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A good workman usually comes with good tools.

This is valid for any business adding gardening. Even when you are gardening from time to time, the quality of our tools and supplies have an effect on our productivity towards functions to perform. For me personally the equipment of garden are really important. I really feel that I want to discuss about the choice of gardener tools and supplies.

Firstly: I try not to utilize any electrical machine excepting the lawn mower. This preference is guided by my working ways, that are incompatible with using a rototiller eg culture mounds, extensive mulching, earth-friendly fertilizers, I avoid turning the earth due to the fact that it is destroying garden soil structure ... I think these techniques help in the gardening even with a relatively large backyard.

2nd point: I choose robust and ergonomic gear. For gardening, employ few gears but picked attentively "I am not really rich too much to get cheaper equipment", this is what an aged farmer said to me. The usage of my favorite equipment is "excessive", I try to find tools and equipment that resist. This is actually the case since I use the exact fork, the same spade. For over ten years. In the vast majority of garden supermarket there are various relatively costly tools and equipment, not solid and very ergonomic ... I projected to propose for you what I thought to be "great tools" for gardener. Except their robustness these equipment are ergonomic. When you spend too much time in indoor garden, it is crucial to be relaxed using these types of tools and extremely to prevent back trouble.

Thirdly: I use very few equipment. I guess it is possible to begin gardening by using six equipments. Excluding the wheelbarrow, bucket and glove, I exclusively utilize the following materials:  


Trowel: My selected trowel is "in theory" transplanting trowel but I find it so wonderful that I use it for weeding, planting, splitting, transplantation... Hoe: I have a preference for the "Dutch Hoe". This gadget in my opinion is the most important just after the fork. However I guess that trying it, is adopt it. It's a tool that will work in "simple" conditions; strength isn't a deciding element! Spade: The spade is needed to charge the barrow, to easily delineate borders, to dig paths, digging holes for tree and shrub planting, and more.

  

Pruning: possess a good pruning, at the same time hand-held, having a blade of good quality, intuitive it is also wonderful. Rake: The rake is essential to the garden. This tool does not cause problems, you may already know. This item is less "used" or in other words it is for simple operations, the choice is less primordial. Fork: this is exactly for me the most important tool in my garden. I regularly use it and for lots of functions. If you have to "make an investment" in a tool, think twice of the choice of your fork.

You realize that the quantity of tools and equipment is sincerely little crucial. You understand we try to possess a productive garden at the most affordable possible. You don't have to fill a garage with many different equipment, extremely solid, non-ergonomic that we don't use!

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Gardening with significant equipment  

Gardening with significant equipment : new ideas about tools to use in your garden.

Gardening with significant equipment  

Gardening with significant equipment : new ideas about tools to use in your garden.