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A listed herbicide, Command 480EC helps in holding back the yearly growth of a number of large leaf weeds in green beans, potatoes, navy bean, cucurbits, tobacco and poppies. The soluble concentrate formulation is 480 grams per litre of Clomazone that is composed of eight individual elements, one of which is responsible in restraining wild plants. Solvents and surfactants are the other elements contained in Command 480EC to ensure its efficacy. It is used after planting for agricultural and crop protection but prior to the appearance of seedling on nearly all crops. Application, though, differs on poppies where it is used when the seedlings have appeared and during the 2 – 8 phase of the leaves. Storage Tips for Command 480EC • Command 480EC must be kept in its original packing and must be well covered. • Storage area must be well-aerated, must maintain a cool temperature and kept locked. • It must not be kept under direct sunlight for long hours. • Keep it away from pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers as well as from feeds, seeds, animals, food and children.

Guidelines on Proper Disposal of Command 480EC •

• Contain the spilled Command 480EC. • Discourage the spill to flow into drains, sewers, creeks and other water channels. • Disposal container must be pressure rinsed and rinsings must be added to spray tank. • Concentrated chemicals must not be disposed on the same place. • Mash or perforate empty bottles or packs before digging in an authorized neighboring dumping ground. • If there is no authorized neighboring dumping ground, label the bottles or packs and imbed them 500 mm below a disposal ditch. Article Source -

Command 480EC Holds Back Growth of Large Leaf Weeds