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EURO L20 AR – The Next Generation

Wagner& Co

Top Performance With Anti-Reflection Glass and LASER Fused Absorber

Advantages at a Glance ●

The nano structure of the sunarc® anti-reflection glass increases the transmissivity to 96 % and the solar yield by an additional 6 % to 10 %. The full surface absorbers highly selective vacuum coating maximizes the solar harvest while reducing back scattering to a minimum. The LASER fused absorber takes care of an optimal heat transfer, and the 12 closely spaced absorber pipes guarantee best heat transfer and low pressure losses. On the structural side an anodized aluminium frame and rigid aluminium back provide the L20 AR with excellent stability for decades of steady operation. The 60 mm strong back side insulation and the seamless side insulation minimize heat loss and assure high temperatures

Highly transparent sunarc® anti-reflection solar glass Laser fused full surface absorber with highly selective vacuum coating

No heat bridges due to seamless side insulation 60 mm backside insulation minimizes heat loss 12 absorber pipes for optimal heat transfer Durable anodized aluminium frame


Perfection in Detail

Anti-reflection glass 100%

Nano structure Glass Nano structure 91%


More Light Transmissivity for Higher Yields Normal solar glass is penetrated by 91 % of sunlight arriving at the surface. The 9 % losses mainly result from 8 % reflections losses at both sides of the glass – only 1 % of the light energy is absorbed. The special nano-structure on the inner and outer side of the sunarc® anti-reflection glass significantly reduces these reflections so that the transmission is increased from 91 % to 96 %. Depending on the situation, the increased transmission boosts the efficiency of the collector by up to 9 %! Absorber for Optimized Heat Transfer A LASER fused full-surface absorber forms the heart of the EURO L20 AR. It consists of an absorber sheet with highly selective vacuum coating and the absorber pipes carrying the solar liquid. A focused LASER beam fuses both components, assuring a stable connection with excellent heat-transfer characteristics. The pipe register with 12 closely spaced pipes assures an optimized heat transport and at the same time low pressure losses. Durable Mounting for a Long Time The EURO mounting systems made from corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel components take care of best connections on the roof. The pre-assembled mounting rail systems allow safe and stable mounting on tilted and flat roof with practically every type of roofing. All screws are accessible from above, thus enabling time effective installations. An architecturally pleasing roof integration also is available for the EURO L20.

EURO L20 AR / Collector Characteristics Collector area

Gross area 2.61 m² / aperture area 2.39 m²


2151 x 1215 x 110 mm (L x W x H)


Aluminium with seamless side and 60 mm back insulation

Glass cover

4 mm solar safety glass with sunarc® anti-reflection surface, τ = 96 %


Full surface absorber with highly selective vacuum coating; α = 95 %; ε = 5 %


η0 = 84,4 %; k1 = 3.48 W/m²K; k2 = 0.0154 W/m²K²; Incident angle modifier kdir50° = 0.95; kdiff = 0.88 * ISFH solar testing unit: Test 14-08/D according to EN12975

Your solar specialist

Stagnation temp.

219 °C

Annual collector yield

520 kWh/m²a (ITW 5 m²)

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AdvantagesataGlance 60mm backsideinsulation minimizesheatloss Highlytransparent sunarc anti-reflectionsolarglass® 12absorberpipes foroptimal...

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