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FANNY -since 1994-


Dedication. I dedicate this to each one of you who have had an impact on my life, to my family and friends, because all of you have made me who I am today and how I am. I feel blessed to be surrounded by you. This is also for those who think that just because they know my name, they know my story.

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MY NAME I absolutely love my name, I don´t really know the meaning of it but what I know is the origin of it. ! My community has a tradition of naming the babies after their grandparents, my grandmother was called Fanny and because I´m the oldest sister I was given the same name as her. ! I think this is a beautiful tradition because this is the only way to keep the name alive. My grandma was also called Fanny because her grandma was called like us. !

My name is original and I´m proud of it and I feel compromised with myself of taking my name high and clean as my grandma and great-great grandma did with it.


by Leo Praesen Sophomore •••

When I was born, my family moved into our new house. It is a tall building with a beautiful garden, a pool, and tennis courts. ! I remember some of my neighbors because they were really important to me because I spent all my childhood with them. Every day we played in the garden for hours with the other kids and my sister. !The

sunny days we loved to go down to the pool and have lunch in the garden with our mothers with music, talking and laughing. ! I remember the day in which my parents told me we were moving from home that I cried a lot because I won´t be seeing my friends any more. We had fun like no other neighbors in the world, and for sure with a very close and respectful relation.

THE FAVORITE TOYS OF MY CHILDHOOD Having a doll bigger than you is not very usual. When I was one year old my grandpa gave to me a doll; it was a very big doll, with a blue stripped dress and brown eyes and hair just as me. ! The doll became part of me, I had to take it with me wherever I go, so my mom tells she had to take care of two girls and because of the size of it she wanted to throw it away. I used to call it my “nena grandota� ! Another toy of my childhood is my green teddy bear. We were on a trip and outside the restaurant I was having dinner was a toy spending machine so I asked my dad to take play and take one out for me. He took out a green teddy bear with a red bow on the neck. ! When I got back home, I put the teddy bear in my bed and there it stayed for 6 years because I loved to sleep with it.


My mom´s dad, my grandpa. He is a very important person in my life, he has shown us the importance of a united family, our traditions, religion, and values. ! He is a respected man, polite and funny. I enjoy spending time with him because every day I learn something new about him. ! I feel honored when someone asks me who is my Grandpa to say his name, he always tells me the importance of keeping our roots and traditions because that is the only thing that can keep a family . My grandpa always tell everyone that I´m her ugliest grand daughter and makes fun of me that I need many surgeries to make me beautiful and I can get married really fast. And he already knows he will have to pay my therapy one day because of their jokes


My sister Adela´s birth changed my life. I don´t really remember how I felt in the moment in which my mom told me she was pregnant or even when my sister was born. But as usual I should have been very jealous because I was the only girl in the house and this was just about to change. ! The first days of Adela at home I told my mom to throw her away to the garbage can, but thankfully she didn´t obeyed me because now I can´t imagine my life without her. We are friends and companions through good and bad. ! All sisters fight and it´s normal, this is also our case. We have our disagreements because we think very different and many people say we are opposite styles, so maybe that´s what makes us to have such a good relation. We don´t fight to much but when we do, we forgive and forget fast.

GOING TO WORK It was February of 2012

when I had the amazing opportunity to work in Pink Life Against Breast Cancer. This is a foundation created by a group of young kids in charge of spreading information about this horrible sickness that everyone should know, specially the adolescents and to make conscience about the theme. ! Pink Life raise founds for the foundations, Cim*AB and Alma, that have an important role in Mexico that are focused on the different stages a woman goes through when she is diagnosed with breast cancer and offers them all the help needed. !

I feel proud of me and all people collaborating in the foundation because it is good to know that there are still people in this world that care, care for helping and care for other people they even don´t know. It is an outstanding feeling going to sleep each night

A SPECIAL HOLIDAY Every holiday has a very special meaning for me and my family, each one gives us the opportunity to gather all the family together and that´s the most significant thing to me. ! I would say that my favorite and special holiday is Rosh Hashana, the new year in the Jewish calendar. This festivity is very nice because everyone is celebrating one more year, giving thanks for the past year´s achievements and opportunities, and wishing everyone the best for the new year to come. ! We go to pray to the Synagogue before lunch and then we have lunch all together and then dinner. The dinner is called Seder that means order. We eat different things that have a different meaning; the apple with honey is to have a sweet year for example. Each year I have a great time at the Seders with my family.

BEING JEWISH AND LIVING IN MEXICO I consider a blessing living in Mexico, it is a beautiful country with amazing places to visit, a unique culture and incredible people. ! The Jewish community in Mexico is one of the biggest Jewish communities, is strong and united, and because of that we are still here. With the pass of time many synagogues of the different communities have been built, every day more restaurants and supermarkets have Kosher products so now is easier than time ago. ! I love how the culture and traditions are kept in the families, if you go to any house on Friday, you will find the same in each table. Almost everyone knows the other families, it is funny how talking with your grandparents about your friends, they tell you -oh her grandma was my girlfriend, or his grandpa went with me to school. So it is very nice.

ADVICE FROM AN ADULT As we all know there is no better advice than a mother´s advice. They want the best for us so they always know what to say. ! One day she told me a simple phrase that has changed my life and attitude towards life. I was in the middle of a discussion with my sister when my mom turned to me and told me, be careful! “it is not what you say, but how you say it”. I stopped and realized the wise words she just told me. The key in life is to know how to say something to people, because if you say it directly as you think you may hurt their feelings or make them insecure. I´m not saying to be hypocrite or lie them, just be polite and choose wisely the words you will take out from your mouth. Sometimes a word can hurt harder than a sword.

A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY I was turning 16 years and I wanted to celebrate with all my friends and family, but I wasn´t very sure if I wanted a big party. When I finally decided I talked to my mom and she told me that she was going to plan the party happily. We started the planning. Contacting the DJ, the photographer, the waitresses, the cookers and the invitations, everything was very exciting. My friends were all ready and happy for the party. Time flew very fast and after counting months, weeks and days the day of the party came. The place looked beautiful, full of flowers and pink and purple everywhere. A big and amazing cake and many people enjoying and having fun. *Because time goes fats and memories remain. It as the best night of my life.

A HAPPY TIME I have lived many happy moments in my life, each one had left me a lesson, a memory and an experience. One of the happiest moments in my life was my trip to Israel on summer of 2011. I waited for years that trip, and as the day was getting closer, the excitement of everybody grew day by day. It was a once in a lifetime experience, we were all the class together across the world for a month. We had the opportunity to spend time with all our friends and teachers, get to know better everyone and grow the strings of friendship harder. It is a beautiful place with a very important significance in my life, I was amazed by the places we visited and the delicious food.

NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE AT SCHOOL My childhood was a mess, I think I was very clumsy or something like that because I hurted my bones many times. One day I was playing with my friends in the backyard at school, we were jumping the rope when my foot got stocked on it, I felt down, every little part of my body was hurting me, but when I tried to get up I couldn´t because my leg was hurting too much. I was in 3rd grade, I remember I cried until my mom picked up me at school and took me to the hospital, the doctor told me to use a splint for a month.

GOOD TIMES AT SCHOOL I´m the type of girl who loves waking up in the morning with a smile in the face to go to school, always with the best disposition to learn something new and take advantage of every minute.

I love my school, I have been here since nursery, and thankfully I´ve grown very nice relations with friends and teachers, and I was never a trouble girl. Now that I´m in high school and look back to when I was in primary school, it is incredible how times passes by so fast, and thinking I´m only missing 2 years at school is feeling of joy and happiness mixed but so sad at the same time of leaving school.

A TIME I SAW SOMEONE GET INTO TROUBLE Last saturday I went out with my friends to a night club. We were having a very good time, dancing and singing all together.

!We didn´t want to leave the club because we were having lots of fun, but our moms told us we had to be at home at 3am. We were all going to stay at my friend´s house.

! Last time we watched the time it was 2am, so we continued partying and having fun, but time flew and we didn´t notice that it was 3:50 in the morning. When we finally got to my friend´s house her mom was waiting for us in the couch of the entrance at 4:20 am.

!We apologized and left to the room, but my friend stood there and we heard her mom grounded. She said we were very irresponsible, she was very mad as I never had saw her before. We felt really bad.


One of the few times I´ve been punished was because I decided to take the car with no permission. It was 2 years ago, I took my driving course and had my license and everything, but my parents didn´t let me take the car if they were not at home.

!I was with my sister Adela at home, we were both very bored so I told her “Let´s go buy a coffee and we come back, mom won´t be here until night.” she took the key of the car and told me “see you downstairs” We left the house without telling anyone but unluckily that day my mom was feeling bad and came back home earlier. When she was parking her car and was the other car missing, she called me and shouting told me to go back home immediately.

! We didn´t know what to do, if cry or laugh, it was a stressing time but I realized that what I did could be very dangerous because anyone knew where we were. My parents punished me for 1 month without driving the car.

personal ebook  

this is a personal ebook of my life.

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