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F. Martin Rojas

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Ed g e ,


These are the first words that come to mind when I describe my experiences of growing up in Los Angeles, California. Born and









perspective on life – an intersection of cultures, lifestyle and design. This intersection of influence has continued to grow with a global focus since moving to Germany in 2011. As an Exterior Designer for MINI, Ford, Mitsubishi and Calty/Toyota I have gained an intimate understanding about the future of design in an increasingly competitive global market. The combination of these avenues refined my inherent understanding of brand heritage, while continuing to develop critical skill sets that resonate with companies embracing the fascination of future design. Automotive design is a confluence of diverse skills, embracing brand strategy and surface development while working collaboratively with engineering, technical, and business disciplines. This overall global intersection of inspiration is my instrument created and driven for success in our future of automotive design. I thank you for your time and I welcome the opportunity to join your design team. Best Regards,

F. Martin Rojas

C a l ty D e si g n

Calty Design Research Ann Arbor, MI | Currently Employed

C a l ty D e si g n

TR D C A M RY & A V A L O N P R O GR A M World Premiere: November 2018

Exterior Design

Mitsubishi eX Concept World Premiere | 44th Tokyo Motor Show | 2015

In sp iration

d y n am i c s h i e ld

Id e a tion

U r b a n C ocoo n A sleeker sportier profile is explored combined with the attributes of an SUV. Special attention was given to clean, crisp and sophisticated lines.

Id e a tion

P r opo s al I







strong spirit

in of

character Mitsubishi.

and By




a new and unique design strategy to the brand, I balanced tightly controlled surfaces with a bit of warmth, through interplay of light and shadow, essential in achieving a humanistic touch to the design.

Mit su b i shi

d y n am i c s h i e ld The main driving lights were repositioned to the lower area allowing creating a new light signature. The rear was finished with highly 3D, yet simple light graphics which helped emphasis the width of the car.

Mit su b i shi

d y n am i c s h i e ld The front is an interpretation of the new brand identity for Mitsubishi. Emphasizing the notion of a shield, it provides the sense of strength, as though the car is encapsulating its passengers.The overall theme was as though it was milled out of solid steel!

S i d e Vi ew

P e r s o n al F a v o r i t e Simply put, I set out to create an authentic character, echoing the inner values of the product. Introducing a unique C-pillar that wrapped up and over the roof, a side rocker element that brought the interior out to the exterior and lengthening the car with a dynamic „strike“ line that unified the design!

released side view

p r e s s i ma g e s

Exterior Design

Ford Fiesta 2017 Ford | Cologne, Germany | 2013 – 2015 Release Date: 2018

personal proposal Tailoring the design based on the notion of premium the expressive horizontal grpahics sign in harmony with the stabile and emotional overall design direction.

P ro p osa l B

Prominent width + Fluid Dynamic An Emphasis on horizontal width gives way to an ultra premium feel . The integration of grill/headlight graphics supports this notion.

P ro p osa l A

SE n s u a l A g g r e s s i v e Strong interplay between light and shadow, creating visually rich movements. Striking through the surfaces are crisp and clean details!

Strat eg y Matr i x

prominent width

fluid dynamic

sensual aggressive

Ford FOCUS 2019 | Cologne, Germany | Release Date: April 2018

Ford Fo cu s

personal proposal


Exterior Design & Details

Exterior Design & Details

Ford eco Sport

Ford edge Vignale

The project focus was supporting engineering in designing the

Visually strengthen and differentiate the Vignale

rear hatch without a mounted spare tire. In addition, relocating the licence plate and designing a new rear skid plate were addressed.







included variations of the front and rear bumpers, front grill mesh, lower chrome frame, side chrome finishers and a rear chrome graphic element.

Exterior Design

M INI D e s i g n BMW Group | Munich, Germany | 2011-2013

M INI C ou n t r y ma n 2 0 1 7 Sketch Competition Proposal

S ketch P ro p osa l

P ro du ction Pa r t s

M INI Y o u r s ‚PRECISION-MACHINED WHEELS‘ – When designing these 18” two-tone Vanity Spoke alloy wheels, the inspiration derived



chronograph design.




Front Grill Development

M INI C O U NTR Y M AN P roduction part | 2014 – current

S ketch b o ok

M INI s k e t c h b o o k MINI Design | Munich, Germany |

S ketch b o ok

M INI S O . C A L . Capturing the lifestyle of Southern California! The MINI SoCal is a lifestyle car which embodies the idea that you can pack up your MINI and head out. The freedom to enjoy the outdoors wherever you are. It encourages you to trek uncharted territory and discover something new, fun and exciting. Southern California is one of the few places where you can ski and snowboard on the same day so, just go out and do it!

S ketch b o ok

M INI s p o r t a c t i v i t y hatch

Personal P roject

Spyker elite affair Inspired by Music, Defined by Exclusivity.

C on c ept


E n cap s ula t i n g

// Person of the highest class // The best of anything


i mm e r s i v e

// Humanitarian work in africa // Philantropist // Visionary // Music Producer // Musical Artist

affair // Anything done or to be done // An event or performance // A special function business or duty ‚concern‘

e x i la r a t i o n

S p y ker

Initial Vision sketches

D e si g n Matr i x

S p y ker

K e y T h e m e Sk e t c h e s

S p y ker




Graceful, encapsulating layers, dramatically unfolding in a series of movements, to reveal the inner precious living area. Much like a flower blooming in the spring sun.

P l a tfor m

Micro turbine Axial flux motor

Battery pack

Axial flux motor

S p y ker

S p y ker

Fin a l Mo d el

Personal P roject

Ford Mustang Exploration Study


am e r i ca n

d r e am

Growing up in Los Angeles, my life always involved admiration for the Mustang. My father owned several Mustangs throughout the years, however, the 1964 ½ is still my most beloved! At sixteen years of age, my father gifted me his coveted Mustang. Having received such an incredible piece of iconic American history, helped spark a deeply rooted intrigue and enthusiasm for automotive design.

In sp iration

The Sup e r h e r o A e s t h e t i c The ultimate future Mustang would entail themes emerging around fit, breathability and a superhero aesthetic. Making that vision a reality begins with understanding the technology driving the future.

T h em e s

D e si g n Matr i x

Road focus

edge to edge

aero fold

P ro p osa l A

Legend Redefined It‘s all about attitude! A striking character, combined with fuller, taught volumes reinforces the visual statement Mustang is famous for. Special emphasis is placed on respecting mustang design icons such as the front grill, tail lamps and silhouette.

P ro p osa l B

Intrepid Aesthetic Exploring a progressive design language that deviates from the typical Mustang design cues. The result is a fresh interpretation of design graphics & surface treatments that






C om b inin g T h em e s

O p t i mum C om b i n a t i o n Two statements that exemplified the technological and innovative design characteristics were combined, resulting in one coherent proposal. The balance of fresh and innovative vs familiar and iconic.

Mu sta n g

Mu sta n g

R e a r V i e w P r opo s al Inspired lamps

by form

Nike „nodes“

AeroBlade that










resulting in greater drag reduction and promoting a more efficient









theory by applying surfaces that drop aerodynamic drag.

Mu sta n g

s i d e V i e w P r opo s al The Superhero Aesthetic gave way to gestural lines that expressed the visual language of speed and ultimate strength. In combination with hybrid technology, electric rear motors provide auxiliary power when necessary. A „system of performance“ philosophy









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F. Martin Rojas Portfolio 2019