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Nยบ #21 - DICIEMBRE 2013


After fly fishing, photographing and filming in over 35 countries, I have come to realise what a real treasure chest we have in Spain. I am committed to your knowing all about my home waters. Fly fishing in the fresh and saltwaters of Spain is amazing, from trout, atlantic salmon or sea trout to carp, barbel, wels catfish, pike, bass, bonito, bluefish, tuna and even white marlin.

Spain on the Fly is a specialised company dedicated to organizing

your custom fishing trip to Spain, in collaboration with some of the best and most experienced guides in the country. JosĂŠ H. Weigand Certified Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor

A different way to make your fishing trip customized for you to get the best of Spain

It is true that many foreign anglers know about trout fishing in Spain through the popularity of the Pyrenees, and really they are spectacular, but there is much more to be discovered across the country, as far south as Andalusia. Throughout the entire territory there are many trout waters from freestone rivers, chalk streams, lakes and reservoirs where you can catch wild brown trout and rainbows. Because of the weather and the type of rivers abundant hatches occur and you can fish both either dry fly and nymph or streamer. * In addition, sea trout can be fished for in northern Spain and there are a few chances for Atlantic salmon.


From spring to mid-October brown trout (salmo trutta fario) are fished for in rivers of all kinds, but there are many chalk streams and freestones. This is where the dry fly fishing and, especially nymph fishing is of utmost importance. The center and north of the country are where there are more and most different rivers. Lowland and medium to high mountain rivers nestled in natural landscapes of great beauty witnesses to really a important cultural past, where the Romanesque and Gothic arts take on a special role, and some of these rivers are also crossed by the famous St. James Pilgrim’s Way. Fly fishing for trout in Spain is not only about catching fish, is also inviting as one of the cradles of the fly fishing world. Season: April-October

Freestone rivers, chalk streams, lakes and reservoirs all around the country

They call it the “golden bonefish” and it really is like a “freshwater relative” to bonefish. The barbel is one of the most abundant fish in Spain and every one of the species is really attractive. Three of them are most notable, the common barbel, the comizo and the gypsy. Older specimens can exceed 10 kilos (22lb) although their average weight is (depending on the area) at about 4 pounds. There´s sight fishing, stalking, walking the shores in search of these fish patrolling the shallows and feeding on surface or “tailing” like bonefish. It is one of the few fish that often allow us to suddenly see the backing on the reel. Foam flies that imitate terrestrials and nymphs, crayfish and prey fish imitations are the best options. Can you imagine a “golden bonefish” day with dozens of catches or having a fish of 6-8 pounds at the end of your line? Want to try for a “golden bonefish” Grand Slam? Go to the next page.

o e d i v ” s e n “golden bo


In some parts of the country it is possible to catch these three real gems in the same waters. We call it the “Golden Grand Slam” and you can get and even surpass that with a “Golden Super Grand Slam”, adding to the list the largemouth bass and carp on the same day’s fishing. Interesting, right? It’s all sight fishing and in some of the most beautiful and wild sierras of southern Spain, where nature is at its greatest splendor with deer, wild boar and eagles as witnesses. Season: March-November


This could be termed the “new gold rush”. There is a great love for carp fly fishing worldwide. In Spain, with the arrival of the bleak, carp behavior has changed and it’s common to see attacks on baitfish schools as though they were marine predators. Widely distributed in the country, carp are found mostly all year around. Bring #7-8 weight rods because carp grow up to large sizes. Sight casting to 10-20 pound carp is one of the most intense experiences in freshwater fly fishing. Bring your fly reels loaded with 100 yards, more than once you´ll see it all ripped off your reel! There are two main varieties of carp. Common and Mirror carp. Both grow to large sizes. Apart from bleak and crawfish as their main food, carp anglers also use bait for them with boilies and pellets so over recent years their weight and size has increased, that´s an advantage for fly anglers. Its wide distribution means that even if you are traveling on business in a major city like Madrid, you can catch them at a short half hour drive, although it is best to plan a few days of fishing and add other species from different locations. Season: March-November

the NEW GOLD RUSH! sight fishing with baitfish imitations

Largemouth bass on the fly and especially surface flies like deer hair bugs is the equivalent of dry fly fishing for trout. Traditional and excellent fishing. In Spain there are several of the best places in Europe to catch them and their abundance and size increases every year. It is possible to catch them virtually all year round in several Spanish regions, especially in central and southern peninsula. It is also possible to fly fish for other species in the same waters as carp, barbel and northern pike. If you have already fished for largemouth bass you will have the chance to get a big one and if it is your first time, you won´t forget it. Ideal for combining with other species, even with saltwater fly fishing during the week. Season: March-November


The end of summer marks one of the most prolific fishing seasons in the waters of the Straits of Gibraltar with the arrival of the flying fish. Few natural spectacles are as impressive as the flight of these magnificent fish escaping from predators. Both move at high speed and you need to follow them with the boat. Once in the hunting area there are only a few opportunities to cast and then start again. Bonito, barracuda, amberjack, bluefish or sea bass are the main predators in the area. Bonito hunt on the surface early and late in the day, basically fleeing from bright sunlight. Streamers are attacked even before touching the water, that’s how fast barracuda hunt flying fish. Season: August-November


Also there are chances of different saltwater species such as sea bass, bluefish, amberjack, leerfish or snapper, and at specific times bluefin tuna and white marlin. Southern Spain is a great area for white marlin fly fishing, close to the famous area of Morocco where several world records have been caught. Season: August-November

WHITE MARLIN on the fly!

* If you or any of your companions want to use another type of fishing such as spinning or trolling do not worry, we can also do so. As an additional service, we also offer the possibility of making a professional video of your fishing trip and a photographic portfolio. Please contact me to design your custom trip and host you on your Spanish adventure. You will discover a Spain quite attractive for fly fishing and will enjoy all the best aspects of our country, such as culture, climate, food, wine and friendly people. JosĂŠ H. Weigand -

We have a wide range of accommodation available, from stately homes to private estates, and an extensive network of hotels, where we can find the best to suit your needs, always close to the fishing grounds. You will find the perfect place to unwind and relax after the day’s fishing and with immediate access to cultural life and leisure activities of the area. We can count on our professional colleagues to provide the best accommodation and amenities to make your stay in Spain unforgettable. Besides quality fishing, Spain offers unique and very attractive tourist and cultural attractions.

In partnership with Greatness Homes Collection we offer several private estates. Also there are a wide range of hotels and cottages throughout the entire territory

We offer alternative activities for fishermen and their non-fishing companions from Golf, Cultural Visits, Shopping, Pure Flamenco, Horseback riding excursions and Equestrian Shows, Haute Cuisine, Birdwatching, Wine Tastings or Sailing, to other activities to make your visit to Spain unforgettable.

there are many different alternative activities Ideal to combine with fishing and very attractive for non-fishing companions


“José is the consummate guide to fly fishing Spain, from high mountain trout to the wild “Pepe H. Weigand is a true professional in coastal salt. every aspect of angling. He is an editor, producer, TV presenter and an excellent His recommendation of guides for me fisherman, who has dedicated the last two far exceeded my expectations. He went decades of his life to promoting, extending beyond the call of duty, in translating by and celebrating catch and release fishing cell phone, between my guide and myself during my fishing excursion, resulting in an in Spain and around the world. For many incredible experience I’ll never forget. I will years he was fishing editor and presented the angling section of the TV channel “Caza return!” y Pesca” for Canal+ and is currently running the online angling magazine Flymage, Wanda Taylor while at the same time, organising angling adventures in Spain for fishermen from all TFO rods Advisory Team Member over the world. 1st Woman certified Master casting It is a real honour for me to work with him instructor by the IFFF in the world and to take part in his various angling Guide and Instructor for Taylor & Taylor Fine projects.” Fly Fishing Experiences

John Langridge, Angler & Writer

“Over several years, I have had a wonderful writing and publishing relationship with Pepe, so it was a great pleasure to finally have the opportunity to meet and fish with him on a recent holiday in Spain. It is not rare to encounter individuals within the global fly fishing community who have a deep passion, or a creative eye, or an innovation style, or the technical skill and deep love of the history and tradition of fly fishing, but it is rare to meet someone who encompasses all of these traits. It is equally rare to meet someone so humble and generous with their time and knowledge. I hold the highest regard for Pepe as a fly fisherman, artist, conservationist, and a compassionate advocate for all that is fly fishing. “ Ray Montoya, Angler & Writer

“I know Pepe since 20 years now, he has been one of my first fishing buddies when I got to Spain and he still is. When I started fishing with him, since I haven’t had a fly fishing companion (I’m a lure fisherman) I didn’t know whether he was really good or it was me who didn’t know much about it but soon I had the confirmation he knew a heck about the technique and he was a master fly fishing angler, one of the finest I met around the world. Pepe showed me around Spain through the 20 years we fished together, we waded most of the lakes and rivers I still fish today and shared hundreds of photos, laugh and nice fish, the only thing I didn’t like much is that he would usually catch more pike than me, and this, you have to admit, is unbearable... Apart from being TV host in Spain’s Caza & Pesca TV channel, he’s a talented photographer, video producer and skillful fishing guide apart from being great fun, that is always a plus. I would have no doubts in recommending him as your guide here in Spain, having been in this business for almost 15 years now and having been myself a tropical fishing guide I wouldn’t know anyone better that him for this task.“

Nicola Zingarelli -

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