sometimes if you have a big change its’ going to be a bit of a shock to you, so give yourself a couple of days to get used to it and play around with it. Sometimes I’ll cut peoples hair and they will say ‘Oh my god,’ but after a couple of days they will ring me back and say ‘I love it!’. - INTERVIEW BY CHELSEA ALLEN


An Interview With Hayley Rahal Rahal has been Toni & Guy’s Managing Director at Fleet since June 2005.

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Desiree has worked with the likes of Joss Stone.l

Confessions of a Celebrity Stylist An Interview with Desiree Lederer Lederer is a London based personal stylist to celebrities.


Desiree is one of the most sought after stylists to the stars having worked with the likes of Rhianna and Victoria Beckham. When asked what style she is most regularly asked to emulate she says: “Stylish glam.” Seems the A-listers are keen to always be looking red carpet worthy but this isn’t always easy: “It is harder to be creative with menswear without them looking gay,” exclaims Desiree. However, elaborate clothes are not always so forthcoming: “Designers are very particular these days, so if you are doing Rihanna you can go to anyone, as opposed to just doing a more C-list celeb” she says, lucky have access to those extravagant designs. When asked to narrow down her best piece, she says: “There is one every now and again, some pieces just stand out.” It’s no surprise that it’s hard to narrow down, considering that her vast portfolio features everything from full mesh bodysuits to embellished, artistic masquerade masques. Despite working with celebrities, Desiree prefers to style models: “I have to admit tall and skinny models wear the clothes well.” However, our hope is restored when she goes on to say: “In fact any shape, so long as they photograph well and have energy and attitude.” It’s back to fashion being all about confidence. When Desiree was asked when she is happiest as a stylist, she replied: “When the whole fashion shoot comes together and the model looks amazing, I get a buzz.” No look can be completed for Desiree without a creative and experienced team who know how to construct a fully, fabulous look. Unfortunately for Desiree, her own style is less glamorous than that of her clients and she doesn’t dress extravagantly often. “I tend to wear jeans, converse and a woolly hat, as I am always cold so my style is practical rather than high fashion. I wish I could though.” - INTERVIEW


It is harder to be creative with menswear without making them look gay.

How to make a blow dry last Stay away from products. It’s tempting to turn to products in order to make your blow dry last but these will only stick to hair causing you to have to wash it out sooner. At a push, use some dry shampoo at the roots to absorb extra moisture allowing longer between washes. Touch up your blow dry. If it starts to fall out of shape, dampen the section a little and blowdry again, brushing lightly. Pile hair up. If for any reason you need to tie back your hair, tie it in a loose ponytail on the top of your head. Make sure it is not pulling on your crown and use a hair tie that is free from any metal clasps, to avoid kinks in your hair. - CHELSEA ALLEN

Q Ask Allure

I have quite oily skin, what is the best skin routine to take before I start to apply my make-up? - Julie, Manchester

Whenever I start to make over anbody, I always make sure I am working on clean skin as natural oils and grease on the skin can cause the makeup to slide off. It’s really important to always make sure you cleanse, tone and then moisturise with a light moisturiser, blotting any excess off with a tissue. Next apply a primer to your face, using an antishine version if you are prone to oily skin, and then apply your base makeup.- Sara Bowden

Sara is freelance make-up artist who previously worked in the music industry with the likes of Maroon 5 and James Morrison.


Insiders’ Guide

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Insiders’ Guide

should be illustrating why you’d be an asset to a business and acquiring skills on top of your writing ability. If you use those skills and your knowledge wisely, it can be great at helping to kick-start a career or give you a new direction to pursue. - INTERVIEW BY CHELSEA ALLEN

A French Education

An Interview with Hayley Richards Hayley is thefounder of which launched in April 2012. I’d just started to become aware of blogs through my job and admired their freedom of expression. I simply thought ‘I could have a go at that’ and the blog was born from there. Be Original. My blog is a hub of beauty news, reviews and gossip. There’s also some fashion, music and lifestyle thrown in for good measure, as well as bit of travel. It’s quite tongue-in-cheek and to the point - I don’t beat around the bush! I’m always breaking news, telling tales and discussing things that other bloggers won’t. Make a connection. The relationship I have with my followers is amazing. They lift me up when I’m feeling down, making me feel fabulous when I hear their feedback and some have grown into friendships. Blogging is quite lonely at times, so it’s lovely to feel like there’s an online community you can reach to. I keep them interested by bringing them fresh news, my opinions and things I’m genuinely interested in. People are

so fed up with glossy magazines and blogs give them something attainable that they can relate to. You need to be a trusted source, like a friend or sister.. Enhance your Opportunities. I’ve been taken on holiday, to the ballet, been backstage at fashion week, judged for beauty awards, interviewed celebrities like Pixie Lott and been published in magazines. I’ve also been offered by a few beauty brands to work within their social media departments. Add to your CV. Your blog is your online CV, it shows your interests, capabilities and understanding of social media. Being a blogger gives you an insight many others don’t have, so many people presume that a blog enables you to land on your feet straight away. My career took a slight change of direction; I used to be a brand manager for cosmetic companies but now I’m a Social Media Manager, working on social strategies for some of the biggest brands in the UK (if not the world). Treat your blog as a business and ensure you’re showing why you’re different. You


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How to Create a Successful Beauty Blog

How would you say the French differ from the rest of us in terms of beauty? “French women care more about feeling good, than looking good. French women believe that when you take care of yourself, pamper your skin with lotions and perfume, take time to rest and relax, you not only feel good, but you look good.” What would you say is the appeal of French beauty? “The appeal of French beauty is that the French woman is completely herself and rather than hiding her flaws she displays them to her best advantage. She doesn’t copy anyone.” Did you pick up any great beauty advice or secrets whist over there? “Beauty starts in your brain. When you take care of your body and your mind, you become aware of your own beauty.” What impression do you get from French women and their approach to beauty? “French women don’t go to any extremes—whether it comes to cosmetics or clothing or dieting. It’s all about maintenance and little things to pamper themselves every day.”


Beauty writer Jamie Cat Callan ventures to the country of the slender and graceful to discover their secrets to being beautiful.

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The Make Up Pro Nadira Persuad has worked behind Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Make-up Mistress make up artist assisting in the launch onto the shelves of Sephora. Her schedule has been non-stop as she has been bestowing her beauty knowledge to transfixed Sephora trainees about how to apply Front Cover products with precision. “I like to work closely with brands I love,” she says, having already invested her time into award winning beauty brand, OSKIA as well as Dutch Cosmetic’s Company, Rituals, which can be found when flicking through the pages of Italian Vogue. In short, she is in high demand right now. As she celebrates her fifth consecutive year as make-up ambassador for Lily Lolo Cosmetics, she will be cracking out the drawing board to start work on their visual campaign sure to be featured in all the glossy magazines. As her diary fills up, she always remembers the advice she was given by fellow make-up artist and inspiration, Aimee Adams: “Be productive during the quiet times and enjoy them, because when it’s busy, it is really busy!” and when it comes to Nadira this couldn’t be more spot on. Nadira, who can’t really remember what ‘quiet times’ are, juggles styling for editorial shoots, applying her expertise

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enowned make-up artist and notorious beauty expert, Nadira Persaud, has been making up the faces featured on the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle for years. Her handy work is quite extraordinary and some of her fans include Jodie Kidd and Sienna Miller, as well as Olympic gold winner Jessica Ennis. However, celebrities aren’t the only people banging at her door, Nadira has worked with the likes of Dior and Dolce & Gabbana and help style people at the National Music Awards. She’s a marvel with a make-up brush, leaving her mark all over the industry - and the world. Nadira’s has finally come down from cloud 9 having just completed a series of trips around Europe and Asia with thriving cosmetics brand, Front Cover. She was snapped up by the brand instantly, only to become its international



We all like to see who is headlining Vogue and what we can do to look more like her - Nadira is the answer to that question. By Chelsea Allen



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The Make Up Pro

Jennifer Ennis Nadira worked with Jennifer for a editorial shoot for Omega Magazine.

For me a face in the public eye is just as important as the women pushing a pram down the street. small, high street or luxury,” she lists when asked what type of brands she likes to work with. However, she goes onto name: “Givenchy, as they do pretty and innovative packing with some of the best inspired collections” and “Clinique too as they are practical comprehensive cosmetics lines that translate to the working woman.” There is no doubt that in the near future Nadira will be found behind one of major brands, testing formulas for their ranges or fine tuning their colour palettes for the next captivating collection. The inside of Nadira’s personal make-up bag features a mix of the high end and the highstreet. “I love so many Paloma Faith Mixing her ellaborate style with traditional tea drinking for Marie Claire Magazine. Agent Provocateur Promotional Work advertising their Bridal collection.

Signature Style Fresh, Glowing skin with minimal make-up applied.

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ike any profession, hers has its down sides and Nadira hasn’t always been reaping in its benefits. A nonexistent social life is a small price to pay when you consider the struggle she faced trying to break into the beauty industry. Nadira’s first glimpse of the professional beauty world was when she was studying theatre hair & make-up at London College of Fashion, where a desperate lack of confidence and overwhelming amount of competition left her shying away from any assisting opportunities. However the true hardship didn’t come until after she graduated, she was stuck in a part-time retail job struggling to piece together her enough money for bills, let alone the finances to fund building a successful portfolio. “Trying to survive on little money in a pricey place wasn’t easy,”

she says recollecting on those dark days which involved exhaustive, unpaid shoots that came around as regularly as blood from a stone. “I felt like I must decide on my makeup path, so I gave the retail job up and lived off next to nothing for a time,” which she goes on to admit was not her best decision. Luckily for Nadira it paid off and her test shoots started to get her noticed, whilst her portfolio spoke for itself. Soon afterwards, she began to receive regular work opportunities, from highly regarded editorials, to commercials in Dubai, which have forged her into the connoisseur of cosmetics she is today. Being such a prominent figure in the beauty world does have its perks. Other than the free make-up that is aching for her attention, Nadira’s success means she can be selective when it comes to working with brands. “The big and the


to collaborations with make up brands and volunteering for the Katie Piper Foundation, which uses cosmetics to aid burn and scar victims. “I literally live from one day to the next with little routine which is why I am so disciplined and motivated to be productive” she says. She’s clearly cracking the whip pretty hard, as she misses a concert in Brighton for a shoot that ran over a few hours longer than intended. In her profession, it is crucial that she is flexible with her time meaning that she has to stretch herself thin when it comes to her social life. “It is hard to commit to a social life at times,” she admits, as she busies herself by packing her bags for another full and intense day of shooting tomorrow.

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The Make Up Pro

Nicky Clare Nadira worked with Nicky Clark to produce promotional material for his press releases. Lily Lole Cosmetics Promotional work for the cosmetics brand Nadira is Ambassador for. Beverley Knight She also made Beverley’s skin glow when they came together for editorial work in Glamour magazine.

GQ Editorial She worked with Jimmy Carr where he posed as Rupert Pupkin, played by Robert De Niro, in the 1982 film ‘The King of Comedy.’

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hen it comes to the makeup chair, Nadira conceives that: “It is somewhat an honour to study a face, to make subtle changes, decide what to highlight, contour or add colour to as I utilise my eye for detail and aesthetics.” Her concise attention to detail is undoubtedly what is setting her apart from other make-up artists as well as her open-mindedness when it comes to the model. Despite having worked with an array of other top models, Nadira says: “For me a face in the public eye is just as important as the women pushing a pram down the street,” restoring our faith in the magic of make-up mastery. Whether a celebrity face or not, her golden rule is: “No matter what, make up is something to

apply and remove.” On this point, she is not negotiable: she encourages us to steer clear of using face wipes and instead opt for cleansing cloths. Cleanliness is an important issue for Nadira: “Keep make up brushes clean and never hold on to make up that has changed consistency or smell,” she rules, ensuring a minimum chance of adverse reactions, which is particularly important for her work with the Katie Piper foundation. Nadira is as much inspirational as she is accomplished, when it comes to her work volunteering to help burn and scar survivors. “I have been involved since the Katie Piper foundation began as I frequently do Katie’s make up for TV and magazines” she says, as she encourages other make up artists to invest in brands that offer nonprescription make up with an enhanced holistic approach when attending to skin. Despite the countless number of opportunities that have opened up to Nadira she says, “I couldn’t ever pin down one defining moment of my job as I believe it’s about small, considered steps to building a career,” keeping her firmly grounded whilst figuring out her next move. She works on an annual scale rather than a daily one, what with up and coming work that covers TV commercials, PR launches and her much sought after one-on-one make-up sessions. When Nadira does get a chance to put down her makeup brush and silence her mobile, she likes to catch up with colleagues and friends, reflecting on life outside the bustling, beauty industry. She may not get a chance to mingle socially or attend concerts in Brighton, but she does get a chance to inspire and induce an entire industry - that doesn’t sound like a bad swap to us. - INTERVIEW BY CHELSEA ALLEN (FROM LEFT) VERONIQUE ROLLAND / LILY LOLE COSMETICS / NICKY CLARKE PR / SID PITHWA

brands and products” she gushes, “We’re so lucky to have access to brilliant affordable beauty in the UK and some are my firm favourites like Revlon, Une, Bourjois and Max Factor.” Being an adamant mineral fan, she has a selection of Lily Lolo’s range that she uses when creating her signature look “which enhances features and focuses on the quality of the skin.” When it comes to skincare, Nadira refers to her trusted Oskia range, designed to enhance natural beauty; “They believe skincare works from the inside out” she says, being a firm believer in this particular philosophy.

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There are hundreds of different types of oils bombarding the market.

enturies Greece, were






restoring essential moisture and giving it a


glossy shine, as well as making it fragrant



with a tropical scent. On the market today we

importance, the woman used to smoother

can buy almost any type of oil for all different

themselves in oil to make their skin appear,

parts of our body, but with such a variety we

naturally glowing and they were clearly onto

are left bewildered as to which will be most

something. Over in Asia, coconut oil was

beneficial for where. But rest assured as that

being rubbed into the lengths of their hair,

is where Allure steps in.

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Oil is the latest beauty trend and we are obsessed with slicking it through our hair and rubbing it in our skin. Allure explores exactly what type is best for where. By Chelsea Allen


All Over Oil

April 2013 • Allure UK 00

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Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve Cream BENEFITS: Olive oil is full of vitamin E which is a prominent antioxidant. It is also pumped full of saturated fats, which are essential to the health of our skin, keeping it supple and soft. ORIGIN: Olive oil has been used by humankind for as long as can be remembered. It is thought to have originated from Crete where it was used in ointments. It expanded into beauty where it was being used as a tanning agent, a daily cleanser or just to soften skin. LOOK FOR: Burts Bees pot of Miracle Salve cream. It combines the rich fatty acids from olive oil and pumpkin skin to produce a formula that is hydrating, nourishing and perfect to tackle rough, dry hands. USED BY: Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Loren.

Argan Oil

Use for a clear complexion

Primavera Organic Face Oil BENEFITS: Argan Oil can easily replace our everyday moisturiser, as it is full of essential fatty acids that

a medicine but is widely known to be a miracle beauty product, especially virgin coconut oil which maintains it’s durability in high climates. LOOK FOR: The Body Shop’s Coconut Beautifying Oil. It’s formulated to give skin an instant boost of hydration and is enhanced to offer a shimmering finish, as well as providing an irresistible scent. USED BY: Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr.

Avocado Oil

Use for dry, damaged hair

Coconut Oil Use for glowing skin

L’Oreal Serie Expert Mythic Oil

The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oil BENEFITS: Coconut oil’s most significant trait is that it is naturally absorbed into the skin remaining in liquid consistency at body temperature, so it does not clog up pores. When applied to skin, it prevents cracking or drying up and can be used as an antibacterial on small wounds. What makes it so appealing in the beauty industry is that it can be used on all skin types in its natural form, as it does not irritate skin and can be used by sensitive skin sufferers. ORIGIN: Coconut oil has been around for thousands of years and is being used on a global scale. It is mostly found in Asia, where it is popular as a food or

BENEFITS: Avocado Oil is oozing with essential vitamins that are perfect to revitalise hair. Not only does it help improve one’s hair condition, by promoting the growth of new hair follicles to replace damaged cells, it maintains shine whilst enhancing colour. It also offers hair protection against breakage once applied and helps strengthen individual strands. ORIGIN: Originally the first harvesting of avocados started in Chile, where they discovered the benefits of the oil after it was extracted as a by-product. It has been used in for its regenerating qualities for centuries and has been successful due to its repair damage from the inside out. LOOK FOR: L’Oreal Serie Expert Mythic Oil. It is made using avocado oil and is popular in salons all around the country due to its lightweight feel and ability to tame frizz. USED BY: Denise Richards, Paula Abdul and Carrie Underwood. >

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Use for soft hands and nails

absorb into the skin, without leaving it greasy. It is light, meaning so it can be used as a base to your daily makeup routine and claims to nourish skin, improving complexion. ORIGIN: Argan Oil has been a recent hit to the British market but has been used by Morrocan women for centuries. It is sourced from the Argan Tree, found close to the Atlas mountains in Morroco, and it’s traditional extraction is a long, drawn out process which can take up to 20 hours to complete. LOOK FOR: Primavera Organic Face Oil is made from the nut from the Argan tree, providing quick to absorb moisture and improves elasticity for a youthful appearance. USED BY: Eva Mendes, Kylie Minogue and Salma Hayek.


Olive Oil

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Burt’s Beeswax Moisturising Night Creme BENEFITS: Almond Oil is best known for its dosage of vitamin A and E. When it is applied to the skin, it promotes cell renewal and helps to remove dead skin cells. When it comes to anti-ageing, almond oil provides the skin with more elasticity and its added moisture plumps out skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially around the eye area. ORIGIN: History tells us that Almond oil originated in Greece BC. It was first used as a soap and in medical practises, such as reducing earwax and as a laxative, it also featured as a part of the Roman wedding ceremony. LOOK FOR: Burt’s Beeswax Moisturising Night Cream. It’s enriched with almond oil, aiming to smooth skin and improve signs of ageing, leaving you with a sweet scent. USED BY: Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kate Moss.

Castor Oil

Use for reducing hair loss

BB Caster Oil Hair Strengthening Creme

used mostly to cook with until it started to appear in the cosmetics industry, where it was first used as an antioxidant and to treat scarring. LOOK FOR: Kneipp Grape Seed Body Massage Oil. It is a must have product to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks, making skin instantly more supple whilst being intensely firming. USED BY: Emma Stone, Jessica Alba and Thandie Newton.

Jojoba Oil

Use as a make-up remover

Grape Seed Oil

Use for reducing the appearence of stretch marks

Kneipp Grape Seed Body Massage Oil BENEFITS: This oil has become known for its astringent qualities that help to firm skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Its lightness is gently absorbed by the skin and helps to repair damaged skin cells from the inside. ORIGIN: Grape Seed Oil originated in France and was discovered as a left over product from the grapes used in wine making process. It was

Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil BENEFITS: This oil is light and 100% non-irritable when it comes to removing make-up. It’s gentle enough to be used around the eye area and has the ability to break down waterproof formulas whilst keeping skin nourished. It’s free from the chemicals found in modern day makeup removers and is therefore a go to product for all skin types. ORIGIN: Jojoba Oil originated from the USA where it was extracted from Jojoba seeds, produced by the tree, in its natural form that is a liquid wax consistency. It has been used throughout history for medicinal purposes, such as treating skin sores until it was discovered to work best at removing cosmetics. LOOK FOR: Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil. It removes make-up gently and leaves skin clean and moisturised without forming an oily residue. USED BY: Nicole Scherzinger, Teri Hatcher and Penelope Cruz.

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Use for Anti-Ageing purposes

BENEFITS: Castor oil has major benefits for improving hair growth. It stimulates the scalp, increasing blood flow to the follicles, therefore encouraging the natural hair production. It’s sealing properties and increased vitamins help to revive thinning hair and provide additional nourishment for re-growth. ORIGIN: The Castor seed plant, where the oil is extracted, is native to India but has been used globally throughout history. Its original use was as a medicine to treat burns or to lubricate wounds as it contains proprieties that stimulate the immune system. LOOK FOR: BB Caster Oil Hair Strengthening Creme. This little pot boosts conditioning, combining with a powerful formula that is intended to smooth hair and improve its health. USED BY: Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Biel and Mariah Carey.


Almond Oil

April 2013 • Allure UK 00

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The Make-up Messiah Hilary Andrews is one of the most in demand figures in the cosmetics industry. She is the make up messiah of the Middle East as well as being leading beauty guru here in the UK. By Chelsea Allen

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07/05/2013 12:51


“I’m actually driving on my way to catch a train” she says talking through a headset that is never far from her ear. Next thing we know, she has parked at the train station and is eagerly awaited our questions. The responses you expect to get when talking to one of the most brilliant, business beauty minds of the decade are short and snappy, with an added touch of irritation and obsessive time checking. What you don’t expect is the kind, friendly and enthusiastic voice that we were greeted with, which first asks you how you are and sounds delighted to take the time to talk to you. That’s exactly what you get from Hilary. First thing you should know about Hilary is - she is not your typical business woman. All the basics are there, the drive, the ideas and the passion but without the cold, cut throat attitude that is so common in women at the top. Not only is she welcoming and compassionate, but she’s



f you don’t know her name it’s high time you did as it’s the one on everyone’s lips. It’s safe to say that trying to extract as little as a ten minute interview with someone with much success as Hilary was always going to be difficult. She is impossible to catch as she dashes between her own companies, business meetings with the biggest brands in beauty and packs her bags full of the latest products to jet them off to the Middle East. Anyway, sitting still for ten minutes proves to be a problem and valuable time wasted: “That’s the problem with being an entrepreneur; you have a mind that never stops.” So, imagine the surprise when not only did Hilary find the time to answer her phone, on the second ring, but was willing to spare us a couple of minutes of her precious time.

Hilary Andrews is entrepreneurial extraordinaire of the cosmetics industry.

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Flashback up and running her own business was something of a second nature at this point, having originally trained as a beauty therapist and become the proud owner of a salon before she turned her hand to teaching. While working in the mail order service for premium cosmetics, Hilary had a burst of inspiration for a new company idea. It came in the form of a series of phone calls: “Men used to ring me a lot and say where can I buy them? As they didn’t want to go into a shop or a department store. I thought, well there is obviously a market here, men want to buy these things so we did a

“That’s the problem with being an entrepreneur; you have a mind that never stops” young people starting out and doing something to help anybody who wants to be an entrepreneur,” she enthuses, clearly still struggling to let go of her previous role as a lecturer. Hilary is someone who doesn’t shy away from a challenge, having lectured at Farnborough College of Technology for seven years and still professing her enjoyment for teaching teenagers. Not being the type to take on just one task, Hilary lectured, assessed and verified National Vocational Qualifications in beauty, spa and holistic therapy, as well as running some of the first NVQ’s training qualifications in the UK. “Being a lecturer was really good fun and very rewarding. I still really like coaching and anything of that sort of nature really.” She says with a small amount of sentiment in her voice.


ut the pull from the commercial retail world turned out to be too strong, so Hilary hung up her school cap and turned her attention to the mail order division. “Mail order always fascinated me” she recalls, “I still believe in the catalogue world and mail order brochures.” Setting

bit of research and realised there was a growing market.” The ‘we’ became a small team of people led by Hilary, pursuing her idea to launch cosmetics targeted at the male market. They started small, launching a catalogue and a mail order service sticking to what they know. Three months later when interest in the internet was starting to spiral, they saw an opportunity and launched “You can’t ever really underestimate the value of a good team of people working together” she says, recollecting some of her most enjoyable moments spent with them, winning awards for best website and best online conteng as well as the first time they collaborated with big name brands such as, Estee Lauder. Along with came, then purchasing their own building to work from which Hilary describes as a pretty momentous moment and you can hear the pride in her voice. But Hilary was never going to be contained in one place for too long: “You have to make things happen and be very proactive, there’s no good in waiting for someone to do it for you as it won’t happen,” soon she was thinking of her next endeavour to embark on and this


one would take her much further than the UK. ilary, makeup messiah in the Asian and Chinese market, has been taking western and E u r o p e a n brands and introducing them to localised, less sophisticated markets that are being dominated by domestic brands. “They really want them and I think it’s very exciting. I love the people and the place and it’s got so much interest” she gushes, her passion is clear as she goes on to talk about her current work in India. “Everyone is enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. They really want to make a success of their lives and it’s fascinating, a very different culture but really, really interesting, very friendly and just a lovely way of working,” it’s obvious that being surrounded by people of a similar mindset is Hilary’s choice of a working environment, that and a good dose of culture. When asked if there is anything Hilary would still like to turn her hand to she laughs in response. “Yes!” she exclaims, “There is loads of things still to do” as if her plans for the future would be anything but exorbitant and aspirational. She goes onto to list an a huge amount of pursuits that she would love to pursue including, continued work in India and China, investment in small businesses here in the UK and seeing a brand through from creation to the flourishing, finalised firm. Hilary’s future isn’t just bright, it’s alight with ideas and innovation that is set to influence a whole industry. As she dashes off to catch her train, we ask her to part with one more wealth of wisdom when it comes to cracking the cosmetics industry and she says: “You have to just make things happen. Believe in what you believe in and take a risk, and if it doesn’t work first time learn from it” and just like that she was off – again.

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also happy to lend a hand to help any woman with an entrepreneurial vision. “I’m very interested in women in the workplace and how we can promote women in the next generation to go to the top, which can be quite challenging”’ However, she isn’t just orientated around women. The second thing you should know is Hilary likes to be a positive inspiration, imparting her knowledge and experiences onto younger generations. She aims to encourage young people to pursue an entrepreneurial career, with her support and guidance of course. “I’m very interested in supporting


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Skin Report

The A to Z of Skincare Myths There are many beauty myths that have been passed around for centuries but which of them are actually true? By Chelsea Allen

April April2013 2013••Allure AllureUK UK 00 75 Final.indd 29

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Skin Report


o you remember when you were younger and your mum would say ‘always wash your face with soap and water’ or ‘don’t eat too much chocolate as it will give you spots’ Was there actually any truth in these phrases or were they simply to make us keep the dirt off our faces and our hands out of the sweets cupboard? As we get older and start to question these old wives tales, testing them against the advice

Do we outgrow the chances of getting acne as we age? Unfortunately as women we do not. Males have much more luck when it comes to acne as for them, it is possible to outgrow. Men are most at risk of suffering with acne during puberty when their hormones are peaking, after this their hormone levels even out and the chances of a break out reduce to zero. Women, on the other hand, can suffer with acne well into their forties and fifties, with an increased chance of breaking out during the time of menopause. We only have our hormones to blame. As they tend to fluctuate during a woman’s lifetime, we never really stand a chance of being completely risk free. The best thing to do to avoid

pouring out of our magazines, we begin to realise there is a big difference between the beauty rule and the beauty myth. For instance, chocolate does not cause break outs. It is often blamed because it is what we turn to when we are feeling hormonal but it is in fact the hormones themselves that make us break out and the chocolate has no effect at all, other than making us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The point is, we need to separate out the fact from the fiction and lay these skincare myths to rest once and for all.

the chances of developing acne are to keep your face as clean as possible, ensuring to remove your make-up completely before you go to bed. Also drink plenty of water, as your dietary choices can increase your chances of developing acne. Taking steps to keep your skin is as well nourished as possible, by investing in an effective moisturiser, is also a progressive step towards avoiding a break out.

Is it possible to fight the obvious signs of ageing skin? You can relax as it is possible to fight visible signs of ageing. Obviously, cosmetic or non invasive surgery, such as Botox or Juverderm are instant ways to reduce signs of ageing but it is possible to prolong youthful


looking skin without resorting to the needle. Your diet and exercise regime are two key factors that help skin maintain valuable moisture that keeps its appearance smooth and supple. Ensuring you apply sun screen daily will keep your skin protected from harmful rays, that can cause brown sun spots and give skin a leathery appearance. Also invest in an anti-ageing treatment that is full of anti-oxidants, this will fight the signs of ageing and leave skin rejuvenated against everyday grime. An investigation has shown that if you dab on Retinol before you go to bed (not during the day as it can increase sun sensitivity) it can help to reduce prominent long-term lines. Other methods include, taking vitamin C supplements to encourage the production of elastin and regularly using face masks that relax and hydrate your skin.

Absolutely not. Sunscreen should be worn everyday, SPF 15 and above, then reapplied regularly if you are spending prolonged periods in the sun. Even when the weather is cloudy or in the colder months, damaging UV rays are present and can shine through penetrating the skin. Make sure sun screen is stored in a cool place and always double check the expiry date. It is encouraged that we replace our sunscreen annually, as an open bottle will reduce its effectiveness overtime and may leave an oily residue on our skin. The best time to apply sunscreen is after cleansing so it can be fully absorbed into the skin, dab off any excess before continuing on with your usual make-up routine. 76 Allure UK • April 2013 Final.indd 30

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Is it true that I only have to wear sunscreen when I am in the going to be in direct sunlight?


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Skin Report Should I be regularly changing my daily skincare routine?

It is not essential you use an eye cream at all. Yes, it is true that the skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate making it prone to visible signs of ageing, however, the area does not require a specialist cream. Your daily moisturiser uses the same ingredients found in best selling eye creams, making their effectiveness no more beneficial than that of your current moisturiser. The only time an eye cream can be considered to have increased benefits is if you suffer with sensitive skin or are prone to skin irritation. This is because eye creams tend to be gentler than regular moisturisers, therefore less likely to cause adverse reactions.

Start by cleansing the area you plan to wax. Next, rub some baby powder into the skin which will absorb any extra moisture, supplying a dry surface for the wax to adhere to.


Is it true that waxing can damage your skin? In some cases this maybe true but, with appropriate care waxing can be a healthy alternative to shaving with no negative repercussions. Firstly, it depends on the type of wax that you or the salon is using, most use Soy based waxes which bond to the hair rather than the skin therefore cause a minimal amount of damage when used. Not using the right wax can cause a pimple-like rash to break out or ingrown hairs to occur. Waxing causes hair follicles to open up and if not treated with a moisturiser or antibacterial cream could become irritated or infected. To avoid a reaction, be sure to soothe hair follicles, after your procedure, with a clear aloe vera gel that is free from any dyes or fragrances. You should also prepare your skin for waxing by cleansing in a warm shower and exfoliating to ensure dead skin cells can’t become contaminated. It is best to visit a salon for your waxing procedure as, cheap as home waxes are, they cause most waxing related skin damage. With proper care in a professional’s hands, waxing can be the best solution for hair removal and leave little to no damage to the skin.

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Is it essential to invest in an eye cream?




This is a must. It’s important to find products that work best with your skin type but as equally important to adjust your routine as the seasons shift to be beneficial. Make it a priority to find a moisturiser for the warmer months that is lightweight and breathable. Whereas, in the winter you need a moisturiser that is deep and nourishing in order to retain as much moisture as possible and prevent skin from drying up. It’s also important to exfoliate your skin, doubling your usual amount in the seasons, as the dead skin cells tend to not fall off as easily allowing for a build up of oil and the creating appearance of greasiness. Although there is no evidence to suggest that our skin becomes immune to products over time our skin does go through changes due to our inconsistent hormonal levels, so regularly adjusting your skincare routine will only enhance its effectiveness.

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Individual Pages from The Hype Issue 3 2013


issue 3

Stooshe Tom Odell Controlled By Your Thoughts


Available in lucious spring colours, this new lipstick by Revlon will leave your lips glossy all day and feeling ‘oh-so’ smooth and hydrated.

Need a new make-up wardrobe? Clarins Spring 2013 collection has all the fresh radiant products you need - from pretty pink lips to sun kissed powder.


LANCOME HYPNOSE STAR MASCARA No need for fakes this spring with Lancome’s Hypnose Star Mascara. It lengthens your lashes and leaves a lush sparkle effect.

Strut your stuff with Nars new Spring Collection which has colour pop and wow factor. The HYPE love the ‘Disco Ferno’ nail polish which is perfect for a classy night out with the girls.


Bringing you the latest beauty buys on the market right now


NARS SPRING N COLLECTIO Have a true beauty sleep with Clinque’s Overnight Mask. It feels good and gives you a natural morning glow. the next day.

CLINQUE SURGE MOISTURE OVERNIGHT MASK 72 words: stacey tonks / design: chelsea allen

For those days when you want to go out wearing the natural look, Urban Decay’s NAKED collection is perfect - complete with neutral eye shadows and budding blushers!

T h e H y p e FAS H I O n & B E A U T Y

L I A N Y L P P A O T W O H r a i v a C

HOTTIP To put the beads back into the pot, place the mini funnel into the top of the caviar pot and tilt the tray over the funnel until all the beads are safely back in the bottle.


Give your nails a touch of sophistication with Ciaté’s Nail Caviar



Apply two coats of your chosen base colour.


Press the beads very gently into your nail bed and allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.


Place your finger over a tray and pour the caviar onto the nail whilst they are still wet.

No top coat needed and you are left with perfectly manicured caviar nails.

words & design: chelsea allen



l a i r T n O

Here at The HYPE, we’ve taken the hottest beauty trends of 2013 from the Runway to the streets. From gothic eyes to edgy nails – what trends should stay on the catwalk and which should we rock this year?


DAY 2 Chanel adapted the smokey eye with gothic twist - smudging the corners of the eye for added drama. This look takes a while to achieve, due to the layers of eyeliner and black eye-shadows, whilst it can be tamed for a night out, we think it is best left on the catwalk.

Gothic Eyes

Every girl is partial to a pair of fake luscious lashes. Extra-long lashes were supported by all the big names on the Catwalk this season. Apply a pair of bold, feather lashes to grab attention of every passer-by on the street. Lash art is a funky trend which is great for adding a quirky element to your outfit. With an endless selection of lashes to pick from, there is a style out there for you.



Nail art has taken the beauty world by storm and Thierry Mugler has given it an edge this season. You could painted the base of your nails black and add white edges using a nail pen. Or alternately, add a touch of metallic to add attitude to your style.

Bold Eyelashes

Dior lit-up the Catwalks with their jewelled lips. Adapting the classic red lip with a bit of sparkle caught everyone’s eye. Gluing individual gems to your lips is a longprocess and eventually start to fall off. It is a sticky procedure and encrusted lips are not practical. We think you should stick to Dior’s Addict lipstick range. These statement lipsticks add colour and moisture with a shimmery finish and without the hassle.

True Blue

Tom Pecheux abandoned every makeup artist’s staple item - black eye-liner. Waving good-bye to trusty black topliner is hard but will receive a warm welcome from people who loved the dusky shade of blue. Swapping your black-liner for blue is a great way to mix up your day to night look too.


Edgy Nails



Diamante Lips

Although the catwalk was full of great fashion trends for this season, unfortunatly the same can’t be said for their beauty looks. Whilst they did offer inspiration for making old styles new - such as the beautifully bold eye lashes and edgy nails - we think for the most part they should be lefat on the cat walk. Perhaps leave these ideas at the back of your beauty bible to pull out for your works next fancy dress party. Whether your after a glam rock look or extravagant goth - you can apply these to suit your needs.

words: simron CHANA / design: chelsea allen

The Review Pages from PULSE Magazine - Summer Issue 2012




............. FACES OF


............. BEHIND THE SCENES


............. FILMS IN FOCUS



SNovv vvhItE&





n keeping with previous fairytale revamps, this year offers another fresh take on a classic story with epic action-adventure tale, Snow White and the Huntsmen, hitting UK cinema screens in June. Snow White is the directorial film debut of upcoming, talented director Rupert Sanders. Whilst Sanders might not have much experience creating full-length fantasy blockbusters, he was nominated for an award for the advert he directed featuring a huge legged man for This experience no doubt came in handy when tackling battle scenes where the leading lady, played by Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame, pitches herself against mythical beasts in a pure adrenaline filled showdown. The innovative visions of a fresh-faced director are complimented by Joe Roth, producer of Tim Burton’s charmingly eccentric rework of Alice in Wonderland. This plus the highly credible cast means that Snow White and The Huntsmen is set to be one of the biggest hits of the year. The film

May 2012 stays true to its fairytale roots when the evil Queen Ravenna, played by Charlize Theron, becomes enraged upon learning she is soon to be surpassed as ‘the fairest of them all’ by the raven-haired, porcelain-skinned Snow White. She vows to remove this threat but, in a newer and much more brutal turn of events, the Queen holds back with the poisoned apple and instead tries new tactics. The casting is solid with Oscar nominee Theron channelling the evil nature of the Queen exceptionally well. It is up to Stewart to reinvent herself as a heroine strong enough to challenge Theron’s steely rule. Multi-award winning band Florence & The Machine are tipped to be part of the soundtrack with a new song written especially for the film entitled ‘Breath of Life’. Her trademark ethereal wails and full orchestra backing help give the film the eerie and dark atmosphere it needs to match the fast paced action shots, wild beasts and ominous forested setting. All of the action and set pieces, combined with the gritty, realistic tone of the film, is guaranteed to leave JJ and Billy queuing around the block. The all-star cast, particularly Thor’s little brother Chris Hemsworth, means Jane and her friends will surely join them. As love always prevails in fairy tales, Sarah might very well pick Snow White for a date with Dan who will appreciate the more realistic, grown up approach to this classic story.


FANTASTIC FACTS During filming Kristen Stewart accidently punched co-star Chris Hemsworth in the face giving him a black eye Charlize Theron dropped out of J.Edgar to do this movie Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were considered for the role of Ravenna Kristen Stewart admitted whilst filming that she had to overcome a fear of horses dating back to a mishap at nine-years-old in which she sustained a factured elbow

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/ Action Director: Rupert Sanders Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron Movie Recommendations: Twilight Alice in Wonderland Pan’s Labyrinth



The Expendables


August 2012

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Action Director: Simon West Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme Recommendations: Die Hard Commando Rambo


he summer just got a whole lot manlier with the return of eighties action throwback, and all-round testosterone fest, The Expendables 2. Fit to burst with iconic movie stars and set pieces, this sequel promises to cement the franchise’s badass status. Although he still wrote the film’s script, Sylvester Stallone has stepped out of the director’s chair for this instalment. Instead returning as the grizzled Barney Ross, leader of mercenary team The Expendables, he and the team find themselves on the warpath after one of their men is murdered on the job. Their quest for vengeance takes the team deep into enemy territory and sees them attempt to stop a deadly weapon and face-off against an unexpected enemy. Having had their cameos from the first film expanded, action royalty Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger feature in some beefed up roles. Willis plays Mr Church, mastermind behind the Expendable’s job and The Governator returns to the silver screen as mercenary Trench. Action fans will be salivating at the prospect of Rambo, John McClane and The Terminator all appearing together for the first time in cinematic history. Much of the original cast has returned too, including Jason Statham as knife expert Lee Christmas, Jet Li as martial arts specialist Yin Yang and Dolph Lundgren as the scene stealing sniper Gunnar Lundgren. Terry Crewes returns as weapons specialist Hale Caesar and Randy Couture joins him once again as demolitions expert, Toll Road. With Mickey Rourke’s departure from the film, the team has been rounded out with the addition

Arnold Schwarzenegger filmed his scenes in just four days Nicolas Cage and John Travolta were set to join the cast but scheduling conflicts meant they had to drop out A real railway bridge over the river Osam in Bulgaria was built for the film and remains as part of the country’s railway network.

of Liam Hemsworth as new sniper Billy the Kid as well as internet sensation and former Texas ranger, Chuck Norris as Booker. If the already muscle filled cast wasn’t enough, eighties action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme has been cast as brutal rival mercenary and target of the Expendables wrath, Jean Vilain. It isn’t all about the men though. Charisma Carpenter returns as Jason Statham’s love interest Lacy and the team gains a new ally in Chinese actress Yu Nan who plays Maggie. Replacing Stallone for directorial duties is Simon West, whose repertoire includes another blockbusting action ensemble piece Con Air. He seems like the natural choice to direct a cast packed full of iconic talent. With relentless action and violence throughout, this film isn’t for the Palmer family. Billy will surely enjoy its explosive scenes and star-studded cast. With the amount of male flesh onscreen, Dan might be able to tempt Sarah to enjoy carnage. This is certainly one to put hairs on your chest.



KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Comedy Director: Seth MacFarlane Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Mark Whalberg, Mila Kunis Movie Recommendations: 21 Jump Street Superbad South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut




eth MacFarlane, creator of smash hit TV show Family Guy, has made it to the big screen and brings his risqué brand of humour along with him. His repertoire, extending beyond creator of the dysfunctional yet lovable Griffin family, also boasts the writing of highly successful adult-orientated cartoon series American Dad, currently in its seventh season. He’s also responsible for Family Guy spin off The Cleveland Show which, despite receiving some negative reviews, has still been picked up by Fox for another two seasons. This is all very impressive so expectations are high for MacFarlane’s first feature length film. Ted tells the story of John Bennett who, despite being a bona fide grown-up, has unfortunately had to learn the hard way to be careful what you wish for when his childhood teddy bear is brought to life. MacFarlane voices the eponymous teddy bear whilst other Family Guy favourites have also been brought along for the ride. Mila Kunis, the voice of Meg and best known for her recent supporting role in Academy Award winning dark drama thriller Black Swan, plays Lori. Family Guy guest star Laura Vandervoort also stars. Heading up the cast as John is lead Mark Wahlberg, best known for his appearances in blockbusters such as Planet of the Apes and his Oscar nominated roles in The Departed and The Fighter. A solid cast and an interesting premise indeed, but what did you expect from a man

August 2012

who created over 130 episodes of family drama involving an anthropomorphised goldfish and a friendly, house-trained alien? As with any works using MacFarlane’s trademark humour, the film is not without warnings of crudity, sexual content and drug usage, so this is definitely not one for JJ or the Palmer Family. However, for Family Guy fans such as Billy, this new venture is a must-see and the slightly-off gags are nine-tenths of the reason why. Jane and her friends might also enjoy going along for a giggle. Ted is surely going to be a hit at the box office but time will tell whether MacFarlane has the skills to translate his comedy from the small screen to the silver screen, or if like The Cleveland Show, Ted is to be a valiant, yet ultimately dissatisfying endeavour.

FANTASTIC FACTS Various teddy bears were used for postproduction editing The “white trash girls names” scene was done in a few takes without having any cue cards for Mark Wahlberg, who wrote down a wide number of female names that sound “white trash” It was the rirst live-action project, directed by Seth MacFarlane


BRAVE FANTASTIC FACTS Merida is Pixar’s first female lead character and Pixar’s first character to join Disney’s princess line. Before original director Brenda Chapman left the project, 80% of the film took place in snow. A video game of the movie is planned to be released at the same time, allowing players to explore mystic Scotland for themselves.


June 2012 irl power is back with bang in Hollywood and Disney/Pixar are getting in on the act with their own defiant heroine, Princess Merida star of their new movie Brave. Brave tells the tale of Princess Merida, voiced by Kelly Macdonald, and her confrontations with ancient traditions, fearsome beasts and her own destiny. Determined to carve out her own path in life, the feisty Princess’ actions accidentally end up in chaos throughout the land. When Merida turns to an eccentric wise woman for help, voiced by Julie Walters, she is granted a wish that has unforeseen consequences. Merida is forced to look inside herself to find true bravery to undo a beastly curse before it’s too late. If there’s one thing that sets Pixar apart from rival animation studios it is the quality of their voice casts, and Brave is no exception. Joining Kelly Macdonald’s Merida

will be her royal parents, King Fergus and Queen Elinor, voiced by the boisterous Billy Connolly and the stately Emma Thompson. Keeping the Highlands in check are Lords Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall who are performed by Craig Ferguson, Kevin McKidd and Robbie Coltrane, ensuring the cast’s Scottish accents will be as authentic as possible. When Pixar first began animating they followed two simple rules to set them apart from their parent company, Disney, and other animated feature films: no songs and no fairy tales. Give or take the odd Randy Newman number, they’ve stuck true to the first rule but seem to be flouting the second with Brave. However, Pixar being Pixar, they have promised that Brave has more in common with Brothers Grimm fairy stories than Disney’s day-glo adaptations. The animation style is more subdued than other Pixar productions with tones and colours to suit the landscape, with the exception of

Merida’s blazing red head of hair of course! From snow-capped peaks to mist swept moors, Pixar’s expert team of animators has rendered the Highlands to stunning effect, creating a mystic timelessness that perfectly captures Scotland’s breathtaking natural beauty. The film has undergone several changes since production began. Originally titled The Bear and the Bow with Reese Witherspoon set to play Merida, Pixar’s Brain Trust has tweaked the original story that suits the studio’s vision. Original director Brenda Chapman left the production and Mark Andrews has replaced her. As Pixar films are always fantastic family affairs that appeal to children and parents alike, The Palmers will surely be entertained thoroughly by this latest animated treat. JJ too will enjoy the bright animation while Dan and Sarah can embrace their inner children and get lost in the romance of Scotland’s rugged beauty. Jane and friends will enjoy the films girl power message as well.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Family Animation Director: Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson Movie Recommendations: Shrek How To Train Your Dragon Tangled SUMMER 2012 | PULSE MAGAZINE | 35 04 | PULSE MAGAZINE | SUMMER 2012


prometheus W

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Horror Director: Ridley Scott Starring: Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender Movie Recommendations: Alien District 9 Pandorum

hen Ridley Scott released the seminal Alien in 1979, the world of science fiction and horror was turned on its head. Now Scott returns to his own dark and wickedly universe and the genre he helped redefine with upcoming epic Prometheus. Shrouded in secrecy for most of its production, Prometheus was originally slated to be ‘just a prequel’ to the original movies. Facing severe fan backlash at the proposed idea, Scott has created an entirely new standalone feature. Whilst still intertwined with Alien DNA, it creates its own mythology whilst hinting at events which occur in the rest of the series. The Alien franchise follows Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, and her companion’s efforts to survive Xenomorph attacks. Prometheus takes a more philosophical route pondering some of the big questions such as ‘who are we?’ and ‘where do we come from?’ which is a smart alternative to the massive explosions of other upcoming summer blockbusters. Set in the relatively near future, the film opens with the discovery of a star map hidden within imagery from some of Earth’s ancient cultures. The crew of spaceship Prometheus’ are sent on a scientific expedition to retrieve what information they can about the creation of humanity. But while exploring the remains of a long dead alien civilisation the crew uncover something that could threaten humanity’s very existence. Things take a disastrous turn for the worse with acid disfigurations, crashing spacecraft and the crew


June 2012 being stalked by an unknown assailant - a new twist on familiar territory of the film series. Strong female characters have always been a key component of the Alien franchise and Prometheus is no exception. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s Noomi Rapace stars in her first English-speaking lead role as Elizabeth Shaw, an archaeologist and scientist who transforms from a bookish character into a strong soldier type. Support comes from Charlize Theron’s Meredith Vickers, a smart, sexy woman with her own agenda. Rounding out the cast are Michael Fassbender as android David, who offers the audience a non-human perspective on the big philosophical questions. The Wire’s Idris Elba plays Prometheus’ pilot, Janek. Shot in IMAX and regular 3D, the film’s violent set pieces, intelligent themes and dark setting won’t appeal to everyone, especially not Beryl and the Palmer Family but Billy will surely enjoy the combination of action, horror and philosophy the film promises

FANTASTIC FACTS The beginning-of-time sequence opening was shot in Iceland. The whole shoot took two weeks to complete. Instead of basing his character on the androids in previous Alien films, Michael Fassbender instead studied the androids from another Ridley Scott classic Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford.



lready redefining what a super hero movie can be with The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan returns to Gotham City once again in blockbusting trilogy closer The Dark Knight Rises. Donning the Batsuit for the final time is Academy Award winner Christian Bale. Batman has been absent from Gotham for the past eight years after accepting responsibility for former district attorney Harvey Dent’s crimes at the end of The Dark Knight. Now Bruce Wayne must return as Batman to confront the brutal terrorist Bane who is set on the destruction of the Dark Knight and Gotham. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman are all returning to reprise their roles as Batman’s few allies. They are joined by new comers to the franchise Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard, most of which have already worked with Christopher Nolan before in Inception. Tom Hardy plays Bane who represents an entirely new challenge for the Dark Knight after Heath Ledger’s Joker. An icon in the comic book world, known as the man who broke the bat, Bane is an entirely different animal altogether - a hulking mixture of both brawn and brain that will prove a formidable enemy for Gotham City.

FANTASTIC FACTS This is the fifth film in a row that Christopher Nolan has worked with Michael Caine. The other films were Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Inception. Tickets for the film’s premiere midnight IMAX screenings in New York sold out six months in advance.


July 2012 Could Bane prove to be Batman’s ultimate challenge? Hardy has reportedly gained an impressive 30 lbs of muscle for the role. Hardy isn’t the only one to feel the burn during filming. Anne Hathaway has described Selina Kyle, who comic book fans will know was anti-heroine Catwoman, as her most physically challenging role yet. She has even studied with a choreographer to bring an almost dancer like quality to the character’s slinky movements. Kyle’s motivations are less clear than Bane’s ideas of mass destruction but as she warns Bruce to batten down the hatches, things are looking ominous for Batman. Much mystery surrounds the characters of Miranda Tate and John Blake, played by Cotillard and Gordon-Levitt respectively. We know that Miranda Tate is a Wayne Enterprises employee and Blake is a Gotham City policeman but, beyond that, their roles in the film have been kept tightly under wraps. The production, with an estimated budget of $250 million, is a globetrotting affair with shooting taking place in Romania, India and Pittsburgh, with the location of Gotham moving from Chicago to New York, including a show down on Wall Street. The Dark Knight Rises will no doubt be the perfect summer blockbuster. An intriguing and action filled plot, full of terrific set pieces, JJ will be enthused to see the Batman trilogy come to a close while Billy will appreciate the darker, more gritty take on the superhero genre. The Palmer family may even brave the films dark tones for some superhero action this summer while the serious subject matter will put off Jane and friends.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Action/Superhero Director: Christopher Nolan Starring: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman Movie Recommendations: Inception Iron Man The Amazing Spiderman


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SKYFALL October 2012


fter a return to form with Casino Royale and a slight dip with Quantum of Solace, 007 is back on the silver screen with Skyfall - the 23rd instalment of the Bond franchise. Four years have passed since the suave super spy last graced our screens, thanks to MGM studios’ well-documented financial troubles. However, Oscar winning director Sam Mendes and returning star Daniel Craig have deemed the money worries to have been a blessing in disguise. This time the writers have been given extra opportunities to pour over the screenplay to tie up loose ends ensuring the story is as exciting and enticing as possible after writer’s strikes nearly crippled Quantum of Solace. Slipping comfortably back into the iconic tuxedo, Craig has promised Skyfall will be “funny as hell” signalling a return to the lighter side of Bond after the darker tone the franchise has taken in recent years. That’s not to say Bond, although no stranger to quips and puns, will be a comedy. Although plot details are thin on the ground, Craig has hinted that the film will be a more personal affair for Bond than ever before, as he finds his loyalty to M, once again played by Judi Dench, pushed to the edge as MI6 comes under attack. Perpetrator of the assault on MI6 is Javier Bardem’s Silva. Bardem’s portrayal of the menacing Anton Chigurh in Best Picture winner No Country For Old Men won him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2007. Bond films live and die by their villains, so an award winning

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Action Director: Sam Mendes Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench Movie Recommendations: The Bourne Identity, Goldeneye Inception

performance in an utterly villainous role can only mean that Silva will be a formidable foe for Bond. Bardem and Dench are not the only Oscar winners to be involved. Ralph Fiennes will portray Gareth Mallory, a government agent. Due to the secrecy surrounding Skyfall’s plot, it remains to be seen whether Mallory is friend or foe to 007. Of course no Bond film is complete without a Bond Girl, and Skyfall features two in the shape of Naomi Harris’ MI6 field agent Eve and Bérénice Marlohe’s mysterious Sévérine. Though Eve is clearly in cahoots with the British government, Sévérine is harder to pin down. However, Marlohe has said that she drew inspiration from Goldeneye’s hypersexual Bond Girl, Xenia Onatopp, which gives some indication of the character’s modus operandi. Returning at long last to bond will be weapons and gadget expert Q, made famous by Robert Llewellyn. Stepping into Llewellyn’s shoes will be young actor Ben Whishaw, who acted alongside Craig in 2004 Brit-flick Layer Cake. The action, which Mendes promises will come thick and fast, is another globetrotting affair for Bond, with action taking place in Shanghai and London. Both JJ and Billy will appreciate and love this next action-packed instalment of the Bond Franchise and the combination of glitz, glamour and girls will be sure to entertain Dan and Sarah. Jane and friends will enjoy the girl-power on show from Sévérine and Harris, and maybe, just maybe, catch a glimpse of Daniel Craig in those tiny trunks once again.

FANTASTIC FACTS First time an Academy Award winning director (Sam Mendes, American Beauty) will direct a James Bond movie. Development and production on this movie was delayed for around eight to nine months during 2010-11 due to the bankruptcy and delayed sale of studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), with the production being officially suspended on 19th April 2010. Daniel Craig personally requested Sam Mendes to direct this instalment of the Bond franchise.



Frankenweenie T

im Burton is often a byword for slightly off kilter, quirky and darkly imaginative filmmaking. After experimenting with stop-motion animation by producing the 1993 classic The Nightmare Before Christmas and directing Corpse Bride in 2005, Burton returns to the medium with Frankenweenie, once again animated using traditional stop-motion techniques. Originally conceived and filmed as a black and white live-action short while Burton was working as animator at Disney, the original film was not deemed a success and was dubbed a waste of Disney’s money but it was instead the launch pad of Burton’s own weirdly artistic brand of cinema. The new version of Frankenweenie retains the original short’s monochrome look and same basic storyline. Clever and industrious 10-year old inventor Victor Frankenstein, voiced by Charlie Tahan, loses his beloved bull terrier Sparky in a car crash. Using science to resurrect Sparky, Victor must convince his neighbours that, despite his appearance, Sparky has a heart of gold. His parents, voiced by comedy legend Martin Short and actress Catherine O’Hara, are supportive and encouraging of Victor’s scientific endeavours. Winona Ryder voices Victor’s neighbour and schoolmate Elsa Van Helsing, whose own pet poodle, Persephone, has an instant attraction to Sparky and his Bride of Frankenstein-esque coat of hair.

October 2012 Victor has his own rival in the form of Toshiaki. Voiced by James Hiroyuki Liao, Toshiaki takes the role of the traditional mad scientist who stops at nothing to beat Victor at his own game and win the school science fair’s first prize. Horror institution and veteran actor Christopher Lee even pops up to voice a television appearance of Dracula, a role he’s not played for 36 years. As you would expect from Burton, the black and white animation is unique to itself but also charming as characters are rendered wide-eyed and pale reflecting the boundless inquisitiveness of its main characters. Frankenweenie is also distinctive for being the first stop-motion to be filmed and presented in IMAX 3D. Always one for practical effects when possible, Burton and his crew, most of which return after working on Corpse Bride, constructed three soundstages to house the sets including Victor’s family attic, the high school interior and exteriors of a cemetery at Three Mills studios in London. Overall around 200 separate puppets were made and used for the film, including 18 different versions of Victor. With its unique visual style, simple story and adorable zombie dog, Frankenweenie will be a perfect film for the Palmer family to enjoy. Billy and JJ will appreciate the wildly imaginative aesthetics and slightly off-beat attempt to break Pixar and Dreamworks’ monopoly on mainstream animation.


FANTASTIC FACTS This is the first Tim Burton film since Big Fish not to star Johnny Depp and the first since Sleepy Hollow not to feature Helena Bonham Carter.

In the lead up to the film’s release in October, there will be a travelling art exhibition detailing the work that has gone into creating the film. During the exhibition it will be possible to see sets and characters that were used for the stop motion feature film. It is the third collaboration between Winona Ryder and Tim Burton. As their last work together was Edward Scissorhands, it marks a gap of 21 years.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Family/Fantasy Director: Tim Burton Starring: Winona Ryder, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Charlie Tahan Movie Recommendations: The Nightmare Before Christmas Corpse Bride Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit


KNOW YOUR STUFF dy/Drama Genre: Romantic Come Director: Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris nno, Zoe Kazan, A Starring: Paul Da liot Gould nette Benning, El

Recommendations: Little Miss Sunshine Lost In Translation Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

ow is a better time than any to pitch quirky, independent movies to Hollywood after the resounding mainstream success of Little Miss Sunshine. Fox Searchlight, the smaller, indie-orientated wing of 20th Century Fox, are constantly on the lookout for original, inventive films to act as an antidote to caped crusaders and action stars. With romantic comedy Ruby Sparks, Little Miss Sunshine directors Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris are hoping to repeat their previous success by presenting a more fantastical slant on the usual rom-com formula with their long awaited second film. As you can expect from these purveyors of heart warming, alternate takes on genre pictures, Ruby Sparks is not just another straightforward boy-meets-girl story. Calvin, played by Paul Dano, is a young novelist who achieved phenomenal success early in his career but is now struggling with his writing - as well as his romantic life. Finally, he makes a breakthrough and creates a character named Ruby, who inspires him. When Calvin finds Ruby, played by Zoe Kazan, in the flesh, sitting on his couch about a week later he is completely flabbergasted that his words have turned into a living, breathing person. Cinemagoers will know Dano best for his fiery performance as fanatical preacher Eli Sunday in Paul Thomas Anderson’s oil epic There Will Be Blood and last year’s sci-fi action flick Cowboys & Aliens, although often at his best when eschewing mainstream Hollywood fare by appearing in smaller productions. Kazan who, in addition to starring as the titular Ruby also wrote the screenplay, keeps the indie credentials in check as an actress wellknown for her work on independent films.


October 2012 FANTASTIC FACTS Directors Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris got their break directing music videos for bands including Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis and The Ramones Zoe Kazan is granddaughter of noted director Elia Kazan who directed the classics A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof This is the second feature that Zoe Kazan has written for her and Paul Dano. The first was romance He Loves Me.

Onscreen chemistry between the two leads is only intensified by Dano and Kazan’s real life romantic relationship, which brings an authenticity to Ruby Spark’s romance. Joining the cast are veteran actors Elliot Gould as Calvin’s psychiatrist and Annette Benning who plays Calvin’s latter-day hippy mother Gertrude. Latin heartthrob Antionio Banderas supports as Gertrude’s artist boyfriend. Rounding off the cast are Alia Shawkat, star of quirky sitcom Arrested Development and British comedy institution and Alan Partridge creator Steve Coogan. After Little Miss Sunshine garnered much praise, netting four Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Screenplay, Fox Searchlight will be optimistic about Dayton and Faris’ ability to create charming films that appeal to a wide audience while retaining the spirit of indie filmmaking. Dan and Sarah will be enthralled, enchanted and swept along by this unique take on the standard romantic comedy. An alternative choice for a date movie than the latest Hollywood cliche chick-flick or superhero film.


ara orman






Genre: Fanta sy Director: Sam Fell, Chris Butl er Starring: Kod i Smitt-Mcph ee, Leslie Mann, Anna Kendrick Movie Recom mendations: Wallace and Gromit: Curs e of the Were Rabbit Flushed Awa y

tiny town in New England which goes by the name of Blithe Hollow falls prey to an attack of the undead. Whilst the grown-ups dither in a rather aptly blithe fashion, it becomes apparent that only one person can save this town from the paranormals that have besieged it. Meet Norman Babcock, a strange little boy with an uncanny ability to converse with the dead. The film sees his abilities pushed to the limit as he takes on witches, zombies and a ghostly grandmother whilst simultaneously looking after the adults involved, too. State of the art animation from the makers of Coraline means that for all its ghouls and gore, the otherworldly feeling of this film, with its Tim Burton-esque wide eyed characters and quirky stop motion style, is a pleasure to watch unfold in front of you. Added to this is a great film score composed by Jon Brion, which really brings the film together. Brion’s previous compositions have been used in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Punch Drunk and Magnolia. Kodi Smit-McPhee, who voices Norman, is a relatively unknown actor, previously featuring in the likes of Dead Europe and Let Me In. Norman’s Mother is played by Leslie Mann (Knocked Up, I Love You Philip Morris); an esteemed professional in comedy who is sure to bring some humour to this tale of the undead. Anna Kendrick (Twilight, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) plays Norman’s sister-come-cheerleader. With this budding and talented cast behind it, ParaNorman is sure to bring a smile to the most



September 2012 cynical of grown-ups. The painstakingly perfect animation comes with thanks from the artistic talent of Chris Butler; designer turned director for this title, which showcases his first time in the director’s chair rather than the art department. With successful titles such as Corpse Bride, Tarzan 2 and the aforementioned Coraline under his belt, viewers can be assured that despite his inexperience as a director, his creative vision plus a cast of talented actors and actresses will ensure that this film is a great watch for all the family. However, if you’re still dubious, the film is co-directed by Sam Fell, who was nominated for a BAFTA for his directorial work on 2007’s Flushed Away. Animated films are still proving to be a joy to watch regardless of your age group, and ParaNorman is set to be a must watch for both animation fans and zombie fanatics alike. JJ will definitely be queuing up for this feature, and the Palmer family too for a Sunday afternoon out.

FANTASTIC FACTS Score composer Jon Brion co-produced Kanye West’s sophomore album ‘Late Registration’ Voice of Norman, Kodi Smit-McPhee is the son of Andi Smit-McPhee, former professional wrestler turned actor.


AnnaKarenina September 2012 such upper class social dishonour yourself in be to sky n a crime. eclared by Dostoev circles was worse tha e d an ,” art s the rich and grandios of rk mi “a flawless wo Anna Karenina xe th wi a ssi l ve Ru st no century marked as “the greate ting of affluent 19th s 2007, set in e intertwined love storie Tim s, by wn n” go ll itte ba wr s rou ever mo gla the in on ssi act to follow with his and dramas with an abundance of pa Joe Wright has a tough l. ve no c ssi cla ty. ’s face of adversi adaptation of Tolstoy ht Beryl and Jane h society Russia, This movie will delig Set in 19th Century hig n ma drawn into this wo ed rri tale of ma her friends as they are all d an some the story follows the indulge themselves in d by Keira Knightley bourgeois world and have Anna Karenina, playe can rah Sa the d s an ise, Dan an) and illustrate true romance. Likew is at (Pirates of the Caribbe wh ing s see ter er en aft ad her life as she faith that love’s not de classic peaks and pitfalls of affluent and adaptation of a truly the ing th nn wi stu air a aff be g to gin set as on a life chan em cin t UK un debuts in ll complicated Co novel. Anna Karenina highly regarded yet sti the 7th of September. Vronsky. ion of the book tat ap ad t firs the t no This is se’s 1997 attempt, however. Bernard Ro au as Anna and Sean rce starring Sophie Ma s met with mixed Bean as Vronsky, wa s when the actors’ reviews from the critic aracters’ emotional ch ability to pull off the o question. This should turmoil was called int re willing audience only leave an even mo FANTASTIC FACTS Wright’s vision of th ready to try again wi chaos the d an air aff ate on Robert Pattinson was considered to play Karenina’s passi Count Vronsky that ensues. ing solid cast includ The film boasts a very n) tai un Mo Holmes, Cold Anna Karenina was originally published Jude Law (Sherlock exei Karenin, Aaron Al nd sba as a serial in the Russian Messenger, from as Anna’s hu . y) as lover Vronsky 1873 to 1877. however, due to a political Johnson (Nowhere Bo y’s Knightle This also marks Keira fall out involving Tolstoy the first complete t igh Wr or ect th dir edition was published in book form third collaboration wi rring in two sta er aft e, rol e titl in the & busters Pride The director of photography could not of his previous block nt. This is a clearly me ne Ato d an continue to work after completing proPrejudice d twinned with charismatic pairing an duction due to illness. He was replaced by in d t is well verse the fact that Joe Wrigh Seamus McGarvey, who is the director’s w ne s thi s s mean the art of period drama regular collaborator. hit at the box a be ll wi on ati ret interp offices. al soundtrack The floating orchestr rianelli perfectly written by Dario Ma y, glamorous feel compliments the dream age where a clean to the film. Set in an honour and to family name was your


KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Drama/Romance Director: Joe Wright Starring: Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Johnson Movie Recommendations: Pride and Prejudice, Attonement, Doctor Zhivago




breaking dawn part 2


he Twilight Saga has been one of the biggest runaway pop culture sensations and most successful Hollywood adaptations of all time. The silver screen versions of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novels have grossed over £1.5 billion worldwide, rivalling other huge franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Now the supernatural love story comes to a close with Breaking Dawn Part 2. In this second instalment the Cullens must protect their newborn child from evil Vampire clan the Volturi with the help of other Vampires they enlist to aid them. Before the franchise took off its stars were practically unknown but the success of the films has catapulted its actors into superstardom. The primary cast members, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, are all returning to reprise their now iconic roles as star-crossed lovers Bella and Edward and werewolf Jacob Black. Also returning to reprise their roles are the majority of the cast of Part 1, including Michael Sheen as the villainous Aro, leader of the Volturi. Filmed back to back with Part 1, the shoot stretched from November 2010 to April 2011, filming in a range of worldwide locations. Filming locations included Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Vancouver in Canada, providing exotic locales in which to conclude the story. Director

Bill Condon was a Twilight newcomer before directing Breaking Dawn Part 1 but nevertheless boasts an impressive resume. His greatest successes have come as a writer, winning an Oscar in 1998 for Best Original Screenplay for Gods and Monsters. He also penned and directed biopic Dreamgirls which earned star Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Such an impressive CV means that Twilight is in safe hands for the conclusion of the franchise. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is guaranteed to be a success as Twi-hards are some of the most devoted fans in cinema history. Lionsgate is confident that the film will perform well and after Part 1 took in over $500 million in just 12 days, they may well end up being very happy with Part 2’s box office takings. An alternative take on the quintessential tale of forbidden love, Jane and friends will be swept up in the romance of the Twilight saga once again. JJ and Billy’s female friends will definitely enjoy the more supernatural elements which underpin the traditional parts of the series which should prove perfect for date night.

November 2012 KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Fantasy/Romance Director: Bill Condon Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Movie Recommendations: Snow White and the Huntsman Twilight: Eclipse Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

FANTASTIC FACTS Had a $75 million dollar budget making it the highest out of every Twilight instalment filmed. During the filming of both Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, child cast member Mackenzie Foy had a “swear jar” and would make the cast hand over their money if they cursed in front of her. Both an animatronic baby and 3-week-old babies were used in the film. Kristen Stewart preferred working with the real babies because she felt they helped her give a better performance.



LOOPER September 2012

FANTASTIC FACTS Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s eyes had to be digitally altered to be the same colour as Willis’ eyes as they both effectively play the same character. This film is the third collaboration between director Rian Johnson and lead actorJoseph Gordon-Levitt after he firstly took the lead role in Brick, and secondly played a quick cameo role in The Brothers Bloom as a bar patron with guitar

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Action/Sci-fi Director: Rian Johnon Starring: Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Emily Blunt Film Recommendations: Inception Surrogates Limitless


irector Rhion Johnson is undoubtedly a talented man. He received 14 different nominations and no less than ten awards for his first film Brick, a mystery thriller in which the main character is investigating the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend and thus finds himself embroiled in the shady world of a high school crime ring. Now Johnson is back with action packed sci-fi thriller Looper. Looper is of the same dark, heavy and mysterious ilk as Brick and introduces to us a certain type of specialised assassins branded ‘loopers’, who eliminate bad guys... in the future. Time travel has been invented yet is being kept under wraps, only available illegally on the black market. Joe, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, Inception) works for the mafia in the year 2042 as one of these assassins. He is a special agent used to kill those who are known as ‘Gat Men’; criminals who are sent by their own corporate headquarters in Shanghai from the year 2042 when they are ready to be eliminated.

Being a looper is lucrative, but only if all the targets you are assigned to are disposed of, even if that target happens to be yourself. One target arrives and is taken hostage. This man happens to be Joe’s older self, played by Bruce Willis, and hesitant to follow through, he gives him an opportunity to escape. This causes the Gat Men to come after him in an attempt to close the loop, leaving him no choice but to fight for his life whilst completing the tricky task of destroying himself. The film itself is set in the future but pays homage to the gangsters of the 1930s and 40s with a few futuristic twists. The sci-fi nature of the film means that crazy technology is featured heavily and pimped-out versions of present day machines such as solar panel powered cars and sci-fi hub caps are an exciting focal point of the film. There are also a number of futuristic vehicles designed especially for the film. If this talented cast, which also features the feisty and beautiful Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau, The Five Year Engagement), live up to their impressive reputation, ten this mixture of high action, incredible technology and a generous supply of guns and blood will most definitely have Billy, Dan and all of their mates counting down the days until this film’s release.


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Lincoln W

hen Stephen Spielberg, the Director of upcoming biographical war drama Lincoln, was questioned about what this film would hold, he said that he plans to show Lincoln in all of his glory - “not just standing around posing for the history books…” he said. “He was arguably the greatest working President in American history doing some of the greatest work for the world.” The film, which is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, covers the last four months of his life, focusing on the abolition of slavery and the end of civil war. Spielberg admitted that the entire biography would be “much too big” for a film and he is particularly interested in Lincoln’s “incredible ability to finesse very, very treacherous political circumstances and continue to lead the country forward in the midst of the most horrendously difficult period in its history.” The film follows the story of the devastation the Civil War causes as it continues to rage, while

January 2013

America’s President Lincoln struggles with the carnage on the battlefield as he clashes with many of his own political party over his ideals to emancipate the slaves. Undeniably a tough story to do justice, but the film’s $50million budget and an all star cast featuring double Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role should help showcase this pivotal period of history as a stunning work of art. With the aid of esteemed Academy Award winner Janusz Kaminski’s (who is most recently known for his work on the beautifully sad War Horse) excellent cinematography. Other cast members include Looper star Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Abraham’s son Robert and Tommy Lee Jones as immensely powerful Republican leader Thaddeus Stevens. And Jackie Earle Haley, who played Shutter Island’s George Noyce, turns his hand to the role of Vice President Alexander Stevens. Dan and Sarah, Billy and Beryl will be undoubtedly be queuing up to watch this recreation of an amazing period of history by this immensely talented cast. Expect great things.


Steven Spielberg spent 12 years researching the film. He recreated the Oval Office precisely, with the same wallpaper and books Lincoln used. The ticking of Lincoln’s watch in the film is the sound of the real Lincoln’s watch, recorded in the museum it is kept in. Once Daniel Day-Lewis decided on the voice that he would use to portray Lincoln, he sent an audiotape of it to Director Steven Spielberg in a box with a skull & crossbones on it so no one but him would hear it first. Liam Neeson, who was attached to play Abraham Lincoln since the project’s beginning development, decided to drop out. According to Neeson, he felt he was too old to play the part after waiting so many years for the project to get the go-ahead.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Drama/Biopic Director: Steven Spielberg Starring: Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field Movie Recommendations: There Will Be Blood Nixon Glory




Wreck it

Ralph KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Family Adventure Director: Rich Moore Starring: John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman Movie Recommendations: Bolt, Tangled Toy Story

FANTASTIC FACTS Dubstep DJ Skrillex is confirmed as having a cameo as himself in the film and also contributes to the soundtrack. In Japan the film is being marketed as Sugar Rush around the character Vanellope von Schweetz. Unlike most animated films, the principal actors regularly recorded audio sessions together in the same room - a situation that led to a lot of improvising.


February 2012

lthough Disney made a slight return to their roots in 2009 with the traditionally animated The Princess and the Frog, the majority of the company’s 21st century feature films have shadowed Pixar’s ground-breaking computer animation. After the box office successes of Bolt and Tangled, Disney now hopes to tap into a market that is speedily rivalling Hollywood: video games. While video game franchises have been used by Hollywood previously, they’ve never been successful in replicating the sensation and experience of game play. Wreck-It Ralph presents a solution. Instead of merely adapting, Ralph takes inspiration from a number of genres by spoofing big name titles such as Call of Duty and Starcraft, amongst others, to create visually stunning worlds for the characters to inhabit. The plot follows Wreck-It Ralph, villain of Donkey Kong-inspired arcade game Fix-it Felix Jr. Ralph has played the baddie for 30 years but now longs to be the good guy who saves the day, like his video game rival Felix. But after accidently unleashing an enemy that threatens every game in the arcade, Ralph has to team up with allies from different genres and realise what it truly means to be the good guy before it’s game over. Voicing Ralph is comedic actor John C. Reilly,

best known for acting opposite Will Ferrell in Step Brothers. Joining him as his arcade rival Fix-It Felix is 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer. Glee’s Jane Lynch voices robust Sergeant Calhoun and comedienne Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz, a troublemaking “glitch” from Mario Kart-inspired cart racer Sugar Rush. Not content with taking a loving swipe at video game conventions, Disney has gone the whole hog in acquiring the rights for several familiar video game characters including Zangief, M Bison and Chun Li of Street Fighter fame, the ghosts Inky, Blinky and Pinky from Pacman, Mario’s nemesis Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog’s arch villain Doctor Robotnik. While Mario himself doesn’t make an appearance, look out for a cameo from everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog. This is director Rich Moore’s feature film debut, but after working on The Simpsons in its prime and also hit TV show Futurama, his comedy pedigree and ability to handle both well-loved and original characters is assured. With its inspired take on video game culture combined with a traditional Disney finding-the-hero message, Wreck-It Ralph is perfect for the Palmer family to enjoy. While both Billy and JJ will appreciate Disney’s meticulousness in creating believable, and funny, video game parodies.








est selling novel Life of Pi by Yan Martel has been adapted for the big screen, bringing this fantastical tale of survival, resilience and spirituality to everyone. Following the story of a boy stranded in a lifeboat with nobody but a 450 pound Bengal tiger for company, Life of Pi is truly a story about surviving in the face of adversity. Martel is no stranger to adversity herself, as Life of Pi was rejected by five different publishing houses before being accepted by Knopf Canada, after which it went on to win the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2002, the 2003 Boeke Prize, and the Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature in Best Adult Fiction for years 2001–2003. Impressive stuff indeed. Protagonist Pi Patel is a 14-year-old Hindu boy living in India. His father owns a zoo in Pondicherry, meaning Pi has spent his life surrounded by exotic animals, leaving him with some grasp of animal psychology. But with political unrest threatening India, the family decides to sell up and emigrate to Canada, catching a ride on a Japanese freighter with just a few of their best loved animals. Tragically, just a few days out of port the ship sinks and all of Pi’s family are killed. Pi manages to scramble to safety into a tiny lifeboat, saving with him a hyena, a zebra, an orang-utan, and a large

Bengal tiger called Richard Parker. The story sees them floating around in the ocean for over 200 days, seeking refuge on a flesh-eating algae island and witnessing first hand some of the incredible wonders of the sea, while Pi contemplates God and spirituality. Interestingly, three different actors play main character Pi, as the film shows him progress through three different stages of his life. Ayush Tandon plays the young Pi, newcomer Suraj Sharma plays Pi as he floats about on the sea and Irrfan Khan plays the older, more mature Pi as he explains his story to officials, yet has trouble getting them to believe him. Directed by world-renowned Academy Award winner Ang Lee, who is perhaps best known for his work directing tearjerker Brokeback Mountain, Life of Pi looks set for brilliance. Not only does it feature some of the most beautiful filming locations of the year plus a bold soundtrack created by Mychael Danna, but it also lays claim to some of the best 3D technology to date; expect epic shots of Bengal tigers jumping out of the screen at you. Life of Pi is set to be released in the UK on 20th December and promises to be a truly feel-good affair, which the Palmer family will definitely be eager to see. Jane and her friends will also be there, as everyone loves seeing one of their favourite books brought to life, and Dan and Sarah too for Sunday date night treat.


December 2012

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Fantasy/Adventure Director: Ang Lee Starring: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussan Movie Recommendations: Bridge to Terabithia Where The Wild Things Are Slumdog Millionaire FANTASTIC FACTS Andrew Garfield was considered for a small role but Tobey Maguire was cast instead. Through he filmed his scenes, Maguire was later replaced by Rafe Spall because the director thought that Maguire was too famous for such a small role and it would have been distracting. At one point, M. Night Shyamalan, the writer of Signs and The Last Airbender, was rumoured to be directing the film.





merican fantasy author L. Frank Baum’s series of novels set in the magical land of Oz has been enthralling audiences worldwide for over one hundred years, and like most great works of fiction has been the source material for a number of retellings on both large and small screens. The most famous of Baum’s works, The Wizard of Oz, has become an iconic part of the fabric of cinema after the spectacular 1939 version, later being taken to darker places with Disney’s unofficial sequel with 1985’s Return to Oz. Oz: The Great and Powerful is the latest Oz based adventure to make it the silver screen. Instead of focusing on the adventures of Dorothy and co, Oz: The Great and Powerful takes place before the events of The Wizard of Oz. Whisked away from dusty Kansas, magician of dubious ethics Oscar Diggs is transported to the mystical Land of Oz where he hopes he can find fame and fortune beyond regard. But witches Theodora, Evanora and Glinda don’t quite think Oscar is the wizard he says he is. Reluctantly finding himself drawn into the realm’s problems, can Oscar triumph over evil and become a better man in the process? Hoping to tap into the fantasy zeitgeist that has been spurned on by Snow White and the Huntsmen and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is noted director Sam Raimi. Raimi is most well known for his frenzied splatterfest Evil Dead films and massive

March 2013 box office successes with the Spiderman trilogy. James Franco stars as Oscar Diggs. He has previously worked with Sam Raimi before as Harry Osborne in the Spiderman films and is no stranger to fantasy after starring in medieval stoner comedy Your Highness. The witch Theodora is played by Mila Kunis. Kunis’ career has really begun to hit its stride after comedy successes in Ted and Date Night, not forgetting a stirring dramatic role in Black Swan. Joining Kunis to form the trio of witches are Michelle Williams as Glinda, and Oscar winner Rachel Weisz as Evanora, showing off the impressive array of talent Raimi has recruited for Oz. Also joining the cast is Raimi’s lucky charm Bruce Campbell as dark wizard Gore, Oscar Diggs’ rival for power in Oz. Scrub’s Zach Braff also pops up as a pair of characters called Frank and Finley. With a budget of over $200 million, Oz: The Great and Powerful is one expensive movie. However box offices grosses of contemporary fantasy films have been huge so Disney’s latest flick looks certain to be a hit. With impressively sumptuous visuals and a fantastical story and setting to get lost in, the Palmer family will be sure to enjoy Oz. Beryl will also be reminded of the Judy Garland version, while JJ will be impressed by the film’s updated, but still enthralling, aesthetic.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Fantasy/Adventure Director: Sam Raimi Starring: James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz Movie Recommendations: Alice in Wonderland Snow White and The Huntsmen Red Riding Hood FANTASTIC FACTS Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp were considered for the role of Oscar Bruce Campbell has appeared in nearly every Sam Raimi film since the early 1980s. There are 18 novels in L. Frank Baum’s Oz series.





January 2012 forthcoming tale of slavery and retribution, Django Unchained is the latest from esteemed writer and director, Quentin Tarantino. Worlds apart in scale and genre from previous blockbuster Inglorious Basterds - a high energy wartime drama set in Nazi occupied France - Unchained follows the story of two men as they trek across the deep South of America seeking revenge on those who have wronged them. Played by Jamie Foxx, Django gets separated from his wife and winds up being sold in a slave auction to the vicious Speck brothers (James Remar and James Russo). Fortunately saved by an effusive German dentist-come-Bounty-Hunter, Dr King Schultz (Christopher Waltz), Django is free and rid of his cruel masters. Schultz asks Django to help take down the Brittle Brothers, a brutal gang of killers whom Django has only ever seen in passing. In return, Schultz would not only free Django completely but also help rescue his wife Broomhilda from the merciless plantation owner, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is holding her captive. The title and setting of the film are based heavily on the 1960s Sergio Corbucci spaghetti western


film Django and its many unofficial sequels, going so far as to have original Django star Franco Nero in a cameo role as a bar patron. Despite this, Tarantino has stated that regardless of the film’s obvious parallels to Western films, he prefers to label the film as a Southern due to the locations used while filming. Tarantino also has his trademark cameo role playing a character called Tenessee Harry, apparently writing himself into the scene after realising its comedic value. Unchained features an incredibly star studded cast. Its high profile actors and actresses include not only Oscar winning Foxx (Horrible Bosses, Due Date), DiCaprio (Inception, Shutter Island) and acclaimed actor Waltz, winner of over 40 awards including an Oscar. It also lays claim to appearances from Samuel L Jackson, Jonah Hill and Kerry Washington, most recently known for her role as Olivia Pope in US drama Scandal. With a UK release date of the 18th of January 2013, Django Unchained is sure to have Tarantino fans excited to see what he’s come up with this time. JJ and Dan & Sarah especially will definitely be there to witness this gripping drama unfold for them in what is sure to be to be an action-packed start to the cinema in the new year.


KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Action/Western Director: Quentin Tarantino Starring: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo Di Caprio Movie Recommendations: Inglorious Basterds Machete The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

FANTASTIC FACTS Quentin Tarantino actually wrote the role of Django with Will Smith in mind. Smith’s agents and manager wanted him to accept it, but Smith ultimately decided to pass. Jamie Foxx used his own horse Tony in the movie. The film was shot in 130 days. This was Quentin Tarantino’s longest shooting schedule for a singular film.



Les Misérables January 2013


or or over 25 years the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s epic novel Les Misérables has been a fixture on London’s West End and been the subject of numerous retellings on stage, screen and radio. Helming this latest version of the classic story is Academy Award winning director of The King’s Speech Tom Hooper. Set in France on the eve of the revolution, Les Misérables follows Jean Valjean, also known as Prisoner 24601, after he’s released from prison and breaks parole to create a new life for himself while evading the grip of the persistent Inspector Javert. Director Hooper’s version of Les Misérables remains a musical and the director has garnered some serious star power by hiring an assortment of A-list actors for the film. Starring as Jean Valjean is Hugh Jackman who is no stranger to musicals. Jackson got his teeth into acting through numerous stage musicals in Australia and a star-making turn starring in Oklahoma! in London in 1998. Inspector Javert is played by fellow Aussie actor Russell Crowe. Crowe, best known for playing brooding and intense characters such as his career-defining lead role in Gladiator, also had a musical career before turning

to acting. With two solid male leads with a singing pedigree, the film looks to be in steady hands. Leading the female cast is Anne Hathaway as Fantine, a working class girl from Paris left with an illegitimate child after her lover abandons her. Hathaway is said to have stunned the producers at her audition, moving them to tears, which is appropriate as her story is one that is full of tragedy. Fantine’s daughter, Cosette, suffers at the hands of her adopted parents, the Thenardiers, played by Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, before she is adopted once more by Valjean. The adult version of Cosette is played by Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried. These are just some of the plot strands and characters of the story, which encompasses romance, crime, revolution and redemption. Encompassing grand themes, Les Misérables is a timeless classic of a story which Beryl will enjoy, especially if she’s seen the stage musical before. The scale of the film will also enthrall Dan and Sarah, while Jane and friends will not only enjoy Hugh Jackman but also the movies romantic elements as well as the stirring songs that characterize the classic story.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Historical Drama/Musical Director: Tom Hooper Starring: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hatahway, Amanda Seyfried Movie Recommendations: Great Expectations, Anna Keranina, Pride and Prejudice FANTASTIC FACTS Producer Cameron Mackintosh, who also produced the original stage musical in England, has wanted to create a film version since the early 90’s. Hugh Jackman lost considerable weight and grew a beard for scenes of Valjean as a prisoner, though mercifully they were shot first in production and he could shave and return to his usual weight for scenes playing Valjean as a wealthy man. The cast sang the songs live during filming as opposed to miming then adding the soundtrack as is usual for musicals.


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blivion is the amazing new science-fiction thriller based on the original Radical Comics graphic novel, written by Joseph Kosinki and Arvid Nelson. Now Kosinki returns to direct and co-produce this exciting new screen release following the success of his previous film, Tron: Legacy. With an all-star cast including the likes of Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Zoë Bell, and a director committed to keeping the spirit of the novel alive, Oblivion is going to be a sure-fire box office smash. Universal Studios cites it as being “one of the most beautiful scripts we’ve ever come across”. High praise indeed. Jack Harper (Cruise) is one of only a few remaining drone repairmen left on Earth. It is the year 2073 and Jack’s mission as one piece of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with the enemy alien Scavs is nearly complete. Based in the skies, thousands of feet above ground, Jack lives in and patrols the towns, repairing broken drones that keep watch for enemy

April 2013 aliens. However, his soaring existence is brought crashing down one day when he rescues a pretty stranger (Olga Kurylenko) from a faulty spacecraft – one containing items that make him question everything he believed about the war. The mysterious woman’s presence creates a chain of events that force Jack to contemplate that the fate of mankind may lie in his hands. The film has a dreamy, surreal quality to it and it’s evident that the storyline relies heavily on incredible visuals to create atmosphere. These dreamlike qualities will undoubtedly draw the audience into the story. With a lot of intense action and impressive looking gadgets, Oblivion will surely have audiences gripping their seats. One person who should surely be remaining calm however is actress Zoe Ball. No stranger to intense action scenes, Ball’s impressive repertoire includes stunt doubling for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess. Oblivion is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, hitting UK cinemas April 12th.


KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Sci-fi/Action Director: Joseph Kosinki Starring: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko Movie Recommendations: Dredd 3D, Looper, Minority Report FANTASTIC FACTS The Oblivion project originated as an 8-page treatment written by Joseph Kosinski, which was pitched in 2007 to Barry Levine and Jesse Berger at Radical Publishing as a graphic novel. The project was subsequently developed into an illustrated novella and is being held for release to coincide with the film release.  Diane Kruger, Hayley Atwell and Kate Beckinsale were considered for the role of Victoria. Filming was done using Sony’s newly-developed CineAlta F65 camera. 




f you’ve ever wondered what Nicholas Cage would look like as an animated caveman, this year you’re in luck. From DreamWorks Animations, and following on from 2012’s Rise Of The Guardians, The Croods is a new animated comedy starring Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone. Set in a prehistoric volcanic world, a well meaning yet perhaps slightly old fashioned caveman named Grug (Cage) gets the shock of his life. Waking up to find that a huge earthquake has destroyed his family cave, Grug makes the decision to leave behind everything he has ever known and journey across the land in search of a new place to call home. Collecting up his family and trying to maintain his position as “Leader of the Hunt,” they venture out into the big wide world. The family travel across spectacular landscapes, discovering a world filled with new and previously unknown fantastical creatures. Things soon become tricky when Grug’s daughter Eep (Stone), a cavegirl filled with curiosity and a desire for adventure, falls for a quirky, ingenious nomad called Guy (Reynolds). Guy’s life philosophies contradict with Grug’s reliance on old traditions, but despite this, the wonderful new things they’ve seen leave everyone’s outlook on the world changed forever.


March 2013

The Croods is directed by Kirk DeMicco, who both wrote and co-produced 2005’s hit animated comedy Racing Stripes, and Chris Sanders, who has worked across a huge number of animated films including Lilo & Stitch, How To Train Your Dragon and Disney favourites Aladdin, The Lion King and Mulan. With this team behind it, the film is sure to be a huge hit with young and old alike. Expect lots of laughs on behalf of this stellar cast: Emma Stone is known for her irreverent sense of humour, best evidenced in 2010’s smash hit Easy A, while Ryan Reynolds has had lead roles in comedy films The Proposal, Adventureland and The Change-Up. Nicolas Cage seems to be able to try his hand at anything as he enters the world of animation for the first time in this feature. The Croods premieres in UK cinemas on the 22nd of March, featuring the very latest in cutting edge animation technology. Shot all in amazing 3D, this visually astounding family comedy is showcased perfectly.


The film was originally being made by Aardman Animations as stop motion film, under the working title Crood Awakening A video game based on the film, titled The Croods: Prehistoric Party!, is under development by Torus Games. It is set for release on Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS on March 19, 2013, enabling players to take the members of the Croods family on an adventure through 30 party-style mini-games.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Adventure/Comedy Director: Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds Movie Recommendations: How To Train Your Dragon, Ice Age, Brave



iron man April 2013 he third instalment of the Iron Man franchise is here, with Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle returning to help save the world one more time. After the staggering box office success of Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 is looking to be just as remarkable. Fans of the first two films can expect some changes. With Shane Black taking over from previous director Jon Favreau, this third release should be a fresh take on the Marvel tale. Black also directed the sharp 2005 comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was voted “Overlooked Film of the Year” by 2005 Phoenix Film Society and earned him great critical acclaim. This should be a perfect window into the mind of the man responsible for writing the likes of Lethal Weapon; the movie that made Mel Gibson a household name. Iron Man 3 sees Robert Downey Jr. return to his rightful place as our favourite billionaire playboy and CEO of Stark Enterprises. But this time he must pit his wits against an enemy who sees no confines to his destruction. When Stark arrives home to find his world demolished, he is


determined to bring down the culprit responsible. He embarks on an intense and harrowing journey for vengeance. Left to fend for himself, Stark has no choice but to rely solely on his instincts to protect himself and his friends, with a little help from a certain iron suit too. The film also introduces Guy Pearce (Prometheus, Lawless) and Rebecca Hall (The Prestige, Vicky Christina Barcelona), who work together as the creators of the Extremis virus - a storyline adapted from the original comic of the same name, which is widely acknowledged as one of the best Iron Man stories. Expect a massive, adrenalin filled ride with copious amounts of explosions and edge-of-yourseat action sequences, all accompanied by an epic score by Brian Tyler, the composer responsible for soundtracks to Transformers and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Most EMPIRE regulars should be excited for this latest superhero blockbuster. This instalment is sure to leave everyone holding their breath as they wait to discover whether good can conquer even the most challenging of evils. Iron Man 3 is due out in UK cinemas on the 26th of April.




Genre: Action/Adventure Director: Shane Black Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow Movie Recommendations: The Dark Knight, The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor FANTASTIC FACTS One scene was shot inside Epic Games, a video game development company known for the Gears of War franchise.   The Iron Patriot in this film is a new set of Iron Man armour that bears Captain America’s colour scheme. In the comics, it was an identity used by Spider-Man’s nemesis, the Green Goblin Norman Osborn.    This will mark the first time Samuel L. Jackson does not appear in an “Iron Man” related movie as Nick Fury. 




hen people think of Disney, the last thing they think of is reality. With all of their fairy tales and fantastic adventures, it may come as a shock that Disney is one of the world’s most prolific nature documentary producers. Since forming in 2008, Disneynature has been creating independent nature documentaries on a variety of subjects. In their latest offering, Disneynature heads to Africa for heartwarming doc Chimpanzee. Oscar is your average, carefree chimpanzee. Living in the jungles of the Ivory Coast, three year-old Oscar’s life is tragically thrown upside down after a confrontation with a rival gang of chimpanzees leaves his mother missing – probably the victim of a nocturnal leopard attack. After this world-shaking event, he struggles to fit in with the other chimps and survive on his own in this vicious landscape. His trials thankfully end when the alpha-male of his group miraculously adopts him. Chimpanzee was filmed on location in the Ivory Coast’s Taï National Park. Production took over four years due to the difficulties of filming during the wet season and the fact that the common chimpanzee, Oscar’s species, are notorriously reclusive in the face of human activity. Directors Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield possess the

May 2013 perfect pedigree for such a project. Fothergill has been creating nature documentaries for the BBC for over 25 years. His credits include the groundbreaking series Blue Planet and Frozen Planet, featuring the legendary David Attenborough. Mark Linfield’s CV is also just as impressive. He has produced a number of episodes of the BBC’s flagship nature program Natural World and 2007’s Earth, which he co-directed with Fothergill. The American version of Earth was one of the first films distributed by Disneynature the US in 2009 and took in over $100 million at the box office. Veteran comedian and actor Tim Allen is on hand for Chimpanzee’s narration duties. Moviegoers will be more familiar with Allen’s comedic roles, although he is a Disney veteran too, having lent his voice to Buzz Lightyear in the fantastic Toy Story films. Chimpanzee takes a hands-off approach and lets nature take its course. By filming these creatures in their natural habitat we are given a rare insight to our biological cousins’ day-to-day goings on while managing to retain the onscreen emotional hook needed to really enagage with audiences. Any cinema-lover with an inquisitive mind will enjoy this eye-opening look into the world of chimpanzees. This one’s a must for all nature fans.

FANTASTIC FACTS The documentary itself was supposed to just be about Oscar’s life as a young chimpanzee with his mother. But when a leopard killed his mother, Isha, this necessarily had to change. During its opening weekend, a portion of all proceeds was donated to the “See Chimpanzee, Save Chimpanzees” charity, which was started by famed chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall. The charity helps build habitats, educates children and helps orphaned chimpanzees. Alastair Fothergrill was Head of BBC Television’s Natural History Unit from 1992 to June 1998.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Documentary Director: Andrew Fothergill and Mark Linfield Starring: Tim Allen Movie Recommendations: Earth, African Cats, March of the Penguins SPRING 2013 | PULSE MAGAZINE | 31


epic e

Ever since they struck gold with Ica Age in 2002, 20th Century Fox Animation has been regarded as a top animation studio. From Robots in 2005 through 2008’s Horton Hears A Who and 2011’s Rio, the studio has been gaining critical and box office success. Ambitiously titled Epic is the latest in the company’s animated adventures.

May 2013 Mary Katherine. Asides from starring in smash hit musicals, Seyfried will best be known for her roles in Sci-fi thriller In Time and fantasy flick Red Riding Hood. Colin Farrell and Josh Hutcherson are voicing a pair of Leafman warriors called Ronin, a seasoned hunter, and Nod, a rooky soldier. Beyoncé pops up too, voicing the Mother Nature-esque queen of the forest, Queen Tara. American comedian Jason Sudekis voices Professor Bomba, Mary Katherine’s father, while Irish comedy actor and star of the I.T. Crowd, Chris O’Dowd, is also involved, voicing a snail called Grub.

Based on American writer William Joyce’s children’s book The Leaf Men and The Brave Good Bugs, Epic is a fantastical adventure. A young girl, Mary Katherine, finds herself transported to a deep forest, where forces of good, the diminutive Leafmen, Voicing the leader of the evil Boggans is and the evil Boggans are clashing in battle. Mary Katherine must band together with a rag-tag bunch Austrian actor Christoph Waltz. Waltz has had an impressive career rise in recent years, with an of allies to win the war and save the world. astonishing role as Nazi Officer Hans Landa in Though it is based on Joyce’s book and shares some Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. and is in similarities, the plot has been changed significantly. the running for more awards this year for his role in Django Unchained Feeling that Joyce’s story was a little too quaint for the big screen, the makers have blown up the plot to 20th Century Animation has had a successful be fitting of the title. track record in the past, and with the impressive 20th Century Fox Animation regular Chris Wedge voice acting involved, Epic looks like it’s going to continue the trend. Families will love the is the man directing Epic. Wedge has previously sumptuous visuals that promise to immerse helmed Ice Age and Robots and has assembled an viewers deep in Epic’s enchanted forest. With a impressive cast. great story line, and a fantastic look, Epic will be a film to get lost in this spring. Amanda Seyfried, star of the recent adaptation Les Misérables and Mamma Mia!, voices heroine


KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Animation/Fantasy Adventure Director: Chris Wedge Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Colin Farrel Movie Recommendations: Ice Age, The Secret of Kells, Tangled FANTASTIC FACTS The heroine Mary Katherine is named after the late daughter of author William Joyce, whose book “The Leaf Men” was the basis for this movie. This is the second Blue Sky Studios film to be based on a story by William Joyce. The first was Robots. Director Chris Wedge won the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 1998 for his animated film Bunny.




May 2013 . Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby often crops up in lists of the greatest literary works of all time. Through his expert use of language and metaphor, Fitzgerald captured perfectly the highs and lows of America’s boom in the roaring twenties. As such the book has found itself on the big screen many times, but with this new version director Baz Luhrmann hopes to give a fresh twist to the timeless tale. Set at the height of The Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby is, on the surface, a tale of unrequited love, yet also doubles as an examination of the extravagant excess sweeping across the United States at the time. The story follows Nick Carraway, a bond salesman, as he is caught up in the glitzy and glamorous lifestyle of his notoriously rich neighbour, Jay Gatsby, in Long Island, New York. Nick is drawn into Gatsby’s world, where he finds that things aren’t as they seem and money doesn’t buy you everything. The key to any successful literary adaptation, especially when the text is as renowned and well loved as The Great Gatsby, is getting the characters correct. This screen adaptation should have no such trouble as Luhrmann has assembled a suitably impressive cast. Mild-mannered mid-Westerner Nick Carraway acts as a surrogate for the audience as he finds himself swept up into American high society. Portraying him in the 2013 version is Tobey Maguire. Known more for spandex and spider webs than cocktails and tuxedos, Maguire will be most familiar to movie goers as Peter Parker in the original Spider-Man trilogy. His mixture of naïveté and wholesomeness should carry over perfectly from his superhero adventures and fit Carraway’s character to a T. Taking centre stage as Jay Gatsby is Leonard DiCaprio who, despite being nominated several times, is surprisingly yet to win an Academy


FANTASTIC FACTS Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway and Scarlett Johansson were considered to play Daisy Buchanan. Though the film is set in Long Island, New York, it was actually shot in Sydney, Australia. Mulligan was so overjoyed at her winning the part that she burst into tears after learning of her casting via a phone call from Luhrmann, who informed her of his decision while she was on the red carpet at an event in New York.

Award for Best Actor. The role of Gatsby is one that an actor of his stature can really get their teeth into; one that blends love, anger, jealousy and madness into a complex and interesting persona. Perhaps this will be the role that finally nets DiCaprio a little golden statuette of his own. Appearing as the subject of Gatsby’s unrequited love is British actress Carey Mulligan. Mulligan burst onto the big-time with her award winning performance as Jenny in An Education and remained there with supporting roles in Drive and Shame. Mulligan plays Daisy Buchanan, a socialite that Gatsby fell for before serving in the First World War. A combination of beauty and fragility, Daisy is a powerful reminder that money isn’t all that is needed to lead a happy and successful life. Baz Luhrmann is best known for his directorial success with the modern retelling of Romeo + Juliet and hit musical Moulin Rouge! He is undoubtedly a perfect candidate to bring the opulence and splendour of The Jazz Age to life. With its glamorous style and fabulous costumes, The Great Gatsby is set to continue Luhrmann’s track record for Hollywood cinema with an extravagant twist.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Genre: Period Drama Director: Baz Luhrmann Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carrey Mulligan Movie Recommendations: Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Pride and Prejudice


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Stooshe Stand out and slip up


Katherine Ryan Ed Westwick Adele Parks

Is Cheryl Cole set to return to X-Factor USA? It has been rumored the 29-year-old is returning to her former place on the judging panel next to frenemie Simon Cowell. Cheryl’s first appearence on the show lasted a mere three episodes before she was graciously, kicked off and replaced by Lewis’s latino lady, Nicole Schrezinger. After a huge public falling out between Cole and Mr.Cowell, the pair have apprently been spotted conversing and appear to be the best of friends again, with Cheryl joking in an LA interview that Simon had ‘some making up to do.’ We don’t know how we feel about their flirty friendship rekindling, but we are happy to see Cheryl being welcomed back into the US with open arms... we’re just not sure Nicole will share our enthusiasm.

Boy wonder, Russell Returns Taylor Swift’s into New Girl The arrival of New Girl season will see a cameo of the country singing queen as a wedding guest. She will playing Elaine and will have an ‘important feature’ in this seasons final episode. We cant wait to see what drama Taylor will kick up in this fictional mix - or the song about it that will follow!

The boy is back and he brings with him a new series of Good News, Thursdays at 9pm, and a brand new UK tour for 2014. Wonderbox is set to have us in stiches, and we can’t imagine it will be too hard on the eyes either.



ultravioletNEWS Wave Bye Bye to Girls Aloud They came back and now they are gone again for good this time. It’s seems that getting back together reminded the girls exactly why they havent done anything in the last couple of years. The words ‘drama’ and ‘suffocated’ have been used all from a particular platinum blonde member who is producing her own album. However, the others have hit Instagram looking happy and comfortable together with the caption ‘True Love.’ We are glad the group seem to have ended on a high... more or less.

Amelia Lily Delays New Album Amelia’s forth coming album titles ‘Be A Fighter’ has been delayed for a second time. The delay is due to Amelia’s unease about the album wanting it to be ‘perfect’ before it’s release. We are all for making the album as good as it possibly can be, but that isn’t exactly displaying the fighting spirit we were expecting.

Pink’s Tour Fun Pink is having the time of her life on her European tour, The Truth about Love. So far she has visited the UK, Amsterdam and Berlin. In Berlin Pink had a visit of her own when Fun. joined her on the stage for a rendition of ‘Just give me a reason’. She has hinted at various reappearences at a later date.



The Hunger Games: Catching fire releases teaser trailer and posters It’s here and it looks incredible. We are desperate to see what Katniss will have to face next in the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy. She looks spectacular in the posters wearing long outrageous wedding gowns. There is clearly an engagement on the horizon, but we can’t imagine Katniss’s will be all doves and flowers. Don’t think we have forgotten about the charming Liam Hemsworth, and where exactly does childhood sweetheart Gale fit into the equation? All we know is it looks intense, Katniss is sure to cross some dangerous paths.

Snow White and the Huntsman: The Sequel It’s official! There will be a sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman with the same cast of Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemworth. The same can’t be said for the director, Rupert Sanders, as he has been fired from the film following his previous afflictions with Kristen Stewart. We’re just hoping that this time Kristen’s hands could perhaps stay as innocently white as possible.

Leonardo takes a Breather The Gatsby premiere was full of suprises, but nothing quite like the one Leonardo Dicaprio made when he announced he was ‘taking a break’ from acting. The 38-year-old has been continually cast in movies for the last three years, and we are talking big films, such as, Inception, Django and Gatsby. We think he deserves a rest aslong as he’s not planning on letting go anytime soon.




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Stooshe Let It Slip With a new album and the release of the single “slip,” Stooshe are keen to let go of last years halted album and are determied not to let it slip through their fingers ... By Chelsea Allen


he girl’s are back and their new album promises to be a fresh whirlwind, mixing pop and soul with a dose of complimentary harmony tracks. The girls have had their own whirlwinds to face recently as their cover of TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ flopped last year, halting the release of their new album. However, with new tracks came a new name and it couldn’t be more appropriate: ‘London with lights on’. It seems like the girls have got their shine back and they’ll be doing what they do best, standing out. “We’re all individual characters. I think as our music’s grown and our journey, so have we in terms of styling” says Courtney, whos signature blonde quiff has marked her as the quirky one of the group. “ I think when we started out we were really trying to prove our characters, I was the girly one, Alex was the glam one and Courtney was the retro one” says



Alex, “We’ve grown so much. Now we’re like fully versatile and we want to be able to wear anything and kind of pull it off.” The girls originality and electric expression seems to have inspired younger generations, who look to the girls as role models. “They’re just very fun because they’re just very free and want to get into it.” says Alex.


he girls obviously want to inspire a younger generation keeping connected through their twitter and blog on their website, which has recently covered the girls on the Voice in Ireland and a visit to Perez Hilton. Alex says: “There’s so much more for us to do, even though we’ve done a lot already, we’ve loved it! We can’t wait to start taking it out of the UK and to travel!” However, this year it will be strictly Great Britain only as the girls have very events lined up through the summer. They’ll be lighting up Proms festival weekend with their ‘girl’ and close friend Rita Ora, supporting Olly Murs in Peterborough, joining Labrinth and Rizzel Kicks at Alton towers and sharing the spotlight with JLS and Little Mix at the aptly named Stadium of Light. The stars seem to be banging down the door to have the girls by their side, supporting them on tour. The new album features “Love me,” a collaboration with Travie Mccoy from Gym Class heros, that peaked at number five on the UK singles chart last year. The new album also features “See me like this” and “Hoochi Mumma” that were released last year in anticipation to the albums release that was previously set for November. Since then we have seen the release of “Slip” a return to

their former sound, a mix of pop and mowtown. “We have this kind of new vibe that we are going for which is called new mo-town. I don’t know, it’s just a bit of everything, we’ve got a song that’s got a bit of a reggae vibe to it and pop rock as well as ‘black heart’ - a ballad” says Karis. It has a little bit of

something for everyone and captured the essence of how Stooshe has matured, whilst still keeping their youthful approach: “We’ve grown a lot since our first songs that we put out, but we still have that vibe of Stooshe on the album.” It’s a fresh start for Stooshe after overcoming an obstacle that would have knocked those of a weaker disposition down. But it’s their passion for making music and their friendship that has pushed them through, “We love what we do and hopefully positive things come towards us” says Alex, “Hopefully the album does well enough for us to do a little tour, lots of travelling and meeting new people whilst making music we love.” They may have had a slip up but their spirit is as bright as ever, and we imagine they’ll be lighting up a lot more then just London with their new album.




“We’ve grown so much”



plays Lord Capulet in the modern version of the Shakespeare classic. When asked who else he would love to work with, his list is extensive but he narrows it down: ‘It would be my dream to work with Gary Oldman’. Ed likes to keep things British, admiring Briton’s best such as, Oldman and Daniel Craig who he had the pleasure of meeting. ‘It’s the only time I have ever felt star-struck’ he explains referring to the meeting as a ‘moment’ but who wouldn’t feel a little in awe in the presence of James Bond. But it’s not just the stars Ed likes to be British, having grown up in Hammersmith, he misses Baked beans, english pubs and football when he is on location. He spent most of last year filming Romeo and Juliet in Italy, a big change from his previous residence for the last five years which he spent living in the Big Apple with Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford. Ed describes his favourite place he has ever visited as Montago Bay in Jamaica which doesn’t come as much of a surprise for someone with such a laid back, easy-going attitude. In the past Ed has spent a great deal of time in the Austrian ULTRAVIOLET mountains filming the light-hearted rom com, Chalet Girl. When he was not on set, he was trying his hand at By Chelsea Allen the sports the resort had to offer. ‘I d Westwick couldn’t be further from the tried snowboarding but I wasn’t very good!’ he says villainous roles he plays but he can’t seem describing himself as more of a skier and left the snowboarding up to co-star Felicity Jones. Johnny, to help that he’s drawn to darker roles: ‘Bad is far more alluring’. His allure is who Ed plays in Chalet Girl, is probably the role obvious straight away. Ed is 26-years-old, charming that is the closest representation to Ed himself. He is with a rare laid back attitude to his acquired fame funny, attractive and truthfully a bit of a sweetheart, and fortune. We start to question why he doesn’t despite having been awarded ‘Best TV Villain’ for two years running at the Teen Choice Awards. Ed have an entourage of female followers, when he opens up saying his biggest flaw is ‘Trusting too is moving onto bigger, badder things with his new much’ the explanation behind a series of tattered role of Tybalt, murderer of Mercutio and victim at the hands of Romeo, there doesn’t seem to be any relationships. We can’t help but feel sorry for him as his disappointment radiates but his longing is challenge he is not prepared to take. We look forward suppressed by throwing himself into some dark and to Ed’s evilness erupting on our cinema screens deadly roles, surrounding himself with Hollywood’s this October as the Prince of Cats but we have the knowledge that underneath it all, Ed is nothing but a finest. He has worked with the likes of Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and most recently Damian Lewis, who warm, welcoming pussycat.

The Prince of Cats





Resident Bad boy in Gossip Girl. Intern in J.Edgar. Rich Boy in Chalet Girl. And now the Prince of Cats in Romeo and Juliet. Best thing about him is he's British and did we mention single? meets Ed Westwick to discover his allure...



Books that will change your life ULTRAVIOLET names

the top five books that are unmissable and unforgettable...

THE DA VINCI CODE Written by Dan Brown the book follows Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu as they explore a murder mystery, which puts them on the hunt of the Holy Grail. The book has caused a controversy, due to implying that Jesus Christ may have been married to Mary Magdalene, and was recognised as a direct attack on the catholic church. However, its insight into an alternate religious history and its extensive research will open your eyes to a religious view that you may not have considered before.

ONE DAY David Nicholls brings a realistic element to romance novels as ‘One Day’ follows the turbulent romance of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. It is expressed over a twenty year period and looks at the difficulties faced between how they used to be and how they are at the present, due to changing political approaches and habits. It’s an excellent book to relate too as it offers the everyday emotional tangles and explores that difficult transition between friendships to relationships.

Written and narrated by Anne Frank the book offers an heart straining, non-fiction account of life in hiding after fleeing from the Nazi’s in 1942. The book conveys all of her thoughts and feelings up until the point when she is abruptly betrayed and killed. The book enraptures her inspiring spirit and subtle attempts at humour in the face of something that is pure evil. It challenges your current perspectives on life, leaving you to readjust your priorities and count your blessings.

By Chelsea Allen

THE VIRGIN SUICIDES The book is set in the 1970’s as author Jeff






Eugendies and the five narrators recall the suicides of five teenage sisters twenty years previous. Although a dark subject matter, the books approach is a mixture of humour and nostalgia, featuring themes of suburban lifestyles and unrequited love. The main message of the book is the unknowable hurt of any action that will leave you questioning the consequences of your own actions and how you may have affected others, as well as reassessing your own childhood struggles.

THE LOVELY BONES The story was written by Alice Sebold and is narrated by Susie Salmon, who is a fourteen year old murder victim, talking from beyond the grave. It tackles the disturbing subject matter of child rape and murder, whilst being presented with the element of hope as she watches the world continue without her. The book offers a heart wrenching insight into love that transcends after death and powerful messages of living life to the fullest and a wariness of who you trust.




Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

The first half of the book concentrates on the aspects of the mystery, whilst the second half focuses more on the psychological twists that are elevating alongside the case. There has never been more truth to the saying: ‘There are two sides to every story’ until now, as they are smothered in a combination of love, lies, sex and betrayal. It will keep you reading compulsively, unable to put it down and unable to work out who to trust, as the plot darkens into a combination of hatred and wretchedness. Having been left questioning your own judgements and having your expectations dashed, you will spend most of your time puzzling over the plot left in complete suspense. It’s purpose is to engage you, consume you and manipulate your perceptions, leaving you thinking about the book long after you have finished reading. It is clear to see why the novel is highly recommended due to an extensively thought out story line and sharp, observant writing that is witty and compelling. Gillian will have you disturbed, delighted and desperate, thumbing back through the pages for more. This is a read definitely not to be missed.





one girl is a must read this summer having made the bestsellers list numerously and been written by acclaimed suspense writer, Gillian Flynn. Set in the modern day US, the book is a tale of a marriage that goes horribly wrong in the most twisted, thrilling way. It follows the first meeting to the present day of main characters, Nick and Amy, who live in a small town in Missouri. As they are getting ready to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary - Amy disappears. Nick, who is suspect number one, pleads his innocence with twin sister Argo at his side but as the investigation continues, so does the anxiety. Amy is a blonde, beautiful trust fund New Yorker, whose disappearance is being rallied by American media. Whilst Nick who appears relatively calm, is trying to work out how he should be reacting, creating growing suspicions and escalated suspense. The book is full of twists and turns unravelling the mystery behind Amy’s disappearance from Nick’s narrative voice, and through her diary the inner workings of her perfectionist mind. It offers an inside into the unique character personalities, questioning how well does a husband know a wife and how marriage can become an art of warfare.



eautiful Bastard is a new take of Fifty Shades of Grey, think Ana Steele with a little more back bone and Mr Grey with a face you could quite happily punch, and that is the tale of Chloe Mills and Bennet Ryan. Chloe is set to have a bright future and successful career working towards her MBA at Bennett’s family’s company. The only thing that does stand in her way is Bennett Ryan. He is devastatingly attractive, extremely blunt and selfish, inconsiderate of his colleagues and especially of his assistant - Chloe. The story opens with an insight into their business relationship, his intolerance of her punctuality and her intolerance of him altogether, exploring how two people turn a mutual hatred into heartfelt passion. The storyline follows the same ideals as Fifty Shades of Grey, whilst offering a more realistic element and ever more heart-racing erotic encounters. Bennett is quite easy to dislike having the allure of most powerful, attractive men that act like a bastard simply because they can, giving him realistic qualities that we can all find relatable. Chloe, much opposed to Ana Steele, stands her ground and is extremely

headstrong and stubborn, creating an interesting connection that questions there compatibility especially when her career lies within his devious hands. It’s presented from both point of views, which comes in particularly useful as their relationship and passion seems to appear rather abruptly. As for being an engaging read, it doesn’t quite have the same attraction as Fifty Shades of Grey and could easily be forgotten if left alone for too long, but it does provide a small level of entertainment if in-between books. The book is averagely written but has a strong level of wit about it, formed by the sharpness of the characters minds and a certain level of electricity that sparks in their coming together (excuse the pun). It was inspired by Twilight fan fiction but you won’t find any blood thirsty vampires or solely succumbed women in the book, in fact Twilight appears to have no relevance at all except for maybe Bennett’s cold heartedness. This however is a point in favour of the book, but if you are looking for romance you may want to return to the Twilight saga. The romance in this book could be construed with sexual desire and even that could be considered luke warm at best.


Beautiful Bastard

By Christina Lauren



Top Ten

Here is a list of the top ten new releases that you won’t want to miss next month...



Les Miserables DVD Release The award winning, musical masterpiece will be released on the 13th of May. Boxes of tissues at the ready please.

Lady Antebellum Album Release


The Country, Indie, Pop band are set to release their fourth album “Golden” on the 6th of May.



The Great Gatsby Cinema Release The famous fiction by Fitzgerald is bursting into our cinemas and is set to dazzle staring titanic sweetheart, Leonardo DeCaprio.

Inferno, Dan Brown Book Release

Slyvia Day’s Book Release Gideon and Eva are back for the third instalment, we’re hoping for more action and not another pregnancy cop out ending.

Matt Smith returns to our TV screens in series seven with a rather young, cheeky companion, Good luck Doc.


Game of Thrones TV Return Season three promises to be a nail-bitting, explosion of action that leaves us fearing for our lives of our favourites characters.


Doctor Who TV Return

The Big Wedding Cinema Release A film that is full of laughs and drama as a long divorced couple fake being maried for a feel good family wedding.

8 10

‘Inferno’ explores Dante’s work, sure to be explained considering all possibilities and offending some dominant societies.

Lincoln DVD Release Spielberg is hitting the stores with BAFTA winning actor Daniel Day Lewis that never provides a dull moment.

Michael Buble Album Release Just hearing the release date of Michael Buble’s sixth album is music to our ears and it’s the kind that wraps it’s arms around you .





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top ten banned films of the 21st century

From the inside:

How to get a job in TV


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drunk with Ed Sheeran Twilight Teasers Reviews MUST READ is Lady Gaga signing off?

t a e r T r o k c i Tr Ed Westw October 2012

ick The Man We Love to hate



t t tttt tttt tt t ttt t t t tWords by chelsea allen t




t tt t




t t

k c i w t s e W Ed he man we

love to hate

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass in season 5 of gossip Girl 40

profile Chuck and blair attempt to rekindle an old flame


here’s nothing more enticing than a bad boy and Ed Westwick is no exception. Having picked up ‘Best TV Villain’ at the Teen Choice Awards for two years running, he is now moving on to bigger, badder things with his new role as Talbalt, The Prince of Cats, in the 2012 production of Romeo & Juliet. Whilst he may be leaving his TV days behind him, Ed’s career really kicked off when Gossip Girl hit our TV screens in 2007. The glossy, glamourous show about Manhatten’s elite quickly became a huge hit and so did Westwick, although having appeared in a variety of films and TV shows before, he became notoriously known for his alter ego - Gossip Girl’s resident bad ass, Chuck Bass. While the first couple of seasons of Gossip Girl left us drooling over Chuck’s bad boy attitude, he has effectively turned over a new leaf in the current season leaving plotting, Jenny Humphrey (played by Pretty Reckless’ lead singer, Taylor Momsen) and a gunshot wound in his past. Although we couldn’t agree more with Ed when he says “Bad Chuck is far more alluring,” the new reinvented Chuck Bass does have a softer, more gentlemanly appeal. In more recent episodes he can often be found strolling through central park with his canine companion or pining over love



From Bad boy Bass to the Prince of the Cats in a Shakespearean classic, is there anything a villianous Ed Westwick can’t do?


e’re all for a guy changing himself for the women he loves (think Danny Zuko!) but two seasons since we waved goodbye to the Chuck & Blair sensation it may be time for him to move on. Ed certainly wouldn’t be caught making Chuck’s mistakes - when asked what advice he would give to Chuck he replied, “Forget Blair. She’s too much work”. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that this sounds exactly like something the cold-hearted, Chuck Bass we all know and love might say - Ed couldn’t be further from his character. Growing up in Hammersmith London with two older brothers and a love for indie rock music, “The Rolling Stones are for me the epitome of cool,” he can be described as more of a ‘laid-back lad’s lad’, rather then a New York socialite. Ed still misses the home comforts of Baked beans, the English pub and football even when he’s filming in the world’s most glamourous locations.

C h a l e t Gir l 41



lthough currently filming Romeo & Juliet in beautiful Mantua, Italy and having spent the last five years in the Big Apple, his favourite place he’s ever visited is Montago Bay in Jamaica and given his easy-going attitude this doesn’t come as much of a shock. Craving sunshine in a tropical location is something all of us are guilty of, particularly Ed, who spent a good sum of time in the last couple of years in the snowy, mountains of Garmisch-partenkirchen, Germany filming the light-hearted rom com, Chalet Girl. It’s not

“Bad Chuck is far more alluring.” all bad though. Ed did get his chance to hit the slopes - “I tried snowboarding but wasn’t very good!” Describing himself as more of a skier he left the snowboarding up to co-star, Felicity Jones who plays Kim Matthews, love interest and champion snowboarder in Chalet Girl. His time in the mountains also saw him working closely with an A-list cast, including Bill Nighy and Brooke Shields, as well as later in the year working alongside Judi Dench and Leonardo De Caprio as they recapped the hard-hitting life of J.Edgar. Despite having worked with some of the top names in the industry, Ed promises us he has a long list of people he would love to work with but his dream would be to work with London’s own, Gary Oldman.

ed westwick gets his evil glare on


rl Gossip Gi


d stays close to his English roots admitting that the only time he’s ever felt slightly star-struck was when he met Daniel Craig (James Bond), which he describes as ‘a moment’. Being Young Hollywood’s “Breakthrough Male” award winner and beating Daniel Craig by a whopping thirty-one places in Glamour’s list of the sexiest men 2011, we’re amazed Bond was able to leave our London heartthrob stirred. Despite being involved in one of the “Greatest Teen Drama’s of All Time”, as declared by New York Magazine, Ed is extremely modest and down to earth. He says the highlight of his career is sharing some amazing moments with his family and friends and that his biggest flaw is “trusting too much”. It seems like our scandalous Bad Boy turns out to be a bit of a sweetheart who couldn’t be further from the character’s he plays.

Ro m eo & Ju l i This yea et r we se e

the mak of the S ing of th hakespe e newe are clas as Tyba st repro sic with lt, The P duction our sign rince of a fantas a tu C re Bad a ts. Ed w tic cast Boy ill be pla with the the Prin ying alo likes of ce of Ve n S gside tellan S rona an uncle, L karsgard d Damia ord Cap , as n Lewis ulet. Th heartbre as Tyba e film is aking a lt’s set to b nd featu particula e devas re s ome ex rly betw ta tingly plosive een a lo and The action s ve struc Prince o cenes, k Romeo f Cats. Valentin (Dougla The film e’s Day s s booth) release next ye is set fo ar and w eagerly r e will be awaiting another and villi memsm anous E erising, d Westw perform ick ance.

APRIL 2012





the voice

bbc one (wall to wall productions)



This month will play host to new talent show, The Voice, which will be going head-to-head with X Factor to destroy Saturday evening TV. Granted The Voice has a slightly more talented panel to their rival, who will be deciding the fates of some ‘vulnerable’ hopefuls who come bearing heart-breaking sob stories. Either way the story will pan out the same - the judges will argue bleeding their publicity dry, one of them will cry and become the heart of the nation and the bedroom singer with the undiscovered talent will melt the nation’s heart with a chart topping hit and go on to create an album that will barely make the top 50, let alone stay in it. Still there is a chance they may be able to find someone who could shoot up there with the Lana Del Rey’s of the world, as the judges are not entirely talentless themselves. Jessie J will be the golden girl of the show - actually having a couple of number ones and a voice not reliant on computer technology (no offence Ms. Cole), her advice may actually be valuable.


Along with Jessie J, Tom Jones will take to the panel, even if he may well be past his sell by date and supporting a silver mane. But he has

A first glimpse of the judges in The Voice

had some hits in his time and there will definitely be some older audiences still holding on to his records and anticipating his guaranteed musical comeback once The Voice takes off.

APRIL 2012








APRIL 2012


APRIL 2012






So the panel is made up of a musical legend and a pop princess, all that’s missing is an techno artist and who better than Black Eyed Peas’ own Will.I.Am. The man is like a contagious disease in the music world, having worked with artists, such as Cheryl Cole and Micheal Jackson, and also appearing in a number of films and a couple TV shows - it was only a matter of time before he launched himself onto a judging panel. We just hope that his technological music mindset won’t create a singing sensation that sounds like Stephen Hawkins’ computer. Last but in no way least the final judge is Danny O’Donoghue. ‘Who?’ I hear you ask, well obviously he is The Script’s lead vocalist and songwriter, with two number one albums, he has clearly earned his right on the panel next to three highly influential artists. He has left the nation wondering, ‘was there really no one else?’ Surely someone must have wanted to play the judge who will capture teenage hearts all it takes is a decent stylist and a soft, caring attitude. But The Voice does have one redeeming feature - judges won’t be facing participants when they are singing. It may seem a little like a musical version of blind date but if it saves another Cheryl Cole copy cat, I will be thankful. Plus it may also make for good entertainment to see the judges’ faces when they turn around to see a singing sensation who is going to give them nothing to work with looks wise. The judges will be desperately plugging in plastic surgery and hair & make-up numbers onto speed dial, the nation better be ready to see another Susan Boyle transformation. It may come across as a carbon copy of the X-factor with it’s sob stories, judges’ shouting matches and predictable audition entries but I’m sure that won’t stop the majority of the nation tuning in eagerly on a Saturday night. Still, every cloud has a silver lining and we can all pray that The Voice may well knock the X-factor off the radar completely, quite frankly the less I see of that signature red cross the better. So, here’s hoping.










Channel 4

(Repackaged Version)

Maroon 5 are officially back and their return comes in the form of a sweet, pop sensation. With themes of love, heartbreak and lust, ‘Hands All Over’ is a catchy, addictive album that you will have on repeat. The album opens with ‘Misery,’ where Levine sings a song full of infatuated heartbreak and contradicts them with an upbeat, infectious pop tune. The album follows along the same lines , it’s full of safe, comfortable mainstream pop tunes that won’t look out of place in the UK singles charts. Hands All Over is enjoyable but won’t introduce any surprises, it sticks to what Maroon 5 does best – pop anthems that appeal to teenage girls hearts. These hearts will not be disappointed with songs such as, ‘Moves like Jagger’ and ‘Don’t Know Nothing,’ which leave them dancing around the living room. The album also features the occasional more manly songs ‘Just A Feeling’ and ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ showing Levine’s voice at its strongest and guarantees to melt those teenage hearts. Other than the slightly overpowering music drowning out Levine’s voice, the album is an easy to listen to, uplifting album. As an added bonus it features a final acoustic cover of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ it’s easily the most talented song on the album - his voice is moving and powerful, wrapped in a velvet softness. This song, plus Levine’s collaboration with Christina Aguilera and Lady Antebellum, make for a fabulous playlist and an unavoidable joyfulness from a classic Maroon 5 album.

It’s Zooey Deschanel being her charming and adorable self, leaving men breathless in her stride - or better classed as a stumble. She plays a beautiful, clumsy girl who moves in with three single guys, one of which she will predictably fall. The storyline may have some sort of potential, but the humour that matches it is rather diabolical. Unfortunately, it has that addictive element and you find yourselftuning back in every week anticipating improvement - or at least a chuckle - only to be left disappointed and unamused. Luckily for the show, Deschanel is captivating in her own right and viewers will be tuning injust to see her natural radiance and cheeky smile but with the poor scripting and tiresome slapstick its going to have to do more than that to keep viewers’ eyes open.

Jess a nd t h e ga ng 44



THE WOMAN IN BLACK hammer film productions

f o n e e u Th e q p op This book is perfect for Gaga or photography fans everywhere. Terry Richardson has out done himself showing the queen of pop on and off the stage. To say the book was an eye-opener would be an understatement, as not only do the photos show Gaga in a new light, they also show her true form – literally. Lady Gaga is displayed in every angle possible including her legs over her head, a shot that focuses on her hot pants and her casually in bed with nipple stickers. But this does encapture Gaga’s close relationship to Richardson, especially as some of the more conservative photos picture them both together. At the very front of the book you can also read Lady Gaga’s synopsis titled ‘Terry and Me.’ She talks about life with Terry stalking her and she is quoted to say ‘I am so real he says, that I am unreal’ summing up the Gaga we know and love in one sentence. The book does truly capture a realness to her behind the meaty fashion and singing sensation. There are frequent photos showing her and her close family which are as intriguing as the occasional one of when she was younger and less, well, ‘Gaga.’ Although the book can certainly be considered X-rated, it does also make you want to lock your arms around her and protect her like an over-protective parent. Anyone who is capable of making us love and care for the glitterry bondage princess that is Gaga, deserves a place on anyone’s bookshelf.

Daniel Radcliffe describes the movie as ‘not for the fainthearted’ and he is certainly right there. If it wasn’t for the fact that his acting diabolical, the film would be so utterly petrifying it would be unwatchable. In fact the only thing that gets you through is the safety of knowing Harry Potter will turn up and save the day with a flick of his wand. Other than this safety blanket you are left to watch a spine chilling, heart racing tale unfold that has jumps at every corner and The Woman in Black at every other one. By the use of some clever camera angles and some creepy music it’s a miracle if you sleep at all. It puts you on edge with the use of windows and mirrors, and if it’s not one of these it’s creaking sounds, writing on the wall or the foggy graveyard housing the undead. Throw in a suicide, a spooky secluded house and undead children and you have the perfect formula for Hammer productions’ horrific return. Radcliffe’s acting may be poor but the film will still leave you shaking under your coat. The Woman in Black is definitely not for the faint-hearted and certainly shouldn’t be watched alone.


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