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Main Street Kids Indoor Park Party Registration Fee: Members $50|Non-members $100 Parties may be scheduled for 5 years of age (at time of party) and younger.

Today’s date: _______________ Child’s Name: ________________ Age:____ DOB:___________

 Female  Male

Parent’s Name: ______________________________________ Address: ___________________________________ City:_____________ Zip:___________ Home #: ___________________ Cell #1:___________________ Cell #2: ____________________ Email:_________________________________________________ Number of children (maximum 30): ____ Number of adults supervising (1 per 5 children): ______ Members of First Methodist Houston? Circle One: YES NO

Date and Time of Party st

Date- 1 choice:____________ Time:___________ Date- 2nd choice:____________ Time:___________

Included: 2- 6’ tables & one 5’ buffet table If additional tables / different sizes needed_________ # of Adult chairs needed (6 max) ________ # of Children tables needed (8-10 per table) ________ # of children’s chairs needed ________

I have read and understand the MSKP Party guidelines and agree to comply with the rules and regulations, I also understand that unless a cancellation notice is given two weeks prior to the party; the party fee will not be returned.



Please return this form with payment and deposit to: First Methodist Houston Children’s Ministry 1320 Main Street |Houston, TX 77002 You will be notified by email of the approval of your requested party date. For more information please contact: Shernetria at

Office use only: Church Member:  yes $50  no $100 Party fee:  Cash

 Check #________

Deposit: Cash

 Check #________

Date party confirmed:____________________________ Confirmed by:_______________ Last update 4_2013

Date received:____________

Date Returned:___________ Method of Confirmation Email (please attach) Phone & Whom you spoke with____________________

First Methodist Houston Main Street Kids Park Party Guidelines The seating area in the classrooms and around the MSKP in First Methodist Houston may be used for parties, according to the following policies: 

All scheduling is subject to availability of facilities as determined by the church calendar. First Methodist Houston has the right to reschedule any party due to unavoidable scheduling conflict.

An email confirmation will be sent to the parent as soon as the day and time of the requested party has been approved. Please do not assume your party is scheduled and approved until receiving the confirmation email.

Parties may be scheduled for a time period not to exceed three hours including set-up and clean-up.

There will be a charge of $50 per party for members of First Methodist Houston and $100 for non-members, payable at the time of scheduling. This charge is not refundable unless a cancellation notice of two weeks has been given.

First Methodist Houston will require a refundable deposit of $200 at the time of scheduling. This will be shredded if there are no damages to the First Methodist Houston property requiring repair.

Parties may be scheduled for children 5 years of age (at time of party) and younger.

Families are asked to use the seating area in the classrooms or around the MSKP only.

First Methodist will provide serving tables seating for the party.

The host family will provide the food and/or refreshments for the party. Drinks or snacks made with red or purple dye are not permitted. Refrigerators are located in each classroom. These may be used for the parties.

An event coordinator employed by First Methodist Houston is required for every party. This coordinator must be present but will not plan or supervise the party. The role of the event coordinator is to serve as a liaison between the host family and the First Methodist Houston staff. The coordinator will ensure that all facilities needs are met for the family. The coordinator will have the right to ask that any dangerous or questionable activities be stopped. Failure to cooperate with the event coordinator will result in cancellation of the party and forfeiture of the damages deposit.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of children during the party in and out of the MSKP. A minimum of one adult for every five children is required.

No alcohol or tobacco permitted on the property.

No food or drinks allowed outside the classroom.

Parking will be provided in the lot at Travis & Polk. (across from HPD and next to the Travis Garage)

For your party invitations and for any delivery (pizza, etc.) please use this address: First Methodist Houston|1320 Main Street| Houston, TX 77002

Please email Shernetria at if you have any other questions.

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