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Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Fort McMurray Golf Club 2014 Golf Tournament & Group Events

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Private Golf Tournament / Group Contract In order to confirm your tournament or group booking, we ask that you please complete the following and return as soon as possible to the Fort McMurray Golf Club.

Tournament/Group Name: ____________________________________________ Company: _________________________________________________________ Contact Person/s: __________________________________ Mailing Address: ____________________________ Phone: ________________ ________________________________________ Phone: ________________ Email: ____________________________________________________________ Date: _________ 9 or 18 Hole: _________ Number of Participants: _________ Tee Times to Start At: _________ Number of Power Carts Reserved: (Maximum of 72) Club Rentals Required: _________ Dinner Meal Choice: ______________________ Number of Meals: ___________ Additional Meal Choice:____________________ Number of Meals:____________ Beverage Choice/s: _______________________ Number: __________________ A $500 deposit is due at the time of booking. You will be invoiced based on the information you have provided in the Tournament/Group Contract. FAILURE TO SUBMIT PAYMENT IN FULL BY 8 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR TOURNAMENT DATE. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Private Tournament Conditions of Participation Agreement.

Date: ________________________ Applicants Signature: ___________________________ Deposit Payment Amount: ________ Date Paid: ________Payment Method:_____________ Credit Card #:____________________ Expiry:_______ Name on Card:__________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Office Use Only:

Full Tournament Payment in full is due prior to: ____________ Authorized by:


Date: _______________

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Private Tournament / Group Booking Terms and Conditions of Participation Agreement Bookings: All Private Tournaments and Golf Events organized at the Fort McMurray Golf Club must be formalized in a Standard Contract Form with the Tournament Coordinator or General Manager. This is to include such details as green fees, dates, tee times, banquet numbers, Confirmation of date and number of players then must also get approved by the General Manager. All tournaments held at the Club will be advertised on the Activity Bulletin Board stating the tournament name, times and dates. Payment ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BY THE DATE INDICATED ON THE PRIVATE TOURNAMENT CONTRACT. FAILURE TO SUBMIT PAYMENT IN FULL ON OR BEFORE THE DATE INDICATED ON THE PRIVATE TOURNAMENT CONTRACT WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF TOURNAMENT. NO EXCEPTIONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. FAILURE TO PLAY ON THE RESERVED DATE AND TIME WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF ANY PAYMENT WE HAVE RECEIVED AND THE BOOKING ORGANIZATION WILL ALSO BE HELD LIABLE FOR ALL LOSSES OF PROFITS SUSTAINED BY THE FORT MCMURRAY GOLF CLUB ARISING FROM FAILURE T5O PLAY. Deposit/ Cancellation Policy To reserve your requested date and time a deposit of $500 is required at the time of booking. If cancellation is less than 30 days of your tournament date, your deposit is nonrefundable. If cancellation of your Golf Tournament is more than 30 days from your scheduled date, you will be given a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel your event inside of seven days there will be no refund of any kind. Weather/Rescheduling: Golf will be deemed playable unless Club Management closes the Course. No refunds in whole or part shall be given except: If, the Golf Course is closed and deemed unplayable the Club then agrees to reschedule the Golf Event or refund fees paid. The amount of the refund will be:

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Green Fees Power Carts *Banquet Meals

100% 100% 0%

*If there is a “Course Closure” on the day of your scheduled Golf Event, we require your tournament to attend the banquet, and we feel confident that your tournament participants will enjoy the time spent at our Club.* Player Guarantee: The Club will provide golf times for only the guaranteed number of participants. This number must be indicated no later than eight days prior to the Event. No refund will be given for fewer participants than the guaranteed number. Extra times may be granted for additional participants if available. Tee Times: 1:00pm is the earliest starting time for Private Golf Events held on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. For Private Golf Events held Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays) the earliest starting time is 9:30am Golf Event Fees: 18 Hole Green Fees Monday – Sunday - $94.00 per player 9 Hole Green Fees Limited availability - Monday – Thursdays only (excluding Holidays) - $56**per player **Pro Shop Merchandise Credit Each Private Tournament will receive a Pro Shop Merchandise Credit in the value of $8.00 per registered player. These credits can be used to purchase prizes or gift certificates from our Pro Shop. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of merchandise and trust you will find redeeming your credits an easy task. Power Cart Fees Power Carts may be reserved but must be paid in full at the same time as Tournament Fees. The rate for a Power Cart is $40.00 each. Carts may be limited depending on the number of participants. *No more than two players are allowed on one power cart*

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Golf Club Rentals Golf Clubs are available to rent on a limited basis and must be arranged in advance with the Tournament Coordinator. The rental cost for 18 holes of golf is $35. Shareholder Policy Shareholders in good standing at the Fort McMurray Golf Club who participate in private tournaments will pay entry fees in full to the organizer. Shareholders who personally pay the Private Tournament Organizer the full price of the entry fee will be credited the green fee portion back in the form of a pro shop merchandise credit onto their account. It is the responsibility of the Private Tournament Organizer to identify these individuals in the tournament draw sheet. IF THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT IDENTIFIED NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED.

Corporate Passes are not accepted as Green Fees for any Private Tournaments, Club Tournaments or for any Group Event. Pro Shop Merchandise Credits are also not accepted as Green Fees for any Group Event.

Draw Sheet and Player Format: The Draw Sheet (list of names of all participants and their respective tee time) must be submitted two days prior to your event date. Groups must play in foursomes only and “Texas Scramble” from the red or white tees is the preferred format. Special consideration will be given for stroke play format based on the ability of the golfers participating in the tournament. *Shotgun formats require a minimum of 144 golfers and are available on a limited basis.* Pace of Play: PACE OF PLAY IS 4 ¼ HOURS FOR 18 HOLES. For helpful hints to keep up with play, please see the attached sheet of Rules of Ready Golf and participants must obey the direction of the Starter and Course Marshall.

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Golf Rules and Regulations: Each player must have his/her own set of clubs and bag. Each player must have proper footwear. Metal spikes are not allowed on the golf course at anytime. Soft spikes must be used in all golf shoes. Carts must be operated in a safe and courteous manner including staying on cart paths around all tees and greens. All rules set out by the Fort McMurray Golf Club shall be obeyed at all times. If your tournament causes any damages to the golf course or golf carts during your event, you will be liable for the damages. The Fort McMurray Golf Club reserves the right to cancel or suspend playing privileges, without refund, to anyone or the entire group, for violation of “Club” rules, or for any action which in Management’s opinion is abusive or offensive to the property and well-being of the Club. Power Cart Waiver: The Golf Tournament or Event organizer promises to hold the Fort McMurray Golf Club free from any claims of any nature whatsoever that may arise through their own or other Event participant’s use of golf power carts. It is also understood that everyone participating in the Golf Event is familiar with the use of a golf cart and can operate and control the same. Any damages done to any of the golf carts during the Golf Event are the responsibility of the event organizer to pay for. Dress Code: Gentlemen’s Acceptable Dress – golf slacks, tailored shorts, golf shirt with collar, sweater, sweatshirt or pullover, jacket and rain gear. Ladies Acceptable Dress – skirts, culottes, slacks, tailored shorts, blouses, golf shirt with collar, sleeveless golf shirt, sweater, sweatshirt or pullover, jacket and rain gear. Please note that any type of tank top is not part of the dress code. *It is required that all members, their guests, and green fee players wear suitable attire at all times on the course, driving range and in and around the Clubhouse (including the restaurant). As dress is a personal matter and as contemporary golfing attire changes from time to time, any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Professional Staff.*

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Signage, Displays & Scoring: The Fort McMurray Golf Club management must be consulted regarding any signage or displays to be used on the property by the organizer or guests. Set up and removal of any hole signage, banners, sponsor signage and decorations is the responsibility of the event organizer. The Fort McMurray Golf Club assumes no responsibility for any signs left on the premises after the event. Tournament scoring is also the responsibility of the event organizer unless this service is purchased through the Club ahead of time. Food and Beverage Rules and Regulations: All food and beverage services must be arranged through the Fort McMurray Golf Club. Alcohol must be purchased through the normal bar service in the Clubhouse, Log Cabin, or from the Beverage Carts. It is illegal to have alcohol on the golf course that was not purchased from the “Club�. All illegal alcohol will be removed from the course. Confirmation of banquet numbers must be given 72 hours prior to the banquet. Any group that has given a definite guaranteed number of people for the banquet will be charged for that amount regardless if less than that number attends. No exceptions will be given. If more meals are required last minute, the Fort McMurray Golf Club will do their best to accommodate the request. To guarantee safety and freshness of products, food service times are one hour. All remaining food items will be removed from the room after this time period. Due to Health Regulations, any leftover food or beverage may not leave the property after the event. All banquets will be served buffet style and a 15% Gratuity charge on all meal prices will be added to the invoice. We look forward to hosting your event and providing you with an enjoyable and memorable golfing experience! Sincerely, Blair McDowell General Manager/ CPGA Executive Professional

Colleen Stewart Food, Beverage & Tournament Director

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

2014 Tournament Food and Drink Menu Breakfast Golf Egger – Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Bun Golf Egger and Coffee/Tea Continental Buffet – Assorted Muffins/Danishes, Fruit Tray, Coffee, Tea, and Orange Juice Add an Egger to the Continental Buffet

$5.75 $7.25 $11.75 $3.75

Lunch Bagged Lunch – Sandwich, Cookie, Juice Box, and choice of a Piece of Fruit or Bag of Chips Cold Cut Buffet Lunch – Veggie Tray, Mixed Cheeses, Cold Cuts, Potato &Pasta Salads, Bread Rolls Soup and Sandwich Buffet – Homemade Soup and Assorted Freshly Made Sandwiches th th Hot Dog at Turn – Hot Dog from the Log Cabin between the 9 and 10 hole th th Cheese Burger at Turn – Triple A sirloin steak burger from the Cabin between the 9 and 10 hole (Cheese Burgers only available at the Turn for groups larger than 50)

$10.75 $13.75 $11.50 $4.75 $6.75

Dinner FMGC Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin – 6oz AAA Alberta Premium Beef tenderloin medallions wrapped in double smoked center cut bacon served with a choice of garlic mashed or stuffed baked potato, seasonal vegetables, tossed salad, garlic bread sticks and assorted desserts. $40.95 Hole In One Deluxe Steak Dinner - 10 oz. New York Strip Loin AAA Steak with mushrooms & sautéed onions, baked potato, seasonal vegetables, baked beans, caesar salad, bread stick and assorted desserts. $33.95 Chipper Steak Dinner – 8oz. Strip Loin AAA Steak, baked potato and toppings, bread sticks, caesar salad, seasonal vegetables and assorted desserts $30.95 nd

**Add a SHRIMP SKEWER (6pc) on any meal for $5.00, JUMBO TIGER SHRIMP (6pc) for $6.50 or a 2 Salad to any meal for $2.25 (pasta, potato, tossed, Caesar, coleslaw, beet and feta, pesto penne or orange and almond** Birdie Prime Rib Dinner – (minimum 60 golfers) – Boneless Prime Rib seasoned to perfection, Yorkshire pudding, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, Seasonal Vegetables, Salad, Bread Rolls and Assorted Desserts $33.95 Bogey Chicken Dinner – BBQ Chicken Supreme served with home-style potato and pasta salads, coleslaw, carrots, bread sticks and assorted desserts $28.95 Eagle Pork Loin Dinner – (minimum 60 golfers) - Double stuffed Pork Loin wrapped with bacon and sage, served with wild rice, seasonal vegetables, tossed salad, rosemary dinner rolls and assorted desserts $33.95

Beverages Coffee / Tea Station at Registration Bottles of Water at Registration - for Shotgun Tournaments, Bottles can be put on Carts Drink Tickets – good for select drinks on the Course, in the Cabin and the Clubhouse Prices are per Person Based and Include G.S.T.

Does Not Include 15% Service Charge

$2.00 $1.75 $6.50

Email: Phone: (780) 743-5577 ext. 6 Fax: (780) 791-2700 #3-100 Real Martin Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9K 2S1

Rules of Ready Golf To assist you in keeping up with the group in front of you, please follow the ready Golf Rules outlined below. ON THE TEE 1. The player who is ready should hit. 2. Shorter hitters should hit first. 3. Tee-off as soon as the group ahead is clear. 4. Carry an extra ball in your pocket. ON THE FAIRWAY 5. HIT WHEN READY & safe; do not use honor system. 6. Take appropriate clubs to your ball and HIT WITHOUT DELAY. 7. Have your group watch where each shot goes. 8. Limit search for lost balls to 3 minutes. 9. Pick up and place ball on green upon reaching double par. ON THE GREEN 10. Place your clubs between green and next tee. 11. Study your putt while others are putting. 12. Continue putting until holed out. 13. LEAVE the green IMMEDIATELY after holing out and PROCEED to the next tee. Complete your scorecard after you’re off the green. SHORT CUTS 14. Mark your score on the way to the next tee. 15. When driving a cart, drop your partner at his/her ball, then, continue to yours. Remember, slow play affects everyone. Please cooperate for the enjoyment of all. Thank You!

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