GOODSPEED The Tradewind Magazine | Issue 04 | May 2018

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the Marina Village and its tangential beach area and bar, SALT Plage, are a beacon to those spending months in the Caribbean taking charters. From elegant boutiques and farm-to-table provisions at the marina store to a fitness area and meeting space in the main Customs House, plus a beach volleyball court and casual BBQ spot, the Marina Village and its “crew beach” offer the perfect respite for a crew or captain who has been at sea just as much as it welcomes an owner or charter guest eager for some luxe shopping and attractive land-based dining and beach club. IN A FASHION ONLY A BOAT OWNER WOULD CONSIDER,

The Customs House, a historic redesign featuring stonework from Italy, windows and doors from Lebanon and roof tiles from Burgundy, serves as a telltale sign of the level of quality at Christophe Harbour, while its cupola can be seen for miles, no doubt a welcome sight for boats heading to safe harbor. The casual bar and restaurant, SALT Plage, is particularly appealing for those just off the boat with its long, fixed pier ideal for tie-ups and sunset cocktails and the charming nautical and upcycled décor, such as a corrugated roof found after the hurricanes and repurposed molasses grinder serving as the massive bar light fixture. The menu is Caribbean comfort with favorites such as conch fritters, fish burgers and coconut shrimp, while the cocktails come fresh and potent—just as you’d hope.

Don’t miss the house favorite Jumbie or Buddy’s Paloma-style concoction made with a dash of Prosecco. The real estate component is burgeoning, with sales happening almost daily and construction well under way. The Pavilion, the resort area’s main clubhouse and restaurant, is complete and shimmering in its Oliver Messelinfluenced architecture and perfectly edged infinity pool, designed so that upon entry all one can see is an endless horizon—a truly mesmerizing sight. Tangential to the Pavilion are four bungalow properties that are all privately owned, though the majority are put into a rental pool managed by Christophe Harbour and offered to visitors and interested buyers alike. The level of detail (the wood for the walls was brought from Pennsylvania) in the bungalows, along with the beachfront views and lapping waves soundtrack, provides the ideal first glimpse of what’s to come for homeowners at Christophe Harbour. So, whether you arrive by boat or choose to stay on land, the current offerings at Christophe Harbour are immediately evident, as is its undeniable potential—perhaps best viewed from the resort’s popular hike to the top of the mountain. We dare you to challenge Jon, the affable general manager, to complete the trek in under 45 minutes. FOR MORE INFORMATION

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