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Fishing in Iceland Come and join Fishmania and Fly Fishing in Iceland for 3 days of fishing trip in Lake Thingvellir National park and catch trout of your live. Trout up to 12 kg where caught in the lake 2011 and several 9 kg. Population of the trout has been growing steady in past few year. Thingvellir lake is one of the most amazing trout fisheries in Iceland and we are lucky enough to have a PRIME month with the best outfitting service in the area. May and early June is prime time. We’ll be staying in a self-catering lodge with a fantastic overview over the Lake. Trip Dates: May and June 2012 We plan on traveling to Lake Thingvellir in May and June and do full 3 day of fishing in the lake. Trip Cost: ¤825/person for 3 days of guided fishing days and 3 nights lodging near the lake. Price does not include domestic flight, equipment rentals, meals or beverage. Available Spots: 3-4 people per guide. Trip Hosts: Gudmundur Atli. What to expect the fishing to be like: May and June is PRIME TIME to catch the huge trout of the lake and the fish should be hungry after long winter in Iceland, normally best time of the day to catch the big fish is just before sunset. We will be fishing from the shore and focusing on brown trout, there are also nice char in the lake, June is the prime time for the char.

The fish in the lake

Relatively very few faunal species are found in Iceland. The main reason is, of course, the distance between Iceland and the mainland, but also the relatively short time since the end of the last Ice Age. Lake Þingvallavatn is no exception, and in the lake live three of the five species of freshwater fish found in Iceland: brown trout, Arctic char and the three-spine stickleback. It’s said that these fish became isolated in the lake in the wake of the last ice age when the terrain rose at the south end of Þingvallavatn. These three species are a living testimony to how the evolution of species occurs in nature, as over a period of 10,000 years they have adapted themselves to various habitats in the lake. The constant, regular influx of groundwater into Lake Þingvallavatn, together with a very varied habitat, has created good conditions for fish and other life forms in the lake, to which they have adapted even more. Such evolution is reflected in the different types of Arctic char and stickleback, along with varying populations of brown trout. Because of this, Þingvallavatn has recently become a focus of research activity on the first stages of variety and species formation.

About lake Thingvellir

One of the most beautiful places in Iceland, Thingvellir National Park (founded 1930) is also central to the nation’s history. One of the few spots in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes above water, Thingvellir is an enormous geologic rift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. The rift has created spectacular scenery, including Iceland’s biggest lake and dramatic cliffs. Thingvellir was also home to the first parliament in the world. Icelandic Vikings began meeting here annually in the 10th century, gathering around a giant rock formation to create new laws and amend previous ones. To this day, Thingvellir is home to important national gatherings, when people across Iceland are invited to celebrate auspicious occasions together. Thingvellir was officially added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List 2004.

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Trophy trout trip  

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