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“Their combination of a prime location, handsome facility, private waters and true knack for hospitality make it a lodge that virtually all of our guests rave about.”

Montana 100 years ago, in large part due to its low population and abundance of large uneducated trout, the real magic of the area stems from its geography. The landscape of the Aysén region is incredibly diverse, enabling anglers to travel from the dry, arid pampas of the east to the temperate rainforest of the west in just over an hour. Additionally, the area is more friendly and open than the steep regions to the north or the ice field-dominated regions to the south, making for perfect trout fishing habitat. With rivers of all sizes, streams, spring creeks and an array of trophy stillwaters all within a stone’s throw of the lodge, the region is a virtual dreamscape for all who love spectacular trout fishing and eye-popping scenery.

The Fisheries When pushed on the subject, Gaston confessed to having over 50 distinct day beats that Coyhaique River Lodge fishes over the course of a season. Of those there are roughly 15 staples, 75 percent of which the lodge enjoys private access to. Most of their private land use agreements originate with down-home community relations in which a neighbor needs help cutting a road, harvesting trees, or managing their cattle. Always capable and happy to help, this often leads the brothers to land exclusive access rights to trophy rainbow lakes, small walk and wade gems or special put-ins on rivers that few others float. In a land where anglers are already relatively few and far between, these arrangements will virtually assure that you will have days with a beautiful spring creek, river or lake entirely to yourself. The following is a quick overview of a few of their favorite fisheries.

Rio Simpson: With its large caddis and mayfly hatches and commanding scenery, the Rio Simpson is like a big handsome Montana river. The Simpson boasts some of the southern hemisphere’s highest fish counts per mile and its numerous browns and rainbows average 14 to 22 inches. The Simpson offers lots of distinct floats and walk and wade beats, and has gifted more than a few lucky fly anglers with browns in excess of 30 inches. Rio Nirehuao: The Rio Nirehuao may well be the region’s most famous river. This mid-sized walk and wade freestone enjoys a cult-like following in large part due to the beauty and bounty of its summer hopper fishing. With lots of wild browns in the 14 to 20-inch range, as well as some two-footers thrown into the mix, the Nirehuao is the type of classic trout river that keeps anglers coming back. PAGE 24

Rio Desague: The Rio Desague is the outlet of Lago Elizalde and flows only five miles before entering Lago Caro. Within this short stretch of river, browns and rainbows in the 17 to 23-inch class abound with many larger trophies lurking. This remote and scenic dry fly fishery is accessed by jet boat. Rio Emperador Guillermo: This small walk and wade gem is the perfect stream for experienced or novice anglers looking for consistent top-water action. Its many pools and riffles are loaded with browns and rainbows in the 12 to 16-inch range, making it a favorite for anglers of all skill levels. Rio Mañihuales: In addition to having lots of big trout, the Mañihuales has a diversity of prime structure that makes it a favorite among the guides at Coyhaique River Lodge. The river supports a healthy population of browns and rainbows as well as a strong run of king salmon. Spring Creeks: Near the Argentine border there are several high-country spring creeks. Although they are relatively close to the lodge, the landscape in this area is a world apart and more typical of the high arid pampas often associated with Argentina. These spring creeks combine great walk and wade fishing for really large fish in small well-rested waters. Stillwaters: While many of our traveling anglers shudder at the thought of stillwater fishing, the lakes frequented by Coyhaique River Lodge offer some of the most interesting and pleasant trophy trout fishing imaginable. There are a great many highly productive lakes within easy reach of the lodge and despite their differing characteristics they share a few common elements. They are beautiful, private, hold trophy rainbows and browns, and are most often fished by sight casting large dry flies to visible cruising fish. Some of the most beautiful and productive lakes are found in the dramatic Cerro Castillo area. If you want a shot at a 10 pound trout of a lifetime, make sure you take advantage of at least one lake fishing day during your visit.

The Guides As might be expected the guide team is led by owners Gaston and Claudio Urrejola. Their hand-picked local guide team reflects their commitment to service and they know the surrounding waters like the back of their hands. They are young, hard-working, passionate and professional and always willing to help even the most inexperienced anglers get the most out of their time on the water. Additionally these guides are great off


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Coyhaique River Lodge - The Heart and Soul of Patagonia  

The story of Coyhaique River Lodge is really a story about brothers Gaston and Claudio Urrejola — their upbringing, combined skills, vision...

Coyhaique River Lodge - The Heart and Soul of Patagonia  

The story of Coyhaique River Lodge is really a story about brothers Gaston and Claudio Urrejola — their upbringing, combined skills, vision...