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March 27-April 1, 2012

Sun ’n Fun Today -

Flying Musicians to perform all week Celebrate music and aviation all week with The Flying Musicians Association. Members of the organization will be playing throughout the week at a variety of venues, including the Sunset Grill and the Sennheiser S1 Stage at the Corn Roast (near the campgrounds). Flying Musicians Association member Ravi will be the opening act for Aaron Tippin’s “Red, White & Loud” concert Thursday at 8 p.m. at the AOPA Pavilion near the Florida Air Museum, while another member, Jeremy Brady, will be the opening act for Saturday’s Abbott & Costello evening. Another member, Elgin Wells, will perform the National Anthem at the beginning of the airshow Thursday through Saturday, while Friday he takes to the skies, performing his aerobatic routine in the Night Airshow.


Members also will present a number of forums and seminars throughout the week, so check the daily schedules. Just added to the schedule are kid jam workshops at 10 a.m. each morning Tuesday through Saturday. Kids are invited to bring their musical instruments, including band instruments, to the Sennheiser S1 Stage near the Corn Roast, and learn how to jam, said John Zapp, FMA founder. The musicians also will be playing near the three Flying High Coffee locations, at the Main Gate, just east of the FAA building towards the flightline, and in Hangar E, which is a sit-down WiFi cafe. The idea is create a coffee house atmosphere at the coffee shops during the week. Anyone interested in learning more about the association can approach the musicians at any of the venues or go to

See the latest in the air with Showcase Fly-Bys The Showcase Fly-Bys are featured daily from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. This is an opportunity for manufacturers and individuals to display their aircraft in the air in the Fly-By pattern at show center while having it described over the public address system. Pilots and their announcers are given

a briefing at the Fly-By and Showcase Briefing building. Briefings are daily at 8, 9, and 10 a.m. and include a description of the Fly-By pattern, staging and launching times. The Showcase crew will be on hand to stage, launch, and recall each aircraft on a discrete radio frequency. Each aircraft or group of manufac-

turer’s aircraft have exclusive use of the Fly-By pattern for 6 minutes while their representative extols its virtues over the PA system. The same planes can fly on multiple days if times and slots are available, and they usually are, SUN ’n FUN officials said. Want to get a bird’s eye view of the

show, but don’t want to fly yourself? Try Ride Hoppers. You can fly with Fred Cabanas in a Pitts Special; Mike Ginter in a T-6, Steve Oliver in a New Standard; or with Otto in a helicopter. The Ride Hoppers tents can be found near the Warbird ramp. There is an extra fee for the rides.

April 1, 2012 SUN 'n FUN Today  

The April 1, 2012 edition of SUN 'n FUN Today produced daily during the show in Lakeland, Florida.

April 1, 2012 SUN 'n FUN Today  

The April 1, 2012 edition of SUN 'n FUN Today produced daily during the show in Lakeland, Florida.