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PASSPORT The Magic of Travel



PASSPORT The Magic of Travel

Flytographer Quarterly Issue 2 Spring 2017

Cover image: Vito

in Venice for Flytographer

Editor: Michelle Ardiel

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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill The best part about having a global photography startup is having friends in over 200 cities around the world. Everywhere I travel now, there’s already a familiar face to meet with. Travel is all about making local connections and seeing how others live. I feel like I have a secret door to the world through my Flytographer family ... and I want to share it with the world. These human connections happen between our photographers (who regularly meet when travelling abroad) and with our customers during their shoots. Every day we hear from customers who’ve felt like they made a new local friend.

“We ended the session feeling like we made a friend and left Mexico with the best souvenirs money can buy.” - Lindsay Parvin “We even ended up having drinks at a small café afterwards with Roberta and made our first friend from Rome.” - Don Jon “It’s not only about the photos, but the chance to make a nice new friend - that’s what we treasure most!” - Joanne Chan Our community of friends is growing, with five new cities this quarter: Transylvania (Cluj-Napoca), Seville, Ibiza, Corfu and our northern neighbours in Anchorage. Let us know which destinations you’d like us to add next; we always love to hear. We hope you get inspired by the customer stories in this second issue of Passport, and that we see you somewhere fun this summer! Nicole Smith CEO & Founder • 3

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Belated Honeymoon in Honolulu Photos by: Trevor in Honolulu for Flytographer • 7

Madeline’s story Going to Hawaii was our three-weeks-late honeymoon! We were not thinking of going at first, but then Teddy brought home a Hawaii brochure. Two weeks of convincing and guilt tripping later, we booked the trip. Our favourite memory was hiking up the Diamond Head Crater. I am not very sporty, so Teddy was concerned that I would get tired - but I proved him wrong. We did it! We both reached the top, and honestly it is worth the climb.

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We had so much fun doing our honeymoon photoshoot with Trevor! Teddy and I were quite nervous about this shoot, but our Flytographer Trevor made it so easy and effortless. He actually leap-frogged around in the middle of traffic to get some shots - I think you can see the shock on our faces. Hawaiian locals were too nice; they stopped their cars for us all the time! In addition, Trevor also gave us great food suggestions. Beautiful photos and new friends made - what a way to spend this holiday!

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Madeline’s top tips 1. Get on the Waikiki Trolley. It’s a great way to see the island as a whole. 2. The food ... don’t even get me started! Must try: Ono Seafood (best poke), Musubi Cafe Iyasume for Bacon, Egg and Avo SPAM Musubi, the Smokin Moco from the Highway Inn (suggested by Trevor), and the Steak Shack (I mean good steak, good price and right in front of the beach). Also, share your food. The portions are always huge, and plus you can save money to be able to eat at more places and try more things! 3. Bring cash, and if you’re not accustomed to US money like us, you needn’t bother trying to select coins when you’re paying. Ask the cashier and they will do it in 3 seconds! • 13

Family Fun in Genoa Photos by: Ramon & Sonia in Genoa for Flytographer

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Travelling with children in Europe can sometimes be challenging, but Genoa’s charming alleys are perfect for vacationing families to roam. Here are our top 5 reasons families should consider Genoa as their next destination.

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1. A big part of the city centre is car free, making it safe for kids to walk around. The harbour area is spacious and great for kids to explore. Several nearby playgrounds keep kids entertained. 2. Kids will love spending a day at Genoa’s aquarium, Acquario di Genoa. The aquarium even offers behind the scenes tours geared towards little ones 3-7 years old, where they’ll be taken behind the scenes to learn and explore the aquarium and its resident animals. Be sure to arrive early to avoid long lines! • 17

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3. A day trip to Cinque Terre is just a boat ride away. Taking a boat is fun for kids and easy on parents as the boats are generally less crowded than trains. 4. Take a whale watching tour for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From March to October, Whalewatch Genova offers expeditions for spotting whales in the wild. An onboard marine biologist accompanies each tour to answer any questions and provide fun facts for kids. No whales? Not to worry. You can bring your tickets back for another excursion. 5. Take kids for a sweet treat at Gelateria Grom. Choose from tasty gelato, sorbets, hot chocolate, popsicles and more made from all-natural ingredients. Grom even has a handy chart to check products for allergens. Flavours are seasonal and change monthly. (Our favourite flavour of the month is inspired by another much-loved Italian treat, cannoli.) • 19

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Discovering Dubai Photos by: Natelee in Dubai for Flytographer • 21

Golden sands, warm waters and gravity-defying skyscrapers welcome to Dubai. Flytographer Natelee shares photos from a recent shoot along with her best tips on what to eat, see and do in this larger than life city on the Persian Gulf.

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Name: Natelee Location: Dubai Equipment: Nikon camera D810, with 24-70mm, 70-200mm (my favourite) and 50mm lenses I am originally from South Africa, but have been loving every minute of living and working in Dubai. My favourite place to shoot is the desert. I am absolutely head-over-heels for the desert. There’s something special about the open space and the calm and simplicity of it. On cloudy days after it has rained or when the dust hangs over Dubai, the sunsets are unbelievable. I have a sunset obsession, and that’s the time of day I live to shoot for. The Middle East has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever experienced! • 23

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Eat 1. Get your caffeine fix at any of these amazing spots: Poco Loco, Seven Fortunes, Tom & Serg, or The Sum of Us. 2. Dubai offers plenty of memorable dining options. Jamie’s Italian from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is the spot for hearty Italian fare. 3. For possibly one of the most unforgettable meals you’ll ever have, head to At.mosphere at Burj Khalifa. The food and views are perfect for an extra special celebration. 4. Lighten things up with dinner at Asia Asia, where you can sample sushi, dim sum or a special Friday brunch because if ever there was a perfect time for weekday brunch, it’s when on vacation. 5. End the night with a cocktail at modern British gastropub Dhow & Anchor, then take in the sunset over a cocktail at Uptown Bar, and finally, enjoy a nightcap and dazzling panoramic city views from 360°. • 25

See 1. Start your Dubai sightseeing with a ride on the Dubai Ferry from Marina Mall to Dubai Creek to get an overview of Dubai’s jaw-dropping skyline, traditional souks and everything in between. 2. Head into the desert for a Heritage Desert Safari tour. Step into a vintage Land Rover for an evening immersed in culture. You’ll see how Arabic coffee and henna tattoos are made before an entertaining evening of music and dancing is followed by dinner under the stars. The best part? A portion of the cost is donated to local conservation efforts. 3. A trip to Dubai is not complete without a visit to the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Standing at over 2700 feet, it boasts unbeatable views from the top of its multiple observation decks. 4. Get a history lesson about Dubai’s ancient civilization at the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort, and draw your connections between the old Dubai and the new.

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Do 1. Get suited up in your best vacation swimwear and head to Wild Wadi, a waterpark with a view set just in front of the Burj Al Arab. 2. Can you go skiing in the desert? Why, yes, you can, at the gigantic Mall of the Emirates. This whole shopping centre/ entertaiment plaza must be seen to be believed. 3. The Spice Souk is a true Dubai experience that cannot be missed. The colours, sounds and smells will fill your dreams. 4. Although it’s not the healthiest thing on the menu, ordering shisha at a café or bar is a common social activity in a city that is built on connections. Try trendy hotspots like One & Only Royal Mirage Palace Courtyard, Chandelier or Shakespeare and Co. 5. After all the sights have been seen, relax at JBR Beach. Be as active as you’d like - swimming, parasailing and wakeboarding are just a few of the activities available - or slather on the SPF, sit back and simply enjoy the view. • 29

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Food & Fun in Seattle Photos by: Jessica in Seattle for Flytographer • 31

Brad’s story Every year, Garrett and I try to find a reason to go to Seattle because we can always count on the city for good food, good drink and just enjoying each other’s company. This year, we decided to use Garrett’s birthday as an excuse to head out there. This trip would be our fifth annual, but Seattle is so vibrant and varied, we knew we could fly in knowing there were still new places to explore, new things to do, and perhaps most importantly, new beers to drink!

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Our shoot took place at Pike Place Market, which is hands down our favorite place to be in whenever in Seattle. I always tell people that Pike Place Market, being consistently something in our itinerary whenever we go to Seattle, makes it even more representative and iconic to us than the Space Needle. It’s such a fantastic labyrinth to explore, full of everything fun, quirky, and of course, delicious. • 33

Pike Place Market has so many iconic stalls, but arguably one of the most famous is Pike Place Fish. For our shoot, we were actually able to coordinate with the fishmongers for an opportunity to really check out the fish that they’re famous for slinging around, and we even caught the fish for ourselves! I love authenticity whenever we go places, and to be able to join the camaraderie and chat with the fishmongers was such a cool and fun thing to do. And it was all documented! I’m so glad that our photographer, Jessica, was able to capture that for us.

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Flytographer Jessica’s Local Guide to Seattle Near Pike Place Market, I definitely recommend The London Plane for lunch (in Pioneer Square), and then picking up some local Ellenos yogurt and doughnuts at the Daily Dozen at the Market. You can make a foodie picnic from the DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine shop; I highly recommend their cured meats and fresh ricotta (it’s fluffy and creamy and like nothing I’ve ever tasted). Just out of the Market in Post Alley, you’ll find the infamous Gum Wall. Chew a piece and leave your legacy. Seattle is famous for coffee that goes well beyond Starbucks. My favourites include: Slate Coffee, Ada’s Techinical Books, Espresso Vivace, Stumptown Roasters, and Caffe Vita. Check out the Seattle Farmers’ Markets in several downtown neighbourhoods, and breathe in the fresh coastal air while hiking at Discovery Park. Taking the water taxi to West Seattle from downtown is a cheap and beautiful way to see the city from the water and across the Puget Sound. Marination Ma Kai offers delicious Hawaiian-Korean cuisine (I love their tacos) and is located just off the water taxi dock. If you continue walking along the shoreline, you get to one of Seattle’s only sandy beaches (most beaches in the PNW are rocky).

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Renewing Love Photos by: Eliska in Prague for Flytographer • 39

Fabio’s story After 18 years together, I wanted to surprise my wife, Trina, and propose to her again. I just told her we were going on a date, but when we drove to the San Francisco airport, I told her we were going to Prague for the weekend. I’ve always wanted to visit Prague, as everything seems so magical. Although we loved seeing Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, my favourite travel memory is the proposal. After 18 years, she still said yes!

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Fabio’s city highlights Prague is amazing! We made reservations for brunch at Café Savoy; it’s been open since 1893, and it was an awesome experience. Going up Prague Castle and crossing Charles Bridge on a full moon was quite a sight! Meeting a local like Eliska was great. She was very friendly and was able to tell us city history and give us many useful tips. Highly recommended! • 43

Local Guide to Kuala Lumpur Photos by: Peter in Kuala Lumpur for Flytographer

Flytographer Peter is a multi-faceted talent: besides being a skilled photographer, he is a classically trained pianist, can solve the Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, and restores vintage coffee machines. Read on for his full guide on what to eat, see and do in Kuala Lumpur.

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Eat - Chinatown Merchant’s Lane This beautifully designed café and restaurant is perfect for spending a slow meal. Start with a coffee or tea, then enjoy one of their all-day dishes, such as ong bak tomyum, a creamy seafood broth served with macaroni. Chocha Foodstore Old school meets new school in this hybrid restaurant/ café/wine bar/co-working space/bicycle rental shop. Dive into modern twists on Asian comfort food, like steamed barley and rice topped with seared duck breast. And in an eco-friendly ode to what came before it, Chocha’s tiles are repurposed from the Mah Lian Hotel, which previously occupied the space. PS150 A hidden cocktail and whiskey bar, PS150’s menu is categorized into the different eras of the mixed beverage: vintage, prohibition, tiki, disco and contemporary. In true laid back Malaysian fashion, PS150’s weekend dress code requires men to wear shoes that cover their feet, at the very least. Old China Café The food at Old China Café is good, but the interior is even better with all the elements of ancient Chinese homes intact, from traditional feng shui mirrors to wooden latched doors. • 47

Eat - city centre Din Tai Fung Dumpling House This is a MUST HAVE! After three years of living in Kuala Lumpur and visiting this restaurant tons of times, we still get excited whenever the idea comes up to go out and eat there. Antipodean Our favourite brekkie place! They have one of the best eggs benedicts in town. Their menu covers all breakfast goodness, from eggs benedict to pancakes, French toast to bagels, plus fresh squeezed juice and coffee to wash it all down. Jalan Alor This strip of food hawkers comes alive at night, so bring your appetite, find an empty table and dig in. Pelita Nasi Kandar This popular restaurant serves up Nasi Kandar, an Indian Muslim dish which originated in colonial Malaysia. Rice serves as the base for fragrant and flavourful sauces and gravies in this historic dish. PULP (in Bangsar) This slick café calls a former paper-cutting factory home (hence the name). Daily hand-brewed coffee choices can be filed under bright, balanced or bold.

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See Marini’s on 57 To experience the height and dimensions of the twin towers, I always recommend this bar. This rooftop bar (usually called the third tower) is right next to the city centre and from the 57th floor, you get the MOST EPIC view ever. So, instead of paying for tickets to the bridge between the twin towers, I’d rather spend that money on a beer in Marini’s bar and have an even better view. Important: Marini’s dress code is smart casual. Ladies have to cover their shoulders, so bring a scarf if you must, and no sandals! Batu Caves An impressively tall gilded statue of Lord Murugan welcomes you to the iconic Batu Caves, home to many temples and Hindu shrines. In addition to the extraordinary places of worship, you’re sure to spot the mischievous macaques which frequent the area. National Mosque of Malaysia The National Mosque of Malaysia is massive, with the ability to hold 15,000 people, and is marked by a soaring minaret. After exploring the architectural beauty of the mosque, head to the nearby Perdana Botanical Garden for orchids, butterflies and even deer. • 51

Do Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Not saying so just because my wife plays in the orchestra, but they are really good! They have family fun days every month, so it’s worth a visit with kids as well. Changkat This is Kuala Lumpur’s party district. Bars and bars everywhere - you can find craft beer, Thai food, Spanish tapas, jazz, etc. in this area - literally everything. For nightlife, this is the go-to place! ATV Adventure You can ride ATVs in the jungle! Take the 2-hour route and bring a bathing suit - the tour includes a crystal clear waterfall where you can swim. Skytrex Those who seek a little adrenaline boost can try this park. Pass obstacles like walking on ropes, monkey bars, and more. The twist? Do it all on top of the jungle. Sunway Lagoon An awesome waterpark in a huge area. You can easily spend a whole day here with kids - or even without them! We love to go down these crazy big slides.

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Family Getaway in Mexico Photos by: Mónica in Cancun for Flytographer • 55

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Ciera’s story My family and I usually take a summer vacation every year together. We decided on Cancun this year since we hadn’t been to Mexico before. I love to travel so I was very excited to explore the city and beaches! Once we met up in Isla Mujeres, Mónica helped us get a golf cart for extra time so we could make it to a special lookout point at the end of the island. She made me and my family feel very comfortable when taking photos and knew all the best places to take us for the most beautiful and scenic backdrops! • 57

There were so many great moments on this trip, I don’t know if I could choose just one. Some of my favorite memories were seeing the ruins at Chichen Itza, swimming through the underground river at Xcaret and driving the golf cart around Isla Mujeres. A funny story: when we got to the airport, we were stopped by an employee who told us he could give us a deal on a day in Isla Mujeres, which is where we had scheduled the shoot. He didn’t make it clear until we got there that we were actually checking out a new hotel for a sales presentation before we could leave! So, we got a great deal on transportation, a free golf cart and tickets to Garrafon, but we did have to sit through three hours of the presentation and say no a few (okay, a lot of!) times before we could get on with our day!

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Sister Time in La La Land Photos by: Dipan in Los Angeles for Flytographer

Story by: Caitlin, Flytographer Shoot Concierge

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As a Shoot Concierge at Flytographer, I have the privilege of helping friends and families across the globe capture memories to love and share forever. Every day my heart is full from reading client stories, helping plan all the details for a fun and memorable session, and of course, from seeing the beautiful final galleries from our team of amazing photographers. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Flytographer experience, but then I experienced the magic firsthand.

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Four years ago, my sister moved across the border to pursue a career in music in the US (spoiler alert, she is finding amazing success!). We have been best friends since the day I was born, (even after that time she bit my finger, and those times when I got away with mischief because I’m the youngest), and living in different countries has absolutely been a challenge. For the days when texting isn’t enough, and there isn’t enough time between her auditions for a FaceTime date, I find that reminiscing with photos of us together is one of the best ways to handle the long distance struggle. • 63

While planning a weekend getaway to Los Angeles for some much-needed sister time, my sister and I knew that booking a Flytographer was one of our top priorities (a trip to Disneyland being tied for first). I was thrilled to book our Flytographer Dipan and very thankful he was able to meet us for a tour around Echo Park, my sister’s favourite little neighborhood. While we have posed together for a couple of formal photo shoots and taken our share of silly selfies, no photos had ever captured the laughter and love in our sister relationship quite right, until we met Dipan.

64 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

As we ran around Echo Park Lake (although coming from Canada, I have a hard time calling an oversized man-made fountain a lake), Dipan was able to capture the reunion of my silly spirit, and my sister’s slightly glamorous LA attitude. From attempted piggy-back rides and bird chasing, to classic LA views and a cheers over coffee, Dipan was able to capture authentic moments that remind me of how happy and at peace I feel when I am with my sister. As one of only fourteen busy in-office members of Flytographer, days and weeks fly by (excuse the pun). I am so thankful to be able to look up from my desk and see the smile of my big sister supporting me from LA, through our very own Flytographer photo. • 65

Proposal in Cartagena Photos by: Juan Felipe in Cartagena for Flytographer

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Lou’s story Vanessa and I met at university, where we were both completing a Bachelor of Nursing. We have been inseparable ever since. We had been dating for five years when we decided to plan our big trip to South America. I had met her family in Chile the year before, but this time we decided that once we had visited her grandparents, we wanted to explore. We wanted to experience other countries in South America, other than what we knew. We visited different parts of Chile, Ecuador and Colombia before I decided to pop the question and make it a trip we could never forget! We chose Colombia because it is such a beautiful part of South America that offers a wide variety of cultures. Cartagena was particularly special because it is where I wanted to ask Vanessa to be my wife. With stunning architecture and amazing landscapes, it is truly unique in all aspects. The postcards and travel guides don’t do the city any justice! Seeing the city up close and experiencing the culture was something we just cannot describe. • 69

We stayed in Getsemani inside the Old City. We were in walking distance to the old walls surrounding the city and the beautiful and colourful architecture that it’s famous for. We highly recommend staying anywhere in the Old City because there is so much culture to absorb and many sights to see. It is impossible to choose just one favourite memory from our trip. Torres Del Paine, Chile was truly spectacular. The scenery is untouched and every photo we took looks like a postcard! Galapagos Islands, Ecuador was an amazing experience, from swimming with sharks and sea lions to walking beside giant tortoises. It was amazing to witness the conservation efforts that are being implemented throughout the national park. Lastly, our favourite travel memory of all was getting engaged in the stunning surroundings of Cartagena, Colombia. Thankfully our Flytographer, Juan Felipe, was able to capture those beautiful moments.

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My top tip is to get lost and explore Cartagena by foot! It is the only way to fully experience its beauty. Exploring new cities and immersing ourselves into different cultures was so inspiring. During our photo shoot, our photographer managed to capture the character of the city and us a couple. He showed us around the city and the small places we never would have found without him. The photos he managed to capture for our proposal made our trip special and we will cherish them for years to come. • 73

Exploring Brussels Solo Photos by: Elke in Brussels for Flytographer

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Anand’s story The marvel of Gothic architecture in Brussels was amongst one of the main reasons why I wanted to see this Belgium capital. I was not wrong - there are are incredible masterpieces here which mankind once built on this earth. Meeting new people in your solo trips creates the best memories. You realise that even though cities like Brussels have faced a lot of unpleasant turmoil in recent times, people still are as just as warm and welcoming to strangers. To me that is true victory of humanity.

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Apart from the architecture, yes, I have a sweet tooth and what could be a more heavenly place than Brussels for it! I was spoilt for choices in the city: the waffles, the churros, the hot cocoas and the many exquisite chocolates. Oh my god, there are so many amazing eateries in Brussels. There was a shop next to St. Hubert Gallery where I had the most awesome dark chocolate. I love Flytographer’s service - it is like a gift to solo travellers. I usually travel alone, but never knew that somebody understood this need of a solo traveller until I came upon Flytographer. Elke in Brussels did a wonderful job to give me a pleasant set of memories. This is my third time using Flytographer and I am going to continue to use it again and again! • 79

Flytographer Elke’s Top 5 Local Tips

Must see: One of my favorite places in Brussels is right

near a tourist hotspot, but people rarely stumble upon it. Tropismes is an excellent French bookshop (with a small English selection). It’s well worth visiting even if you don’t like reading. It’s located in a beautiful gallery and the space itself is drop dead gorgeous. I often walk by just to pause and take a look at the splendour. It’s small but oh so pretty. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the gallery with a drink, you’re in luck: there’s an excellent champagne bar right across the hall. Must eat: Eating plenty of waffles and chocolate is high on

most visitor’s lists and I can’t blame them! I find it impossible to resist the creations of Frederic Blondeel, my favorite chocolatier in Brussels. But you can’t survive on sugar alone. Fortunately Brussels has a lot to offer, foodwise. One of the best areas for eating is Place St Catherine and the surrounding streets. A local favorite is De Noordzee. It’s the place to go for fresh fish and seafood. You order several small dishes at the bar, grab a glass of wine, find a place among the tables outside and wait until they call your name. The perfect lunch on a sunny day. Must do: Do you know all the comics Brussels is famous for?

The city center is adorned with huge drawings of them. Get acquainted by walking from one comic book wall to the other. It’s a great way to see different parts of the city.

80 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

Must drink: You can’t visit Brussels and not try some local

beers. Belgians love hanging out in local pubs (we call them cafés). Go and have a drink in one of the plentiful cafés by the popular Saint-Géry square; meet locals in Café Merlo; experience the dark and cosy atmosphere in Goupil le Fol; or wonder at the historic decor of À La Mort Subite. Must experience: Sunday is still a day of rest in Belgium,

but one Brussels area is very much alive: the Marolles. It’s a neighbourhood with a lot of history and character. Look for treasures at the flea market on the Vossenplein, have a drink on a nearby terrace, visit the vintage and antique shops and end the day by taking the elevator to the Palace of Justice for the most beautiful sunset view of downton Brussels. • 81

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Strolling Old Montréal Photos by: Vivian in Montréal for Flytographer • 83

David’s story Montréal has been on our list for a long time, so we were excited to be able to capture some of our trip there through Flytographer. In addition to exploring Old Montréal and the Olympic Village, our main focus was to eat our way through the city and hit some of the culinary highlights the city is known for. This ranged from bagels at St. Viateur to poutine pretty much everywhere to the various fruit and food stands at Jean-Talon Market to some higher-end fare at Nora Gray and Joe Beef. Our meal at Joe Beef was beyond description; definitely one of the top five meals we have ever eaten anywhere! Julie and I are both animal lovers (we have a dog and two cats at home), so of course our first stop was lunch at Café Chat L’Heureux. It was a great little café where cats roam free and basically just try to look cute for all the cat lovers that come to visit. Definitely a unique experience!

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For our trip to Montréal, we wanted to explore areas of the city that were a bit less touristy and more like areas we would frequent if we lived here. This is our fourth session with Flytographer, and again our experience has exceeded all expectations. Vivian was a great tour guide and all-around fun person to hang out with! We learned about areas of Montréal that we never would have experienced if not for her. • 87

Flytog rapher Lauren’s Guide to Paris Photos by: Gonçalo in Paris for Flytographer

Paris, je t’aime. When I had to make a trip to London this past January, I decided that I wanted to tack on at least one other major European city to explore. With a couple of girlfriends on board, we decided that Paris was the perfect location for a girls’ trip. Wine, cheese, croissants, art, and scarves – what’s not to love about Paris? Everyone is impeccably dressed, there is a cheese shop on every corner, directly next to a bakery, and you can’t find a bad glass of wine if you tried. We spent over a week in this historic and entrancing city and I can’t wait to return. Here are a few of my favourite images from the trip that we hired Flytographer to take for us, along with recommendations for your next trip to Paris.

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Anne and I had been anxious to try out EatWith ever since we’d heard about the concept: EatWith’s goal is to bring strangers and travellers together at tables around the world in locals’ homes. You sign up to eat with others and learn about new cultures and food traditions, and Paris seemed like the perfect place to try it out. We absolutely adored our meal with Claudine more than any other meal we had the entire trip. It was incredibly memorable from start to finish – so much so that we ended up inviting her to join us for dinner later that week. I’m feeling thankful to have had such a unique experience and to make a new friend!

90 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

Restaurant Jeanne B in Montmartre feels a bit like stepping into a charming farm-style delicatessen, if that is a thing. Spiraling sausages hang from the ceiling and the dailychanging menu is presented on chalkboards at your table. We enjoyed the experience and the variety so much, it became the only spot we returned to twice on our trip. Le Moulin de la Galette offers modern twists on French classics inside a vintage windmill. The cathedral-like ceiling and mirrored accents make the sparsely decorated Daroco feel extra chic but also warm and cozy somehow. They offer wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta for those looking for a bit of comfort in an incredibly stylish setting. • 91

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Do not confuse Les 110 de Taillevent with its 3-star Michelin rated big brother around the corner. Although, if you do, they are used to it and will simply direct you to where you are supposed to go. Despite showing up late, they will graciously seat you amongst the 110 options for wines by the glass and feed you stunningly prepared food. Our favourite meal in Marais was at Le Dôme du Marais, which feels remarkably like eating in your own private garden. The building was originally utilized as an auction house to fight against poverty thanks to Louis XVI. It is absolutely stunning inside and the food is exquisite to match. We were told by no fewer than 10 people that a drink at Les Philosophes was a must. We spent an extraordinary amount of time at Gisou, partially because it was literally across the street from our flat, but also because it was charming, cozy, had a great staff and an even better bathroom. Bar Hemingway is a must-visit, but only for one drink, because that’s all you can afford! The Bistrologist is perfect for late night cocktails. Their drinks are inventive, the decor dimly lit and intimate, and it feels a bit like a speakeasy. The kitchen also stays open really late if you find yourself wandering the streets and starving at midnight. • 93

After doing a graffiti street tour in Bogota, Colombia, Anne and I have been inspired to find more walking tours, whether street art related or not. Paris actually offers its own street art walking tour hosted by Street Art Paris. They offer tours in Montmartre, the Left Bank, and the one we chose, Belleville. Since we were staying in Montmartre, we thought it would be nice to explore a neighbourhood we weren’t already wandering on our own. The cooking classes at La Cuisine Paris are worth the expense! We participated in the market class, which starts off in a nearby outdoor market. You collectively pick a plan for your meal, shop for ingredients, and then return to the La Cuisine kitchens to prep, cook and share your meal together. It was a wonderful experience and I was even able to come back home and recreate most aspects of the meal on my own from memory! If you’re a wino like me, a wine tasting is a must-do. The classes at O Chateau will walk you through the French vineyards and regions. We walked away with a much greater appreciation of French varietals and their appellation system. Foundation Louis Vuitton is an incredible display of design, colour and architecture designed by Frank Gehry. While we were visiting, they were hosting a travelling exhibit of 130 artworks collected by Sergei Shchukin, on display for the first time outside of Russia. It was a really incredible collection, featuring tons from Matisse and Gauguin, not to mention the building itself.

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Gonçalo was Flytographer’s first-ever photographer hire and I was pretty excited to meet him and have him do a Paris portrait session for us. We ended up having a blast wandering the charming streets of Montmartre with him and another Flytographer photographer, James. We all loved each other’s company so much that, two bars and a meal later, we finally concluded our evening together!

Lauren is a Flytographer based in South Lake Tahoe, USA and is an avid traveller. As someone who is often behind the camera, she has so far booked Flytographer shoots for herself in Bangkok, Porto, Cancun, Budapest and Paris. • 95

Adventures in Hong Kong Photos by: Keith in Hong Kong for Flytographer

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Kaisey’s story My mother and I often travel together. The trip wasn’t really inspired or planned, but it was a spontaneous decision that led to one of the greatest vacations to date. We took plenty of tours on our trip (cultural, culinary, religious, and artisan tours). The culinary tour was by far the most unusual and unforgettable. I won’t divulge all the details of the foods we tried, but I can now cross off eating “frog vagina soup” from my bucket list. The Flytographer shoot with Keith was definitely a highlight of this trip to Hong Kong and one of the best souvenirs ever! My mother and I don’t have many pictures together when we travel since one is usually taking pictures of the other. Now, we have a gallery of photos to cherish forever. The photos are perfect in every way. I’ve actually made plans for a second shoot in another destination! • 99

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Miami Bachelorette Photos by: Kristy & Vic in Miami for Flytographer • 101

Michelle’s story I decided to go to Miami for my bachelorette party as I was traveling with 11 hard-working and exhausted attorneys, and we all definitely needed a vacation! It was a great choice: enjoying the beautiful weather and beaches in Florida was exactly what we needed. We stayed at The Miami Beach EDITION and barely left the hotel. Everything that we needed was there: the private beach, pool, and amazing restaurants. We did wander off a couple of nights, but it really wasn’t worth it when everything we needed was “on campus.” While we did enjoy South Beach nightlife, the most important thing for us was to relax and catch up with old friends; some of the girls hadn’t seen each other in years (and you do really get reacquainted fast when rubbing bug repellent on each other - we were there during the Zika outbreak!). It wound up being this fabulous reunion, with the beach as our backdrop. It was clear we needed a photographer to capture our special moments.

102 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel • 103

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One of our funniest moments happened during the photoshoot. We brought a bottle of champagne to open and spray, just so the photographers could get a fun shot. So we shook the bottle to make sure it’d make a big splash when we uncorked it ... however, we when we opened the champagne, nothing happened! Half of our photos are us laughing through tears over this massive fail. We had a great time using Flytographer for my bachelorette party in Miami. A few of my girlfriends were hesitant at first, but once we started taking photos, everyone was into it, having fun and making goofy faces. It wound up being the highlight of our trip, and a fantastic way to capture an amazing memory. • 105

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Romantic Reunion in Vienna Photos by: Natascha in Vienna for Flytographer • 107

Paris’ Story Paul and I have always been long distance. We knew going into it that’s what it would be, so our entire relationship has been a lot of travelling back and forth. On a normal day, we are separated by about 3000 miles - he resides on the west coast of the US, and I on the east. Each visit is incredibly special and time spent together is never taken for granted. Looking back at pictures after we’ve each gone our separate ways again is one of the most comforting means of coping. Our anniversary was coming up, as was his birthday, and I kind of decided since we already fly quite a bit for our reunions, why not just literally go the extra mile to have a grand adventure in an all-new location? So that’s exactly what we did.

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We spent four days in Germany and four in Austria before returning to the States. My favorite memory from the time we spent there is a toss-up between trying the Oktoberfest sampler platter at a little restaurant under the Glockenspiel (I famously despise most pork, so Paul and I had a good laugh about trying all of the different types of sausage. But hey, I did it!) and strolling through the seemingly never-ending street market in Vienna. We tried lots of different foods (I loved all the fresh produce!), picked up some handmade souvenirs, and sent out postcards to our families back home. At the end of the trip, we also sent a postcard to each other so we would have something postmarked from Germany to serve as a simple yet over-the-top sentimental keepsake. • 109

Everyone knows my boyfriend does not like having his picture taken. So much of our relationship goes undocumented, but for this trip, I really wanted photos that encapsulated the bond we share and the precious time we have to be together. I wanted to capture the romance and the beauty of the little things that are too often overlooked in a typical “see-youevery-day” kind of relationship, like walking side by side, hand-in-hand, getting to take in the same view together.

110 • PASSPORT | The Magic of Travel

Our Flytographer shoot was the best experience. Natascha felt like an old friend, and she really took the time to point out cool spots and hidden gems around the city. I could tell the conversation helped put Paul at ease and make him feel more comfortable. It was much more relaxed than I could have hoped for, and I love the resulting photos. They are so special and really captured the essence of our relationship as well as the surrounding distinctive landmarks of Vienna. • 111

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Flytographer Passport Magazine Vol2  

Capture the Magic of Travel with our customer stories and beautiful travel photos. SPRING 2017

Flytographer Passport Magazine Vol2  

Capture the Magic of Travel with our customer stories and beautiful travel photos. SPRING 2017