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Christmas at Reichenbach Water Fall

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The first-class hills. The quiet Switzerland. The stories about Sherlock Holmes. The interesting tours. You’ll envy yourself!

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Member Switzerland Tourism Memberofof Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland is the land of the best watches in the world, reliable banks, it is a mild climate and a very expensive vacation. You may not break the first stereotype but we can assure you that the holidays in the Alpine Switzerland can be available for the same quality of services. In the presentation you’ll find an offer which can bring you more profit and unforgettable impressions and pleasure from the travel for costumers.

What is included in the package

Transfer from Zurich Airport to the apartment and back. Russian-speaking guide during the transfer and settlement. From 8 to 12 nights at the hotel. Ski-pass for 7-11 days depending on the package chosen. Member Switzerland Tourism Memberofof Switzerland Tourism

Member ofof Switzerland Tourism Member Switzerland Tourism

Location Meiringen is a very beautiful place in Oberhasli District. The resort is famous for its rich history, wonderful landscapes and two unique sites – 1,4-km long Aarde Canyon and Reichenbach Water Fall. It is at this water splendor Conan Doyle brought Sherlock Holmes and Professor Mariarti in mortal combat, and then “threw” them in cold abyss. In honor of this episode, a bronze statue of the great detective was even erected and a museum in the style of the apartment on Baker Street, 221 was open. It is visited by numerous guests of the resort, including skiers and snowboarders, for which Meiringen has excellent conditions.

Meringue and Sherlock Holmes Meiringen is known throughout the world for the greatest culinary and literary works. From here the pastry of fine powdered sugar and whipped egg whites originates . Meringue of Meiringen is considered the best in the world, as it is here the original recipe that secretly kept by local residents is preserved. So the English version of the name of the dish - «meringue», the name derives from the town of Meiringen, where this dessert was invented. The second reason for the visitor is the hero of Arthur Conan Doyle. Writer, visiting the waterfall at the end of XIX century, was struck by the beauty of the falls. He decided that the great detective to die here, as described in the story “The Final Problem”, where the May 4, 1891 the main character supposedly killed in a fight with the head of the London underworld, Professor Moriarty. However, there was the flow of letters of indignant readers, among them members of the royal family, the writer was forced to “revive” the famous detective and continue with his adventures. Member Switzerland Tourism Memberofof Switzerland Tourism

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Ski Holidays Trails and slopes of Meiringen Out of 60 km perfectly prepared trails, the most slopes are of medium difficulty. They will be interesting to advanced skiers and snowboarders, but among the “red” routes there are rather flat, quite suitable for those who have already mastered the basics of skating and begins to improve your level. For beginners, there are several simple lines, and for children - special children’s park near the upper station of six-seat gondola lift Gondelbahn Wasserwendi and a double seat Sesselbahn Bidmi. Fans of complex and extreme slopes usually go to the five-kilometer descent coming from the Alpen Tower restaurant at the top of the 2250-meter Planplatten. The maximum height from which the routes start is 2433 meters, and the vertical drop of 1,200 meters makes skiing really exciting and interesting. Ski season lasts from early December (often - from 10 - 11 numbers) to mid-April. In total, the resort has 60 kilometers of runs, of which 20 kilometers of “blue” trails, 37 kilometers of “red” and only 3 kilometers of “black” ones. One of the most popular descents is “Tummelfeld” from Planplatten to Megisalp - its width is up to 800 meters!

Ski Holidays

Almost all of the tracks at the top of the resort are on the treeless, open area. Only close to the village, they are replaced by narrow clearings with trips to the plateau. Only 3 “red” routes lead directly to Meiringen Besides, the resort has 10 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiing, there are two toboggan runs, cross-boarder cross, a children’s snow park, fun park with halfpipe. There is also a small area for a free-ride. Ski Holidays

night skiing From January to March, every Friday at the resort people ride till the night. Skiers and snowboarders in the six-seat booths ascend to the lit route between Kazershtann and Lishen, which has always enough snow by serving its snow guns. After riding a cheese fondue and other fine dining in a mountain restaurant at the top track are offered.

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Ski Holidays Advantages The distance from all hotels to the ski lifts is from 250 to 800 meters. The way from the hotel to the lift takes less than 10 minutes. Besides, from all the hotels to the lifts the shuttle buses run. There are no queues near the ski lifts so you shouldn’t wait. So far as this place is not very well known among tourists and is mainly popular with locals, to hire ski equipment is easier and more convenient than at any other resort in the Alps. Transfer from the airport is only 1:30-1:45 A 25-minute drive from the city you can find interesting sights. For example, the community of Interlaken, which is the base point to visit the Jungfrau region. There is the last station of the railway “Jungfrau” at the altitude of 3454 meters - This is the highest railway station in Europe. On the distance of 600 m from Jungfrau there is towering “Sphinx” - 3571 m high rock - on which there are an observation deck, the weather station and and the most high observatory in Europe. From Meiringen to Bern and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Lucerne is only an hour way. Guided tour in the cities costs EUR 40. Both shopping, and sightseeing tours are available in these places. In hotels, we offer a sauna and solarium, there is a large indoor public swimming pool in Meiringen.

Meiringen - Switzerland

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Meiringen - Switzerland

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Sherlock Holmes Hotel

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Alpin Sherpa Hotel

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Hotel zum Alpbach

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Hotel Meiringen

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Hotel Rebstock

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Price list.....................


Return Dates

2nd January – PS471 – 09.55 11.50

11th January – PS-472 13.40 17.15

3rd January – PS-471 – 09.55 11.50

12th January – PS-472 13.40 17.15 13th January – PS-472 13.40 17.15

9 Days program 3rd - 11th January (25 places)



11 Days

12 Days







Single Supl. UAH

Children Reductions

Zürich Airport. Assistance of russish speaking persons during transfer and stay in Meiringen. 8, 9, 10 or 11 nights with Halfboard in *** Hotel in

Travel insurance.

12 Days program 2nd - 13th January (25 places)

10 Days

Transfer with bus Zürich Airport - Hotel in Meiringen

7, 8, 9, 10 days skypass

11 Days program 2nd - 12th January(45 places) or 3rd -13th January (20 places)

9 Days

Flight mit Ukraina Arlines Kiev - Zürich - Kiev.


10 Days program 2nd -11th January (20 places) or 3rd -12th January (45 places)


Prices includes


Prices does not includes Airport and secrity taxes 1530.- UAH aproximatively Hotels in Meiringen: Das Sherlock Holmes Hotel Alpin Sherpa Hotel

as 3rd or 4th person in room

as 2nd person in room

12/15 Years



Hotel Meiringen

6/11 Years



Hotel Rebstock

2/5 Years



0/1 Year



Hotel zum Alpbach

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Programa sky en Suiza A  

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