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MARINAS Short Tales by the Harbor Photographs by F. MartĂ­n Morante

To All Dreamers

MARINAS Short Tales by the Harbor

Photographs by F. MartĂ­n Morante


Sometimes, the very essence of a place lays in its details. Those details are the ones that tend to generate certain situations in which we see ourselves reflected upon. By doing that, silent connections with a place are built like an internal impulse impossible to resist. Some people may call that falling in love and that is why I consider the work you are seeing here today, my own visual love letter to a very particular place; the harbor and marina of a small city, named Port Washington, in the state of Wisconsin over the magnificent waters of Lake Michigan. It is there I spend a considerable amount of time walking like a vagabond without destination, seeing and feeling the very essence of it. Either by the memories it brings back or the escape door it offers by loosing yourself in your imagination, the place allows me to see where I have been, where I am and maybe where I will be. Today, as I present the viewer with this letter, written with the only tool I know how to use in order to register what is seen by my eyes, it is my desire to share those moments and by doing so, share a little of that essence.

F. MartĂ­n Morante

MARINAS_ Short Tales by the Harbor Photographs by F. Martín Morante 64 pages / 33 plates. Book layout and design by F. Martín Morante Fonts used_ Gill Sans & Nueva Std Standard Copyright License © 2013-2014 by F. Martin Morante/ Picart LLC All rights reserved. Printed through No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author.


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About my Photography My photography is how I would describe the world if I had to write about it. With curiosity and a deep passion for visual communication, I walk around the corner of many corners of the world trying to see what’s out there, recording and sharing it for the love of photography, people and the places and situations I have the good fortune to visit or witness. As a photographer I have received among others recognitions the 2001 Silver Medal from the National Historical Heritage Council of Uruguay, the 2007 Prix Union Latine/Martin Chambi de la Photographie in Paris, France and have been selected as finalist for the 2011 & 2014 Wisconsin Biennial of Arts. Photographs from my personal body of work are in the permanent collection of UNILAT of Paris (France) and Fotoclub Uruguayo (Uruguayan School of Photography). Please visit to see more of my work or for an extended bio.

About the Photographs All photographs in this book were taken between 2013 and 2014 in Port Washington, Wisconsin, United States, using a Voigtlander Bessa R3M 35mm camera and Ilford HP5 Plus Black & White film. All photographs in this book have been reproduced from digitized negatives. Acknowledgments This book could not have been possible without the great and unconditional support, patience and critique from my dear wife, Dawn Arredondo Morante and my mother in law Gloria Arredondo. Also, I want to thank everybody that gave some input with this book, either correcting my writing or providing tips on how to get this book done. Great appreciation goes to everyone that encouraged me to keep walking through this process and to you for having this book in your hands today.

“Sometimes, the very essence of a place lays in its details.�

MARINAS_ Short Tales by the Harbor  

Sometimes, the very essence of a place lays in its details. Those details are the ones that tend to generate certain situations in which we...

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