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tells the story of Blinky, the fun-loving and mischievous koala from the small rural town of Greenpatch. Blinky’s father, Mr Bill, went missing six blue moons ago and Blinky is the only one who believes his father is still alive. When Blinky believes he has found a clue showing his father’s location, he sets out on an adventure to bring him home safely.

Very quickly Blinky ends up in trouble when he meets a vicious feral cat, who had a run in with his father years ago. The Cat now has his sights set on Blinky and will track him to the ends of the outback to get his revenge. Blinky teams up with Nutsy – a domesticated zoo koala, who has never been out of her cage, and Jacko – a crazy fast talking frillnecked lizard who although acts tough, is anything but. Together the three of them go on a huge adventure spanning classic rugged Australian terrain. Blinky Bill, The Movie reveals how Blinky came to meet the characters we all know and love from the original movie and subsequent series, most notably his best friend Nutsy and mentor Mr Wombat (whom Blinky affectionately calls ‘Wombo’). Combining elements of slapstick humour, drama, action and adventure, Blinky Bill, The Movie establishes the excitement and richness of Blinky’s world.



THE STORY SO FAR First introduced to audiences in the 1930s through a series of children’s books, “The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill” is considered an iconic Australian children’s classic. The title has never been out of print in Australia. In 1992, Yoram Gross Film Studios – now Flying Bark Productions produced the feature film Blinky Bill, The Mischievous Koala which was released to audiences in major territories including the United States. This was followed by several successful TV series and movies which continue to air around the world today, testament to the longevity of Blinky Bill. Throughout the years, the Blinky Bill brand has generated over AUD$25 million in revenue, part of which is attributable to a strong licensing and merchandising program, ranging from plush toys to activity books from over 60 different licenses. Now parents and grandparents can share their fond memories with a whole new generation as Flying Bark prepares to produce and release Blinky Bill, The Movie!




With a unique style of design and animation, likeable characters and storyline, Blinky Bill, The Movie will appeal to a wide global audience introducing the character to a new generation of movie-goers. Based on a children’s book series and highly successful subsequent TV series and movies, Blinky Bill benefits from a strong brand awareness and positive brand association in Australia and Europe. Blinky Bill evokes a feeling of nostalgia and sentimentality in older audiences with an eagerness to share this feeling with their young families.







FORMAT CGI RUNNING TIME 82 minutes BUDGET Under AUD$20 million LANGUAGE English (dubbed by territory) RELEASE DATE Q1 2015 (Estimated) TERRITORIES Worldwide GENRE Family Film

FOR THE MARKET TARGET MARKET Family Children (6-12 years old) Parents Grandparents Nostalgia (20 – 30 years old) MARKET POSITION Comparables: Escape From Planet Earth (2013) Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) Alpha and Omega (2010) Planet 51 (2009) Fly Me to the Moon (2008) Bolt (2008) Hoodwinked (2006)




80% of the population visually recognise Blinky Bill

2nd only to “The Wiggles” in unaided recall of Australian children’s characters

58% have watched a Blinky Bill movie or TV show

72% of those who recognised Blinky Bill liked him



have read a Blinky Bill book

of unaided recall when thinking of Australian children’s characters

People like Blinky Bill because he is an Aussie icon - cute and cuddly yet mischievous, with good morals and educational messages

There is significant interest in new Blinky Bill animated film and TV content amongst those with young children who know the character

41% continue to have solid merchandise interest

Data from “Blinky Bill: Merchantwise Research Findings”, Final Report:30 August 2011, by Merchantwise. The research was taken from key Australian states and territories with an equal mix of14males and females across the following age groups: 18 – 29 years, 30 – 39 years, 40 – 49 years, 50 - 59 years and 60 – 69 years and at least 50% of the sample have children 0-8 years.


MARKETING STRATEGY In collaboration with our distributor and rest of world partners, we intend to implement a marketing strategy that will ensure the commercial success of Blinky Bill, The Movie with an overall goal of establishing Blinky Bill as a globally recognised brand. During the lead-up time to the release of Blinky Bill, The Movie our aim is to: Optimise our strong brand awareness through renewed broadcast of existing Blinky Bill television series and films while ensuring all retro content is available on DVD and iVOD platforms. Implement a digital strategy to include a comprehensive social media and cross-platform campaign, ensuring all potential digital platforms are utilised to their full potential. Release new content to create interest and awareness to a new generation of children and their families in Australia while also making the film attractive to audiences beyond the territories where the Blinky Bill brand has already been established. Create branding partnerships with iconic Australian and international brands such as Vegemite, Virgin Australia and the Australian Koala Foundation. Appoint a sales agent to represent our licensing and merchandising activity with the outlook of reintroducing our retro L&M range and launching a new range of consumer products such as apps, plush toys, figurines, confectionery, books and apparel throughout department and online stores.



BLINKY BILL is a charming, little koala who dances to the beat of his own drum. Clever and a little mischievous at times, Blinky seeks excitement and adventure where other koalas are happy to eat and sleep the day away. Greenpatch is a safe and picturesque place for a koala to grow up, and Blinky often helps Mum with her chores, but would rather be out playing pranks. When his journey finds him navigating the many dangers of the outback, Blinky must rely on his sharp wits to escape the jaws and claws of predators. He learns that even the simple life can be full of great joy and adventure when you share it with your mates.




is a domesticated zoo koala who has never lived outside captivity. Losing her parents in a bush fire, Nutsy was rescued by humans and grew up in a zoo. Analytical, pragmatic and a pampered princess, Nutsy enjoys being taken care of and doesn’t have the first clue how to fend for herself. When she meets Blinky, she is quick to write him off as uncouth – but his innate charm and cheekiness soon grow on her. Alongside Blinky, Nutsy is thrust into an outback adventure where she must overcome her fear of the wild and learn to appreciate the majesty of nature. Nutsy learns that life outside the enclosure isn’t so scary after all, and most importantly, what it really means to be free.



is a fun-loving frill-necked lizard and fast-talking comedian who lives on a rock in the Australian outback. Naive and trusting, Jacko yearns to make friends, although it’s not easy for him to meet other ‘frill seekers’ living in such a remote part of the bush. That is, until Blinky and Nutsy rescue him from the snapping jaws of the Cat. Desperate to be part of their gang, Jacko’s enthusiasm is initially off-putting but he eventually proves himself to be a useful ally for his newfound friends. Jacko uses his frill to ‘sense’ danger like a radar, which comes in handy when Blinky gets into trouble. Although Jacko’s sense of direction can be a bit topsy-turvy, his big heart always manages to help him land on his feet. 21


is a smelly, eccentric old wombat who lives in a trash-filled burrow out on the desert plains. Big and tough, with a heart of gold and other scavenged metals, Wombo is a gravel-voiced fount of wisdom and crazy tall stories. Deciphering one from the other can be a challenge. A lonely loner, Wombo loves a yarn and can hold his audience captive with his wild tales. Wombo fears nothing, except his imaginary friend Suzy.



is feared by all bush animals (even those snappy crocs), The Cat is one seriously foul-tempered feline. He is wild and intimidating, but with a great sense of panache and theatricality – and has developed a particular taste for cute koalas. He first spies Blinky and Nutsy wandering through his domain, and instantly sets his sights to kill. In true cavalier style, Blinky finds a way out for his companions time and time again. But can he outwit and outrun this vicious and cunning predator forever?



are two motor-mouthed Aussie emus. They’ve known each other for so long that they might as well share the same brain. In fact, they probably do! Emus aren’t necessarily the smartest of animals, but this doesn’t diminish Cheryl and Beryl’s enthusiasm! They were saved by Blinky’s father years ago from hungry dingoes, so now will do whatever they can to help young Blinky be reunited with his dad. They spend their days trading stories of boys, foreign food and gossip.



the goanna is the self-appointed mayor of Greenpatch. A petty tyrant, he is pompous and vain, fond of theatrical flourishes and intolerant of anyone who dares break “his” ludicrous rules. A bully and a coward, Cranky sees himself as the savior of Greenpatch, constantly disparaging Blinky’s long-lost father Bill - the true local hero. Blinky is Cranky’s nemesis and the old lizard just can’t understand how the little koala can be so naughty and break so many rules and remain as popular as he does.






Commenced, completed by November 2013

PRODUCTION Commenced, completed by March 2014



November 2013, completed by May 2014


June 2014



Sydney, Australia

Loved by generations of children worldwide, Blinky will appear in a computer generated (CG) animation for the first time. Blinky has evolved with the times, from children’s book illustration in the 1930’s to 2D cell animation in the 1980s. Groundbreaking for its time, the 1992 feature film Blinky Bill, The Mischievous Koala employed the radical technique of superimposing 2D animation over live action footage of the Australian bush. Now, in keeping with the technological advancements of the 21st century, Blinky will be brought to life in stunning computer generated image (CGI).

CAST A-List Cast.

DESIGN Blinky’s journey will take him through a highly stylised environment inspired by the uniqueness and diversity of the Australian landscape. Taking its visual cues from famous Australian art, Blinky Bill, The Movie will effectively blend the ‘old’ and ‘new’ using current animation technologies. The use of 3D motion graphics, edgy design and visually arresting background paintings will ensure that Blinky is not only aesthetically appealing, but absolutely unique in the cinematic marketplace.


THE TEAM FLYING BARK PRODUCTIONS is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading producer of quality children’s animated entertainment. Established by Yoram and Sandra Gross in 1968, Flying Bark produces highly successful 2D and 3D family content.



Jim has built an impressive 25-year career in the animation industry. Jim worked on “The Little Mermaid” as production administrator and subsequently became a producer in feature animation development at Disney. From 1992-1995, Jim worked as producer on Nickelodeon’s cult classic “The Ren & Stimpy Show.” During his tenure the series was nominated for two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Animated Series. Jim went on to produce “Brother Bear 2” and “Bambi II” for DisneyToon Studios and in 2005 was made head of production at Acme Filmworks Inc. Ltd. In early 2010, Jim was appointed Managing Director of Flying Park Productions Pty Ltd.

Deane Taylor’s darkly humorous gothic style makes him the most distinctive concept artist and production designer working in the international world of animation today.

BARBARA STEPHEN – PRODUCER Barbara Stephen has worked as a producer for the past 10 years. Barbara first joined the children’s television industry in 2007 at Ambience Entertainment, where she worked as a Producer on the hit series “Erky Perky” and Line Producer of the pre-school series “Magical Tales”. She recently wrapped production as a Line Producer for the highly anticipated ABC 3 series, “The Adventures of Figaro Pho” working with Chocolate Liberation Front and Ambience Entertainment. Barbara joined the team at Flying Bark Productions where she produced the children’s series The Woodlies and most recently, was appointed Creative Producer at Flying Bark Productions where she is set to produce the children’s series Tashi.


Deane is the Annie-winning Art Director of the Oscar-nominated feature, Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and the Annie-nominated “Cow and Chicken”. Deane has also worked on several high quality television series including “The Ren and Stimpy Show.” Deane has completed concept art, design and production design on a host of both independent and major US studio productions, European and Australian animated features, television series, games, book design and book illustration.



Fin Edquist is the recipient of several feature film development grants from the AFC and Film Victoria. His television writing credits include Vic the Viking, “McLeods Daughters” and “Home and Away”. He also story-produced and wrote on the third series of “Rescue Special Ops”. His short film “Mendel’s Tree” premiered at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival in 2009. His previous short film “Toxicman” premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival, 2009. He was one of twelve directors invited to participate in the Frontieres international film market at the Fantasia Film Festival (Montreal, 2012).

Gary Eck is one of Australia’s most popular and versatile stand-up comedians whose sharp wit has been entertaining Australian and international audiences for nearly two decades. In 2004, Gary won the world’s largest short film competition, Tropfest, with his short film entitled “The Money.” He has since appeared on numerous television shows including “Rove, The Footy Show” and “Spicks and Specks”, and has also starred in feature films “You Can’t Stop the Murders” and “Boytown” alongside Mick Molloy and Glenn Robins. Most recently, Gary was a co-writer on George Miller’s “Happy Feet Two”.


Contact: Jim Ballantine 62 - 68 Church Street Camperdown 2050 Australia

Ph: +61 2 8568 5555



Blinky Bill Marketing Book  
Blinky Bill Marketing Book