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Magazine Winter Issue 2017

Steph Hann & True Celebre winning CIC 1* Reynella Horse Trials

Also in this issue: Focus on our young riders in all equestrian disciplines News on EA recent Rule Changes Interschool TEAM SA set for Nationals in Qld!

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winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 3

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Carriage Driving






Jumping SA


Show horse


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Cover image Steph Hann & True Celebre winning CIC 1* Photo Credit: Hilary Hann Atkins Photography Produced by More Design Studio For Equestrian South Australia. August 2017

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Chairperson’s News report

4 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Equestrian SA Chair Report risk of boring you I repeat them to keep my KPI’s in front of you. They are financial accountability; governance: member engagement; culture and promotion of equestrian.

Joe Hooper, Board Chair, Equestrian South Australia

Dear Members, It has been 2 months since my last newsletter and I am pleased to keep you posted on your Boards activity and what is happening in ESA land! The Board has continued with the priority of getting our ‘house in order’. Many of the concerns of the past have related to transparency and accountability and as members you need to know what your ESA is up to. We totally understand and respect that wish and as a member myself, I seek the same. Communication is the foundation to any good relationship and this newsletter is part of the relationship building necessary to keep us all united. I have previously spoken about the key tasks I have set myself for my time as Chair. At the

On the financial front, as promised, we have moved our accounting platform from QuickBooks to Xero. This has caused headaches and long hours with several staff and Board members assisting in the recording and reconciliations. This task was made more difficult because we redesigned over 640 line items to less and 250! We are currently running both QuickBooks and Xero in parallel until September to be absolutely sure we have no transcribing errors. This will allow our auditors to see both records and double check our financials. An extensive exercise you will agree but necessary to have confidence that the transition is successful. An important feature is that the financial records can be accessed externally from anywhere once authorisation is approved. Not exactly exciting perhaps from a member perspective but from a governance and management perspective it’s a big advance. My sincere gratitude to Stuart Platt, Chair of our finance, audit and risk management committee, for steering this activity and Sharon, Christine and all the staff and board members who pitched in to help. Our governance workshop for discipline Chairs and others was a truly successful day and we appreciated the support we received from the Department of Recreation and Sport and Mr Tim White, who facilitated the sessions. Some of the key findings include

a call for further skills workshops on such things as chairing meetings; setting budgets and minutes and agenda setting. We need to update our induction pack for new committee members, including pro-forma templates for agendas and minutes, action lists and an updated delegations policy. Many Chairs reported having meetings that went to long. Keeping members ‘on topic’ and concluding meetings within 2 hours is the goal! Thank you to all those who attended and more workshops are being planned for later this year. Member engagement is always critical and how we can best serve you so you can keep doing the things you love in equestrian is our aim. Naturally with the small resources of our office we are restricted, so getting the biggest bang for your buck is our goal! We are open and ready to listen to what you want from your ESA. To this end I will be proposing we undertake a member survey to give you the opportunity to have your say….I encourage you to join in the discussion. Results will be reported to the Board and back to you our members. Tell us how we can do better…..much more productive than Facebook! Other areas the Board is working on is our strategic planning and working with Equestrian Australia. It is always a challenge in a federated model but it is critical that all parts of the association work in unison and with common goals for members. At a recent meeting with all State, Territory and EA Chairs present we discussed state concerns and issues around promotion of equestrian, sponsorship challenges, financial security, our structure and importantly more opportunities for development of our grass roots membership. There was much common ground between the states and it was a very useful forum which should be continued on a bi-annual basis. I also had the pleasure of hosting a most productive discipline chairs meeting recently. The information sharing and the

collaboration between all disciplines was terrific and shows what we can achieve together. I very much was the ‘student’ and listening not only to the many challenges faced by the dedicated committee members but possible solutions to make things easier. I am hoping for regular meetings and see this important group as being able to be supported to have more connection with the Boards activities and becoming an important part of the ESA planning and decision making process. The ESA Office has identified certain grant opportunities and been successful in securing additional funding. Now for some terrific news on some developments we have been working on. First is from the Office of Recreation and Sport for Equestrian Equitation; this includes regional coaching clinics and a Young Rider Expo. The regional clinics will have a slightly different approach to what has been previously offered including how to improve your dressage scores, hints and tips on riding a show jumping course, cross country course walk and how to present the competition horse for the ring. These topics are designed to increase confidence in our riders as well as improve skills and encourage their ongoing participation in the sport. We have also been fortunate in securing funding for some much needed ‘off horse’ training sessions. This funding will be shared amongst all disciplines and include some education in skills not immediately considered by our young riders. Some topics under consideration at present are psychological approaches to competition, physical care of the rider and media skills. ESA has also secured additional funding for the 3 Olympic discipline squads and more news on this will be coming to members. In the meantime I hope you are all keeping warm in this winter season and I wish you all success in the equestrian activities….stay safe! Joe Hooper, Board Chair Equestrian South Australia

Chairperson’s News report

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 5

6 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017



Equestrian SA & Sportspass This year we have combined with a company called SportsPass to bring our members extra benefits that you get for free! When you renew your Equestrian SA membership you will receive an email from SportsPass with some simple steps of how to sign up with them to receive your membership card which you can then use to receive the SportsPass benefits. You will receive the email within 7-10 days of renewing. In the meantime, keep a copy of the receipt you receive from Nominate as an ‘interim’ membership card.

If you are registering multiple dependents under the same email address and have only received 1 unique membership code please contact SportsPass on the email address below to receive any extra codes that may be needed.

If you do not have an email address to be able to receive your unique code, please contact the Equestrian SA office and we will be happy to assist you.

The steps to register are as follows: 1. Visit the Sportspass/Equestrian SA Website equestrian-south-australia 2. To create your account click on the ‘Register’ button 3. An announcement page will load and from there select the ‘click here’ which is half way down the page 4. Click ‘Start’ and fill in the questions that follow 5. At question 2, enter Equestrian South Australia 6. At question 3, enter your Unique Membership Code that was provided on the email 7. Once you have registered you will receive another email from SportsPass within 7-10 days which will include your membership card

2017 FEI World Dressage Challenge Expressions of interest are now open for the Australian leg of the 2017 FEI World Dressage Challenge to be held at Boneo Park 17th October 2017. The FEI World Dressage Challenge is designed to create a ‘bridge” between the National level and the first FEI level of International competition. This is Australia’s inaugural year in the long running FEI competition.

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 7

The FEI World Dressage Challenge Competition classes are open to a maximum of 40 starters across all five classes with the Organising Committee and National Selectors to determine the number in each. The FEI World Dressage Challenge will be conducted on Tuesday 17th October 2017 at Boneo Park, Victoria. Event information and Nomination forms are attached below along with the FEI World Challenge Rules. 2017 FEI World Dressage Challenge Rules default/files/2017_WCHA-D_Rules_Clean_ Version%5B1%5D.pdf 2017 FEI World Dressage Challenge Information files/World_Dressage_Challenge_Information.pdf 2017 World Dressage Challenge Nomination Form files/World_Dressage_Challenge_EOI.pdf

National Jumping rules change on the 12th July 2017 The National Jumping rule changes will come into effect on 12 July 2017. This is to allow a period for members to familiarise themselves with the changes. You can view the current, future and a summary of the Jumping Rules and changes by clicking below: Summary_of_Jumping_Rules_ Changes_12072017.pdf EA_National_Jumping_Rules_ MARKEDversion_13072017.pdf

EA_National_Jumping_Rules_ CLEANversion_13072017.pdf Current Jumping Rules

National Eventing Rule Changes There have been two changes made to the National Eventing Rules. These rules will come into effect immediately as they relate to safety within the sport. You can view the clean and marked version of the National Eventing Rules as well as a summary of the these rule changs by clicking below: 2017_Summary_of_Eventing_Rules_ Changes_17072017.pdf EA_National_Eventing_Rules_ MARKEDversion_17072017.pdf EA_National_Eventing_Rules_ CLEANversion_17072017.pdf Current Eventing Rules

Inclusion of 7yo Young Horse Competitions in the 2017 EA Dressage Rules effective 1 July 2017 Following the FEI introduction of the 7yo Young Dressage Horse classes in 2016, now held at the Longines FEI/WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses, the EA Dressage rules have now been updated. As the Young Dressage Horse/Pony season in Australia runs from 1 July to 30 June it is a priority for the 7yo Young Dressage Horse structure to be effective from this date. The 7yo class is a vital “stepping stone” for these horses (training currently at EA Advanced level) into the FEI Small Tour programme (Prix St. Georges and Intermediate I), the precursor to FEI Big Tour competition.


The event offers five performance levels and two age groups (12-16 and 16 years of age and above). Intermediate, Prix St Georges, Advanced, Medium and Elementary competitions will be staged and there will be two Classifications – Individual and Team.


8 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

With the judging of these classes by trained FEI and EA Young Horse judges, all parties will receive the best feedback on their horse’s progress towards success at these higher levels. You can view the Dressage Rules that will take effect on 1 July 2017 by clicking below:

Details • Australian riders are eligible • Riders must be current financial members of Equestrian Australian to be eligible • Performances can be from any official competition files/EA_Dressage_Rules_CLEAN_010717.pdf

• Only Official overall scores will be eligible (not individual judge’s scores)

Marked Version here.

• Performance medals will be presented at the Australian Dressage Championships

2017 National Dressage Performance Gold Medals The Equestrian Australia Dressage Committee is once again supporting a special Gold Medal System to recognise outstanding performances throughout the year. National Dressage Performance Gold Medals will be awarded to horse/rider combinations which obtain the following results during the qualifying period, outlined below. Gold Medals: Novice or Elementary level 3 performances of 75% or more at each level Medium or Advanced level 3 performances of 70% or more at each level PSG or Inter I (small tour) 3 performances of 70% or more across the small tour Inter A or Inter B (medium tour) 3 performances of 70% or more across the small tour Inter II or Grand Prix (big tour) 3 performances of 70% or more across the big tour

• H/C results are not eligible • Freestyle results are not eligible The qualifying period is 10 September 2016 – 13 September 2017 (This is the closing date of entries for the Australian Dressage Championships up to and including the next closing date of entries for the Australian Dressage Championships). Medals will be presented at the 2017 Martin Collins Australian Dressage Championships on Saturday 21st October at Boneo Park. 2017_Dressage_Performance_Medals_Form.docx Nominations for the National Dressage Performance Gold Medals are to be received no later than 25 September 2017 via email to

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 9

Ron Patterson – Coaches/Judges Workshop Importance of riding and how it influences the training & dressage test. Ron Patterson Judge Educator, Rider and Coach Educator will be presenting a workshop. When: Friday 8th September Where: Equestrian SA Board Room Time: 7.00pm Registration on the night for Coaches and Judges. Free event! Yes no charge to Coaches/Judges for a professional development opportunity! All Members are welcome to attend. Come along and learn how to influence your horse. This will be a social event as well as learning event!


Free Workshop Opportunity!


10 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Nicole Berry & Danson Debonair. Photo credit Emma Woolman Photography

Dressage Welcome to winter! We hope that your paddocks are enjoying the rain, and that you’ve been able to get some rides in. Things have been rolling along with the Dressage SA committee. This month we welcomed a new committee member, Samantha Dossett, who put her hand up to come on board and fill a vacancy on the committee. Welcome Samantha – we look forward to your input, and thank you for volunteering!

Squads The mid-year intake of the Pryde’s EasiFeed SA Dressage Squad has now been announced. Congratulations to all of those

successful in being named amongst this very talented group! We welcome some new members, as well as retaining some of the originally named combinations. Please refer to the full list of all Squad riders named elsewhere in this publication. We look forward to a second half of 2017 filled with teamwork, growth, progression and encouragement to keep SA dressage moving forward and hopefully we will see an SA Team at the Australian Dressage Championships to be held at Boneo Park in October. Thanks must also go to Lorraine and Heather of Shield Insurance who are generous sponsors of the squads and dressage in SA for their continued support of the sport.

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 11

Senior FEI Squad



Fairbanks Picasso

Senior FEI Squad



Astek Gymnast

Senior FEI Squad



Ponderosa Stud Lucious

Senior FEI Squad




Senior FEI Squad



Don Duchovny

Senior Advancement Squad




Senior Advancement Squad



Revelwood Showtime

Senior Advancement Squad



Heatherton Park Cinzano

Senior Advancement Squad




Senior Advancement Squad



Hudson Kavalier

Senior Progression Squad




Senior Progression Squad



HV Sonnet

Senior Progression Squad



Cooramin Rialto Hit

Senior Progression Squad



Roxleigh Fidelio

Senior Progression Squad



Donna Dior 1

Senior Progression Squad



Udon JV

Senior Progression Squad



Wunder Black 59

Senior Progression Squad



Bluefields Honduras

Senior Progression Squad




Youth Squad Youth Squad



Promise R

Youth Squad



Ellangowan First Edition

Youth Squad



True Celebre

Youth Squad



Danson Cooparum

Youth Squad



Tarrandene Forte

Youth Squad



Danson Debonair

youth Squad



Ibn Ky Xquisit

Youth Squad



Fire and Magic

Youth Squad



Der Von Wedel

Youth Squad



Fairlight Acres Posh

Youth Squad



Euroz Jinks

Above: Photo Credit Lorraine Wohling


Senior Squad


12 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

SA Dressage Judges Committee

Swabbing Levy Update

The SA Dressage Judges Committee is moving forward at a rapid pace, with some great initiatives coming up. Please keep an eye on the DSA Facebook page for details on upcoming events which will be promoted as they arise. Most recently, a C/D seminar on 22 July was held at McLaren Park, presented by Wendy Hunt and Pru Foletta, as well as a G seminar on 30th July with Erica Taylor and Liz Duncan at Kersbrook Equestrian Centre. We would like to encourage as many riders, coaches and spectators to attend these sessions to improve their knowledge of judging and what judges are looking for. Well done also to the dressage community in the South East who will be hosting an E/F Seminar with Helen Heagney in Mt Gambier on 5/6 August. Please see the SADJC section for full details.

You may have seen information relating to the proposed new Swabbing Strategy. It is our priority to work with SA’s Dressage Clubs to ensure that this strategy best serves all the clubs and their members, and competitors – both EA and Club members, and we are not comfortable proceeding with this until we have agreement from all clubs with regards to the Swabbing Strategy.

The SADJC has also welcomed new members and we thank these volunteers for putting up their hand! It is wonderful to see such experience and enthusiasm, and we feel confident the ranks of judges will continue to grow. The Committee now comprises of Wendy Hunt, Naomi Mashford, Verity Hayman, Liz Duncan, Prue Foletta, and Fiona Heysen.

Above: Participants at Virginia Creed Clinic 3

It goes without saying that Horse Welfare is at the top of everyone’s priority list and we believe that everyone fundamentally agrees with moving this policy forward, and therefore, it is extremely important that we work through the issues that have presented themselves through a process and as a group in a transparent fashion. More information has been provided to your Clubs Rep on the details, so please feel free to ask for further information through them, or directly to DSA. We feel that the Swabbing Strategy is a very important step forward for the South Australian Dressage Community and it is apparent that this is a truly proactive policy and SA will be recognized for leading the way and taking control of Horse Welfare, with other states following in our footsteps with a similar policy.

Horses Mouth | 13 winter 2017 | From the 13

DSA Survey Thank you to everyone who took part in the recent DSA Survey! We had a fantastic response, with some very clear results. This information will help to inform initiatives and decisions for the committee, so we really do thank everyone for their responses. You can find the survey results on the DSA section of the ESA website – we encourage everyone to have a read, as there are some interesting results.


We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause with competition entries as we are aware that the swabbing levy has already been added to many entry forms. Thank you to those riders who came forward to express their support of this strategy; we look forward to launching this as soon as possible. Above: Cooper Oborn & HV Sonnett. Photo credit Lorraine Wohling

Above: Shelley Arnold & Dolcetto. Photo credit Lorraine Wohling

Performance Medals Don’t forget that the ESA Performance Medal scheme is still in place! You can find full information on how to apply for your Gold, Silver or Bronze medals on the DSA section of the ESA website. Or, contact DSA with any queries. This is a great initiative designed to reward riders, and encourage celebrating your achievements, so why not send your application in. As always, the DSA committee is an open and friendly bunch ready to chat about your queries any time. You can contact any of the members (listed on the DSA page) any time, or email us on

Above: Skylar McFarlane & Der Von Wedel. Photo credit Emma Woolman Photography

Above: Lorraine Wohling & Forever Royal. Photo credit Emma Woolman Photography

Happy riding!

Above: Verity Hayman & Heathmont Roulette. Photo credit Emma Woolman Photography

Carriage driving

14 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Jackie Boyd at the Angas Harness Dressage Competition.

Carriage driving in SA is steadily growing Carriage driving in SA is steadily growing, with a small but very dedicated band of drivers and supporters we continue expose our sport to the broader equestrian community.

dressage judges into our discipline Wendy Hunt, Pru Copping and Elizabeth Duncan all very well respected within the dressage community, I’m sure we will all benefit from their vast experience, and knowledge.

Some of our drivers cross over into different disciplines often with the same horse, proving just how versatile the horses can be. Driven dressage requires the same quality of paces flexion and cadance that the ridden horses demonstrate. Its with this in mind that we welcome three new

The carriage driving discipline will host several events over the next twelve months, from driven dressage competitions, training days hosted by Angas Harness Driving Club, and our main drawcard being, the Carriage Driving Classic in conjunction with the Mitsubishi Motors Australian Int

3DE, 19th November 2017. This is a great opportunity to showcase carriage driving at such a superb venue. The Adelaide Royal Show is fast approaching with several members competing in various harness classes from turnout to ride and drive, and everything inbetween. The obstacle and cones is always a drawcard allowing drivers to have some fun and games during the show. This year we also welcome another junior driver under the watchful eye of his grandmother, we will see Morgan Lindh making his debut at the Royal Show.

Rhys Vaudin at the Angas Harness Dressage Competition.

Earlier this year another of our junior drivers Rhys Vaudin was nominated for National Young Athlete of the year. Rhys was also lucky enough to win the junior driver scholarship award for SA, so Rhys is well on his way to bigger and better things, with the Adelaide Royal Show coming up I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more him, well done Rhys. None of these events can happen without volunteers and of course drivers, the driving force behind them is our close knit committee and Chair Mrs Anne Lindh.

Carriage driving

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 15


16 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Eventing out and about Reynella Horse Trials 29/04/2017 Reynella dressage & jumping arena looked a picture with freshly painted white fencing and the AI3DE judges boxes, lots of work done by OC in addition to the extra stresses of running the cancelled October CIC’s (& paying the FEI fee twice !) New fences XC were a brush to a wide ditch to a narrow brush combination for the star classes and different questions at the water involving a jump in across short way to two steps out to a narrow brush - also beautifully presented by CD, Wayne Copping.

Above: 2nd Sarah Clark & LV Balou Jeanz. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Results CIC 1* was won by Steph Hann & True Celebre, on a roll completing three wins in a row ! Sarah Clark and her recent New Zealand import LV Balou Jeanz, was second and Emily Nettle & Cash Cab came in third in their first attempt at 1*. Above: Emily Nettle & Cash Cab 3rd. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

CIC 2* became a quinella for Luke Jones, in the lead all the way from dressage, as both his horses scorched around the Cross Country and show jumped double clear with Proclaimer winning from Music. Sarah Clark & Aremdale Donn Piatt were penalised 50 penalties when adjudged to have not correctly passed fully between the flags at an obstacle – no longer elimination, but a hefty 50 instead of 20 for a run out, represented & jumped again.

Above: Steph Hann winning CIC 1* drops into water. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

CNC 2.5 * (doing the 3* dressage & jumping but 2* XC) had Megan Jones & Kirby Park Impress as expected in the lead on 46.6

dressage and double clear SJ - but a very ‘blonde moment’ saw Megan gallop past a fence on course that she had successfully jumped on her earlier mount – omitting it entirely to score a big E ! Even our top riders can have an off moment. This left Jaimie Stichel & Image Blue Ice, who had done an excellent dressage for 51.1, well in the lead from Rebecca McCrae & Hi Tide, a Victorian now working for Megan, with Megan & KP Invader bringing up the rear in third, behind both her ‘star pupils’.

EVA80 had two divisions with Ella Rowlands & Forestway Bewitched winning Div 1 from Abigail Dibb & Kirby Park Northern Lights and Megan Jones & KP Irish Mink while Danni Hampton & colourful Viscount Visage won Div 2 from Cathy Haensel & Caribou Sam with the evergreen pony Mighty Murphy & Chelsea Clarke in third.

EVA105 was won by Rachelle Verma & Koyuna Dark Sun (‘Mr Consistent’ finally broke his run of seconds) from Ashleigh Westcott & Cloverash Mirror Image with Sarah Warren & Shropshires Big Ben in third.

Interstate & on the same weekend was both Ballarat HT & Sydney 3DE

Above: Rachelle Verma & Koyuna Dark Sun wins EVA 105. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

EVA65 - Jade Kluske & Kenlock Super Finess was 1st, Jessica McDade 2nd and Jaimie Stichel & Veuve Cliquot 3rd .

The only SA rider at Sydney was Megan Jones with Kirby Park Impress in CCI3* (where an uncharacteristic run out meant retiring to re route to Melbourne) and KP Invader finished midfield in CCI2*. Several SA riders trekked to Ballarat seeking CIC qualifications for Melbourne 3DE, where Rebecca Martin & Jaybee Amigo unfortunately had too many SJ rails after a double clear XC and Emily Nettle & Cash Cab too many glance offs and Andrew Everest one refusal so finishing 25th , 26th Emily and 17th Bec in CIC 1* Div 1. Jaimie Stichel & KP Irish One were 17th in CIC 1* Div 2. and Jaimie had a good 4th placing on Image Blue Ice in CIC 3*. Danni Hampton was 10th in EVA105 Div 1 and Connie Miller & Don Roccardo 12th. Courtney Munro & Aylestone Park Apple Blossom won EVA105 Div 3 and Kate Bailey & Acacia Ridge Beau Dancer were 18th.

Above: Ashleigh Westcott & Cloverash Mirror Image 2nd. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

EVA95 saw another quinella this time Courtney Munro finished first and second on Aylestone Park Apple Blossom & Kirby Park Joy respectively with smart finish scores of 47.4 & 50.1, while Tayla Jenner & Lakota came in third.

Above: Rebecca Martin & Jaybee Amigo. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann


winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 17

18 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017


safety by Saturday afternoon. CD, Ewan Kellett and TD’s oversaw this process and cross country ran relatively smoothly next day - apart from only one rider mistakenly advised that an entire water complex had been taken out, instead of only one lead in fence, alone, out in a boggy section. Results CIC 1*had a good field of 18 starters with some Victorians and was won by Sarah Clark & LV Balou Jeanz from Victorian LP Janvier with Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose in third with double clear XC & SJ. Above: Andrew Everest & Rockingham Bold as Brass. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Above: Jessica McEwen & Allegro Diva. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Naracoorte Horse Trials 20/5/2017 Naracoorte HT ran their event a little differently this year transferring dressage & camping to the Polo Grounds out at Hynam. Lovely area of turf & warm ups for dressage but rather more Spartan on the yards, no stables or power, & no Naracoorte pubs in walking distance however it a seemed to run smoothly, with much effort put in by Committee and Polo club personel. Cross country was compromised by extremely wet conditions the previous week and decisions had to be made to omit some fences and change others for

Above: Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

CIC 2* disappointingly only two entries with Sarah Clark & Aremdale Donn Piatt taking 1st well ahead of Anthony Thomas & Allegretto having their first 2* start, aiming for Melbourne 1*. CNC 3* also disappointing entries with only 5 horses starting and Luke Jones & Proclaimer successful in their upgrade to 3* from two Victorians. EVA105 saw another win for the highly successful young combination of Courtney Munro & Aylestone Park Apple Blossom - 3 wins in a row for this pair now ! Kate Bailey & Acacia Ridge Beau Dancer was 2nd and Hannah Hardy & City of the Moon third in their first eventing appearance this year.

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 19


EVA95 was won by Courtney Munro & Kirby Park Joy (two wins for Courtney) from a Victorian and Isabeau Garner & Fiction in third. EVA80 Div 1 was won by Ellen Rowlands & Forestway Bewitched from Taliah Daniels & Prince Fergus and Sophie Miller & Omega Moon in third. EVA80 Div 2 was won by Jaimie Stichel & New World Rolls Royce from Jeanine Joubert & The Golden Rule with Danni Hampton & Viscount Visage in third followed by Jade Kluske & Danson Gamestar 4th. All four very nice young horses for the future! EVA65 was won by Chloe Jung & Leonardo’s Puzzle, second was Matthew Flood & Omni Power and third to Kaitlin Petney & Belcam Carra (even with a 20 XC as their dressage was a 35.5!).

Woady Yallock Horse Trials 27/5/2017 Rebecca Martin & Jaybee Amigo (must be the most travelled horse in SA this year) set off to achieve their final qualification for Melbourne 3DE. After missing out at Naracoorte, Woady was the last chance and fortunately they succeeded. Apologies, no other Woady results at hand.

Above photos: Steph Hann True Celebre - if only he had cleared all show jumps like fence 1! Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Melbourne International 3DE June 9 - 12th 2017 There was only a small contingent of SA riders this year with three first timers tackling the CCI 1* Steph Hann & True Celebre, Rebecca Martin & Jaybee Amigo and Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose together with three experienced riders, Anthony Thomas & Allegretto, Stephen Bow & Va Va Voom and Sarah Clark who had to downgrade Emily Daley’s Aremdale Donn Piatt from 2* to 1* due to qualification issues and also had her new horse, LV Balou Jeanz in 1*. Megan Jones & Kirby Park Impress and Jaimie Stichel & Image Blue Ice were both in CCI 3*.

Above: Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose 1 star. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann


20 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Above: Stephen Bow & Va Va Voom. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Above: Megan Jones & Kirby Park Impress at AI3DE and 5th at Melbourne CCI 3 (Peter Jones photo)

All SA riders were stabled & camped together making for good communication all round, particularly around the campfire provided by McCrae’s (Bec is working pupil for Megan and competed Hi Tide in CCI2*) and tended by Ronnie Stichel who cooked up a storm for Jaimie’s birthday on dressage day evening.

Above: Stephen Bow & Va Va Voom. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Above: Sarah Clark & LV Balou Jeanz. Photo credit Atkins Photography/Hilary Hann

Results did not look so good on the scoreboard either this year although Megan & Impress moved up to 5th CCI 3* with double clears XC & SJ, after an uncharacteristically low score of 53.9 in dressage, to finish on that score. As first, second & fourth were New Zealanders, (resoundingly winning the Senior Trans Tasman Trophy) Megan was third placed Australian. Jaimie unfortunately retired XC, after going great guns earlier on course. CCI 1* - Steph Hann & True Celebre was the best performed SA after dressage and went double clear XC to be in contention in 8th place going into SJ - unfortunately several rails fell and she dropped down to finish 29th, however on the positive side it was still a qualification in her first ever 3DE and top SA placing. Stephen Bow & Va Va Voom finished 40th, Sarah Clark & LV Balou Jeanz 41st, and Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun

Rose 54th. Sarah & Aremdale Donn Piatt and Anthony & Allegretto withdrew after XC and Rebecca Martin did not finish XC but she did achieve the goal of qualifying to take her place in the field, an achievement itself for our “most travelled horse in SA” Jaybee Amigo.

Mildura Horse Trials 30/7/2017 Mildura as the first event of the Spring calendar, and sited just across the SA border, is a niche event attracting equal numbers of SA & Victorian competitors for an array of training classes up to EA 105 over an encouraging course designed by Ewan Kellett, and on this occasion sunshine, wind but no rain. EVA105 was won by Ashley Westcott & Cloverash Mirror Image in a dead heat with Hannah Hardy & City of the Moon both on 44.40. Hannah is still regretting her 1.6 “speeding fine” for being 4 seconds too fast ! which relegated her to second. Victorians filled the next three places with Rachelle Verma & Koyuna Dark Sun finishing 6th. EVA95 was won by Courtney Munro & Kirby Park Joy from Lara Pizimolas & JEP Frapant, both finishing on their dressage scores. Victorians took 3rd & 4th, with Jade Kluske & Danson Gamestar in 5th and Danni Hampton & Viscount Visage in 6th. EVA80 Division A was won by Jaimie Stichel & New World Rolls Royce from Rachelle Verma & Koyuna Dreamcatcher (Indi), both on their dressage score. Trudi Day & Riverside My Mugatea placed 4th and Megan Jones & Kirby Park Irish Mink 6th.

EVA80 Div B was won by Lilly Noles & Hudson Hawk from Kristy Dodd & Tarburra Chukka and Kaitlin Petney & Nadahka third, Jaimie Stichel & Image Laugh out Loud 4th and Megan Jones & KP Spotdadot 6th. EV65 Jeanine Joubert & The Golden Rule placed second in Div A and Kaitlin Petney & Belcam Carra won Div B. EV50 Ella Oszczypok & History, previously ridden to 3* by Megan Jones but now in a great schoolmaster role, came second in this Training class. Leading after the dressage, but with an inexperienced rider, had 18 time faults and they will take time to gain the needed experiences. A number of other young riders were similarly matched with older experienced horses (one who is currently winning and going up the grades) but others also showing that it takes time to establish any new combination and there is a good place here for older, semi retired 2, 3 or even 4* horses to teach young riders/ juniors the ropes - and it is great to see the ‘old campaigners’ having fun at lower grades. A final comment as we go to press. The FEI is once again promoting major changes in our Sport – not all of which are positive for the Sport in Australia. Our NEC will soon meet to discuss and send their input to the FEI, but one often feels that the Southern Hemisphere is a long way from Switzerland & FEI thoughts and directions. Di Schaeffer for Eventing SA


winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 21


22 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

2017 Interschool competition season The Interschool competition season in South Australia is now complete for 2017. Forty two school were represented at events across the season, with over eighty riders competing for a place on the state team.

Congratulations to the Discipline Champions for 2017:

The annual awards night was held in June at Auchendarroch. The awards night recognises the achievements of riders in each discipline, is an opportunity to thank our sponsors and raise some money for the team travelling to Toowoomba. Thanks to the many donations we received, over $800 was raised for the team.

Connie Miller & Don Roccardo


Show Jumping - Secondary Abigail Lewis & Miss Visage Show Jumping – Primary Chelsea Clarke & Mighty Murphy Dressage - Secondary Courtney Munro & Kirby Park Joy Dressage – Primary Chelsea Clarke & Mighty Murphy Combined Training - Secondary Grace Neuhaus & Glenayr Tilly Devine Combined Training – Primary

Discipline Champions . Back Row: Courtney Munro, Connie Miller, Isabelle Ker, Grace Neuhaus. Front Row: Chelsea Clarke, Abigail Lewis. Photo credit PYT Photography.

Chelsea Clarke & Mighty Murphy Show Horse – Secondary Isabelle Ker & Hibrie Flying Free Show Horse – Primary Chelsea Clarke & Mighty Murphy

Pulteney Winners of the Overall School Perpetual Trophy, and second placed Team at the Interschool State Championships. Photo credit PYT Photography.

The winner of the overall school perpetual trophy was Pulteney Grammar School.

Horses Mouth | 23 winter 2017 | From the23

Team Captain for 2017 is Courtney De Barro, this is her 4th time competing at the Australian Championships and this year will be competing in Show Jumping. With her experience at previous national competitions, Courtney will be a great role model for the team and help strive to keep the Team Spirit award in South Australia. Assisting Courtney will be Co-Vice Captains Sophie Compton and Jessie Smith. Team coach Megan Jones and her husband James will be travelling with the team to Queensland, and provide the support and coaching that our team needs. Congratulations to the following riders, which will represent Team SA at the Australian Championships.

Team SA! Abigail Lewis Anja Felderhof Chelsea Clarke Chloe Thomas Courtney De Barro Courtney Munro Deanna Moreland Isabella Mintz Isabelle Finn Jay Bradbrook Jessica Cogan Jessie Smith Kate Kyros Keely Pampling Lucy English Maisy Davies Olivia Barette

Awesome Team. Felicity, Sophie, TEAM SA Mascot and Charlie. Photo credit PYT Photography.

Olivia Buchanan Ruby Corner Sophia Craddock Sophia Gerstlauer Sophie Compton Sophie Miller Tori Dollard Zara Young

Chelsea Clarke. Photo credit PYT Photography.

Good luck and have fun!


We now look forward to the Australian Championships, which will be held in Toowoomba in the last week of September. Twenty five riders from South Australia will be making the trip to Queensland, with ten team members electing to ride pool horses.

jumping sa

24 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Jumping Squad Members showing off their Jackets

Jumping State Squad High Performance Initiatives Congratulations to two of our SA State Squad members who put in exceptional performances to win state titles at the State Jumping Championships. Nicole Bruggemann was the winner of the SA State Senior Speed Championship and Conor Reed won the SA State Junior Championships. Although the Victorians came across the border and took home the team honours in the Senior, Young Rider and Junior teams competitions our SA riders featured particularly well across all the placings.

has formed for the first time, a Junior Development Squad. The idea behind this new initiative is the early identification of our State’s younger talented horse and rider combinations and nurturing this emerging talent. Through Squad programs and mentoring from some of our senior squad members, we want to create a positive sporting environment for these young riders. This should ensure there is a continuous positive pathway through the ranks of this great sport in this state and on a National level.

Since the State Jumping Championships, the Jumping SA committee has been committed to reinvigorating our State Jumping Squad program to better support our current high-performing riders and provide direction and growth for our young emerging riders.

To be considered for this new Squad, junior riders must satisfy the selection criteria and be competing consistently in open competitions at a height of 105cm with 4 faults or less. The inaugural Junior Development Squad which was recently announced comprises of 8 junior riders and we congratulate each of them on their selection and look forward to watching them advance in the sport.

To complement our established State Squads (Senior Elite, Senior Development and Junior Young Rider), Jumping SA

With the appointment of Lizzie Wigney as our new Jumping SA State Squad Coordinator the months following the State Championships have been filled with dedicated Squad initiatives for all the riders. Squad members had the opportunity to participate in a range of professional “highperformance” programs specifically tailored for our athlete riders. We were fortunate to secure the services of David Noble of Elite Growth to provide a high-performance program for all Jumping SA Squad members. David is skilled in delivering high-performance and sport psychology programs and is experienced working with athletes at an elite level. David currently holds the position of General Manager of Football with the Brisbane Lions Football Club, but through his personal interests has extensive knowledge of our sport and is experienced in working with riders up to an elite level. David spent two sessions with the Jumping Squad members, the first was an unmounted session held at the ESA office in Mt Barker. During the first session David worked closely with the riders to help them identify their personal strengths and weaknesses in their competition performance. He encouraged the riders to focus on making small incremental changes that would lead them on the pathway to consistent improvement and achieving their personal goals. One of the interesting and well received exercises David put before the riders was the identification of their personality traits that impacted positively and negatively on their riding. The personality traits were grouped and likened to four types of birds. The desirable traits every rider thought they should be channelling included that of an Eagle, being highly analytical and decisive, aggressive, bold and dominant - all traits that everyone agreed were desirable in the Jumping arena. Another of the personalities was that of a Dove which was first viewed

as being easy-going and friendly. Doves were also seen to be hard working and somewhat risk averse; a people pleaser and a team player. Most riders found they identified with more than one personality. The key is to learn the skills to be able to call on all the personality traits depending on the situation that presents itself. The second session with David Noble was held at the Northern Equestrian Centre. A mounted session was held in the indoor arena over a few simple jumping patterns. The riders were put out of their comfort zone during the training when asked to ride some simple lines and indicate loudly to everyone which personality they were concentrating on. Most riders immediately channelled their inner Eagle and rode the lines with a heightened level of determination. Whilst channelling the Eagle they were typically able to ride a line set at 6 strides in 5 forward strides. Conversely, they were able to “channel the dove” and ride a quiet 6 strides in the same line. As with competitions, it is not as simple as just being an Eagle and cutting out a stride and riding a super line. Some horses did not react well to the added dominance and determination of the Eagle and it was evident that concentrating on the Dove’s personality traits can often be a better choice to produce a more measured and responsive ride. The mounted session with David Noble was certainly well received and enjoyed by all of the riders. Adding another dimension to their way of thinking and planning when in training and at a competition will be invaluable in their future development as elite riders. We envisage the Squads will have regular sessions with David and further develop some of the concepts he has introduced them to. Whilst at the Northern Equestrian Centre, Jumping Squad Jackets were presented to the Senior Elite, Senior Development and

jumping sa

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 25

jumping sa

26 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Junior Young Rider Squad members. These jackets were proudly provided by Jumping SA in recognition of their selection to the Squad. Each year new High-Performance squad members will each receive a jacket at their induction. On Saturday 22 July, the Jumping Squad members attended a schooling session at the Mallala Equestrian Centre taking advantage of mentoring with some of the Senior Squad members. The use of the arena was very generously donated by Mrs Rae Brice, and we were pleased she took the opportunity to watch the riders schooling over the course. Ten riders took advantage of the opportunity to give their horses a jumping start prior to the Jumping shows recommencing. The Jumping Squads will meet again later in the year. In the meanwhile, we wish each and every Jumping rider success throughout the competition season. Jumping SA

Jumping SA Squad Members

Conor Reed competing at Camden

Congratulations Conor Reed SA High Achiever Congratulations to South Australian Junior rider, Conor Reed for his recent success at a National level. Backing up his win in the SA Junior State Jumping titles, Conor competed in an International FEI World Jumping Challenge (Category A) in Camden, NSW on the June long weekend. The aim of this competition is to give Jumping riders who, under normal circumstances cannot take part in International Jumping competitions and live in the more remote countries, the opportunity to compete internationally without having to leave their own country. The set course for 2017 was designed by the Rio Olympic Games course builder, Guilerme Jorge and consisted of four separate courses to be negotiated over the two days. On the first day over a course of around 1.30m, Conor had a great round of 4 faults. The course was rebuilt for the second round against the clock and Conor was clear and fast, finishing in the top 10 on the first day. On the second day over a tougher course, Conor finished with zero penalties over the two courses with the fastest time to win the competition outright. This was an outstanding achievement as Conor was in the younger age bracket, and with less experience than other competitors performing at this level. The first round of the event on the second day was a Youth Olympic COC event, with riders needing to finish the course with no more than eight penalties to gain their COC. This Certificate of Capability will to enable them to be considered for selection as an Australian representative at the third Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2018.

Conor specifically made the trip to New South Wales with the aim of trying to secure a COC. Winning the COC competition outright was an amazing effort and testament to Conor’s determination to succeed. Conor said “I am thankful to my family for their amazing support and for giving me the opportunity to ride such a wonderful horse. I am also grateful to Tom McDermott who was pivotal in Clasique Dorien finding her way to our stable. Gaining the COC was amazing and I was a very proud South Australian. There will

only be one rider representing Australian at the Youth Olympic Games and there will be some well-performed riders trying to win that position. Hopefully my recent performances will hold me in good stead to be considered.” We wish Conor all the best in his endeavours and hope he gets the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Australia’s other Youth Olympic representatives, Tom McDermott (Individual Silver Medallist in Singapore 2010) and Jake Hunter (Individual Bronze Medallist in Nanjing, China 2014). Jumping SA

jumping sa

winter 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 27

show horse

28 | From the Horses Mouth | winter 2017

Equestrian SA Show Horse Over the past few months, the newly formed Show Horse Committee have worked together with renewed vigor, creating many exciting opportunities, new developments and plans for the future for ESA members.

Youth Foundation Squad: On the 25th of June the ESA Show Horse committee were thrilled to be able to launch The Youth Foundation Squad with ‘A day with Maree Tomkinson’ held at Mt George Equestrian Centre. The Youth foundation Squad is a new concept, with the aim to develop and nurture the skills, knowledge and talent of our young EA Show Horse members, giving them access to potential funding and learning opportunities in the future. The criteria for inclusion on the squad are currently being developed, with opportunities for junior members aged 5-12 and 13-21 years of age. ESA Show Horse is committed to our young members and is excited about the range of potential opportunities that will be on offer for those who display true horsemanship, sportsmanship and dedication both in and out of the spotlight. All those who registered interest in the squad enjoyed viewing “Master Class” sessions given by Maree to two of our lucky applicants who were drawn at random – Millicent Quigley-Smith and Nicole Berry, both of these capable young riders gained a great deal from this opportunity and showcased their abilities. This was followed by a pizza lunch and wonderful discussion

led by Maree, who gave an insight to her journey from a career in show horse to her recent Olympic campaign and beyond. The afternoon wrapped up with the auctioned lessons which were on offer, enjoyed by two of our talented junior’s - Kate Kyros and Bianca Evans. The generous proceeds raised from the auctioned lessons will contribute towards further learning opportunities for the Squad.

Millicent Quigley-Smith & Maree Thomkinson

Nicole Berry under instruction of Maree Tomkinson during the Masterclass

Recycled Ribbon Winter Gymkhana Once again the Winter Gymkhana held at the Mallala Equestrian Centre was a huge success and just keeps getting bigger each year! Blessed with a wonderful sunny winter’s day this show is a highlight for young competitors wanting to develop their skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Donated ribbons and garlands were so appreciated by all the young competitors. Special thanks to our young judges Darci Walsh and Brianna Duncan Coward and to the generosity of Mrs Brice and the Brice Family for the donation of the wonderful grounds and facilities at Mallala Equestrian Center, making this day possible. We hope to continue to make this an annual event!

Greg Mickan – Pre Royal Show Prep and Judges Seminar Held at Northern Equestrian Center in conjunction with our bi-annual Judge’s Seminar, we held a hugely successful two days of lessons with one of Australia’s top show horse rider and producer – Greg Mickan. The lessons were extremely well supported and enjoyed by riders of all ages, with everyone gaining a great deal from Greg’s expertise. The ESA Show Horse Committee would like to thank Greg and Terry Van Heythuysen from Romsey Park who donated the full proceeds of the weekend’s lessons back to ESA Show Horse to assist with our ongoing fundraising efforts. Meanwhile the judges’ seminar included informative talks given by our generous speakers - EA Show Horse National Chair - Wendy Hunt on EA Show Horse and measuring rules, Dr Andrew Hunt on Swab kits and medication control and Terry Van Heythuysen on judging etiquette and scoring.

ESA Spring Hack Show Once again we are looking forward to our first show of the season with our ESA Spring Hack Show on the 10th of

September at Metro Showground, featuring high point events and incorporating a joint measuring day, held in conjunction with SHC SA. We look forward to seeing many of our members back out and about with their horses for what is always a fantastic preroyal show event.

Horse Of The Year Our preparations are well underway for our feature event of the year. Once again being held at the picturesque Wayville Showground, this year proves to be bigger and better than ever! In 2017 we have been fortunate to secure the Sunday for this event, limiting the impact on our competitors that weekday competition brings. The confirmed dates are Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of October with 2 and ½ days of top class competition planned this is an event not to be missed and an opportunity to catch up with our SA showing community with some great social highlights planned for the weekend. We look forward to putting forward a strong team of horses, ponies and riders for this year’s Nationals.

Show Horse Merchandise We are excited to bring to fruition the fantastic new Team SA, ESA Show Horse jackets, which we were available to members to pre-order. These premium quality soft shell jackets will also compliment the Team SA National’s uniform design, which is currently in production to have our team members looking the part! We are hoping for a September delivery for the show horse jackets and can’t wait for them to arrive. We would like to thank all of our member’s for their ongoing support and encourage you all to offer feedback and ideas through the ESA Show Horse Chair, to enable our committee to continue to work for the benefit of our show horse community. We wish you all safe and successful show season.

show horse

Horses Mouth | 29 winter 2017 | From the29

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