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Biomass Farm heating

Turn Costs into Revenue

Don‘t wait: Get Paid For Heating! The ETA poultry team has developed a turnkey biomass heating pod solution, which can turn your heating costs into revenue. Many farms already benefit from renewable heating. When will you make the change?

SUMMARY q Turnkey Biomass Heating Pod: Plug´n´heat q DEVELOPED FROM the experience of poultry farmers q designed for typical shed size of 300ft x 80ft or 2 200ft x 60ft q up to 75% savings ON CURRENT HEATING costs q Quarterly incentive payments from Renewable Heat incentive PAID PER SHED q 20 Years RPI linked payments q Payback in Approx 3 years q OPTIMISED solution for fast exchange between growing cycles q Dry warmth and LARGE REDUCTION IN CO2 EMISSIONS q More income due to better bird performance

How Much? It sounds incredible - but the fact is: a turnkey ETA biomass heating pod makes farm heating a “golden egg laying hen“! Thanks to the benefits of RHI (renewable heat incentive) and the extremely efficient biomass heating technology of ETA you create an income out of an expense. See the example below of a typical poultry farm, how you can benefit and why the ETA system is “the right solution for healthy broilers“!

EXAMPLE - TYPICAL UK BROILER FARM Basis: Four broiler sheds, each 300 ft x 80 ft. With oil heating the current heat use is approx 1.260,000 kWh produced by 120,000 lt. oil p.a. at 65 p = £ 78,000 p.a. The same farm with an ETA biomass heating system: 4 x ETA Hack 199 x 1,583 hours produces 1.260,000 kWh* at £ 56 per ton = £ 28,000 p.a. Savings on heating costs per year is £ 78,000 minus £ 28,000 equals £ 50,000 Plus RHI for commercial biomass pays annually £ 23,665** per heating system equals £ 94,660 for 4 sheds

Your Total Gain per year: £ 144,660

+ gain from better bird performance from dry warmth and LOWER CO2 LEVELS! 500 t wood chips p.a., bent wood stored for 18 months and chipped assuming a calorific value of 2,5 kWh per kg of wood chip


accurate tariff as at 31st August 2013


Return on Investment The ETA biomass heating pod comes as a turnkey solution, installed and commissioned by dedicated and experienced biomass professionals. An 8m x 5m concrete base is required and is optionally provided by yourself or by the ETA Poultry Team. This means a clear calculation with an extremely short payback time of around 3 years and anual gains for future years. Choosing a turnkey ETA biomass heating pod means you also become independent of fossil fuel price rises and distribution controls.

The ETA Biomass solution Every ETA biomass heating pod is fully equipped to the highest standards with different optional variants available to precisely suit the individual requirements of your Farm.

Basic Equipment: q 7.4 x 3.2 m building with integral 10t chip store. Galvanized steel frame and composite metal sides and roof q ETA Hack 199 boiler q ETA 2200 L buffer q 400 L expansion

Variants available: q Auto topup unit q Kooltherm insulation q Geberit Pipe System q Nova flue q Consumer unit q Lighting q Emergency stop q Power outlet

q Increased buffer volume q Increased expansion q Isogenopak capping q Colourmatch

q Cedar cladding q Sedum roof q Wood chip or pellet

RHI - the incentive that makes A difference The change from fossil fuels to renewable heating systems in the UK is way overdue. Many out of date fossil fuel heating systems that are still in use, waste valuable energy and polute the environment. Modern biomass heating systems are carbon neutral and clean. That is why our government supports the change to renewable heating with the RHI scheme. Payments are RPI linked and guaranteed for 20 YEARS! Secure your RHI payments now and make the change!

The ETA poultry team “Changing the UKs bad heating habits“ is the aim of the ETA poultry team biomass specialists. The team provides nationwide availability, professional installation and commissioning services. The ETA poultry team consists of 8 independent, highly experienced biomass specialist companies covering every part of Great Britain. All are fully trained ETA boiler certified sales and installation partners. Full service and maintenance support is provided as well as comprehensive advice and the experience of numerous successful projects. Call now 0800 xxx xxx

Turn heating expenses into revenue? Save on energy cost? Improve bird performance? Save the environment?

It is Time to say


The future starts now! Your benefits are only one phone call away.

Call 0800 xxx xxx Commercial Biomass Partnership

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