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Formula Motorsports Group (FMG) drivers, Paul and Chris Solomon, are heading off to the USA next week to get a taste of Sprintcar Racing in the USA. Both have experienced travelling and racing in the USA, however neither has actually competed from within the cockpit. Paul spent 2 months crewing with ASCS National Champion, Travis Rilat in 2005 and Chris spent some 5 weeks in the USA with Bill Roberts and Troy little in 2007 when he raced in the Ohio Sprint Speedweek.


“We have no illusions about how tough the competition will be in the US, so it’s all about keeping it low key and getting valuable experience for future seasons,” stated Paul. “Our busy schedule involves heading directly to Missouri to Josh Fisher’s shop to pick up FMG’s USA race truck and trailer. Then I will finalize the purchase of a Sprintcar and spares, then it’s off to Iowa to pick up my 360 engine that is over there being freshened up, along with a host of other spares that I might need”.


“After that, we are off to Texas to catch up with Travis Rilat where we will be staying whilst in the US”, continued Paul. “Currently we have 21 race meetings planned which include meetings in; Mousouri, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas”. Whilst Paul will be doing the majority of the driving duties, Chris may get the opportunity to put the helmet on for a few races. Chris’s first hit out will most likely be on the 6th June at the HEART’O TEXAS Speedway in Waco Texas. “How cool is it to simply decide you want go racing, turn up to the track with your car and that all you have to do”, enthused Chris. I can’t wait to have a go!. But to be realistic, next year will be my turn to hit the road in the USA for an extended period”.


FMG intend to leave a complete outfit of 360 engine, car, spares and transporter in the USA and then make the trip to the USA a regular event in coming seasons. For the coming season back home in Australia, the FMG team will race in both the open and the 360 class, however the 360 racing will be on a limited basis and focus on the major events only. FMG will look to compete more in the open class focusing on the Avalon Track Championship and other key events in Victoria.


FMG wish thank Josh Fisher for his help in organizing our coming trip and wish him the best of luck with his racing endeavors during the coming season. His car sure looks the part!


Also travelling with Paul and Chris will be Jimmy Gardiner. The former Junior Sedan racer has really come on as a driver in recent times since making the transition to Sprintcars and has been very competitive in the Sprintcar Allstars Series, especially after he obtained his new COOL chassis. “It’s a rocket!” Jimmy will be eager to get a ride somewhere in the USA. *********

FMG sincerely thank their sponsors who supported them throughout the 2013/4 race season




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