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Sunday, April 15, 2018

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... and possibly a GNS navigator from the same era.

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April 15, 2018

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Capital campaign takes off By JANICE WOOD As SUN ’n FUN winds down, it doesn’t mean that work stops on the grounds. “We are just starting a capital campaign to add a $4 million expansion to the front of the Aerospace Discovery at the Florida Air Museum,” reports SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts. The funds will be used to build three convertible, large-scale, STEM learning classrooms, he explains. The walls of the building will be collapsible, so the three buildings can turn into a 1,000 seat student auditorium, he notes. The classrooms will be available for use by any school district in the area, he adds. “It doesn’t matter if you are from Polk County or wherever. You can still use it and we won’t charge for classroom events,” he says. “We’ll use our wind tunnel, our airframes, engines, whatever. We just roll them in and out because it’s all part of the front part of the Aerospace Discovery.” Students from the area will travel to the SUN ’n FUN campus for a half a day of STEM learning. Teachers also will get the chance to learn during the visits to ACE and take that new information back to

Photo by Courtesy Aerospace Center for Excellence

The interior of the portable planetarium, which travels the area, inspiring students to become interested in aerospace careers. like to “put the shovel in the dirt” at the to help with funding the new buildings. their classrooms and expand it, he said. end of next year’s SUN ’n FUN. “And “But they made a verbal commitment He noted ACE educators already write we’ll be done by December,” he says. that if we can get it built they will help lesson plans for Polk County teachers. Expanding the educational component populate it with all the logistical infraAnd Richele Floyd, director of education, structure, such as desks and chairs and of SUN ’n FUN is “what we do now,” travels to schools in the area at least three white boards,” he says. Leenhouts says. times a week, taking either an airplane or “SUN ’n FUN is the fundraising arm He adds he’s confident they have half the portable planetarium. and the Aerospace Center for Excellence of it paid for already. “This year is a fund­ According to Lites, SUN ’n FUN has is where we put the money,” he says. raising year,” he says, noting they would not asked the Polk County School District


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SUN ’n FUN Today -

ISSUE 6 — SUNDAY APRIL 15, 2018 PUBLISHERS John “Lites” Leenhouts Ben Sclair EDITORIAL STAFF Janice Wood PRODUCTION Russell Kasselman DISTRIBUTION Arthur Ward, Paulette Ward, Murray Kot, Jason Kot, Samantha Kot, Paul Luckett CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Arthur Billingsley, Joni Fisher, Frederick Johnsen, Jack Neubacher PHOTOGRAPHERS Matt Genuardi, Jason McLemore Ryan Cleaveland SUN ’n FUN Today is published each day of the SUN ’n FUN Fly-In by Flyer Media, Inc., publishers of General Aviation News and Living With Your Plane. Copies of SUN ’n FUN Today are distributed free of charge throughout the fly-in grounds. Subscribe to General Aviation News for 1 year at $29.95 or $49.95 for 2 years. The views and opinions contained herein do not necessarily reflect those of SUN ’n FUN Fly-In, Inc. Neither SUN ’n FUN Fly-In, Inc., nor Flyer Media, Inc. endorse or sanction the products advertised herein, and do not assume responsibility for such advertising.

April 15, 2018

First timers on a mission By ARTHUR BILLINGSLEY Walk the SUN ’n FUN grounds and you’ll run into people who have been attending the fly-in for years, even decades. But there’s also plenty of first timers — and many of them are on a mission. Take Coffee Bell and Algen Albritton of Jacksonville, Florida. Algen is on a mission to find the right airplane for him. He is interested in a Sling 4 because it appears to be an economic alternative for his flying. Tecnam and Kitfox are also on his list of planes to check out while at the show. He flies out of Herlong Recreational Airport (KHEG) in Jacksonville using rentals. When he first started flying it was in gyrocopters. He was later smitten by the ICON A5. He put a deposit down for a position on the A5, but withdrew when the delivery schedule was delayed. Daniel Reefer and Renee Farrell of New York, who are also attending their first SUN ’n FUN, were spotted at the Aspen Avionics booth talking to Charlie Reiche. The couple flew their 1979 Arrow from New York. Their plane is non-WAAS and Daniel is interested in WAAS and ADS-B solutions, as well as an upgrade to his current navigator KLN-94. Daniel has been a pilot for two years and is looking to improve the capability of his Arrow cockpit. The couple noted that the fly-in is a great place to gather information and compare models. Also spotted at the Aspen Avionics exhibit was David and Marlene Ehrenberg, also from New York, who are interested

Photos by Arthur Billingsley

SUN ’n FUN first timers Daniel Reefer and Renee Farrell of New York with Charlie Reiche of Aspen Avionics. Reefer was looking for WAAS and ADS-B solutions for his 1979 Arrow. in cockpit avionics upgrades. They flew their 1968 Comanche 260B from New York down to Florida. David is researching ADS-B alternatives, but quickly saw his attention move to solving several cockpit issues with the Aspen 1000 PFD. At this year’s SUN ’n FUN, a predominant theme is ADS-B capability. Avionics manufacturers and vendors were swamped with folks wanting to know more, including what ADS-B capabilities were needed and when to install. Many noted that time is running out as many avionics installation shops are reporting few gaps in their calendars in the two years leading up to the 2020 mandate.


SUN ’n FUN first-timer David Ehrenberg, who flew from New York with his wife Marlene, are shopping for avionics upgrades for their 1968 Comanche 260B.

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Photos by Bruce Selyem




April 15, 2018



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Glacier Girl survives its own ice age By FREDERICK A. JOHNSEN Any P-38 Lightning fighter of World War II is a crowd-pleaser. The Lightning called “Glacier Girl” amps that enthusiasm even higher at SUN ’n FUN. “Glacier Girl” was literally frozen in time from 1942 to 1992. Part of a flight of six brand-new P-38s and two B-17s heading to Europe to bolster American forces, the then-anonymous future “Glacier Girl” and her compatriots were forced down on the Greenland ice on July 15, 1942. The crews were rescued but the warplanes had to be abandoned in that remote and inhospitable scene. Bob Cardin was central to efforts to recover and restore “Glacier Girl,” and he talked about that daunting project during a Victory’s Arsenal Theater session Friday morning. “The original plan was to recover three airplanes,” Cardin said. “As it turned out, we only had time because of the weather to recover one airplane.” Some pieces flew out via DC-3 in 1992; by the following year, all of the P-38 was in Kentucky for restoration. The Greenland ice sheet grows in depth each year as annual snow accumulations compress previous snowfalls into ice. As hard as it is to imagine, in just 50 years from 1942 to 1992, that accumulation put “Glacier Girl” 268’ below the snowy surface. That’s like the height of a 27-story building over the dormant fighter. Evolutions of radical technologies held

the key to recovering the P-38 from its truly deep freeze. Cardin said a heated device that could melt a hole about 4’ in diameter, with pumps to evacuate the water it created, was the tool that made the recovery possible. Once the fighter was reached, the crew laboriously descended and created an ice cavern large enough to free the P-38. In the ice room, Cardin said dripping water made it necessary to wear rain gear while taking the Lightning apart. The cavern did not have any artificial structural supports. It relied on the integrity of the ice, which Cardin chalked up to “living on the edge” during the recovery process. The fighter was carefully disassembled, not cut, to make its eventual reassembly and restoration easier. He said the melter was again employed to make the access hole into a slot about 5’ by 20’ so the P-38’s sections could be turned on their side and carefully hauled up. The P-38 was in better condition than the expedition members expected. Cardin likes to say “the airplane is 80% or 85% original, but 100% authentic.” After years of restoration, the Lightning made its first flight in more than a half century in October 2002 with Steve Hinton at the controls. Today, the only pilots flying “Glacier Girl” are Hinton and the Lightning’s current owner, Rod Lewis. Cardin told the crowd he can verify that only five pilots have flown this P-38 from the time it rolled out at Lockheed until today.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Scenes from SUN ’n FUN

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Photo by Jason McLemore

Photo by Jason McLemore







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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Feeding the volunteers By JANICE WOOD By noon today, the 72 volunteers in the Volunteer Kitchen will have made 20,000 sandwiches to feed the thousands of volunteers on the SUN ’n FUN campus. “We have anywhere between 35 and 50 people in the kitchen every day,” said Rich Denton, chairman of the Volunteer Kitchen. “Our average sandwich count per day is 2,600.” Putting that many sandwiches together takes precision, with everyone having a defined job. There are volunteers responsible for building the sandwiches, other volunteers who bag the sandwiches, another team that makes lemonade, and still another team that delivers the coolers with the sandwiches to various locations around the grounds. Working on a slim budget, Denton says it costs $1.36 for each sandwich. “That’s everything, including the bags, the aprons, the gloves, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and aluminum pans,” he said. One day this week, cookies were added to the volunteer lunch, a welcome treat. “That’s a big expense for 3,000 cookies,” he said. “We’d like to put a bag of chips in with each of the sandwiches, but we can’t and stay within our budget.

The volunteers make a variety of sandwiches, from tuna fish to ham to turkey. Last year, they introduced chicken breast with lettuce and cheese. “When I took over, there was a big push to improve quality,” he said. Denton, who has been volunteering at the fly-in for 20 years, has always worked in the volunteer kitchen. He’s been chairman for the past nine years. He laughs when asked why he initially volunteered. “When I originally started, it was you work a few hours, you get a free wristband,” he said with a smile. “Hey, that was good for me. Then the second year I found out that if you volunteer, you got a free camping spot. So, that was a little more enticing.” “After three or four years as a volunteer, you’re no longer just a volunteer,” he continued. “You become a part of the family that is in that area. So, then it gets to you’re coming back to see the same people that you don’t see any other time of the year. It’s a family.” Thinking about volunteering for next year’s show, but aren’t sure? “There is something on this field that will entice you to volunteer,” Denton said. “Whether you want to be around the



Car show returns for weekend Photo by Ben Sclair

Rich Denton, Chair of Volunteer Kitchen. Warbirds and you’d like to work the Warbird ramp or the Ladies Pavilion or any other area, there’s just so much here on the field in every aspect of aviation.” “Once you volunteer, I’m telling you you’ll get hooked,” he continued. “And for people who volunteer in a certain area and have a bad experience, try something else. You’ll find the right fit.”

The fifth annual SUN ’n FUN Car Show continues today in the Southeast Exhibit Area. The car show was added to the fly-in for the first time in 2014. “I’m a car guy,” says SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts. “And all my buddies are car guys. I think if you have an airplane, you probably like cars. They go together.” The area for the car show is limited to just 150 cars and motorcycles each day. Some rare beauties from the earliest days of driving will be on display, so be sure to make your way over to check them out.

April 15, 2018

SUN ’n FUN Today -


Reaching a bigger audience When Red Frog Events officials approached Grunt Style about sponsoring the Grunt Style Air Show Majors, Grunt Style officials were all in. Red Frog, a company that promotes and produces events, started the FireFly Music Festival, the East Coast’s largest musical festival, the Shamrock Fest in Washington, D.C., and the Warrior Dash. Company officials identified airshows as its next area of growth. “Red Frog’s known for seeing things ahead of the curve,” said Austin Hahn, senior manager of partnerships. It took about two to three years to put the Air Show Majors together, he said. “Once we got the four shows on board, we needed a sponsor, and Grunt Style was the perfect fit,” he said. Other airshows on this year’s tour are the Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach in New York, the Cleveland National Air Show in Ohio, and the CAF Wings Over Houston Airshow in Houston, Texas. Grunt Style, a clothing manufacturing company, was eager to sign on as sponsor. One reason is that the company, which was founded by an Army drill sergeant and has a lot of veterans on its payroll, are concerned about the pilot and mechanic shortage. “We’re concerned that the military now

has 25% of its pilot billets unfilled,” said Mike Birt, the company’s CMO. “What’s it going to look like in 10 years? We need to get young people into the pilot and mechanic pipeline. It’s a problem now and, if we don’t address it, it’s going to be a crisis.” That’s one purpose of the Air Show Majors, according to Hahn. “We want to grow the aviation industry,” he said. “We want to bring mainstream awareness to the aviation industry.” One way they are doing that is engaging Grunt Style’s customers and fan base. Grunt Style has 2.5 million fans that follow it on social media, Birt said. Choosing SUN ’n FUN to kick off the inaugural tour was the right decision, according to Hahn. “I was taking a tour earlier, and just looking at how well run everything is, and the passion of the volunteers was amazing,” he said. He also toured the museum, high school and other components of the Aerospace Center for Excellence and was impressed. “Looking at the kids and what they are doing now and what they are going to represent going forward, there’s no doubt we are very excited about the choice we made.”

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Firefighters prepared for any emergency By JANICE WOOD Every year a few weeks before SUN ’n FUN, the local fire department, sheriff’s department and police department gather on the grounds for an emergency preparedness drill. One year it was an airplane crash. Last year it was a guy who was working on his plane and something fell on him and trapped him, says John Maddox, Operations and Incident Commander for the Lakeland Fire Department. This year’s drill was an active shooter, who took out the top three people at SUN ’n FUN. “So now the rest of the staff have to figure out what do they do now?” he said. “It went really well. They learned a lot, including a few things they need to do to tweak their plan.” During the months leading up the show, the fire department also has a lot to do to prepare for the fly-in, according to Matt Brown, training captain. “They make sure that all their training is up to date and all the equipment and apparatus is ready for the show,” he said. The fire department brings a lot of equipment to the show, including fire engines, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (AARF) trucks and EMS units.

Photo by Ben Sclair

Lakeland Fire Department Battalion Chief Jim Thompson. During the show, the fire department has a command center at the end of the

Warbird Ramp, as well as several other locations around the field, added Battal-

ion Chief Jim Thompson. On opening day, fire department personnel get on every aircraft that performed in the airshow and do egress training with the pilots. “They’ll go and look at normal entry emergency procedures, shutting down the aircraft, how to get into the aircraft, battery connections, all that kind of stuff,” he explained. All the firefighters on the field during the week of the show are trained in AARF, Thompson noted. He added that Polk County Fire Department is also on the field, responsible for the perimeter of the grounds, such as campgrounds and parking lots. Polk County also runs EMS, which handles the medical incidences, he said. Many of the incidences are slips and falls, as well as heat stroke when the weather is hotter, Brown noted. If something happens to you on the grounds, someone will announce it over the radio and the team that is in that area will respond. If necessary to transport you off the grounds, the department has a couple of All Terrain Vehicles with stretchers on them, Thompson explained. “We’ll transport them to a gate where an EMS unit ambulance will meet us for transport to the hospital,” he said.





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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Scenes from SUN ’n FUN

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Photo by Jason McLemore

Photo by Jason McLemore

Photo by Joni Fisher

Sean D. Tucker, left, and Michael Goulian shake hands with young fans.

Photo by Jason McLemore

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Photo by Stephen Thompson

April 15, 2018

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Photo by Jan Grabe

Photo by Ben Sclair

Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association/EAA Chapter One donated $5,000 to the Lakeland Aero Club at the annual Fish Fry at Vintage HQ on Friday night.

Volunteers at the Military Hospitality Tent are ready to serve lunch. L-R Heather Odom, a returning CFAA student who graduated last year, Savannagh Johnson and Shawn Phillips, CFAA students, Trish McLain and Rich Palma. Trish and Rich are both Early Bird volunteers, here working since January.

Photo by Ben Sclair

Alejandro Herrera, general director of the Dominican Republic Civil Aviation, (left) and Ken Wilson, president of, shake hands after formally signing documents that will allow users to electronically file Dominican Republic flight plans.

Photo by Jim Morris


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

TORA! TORA! TORA! makes SNF debut For the first time ever, TORA! TORA! TORA! will appear at SUN ’n FUN. Presented by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), the TORA! TORA! TORA! recreation of the attack on Pearl Harbor is complete with authentic Japanese aircraft and lots of pyrotechnics, including an award-winning wall of fire. TORA! TORA! TORA! is scheduled to perform Saturday and Sunday. The show began in 1972, when six replica Japanese

6900 Acco St, Montebello, CA 90640 3400 Chelsea Ave., Memphis, TN 38108 800-247-8473 Local: 323-721-4900 Fax: 323-721-7888 Email: Website:

aircraft used in the movie of the same name were donated to the CAF. The Gulf Coast Wing requested the aircraft and began developing an act for airshows. The act debuted at the Galveston Air Show. CAF officials explain that while TORA! TORA! TORA! is designed as a history lesson, it also is intended as a memorial to all the soldiers — on both sides — who gave their lives for their countries. “The intent of the TORA group is to



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quires the efforts of 20 to 26 individuals both in the air and on the ground. TORA! TORA! TORA! also requires many volunteers who give of their time and money to share this piece of history. “TORA is more than just another airshow act,” officials note. “TORA is a team of volunteers dedicated to an airshow act that can best be described as a living history museum.”


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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

April 15, 2018

Sun ’n Fun Today -


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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Tune in to SUN ’n FUN Radio By JANICE WOOD

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“Don’t Miss Out — Tune In.” That’s the message that SUN ’n FUN Radio Chairman Dave Shallbetter wants everyone on the SUN ’n FUN grounds — and beyond — to get again this year. There is so much going on in the week that it’s impossible to be everywhere to enjoy it. But with SUN ’n FUN Radio’s remote broadcasts and live streaming, you can virtually keep up with events during the week, including the daily airshow. Returning for the third year is the SUN ’n FUN Radio Mobile Studio, powered by Aviators Hotline. The specially equipped vehicle will roam the grounds seeking out stories throughout the fly-in. “If you see them, stop and say hi,” Shallbetter says. “You could be our next interview.” Every morning from 7 am. to 9 a.m., the live remote morning show will bring highlights from various locations around the campus, including Paradise City, Saturday’s balloon launch, the Vintage Area, and other locations. Meanwhile, on the deck of the radio station, a full slate of interviews is planned throughout the week with sponsors, vendors, airshow performers, and other interesting characters on the SUN ’n FUN grounds. Every day of the fly-in, at around 9:20 a.m., SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts will be interviewed, sharing the day’s highlights. Among the most important — and interesting interviews — are those with the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., according to Shallbetter.

Officials with Women in Aviation return again this year to present Women Shine at SUN ’n FUN Tuesday through Saturday at 11 a.m. That is followed by lunch with officials from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) daily at noon. Miss an interview you were looking forward to? All SUN ’n FUN Radio interviews are on the station’s archive site Two podcasts will also air over SUN ’n FUN Radio, including the Uncontrolled Airspace General Aviation podcast, which will have two live episodes, one on Tuesday evening and the other on Sunday Morning, as well as the #NotAtSnF18 Podcast hosted by Steve Tupper. Live streaming of all SUN ’n FUN Radio programs is thanks to Live ATC (, an audio streaming

site, which gives the radio station worldwide exposure. The station, which has about 40 or so volunteers, is always looking for more help. If you are interested in volunteering, stop in at SUN ’n FUN Radio during the week. The station is located at the end of Club House Path next to the Quiet Birdman Clubhouse and across the road from the Sunset Grill. If you have a story you think the radio station should cover, Shallbetter invites you to stop by the station to talk to one of the volunteers. Or you can email your suggestions to Also, he asks that you like the station’s Facebook page ( and follow them on Twitter (twitter. com/SnFRadio). Want to find out more? Check out the radio station’s website at


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April 15, 2018

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Free workshops offered daily The SUN ’n FUN workshops are popular, not only among homebuilders, but also with aviation enthusiasts who want to try their hand at various aspects of aircraft building or maintenance. All of the workshops are staffed by a combination of amateur and professional instructors with experience in the subjects they present. Many hold FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) ratings. Most of the volunteer instructors are builders themselves and enthusiastically share their experience with novice builders. The workshops include: • Woodworking, which includes construction of wing ribs, fuselage, jigs and tooling and adhesives. • Metal fabrication, sheet metal selection, cutting, drilling and riveting, fabrication of all metal aircraft components. • Metal shaping, which covers the shaping of custom compound shapes in aluminum using various metal shaping techniques and equipment. • Oxy-fuel Welding of both steel and aluminum, oxy-acetylene and oxy-hydrogen welding techniques for fabrication of steel structures and aluminum components.

• TIG/MIG Welding of both steel and aluminum. Presented by Lincoln Electric, this workshop covers Tungsten inert gas (TIG) and Metal inert gas (MIG) welding. • Avionics/Electrical installation, in-

cluding the proper wire, terminals, tools and techniques for installation of a reliable aircraft electrical system. • Electrical noise and troubleshooting, proper installation and isolation of circuits to reduce interference and

“noise” in avionics systems. • Fabric aircraft covering, which provides hands-on experience in fabric covering and doping. • Rib stitching, where the attachment of fabric to wing structures is explained and demonstrated. • Composite construction, which includes foam shaping and cutting, fiberglass and resin selection and application and vacuum forming. • Safety wiring and cable swaging, including the use of safety wire and the proper tools for the installation of safety wire and swaging of control cables. This workshop covers bolting, turnbuckles, thimbles, propellers, etc. • Engines and firewall forward installations. Engine maintenance, assembly, modification and installation are addressed, as well as display and run-up of various engines. Many of the workshops are approved by the FAA for IA renewal, SUN ’n FUN officials note. Check in at the workshop to get the proper forms. The workshops, which run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the show, are located near the Buehler Restoration Center. There is no additional fee for attending any of the workshops.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Shop ’til you drop at the Parts Exchange The Parts Exchange, which returns this year to Hangar E, is a popular stopping place for aircraft owners and homebuilders in search of the perfect part to complete their project. Items at the Parts Exchange are sold on consignment. Those wishing to sell parts can purchase tags for the items for 50 cents each. Parts of all types are accepted for sale. The exception is tires and batteries, which Florida law prohibits. Tires mounted on aircraft wheel assemblies will be accepted if described as such on the tag, Parts Exchange volunteers add. The Parts Exchange will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day of the fly-in, except Sunday, when sales stop at noon. All payments must be made in cash unless the consignor specifically states on

the tag that he or she will accept a personal check. No credit cards are taken at the Parts Exchange and there is no check cashing available. ATM machines are located on the grounds for those planning to shop at the Parts Exchange. Consignors may claim unsold items or change prices at any time during regular business hours by asking for assistance from any Parts Exchange volunteer. No items will be sold if the tag has been altered in any way or is not legible, volunteers add. The Parts Exchange tent will be open for consignors only on Sunday, from noon until 5 p.m. to claim unsold items. The tent will close promptly at 5 p.m. and any unclaimed items will become donations to SUN ’n FUN, according to Parts Exchange volunteers.

More than 800 register at International Visitors Center As of Saturday morning at about 9 a.m., 878 international visitors had registered at the International Visitors Center. According to the board that tracks all the visitors, Brazil tops the list of visitors with 203, while 88 are from England, sev-

en from Australia, seven from Norway, 17 from Iceland, and one from Greeland. Many other countries are on the board. According to Margaret Wheeler, cochair of the International Visitors Center, this has been a great year.

“There’s a convivial feeling in the tent with the volunteers and the guests,” she said. “There’s been music and even some dancing. This has been the best group of guests we’ve ever had. There’s so many that we know from years past and we get

See us in booths B-85 & B-86

to greet them again.” Headed by Silvana Knight, the volunteers in the tent speak many different languages and help visitors with everything from finding an exhibit on the grounds to finding a hotel for the night.

April 15, 2018

SUN ’n FUN Today -


Guardian Avionics adds to smartPanel line Guardian Avionics has added new flush panel mount models for the Apple iPhone X and iPad Pro 10.5” models to install an iPad or iPhone within the instrument panel of any FAA Certified Part 23 or experimental aircraft. The smartPanel line already includes mounts for the Apple iPad Pro (12.9”), the iPad 9.7” models, iPad Mini, and the iPhone 6/7/8 and 6+/7+/8+. With the addition of the two new mounts to the line, Guardian Avionics has a flush mounting solution for every current iPad and iPhone product on the market, according to company officials. Both new mounts feature a built-in cooling fan for either 14v or 28v systems to keep air moving behind the units and preventing the common problem of overheating.

The panel mounts create a clean position for the iPhone or iPad in the instrument panel, allowing the tablets and phones to be docked and removed in just seconds, with connection to power, data, and audio integrated right into the mount, company officials explained. Deliveries of the smartPanel Mount for the iPad 10.5” will begin in mid-May, with an introductory price of $299 for the mount and fan chassis. Deliveries of the smartPanel Mount for iPhone X will also begin in mid-May, with an introductory price of $199. Packages that include the 2.7 amp power supply, cables, and installation hardware may also be ordered. You can see the new mounts at SUN ’n FUN at Guardian Avionics’ exhibit in Hangar B, Booth 56.

Visit EAA

at SUN ‘n FUN

south of the FAA building. > Join or renew your membership > Get an insurance quote > Enter to win a J-3 Piper Cub > Get your EAA® AirVenture® Oshkosh™ 2018 t-shirts

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Mooney unveils new exhibit Mooney unveiled its new exhibit at SUN ’n FUN this week. The new exhibit is centered around a hospitality trailer, where attendees are welcome to visit, collect information, and learn more about the company’s Ultras. On display are three aircraft, including the M20V Acclaim Ultra, M20U Ovation Ultra, and a rare Mooney M-18 “Mite”

to commemorate the company’s 70th anniversary. The company also has a new Ovation Ultra positioned in Plant City for demonstration flights, “just so pilots can experience the new Ultras for themselves,” said Lance Phillips, director of marketing. The new Mooney exhibit is next to the Cessna exhibit near the FAA building.

Shaw Aerox offers 20% off at fly-in Shaw Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems is offering a promotion of 20% off the list price for portable oxygen systems and components purchased during SUN ’n FUN. The promotion includes a free oximeter and seat-back carry pouch with every purchase of a portable oxygen system. The Shaw Aerox team will present a forum on Tuesday, April 10, from 9-10 a.m. on Oxygen Safety and Component Maintenance in the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, Room 6. See the Shaw Aerox Team at Booth A-098 in Hangar A.

See you in Oshkosh! July 23-29 |


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Photos by Matt Genuardi |

Reid Garrison, left, with son Brett Garrison and their matching T-34As.

Father and son fly T-34s to fly-in By JONI M. FISHER In 1987, Reid Garrison bought a shell of a T-34A Beechcraft Mentor that had been languishing in a hangar in Memphis to restore with his sons Brett and Jeff. It had no canopy, no engine, no instrument panel, and no control surfaces. This did not faze Reid. He had already restored

two T-6s. His life has been devoted to his family and aviation. With over 20,000 hours of flying time, he’s a retired Army Captain who flew and taught flying in fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He started the Oconee County Regional Airport (KCEU) near Clemson University in South Carolina, in 1965. He then bought Anderson

Mechanic Award in 2016. He has been a member of EAA since 1972, the Warbirds of America since 1981, and AOPA for 35 years. He belongs to the Tennessee Squadron of EAA and flew aerobatic airshows in a T-28 Trojan for five years. Restoring the T-34 so he could fly with his sons took three and a half years. It took a year to restore the cockpit. The

Aviation at Anderson Regional Airport (KAND). He has run flight schools, a charter service, towed banners, and he’s an aircraft broker who also writes aircraft insurance. Reid is a member of the South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame. He was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in 2015 and the Charles Taylor Master

Download your FREE Pilot Mnemonic Cheat Sheet Mnemonic Cheat Sheet Once upon a time you knew them all, and more. Use of mnemonics can help keep you safe and on track.

Ground Check CIGAR Controls .......................Free & Correct Instruments................................. Set Gas (Tank, Pumps, Quantity) ..... Check Attitude (Trim, Flaps) .................... Set Runup ............................... Complete Line-Up (And Wait) Check BLITTS Boost Pump ................................ On Lights ..................................As Req’d Instruments................................. Set Transponder ................................. On Time ........................................Noted Seatbelts, Doors ................... Secured Enroute Check FLARE Flaps ................................. Retracted Lights ..................................As Req’d Aux Fuel Pump ............................. Off Radar (Transponder)...................... On Engine ...................................... Lean Maneuvers Check CAPER Clearing Turns.......................... Check Altitude ................................... Check Power ......................................... Set Execute .................................. Check Recover .................................. Check

Aircraft Make _________________ Aircraft Model _________________ N-Number ____________________

Before Landing Check CGUMPS Carb Heat .................................... On Gas (Tank, Pumps, Quantity) ..... Check Undercarriage ............. Down & Locked Mixture ....................................... Set Prop/Primer ................................ Set Switches ..................................... Set

Airworthiness Check Documents ARROW Airworthiness Certificate Registration Radio License (Int’l & IFR flights) Operation Handbook Weight & Balance

After Landing Check MFACTS Mixture ....................................... Set Flaps ........................................... Up Aux Fuel Pump ............................ Off Cowl Flaps ................................Open Transponder ..........................Standby Switches ..............................As Req’d

Inspections AVIATES Annual ............................. 12 months VOR Check........................... 30 Days 100 Hour or Progressive ......... For Hire Altimeter ......................... 24 months Airworthiness Directives ............ Check Transponder ..................... 24 months ELT .................................. 12 months Static Inspection ............... 24 months

Shut Down Check MIDGET Master......................................... Off Ignition ........................................ Off Doors (Windows) .................... Locked Gust Lock ............................ Installed ELT .............................................. Off Tiedown .................................. Check

Disclaimer: This document does not substitute for your aircraft POH, AFM or the FAR/AIM. Ever! Day VFR - Req’d Equipment Check TOMATO FLAMES Tachometer Oil Pressure Manifold Pressure Altimeter Temperature Sensor (Liquid-Cooled) Oil Temperature (air cooled) Fuel Gauge Landing Gear Position Airspeed Indicator Magnetic Compass ELT Seat Belts Night VFR - Req’d Equipment Check APES Anticollision Lights Position Lights Electric Source Spare Fuses or Circuit Breakers IFR - Req’d Equipment Check GRAB CARD Generator/Alternator Radios Attitude Indicator Ball Clock Adjustable Altimeter Rate of Turn Indicator Directional Gyro

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April 15, 2018

SUN ’n FUN Today -



Photo by Matt Genuardi |

breaker panel is so clearly labeled it’s a thing of beauty. Reid pointed to stainless steel plates on the floorboard under the rudders and said they took 11 hours to build. The rivets in the plates are flush with the plate allowing shoes to slide easily over them. The T-34 is a two-seater warbird that carries 49 gallons of fuel with about a three-hour flight range. “We replaced the original magnesium sheeting with aluminum. We put a 300 Continental engine in it and replaced the two-blade prop with a three-blade prop,” Reid said. “And we added a smoke system for aerobatics.” “We’ve flown to Titusville, Oshkosh, SUN ’n FUN, and local airshows,” he

said. “We started flying this one so much, I bought a second one.” Like their father, Jeff and Brett have earned their ATP ratings. The family has gone from owning 15 aircraft to five: A T-34A, a T-34B, a Beechcraft Bonanza V35A, a de Havilland Chipmunk, and their “favorite toy,” a Piper Super Cub. “Brett likes to fly the B model,” Reid said about the second T-34. “It has an adjustable seat and an on/off fuel selector. I fly the A. It has a digital fuel monitor and a left/right fuel selector.” He added that he switches the fuel tanks every hour in flight. Three days before they were planning to fly to SUN ’n FUN, the Garrisons had to fix one of the aircraft.

“It needed a new right fuel cell. We rebuilt the nosewheel because it was leaking oil at the O-rings. We overhauled the prop and the prop governor,” said Brett. “It was important to me that we make this trip with both planes.” Reid is 81 years old and has been married to Cherry for 57 years. Son Jeff is in his 50s and Brett in his 40s. Jeff, who manages the KCEU, was unable to come to SUN ’n FUN this year. Reid’s daughter Natalie manages the office for Reid’s aviation insurance business. Reid said he retired at age 60. After 20 years of retirement, it doesn’t seem as if he’s even slowed down. You can see the family’s T-34s on the Warbird Ramp.

Exhibitors featuring Sport Aircraft, Ultralights, Trikes, Rotorcraft, Powered Parachutes and Paragliders, Engines, Avionics, Pilot Gear and Flight Schools. Plus Demo Flights All Day-Every Day, EAA Workshops, Educational Forums, Keynote Speakers, Food Concessions, Live Music, Underwing Camping and More! DeLand, Florida USA

November 1-3, 2018 DeLand Showcase Thursday-Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Presented by the City of DeLand and the DeLand Municipal Airport

Photo by Matt Genuardi |


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Reporters fly with the Aerostars By JONI M. FISHER The most exciting perk of working as an aviation reporter is that occasionally, I get invited to ride with airshow performers. Four of us from the media pool enjoyed that thrill on Thursday morning. Kimberly Moore of The Ledger newspaper, Phil Lightstone, a freelance writer for the Canadian Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association publication, John Munn of AOPA, and I were selected to fly with the Phillips 66 Aerostars. As a general aviation pilot, I once flew with pals in four aircraft from Bartow, Florida, to the Triple Tree Fly-In near Greenville, South Carolina, but flying together in a loose group isn’t at all like flying in formation. Flying with the Phillips 66 Aerostars in their new Extra 300Ls was a completely, thrillingly different experience that began with Phillips 66 Aerostar Pilot Gerry ‘Fossil’ Molidor’s briefing on how to deploy the parachutes we’d be wearing. Then he explained how to climb into the plane, what to touch and what to avoid touching, such as the bright red ejection levers on the $25,000 canopy. Gulp. He also admonished us to avoid touching or bumping the stick because we will be do-

ing maneuvers in formation. As they say — stuff got real. Kathleen Al-Marhoon introduced us to the team. In the number 1 plane was Harvey ‘Boss’ Meek, Paul ‘Rocket’ Hornick in plane 2, David ‘Cupid’ Monroe in plane 3, and in plane 4, the oldest pilot and newest member of the team, Gerry ‘Fossil’ Molidor. Then, like kids on the playground, we waited to be selected to form teams. Gerry Molidor pointed to me and said with a wink, “I’ll take her.” Having just celebrated a milestone birthday, I was flattered. He might have selected me because I was the smallest passenger, but, hey, it got my engine humming. Kimberly followed Harvey Meek to the yellow and blue Extra 300L. Phil Lightstone and Paul Hornick headed to the Navy blue and white plane. John Munn and David Monroe strode off to the orange and white Extra 300L, and I followed Gerry Molidor to a garnet and white aircraft. We donned parachutes, climbed in, powered up, and taxied to the runway. To say we departed would be an understatement. In pairs, the planes launched off the runway. After encountering thermals that bounced us a bit, the planes moved into a

Photos by Phil Lightstone

snug diamond formation. In the flight briefing, Molidor didn’t mention how screaming close we’d fly in formation. He said we were a plane-width apart at all times, but from the back plane, it looked like we were all one sneeze away from swapping paint or meeting God. Just as I was settling in, the formation dove and then after feeling four times heavier than normal, we climbed into a loop. I have flown loops before. In a Decathlon. The Extra 300L loop was faster and wider than expected. Wheeeeeha! I apologize again to Gerry for whatever involuntary shouts might have blasted his headset. After that kind of thrill, we are on a first-name basis. I owe him dinner and drinks… After the loop, the four Extras transitioned into a barrel roll to the left. Kind of like the best theme park ride, without rails, at 4,000 feet. Again, sorry about the involuntary sounds of awe. The formation performed more steep turns and then broke formation to line up to land. Bravo on the gentle touch down, Gerry. We taxied in plane number order,

parked in a neat line, and climbed out like kids on a sugar high. Then I walked around to look for paint transfer. Spotless. Thank you, Phillips 66 Aerostars for the flawless joy ride! Thank you, Phil Lightstone for the photos!

April 15, 2018

Sun ’n Fun Today -


The flight risk that needs more attention by pilots By ARTHUR BILLINGSLEY Most general aviation pilots spend the majority of their flight time below 10,000’. This had led many to become complacent to the risks of hypoxia. Hypoxia is a killer, robbing our blood of much-needed oxygen — and the resulting effects can be deadly. In recent years, the GA community has increased its vigilance in maintaining a healthy cockpit. At SUN ’n FUN, there are several vendors with cockpit carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. These monitors can help in early identification of the dangerous presence of CO in the cockpit. And at the FAA Building, pilots can actually feel the effects of hypoxia. Brad Tucker and Don Denuth, both hailing from Oklahoma City, are supporting the FAA exhibit at this week’s fly-in. They are manning a high altitude chamber that will allow some 120 participants experience their personal reactions to low oxygen exposure. The chamber simulates the environment at 27,000’. At this altitude, most GA pilot experience several hypoxia symptoms within four minutes. Each pilot reacts differently when experiencing an hypoxic environment. The

common symptoms are tingling, numbness, air hunger, fatigue, headache, dizziness, hot or cold flashes, and nausea. Each pilot may experience some of these symptoms prior to reaching unconsciousness. This is the most severe effect of hypoxia and it can be deadly. Each of the symptoms can be made more acute by prior stressors on the pilot. Diet, disease, medication, and stress can all negatively affect our susceptibility to hypoxia. The remedy for hypoxia is more oxygen, quickly. On-board oxygen, which can be quickly administered, is the best reaction to the onset of hypoxic symptoms. Of course, descending to lower altitudes will help to alleviate the effects as well. But getting down quickly before more symptoms are experienced is a key. Some aircraft manufacturers are integrating autopilots to respond to hypoxic events by descending to lower altitudes without input from the pilot. Daher-Socata, for instance, has included this in its TBM line of aircraft. One aid in detecting the onset of hypoxia is the fingertip pulse oximeter. These are now available for as little as $12 from online sources. Having two or more of these oximeters in the cockpit to monitor

Photo by Arthur Billingsley

Don Denuth and Brad Tucker at the FAA’s hypoxia exhibit at SUN ’n FUN 2018. pilot and passengers, is a reasonable step in vigilance against hypoxia. Pilots at this year’s show seem to be very interested in learning more about hypoxia, according to Denuth, who noted attendance is up at this year’s show. He added the FAA has a permanent altitude chamber in Oklahoma City that is available to the public. The FAA officials emphasize that pilots

must be aware of the proposed flight environment and have a plan to mitigate any onset of hypoxia. “Each year, two or three GA fatalities are attributed to hypoxia,” Denuth said. In addition to the physical demonstration in the FAA Building, the FAA exhibit has handouts, CDs, and flyers to help raise awareness among GA pilots of the dangers — and remedy — for hypoxia.



KIT INCLUDES: Carry bag, 3 Claw anchors, 9 spikes, Hammer, and 30 ft. rope. Total weight 9.5 lbs.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Aircraft judging results Vintage Theater Participant • 1946 Piper J3 Cub, NC88462, Jeff Nelson • 1931 Waco F-2, NC11482, Alvin Reinaver • 1946 Globe Swift, N157TC, Jim “Frog” Jones • 1946 Ercoupe, NC94196, Syd Cohen • 1949 Piper Cub Special PA-11, N5533, Travis Capps

Antique (Before 8/31/45) • Grand Champion Antique – 1941 Piper Cub, N35303, C and D Aviation • Bronze Age Champion Antique – 1941 Stear­ man PT-17, N44SN, Mark Marcario & Bob Blakenship • WWII Era Outstanding Closed Cockpit Monoplane Antique – 1942 Piper L-4B, 51500, Ryan Montambo • Bronze Age Outstanding Closed Cockpit Monoplane Antique – 1940 Piper Cub Coupe J4, N28209, Tim Shea •  Bronze Age Preservation Award Antique – 1940 Luscombe 8D (Conversion), N28412, Wayne Mather

Photo by Jason McLemore

Classic (9/1/45 To 12/31/55) • Grand Champion Custom Classic – 1949 Piper Cub Special PA-11, N5533H, Travis Capps •  Best Custom Classic Over 165 hp – 1947 Navion Canopy, N512SH, Walt Fanti • Best Custom Classic 0-100 hp – 1946 Piper J3, N88462, Jeff Nelson •  Outstanding Classic – 1946 Globe GC-1B Swift, N78012, Carolyn & Jim Roberts

Contemporary (1/1/56 To 12/31/70) • Grand Champion Contemporary – 1958 Beechcraft Bonanza, N76J, Kevin Mayer •  Reserve Grand Champion Contemporary – 1958 PA22-160, N8664D, Mark Wyant

ICE SHIELD DE-ICING SYSTEMS Come see us at Hangar C Booth 002

Ice Shield™ part-for-part replacement, easy installation, and 48-hour guaranteed delivery. Ice Shield is a Faster, Better, Smarter way to protect your aircraft from icing. For more information please visit us online at or 1-800-767-6899.

• Outstanding Tailwheel Contemporary – 1961 DHC2 Beaver, CFAWY, Northern Uniform •  Outstanding In Type Contemporary – 1963 Cessna 172D, N405MW, Michael R Warin •  Outstanding In Type Contemporary – 1967 Cessna 182, N3564U, Judd Troxler •  Outstanding Custom Contemporary – 1957 Cessna 182A, N3982D, Jeff And Jay Stanford • Best Twin Custom Contemporary – 1964 Piper Twin Commanche PA30, N17CM, Carl Miller

Seaplane • Grand Champion Seaplane – 1950 Grumman Mallard G-73T, N147MV, Vincent Sosa •  Reserve Grand Champion Seaplane – 1972 Lake LA-4-200, N238RT, Ramon Torres •  Best Amphibian – 1988 Lake Renegade, N8407W, Michael Megler •  Best Homebuilt Seaplane – 2017 Aeroprakt A-22, N224AA, Douglas Karlsen

Rotorcraft • Outstanding Rotorcraft – 2017 Auto Gyro Mto

April 15, 2018

Sun ’n Fun Today -

N6858D, Bill Wallace and Jim Guld •  Best Tribute Homebuilt – 2012 Sopwith Schneider, N394FF, Blake and Sandy Thomas

Sport, N320QT, Auto Gyro USA •  Outstanding Rotorcraft – 2017 American Ranger AR-1, N111Nl, Ludwig “Nicholas” Ladas


Light Sport Aircraft •  Best Commercial Fixed Wing Light Sport – 2017 Ekolot Topaz, N468KM, Kris Siuba

Ultralight • Grand Champion Ultralight – 2018 Sky Cycle One Seat, Michael Theek • Best Commercial Fixed Wing Ultralight – 2017 Hummel Ultracruiser, Hummel Aviation

Homebuilt •  Grand Champion-Plans Homebuilt – 2017 Pitts S2X, N29DZ, Hobby Hill Farms • Grand Champion-Kit Homebuilt – 2012 Van’s RV-7, N732TS, Tom Savrda •  Reserve Grand Champion Kit Homebuilt – 2017 Van’s RV14, N829MS, Marvin Mcgraw •  Best Metal Homebuilt – 2017 Van’s RV7A, N12BW, Richard Weiss • Best Owner Design Homebuilt – 2017 Jet Eze, N815EY, Lance Hooley


Photo by Joni Fisher

•  Outstanding Homebuilt – 2004 Van’s RV8, N312JM, James Miller •  Outstanding Homebuilt – 2016 Just Aircraft Highlander, N360ER, Coltin Brown •  Outstanding Homebuilt – 2018 Van’s RV3B, N73WG, Bill Glattli •  Outstanding Homebuilt – 1996 Staudacher S300, N66TK, Brett Schuck • Best Builder Workmanship Homebuilt – 2015 Van’s RV8, N184GC, Robert Anderson • Best Composite Homebuilt – 2014 Lancair ES RG, N546ES, Sarah and Marvin Wessel •  Best Auto Engine Homebuilt – 2014 Saberwing, N120SW, Bill Clapp •  Best Interior Homebuilt – 2017 Sling 2, N979Z, Robert and Joan Zaleski • Best Fabric Homebuilt – 2017 Carbon Cub EX, N699S, Steve Corrado • Best Antique Homebuilt – 1968 Jodel D-11,

• Grand Champion WWII – Douglas A-20 Havoc, N747HS, Rob Lewis •  Returning Grand Champion – Bell H13E, N4250A, William R Hayes, Jr • Best Fighter WWII – Goodyear Aircraft FG1D Corsair, N43FG, Black Pearl 51 •  Best Fighter Post WWII – Grumman F8F-2, NG8RW, John O’Connor •  Best Trainer WWII – Boeing Stearman A752300, N60562, John T. Coe • Best Trainer Post WWII – North American T-28 Trojan, N28VV, William T. Busch •  Best Living History – Douglas C-54E Cargo Master, N500EJ, Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation

Commercial Displays • Best Indoor Commercial Display, Factory Direct Models, C-004 G-005 •  Best Outdoor Commercial Display, Daher Booth, MD-022B

. . . n o o S g n i m o C


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

What’s Happening Today Entertainment

9:00 AM Victory’s Arsenal. Theresa Eaman. Warbird Country.

9:30 AM Kid Zone in the Family Fun Zone. Family Fun Zone.

10:30 AM Victory’s Arsenal. Theresa Eaman. Warbird Country.


8:30 AM Hazards of Call Sign Mismatches. James Kenney, FAA. FAA Safety Center. (FAA/WINGS – FAA Credit)

9 AM Advance IFR Tips and Tricks. Gary D. Reeves, ATP, MCFI. CFAA-1. (IPAD) Compression Testing Aircraft Engines. Bill Ross. CFAA-2. (FAA/IA - Renewal) Lycoming Engine Care and Maintenance.

Frank Lukachinsky. CFAA-3. (FAA/IA - Renewal) On and Off Airports: Emergency Landings. David Joseph. CFAA-8.

10 AM Maintaining Piston Aircraft Engines & Avoiding Costly Difficulties. Bill Ross. CFAA-1. (FAA/IA - Renewal) Missionary Flying in the United States. Lori Layne. CFAA-2. TITAN Aircraft Engines Experimental Aircraft. John Heitland. CFAA-3. (AE - Alternative Engines) Paper Airplane Aerodynamics of Right/ Flexwings. Bill Maecker. CFAA-4. (Youth) Future Avionics Technologies. Diego Alfonso. FAA Safety Center. (FAA/WINGS – FAA Credit)

11 AM Flying Cars: Where Are We Today?. Brian Purdy. CFAA-1. A&P/IA Licensing Process and FAR Review. Thomas Black. CFAA-10. (FAA/IA - Renewal) Care and Maintenance of Aircraft Tires. Steve Von Waldner, Dresser Tire. CFAA-11. (FAA/IA -

Renewal) International Travel in a GA Aircraft-Flying Pole to Pole. Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot. CFAA-2. Electronic Pilot Applications & Resume. Kit Darby. CFAA-5. (Youth)

11:30 AM Engine Failure Prevention & Survival. Diego Alfonso. FAA Safety Center. (FAA/WINGS – FAA Credit)

12 PM ExpressJet Airline Inc., Jason Brown. CFAA-2. Airspace, Human Factors and Fod.James Michael Albertson. CFAA-3. Spyder Corvair Engines and The Saberwing Airplane. William Clapp. CFAA-5. (AE Alternative Engines)

NTSB. FAA Safety Center. (FAA/WINGS – FAA Credit)


9:30 AM F18 Hornet. Victory’s Arsenal. Warbird Country.

10 AM Legends and Lies, The History of Air America. Cpt. Marius Burke & Gary Gentz. Aerospace Discovery @ FAM. Victory’s Arsenal. USN Pilot. Warbird Country.

11 AM Victory’s Arsenal. F22 Raptor. Warbird Country.

11:30 AM

1 PM

Victory’s Arsenal. USAF Pilot and Crew. Warbird Country.

Fun Family Flying - Living the Ultimate Fly-In Lifestyle. Mike Ciochetti. CFAA-1. From Basement to Billionaires. Tom Burden. CFAA-2. (YOUTH – Youth)

FAHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Aerospace Discovery @ FAM.

12:00 PM

Weather Factors in GA Accidents. Paul Suffern,



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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 15, 2018

Scenes from SUN ’n FUN

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Photo by Matt Genuardi |

Photo by Cynthia Ferguson

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See Sporty’s Meteorologist Scott Dimmich • Saturday, April 14th • AOPA Activity Tent • 1 PM Offer Details: Purchase and activate the Garmin GDL® 52/52R Aviation satellite receiver by 12/31/2018 with a monthly subscription plan to: 1) SiriusXM Pilot Preferred weather service plus 2) an All Access audio package, and receive your first 3 months free (a min. $59.99/mo and $20.99/mo savings, respectively), and receive free activation (a $25 plus $15 savings, respectively), for a minimum combined $267.94 savings. Maintain 60 days of continuous paid service after the trial and qualify for a $200 SiriusXM Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card. Apply at Plus get a free one year Membership to AOPA (up to a $69 value) with purchase of the GDL 52 at A credit card is required on these offers. Service will automatically renew every month thereafter and, at the beginning of your 4th month, you will be charged at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. To cancel you must call us at 1-800-985-9200. See our Customer Agreement for complete terms. All fees and programming subject to change. SiriusXM reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time. Note: SiriusXM Services may include weather and other content and emergency alert information. Such information and data is not for “safety for life,” but is merely supplemental and advisory in nature, and therefore cannot be relied upon as safety critical in connection with any aircraft, automobile, or any other usage. SiriusXM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the data services or their use. © 2018 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM, SiriusXM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. All rights reserved.

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3/29/18 4:24 PM

• Fights Rust & Corrosion • Reduces Cam & Lifter Wear

• Prevents Engine Deposits • Conditions Seals

ASL Camguard™ is an advanced oil supplement, F.A.A. accepted for use in most piston aircraft engines. Camguard is formulated to safeguard the investment in your aircraft engine by addressing the complex and interrelated problems of corrosion, carbon deposits and mechanical wear. Camguard combats corrosion by leaving a continuous film of inhibitor on metal surfaces. Camguard halts deposit formation, leaving your engine clean and parts free to move. So whether you fly a little or a lot, Camguard always pays dividends with decreased aircraft engine maintenance costs. Just adding 5% of ASL Camguard to your oil at every oil change provides peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected.

2018 SUN ’n FUN Today Day 6  

The Sunday, April 15, 2018 edition of SUN ’n FUN Today from the grounds of Lakeland-Linder Airport

2018 SUN ’n FUN Today Day 6  

The Sunday, April 15, 2018 edition of SUN ’n FUN Today from the grounds of Lakeland-Linder Airport