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Model shoot with Halld贸r. The model: Hall贸r Gudlaugsson, Male around 50 years old. Objective: To make some different portraits of Halld贸r. He is normally portraited as this mystic man with a suit or in old places. I would like to bring Halld贸r out of the normal environment and portrait him as a skater. The clothes has to be skater like. Baggy pants, hoody shirt and colorfull t-shirt. Location: Odense Harbor. The area around the Basketball court. Here the shoot can take place around the staircases to the underground parking facility. Shooting Style: The lightning will be on-location light setup. The general style will be the underexposed look with the flash to light up the model. This will result in very saturated images where the colors have this kind of glow. See the examples.

Setup: 1. The typical cool skater pose with a skateboard next to the concrete staircases. Use of shadow on the wall. Hard light. Portrait in full figure. 2. Closer portrait, Hoody over head and make it little more roof look. Soft light from above to make shadows in the face. The eyes has to be visible. 3. Portrait where he are holding a spreycan with paint. Looking like he is gonna make graffiti. Softlight with softbox. 4. Portrait on the stairs down to the channel. Sitting down. Soft light from the front. Hard light from the sight to give the image an edge. 5. Portraint in the underground parking facility. Maybe a shoot where Halldór on the skateboard. Would be cool to make it when he is raiding the board and are in motion. 6. Funny shoot with a glass of milk and a cartons of milk. 1 shot where the model fill the glass the last shoot where he drinks the milk and it ran all over the face. Photographic equipment: - Nikon D300 (nb) - Nikon D200 (nb) - Nikkor 17-55 f/2.8 (nb) - Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 (nb) - Sigma 10-20 - Bowens flashheads 500W. (marcos) - Bowens Softbox (marcos) - Bowens Generator (marcos) - Bowens radio slave units (marcos) - 4 Nikon SB800 speedlights (nb) - 2 Manfrotto nano lightstands (nb) - Snoot for the SB800 (nb) - Bicell for the SB800 (nb) - Reflector (nb) Other equipment: - Baggy pants. Can use NB. - T-shirt. Colorfull - Hoody shirt - Cap? - Skateboard. Have to borrow. - Milk in carton - Big glass for milk - Towel for drying milk up‌ ;) - Blanket for the model - Coffee - Spray painting can.

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gennemgang af shoot

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