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PASSPORT The Magic of Travel

Flytographer Quarterly

Winter 2017

PASSPORT The Magic of Travel

Flytographer Quarterly Issue 1 Winter 2017

Cover image: Bayu

& Ivony in Bali for Flytographer

Editor: Michelle Ardiel

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Every traveller has a story. The excited parents from Saudi Arabia who couldn’t wait to show their young daughter the Eiffel Tower; the American couple who returned to the same restaurant in Rome where they dined during their honeymoon 40 years earlier; the couple from Tokyo who strolled the streets of New York City after years of saving and dreaming about it. We have the best job in the world. Every day, our customers remind us how much JOY and LOVE is still all around us. It’s such a nice tonic in this complicated world we live in today. Each of our customers’ photos shows us, again and again, that, at the core, we are more alike than different. Love, joy, wonder, adventure, family, friendships - these are common threads that have no passport. At Flytographer, we believe there’s something magical about travel, and that the world can always use a little more magic. Nicole Smith CEO & Founder, Flytographer • 3

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Family Vacation in Tuscany Photos by: Tania in Florence for Flytographer • 7

Shelly’s story We travel to Italy often to visit my family, and this time it was for my father’s 70th birthday. Florence is one of our favorite locations, and when we come here, we always make it a priority to visit. I wanted to document this amazing trip with my family, as it was also my 3-year-old’s first time in Italy. Being able to share with my daughter the same experiences I had as a child and seeing her at the places I have often been was so heartwarming. I will never forget it.

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My top tips: 1. If you can book your entrance or tours to the museums ahead of time, do it. It helps you organize your trip so you can be efficient and enjoy some leisure the rest of the day. 2. Walk, walk and walk some more! Florence is full of charm, history and wonderful streets. 3. My favorite restaurants are Mario’s (only open for lunch by the large market) and Antico Noe (east of the Duomo) for the best paninis at an amazing price. Their restaurant next door is very good too!

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Geek Chic Honeymoon Photos by: Waki in Tokyo for Flytographer • 13

Victoria’s Story My husband and I met in LA at a swing dancing event. We’re both big geeks at heart who are really into comics and animation - we’re the couple that goes to Comic Con! Our wedding incorporated a lot of unique, cute comic elements, and when we told people that we were going to have our honeymoon in Japan they were surprised – but it was perfect for us and our personalities! We love the hustle-bustle urban lifestyle of Tokyo, and the geek and pop culture really appealed to us.

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The amazing thing about Tokyo is how easy it is to get around on public transit – buy a day pass, and you can get from one side of the city to the other in half an hour; it’s that organized! And Japan in general is so safe - you could leave your bag in a busy train station, and three hours later it would either be sitting there, or someone would have returned it to the lost and found. • 15

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One of our favourite areas to visit was the Akihabara District, which is full of arcades! Arcade and video game culture in Japan is really strong, and the games are really for everyone, not just kids. You can see businessmen in their suits on their lunch break playing fighting or crane games (crane games are huge in Tokyo). Some other cool things that we checked out were maid cafés, where the waitresses were dressed in super cute outfits, cat cafés where you can eat treats, drink tea and play with cats, and even a robot restaurant! One of the coolest places we visited was the hosted snack bars, where your server comes and chats with you and you eat snacks together - apparently this is super popular in Japan. • 17

Japan has so much to offer outside of Tokyo, and we visited Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka and Yakushima. We even climbed Mt. Fuji, which was amazing! During our stay in Kyoto, instead of spending all our time visiting temples and shrines, we went to a samurai workshop where we got to do a presentation with a real blade, and I got a Geisha transformation, complete with the stunning embroidered dress.

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To get away from the fast pace of the bigger cities, we stayed in an onsen, a hot spring hotel perfect for relaxing. The service was amazing, and they anticipated every need that you had, before you even knew it was what you wanted! They made you feel like a celebrity, and since there weren’t many people at each hotel, you felt like you had the whole place to yourself. • 19

Some extra tips on travelling in Japan: purchase a pocket Wifi for your stay – it works anywhere on the mainland and is pretty inexpensive! Take suggestions from the locals, and since everyone is so helpful and willing to share their tips, it’s easy to find some hidden gems. If you’re going to Kyoto, pick your top three temples and take time to explore other cultural aspects of the city. If you get the chance to visit outside of Tokyo, I’d highly recommend visiting the island of Yakushima, which is a protected forest and so magical – deer and monkeys will walk right up to you! There are even movies based on how beautiful and lush this area is – a total departure from Tokyo (they don’t even have Wifi there!). Flytographer was such a wonderful experience during our travel and we would definitely do it again on our next trip. Not only did our photographer provide beautiful photo memories, but as a local to our travel destination, she provided valuable personal tips and advice on food and fun for our stay. It was like having a close friend that lived in the area!

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Discovering St. Petersburg Photos by: Kate in St. Petersburg • 23

Renowned as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, St. Petersburg, Russia, is a gem waiting to be discovered. Whether touring down the river, soaking in masterpieces at one of the many galleries or standing in the shadows of architectural wonders, this city will leave you breathless. Read on as our Flytographer, Kate, lets us in on her local guide to her beloved St. Petersburg.

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Eat 1. Pyshki: This is a MUST EAT. Pyshki is a no-frills café serving up hot, fresh Russian donuts called “pyshki.” For the complete experience, order your pyshki with a coffee (which comes with condensed milk). One pyshka costs 12 rubles, which is about 18 US cents. Bolshaya Konnushennaya, 25 2. I’m Thankful For Today: For a wide selection of brunch/ breakfast items, head to I’m Thankful For Today. Choose from café favourites like flat whites, cappuccinos and tea. Gorokhovaya, 24

3. Cococo: For a fancy Russian dinner with extravagant presentation, Cococo, located in the W Hotel, has a rooftop bar perfect for a post-dinner drink with a gorgeous view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Voznesensky Prospect, 6 4. Korushka: For a taste of Russian food, try Korushka restaurant. Korushka is a type of fish (smelt), which is a specialty that I highly recommend trying, either fried or smoked. Zayachiy Island, Petropavlovskaya Krepost, 3 5. El Copitas: This speakeasy bar is small and always packed (for good reason), so it’s best to book in advance. Try the Mexican snacks and the amazing Bloody Mary. Kolokolnaya, 2 • 27

See 1. Petrogradsky district: The Petrogradsky district is filled with exciting things to see, so it’s no wonder it’s popular with both locals and tourists. Home to the Peter and Paul Fortress, Primorsky Victory Park, several islands and loads of interesting museums, it’s worth spending a day exploring this bustling district. 2. The State Russian Museum: Take in the world’s largest collection of Russian Art at the State Russian Museum. In addition to the always impressive permanent collection, current exhibitions include a Kandinsky retrospective and a look at modern Russian photography. Inzhenernaya St, 4 3. Yusupov Palace: The Moika Palace or Yusupov Palace was once the primary residence in St. Petersburg of the ultrawealthy House of Yusupov. The building is famous for being the site of Grigori Rasputin’s murder in 1916. Various areas of the palace are open to visitors. Moika embankment, 94 4. Nevsky Prospekt: The main boulevard of the city, the Nevsky Prospekt is alive day and night with shops, cafés, stately buildings, monuments, and nightlife. Be swept up in the human theatre of St. Petersburg’s most famous street.

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Do 1. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines: This back-tothe-USSR experience has an old school soda machine with lemonade and milk shakes and a café decked out with items of Soviet life. Konyushennaya Sq, 2b 2. Singer House Book Store: A local favourite, come in for souvenirs, toys, books and a café with a view. Nevsky Prospekt, 28

3. Anna Akhmatova Museum: Found within the Fountain House at the Sheremetev Palace, this museum is a must-visit to understand the life of Russia’s most acclaimed poets under the Soviet regime. A guided tour is highly recommended. Liteyny pr, 51

4. Podpisnye Izdaniya: This cute shop has good coffee, well-designed paper goods and postcards, little souvenirs and stickers. Liteyny pr, 57 5. Natali Leskova Store: For the fashion-obsessed, this is the best place in Saint Petersburg to pick up local designer duds. Voskova ul, 16 6. New Holland: Beloved by locals, this little island in the center of the city used to be a Navy storage space. It now hosts many concerts and events, and an ice rink in winter. Admiralteysky canal embankment, 2 • 31

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Family Love on the Big Island Photos by: Sandra & Kris in Kona for Flytographer • 33

Colette’s story My husband Mark and I made a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii on our own last year, but we couldn’t stop talking about how much our kids would love it ... so here we are! We have explored many parts of the island and have already had many adventures, from swimming at Hapuna Beach and A Bay, ice cream in Hawi and hiking the Polulu Valley, to visiting the volcanoes, attending the kids’ first luau and snorkeling near the Captain Cook monument. It’s been wonderful ... but we’re not done yet!

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Solo Adventure in Buenos Aires Photos by: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer

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Paul’s story I’m a Registered Nurse from San Francisco, California. I was in Ecuador on a medical mission trip prior to coming to Buenos Aires. For years, I had been fascinated by Argentina and its rich history of culture, people, and cuisine. It’s fascinating to see another county like Argentina, which is a huge melting pot of Latin, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern influence. Buenos Aires is a beautiful multicultural destination known for its passionate, friendly people and its fine steak and wine. It’s like Barcelona 2.0!

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I stayed in the San Telmo District. San Telmo is a fun, artsy, chic, bohemian style neighborhood. I would recommend this area if you like sitting at cafés watching the people pass by and checking out local art galleries. This district is also known for its delicious “parrillas,” which are Argentinian-style steakhouse grills. If you eat at a parrilla, my tip is to know your cuts of meat: bife de chorizo, bife de lomo, bife de la pimienta. Try it all! • 41

In my opinion, there is much more of an Italian influence in Buenos Aires than Spanish. I met more people with Italian surnames and spent more time eating pasta and pizza than I did steak and empanadas! My overall top tip for travellers would be to take your time. Buenos Aires is a large city, and I think a minimum of six days should be spent touring it. Anything less would not be sufficient to get a feel of the city. Must-do’s are getting lost in San Telmo and visiting Eva Peron’s grave in Recoleta Cemetery.

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My favorite travel memory was the Sunday Outdoor Street Market in the San Telmo District. Watching live performances of singing, puppets, and tango stuck with me the most. It shows the passion that Argentine people have in life. What made this trip most special, though, was the kindness that was shown to me on this trip. As a tourist, I found some strangers who went out of their way to make sure I was okay and I was going in the right direction. • 43

Anniversary Paradise in Greece Photos by: Kimonas in Santorini for Flytographer

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Chrishana’s story Ari always wanted to visit Greece and she would say to me, “I want to visit a place where everywhere we turn is beautiful.” With that kind of criteria, Santorini was an easy pick for our anniversary celebration. The island did not disappoint at being beautiful everywhere we turned: the black sand, the unforgettable sunsets that we witnessed by water from our sunset tour, and the way the city lit up at night. To get a real break from our demanding jobs, we planned a 2-week getaway to Greece, starting in Athens and then island-hopping around Mykonos, Santorini, and Milos. In each place, we made unforgettable memories, including spontaneously getting tattoos! I also learned how to swim in Kleftiko (an island off Milos), we went jet skiing, and we drove ATVs for hours as we tried to locate a beach in Mykonos. Greece was truly an amazing place to celebrate each other and our 6-year anniversary. • 47

Flytographer’s top tips when visiting Santorini: 1. Book accomodation early! Hotels fill up very quickly. 2. Take the cable car to the top of Fira for amazing views. 3. Hire a boat to tour around the volcano; be sure to jump off and go for a swim at the hot springs (but wear an old bathing suit). 4. The black sand beaches are beautiful but hot - cover your feet and be sure to have a hat!

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Winter Wonderland Proposal Photos by: Joe in Chicago for Flytographer

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“When I met Ronnie on our proposal planning call, the one thing he said he really, really wanted was to have snow for the big moment. Somehow the magic happened ... the snow started to fall just before the couple arrived at the spot, where our photographer, Joe, was waiting to capture Ronnie’s proposal,” explains Liss, one of Flytographer’s Shoot Concierges. “I’m so excited that Ronnie’s moment was made even more perfect.” Read on for Ronnie’s story on how he fell in love with his future wife, Mikala.

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Ronnie’s story My now fiancée and I met in college my senior year. I needed a minor and chose golf management for my love of the game. We met in my first class in the program; I guess she really thought I was funny (probably because I am awful at golf). I invited her to my fraternity house to watch movies and that’s when we really hit it off. On Valentine’s Day that year, I took her ice skating (it was something I could finally beat her at!). It was an amazing time, and I knew this was something special. • 53

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After we both graduated, I got a job in Chicago while Mikala got a job in Fort Wayne, IN. It was so hard not seeing her every day like I was used to. A lot of communication kept us sane until we would see each other next. Every time I saw her, I realized more and more that I could not spend the rest of my life without her. This December, Mikala came out to visit me for a birthday weekend as our birthdays are a day apart. We try to make an effort every year to see each other and do something exciting, so I offered to go ice skating at Millennium Park and then have a nice dinner at the Signature Room on the 95th floor, since it was something we did on our first date together. She’s not the best skater, but she agreed to go as it was “my portion” of our birthday celebration. Once at center ice, I got down on one knee and proposed. Mikala - along with me and everyone else at the rink - was so excited when she said yes! (I have a feeling she likes skating a little more now after I proposed to her on center ice ... ) • 55

Chicago is an amazing city full of excitement and things to do. When I saw that they have an ice skating rink in the winter, I figured it would be a great place to remember old times and start new ones! The surprising part about Chicago during the winter is how cool everything looks while snow is falling. Looking back on it, I think the snow made this trip more special than anything else. We thought it was going to ruin our plans, but in reality we had so much more fun with everything. The snow made our pictures look so much more magical.

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One thing that Mikala didn’t think I would remember her saying was that she would love to have proposal photos. When Joe came out to celebrate and take photos of us, I saw her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. We had a great time during our photo shoot and everything turned out so perfectly. Thanks so much, Liss and Joe, for making this already memorable experience one for the ages! To date this is the best day of both of our lives! • 57

Ronnie’s city tips Chicago is such a big place. It is very hard to see it all in one day. My suggestion is that if you are going to take a trip here, make sure it is at least 3-5 days in order to see and experience all Chicago has to offer. Must see: Millennium Park Must do: Wrigley field. Although it has recently been renovated, the history is intact. Must eat: Giordano’s deep dish pizza, of course! Just make sure you get a small - it’s a lot more filling than you think!

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p.s. Photographer Joe told us: “This was such an awesome shoot! The snow was so wet and so sloppy. They actually shut down the ice rink right after the proposal because it was just too wet and snowy to even skate. I was thrilled to have the extra challenge of adverse conditions and knew the snow would look like magic if I could just keep myself warm and my camera dry. Amazing stuff - great team, and one of the cutest couples I’ve worked with.” Hearts melted! • 59

Flytographer Q&A Photos by: Silvia in Amsterdam

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Name: Silvia Location: Amsterdam Equipment: Canon 6D, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4 and 24-105mm How long have you lived in your city? 2 years • 61

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How did you come to be a photographer? Tell us a little about your background. I’ve been taking photos ever since I was little, first with my mum’s camera. After taking a lot of blurry photos, she decided to get me one to practice with and it was pure love. I knew that photography was my passion, but it took me a while to make photography my job. Since I’ve decided to make my dreams a reality, so many great things happened! I live in a city that I adore (I’m originally from Venice, but now live in Amsterdam), I get to meet people from all over the world and I get to travel the world, too! It can be pretty risky when you start, but with devotion and persistence I believe you can get anywhere. How would you describe your personal photography style? I think of myself as a storyteller and documentary photographer, capturing what’s happening in the moment. I always focus on light and lines and I like to take my time and wait for the perfect shot. When it comes to portrait photography, it’s all about capturing the moments and emotion between people. • 63

Where do you find your creative inspiration? In Amsterdam, everything inspires me - biking along canals at sunrise when the city is empty and at sunset when the sky is burning up. Amsterdam sunsets are so beautiful. I find inspiration in a cup of coffee, a chat with my friends, in the books I read and even strangers that I meet. What album is on repeat when you’re editing photos? It changes all the time! At the moment I’m obsessed with the Lumineers, indie music, and sometimes (I have to admit), I like to play the music I listened to as a teenager - it cheers me up. What are you currently reading? I’m reading a book in Italian, “Prometto di Sbagliare” by Freitas. Where is your favourite place to shoot in your city and why? Anywhere I can have a rooftop view.

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What does a perfect day in your city look like? A perfect day for me would be Saturday in the summer. I would go to my favourite market, Noordermarkt, grab a juice and sip it by the canals. Then I would walk to Vondelpark to have a picnic. It would be a simple, but perfect, day in Amsterdam. Where are your favourite places in your city to get a coffee and/or a cocktail? For coffee, I love Scandinavian Embassy and TOKI. For a cocktail, I love the Sky Lounge and Cafe Louis - great atmosphere and adorable cats.

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If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you live and why? I am an Italian living in Amsterdam and feel that I’m still living my dream, but Asia is always in my heart. I would love to live in Seoul, Tokyo or Hong Kong. I go crazy for vibrant chaotic metropolises. I like to feel tiny in a city with endless options. Even if I moved, I would still love to come back to my reality of canals, bicycles and gingerbread houses. • 67

What do you most love about shooting for Flytographer? I love shooting people from all over the world and learning about their life. Their attitude is alway positive and playful, and what I love most is that they are as in love with the city as I am. I love seeing enthusiasm in people - it just makes me want to give them the best experience ever!

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Bali Paradise Photos by: Bayu & Ivony in Bali for Flytographer

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Tara’s Story When it came time to plan our honeymoon this fall, we decided that revisiting Bali was exactly what we were craving after the busy summer months leading up to our wedding in September. We specifically wanted more time in the village of Ubud. Ubud means “medicine” in Balinese, and when you arrive in this creative hub of the island, wellness is abundant. From fresh juice bars to the Yoga Barn in the city centre, we travelled back to Ubud to reinvigorate us, to relax and be healthy. As the Creative Director of the Flytographer team, I was so excited to meet up with photographers Bayu and Ivony, our dream team (and lovely couple) in Bali, for a shoot in Ubud. We wandered around the neighbourhood in which were we were staying on Honoman Street, making our way over to the Ubud Market. The colourful energy of the city centre is contagious, and we had so much fun playing in the market with children, trying local food, and getting to know Bayu and Ivony. The people of Bali practice Hinduism, so the sweet smell of incense and offerings are abundant. These are some of the most happy, welcoming people I have ever met on my travels, making Bali a place you can feel safe, comfortable and at peace. It’s also a popular destination for solo travellers and young families.

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Our days in Ubud were focused around daily yoga, healthy organic meals, and reading poolside. Here is my list of recommendations for where to eat, hang out and enjoy Bali: The Yoga Barn Located in the heart of Ubud, the Yoga Barn offers daily classes, retreats and teacher training. The main classes are held up in the trees in a completely open treehouse structure. It’s a dream place to practice yoga. They also have an awesome café where you can enjoy a fresh smoothie and salad after class. Kafe The lively Kafe at Jalan Hanoman is a local hangout spot for visitors to Ubud and residents alike. Everything on their menu is sourced from yummy local ingredients. Their salad bowls and rice wraps are a must! MEXX The Cooking School The food is so good in Bali, you’ll want to bring it home. Take a cooking class at the MEXX in Seminyak and learn to make authentic Indonesian dishes. Start with a visit to the local market to choose ingredients, continue with entertaining lessons, and finish with a feast. Bring your appetite! • 75

Potato Head Beach Club If I could dream up the perfect place to spend a day in the sun it would be exactly as I experienced at the Potato Head Beach Club. After reading about this Seminyak hotspot planning our last trip to Bali, I was intrigued. And anything with the name “Potato Head” sounded like something I would love. Designed by Indonesia’s most prominent architect, Andra Matin, Potato Head is the perfect balance of modernity and fantasy. The façade, a wall of weathered shutters, entices you through the narrow entrance. Walking through the dark cement mezzanine, you enter a timetravelling portal to the “fun side.” Another world. Time stops and the rest of the day becomes a blur. Motel Mexicola Located close to the Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, Motel Mexicola is like a psychedelic nightclub, where the likes of Frida Kahlo would have hung out had she vacationed in Bali. This courtyard-style restaurant is a must for tacos and taking in the colourful ambiance while sipping a margarita.

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Family Roots in France Photos by: Gonçalo in Paris for Flytographer

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Terry’s story My wife and father-in-law were celebrating “significant” birthdays (they won’t let me say more than that!) which inspired a visit to the area their ancestors hailed from. Paris set the stage for our foray into France in a way that only Paris can - the beauty, the romance, the energy - followed by a wonderful voyage into the Champagne region.

80 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower a few times before, but this time we booked the Eiffel Tower Romance Tour. Not only was it truly entertaining (adding that touch of romance that Paris promises), but the historical background and tour of the bunker, mechanical room, and private viewing platform added a dimension that gave me a whole new appreciation of the structure. Plus, if I’m honest, there’s something magical about not having to wait in line ... • 81

82 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

We found Epernay and its Champagne houses, cellars and vineyards were beyond expectation. We ended with a magical journey through the Alsace region, where we saw castles, medieval towns, gorgeous scenery and storks. We came home with a new appreciation of the culture and how the shared experience of travel creates memories for a lifetime. What a gift it is for us to have these memories to savour and share! • 83

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BFFs in Mexico Photos by: Spencer in Puerto Vallarta for Flytographer • 87

88 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

Reesa’s story Although this was a spontaneous decision, it was actually a trip in the making for many years. Martin and Caroline are our very close friends, almost like family. Years back we spent a few days with our children for a ski holiday. After that, we talked about travelling together, just us adults, for years. Now all our children are adults themselves and travel is less about children and more about us. This past November, all the stars were aligned. We desperately needed some vitamin D, so we got together and planned a trip south. Travelling to Mexico was convenient and there were lots of choices of places to stay. We chose an all-inclusive so we could just kick back, relax and go adventuring if we wanted to. We stayed just outside of Bucerias at a resort called the Royal Decameron. It was so close to the town of Bucerias just an easy walk along the beach. • 89

We visited a colourful town called Sayulita which had a great surf beach, fun shops and terrific beachfront eateries. We also visited a sleepy little town with a beautiful quiet beach called San Francisco. I would recommend eating anything local and fresh, especially fish tacos! My top tip is to pack light; there are plenty of shops should you need anything. Hands down our favourite moment was our photo shoot! The pictures were beautiful and truly captured not only our vacation, but the friendship we share. Spencer was also able to capture some of the romantic beach moments with our spouses. We loved having the memories to share when we got home. I look at the pictures all the time!

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We truly enjoyed every aspect of the trip. We had great weather, and we stayed at a very nice resort, conveniently located near many amenities. Spending only one day in Sayulita, it was really super to have recommendations from our local Flytographer. Of course, most of all, we travelled with dear friends who we would definitely travel with again, hopefully in the near future. Maybe another shoot, in a new location! • 93

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Saying Yes in Venice Photos by: Siza in Venice for Flytographer • 95

Vick’s Story Esther and I have an international flavour to our relationship. She is French, born and raised in Paris. I am from Toronto, Canada. We met in in my hometown during her internship in 2013, and still live here. We visit her family in Paris every Christmas, and this year was no different. I knew that I wanted to propose this year, and when we booked our flight to Paris, I asked Esther if she wanted to take a mini trip to Venice. She thought we were taking the trip just because Venice was so close to Paris; little did she know that it was going to be more than that!

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I chose this destination because Esther has always considered Venice to be the most romantic city in the world. I knew I would be proposing on the trip, so where better to do it than in her favourite city? I had been giving clues to Esther about her “Christmas gift” for the past four months, and just before the photo shoot, we went for lunch. At the lunch, I actually described her “gift” in the same words I would later use to propose to her. I wanted to give her a story to tell later about the little breadcrumbs I had left for her on the road to our proposal. • 97

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We stayed in St. Marco. I think it was a great area to stay. You’re central to the Piazza, Rialto, and Dorsudoro, which makes it really convenient to walk to the major areas of the island. Be sure to just get lost in the city! The whole of Venice is so beautiful that you can see large parts of the city in just a few hours of walking. I was surprised by how quiet the city gets after sun down. We went in December so this may not be true for the rest of the year, but for us after 5pm, the streets were deserted.

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To truly experience Venice, I think it must be done without an itinerary. Leave your hotel early and just start walking. Before you know it, hours will have passed and you will have had the chance to explore not only the touristy areas, but parts of the city that a lot of tourists never get a chance to see. I would also eat and drink as much as you can. The wine, coffee, and food are some of the best in the world! There are also lots of little cafés and trattorias that are excellent. My tip is to avoid eating at the various Michelin Star restaurants - it’s the small trattorias that will offer you some of the best fish, pasta, and spaghetti you will ever eat! • 101

Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It still carries that historic charm, where life moves a little bit slower. To be able to get engaged in a city with as much beauty and history as Venice is an experience I never thought I would have. The cherry on the cake was that Siza was able to capture this special moment so perfectly. Now, we will always have this moment with us. When we got to Paris, Esther’s parents threw us a surprise engagement party. Looking back, what made this trip so special was that I got to experience it all with the love of my life.

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Flytographer Passport Magazine Vol1  

Capture the Magic of Travel with our customer stories and beautiful travel photos.

Flytographer Passport Magazine Vol1  

Capture the Magic of Travel with our customer stories and beautiful travel photos.