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Travel Healthy, Arrive Fit! Travelling can be wonderful and inspiring. We live in a world where people are always on the go, simply because taking a trip is becoming easier by the day. Yet when travel becomes a significant part of our lives, so does travel fatigue. This is why we founded Vitalit Laboratories and launched our FlyFit product line. We fight fatigue.

Our FlyFit products are made of a carefully balanced mix of vitamins and minerals that hydrate the body, boost resistance and reduce fatigue during and after intense travel, be it by plane, boat, car or train. We aim to maximize the revitalizing effects that natural ingredients can have on a travellers’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Vitalit Laboratories is the global # 1 brand in the market for Fatigue Solutions. We develop healthy premium drinks and snacks, based on pure and natural superfruit ingredients, specifically designed to increase the fitness of travellers around the globe.

That’s why many of our products contain the ingredient Q4, a highly concentrated mix of raw fruit extracts, specifically developed to help restore your body from the symptoms of travel fatigue. And because we appreciate the hectic and busy schedules of both travellers and our customers, we place great emphasis on providing quick, efficient and sustainable distribution solutions to our business partners. Through our products and services, we aim to retain the magic in travel.

Nature knows best Nature has already provided everything we need to boost our resistance under any travel conditions. FlyFit products are made from the very finest natural ingredients, which consist of superfruits sourced from all over the world, such as pomegranates, blueberries and cranberries.

Their global expertise and century-long experience ensures our products are made from excellent functional ingredients, containing no colourings or preservatives, are produced in a nut-free environment and are GMO free. In other words: our products are suitable for everyone, including vegetarians.

Each of these superfruits has its own unique functionality and contains an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We have united these functions in the ingredient Q4, a highly concentrated combination of raw, all-natural fruit extracts that boosts nature’s healing power even further. We at Vitalit Laboratories really like to keep it pure, because we know nature knows best.

What makes our products even more exceptional is that we develop them with flying in mind. Being in the air is always magical, but can be demanding at the same time. So if our products help to reduce the impact of dry cabin air, high altitudes and conditions such as time differences and dehydration, they become fit for all types of travel.

All FlyFit products are co-created with the Van Eeghen Group, a company dating back to 1662 that’s famous for being at the forefront of specialized food and nutrition.

That’s why we call it FlyFit, knowing that among many airline crews, passengers and even globetrotting fashion models, we are the preferred nutritional choice.

“Try it, Fly with it!” A fashion model from

FlyFit Pomegranate Drink

FlyFit Blueberry Drink

FlyFit Nutritional Bars

A healthy and tasty drink made from the best

A healthy and tasty drink made from the

A pure and healthy snack alternative, full of grains

content and nutritional value. This drink is packed

antioxidants. This drink is packed with Q4 raw

produced in a nut-free environment. Available in

pomegranates, known for their high antioxidant with Q4 raw fruit extract, a mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and contains no artificial colourings or preservatives.

best blueberries: a great source of fibre and

fruit extract, a mix of vitamins, minerals and

antioxidants, and contains no artificial colourings or preservatives.

and fibre with added vitamins and minerals,

the following flavours: Fig, Cranberry, Chocolate and Organic Fruit.

Supports the body by:

Supports the body by:

Supports the body by:

• Preventing dehydration

• Preventing dehydration

• Supplying energy

• Boosting resistance

• Nourishing the skin

• Boosting resistance

• Nourishing the skin

• Providing nourishment

FlyFit Fruitchips

FlyFit Vitality Boosters

FlyFit Flow®

FlyFit 100% natural and very crispy Fruitchips

FlyFit Vitality Boosters provide an instant immune

FlyFit Flow®is a revolutionary drink developed to

are a delicious way to consume fruit. They are a

product of a sophisticated process, where water is extracted from the fresh sweet fruit leaving

behind the true essence of the fruit. Available in Apple and Pineapple flavours.

boost to the body and can be consumed without

water. The Cranberry stick provides a pure shot of vitamin C and zinc. The Blueberry stick contains a

sophisticated mix of blueberry extracts, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is naturally sweetened with Stevia.

• Providing nourishment • Supplying energy

• Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue

maintain healthy blood flow during the flight. The tasty FlyFit Flow® drink comes in a 125ml can or

PET bottle in the following flavours: Citrus Fruit

and Tropical Fruit. See next page for more info on FlyFit Flow®.

• Helps to support healthy blood flow

FlyFit Flow®: supports healthy blood flow during your flight Vitalit Laboratories goes through great lengths when it comes to counteracting the effects of air travel. In cooperation with DSM*, we have developed a truly extraordinary new beverage: FlyFit Flow®, a delicious drink containing Fruitflow, the first ingredient scientifically proven to contribute to healthy blood flow. FlyFit Flow® is the first natural beverage solution to counteract the health risks of both travel-related stress and extended inactivity. It is recommended for people likely to experience prolonged immobilization, associated with long-haul travel, hospital stays and extensive periods of computer and deskwork. FlyFit Flow® cannot be overdosed, has no side effects and can be used in combination with any medicine.

This means airline passengers and people who experience inactivity can consume this delicious drink as often as they like. Fruitflow was also the first functional food ingredient in its category to receive a proprietary health claim from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This makes FlyFit Flow® a truly unique drink for being able to combine both a healthy function and great taste. We look at FlyFit Flow® as the quintessential FlyFit product, supporting healthier blood flow through our emphasis on a balanced mix of natural ingredients containing tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. FlyFit Flow® comes in two great flavours, both conveniently packaged: Tropical Fruit and Citrus Fruit.

* DSM Nutritional Products is a global leader in health ingredients

Perfectly Tailored Solutions Our clients’ customers are always on the move. In the busy world of travel, it is therefore vital to provide easy, efficient and responsible solutions. That’s why we create state-of-theart solutions for all our business partners in the airline, hotel, catering and retail industries.

This means our clients experience a host of great benefits. Our products and services are cost-effective, customer friendly and waste free. This translates into services that are easy and quick to deliver to airport staff and in-flight crews.

Specifically for the airline industry, our selection of service concepts includes tailor-made breakfast solutions, assembled cutlery packs, first and second service snack bags and special pre-arrival packages. This ensures we can cover all those important moments of a journey, offering both convenience and great taste to travellers.

We at Vitalit Laboratories like to stay at the forefront of development when it comes to providing healthy, fitness-boosting products to consumers all over the world. At the consumer level we offer a health-boosting brand with modern appeal, while at the client service level we try to add maximum value for all our trusted partners around the globe.

Our products and packaging are designed to be: • Lightweight • FSC approved • Tailor made to fit any airline distribution requirements

We pride ourselves in delivering quality, effective, sustainable and responsible fatigue solutions. Travelling is something wonderful. Through our products and services, we aim to retain the magic in travel.

FlyFit Combo (trolley-ready)

FlyFit 8 Pack

FlyFit Snack Bag

FlyFit Snack Box

Our FlyFit drink and FlyFit Nutritional

The FlyFit Vitality Boosters are

This Snack Bag is developed for

FlyFit’s most recent convenience

Comes ready-packed per 28 units in

Blueberry and Cranberry. The product

travel when an extra bite or boost

containing a FlyFit drink, snack

Bar in a convenient combo package.

a cardboard trolley drawer. No extra handling required from cabin staff.

available in two superfruit flavours,

itself can be added to existing airline cutlery packs and condiment packs.

those special moments during air is desired. Available with any of

our FlyFit items, such as the drink, organic bar, fruit chips or savoury snack.

• Boosts resistance

• Prevents dehydration • Nourishes the skin • Supplies energy

• Available in 8 pack boxes for buy on board

• Also ideal for retail, hotels and airport lounges

• Customizable products • Easy to fit in trolley drawer

solution is the FlyFit Snack Box, (organic bar or fruit chips) and

Vitality Booster with a sandwich or

muffin – developed for breakfast or pre-arrival service.

• Easy to fit in trolley drawer • Attractive packaging

Travel Healthy, Arrive Fit  

FlyFit brochure 2013 including all tailormade concepts.

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