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The Horse’s Mouth official magazine of Equestrian SA

Magazine Autumn Issue 2017

Tim Clarke & Totally Blue NZPH SA State Show Jumping Champions

Also in this issue: Jumping SA State Championships Dressage State Champions Wendy Hunt – Jim Dunn OAM Award Winner

2017 Equestrian SA & Mitavite

Interschool State Dinner

Interschool Awards Night is to celebrate the achievements of the Interschool riders during the qualifying season. Awards presented will include: Winner of the School Perpetual Trophy Overall discipline champion for the disciplines of Dressage, Eventing, Show Horse, Show Jumping and Combined Training. $50 per ticket Friday 23rd June | 6.30pm for 7.00pm Dinner includes 3 course meal Wallis Auchendarroch House & Tavern | “Robert Charles Room� 17 Adelaide Road, Mt Barker SA 5251

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 3

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Youth Development 2016 Winners


Tim Clarke & Totally Blue NZPH SA State Show Jumping Champions. Photo Credit: Equus Australia Photography Produced by More Design Studio For Equestrian South Australia. May 2017

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Chairperson’s News report

4 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Joe Hooper, Board Chair, Equestrian South Australia

Equestrian SA Chair Report Welcome to the Autumn edition of the HM Magazine. It has been a busy few months within all things equestrian. The ESA Awards night was a highlight with many members attending the dinner at the Stamford Plaza Adelaide. It was particularly wonderful to see so many young members in attendance, many who had participated in the Youth Development weekend. In addition we had the pleasure of hosting the Hon Michael Atkinson, his partner the Hon Jennifer Rankin and Jan Sutherland,

Chair of (Sport SA). It is important that we bring the equestrian community and our contribution to this state to the attention of our politicians and we shall continue to take every opportunity to do so. A particular highlight of the evening amongst the many worthy winners was the awarding of the Jim Dunn Award to Wendy Hunt. Wendy is seen as somewhat of an icon amongst the South Australia equestrian community, particularly in the Show Horse discipline and is the current Chair of the national show Horse Committee.

Chairperson’s report

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 5

I had the pleasure of attending the State Dressage Championships, and what a marvelous event this was. The Strathalbyn Polo grounds looked a treat after receiving some special treatment over the previous months! The Dressage SA committee must be commended on the foresight in undertaking the works to rejuvenate these grounds. Our thanks must also go to Thoroughbred Racing SA for joining us in this venture. I am informed the benefit of this rejuvenation is showing with better than normal entries at competitions. This type of joint initiative will benefit all the disciplines that utilise this facility. We shall be exploring more opportunities where joint resources amongst our equestrian community can produce mutual benefits all concerned. The State Show Jumping and Interschool championships have also been conducted at the Adelaide Showgrounds. Both events had good entries and great weather. Jumping gained some sensational local media coverage through the SA Sports Show a locally produced programme dedicated to covering South Australian sports, news and features. The use of the live streaming in collaboration with the media department

and students of the University of Adelaide was a great success and assisted the media exposure. The lessons learned can be shared amongst all disciplines to increase our exposure with the associated benefits in sponsorship attraction, public engagement and our profile as a sport. The competition was of a very high standard with the Senior Championship being won by Tim Clarke on a time penalty. Congratulations to the organizing committee on a fantastic event. The draft Strategic Plan has now been placed on the ESA website for members comment and input. This was delayed whilst we awaited amendments with the national EA strategic plan which has now been published. Please take the time to review the Plan, as we need to ensure that the plan is taking the direction the membership wants. There will be further opportunity to contribute via the discipline Chairs once general membership feedback is collated. In the meantime, I look forward to catch up with you the member at an event. See you there! Joe Hooper, Board Chair Equestrian South Australia

6 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017


News EA Teams Up with Horse & Country TV Equestrian Australia is excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership with popular and respected international TV network, Horse & Country TV. The four-year partnership will provide EA’s Members with access to exclusive Equestrian content from Australia and overseas. It will also provide a platform for Australian events, horses and riders to gain better global exposure across H&C’s international network of channels. Under the relationship, H&C’s internet based service, H&C Play, will be the exclusive partner for live streaming of EAproduced equestrian events from all over Australia, enabling fans to watch a range of exciting events on their smart phone, tablet or laptop. EA’s Commercial Manager Tristan Prosser-Shaw said the partnership is an important and exciting step for Equestrian sport in Australia. “We are delighted to be teaming up with Horse & Country TV. It is the ideal platform for us to promote Equestrian in Australia and better service and entertain our EA Membership base,” Prosser-Shaw said. “This is also a prime opportunity to engage current fans of the sport and reach out to new groups locally and internationally, enabling us to grow the profile of Equestrian in Australia which is one of EA’s major objectives.” he said.

H&C TV CEO, Heather Killen, said: “Equestrian rights holders need a strong and independent media partner to help them stay front of mind with their core fans and, critically, to reach and engage new ones. H&C is proud to fulfil this function in our various markets. “Working with Equestrian Australia, we can benefit fans, sponsors, events and the governing body, as well as offer the opportunity to take Australian equestrian sport to a wider audience across the H&C network.”

About H&C TV Horse & Country TV is an equestrian sports and lifestyle channel available on cable, broadband and satellite in the UK and Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Australia, as well as on the web and iOS and Android devices. Horse & Country TV launched in Australia in February 2015 and is available on Fetch TV and at H&C carries exclusive sports event coverage, news, documentary and personality-led programming to the passionate audience for equestrian sports and country living.

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 7

As per the EA General Regulations, Article 122.2: Dress and Salute, the following will apply: Except where Sport Rules allows otherwise, riders and drivers competing in an EA competition, must wear an approved helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times. The same is recommended when riding a horse at any time. Protective headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards: • Current Australian standard AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI Global marked. • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI Global marked. • Current American standard ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked. • Current American standard SNELL E2001. • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked. • Interim European Standard VG1 (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.

BSI Kitemarked

SAI Global marked

SEI marked

Notes • On December 16, 2014, the European Union announced that the (BS)EN1384 helmet certification standard would be withdrawn. EA decided to withdraw this certification from the list of approved standards, starting on 1 January 2017. • Helmet Manufacturers generally recommend replacing your helmet every 5 years or so. • If you have a hard-blow impact accident while wearing your helmet, it is recommended to immediately replace it for a new model. There may be damage to the helmet that is not visible to the naked eye. • It is the rider’s responsibility to wear the approved standard. • The club/organising committee’s role is to take reasonable steps to ensure compliance with the rules by communicating the list of approved standards to their members/ competitors when becoming a member or entering a competition.

Update 9/01/2017 We are receiving many inquiries about Helmet Regulations and would like to reassure members. Your helmet can conform with one or several standards at the same time. If your helmet is approved EN1384 (the old standard no longer approved by EA) but also approved under another standard (PAS015, ASTM F1163, VG1, etc.) then it is “good to go”! See Facebook post EquestrianAus/posts/1287793981279500.


Current Approved Safety Standards for Helmets


8 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Newington Tinkerbell Supreme Champion Saddle Horse or Hunter Tomich in the Vines EA South Australia Show 2017 Owned by Catherine Gale – Ridden by Millicent Quigley-Smith

Show Horse News Congratulations to all ESA Show horse members who made the trip over to Grand Nationals and Sydney Royal, great success was had by many ESA Horse and rider combinations and you all did SA proud. As the summer show season ends we head into Autumn and winter, our EA Showhorse committee has a number of events and seminars which are going to take place over the winter months. We are happy to be conducting the winter gymkhana again which will be held in conjunction with the Mallala Winter series, the EA Showhorse committee thanks Mrs Rae Brice and Mallala Showjumping Club for giving us the opportunity to run this great event again.

We also look forward to a Judges Seminar and Pre-Royal Practice with well known and highly successful showing identities Terry VanHeythuysen and Greg Micken. EA Showhorse will also be holding measuring day and High point show to be held at Metro on the 6th August. We look forward to the new show season and HOTY which will be held on the 12th and 13th October at Wayville Showgrounds.


Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 9

New Equestrian SA Receptionist, Tilly Gray.

Clarification of Novice Points – EA Dressage Rules 2017 Following enquiries, the Australian Dressage Committee wishes to clarify the status of Novice Grading Points earned prior to January 1st 2017. 2017 EA Dressage Rule 1.16 (g) states: Points are accrued when the horse or pony gains 61% or above in Official Competitive competitions from Elementary level and above. The intention of the rule change is to allow horses to gain confidence without the pressure of acquiring grading points too quickly in the formative stage of their careers. Horses graded Novice pre 1/1/2017 cannot revert to competing officially at Preliminary, however from 1/1/2017 all

newly registered horses and ponies start with a grading of Preliminary/Novice and do not earn upgrading points until competing in Elementary.

Staff News We would like to introduce and welcome our new Equestrian SA Receptionist, Tilly Gray. Tilly has grown up with horses being part of the family and lives locally in the Adelaide Hills. This is her first fulltime job since leaving school and is very excited to be a part of the Equestrian South Australia team. For general enquiries please feel free to email Tilly at As a result of the new Receptionist position, our Registrar Felicity Green, has a new email address registrar@equestriansa. and is available to assist with all Equestrian SA Member enquiries.


10 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

2017 Squad Members, Cooper Oborn, Anne Smith and Cheryl Hatswell

SA Dressage Championships Autumn has almost been and gone – we hope everyone is all set for keeping hairy horses in work through winter! It’s been a busy time for Dressage South Australia over the last months, with our State Champs, new Squads, new Sponsors, changes in sub-committees and more. First off, our fantastic 2017 Pryde’s EasiFeed South Australian Dressage Championships. Our very small and extremely dedicated sub-committee team managed to pull off a fantastic event, with lots of very positive feedback. Efforts to make the grounds as soft and level as possible were made, and we have appreciated the feedback on these initiatives. We thank our sponsors – in fact we cannot thank them enough! To make an event of this size happen takes the support of many, and most importantly, our sponsors. No matter how small the

support, our sponsors – many of whom are repeat sponsors – are the support base of this event. We thank you! If you rode in a class, and had the benefit of your sponsor’s support, please contact them directly and show how much that support meant. Tagging or mentioning on Facebook is simply not enough – email them, or even call them, and thank the sponsor directly. Congratulations to those riders who were successful in winning classes or Championships over the weekend. We saw some wonderful performances, and we thank riders for coming out to support this great event. Full results will be available via the Dressage page on We also congratulate those who did not place, but had an enjoyable weekend

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 11

To the judges, volunteers, runners, pencillers, spectators, friends…. We thank you. It is often said that these events wouldn’t happen without you, and that is so true. It takes a village, and we were pleased to see the Dressage community pitch in for the weekend. Thank you! Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 State Championships sub-committee – please contact us if you can help!

Exciting new initiative Pryde’s EasiFeed Leaderboard We’re so pleased to welcome Pryde’s EasiFeed to the Dressage South Australia team for 2017 as our major partner. Pryde’s EasiFeed will be sponsoring a great new initiative in our AOR Leaderboard. New for the 2017 season, the Pryde’s EasiFeed AOR Dressage Series will be run over 7 events with points accumulating over each round from 1st to sixth place. 6 points will be awarded for first place through to 1 point for 6th The series will be run in conjunction with the competitive classes at each event, using highest test offered at both Preliminary and Novice level. Riders must nominate to be included in each class on the entry form for each competition. Pryde’s EasiFeed prizes will be awarded at each round with a Championship Rug awarded to the overall winners at each level, to be presented at the following years SA Dressage Championships. A running total of the leader board will be displayed on the DSA web and Facebook page following each qualification event.

The 7 Events for the 2017 season will be: May 21st 2017 SVDC, June 11th 2017 AHDC, June 18th 2017 SFDC, Sept 23rd 2017 MSEDC, Oct 1st 2017 SADA, Oct 28th 2017 MCDC, Nov 26th 2017 DCSA. Please see the DSA Web page for full entry criteria and information.

Swabbing To ensure we comply with Equestrian Australia swabbing requirements, DSA has discussed an approach with the Clubs to address the need for increased swabbing. After much discussion, an agreement has been reached whereby swabbing can occur to the required level with minimal costs. A trial period will run for 12 months whereby a $2.25 Swabbing Levy will be added to ALL entries on Official days. These funds will go toward funding a Swabbing Steward and Vet, and mean there will be no cost to any Club for administering swabbing. This levy will commence from July 1 2017. An EA Swabbing Steward will work closely with DSA to randomly select events throughout SA for swabbing to occur. The events to be swabbed will be kept confidential. ALL horses at Official events will be eligible for selection regardless of their status. No horse and rider will be excused from swabbing, so that the practice can be entirely fair and transparent. We hope that SA riders will support this initiative, which has been brought about to keep our sport clean, and manage the welfare of the horse as efficiently and with the least impact on clubs as possible. Thank you to all clubs for their support in the roll out of this new system.


and chased their own performance goals. Not all wins are at the front of the field, and we appreciate those who perform against themselves and simply love the sport.


12 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Mid-year Squad Reviews

SA Dressage Judges Committee

The SA Dressage Squad Mid-Year reviews are coming up soon. This is a chance for those who have gained the required performances since last intake to apply. We encourage all riders with goals to join the Squads to contact us with their application. Decisions regarding the Squads – both continuing members, and new additions – will be made by Selectors, Wendy Hunt and Liz Duncan, and will review Squad performances in line with the selection criteria. Should you have any queries relating to Squad information, please contact Senior Squads Coordinator Belinda Lindh, or Youth Squad Coordinator Melinda Coleshill. Full information on Squad members is available on the DSA web page.

We are pleased to announce new appointments to the SA Dressage Judges Committee (DJC). Wendy Hunt has accepted the role of Chair of the DJC, with committee members Liz Duncan, Naomi Mashford. Prue Foletta, and Verity Hayman. We are very excited to have such an experienced group of people volunteering their time and energy to progress judging in SA, and we look forward to seeing their work make a real difference in the future. Thank you to this group for stepping in to take on roles at such a crucial time. As always, please keep an eye on the DSA Facebook page and website for information and the latest news. We can be contacted on dressagesouthaustralia@ at any time. Happy riding!

Novice AOR presentations, with Shield Insurance Brokers’ Heather Bunnell. Place getters: Cristy Patterson, Verity Hayman, Samantha Dossett, Josie Matthews, Shelley Arnold, Kendall Measroch , Joanne Conyers at the presentation

Medium AOR Champions - Tara Lloyd - 1st, Avondale Billy the Kid, 2nd Tullaroi all I want, 3rd Christine Frizell & Hillendale Leuka, 4th Kate Raymond & Eclipse

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 13


FEI AOR Champion Catherine Skinner

Be Active Elementary Series Winner Lisa Ashby with Para Equestrian Champion Elizabeth Sobecki.

Helen Junge Memorial Trophy winner presented by Lisa Ashby to winner Jemma Dodd

Carriage driving

14 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Get to know the SA High Performance Driving Members has seen us being selected for the 2016 and 2017 EA National High Performance Green Squads. This is coming off a great 2016 where we were awarded the SA EA CDE horse and driver of the year. During the year, we did a lot of travelling across the country, competing at the National Championships in Longwood VIC, Witwood NSW, Tamworth NSW and Peterborough SA to name a few.

I started driving when I was 5 years old and have been hooked ever since.

Whenever possible I attended clinics with both Boyd Exell and Bram Chardon, both great horseman, drivers and coaches. I always gain so much from these sessions, both from driving and watching from the sidelines and my horses improve tremendously.

Over the last 25 years I have had the opportunity to drive many different horses and ponies, both in the show ring and Combined Driving Events. I won my first junior state title in 1999 driving a hackney pony named Dolly.

In 2017 I have started competing a second horse “Isle of Columbia”, he won his first full CDE in March and he will be competing at the National Championships in SA over Easter and then both horses will go to Witwood NSW in May.

During this time, I have been lucky enough to drive some great horses and ponies, allowing me to be awarded the SA EA Junior driver in 2006,2007, 2008 and the SA show driver in 2010.

The competition season will start again in late September. We will attend the FEI Carriage Driving event in Adelaide in November, this event is held conjunction with AUS3DE and is run in the centre of Adelaide’s lovely parklands.

Photo credit: Kristen Kalkman of KK Equine Photography

Kim Norris

In 2011 I had the opportunity to work in Boyd Exells yard for the summer, this was one of the greatest experiences a young driver could ask for. In mid 2015 I purchased “Steinway”. We have developed a great partnership, which

Going into future I’m working towards driving a horse pair again, and I’m always continuing to greater my knowledge and skills. I would also love to represent Australia internationally if the opportunity arises.

Over the last few months, I have been receiving regular coaching from Jackie Boyd. Through her coaching she has helped me learn how to get my pony to do what I want and has helped me to see what the pony is telling me, amongst many other things. I have really appreciated the time I have spent with Jackie and in the short time of having lessons with her already learnt so much.

Photo credit: Belinda Mattner

Rhys Vaudin Over the last four years, since I was 12 years old, I have been competing in Combined Driving Events. For me, CDE’s are my passion, what I really enjoy doing and it is where I have had my greatest success. In 2015 I was selected as one of 5 invited carriage drivers (of all ages) to take part in the first ever ‘Jump and Drive’ event in South Australia held at the National Show Jumping Championships. My show jumper and I won this event quite comprehensively In 2016 I competed in my first interstate event, the National Carriage Driving Championship at Longwood, Victoria, in March. At this event, my first national competition, I finished third in the Novice Large Pony class in a strong class of 14 competitors including many experienced drivers. To top this off I was then named the National Junior Driver of the year. I will be once again competing at the National CDE Championship that is being help at Monarto over Easter, and this year, even though I am driving a new pony, I hope to once again do well, improving all aspects of my driving.

In the future I would eventually like to drive a team of ponies and compete either interstate or internationally. Currently I am practicing driving a pair and after the National CDE Championships I am hopefully going to be learning to drive tandem, which is the step before teams. I hope to eventually learn to drive a team competitively and also win the National CDE Championship. Major Achievements • 2015 South Australian Junior Driver of the Year • 2014, 2015 & 2016 CDE Junior State Champion • 2016 National Junior Driver of the Year • 2016 South Australia CDE – Winner Pony pairs class • 2016 South Australia Best performed Pair • 2016 South Australian Youth Development Carriage Driving Award • 2016 Finalist Equestrian Australia Young Athlete of the Year

Carriage driving

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 15

Coaches corner

16 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Equestrian Australia (EA) is excited to announce the development of a new coaching accreditation pathway.

• Senior Competition Coach: targeted to middle levels of competition and advanced skills of horse riding.

Its development follows an NCAS review (completed in 2014) and, more recently, six months of consultation between EA and the broader Equestrian community including State CEOs, National Committee Chairs and State NCAS Committee Chairs, as well as a number of coaches and coach educators.

• High Performance Coach: targeted to international levels of competition and the high performance requirements for horse riding.

A number of issues were identified in the current structure. The key areas involved a: • Lack of transparency in the cost associated with coaching; • Lengthy and somewhat convoluted process to gain accreditation; • Lack of clarity on how to progress; • Structured, singular educational format that does not cater to differing learning styles; and • Concern that unaccredited coaches could be delivering horse riding lessons. In an endeavour to eliminate these concerns and further enhance our coaching accreditation program, we have worked collectively to create a simplified model with improved accessibility and value for money. The new coaching program, which will be introduced in 2018, will include four levels of accreditation delivered via an online platform, with discipline electives delivered face to face and additional electives offered for further skill and knowledge development. The four levels are: • Recreational Coach: targeted primarily to club level coaches and teachers who wish to deliver the basic skills of horse riding. • Competition Coach: targeted to lower levels of competition and intermediate skills of horse riding.

This revised process will present the pathway in a modular approach that is streamlined and consistent across all disciplines, while also enabling flexibility to cater to the varied directions coaches may wish to take. The electives will focus on specific disciplines and general equestrian knowledge, as well as modules to further develop business and interpersonal coaching skills. We aim to add new additional elective modules each year to suit the evolving needs our coaches coming through our coaching pathway, thereby addressing current industry requirements and allowing for continuous professional development. “The revised program is flexible and will significantly improve the accessibility, quality and approach towards the learning outcomes for Equestrian members who wish to progress into coaching via a more streamlined pathway,” said EA’s Pathways Manager - Coaches, Alison Gestier. Chief Executive Officer, Paula Ward, says ”Our coach network is a very important part of our membership and achieving clarity within our development pathway, as well as enhancing the learning opportunities within each discipline is the result of a significant collaborative effort by many. With the framework now in place, as a next step, we are now looking forward to continuing this collaboration to review the technical content of each module as we work towards having the full program ready for roll out in 2018.”

Coaches corner

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 17


18 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Interschool gaining momentum Interschool in South Australia is slowly gaining momentum, with over 70 riders registered this year, with many in more than one discipline. More events were included in the calendar for Interschool in 2017, starting in January at the Mount Gambier Junior Show Jumping Championship and concluding at the Mt Crawford Autumn Dressage Festival on May 27/28th. At each event riders earn points for their school, and many are aiming to qualify for the State Team which will attend the Interschool Australian Championships in late September at Toowoomba. The calendar has also included coaching days for the riders, with subsidised lessons with Fiona Heysen and Megan Jones in February, and a Critique Dressage Day with Wendy Hunt in May. It’s great to see how much the riders have improved during the season. Mitavite are now in their second year of sponsorship of Interschool, the sponsorship from Mitavite helps make the coaching and running of Interschool events possible. The two big events on the Interschool calendar are the Gymkhana run in conjunction with the Eastern Fleurieu School in February, and the Interschool State Championships in April. Also in its second year, the Mitavite ESA and Eastern Fleurieu Gymkhana was a huge success with almost 100 riders competing on the day. Thanks to the support of the Eastern Fleurieu School, riders are able to compete as day members and participate in Interschool classes for the first time at the Gymkhana.

The gymkhana on February 19th had seven arenas running for dressage, show jumping, combined training and show horse. Classes are for all levels of rider from encourage hacking through to Elementary Dressage and 120cm Show Jumping. Aggregate trophies won on the day were awarded at the riders’ school to raise awareness of Interschool and give the riders more recognition in front of their peers. Winners of the aggregate age trophies were: 6 years and under Eva Reed & Rivington Hermosa Highgate Primary School 7 years Charlie Robertson & Nudge Investigator College 8 years Lauren Inwood & Angel Willunga Primary 9 years Charlotte Wilcock & Winnie Mount Compass Area School 10 years Brooke King & Buttercup Eastern Fleurieu School 11 years Sophia Craddock & Shanlin Burn Contender Scotch College 12 years Amber Thomas & Rocket Tatachilla Lutheran College

13 years Lily Powel-humble & Dee Amber Razzamataz Loreto College 14 years Lisa Dewhurst & SP Shakirah Gawler & District College 15 years Sophie Miller & Omega Moon Cornerstone College 16 years Victoria Addison & Desert Rain Seymour College 17 years and over Sophie Compton & Butch Cassidy Urrbrae Agricultural High School The overall winning school on the day was tied between Seymour College and Walford Anglican School for Girls. Thank you to all the schools that participated in the 2017 Mitavite Interschool Equestrian State Championships at Wayville Showgrounds on the 8th & 9th of April. 26 schools participated this year, with students travelling from as far as Hamilton (VIC). The students at this event should be commended for their sportsmanship and willingness to help, making this the friendliest Interschool event on the calendar. There are many talented young riders competing in Interschool, and with such great attitudes I’m excited for the future of Equestrian Sport in South Australia. Congratulations to the top 10 schools and their team riders: Position School 1st

Seymour College Taya Archer Sophia Gerstlauer Isabelle Ker Isabelle Finn

Points 472


Pulteney Grammar School Grace Neuhaus Abigail Lewis Courtney Munro



St Marks Lutheran College Chelsea Clarke



Faith Lutheran College



Urrbrae Agricultural High School



Gawler & District College



Mitcham Primary School



Mary MacKillop College



Scotch College



Grant High School


The State Championships Overall winning school trophy will be presented at the Interschool Awards night on 23rd June 2017, and members of the top 3 teams will be presented with rosettes on the night. At the Awards Night trophies will also be presented to the primary and secondary riders that accrued the most points over the 2 days. The winning riders were: Overall Individual Primary Rider Chelsea Clarke - St Marks Lutheran College Overall Individual Secondary Rider Abigail Lewis - Pulteney Grammar School The SA Interschool events would not be possible without the help of parents and volunteers, thank you to the parents and schools that have provided help this season. We are now looking forward to selecting the team for the Nationals, and the awards night to recognise the achievements of the riders this season. The awards night is also a fund raiser for our State Team, tickets are on sale now for the 3 course dinner which will be held on Friday 23rd June at Auchendarroch, Mt Barker. On the night a fund raising raffle will be held, donations for prizes would be welcomed. Enquires to


Horses Mouth | 19 Autumn 2017 | From the 19


20 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Sophie Ludbrook Miss World SA How did you start with riding? I had always been the classic city kid in awe of the horse world. Mum kept my sister and my interest at bay through the occasional riding lesson. Eventually we both found other sports like cross country running, soccer and rowing. From when I was about 8 – 12, I fell really ill. It took years for the doctors to figure out what was going on with me with diagnoses from fatigue to leukaemia. My aunt, who I really have to thank for my entire equestrian experiences, eventually convinced my mother to get me a horse to distract me. With minimal

equine experience, other than stock riding in her youth, Di the superwoman purchased an inappropriately large 15.3hh stockhorse x tb. Biscuit was quite the match for me at the time, as he needed quite a bit of medical attention. What started off with plodding around the paddock soon developed into eagerly joining Mylor Valley Pony Club and the rest is history. What are your experiences and how long were you involved with Interschool? I started Interschool in 2013 with my then lease pony, the unforgettable Peaches ‘n’

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 21

What are your goals for riding? I have great ambition for my riding; life brings so many new opportunities and pathways so I will see where this journey takes me. My plan in life however it may turn out, definitely does involved competitive show jumping, which I will take to the highest level that my potential and ability will take me.

Horses bring me so much happiness; I can’t imagine a life without them! How did you start with modelling and Miss World? I am relatively new to the modelling industry. I was lucky to be approached by Powell Models, my agency, a couple of years ago. I was lucky to arrive at the agency at a time of a lot of development. After waiting for year 12 study commitments to finish up, I am now getting more and more involved with the industry and agency. It is through the agency that I was invited to compete in the Miss World state finals. This was a daunting process as I was asked with a weeks notice, my family overseas and had to organise the entire preparation process myself with the immense support from the Powell Models Family.

I have a great passion for the fashion industry, especially for the positive direction that it is going in terms of acceptance and encouragement of individuality. I really will see where I go in the industry and what opportunities arise. For Miss World, I am truly very new to it all. However I consider myself to be very disciplined and determined. I managed to pull it all together for the state finals, so I will do my best and have fun at the national finals in Melbourne in July and take it as it comes! It’s already been such an awesome adventure so far. I am so thankful for the opportunities so far with the sponsors and children’s charity Variety Australia. What is Miss World and Variety Australia? Miss World is the largest and longest running international beauty pageant launched in 1951. Miss World Australia is a registered fundraising organisation – raising money for charities and mirroring the role and spirit of Miss World at a national level. Miss World Australia holds an annual pageant to identify young Australian women who exemplify beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion. It aims to create and empower role models who will serve as ambassadors to charity, enrich the perception of beauty, and enhance a new strength, energy and spirit for the advancement of women, while positively impacting their communities. The winner represents Australia at this Miss World International final, which includes representatives from over 132 countries around the globe. South Australia’s, and my nominated charity is Variety – the Children’s Charity who supports children and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with a disability.


What are your goals for modelling and for Miss World?


Cream, a special little horse who allowed me to qualify for the state. I was involved for 4 years and was lucky for those years to attend the Australian Championships in Perth in 2013, Werribee in 2014 and then Sydney in 2016 having attended the PCA Nationals in Adelaide the previous year. I was also so privileged to be the Interschool team captain in 2016 where we took back out team spirit trophy! This allowed me to return all that I had gained from the program back to the riders and Interschool community.

22 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017


What are you up to with your gap year? I have chosen to take a gap year this year. Year 12 was a truly taxing year full of intense study, riding amongst other things! I was pretty burnt out and decided I needed a year off to focus upon self-growth and gaining more experiences in riding, travelling and working. I am working at the Stirling hotel and travelling across Europe from late July, which will include hopefully grooming for a showjumper along with touring Croatia, the Greek islands amongst other adventures.

Sophie on Blitz Interschool Championships

Do you want to study? What are your goals for your career? I am really focused upon a career in medicine. In 2018 I intend to study Medicine and eventually become affiliated with the Doctors Without Borders Organisation along with practicing in Australia.

Additional/External Donations to Variety: https://missworldaustralia2017.everydayhero. com/au/variety-the-children-s-charity


Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 23

Photos supplied by S Ludbrook

Show jumping

24 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

2017 South Australian State Jumping Championships The 2017 South Australian State Jumping Championships were held at the picturesque Wayville Showgrounds from 21 April to 23 April attracting some of Australia’s best riders. This premier jumping event on the SA equestrian calendar provided a great program catering for all levels of horse and rider experience through to our national elite competitors. The event was well attended by local and interstate riders including former Olympian riders, Geoff Bloomfield of South Australia and Laurie Lever from Victoria. We were privileged to again have Thomas Foods International as our main sponsor of the event with Prydes EasiFeed and IRT sponsoring our two jumping areas respectively and Dapple EQ for sponsoring the VIP Marquee.

J Dennison jumping Thomas Foods Fence Photo Credit Equus Australia Photography

The valued support from all of our Sponsors and business partners was exceptional this year. Their support and generosity were instrumental in helping to showcase this spectacular event. We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our sponsors, including: Horseland, Hann’s Horse Transport, Ross Air, McDonald Dunlop, Morphettville Equine Clinic [Horsemed SA], Nicole Bruggemann Equestrian, Bloomfield Equestrian and Custom Made Rugs, Mackie Explorations, Rae Brice, The Bit Bank, Coopers Farm Supplies, Mallala Showjumping Club, Strathalbyn Showjumping Club, Anne and David Lindh, Nick Roberts Equine Dentist, Megan Jones Equestrian and Reed Equestrian Australia.

N Bruggemann jumping Prides Fence Photo Credit Equus Australia Photography

been fortunate to get some air time on the SA Sports Show (channel 44) promoting our sport with pre-event interviews and a post-event wrap up of the SA State Jumping Championships. Links to the footage can be found on the Jumping SA Facebook page. Competitors from here and interstate praised the overall event including management, facilities, jumping surface, equipment and courses. Feedback from sponsors, invited guests and spectators alike was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to the riders in attendance for showing your skills and expertise over the great courses set for you. It was an exciting competition and a wonderful experience for the many people watching.

S Wigney jumping Dapple EQ Fence Photo Credit Horizon Photography

The Wayville Showgrounds has a reputation of having one of the best jumping surfaces in Australia and this is a credit to the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia. Fantastic grounds combined with our excellent course builders Richard Bruggemann and David Johnson, ensured the competition was first class. In addition to the excellent jumping on display throughout the three days, the Rider’s Lounge was a great initiative and enjoyed by all. The Dapple EQ VIP Marquee on Sunday’s Championship Day was a sell out, and comparable to that at any worldclass event. Our major sponsors, invited guests and ticket holders were able to relax and enjoy the ambience, incredible food fare and hospitality, as well as the front row seats to view the skill, action and spectacle of both arenas. Live-streaming of the events in the main arena was a huge success and we have

Congratulations to all riders on their success at this year’s SA State Jumping Championships. Whilst it is not possible to acknowledge all winners, a comprehensive list of results from both arenas can be found via the Equestrian SA web page or via this link content/results

State Teams Competition Results Unfortunately for SA, it was the Victorian Teams who were victorious in all of the team competitions at this year’s Championships - well done! Congratulations to our South Australian State Team Riders on their selection to represent the State of SA. SA State Junior Jumping Team: Esperance Fyfe, Conor Reed, Sarah Wigney and Troy Woollard. SA State Young Rider Jumping Team: Felicity Atkinson, Sarah Wigney and Binni Greig from Victoria as third rider. SA State Senior Jumping Team: Nicole Bruggemann, Katie Clark, Michelle Clark, Anthony Thomas.

Show jumping

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Show jumping

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Congratulations to our ‘State Title’ Winners on Championship Day

Tim Clarke & Totally Blue NZPH Photo Credit Equus Australia Photography

Jasmine Dennison & Bubble and Squeak Photo Credit Cherokee Photography

SA Senior State Jumping Champion 2017

SA Young Rider State Jumping Champion 2017

Tim Clarke (VIC) on Totally Blue NZPH This Senior Title event had everyone on the edge of their seat with Tim Clarke of Victoria winning the event on 1 penalty after the two rounds ahead of Nicole Bruggemann of SA riding Lux Like Cavalier on 2 penalties.

Jasmine Dennison (VIC) on Bubble and Squeak The Young Rider’s class was hotly contested with Jasmine Dennison finishing first on Bubble and Squeak and second on her other horse Nicolossi.

John Sheeky Award – Volunteer Services This year the John Sheeky Award was presented to Darren North from the State’s South East in recognition of his contribution to the sport of jumping in SA. Darren has been a wonderful volunteer and his efforts are to be congratulated.

In Appreciation In closing we would like to again sincerely thank all of the sponsors and business partners involved with this event. Indebted thanks must also go to Equestrian SA staff and all of our volunteers and officials as this event could not be run without them. Thanks to all the members of the Jumping SA Committee together with the Event Director, for organising this amazing event. Your tireless effort and contribution are to be celebrated. We hope you all will be back next year either as a competitor enjoying one of the best jumping events in Australia, or as a spectator enjoying the delights of the VIP Marquee. Conor Reed & Clasique Dorien Photo Credit Cherokee Photography

SA Junior State Jumping Champion 2017 Conor Reed (SA) on Clasique Dorien Conor Reed jumped two clear rounds and set a cracking time of 48.26 to finish ahead of Chloe Dennison also double clear on Fosbury Flop (48.83).

We look forward to bringing you a bigger and better event in 2018 and trust you will all be along for the ride. C Reed & D Gibbs Ludbrook Acting Chairpersons for Jumping SA Committee

Show jumping

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Equestrian Australia Sport Achievement Awards and Hall of Fame Equestrian Australia tonight announced its 2016 Sport Achievement Award winners and Hall of Fame inductees at a ceremony held in the Stockmen’s Bar and Grill at the Brisbane Showgrounds.

Equestrian Australia CEO Paula Ward paid tribute to the recipients; “Congratulations to all the outstanding horses and people awarded tonight for their huge contribution to Equestrian sport in Australia,” Ward said.

Hosted in Brisbane for the first time, the event was attended by icons of Australian Equestrian sport including Olympians Wayne Roycroft, John Fahey, Gillian Rolton and Stuart Tinney. They were joined by other leading members of the equine community, award finalists, their families and friends.

“Special mention must go to the Equestrian Australia Hall of Fame inductees who have all played a significant part in the long success story and history of Equestrian both here and abroad.”

2017 Hall of Fame recipients

“We are very thankful to have such wonderful equine and human athletes flying the Australian flag and inspiring the younger generation of the Equestrian community,” she said.

Horses Mouth | 29 Autumn 2017 | From the29

• 2016 Domestic Athlete of the Year Clint Beresford (Showjumping, NSW) • 2016 Domestic Horse of the Year Clifford (Eventing, NSW) • 2016 IRT International Horse of the Year Four-in-hand team of Carlos, Celviro, Daphne, Rambo 395 and Zindgraaf (Driving, Boyd Exell, based overseas)

• 2016 Coach of the Year Prue Barrett (NSW) • 2016 Volunteer of the Year Andrea Goddard (SA) • 2016 Official of the Year Graeme Watts (QLD) • 2016 AIS Event of the Year Aquis Showjumping Classic (QLD)

Equestrian Australia Hall of Fame Inductees

• 2016 International Athlete of the Year Boyd Exell (Driving, based overseas)

• Service to Sport Gillian Rolton

• 2016 Young Athlete of the Year Mary Warren (Dressage, from NSW)

• Outstanding Horse Kibah Tic Toc

• 2016 Owner of the Year Nikki Harwood (WA) • 2016 Administrator of the Year Christine Bradfield (QLD) • 2016 Club of the Year Alexander Park Dressage Club (NSW)

Michael Scott and Diana Keach attending the evening.

• Individual achievement Boyd Exell • Team Achievement Sydney 2000 Olympics (Eventing) Andrew Hoy, Matt Ryan, Stuart Tinney, Phillip Dutton, Wayne Roycroft (Coach) GOLD MEDAL

Rhys Vaudin, finalist for the Young Athlete of the Year Award.


2016 Sport Achievement Award Winners


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Wendy Hunt & daughter Elizabeth at the Equestrian SA Awards night with the Jim Dunn OAM Trophy.

Wendy Hunt 2016 Jim Dunn OAM Service to Sport Award Winner The Jim Dunn OAM Service to Sport Award is in memory of Jim and the values he represented to all in the Equestrian world. Presented annually at the Equestrian SA Awards evening by Jim’s daughter, Bridget Dunn, we managed to surprise Wendy Hunt on the night to present this special award in a very touching moment for her.

The Jim Dunn OAM award is for service to the sport of Equestrian and encompasses but is not limited to the following areas: • Longevity in the sport; • Volunteering within the sport • Multi discipline representation • Committee Representation

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 31

• Passion within the sport • Impact on the Sport The Jim Dunn award goes to someone who epitomises all that Jim represented and Wendy Hunt is certainly a worthy recipient. Wendy has loved horses and equestrian competition for many years and we wanted to share her background with our members. Wendy is a big believer in putting back into your sport and the below is a record of her achievements. Wendy Hunt resides on a sheep and cattle property at Yankalilla, South Australia. She has been riding since she was 8 years old and started her competitive career in Show Horse before continuing onto dressage. Wendy has been an valued Equestrian SA member for 50 years. In Show Horse Wendy rode at Royal Show level and has been a judge for over 45 years, judging at Royal Shows and “Horse of the Year” events. Judging at the 2016 Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships was a highlight of Wendy’s Show Horse judging career. In Dressage Wendy rode to FEI level after spending a year in Germany riding horses. She is an A level dressage judge and has been judging for over 45 years, regularly judges interstate and has judged in every state in Australia including the National Dressage Championships, held in both Victoria and NSW.

Through her dressage Wendy has been on the Ground Jury 4 times at the Adelaide International 3Day Event in the 2 star class and continues to regularly judge at local Horse Trial Events which she has been doing for 45 years. Wendy is a Life Member and former Chair (5 years) of Equestrian South Australia, former Director on the Equestrian Australia Board (3years), former SA Dressage Committee Chair, former member of the Horse Industry Advisory Group (SA), a former member of the Adelaide 3 Day Event Board and is currently a lay member on the Veterinary Surgeons Board of SA. In November 2016 Wendy was appointed EA National Show Horse Chair. Wendy convenes the Horse Section of the Yankalilla Agricultural Show and is a Life Member of the Show Society for her 35 year contribution. We congratulate Wendy Hunt on being the recipient of the Jim Dunn OAM Award and thank her for her tireless work in the Equestrian community over the years all for the betterment of the members in our State.


• Competing to some level – not necessarily the highest

Wendy is also a Dressage Judge Educator, Mentor, Dressage SA Selector and is currently on the Dressage Judges Committee.


• Officiating


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Steph Hann & True Celebre winning Lockington CNC1* and Winner of the Youth Development Scholarship. Photo credit Atkins Photography, Hilary Hann.

Equestrian SA Awards Night February 3rd 2017 ESA Eventing Senior Rider of the Year, 2016 – the Anna Savage Award - went to Megan Jones, for another consecutive year. Megan’s top horse, Kirby Park Impress, also won the ESA Event Horse of the Year. Well deserved as Megan came oh so close to winning the inaugural CIC3* at Adelaide, just pipped by UK’s Oliver Townend.

Jaimie Stichel won the ESA Eventing Young Rider of the Year 2016 – the Tasha Khouzam Award - judged on Performance points at official Horse Trials while Steph Hann was the successful applicant at the Youth Development Scholarship weekend. The Scholarship is judged on various criteria over the training weekend, as well as performance & potential. Well done to both Young Riders.


Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 33

Megan Jones & Kirby Park Impress, Winners of Event Rider and Event Horse of the Year. Photo credit Jenny Barnes.

Jaimie Stichel & Image Blue Ice, placing at AI3DE, CIC3* and winning Young Rider of the Year (Performance). Photo credit Emma Kalderovskis.

Ode to the Youth Scholarship weekend. The format was new for the Scholarship weekend, There was riding aplenty from beginning to end. The grounds at Reynella looked a picture to send, The food was outstanding, no guts aches to mend.

Scott was the Selector, he tore out his hair, Surprisingly enough there’s still some bits there. He tossed and he turned to make it quite fair, His choice was “spot-on”, hooray to the Chair.

Martin (Plewa) and Gill, they instructed and taught, The energy and enthusiasm just couldn’t be bought. Teaching of this calibre would widely be sort, And no-one fell off, of tears there were naught.

Steph Hann was the winner, we think that is great, Behind every rider, there is the best mate. True Celebre’s a champ, he’ll be at the gate, Awaiting a carrot, I bet he can’t wait.

Roger Rasheed was a man on a mission, To teach us resilience, to ride with precision. Riders work hard, make a concrete decision, Be focused, be tough and follow your vision.

So riders remember, November’s the date, We’ll let you know times, be early not late. You may be a winner, who knows, it is fate, But definitely, for sure, the weekend will be great.

Leigh posted the schedules, we all toed the line, Tracey was everywhere and checked all was fine. Mouse chopped and cooked so on food we could dine, They all stayed quite sober we’d hidden the wine.

Banjo (aka Helen McEwen)

34 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017


The ESA Eventing Committee would like to sincerely thank: • Martin Plewa and Gill Rolton for their superb instruction benefiting both riders and spectators. • Roger Rasheed for his inspirational words, enthusiasm and insights into elite sports psychology. • The parents who provided assistance on the day….. and finally to Sophie, Isabeau, Madison, Steph, Caitlin, Jamie, Hannah, Ashleigh, Lauren, Connie, Georgia, Chloe, Abby, Courtney, Liv, Ellen and Tessa for their enthusiasm, horsemanship and sense of fun. Your contribution was essential to the success of the weekend. Also let us not forget the four-legged equine friends that were there to carry, help and support you. Many thanks to them as well. Equestrian Australia recently held a National ceremony at the Brisbane Showgrounds to recognize both the 2016 Sport Achievement Awards and the Hall of Fame inductees. Two South Australians featured prominently in this year’s awards with Andrea Goddard (secretary at Ai3DE among other achievements) winning the Volunteer of the Year Award. Congratulations Andrea. Atlanta & Barcelona Gold Medallist, Gill Rolton, was inducted into the EA Hall of Fame for Service to Sport (in her role mainly as Director of the prestigious AI3DE, but also as an International Judge who has officiated on the Grand Jury at Olympics and WEG and is also a member of the EA Board). Gill has certainly put back into our sport in her role as the major player in keeping the 4* International Horse Trials alive and going in the Adelaide Parklands, and her recognition is well deserved. SA Eventing Season 2017 kicked off with the inaugural ODE for the season on March 4th & 5th at Kirkcaldy Park Horse Trials,

Echunga. This was followed a month later, with the Hills & Barossa OC running their ODE also at Karin Edwards’s Kirkcaldy property (as they have not yet found a suitable cross country venue for a new course to be built). However following the building of a completely new water complex at this site, now used for both events, and with a lot of extra work the cross country course was to be run in the opposite direction for H & B, so no-one will be bored or complacent. Reynella HT report that their CIC 2* & 1* that had to be cancelled due to unsafe, boggy conditions in October will now be run at their April Event as a CIC despite having to repay the FEI its full calendar fee !. It is hoped that more star class riders will support Reynella in providing a FEI qualifying event in this State as a qualification pre Melbourne 3DE. Get your entries in! Naracoorte HT reports a change of Dressage and Camping venue from the traditional Naracoorte Showgrounds to the newer Polo Grounds with some 200 yards available & camping. Also their Team Challenge Jackpot of $1000 this year is being promoted expecting to draw more interstate entries.

SA Eventing Results Major results at Kirkcaldy Park ODE saw the CNC 1* won with an excellent dressage test by Sarah Clark, taking over the ride on Emily Daley’s Aramdale Donn Piatt, and following it up with a clear cross country with 7 time, but a disappointing show jumping saw a few rails down. They were the only ones in a very small 1* field to complete. EVA105 did have a more competitive 16 starters, and was eventually won by Steph Hann & True Celebre (proving her Scholarship win no fluke) from Kate Hayman & Rockingham Second Guess while

Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose came in third. EVA 95 was won by Kerry Millington & Spierwood Millington from young Courtney Munro on her super pony Aylestone Park Apple Blossom who still managed to finish second despite a run out, due to an amazing 39 dressage score. Third was Jen Thompson & Dark Assasin. EVA 80 had two divisions of 21 & 23 starters with Div 1 won by Ellen Rowlands & her pony Forestway Bewitched while Div 2 was won by Jamie-lea Burns & Spartonyx. EVA 65 saw a win with another 39 dressage score to Kaitlyn Petney & Nadahka, while the Training class over 50 cms was won by Catherine Hilton & Marcasite. Another successful event run by Karin Edwards and Charlie Germein & helpers, with the much welcomed addition of the new water jump with excellent footing and many options for all classes available for future alterations around its splash pond. Interstate Events also attracted some SA entries to Geelong HT in February – where Rebecca Martin & Jaybee Amigo placed 2nd in her first EVA 105 and Danni Hampton & Wynarra Bronze Medal 8th in EVA 95. Tonimbuk International HT on 11/03/17 saw Megan Jones score a decisive win in CIC 3* with Kirby Park Impress and Luke Jones & Music came a close third in CIC 2*. Tara Fuller & Kalimna Bailey in 14th and Dale Flynn & Fly with You in 27th both achieved MER’s in EVA 105. Wandin International HT 18/03/17 also attracted SA riders seeking CIC qualifications, with Sarah Clark & Aremdale Donn Piatt unfortunately missing out a fence in CIC 2* ! however her new horse, LV Balou Jeanz, compensated with a MER & 6th place in his first CIC 1*. Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose excelled in leading the dressage (73.2%) in EVA 105, double clear XC, but one rail

cost her their first winner’s rug, ending up third. Andrew Everest & Rockingham Bold as Brass completed in 10th place, Kate Hayman & Rockingham Second Guess in 13th and Kate Bailey & Acacia Ridge Beau Dancer in 15th all achieved qualifications. Hills & Barossa Committee ran their Event at the Kirkcaldy venue on April 1 & 2. Riders were impressed to find the cross country, designed and built by Karin Edwards & Co. to be completely changed by reversing the course and substituting various portable fences. CNC* was won by Steph Hann & True Celebre from Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose, both combinations competing 1* for first time, while Stephan Bow & new ride, Va Va Voom was 3rd. EVA105 Jamie Stichel & KP Irish One had a narrow win over Rachelle Verma & Koyuna Dark Sun with Kate Hayman & Rockingham Second Guess a close 3rd. EVA95 was won by Courtney Munro & Aylestone Park Apple Blossom from Charlie Germain & Gazman GZ with Lisa Morfey & Ironbank Classic Rule in 3rd. EVA 80, Div 1 was won by Ellen Rowlands & cute pony Forestway Bewitched from Courtney Munro & Kirby Park Joy, (missing a second win on the day with an unwelcome SJ rail), with Lucy English & ESB Irish Heart in 3rd. EVA80 Div 2 was won by Carly Digney & Tuxedo Cat well clear of Jamie-Lea Burns & Spartonyx with Georgia Gibson & Blood Diamond a very close 3rd. Both divisions had the highest number of starters at 26 riders per division. EVA65 was won by Kaitlin Petney & Nadahka while EVA50 was won by Eloise Entraigues & December Hill Riley. At the request of riders, the committee also offered a Combined Training class at 1* where Sarah Clark’s new young horse, LV Balou Jeanz pipped Rachelle Verma & Sun Showers & at 2* levels for Sarah Clark riding her two, Aramdale Donn Piatt shading KP Irish Consort.


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36 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Steph Hann & True Celebre flying over hayrack in winning form in CNC* with Rachelle Verma & Canterbury Sun Rose plunging thro’ old 1* water for 2nd. Photographs courtesy of Atkins Photography & Hilary Hann.

Stephen Bow & Va Va Voom into new 1* water (Hills & Barossa) and Andrew Everest & Rockingham Bold as Brass into 1* water (Lockington). Photographs courtesy of Atkins Photography & Hilary Hann.

Three SA riders made the trip to Camperdown April 8 – 9th with Rebecca Martin & Jaybee Amigo placing 6th and Kate Bailey & Acacia Ridge Beau Dancer placing 14th in EVA 105.

Stichel & Image Blue Ice well ahead of Megan & KP Invader. In the CNC2* Luke Jones completed the double coming first & second with Music & Proclaimer (good to see back successfully from a heart issue at AI3DE) while Sarah Clark & Aremdale Donn Piatt jumped so brilliantly into the water & over the whale tail that she “forgot” the 3rd element ! and had to circle, dropping her to 3rd.

Lockington Horse Trials was held at the stunning property of Phil Whellams and Tracey Leigh over the Friday & Saturday of Easter. Sadly the spectacular paddock with the Bank in it has been sold and Lockington may not be able to continue as we all know & love it. Let us hope a solution is found as this is the best ODE Venue in this state and has been brilliantly developed with course designed by Tracey Leigh over the past 7 years. The CNC2.5* was won decisively by Megan Jones & Kirby Park Impress from Jaimie

CNC* was won by Steph Hann & True Celebre on a three in a row winning streak, a 105 and her first two 1*’s, proving it no fluke. Sarah Clark on her new mount, LV Balou Jeanz, also showed class in 2nd place while Robert Hutcheson & Allegro Bravo made a return to eventing (double clear XC as was Steph) in 3rd place. EVA105 saw

Emily Nettle & Cash Cab come back for the win from Rebecca Martin and Jaybee Amigo ( but for one SJ rail…) and Rachelle Verma & Koyuna Dark Sun 3rd. EVA95 was another win to young Courtney Munro & Aylestone Park Apple Blossom from Tayla Jenner & Lakota, both finishing on their dressage score, while one rail saw Danni Hampton & Kisschasey drop to 3rd. Again there were two divisions of EVA80 with 29 & 26 riders competing as the biggest class, while EVA65 had 36 starters. EVA80 Div 1 was won by Leena Blows & Crackerjack closely followed by Lucy English & ESB Irish Heart and Jaimie Stichel & Leonardo’s Puzzle. EVA80 Div 2 had Megan Jones & Kahean Park Trooper out for a first run & into second place splitting her two young pupils, Courtney Munro winning on Kirby Park Joy while Ellen Rowlands & Forestway Bewitched was 3rd. EVA65 was a hotly contested event with seven dressage scores under 50 with Jaimie Stichel & New World Rolls Royce on a flash 38 leading, which she maintained finishing on that score as did Tuxedo Cat in 2nd with Grace Neuhaus (riding Carly’s horse this time) and Jade Kluske & Danson Gamestar 3rd also double clear on her new youngster from Heather Currie’s Danson Dressage stables as was Jaimie’s winner. A very successful, superbly organised & run event – let us hope it continues…..

Megan Jones was the only SA rider to make the long journey to Camden to contest the Australian Eventing Championships April 22 & 23, placing a credible 3rd with Kirby Park Impress. Two Wells Pony Club Event in SA, was also held last weekend, April 22 & 23. Two Wells PC, with the input of the Puro Family, do a good job out there incorporating EA and Pony club classes and the course has certainly improved and is now an up to height, but straight forward and flowing course, on good sandy going for all classes. Isabeau Garner won the two top classes - the EVA105 with Even Steven and in her first start in EVA95, won on Fiction, both leading from start to finish. Charlie Germein won the EVA80 on Hugh Jackman. Jeanine Joubert & The Golden Rule was the winner of EVA65. Stop Press – news from our SA rider now competing in UK – Wendy Schaeffer and Numerano GT Z have just scored their first win at a British Eventing Novice class at Whitfield last Tuesday. Purchased in June last year (after losing both her 3* qualified horses) as a 5 yo baby showjumper he had done half a dozen BE100’s last year, then come 3rd in his first Novice before the win at Whitfield this year. Wendy’s newest purchase the warmblood mare, Gitta Bella, another just 6 yo, also placed 6th at Whitfield in BE100 at her second start with Wendy – a promising start. Di Schaeffer for the ESA Eventing Committee

Photos above Jaimie Stichel & K P Irish One off the 1*Lockington bank and Rachelle Verma completing 105 on Koyuna Dark Sun in 3rd place. Photos credits, Atkins Photography, Hilary Hann.


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38 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

Youth Development 2016 Winners and were although quite different they with Pippy will hold a very special place in my heart. They all taught me, were kind mares and we had a lot of fun, both at the farm galloping over the hills and in the show ring! Today, I have Manorvale After Five, aka Sam. He is a small black hack, which we bought last April. He is only young but had successfully competed at Sydney and Canberra. He is a pleasure to ride and again my learning journey is continuing as I progress on to a hack.

Caitlin Fricker I have been showing with my twin sister, Victoria since I was 3. We are both 3rd generation showies. When I commenced riding at the farm, I was fortunate to learn on Milbrae Springtime, a truly beautiful Shetland, I progressed on to my first show pony Imperial Pippa. Pippy had been a very successful show pony and seemed to understand workouts better than I at 5 and took me safely around the ring and returned me to the lineup without any hiccups! I progressed on to Falconhurst Reflection and also Falconhurst First Dance. Two beautiful 12.2hh show ponies. Both ponies went on to become Royal show Champions

My family have been my major support and my grandfather the most generous sponsor and spectator. Other sponsors that assist both me and my sister, Mitavite, Gallery Equine, Champion Tails and Horseland, all assist us in getting into the ring and looking the part. The Youth Development Scholarship was an honor to win. The coach, Kim Durante was so helpful as I had only been riding Sam for a short time and enabled me to understand him better. The selector, Kellie Probert, also continued to assist me in giving advice and being a sounding board when I have had an issue or a question. I wish to thank Equestrian South Australia for this fantastic opportunity, as it will help me to improve and develop into becoming a better rider and trainer of show horses.

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 39

Rhys Vaudin

I am very honoured to have won the 2017 Be Active Dressage Youth Scholarship and would like to thank the selectors, Jen Gilligan and Dirk Dijkstra as well as the Dressage South Australia committee for providing this opportunity.

Over the last four years, since I was 12 years old, I have been competing in Combined Driving Events. For me, CDEs are my passion, what I really enjoy doing and it is where I have had my greatest success. In 2015 I was selected as one of 5 invited carriage drivers (of all ages) to take part in the first ever Jump and Drive event in South Australia held at the National Show Jumping Championships. My show jumper and I won this event quite comprehensively


Phoebe Foulkes

I have been riding dressage for approximately 18 months and competing my current horse Fire & Magic (Connor) for 12 months. Connor was purchased as a green broken 4YO in December 2015 and is now competing at elementary level, aiming towards medium. I have trained Connor myself which has been a very rewarding experience. My current coach, Cooper Oborn, has helped me immensely with both my riding and training of Connor. Cooper has also provided me with many opportunities that have helped me develop as a rider, such as getting a feel for the higher level movements on his Prix St George horse which I am very thankful for. I am aiming to do my first medium test on Connor at the end of the year as well as compete at the 2018 Dressage & Jumping with the Stars in the 6YO Horse class. Long term, I have a goal of training Connor to Grand Prix and bringing on more young horses in the future.

In 2016 I competed in my first interstate event, the National Carriage Driving Championship at Longwood, Victoria, in March. At this event, my first national competition, I finished third in the Novice Large Pony class in a strong class of 14 competitors including many experienced drivers. To top this off I was then named the National Junior Driver of the year. I will be once again competing at the National CDE Championship that is being help at Monarto over Easter, and this year, even though I am driving a new pony, I hope to once again do well, improving all aspects of my driving. Over the last few months, I have been receiving regular coaching from Jackie Boyd. Through her coaching she has helped me


40 | From the Horses Mouth | Autumn 2017

learn how to get my pony to do what I want and has helped me to see what the pony is telling me, amongst many other things. I have really appreciated the time I have spent with Jackie and in the short time of having lessons with her already learnt so much. In the future I would eventually like to drive a team of ponies and compete either interstate or internationally. Currently I am practicing driving a pair and after the National CDE Championships I am hopefully going to be learning to drive tandem, which is the step before teams. I hope to eventually learn to drive a team competitively and also win the National CDE Championship.

Sarah Wigney

I have been riding my whole life, starting in pony club, in which I was heavily involved in until 2015. Throughout my ears in Pony Club I was instructed regularly by Di Keach, whom I credit with giving me a solid base in flatwork and jumping. I was a ‘jack of all trades’ kind of rider however I always had a keen interest in showjumping. I was lucky enough to get my first showjumper, Blitz,

from Jeff Bloomfield when I was 12. He started me in EA showjumping, taking me from 80cm to my first 120cm rounds. When I was 14 I got my second showjumper from Tim Clarke, a mare called Tantalize NZPH whom my coach of 4 years, Jeff Bloomfield, found for me. She has been my main juniors horse for the past 2 and half years. On Tantalize was fortunate enough to place in many championship classes as well as winning the Junior championship at Angaston show in 2015 and 2016, as well as the junior championship at Mundulla show in 2016. I also competed in the 2015 Adelaide Royal Show, placing in the Junior Grand Prix, as well as my first Australian Show Jumping Championships where we jumped clean around the first day of the Junior Series. I am very grateful for all I have learnt while riding her and we will be breeding from her in 2017. In 2015, I was lucky enough to get my current main horse, Highfield Luda Grandeur. He was only 6 when I got him and I have brought him on slowly. We are now competing consistently at 120125cm. In 2016, we placed consistently in Junior championships and 120cm classes. Together we competed successfully in the National Interschool championships in Sydney in September of 2016, as well as the Junior series at the Australian Show jumping championships. In December of 2016, I took Grandeur to Sydney to compete in the Sydney Summer Classic where he competed well to finish 7th on the second day of the junior series. The highlight of our time together has been winning the Junior Championship at Angaston show in 2017 and finishing 3rd in the Junior final and the Boneo Classic in January. I am excited for this horse’s future and I hope to compete in him in young rider classes in the coming years.

Autumn 2017 | From the Horses Mouth | 41

I was very honoured to win the youth development scholarship in 2016 and I would like to thank Equestrian South Australia for conducting this excellent program. It was a fantastic weekend with a great group of riders and excellent lessons from the coach, Clive Reed as well as course advice from Andrew Peach. I would strongly encourage any young riders to get involved in this program.

Steph Hann I was so surprised and thrilled to be announced the winner of the Youth Development Scholarship for Eventing at the ESA Awards night, I never expected it in a million years. Since True Celebre and I won the Dressage Scholarship a couple of years ago, we have consolidated both our dressage and eventing performances and

I feel that over the past year we have built up a confident and trusting partnership. I started competing 3 years ago when I started having lessons at Sunburst Equestrian with Nicky Moore and was encouraged to compete on one of their schoolmasters. This kick-started my love for competition and training and I have benefitted from the help and support of the Schaeffer family since. I now have lessons with Lucy Williams BHSI who helps and supports me in both my eventing and dressage. I bought True Celebre around 4½ years ago as an Off the Track with some basic work in him, after some troubles with injuries we spent a year doing dressage before starting our eventing career. This year we plan to move up to 1* after an initial outing at EvA105 to get our eye back in and I am looking forward to the coming year’s competitions both here and interstate. My warm blood mare has just started her training over cross country jumps and is showing lots of promise and I hope that she is ready for her first Eventing competition later this year. Along with both horses, I also have my Uni studies so it promises to be a busy and fulfilling year.


Most recently we have purchased a horse called Kinnordy Giuliani, who Nicole Bruggemann found for me. I have been riding him for 6 weeks and he has already placed consistently in junior championships in South Australia and we are now competing at 120cm. I am excited to get to know this horse and compete him interstate later in the year.

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