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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Photo by Matt Genuardi


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Table of Contents Flight to Honor.............................................................................3 New chapter at Aircraft Emergency Repair........................5 My flight with the Aerostars.................................................... 6 Students become teachers in the Workshops....................7 Repo Man: Aircraft and adrenaline.......................................8 Learn about the new RAF Trail..............................................12 NextGen delivers for GA.........................................................21 Art Nalls’ Harrier makes SUN ’n FUN debut......................24 E.T. and his Seabee: Sharing the joy....................................26 What’s happening today.........................................................28



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April 8, 2017

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Flight to Honor By JACK NEUBACHER The Polk County Veterans Council once again gave visitors to SUN ’n FUN the thrill of witnessing a group of special veterans as they returned from the latest Flight to Honor Thursday evening. This was the second annual Flight to Honor that returned during SUN ’n FUN activities, but a total of four of these prestigious flights have departed and returned to the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport over previous years. Each of the 72 vets that went on Thursday’s flight was assigned a “guardian” or personal assistant to help them with their travels and connections during the day. A wheelchair is provided to each vet to make the trip easier. While many refuse the wheels, they are available if needed, since it is a long grueling day to the senior vets. The vets arrive at the airport terminal at 4 a.m. for departure, with the flight returning at around 7 p.m. The return is always an emotional event, not only for the veterans and guardians, but to the scores of family, friends and admirers who wait their triumphant return. As the American Airlines Airbus

Photos by Matt Genuardi

taxied up, they were honored with a traditional water cannon salute from the Lakeland Linder firetrucks. Coming down the ramp, the vets have an honor guard escort from many military and local civic groups, then went on to be reunited with friends, families, and well wishers. Everyone got a little teary eyed at that point.

We met with Don Reiling after his greeting from the USO Girls. When asked what was most exciting about the trip, he could only say, “Everything, Everything, even the rain. “But I’m especially stunned with all of this, really stunned,” he said as he motioned to the crowds. “I’ve tried to make this trip for years.”

According to officials with the Polk County Veterans Council, there are three benefits from these trips. First and foremost is to honor the veterans who served protecting all our rights. Second it allows the community to show appreciation to the vets and third it provides an avenue for young people to recognize the sacrifices of those who served. The veterans pay nothing for these trips, while the guardians pay $450. About 60% of the total cost is paid for with donations by the public. Tax-exempt donations can be made to GiveWell Community Foundation, Flight to Honor, 1501 S. Florida Ave., Lakeland Florida, 33803. See more photos from the Flight to Honor on Page 22 of this issue


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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

ISSUE 5 — SATURDAY APRIL 8, 2017 PUBLISHERS John “Lites” Leenhouts Ben Sclair EDITORIAL STAFF Janice Wood PRODUCTION Russell Kasselman DISTRIBUTION Arthur Ward Paulette Ward Murray Kot Jason Kot Samantha Kot Paul Luckett CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Joni Fisher, Jack Neubacher, Tom Snow, William Walker, Elizabeth Walker SUN ’n FUN Today is published each day of the SUN ’n FUN Fly-In by Flyer Media, Inc., publishers of General Aviation News and Living With Your Plane. Copies of SUN ’n FUN Today are distributed free of charge throughout the fly-in grounds. Subscriptions to General Aviation News, $29.95 for 1 year or $49.95 for 2 years. The views and opinions contained herein do not necessarily reflect those of SUN ’n FUN Fly-In, Inc. Neither SUN ’n FUN Fly-In, Inc., nor Flyer Media, Inc. endorse or sanction the products advertised herein, and do not assume responsibility for such advertising. © 2017 Flyer Media, Inc., SUN ’n FUN Fly-In, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of photos or articles by any means is prohibited without written consent.


A peek at the other Friendship 7 By JAMIE BECKETT Of the thousands of aircraft on display at SUN ’n FUN this week, one is of particular interest. While the Blue Angels thunder through their routine in the sky above and vendors from every corner of the continent display their latest and greatest wares, I will be at least a little bit distracted by a Beech Baron that was built back when Ronald Reagan was just getting settled into the Oval Office. N3864U is unremarkable in every way but one. And that one point is a big one. Its paint scheme is original and largely cream in color. The panel has been rebuilt since it first rolled off the line, but the airplane is today what the airplane was then — a general aviation transport. What makes this Beech Baron unique is not the equipment inside or any newsworthy exploit it might have had in the air. No, what makes this airplane important is that it was owned and flown by one of America’s true aeronautical heros. For 30 years, N3864U was the airplane John Glenn used to go about the business of being a United States senator, presidential candidate, and all around aviation icon. “I love this airplane,” says pilot Joel Weaner. Joel is a corporate pilot, a flight instructor, and a long-time associate of Jim Kelly, who purchased the Baron from Glenn when he finally gave up flying…at 90 years of age. As he flew for Jim Kelly in years past,

Joel flies for Jim’s widow Chryol Kelly now, traveling to airshows and fly-ins with her treasured Baron for the benefit of others. Joel’s mission is an easy one: Take this GA version of Friendship 7 to places where the public can see it up close. His goal is to “make it a memory for everybody.” Jason Schappert, the almost unimaginably enthusiastic flight instructor and owner of rides along with Joel on these ventures into the public arena, picking up the fuel bill and booth space costs as a means of sponsoring the flights and static displays. “It’s not a museum piece,” Schappert says. “It’s working.” That’s the real connection between American heros of aeronautics and the average man or woman on the ramp. This is a working airplane. It fills the same role

it did when John Glenn picked it up from the factory back in 1981. It takes people from Point A to Point B while flying above much of the weather, at a speed that makes the journey relatively short. Flying an airplane like this is an entirely attainable goal. And while Glenn might have piloted the original Friendship 7 into Earth orbit, even the most notable astronauts in our history books had a rich and long-lived relationship with general aviation aircraft — the very same general aviation aircraft we fly today. John Glenn didn’t start out as an American hero. He was just a kid living in Ohio. His dad ran a plumbing business and his mom doted on her son and his four sisters. From there he took incremental steps to move from high school to college, and GLENN | See Page 5

April 8, 2017


Photo by Richard Spolar

New chapter, same book at Aircraft Emergency Repair By BEN SCLAIR Charlie and Judy Bukoski have been co-chairs of Aircraft Emergency Repair since 2006 ­— they think. The Bukoskis have been volunteering at SUN ’n FUN for a long time. “This is our 25th year,” said Judy. At a small ceremony on Thursday, that chairmanship was turned over to Ed Stork. He has been volunteering in Aircraft Emergency Repair full time since 2003 when he retired from the Air Force. “I was an engine mechanic in the Air Force,” said Ed. “I worked on helicopters, C-130s and anything I could get my hands on to keep busy.” Ed’s father, Glen, is on the Pioneer Wall. “I’ve been a part of SUN ’n FUN since Year 1,” he said. While the change of command makes GLENN | From Page 4 from college to the Naval Aviation Cadet Program. He became a Marine pilot, deployed to the South Pacific in World War II, and later into Korea. He flew piston powered aircraft, then jets, then rockets headed for space. His wasn’t a meteoric rise to stardom and fortune, it was a simple case of an ambitious young man seeking opportunity and making the most of whatever came his way, including his use of general aviation to enrich his life and extend his reach. That could be said of any one of us, if we would only pick up the ball and run with it. Many do, but there is plenty of room for many more to follow in the footsteps of those who have. If you’d like to see the plane, it will be parked on the Warbird Ramp through the end of the show. The key to the future of general aviation just might rest with the sort of curiosity the Friendship 7 and her ramp mates

it official, “nothing has changed,” according to Charlie Bukoski. “He’s been trying to push me out for a few years now,” he said with a smile. “I have not,” replied Ed. They’re family. That’s easy to see. A decade or so ago, the repair crew performed 100 to 110 assists a year. In 2016, it was 37. “We used to see guys fly in for our ‘free’ maintenance,” said Ed. “Not any more. People seem to be following the rules better now.” So far in 2017 the crew hasn’t been very busy, thankfully. They’ve lent out a few tools, pumped air into a few tires, and charged some batteries. They’re ready, though. Aircraft Emergency Repair is located east of Runway 5/23 just south of the airshow line. instill in the youngest of us. Perhaps a young boy will ask his dad, “Why does this airplane have a painting of an astronaut on it?” Or maybe an adolescent girl will ask her mother, “Who is Annie Glenn, and why did she sign her name on the nose of that airplane?” The answers to both those questions and the conversations that might result are the exact reason Joel and Jason are positioning the airplane on the grounds of major fly-ins. It’s the reason Chryol Kelly has released her husband’s airplane, the same one he bought from his good friend John, to roam the land in the hopes of inspiring the same kind of excitement and adventure in people its original owner brought to the American population as a whole in 1962 when he launched into space from a beach not so far away. The future is as bright as we make it. And right now, it looks to be about as brilliant as a Florida sunrise. Happy SUN ‘ FUN y’all. This is general aviation’s chance to shine.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

My flight with the Aerostars By TOM SNOW

Experience the


AVIATION November 2017 Showcase Thursday-Saturday, November 2-4 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

All Sport Aviation in One Place

The Aerostars Aerobatic Team showed me a whole new way to get “up close and personal” this week. After 35 years of trying very hard to avoid coming close to other aircraft while flying, there I was in the rear seat of a Yak 52 only a few feet away from two other planes, while the three-ship formation bobbed up and down in the hot air. Fortunately, I was in the capable hands of my front seat pilot, Paul Hornick, who flies left wing for the Aerostars team. And, after flying formation with the same guys for 16 years, it’s second nature for him to fly close ­— real close — as in sometimes only 3 feet apart close. The adventure began when my name was drawn for a media ride with the popular airshow act sponsored by Phillips 66. I was soon introduced to Hornick and the other team members, Harvey Meek, lead pilot, and David Monroe, right wing. Of the three, Meek is the only former military pilot (F18s) and he now flies for an airline, as does Monroe. Although Hornick also flew for an airline, he now flies a corporate jet as his day job. After emptying my pockets of anything that might fall out and jam the controls, it was time for Hornick to help me strap on a parachute, a requirement for aerobatics. Hornick’s bail-out instructions were short and to the point: “Be sure to bail out head first, so hopefully you don’t hit the tail with your head, and here’s the D-ring you pull to open the chute.” Soon, the 400-hp, nine-cylinder supercharged radial engines of the three Sovietdesigned, Romanian-built Yak 52s came to life and we taxied for takeoff. The trio joined up immediately after leaving the runway and that’s when I got


my lesson on flying a “tight formation.” We were so close I could count the rivets on Meek’s Yak. The formation broke apart when we reached an area south of the Lakeland airport suitable for maneuvers. The additional weight of passengers prevented the team from demonstrating its aggressive airshow routine, but a series of loops and rolls was exciting enough. Hornick was so smooth on the controls that I felt no need for the sick sack he provided, especially after being told that I would be responsible for cleaning the plane if I missed. “Being a member of the Aerostars team is like another marriage,” said Hornick. “None of us can get enough of flying and, fortunately, our families are very supportive. In fact, my wife suggested I learn to fly instead of buying a motorcycle.”

The three pilots live close to one another in northern Illinois and meet up to practice often. A typical airshow season includes 12 to 14 appearances, although they’ve booked as many as 19 in one year. Jerry Molidor will soon join the team and fly his Sukhoi as a “stinger” in the formation. He will also perform solo aerobatics while the Yaks are repositioning. For Complete Details Contact: Russell Large +63-918-903-0700 Mike O’Farrell 352-631-4029

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April 8, 2017

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Students become teachers at the Welding Workshop

Photos by Russell Kasselman

By JANICE WOOD When you head to the Welding Workshop in the Workshops Area at SUN ’n FUN, volunteers are standing by to teach you the intricacies of welding. But don’t be surprised if some of those volunteers are students at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy — and then don’t be surprised that these kids really know their stuff.

When we visited the workshop on Thursday, Jacob Herstine, a 14-year-old freshman, was working with Philip Mull, an A&P student in Ocala. So how did Philip feel about being taught by a high school freshman? “Not a problem,” he said. “He really knows his stuff.” According to Jacob, he learned everything he knows at his father’s body shop. “I was always into hands-on stuff,” he

said. So when he saw a sign-up sheet to volunteer at the workshop, he signed up. He spends hours volunteering each day during the fly-in, helping attendees learn the fine art of welding. Once he graduates from CFAA, Jacob plans to enlist in the Air Force as an A&P mechanic. “Once I retire, I want to be a missionary pilot,” he said, noting he’s learning to fly

through the Civil Air Patrol. According to volunteer Edgar Yohe, most people who attend the welding workshop have no problem being taught by the students. “These kids have got it in them to give back to the community,” he said. “They are transferring their knowledge. I learn from them and they learn from me.” The Workshops Area is near the Buehler Restoration Skills Center.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

Repo Man: Aircraft and adrenaline By JONI M. FISHER Do you need someone to steal a jet, catch a crocodile, or skydive in to extract venom from a King Cobra? Meet the Airplane Repo man with nerves of steel, Mike Kennedy. A full-size action figure in his late 50s, Kennedy stars in Airplane Repo on the Discovery Channel. He and his wife Valerie will be signing autographs in the 9/27 Chalet on Sunday at 11 a.m. The Pilot and Celebrity daily lunchtime “Meet and Greet” is a VIP event for 9/27 Chalet ticket holders. The Discovery Channel’s Airplane Repo show features experts hired by banks to repossess high-value aircraft. While most humans avoid danger, people like Kennedy thrive on the adrenaline rush. “The scariest situation I have been in on the job was being face down on the tarmac with a rifle pressed against the back of my head while Colombian soldiers searched a King Air I had just stolen back from smugglers,” he recalled. “I had no idea what might be onboard that airplane and the Colombians were convinced I was the smuggler.”

With 20 years experience repossessing aircraft, Kennedy continues to add to his skill set. He’s working on earning his helicopter rating. An ATP, he has type ratings in A/BA-3100, A/CE-560XL, A/EMB120, A/HS-125, A/LR-60, and A/LR-JET. He also has become adept at wrangling customs paperwork, flight permits, and employing the art of stealth in recovering high-value aircraft from all parts of the world. “The most valuable airplane I ever recovered was a $40 million Gulfstream,” he said. His hobbies include performing motorcycle stunts, skydiving, weapons trading, extracting venom from snakes, catching crocodiles, and oh, by the way, he owns a leopard he calls Spot. He is as comfortable in a wingsuit as a businessman is in wingtip shoes. “Valerie is pretty fearless too,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what I’m doing — skydiving, flying, racing motorcycles, catching crocodiles, handling big cats, or extracting venom from a cobra — she is right there in the middle of it with me.” What drives him to live life on the edge? “I would like to be remembered as

someone who didn’t want to miss out on anything,” Kennedy said. “If something interests me, I don’t want to watch someone else or read about it or see it on TV, I want to do it, and not only do it, but learn to do it well.” Outside of his business and the show, Kennedy promotes a cause. “Our biggest project right now is

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April 8, 2017

SUN ’n FUN Today -


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April 8, 2017

SUN ’n FUN show specials

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With more than 500 vendors at SUN ’n FUN this year, if you can’t find a deal on something, you aren’t looking very hard. AvLab (Hangar A, Space 9) has Clear View Plastic Polish two for $10; Clear View Glass Cleaner two for $10; and Oil Analysis Kits two for $30. Oregon Aero (Hangar A, Spaces 40-42) has marked everything down 10% at the show, including the ShockBlocker shoe inserts. Trade-A-Plane (Hangar A, Spaces 1-3)

is offering a one-year subscription for $10 (regular price is $15). Sporty’s Pilot Shop (N99-N101) has a $100 discount on both the Stratus 2S and Stratus 1S, a variety of handheld radio rebates, and 25% off Flight Outfitters Thrust Bags. Chief Aircraft (Hangar B, Spaces 3841) is offering $700 savings on JPI, $105 in free accessories with the purchase of a Lightspeed Tango headset, and various handheld radio rebates.

New version of Hangar Swap released Hangar Swap unveiled its newest version of its online parts marketplace at SUN ’n FUN. The overhauled site is mobile friendly, which allows users to buy, sell and manage inventory from a smartphone or tablet. Sellers who organize their inventory in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will enjoy the new system’s upload ability. Newly uploaded inventory is tagged pending but is searchable. The Parts Radar System allows buyers to submit a part request for all enrolled sellers to see. The number one requested feature from sellers was the ability to synchronize their eBay and Hangar Swap inventories. The new eBay sync ensures sellers won’t sell

the same part on both platforms. Other notable features include the ability to search previously sold items, enhanced communications and a seller’s dashboard. At press time, Hangar Swap had over 7,000 parts — ­ and growing — from over 300 different sellers around the world. Hangar Swap’s commission is 5% with a cap for larger priced items. “It’s important to me that we provide a lower commission fee so that fellow aviators have extra cash to go flying,” says Hangar Swap founder Rachel Lietzke Payne. Hangar Swap is also free to list as many items as you want. See Hangar Swap in Hangar D, Booth 48 or online at

Continental’s CD-100 hits milestones Continental Motors Group has delivered 5,000 CD-100 series engine over 15 years. Those 5,000 engines have accumulated more than 5.25 million flight hours on more than 2,750 aircraft. The first CD-100-series engine took flight in September 2000 mounted on a Valentin Taifun motor glider at Altenburg airport in Thuringia, Germany. Additional installations included the Cessna 172, Diamond DA-40 and DA-42 and Robin DR400.

“In the last nine months, the cumulative flight time logged by end-users has risen by half a million hours to 5.25 million hours,” said Jürgen Schwarz, Vice President Engineering, Continental Motors Group. “As a result of continuous product development and improvement, we have also increased product dependability significantly, with only 1.1 unscheduled maintenance events per 1,000 hours.” See Continental Motors in LD-004 or online at

Aerocet earns TSO on 6750 straight floats Aerocet has received FAA TSO approval for its 6750 straight floats. The next phase of approval, STC, is nearing completion. The composite straight floats include features like strong and lightweight blends of carbon fiber materials designed to be tough, lightweight and eliminate the

problem of corrosion and leaks inherent with aluminum. Safety is also enhanced by making the top deck flat with anti-skid molded into the float, which eases embarking and disembarking, company officials noted. See Aerocet in Space MD-14B or online at

April 8, 2017

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Learning from history at the Veterans Plaza By JACK NEUBACHER If you want to trace the history of the Veterans Plaza at SUN ’n FUN back to its infancy in 1993, you would still find Howard Smith standing there telling his story. Back then the veterans were located on Peggy Brown Road, just about where the cart path goes through today. The Florida Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association started right there and still has more than 400 members, while the national organization is over 12,000 strong. “I have been the memorabilia babysitter since day one,” Smith said. A Lakeland resident most of his life, Smith enlisted in August 1968 and went to Fort Pope in October 1968 for flight training. He was sent to Vietnam in July 1969. Smith was a scout, which was the first line of those looking for the enemy. “We wanted them to shoot at us so we could find them,” he explained. Nearly 40,000 service men became Vietnam helicopter pilots and many never returned. After his tour of duty was complete, he came back to Lakeland and worked as a police office for two years. He noticed how much he missed flying and re-enlisted in December 1975, but after a time at Fort Hood in Texas, he then noticed they were only giving them about four hours a month flight time — “just enough to draw our flight pay and sit around a Quonset hut the rest of the time.” After two years, he, once again, hung up his flight suit. “My wife didn’t want me to be a cop again, so I took a job with the City of Lakeland Electric Corporation for 25 years until retirement in 2002,” Smith said. “Haven’t done a lick since then.” As I was in the service at the same time, I asked him how he feels about the treatment of soldiers today, with people saying “thank you for your service,” when we were treated so badly. “I still have hard feeling about how we were treated,” he said. “Normally I just

Paradise City Xpress returns Returning to help attendees make their way to SUN ’n FUN’s “other airshow” are a pair of six-seat golf carts that run all day long from the main area to and from the LSA Mall at the center of Paradise City. Sponsored by Rotax Aircraft Engines, the carts provide a free ride to and from the lightplane area. Find the cart’s pickup area near the food court and at the Rotax display near the entry.

smile and nod my head and say thank you, but inside many know just how wrong they were back then and now they are trying to make up for it.” Smith and many other veterans will be here all week. So please take a break from the flight line to stop by the Veterans Plaza and visit the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association display to see the memorabilia from that era and hear, first hand, the stories of the helicopter pilots and how they lived their lives back in the late 1960s. The Veterans Plaza is in the Southeast Exhibit Area.


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

Learn about the new RAF Trail By CARMINE MOWBRAY Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) volunteers will be welcoming you throughout SUN ’n FUN at the Vintage Hospitality House again this year. A team of volunteers under the leadership of RAF Florida State Liaison Bobby Capozzi looks forward to meeting you in air-conditioned comfort. Bobby is a longtime volunteer and hard-working friend of aviation in Florida and he and his team can answer any questions you have about the RAF. Look for the orange shirts and flags. RAF’s mission to preserve, maintain, and create airstrips for recreational access fits perfectly with the mission of SUN ’n FUN. The RAF continues to build a team of goal-oriented volunteers throughout the nation who seek ways to increase the number of fun places to fly. When you see the RAF team, ask them about the RAF Trail 2017 underway now! The next Trail event is an RAF Weekend April 28-30 at Blackwater Airfield (8FD3) in Florida’s beautiful Blackwater River State Forest. Plans include a pizza dinner on Friday evening, biscuit and gravy breakfast

Saturday morning, and “Mystery Meal” dinner by chef D.C. Nowling. Coffee and donuts will be available Sunday morning. Please see the RSVP tab at or contact Bobby Capozzi at 352-475-1492 to enable adequate meal planning. The

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RAF Blackwater Airfield Safety Briefing is also online at the RAF website. The RAF Trail is our way to showcase special places, including many on which the RAF has had an impact, often partnering with local, state, and national organi-

zations, like the Florida Sport Aviation Antique & Classic Association (FSAACA). These events are open to the public and have no registration fee. Each is hosted by that state’s RAF Liaison and each destination offers unique recreational aspects, special activities and a small memento of appreciation from your hosts, the RAF. Flying the RAF Trail is your opportunity to land at some special destinations and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded aviators, their families and friends. Watch for “The RAF Supports This Airstrip” signs. You can pick up the RAF Trail any place along the route that works for you. The RAF Trail full itinerary is posted and updated on the RAF Calendar. You need not be a member of the RAF, but we believe when you experience what we’re about, you may decide our goals are worthy of your support. So enjoy this 43rd annual SUN ’n FUN and swing by and see us in the air-conditioned Vintage Hospitality House. We sincerely thank our friends and hosts at the non-profit SUN ’n FUN for the chance to meet you during the world’s second largest aviation event.

April 8, 2017

Sun ’n Fun Today -


Blue Angels star in weekend airshows The Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, will be the featured performers this weekend. The Blue Angels will arrive Thursday, around 11 a.m., and are slated to perform during the airshows Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Their appearance at this week’s show is one of 35 events in 2017 for the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels’ C-130, affectionately known as “Fat Albert,” begins each demonstration by exhibiting its maximum performance capabilities during a 10-minute performance. Shortly after, spectators will see the aerobatic maneuvers of the four-jet Diamond Formation, in concert with the high-performance maneuvers of its two solo pilots. Finally, the team illustrates the pinnacle of precision flying, performing maneuvers locked as a unit in the six-jet Delta Formation. Created in 1946 by Admiral Chester Nimitz, the mission of the Blue Angels is to showcase the pride and professionalism of the Navy and Marine Corps by inspiring a culture of excellence and service to country through flight demonstrations and community outreach.

Photo by Matt Genuardi


SUN ’n FUN Today -

Tune in to SUN ’n FUN Radio By JANICE WOOD “Don’t Miss Out — Tune In.” That’s the message that SUN ’n FUN Radio Chairman Dave Shallbetter wants everyone on the SUN ’n FUN grounds — and beyond — to get this year. There is so much going on during the week of the fly-in that it’s impossible to be everywhere to enjoy it. But with SUN ’n FUN Radio’s remote broadcasts and live streaming, you can virtually attend the evening programs, airshows, and more during the week. Returning for the second year is the SUN ’n FUN Radio Mobile Studio, powered by Aviators Hotline. The specially equipped vehicle will roam the grounds seeking out stories throughout the fly-in. “If you see them, stop and say hi,” Shallbetter says. “You could be our next interview.” A full slate of interviews is planned throughout the week, with some of the most important — of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) — planned for Thursday and Friday. Every day of the fly-in, at 9 a.m., SUN

6900 Acco St, Montebello, CA 90640 3400 Chelsea Ave., Memphis, TN 38108 800-247-8473 Local: 323-721-4900 Fax: 323-721-7888 Email: Website:

’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts will be interviewed, sharing the day’s highlights. Throughout the show, exhibitors, airshow performers and others will be interviewed. The podcast Uncontrolled Airspace returns this year, on Tuesday after the airshow and at 11 a.m. Sunday for a live

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Women in Aviation International President Dr. Peggy Chabrian will host a radio show each day from Tuesday, April 4 to SatDr. Peggy urday, April 8 Chabrian on SUN ’n FUN Radio 1510 AM and streamed on at 11 a.m. Chabrian will interview notable women and speak of issues of particular interest to women who have chosen aviation as a career or as a lifestyle. Women in Aviation International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing networking, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women and men who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.


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WAI head hosts daily radio show



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podcast from the radio station’s porch. And just added is another podcast, #NotAtSnF17, which will be recorded and streamed live between the day and evening airshows. Live streaming of all SUN ’n FUN Radio programs is thanks to Live ATC (, an audio streaming site, which gives the radio station worldwide exposure. The station, which has a cadre of 40 or so volunteers, is always looking for more help. If you are interested in volunteering, stop in at SUN ’n FUN Radio during the week. The station is located at the end of Club House Path next to the Quiet Birdman Clubhouse and across the road from the Sunset Grill. And if you have a story you think the radio station should cover, Shallbetter invites you to stop by the station and talk to one of the volunteers. Or you can email your suggestions to SnFRadio@gmail. com. Also, he asks that you like the station’s Facebook page ( and follow them on Twitter (twitter. com/SnFRadio).

April 8, 2017

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017



8,499 X 150 FT.


Airport Access Road







Airshow Viewing Area








Maintenance Facility









s Tram Stops

Victories Arsenal Theatre (F-2)


SUN ‘n FUN Welcome Center (C-2, E-2, E-4, F-3)



ur Co od










FAMILY FUN ZONE Rest area for families • FUN FOOD • Picnic tables • Restrooms w/changing stations • Kids activities

Tram Depot









ACE 11











Motorcycle Parking Preferred Parking


Handicap Parking



1 Sugar Shakers (D-3) London Broil, chicken, salads,beverages


2 Corn Roast (D-3) - Roasted corn


3 Chesapeake Foods (F-2)

Mayland Style Crab Cakes, shrimp & grits, fish & chips




Veterans Plaza/WWII Reenactors (E-4)

HQ 5


Sprint 40 Race Pit (D-1)

Smoking Areas (C-2)(D-2)(D-3)(E-4)



8 9




Showers (A-2)(C-2)(E-3)(H-4)





SUN ‘nsFUN Official Souvenir Merchandise Outlet







ACE 10


Pilot Services Center & SUN ’n FUN Welcome Center (F-3)

UBER Pick-up location



International Visitors Center (E-3) Mobility Rental (D-4)




Gift Shop inside Museum

13 ACE 9





F9 ACE 6


Security (B-2)





M4 Changing Station









Vintage Theatre (F-4) YOU ARE HERE Map Locations



F7 F8

Car Rental (E-4) Ice




Admissions/Online Ticket Redemption



16 17

M1 ACE 1

Aircraft Judges (F-3)





. EX









HQ 1
























A13 G10






9 A12

Ha ade-A ng -Pla ar ne A




Ai r & cr



Airshow View

HQ 2





Official Timekeeper


Ha Speaft Sp ng cialt ruc ar y e B




Av G u




Ha Aviaoraso ng nicsta ar C


Ha ionicslf Co ng /Ga ast ar rmi D n


ar ng


Aircraft Camping Registration

4 Randy’s Superdogs (D-3)

Hot dogs, Corn Dogs, beverages

5 Southern Specialties American Cuisine (D-3) Steak burgers, french fries, chilli cheese fries, beverages

6 Strates Fine Foods - Greek Cuisine (D-3)

Gyros, Pitas, Shish-ka-bobs, Salads, beverages


10 11


April 8, 2017

Sun ’n Fun Today -



ACE Crossfield Aerospace Center (D-4) 7

ACE Piedmont Aerospace Laboratory (C-4) 2

ACE Buehler Aerospace Skills Center (D-4) 8

ACE Aerospace Pavilion/Eickhoff Conference Room (C-4) ACE Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA) (D-4) 3 9 ACE Florida Aerospace Historical Annex (D-3) 4

ACE Piedmont Aerospace Experience (Boeing 727) (D-4) 10

ACE Aerospace Discovery at Florida Air Museum (D-4) 5

ACE Lakeland AeroClub Headquarters (E-4) 11

ACE Aerospace Opportunity Center (D-4) 6








Paradise City Forums (F-4)

C5 Ladies Pavilion (C-2)


School Tours (C-4)


Youth Activities (C-4)


Workshops (D-3)



C6 Parts Exchange (C-2) C7 Shipping Services provided by GES (C-2)

Vin tag e

Wa y










9/27 VIP PARKING (Gate 33)


Lindbergh Lot & Airside Center

MOVIES - Aces’s Flying Flix (A-2)



Flightline Tours (E-2)


Internet Cafe (D-3)


Lost & Found/ Volunteer Center (D-4)


Blood Mobile (E-4)


Special Activity Tent (E-4)


Emergency Aircraft Assistance (H-3)


Tourism Information (D-3)


Emergency Response Team (C-1), (G-2)


Exhibitor Office/Exhibit Parking Lot TRAM 5 p.m. pick-up



E4 E5

Handicap Hospitality (D-4) First Aid (D-4)(F-4)

Media Outlets M1 Media Center & NIKON Camera Repair (C-4)

Java Junction (D-2) 13 Scott & Suzie’s Concessions (B-2)(E-3) 17 Kettle Corn (D-3) Coffee, Espresso, Cappuchino, Latte, Tea Breakfast, Chicken, Pork, Meatloaf, Catfish with sides daily at Campground location only. 18 Croydon Coffee Cart (F-3) Simply Southern Kitchen (E-3) Burgers & Hot Dogs and Funnel Cakes at Family Sandwiches, Chicken, Salad Bar Fun Zone 19 Smoke Shack (F-2) Ice Cream Treats (various locations) BBQ Ribs, Brisket, Sunset Grill (D-3) 14 Beverages, hot dogs, chips, Pulled Pork, chicken, Salads, burgers, french fries, chicken ice cream, strawberry shortcake french fries tenders, alcohol, entertainment & more! 0 Amish Bakery (D-3) 20 Papa Joe’s (D-3) Amish Doughnuts, Soft Pretzels Cuban sandwiches 15 Country Store (A-2) chicken salad, sweet tea, coffee Milk, beer, eggs and other & coffee convenient items Wild Bill’s Old Fashioned Soda (D-2)(F-3)

16 Croydon Foods (D-3) Sivouri Catering (F-2) (F-4) Philly Cheesesteak, Corn Dogs, Sausage, Philly Cheese steak, Fries, Pitas, Rd Tenders, Fries, Chicken on a Stick Chicken hot dogs, burgers, beverages

Addl. Guest Services

C8 Campground Kiddie Activities (C-2) C9 Fire Hub (D-2)




Educational Programs & Services




A14 Airshow Performers Tent (F-2)

C4 Corn Roast (C-2)


HQ 31

A13 NIKON Premium Photo Seating (E-2)

& Registration (F-2)

SUN ‘n FUN Forums (D-4)

HQ 4


HQ 6 Warbird HQ





HQ 3 Lightplane HQ (F-4)

C3 Campground Store (A-2)




A12 Announcers Stand (E-2)


5 00



HQ 5 Vintage HQ (F-3)

FAA Forums (E-3)



HQ 2 Homebuilt HQ (E-2)



. FT




A11 Preferred Airshow Seating (E-2)

C2 Campground Host (A-2)





3 11

HQ 4 Seabird HQ (H-3)

C1 Camper Registration (North of A-1 on grid)





HQ 1 Aerobatic HQ (F-2)



A10 Air Operations (G-2)

Campground Amenities







Airshow Viewing Area


wing Area





The Airline Pilot Sign has moved to the Piedmont Aerospace Experience (D-4) Near main entrance

CONVENIENT COFFEE STOPS: 10 Amish Bakery 7 Java Junction 18 Croydon Coffee

M2 SUN ‘n FUN Today Newspaper (D-4) M3 SUN ’n FUN Radio Station (E-3) M4 SUN ‘n FUN Television

East Tram Route West Tram Route Campground Tram Route Core Area Tram Route


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

Free workshops offered daily The world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B devices are now available for General Aviation

SHOW PRICE: $999 • The world’s smallest and lightest (65 grams) UAT transceiver for experimental and light sport aircraft • UAT OUT Class B1S transmitter (20W Nominal) • 1090 and UAT ADS-B IN Traffic and Weather via Wi-Fi to popular EFB applications • Direct integration with common EFIS and transponders • Wired and wireless integration with legacy transponders • Designed to meet the performance requirements of TSO-C154c • Designed for use with existing compliant GPS or SkyFYX GPS

The SUN ’n FUN workshops are popular, not only among homebuilders, but also with aviation enthusiasts who want to try their hand at various aspects of aircraft building or maintenance. All of the workshops are staffed by a combination of amateur and professional instructors with experience in the subjects they present. Many hold FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) ratings. Most of the volunteer instructors are builders themselves and enthusiastically share their experience with novice builders. The workshops include: • Woodworking, which includes construction of wing ribs, fuselage, jigs and tooling and adhesives. • Metal fabrication, which includes sheet metal selection, cutting, drilling and riveting, fabrication of all metal aircraft components. • Metal shaping, which covers the shaping of custom compound shapes in aluminum using various metal shaping techniques and equipment. • Oxy-fuel Welding of both steel and aluminum. • TIG/MIG Welding. • Avionics/Electrical installation, which covers the proper wire, terminals, tools and techniques for installation of a reliable aircraft electrical system. • Electrical Noise, which includes the proper installation and isolation of circuits to reduce interference and “noise” in avionics systems. • Fabric Aircraft Covering, where you can get hands-on experience in fabric covering and doping. • Rib Stitching, which demonstrates the attachment of fabric to wing structures. • Composite Construction, which in-

cludes foam shaping and cutting, fiberglass and resin selection and application and vacuum forming. • Safety Wiring and Cable Swaging, which covers the use of safety wire and proper tools for installation of safety wire and swaging of control cables. • Engines and Firewall Forward Installations, which covers all things engines. Engine maintenance, assembly, modification and installation are addressed,

as well as display and run-up of various engines. Many of the workshops are approved by the FAA for IA renewal, officials note. Check in at the workshops to get the proper forms. The workshops, which run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the show, are located near the Buehler Restoration Center. There is no additional fee for attending any of the workshops.

YOUR iPAD & USB IN YOUR PANEL SHOW PRICE: $1,699 • Mode S Class 1 transponder designed to meet the 2020 mandate for experimental and light sport aircraft • ADS-B OUT on 1090MHz ES (250W Nominal)

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• Compatible with many popular EFIS displays • Compatible with existing rule compliant GPS or add SkyFYX • Optional 2 1/4” control unit for standalone upgrade $400 • Amazing palm-sized form factor

BOOTH: B-049

iPhone 6/7 & Plus, iPad Mini, Air, Pro

Round Lighter Socket & Square Faces Available


April 8, 2017


Express Aircraft Composite Aircraft Technology LLC

Express 2000 RG

Shop til you drop at the Parts Exchange The Parts Exchange, which returns this year to Hangar E, is a popular stopping place for aircraft owners and homebuilders in search of the perfect part to complete their project. Items at the Parts Exchange are sold on consignment. Those wishing to sell parts can purchase tags for the items for 50 cents each. Parts of all types are accepted for sale. The exception is tires and batteries, which Florida law prohibits. Tires mounted on aircraft wheel assemblies will be accepted if described as such on the tag, Parts Exchange volunteers add. The Parts Exchange will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day of the fly-in, except Sunday, when sales stop at noon. All payments must be made in cash un-

less the consignor specifically states on the tag that he or she will accept a personal check. No credit cards are taken at the Parts Exchange and there is no check cashing available. Volunteers note that ATM machines are located on the grounds for those planning to shop. Consignors may claim unsold items or change prices at any time during regular business hours by asking any Parts Exchange volunteer. No items will be sold if the tag has been altered in any way or is not legible, volunteers add. The Parts Exchange tent will be open for consignors only on Sunday, from noon until 5 p.m. to claim unsold items. The Exchange will close at 5 p.m. and any unclaimed items will become donations to SUN ’n FUN, officials noted.

International Visitors Center provides warm welcome Visitors to SUN ’n FUN from around the globe are invited to stop in at the International Visitors hospitality tent, which is located at the treeline in the Southeast Exhibit area. From the front gate walk directly towards the flight line and stop at the trees. At the tent, you’ll find volunteers who are continually working to meet the needs of guests expected to arrive in Lakeland this week from more than 80 countries. The tent features a board that tracks visitors. Each international visitor is asked to register and stick a pin in a world map depicting “home.” Translators are at the tent to assist in communication needs, from buying tickets to finding a hotel to getting tickets to nearby attractions, including Legoland, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Disney and Universal.

350-HP Lycoming TSIO-540 Cruise Speed (18,000’) ........ 210 kts Stall Speed............................ 55 kts Empty Weight ................... 2,125 lbs Gross Weight ................... 3,800 lbs

Useful Load (Typical).......... 1,675 lbs Fuel Capacity (Standard) ....... 126 gal Payload (Full Fuel) ................ 860 lbs Range ..............................1,300 nm

Express 2000 FT

310-HP Continental IO-550 Cruise Speed ....................... 185 kts Stall Speed............................ 53 kts Empty Weight ................... 1,925 lbs Gross Weight ................... 3,400 lbs

Corvette LS-3

Useful Load (Typical).......... 1,475 lbs Fuel Capacity (Standard) ......... 92 gal Payload (Full Fuel) ................ 923 lbs Range .................................900 nm

A Stuart Davis BM 350 Auto PSRU on a LS-3 Corvette engine will double your climb and increase your speed while reducing operating costs 50%. FT range increased to 1400 nm.

Information Packet & VHS Video $25.00 - US $35.00 - Int’l.

The tent also features refreshments and a gathering place on the grounds for international visitors, courtesy of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. The tent is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact: Darrell Peterson 148 Skyhawk Dr Toledo WA 98591 360-864-6271 or 360-269-4907


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

Stay safe There is a lot to see and do this week at SUN ’n FUN, but for officials of the flyin, safety is always the first priority. SUN ’n FUN officials realize that people want to see the vast array of aircraft up close, which is why the flightline is open to the crowds. But it’s important that everyone follow some simple rules to ensure that everyone at the show — as well as the aircraft on display — are protected. By entering the flightline area, you agree to follow these important safety rules: • Aircraft in motion have spinning propellers that can cause serious injuries. Be aware of this at all times to avoid injury to you and those you are with. • Aircraft always have the right of way. Please yield. • No food is permitted on the flightline (except for airside food vendor locations). • Pets are not permitted on the convention site. They are allowed in the campgrounds on leashes. • Do not touch the aircraft without the

Car show returns this weekend

Photo by Jason McLemore

owner’s permission. • Supervise your children closely so they don’t inadvertently hurt themselves or damage the aircraft. • Make sure your lawn chairs are attended or they may blow away and cause damage to people or aircraft. • Please mind your camera, belt buckles and other clothing or accessories when

bending over to look at an airplane. These items can damage paint jobs worth thousands of dollars. • No smoking is allowed on the flightline or around display aircraft. If you have the opportunity, please thank the pilots who bring their aircraft to SUN ’n FUN.

See us in booths B-85 & B-86

The fourth annual SUN ’n FUN Car Show returns Saturday and Sunday in the Southeast Exhibit Area. The car show was added to the fly-in for the first time in 2014. “I’m a car guy,” says SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts. “And all my buddies are car guys. I think if you have an airplane, you probably like cars. They go together.” The area for the car show is limited to just 150 cars and motorcycles each day. Some rare beauties from the earliest days of driving will be on display, so be sure to make your way over to check them out.

April 8, 2017


NextGen delivers for GA By DAVID HUGHES, FAA The FAA’s NextGen initiative to modernize the National Airspace System (NAS) remains on track and it is already delivering many benefits for the general aviation community. NextGen comprises multiple upgrades and new capabilities that improve traffic flow and enhance communications, navigation and surveillance. The massive NAS modernization effort is on a path to meet its objectives by 2025, including bringing air traffic management into the 21st century. NextGen has met its milestones largely on time and within budget with the funds that Congress has allocated. Through NextGen, pilot-controller communication is transitioning from analog systems to digital-based technologies, while navigation and surveillance rely more often on satellite positioning and aircraft avionics than ground-based navigation aids, some of which are being retired. Major NextGen initiatives that benefit general aviation include: • Automatic Dependent SurveillanceBroadcast (ADS-B) Out: The ADS-B network delivers once-per-second aircraft tracking based on GPS positioning, which is more accurate than radar and enhances NAS safety. An FAA mandate requires aircraft to transmit their positions over ADS-B Out when flying in most controlled airspace starting on Jan. 1, 2020. • ADS-B In: This technology is a game changer for general aviation because it helps pilots of properly equipped aircraft overcome the limitations of see and avoid with subscription-free graphical weather and traffic information. Those who outfit with optional ADS-B In equipment enhance their situational awareness, safety and peace of mind. ADS-B In receives position reports from nearby ADS-B equipped aircraft either directly or by ground station relay. This information is displayed in real time, giving pilots the same picture that controllers see. • Performance Based Navigation (PBN) instrument procedures: Since 2009, the FAA has published more than 6,000 PBN procedures that can be used to fly instrument approaches to runways. GA pilots use these procedures every day at hundreds of airports. These procedures harness advanced GPS navigation capabilities to provide general aviation aircraft better access to airports in low visibility. PBN procedures also enhance safety with lateral and even vertical guidance. This guidance enhances safety even when visibility is good during the day or at night. Advanced capabilities and more research are increasingly necessary to accommodate new types of vehicles op-

erating in domestic airspace, such as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), often called drones. The FAA is preparing for a substantial number of large and small UAS operating at various altitudes and sharing airspace with manned aircraft in some airspaces that follow see-and-avoid guidance. With the goal of having UAS operate under detect-and-avoid guidance, that function first needs to be better defined and widely understood, and means that performance standards must be established. In the meantime, the FAA is working with aviation and UAS industry officials, as well as government partners to identify, develop and certify solutions. NASA and the FAA are researching ways to address many of these challenges, including navigation and communication for remotely piloted or managed vehicles. In some situations, pilots who fly UAS from remote locations will need to interact with controllers using NextGen communications, automation systems and procedures. Those UAS operators will be able to take advantage of modern NextGen capabilities that are much more flexible than the legacy systems and procedures they are replacing. This includes ADS-B, data communications and emerging voice communication capabilities. In 2016, the FAA took the first significant regulatory step to enable UAS integration by publishing the first operational rules for routine commercial use of small drones. Under the final rule, a person flying a drone must be at least 16 years old and have a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating, or be directly supervised by someone with such a certificate. By February of this year, more than 30,000 people had started the remote pilot application process. More than 20,000 have taken the remote pilot knowledge exam and more than 90% have passed. In December 2015, the FAA also established a drone registration system. By early 2017, more than 700,000 drone users were registered. To put that in perspective, the FAA has 320,000 registered manned aircraft. As part of the drone registration process, registrants receive important UAS safety information from the FAA. The UAS story is one of a revolutionary technology and an evolution in the way the FAA is integrating a new entrant into the NAS. The challenge is to find the right balance where safety and innovation both thrive. According to industry estimates, the rule could generate more than $82 billion for the U.S. economy and create more than 100,000 new jobs over the next 10 years. NextGen systems and procedures will play a crucial role as UAS integration progresses.


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• Two weekly AirVenture wristbands • One weekly AirVenture general camping pass • Two Bell Helicopter flight passes • Two Ford Tri-Motor flight passes • Two B-17 flight passes • Two Flightline Pavilion passes • Lunch for two at the Aviator’s Club for one day (day is determined by EAA) • VIP tour of AirVenture grounds • EAA Lifetime Membership • $500 EAA merchandise voucher *Valid only for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018.

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No purchase or contribution necessary to win. A purchase or donation will not improve your chances of winning. The Sweepstakes and all entries are governed by the 2017 EAA Sweepstakes Official Rules, available at www/ Winner is responsible for all applicable taxes. Aircraft pictured is not the grand prize aircraft.

Located south of the FAA building


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017


Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Phil Burmeister

Photo by Phil Burmeister

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Phil Burmeister

Photo by Matt Genuardi


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

Art Nalls’ Harrier makes SUN ’n FUN debut By JANICE WOOD For the first time ever, Art Nalls, who owns the only civilian Harrier on the planet, is performing at SUN ’n FUN. He will fly in today and tomorrow’s airshows. A native of Virginia, Nalls attended the U.S. Naval Academy, then was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. After basic training, he transferred to Penscola, Florida, where he began training in the T-28B Trojan. He then transferred to Kingsville, Texas, for advanced training. He carrier-qualified in the T-2C and the TA-4J aboard the USS Lexington. In 1979, he was designated a Naval Aviator. His first operational aircraft was the AV-8A Harrier, then he moved to the AV-8B Harrier II. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1998 and started a development company specializing in revitalizing neglected neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. He returned to flying by joining the Commemorative Air Force. He now flies his L-39 Albatros and a 1939 Piper Cub L-4 Grasshopper. It was in 2006 when he bought the Har-

rier, after reading an article that the Brits were selling Harriers. He contacted the FAA to find out what it would take to qualify in the Harrier. “The guy laughed,” Nalls recalled, “then he asked about my background.” They worked out a deal, with the FAA noting that they were going to watch him “like a hawk.” After getting the Harrier, he spent 13 months refurbishing it. “The first time I flew the Harrier in the civilian world, I was nervous for about 10 seconds,” he said. “Then I knew that I knew how to fly this airplane. I was euphoric.” Nalls notes that he feels like a temporary custodian of the Harrier. “If I wanted to retire the airplane and put it into a museum, I could do that — today, probably — but I feel that it’s more valuable as an inspiration for people who are studying engineering or aerodynamics or have heard about a Harrier but have never seen one. Eventually they’re going to go away from the Marine Corps and this has the potential to be the last one flying in the world. With the amount of spares and training and support and ev-

Hurricane Matthew brought devastation to Haiti. This airplane brought hope.

Visit MAF at Sun N’ Fun in the Southeast Exhibit Area Lot 1 on Doolittle Road. See the MAF KODIAK that served in Haiti.

erything we’ve got, this stands a really good chance of doing that. We’re just the custodian trying to keep it flying as safely as possible.” Nalls said he has always wanted to bring his Harrier to SUN ’n FUN, but money has always been an issue. This year he was able to strike a deal with AARP, which is filming a documentary on Nalls and the Harrier. So what can airshow crowds expect to see during this weekend’s performances? “First of all, when we’re not performing, we expect to be up close to the crowd, he said. “The entire ground crew loves showing off the airplane that they put together, that they maintain, that they built and we would like to be accessible to the crowd.” “Everybody remembers the very first time they ever saw a Harrier and that’s getting more and more rare,” he continued. “I remember where I was the first time I saw one and we get people, all the time, come up to us to relate a story of the very first time they saw a Harrier.” When it’s time to fly, the crew will tow the Harrier out to a safe area, “because it makes a lot of noise even when it starts up,” he said.

“My demonstration lasts between 12 and 14 minutes and it will depend on what type of airspace they have set aside for me,” he explained. “I don’t need any waivers to just go around the pattern and hover, back up, turn around and do a vertical landing. That’s just a normal traffic pattern for airplanes, but we’d like to open it up and do some aerobatics and we’ll need a jet box to do that.” “My normal routine is to do a short takeoff, about a 400 foot roll. The airplane will jump up into the air ­— that’s why NALLS | See Page 25

April 8, 2017

SUN ’n FUN Today -


Show me some tail

advanced technology general aviation FUEL SENDERS FAA TSO’D & STC’D

Photo by Jason McLemore

NALLS | From Page 24 they call it a jump jet — and then I’ll accelerate out and turn back around to come back for a steep, steep, almost knife-edge pass, close to the crowd, at 500 feet. Then I’ll pitch up and accelerate. We want to showcase the high speed and low speed of the Harrier.” Next he will do some aerobatics, then

hover midfield, stop, and “bow” to the crowd. What advice does this successful pilot have for those who may want to follow in his footsteps? “Don’t let anybody tell you no,” he said quickly. “Then, eat the elephant one bite at a time. When you go to build an airplane and open up the kit, there are thousands of parts. When you ordered it you

were so excited to fly, but when you get the kit you realize you are a long way to flying. Do a little bit every day.” He also recommends that those who want to fly for a living “stay away from drugs and all the bad stuff. Let the military pay for your training. You will fly all over the world and have a skill set. Set the goal and keep laser focused.”

Thanks to CiES, the next generation will trust its fuel gauges.

ICE SHIELD DE-ICING SYSTEMS Come see us at Hangar C Booth 002

PATENTS 6453741, 6508119 & PENDING

Ice Shield™ part-for-part replacement, easy installation, and 48-hour guaranteed delivery. Ice Shield is a Faster, Better, Smarter way to protect your aircraft from icing. For more information please visit us online at or 1-800-767-6899.

Available for most Cessna, Beech, Piper, Mooney, Maule, Pilatus, Vulcanair, Britten Norman, American Champion, Fairchild & Cirrus Aircraft. Interfacing to JPI, Garmin, Electronics International & Aerospace Logic.



SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

E.T. and his Seabee: Sharing the joy By JONI M. FISHER On Wednesday afternoon, the people sheltered in the shade of the Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA) tent on Taxiway Echo all knew who owned the brightlycolored Seabee parked nearby. Built in 1947, the Republic Seabee RC-3 (N713ET), is a four-place amphibious aircraft. A plush toy from the movie E.T. sat in the window. “That belongs to E.T. He’s a party waiting for a place to happen,” Barb Bailey said. Roger Olson nodded and smiled. “His name is Edgar Tello, but everyone calls him E.T. I first met him at Lake Como, Italy, on the Seaplane Pilots trip in 2016. We’re on the back deck looking out at the water and Ed showed up with beer, wine, and crackers and suddenly it’s happy hour.” Edgar “E.T.” Tello was born in Puerto Rico and flew as a captain for United Airlines. He serves as the SPA Field Director for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. He lives in Long Island Airpark in North Carolina with his wife Melissa. “I took my first flight in a seaplane in a Quicksilver MX in 1990 in San Fran-

cisco and then years later a friend took me to Oshkosh where I saw a Seabee,” E.T. said. “I remember seeing James Bond fly a Seabee in the movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun.’ I was hooked. It was the coolest plane I’ve ever run into.” “I bought one in 1996. It had a weak motor. I crashed it. Bought another one in Chuckey, Tennessee — spelled just like it sounds. It took three years to restore it

completely from scratch.” E.T. scrolled through photos on his cell phone. “The plane had at least two other owners. I changed the engine to the Lycoming IGO-480 and I added droop wingtips.” When asked about the paint scheme, he smiled and mentioned how much he liked the Swiss Air paint scheme with the red tail. He chose bright colors so his plane

would look “like a Lego toy. I wanted a big Lego toy. Melissa calls the plane a ‘magic flying carpet’ because it takes us to great places. We fill up the plane and go camping.” “It is the most freedom in an airplane ever,” he continued. “With an amphibious aircraft, I can go anywhere. I can land on a friend’s lake and pull up on the back yard.”



KIT INCLUDES: Carry bag, 3 Claw anchors, 9 spikes, Hammer, and 30 ft. rope. Total weight 9.5 lbs.

Ideal for all aircraft Easy installation and removal Kit holds up to 3,600 lbs. of lifting force Lifetime warranty

HANGER B • BOOTH 1-9 • 601.932.5832

April 8, 2017

Sun ’n Fun Today -


RevoLT STOL Trike introduced Evolution Aircraft unveiled a new STOL trike — the RevoLT — on Tuesday in Paradise City. The RevoLT is a two-seat model that is both lighter and more affordable than the company’s flagship trike, the REVO, according to company officials. The RevoLT is a purpose-built open air STOL trike that the company states is a new concept to the trike industry with its central mast design. The design increases structural strength and eliminates the need for a front strut, giving the pilot an unobstructed view. “The RevoLT provides a very costeffective and a safe approach to two-seat flying in the recreational aviation market for those who like to fly low and slow,” noted Larry Mednick, company founder, president, and chief aircraft designer. “It’s a great way for anyone to get started flying a two-place trike without the high cost hurdles of more complex sport aircraft.” Evolution Aircraft is taking orders now for the RevoLT, with deliveries expected to begin late in the third quarter of 2017. The RevoLT comes standard with no front strut, an 18.7 gallon fuel tank, 22” tires, FOX gas charged shocks, MGL Xtreme color EFIS, dual caliper hydraulic

brakes, EarthX lithium battery, stainless steel exhaust, and a 15-meter single surface wing. Available options include the Rival X 14-meter double surface wing, electric in-flight trim, instruction, BRS parachute, MGL V6 radio and LED lighting.

Speed ’n Angels Wingmen debuts

Pricing with a Rotax 582 (65-hp) is $39,900; a Rotax 912 UL (80-hp) is $49,900; and with a Rotax 912 ULS (100hp) it’s $52,500. See Evolution Trikes in Paradise City, Space 17, or at

Real Estate


10 AM · Saturday · May 13 Auction on Site:

11 Aviation Dr · Winter Haven, FL

A new giving program to support the Aerospace Center for Excellence on the SUN ’n FUN campus at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport was publicly launched at the March chairman’s meeting. The Speed ’n Angels Wingmen Program will ensure the legacy of SUN ’n FUN carries forward and educational programs reach the proper height and speed to effectively carry out the mission of the Aerospace Center for Excellence, officials said. Gifts support expanding and enhancing STEM programs, scholarships, facility and campus improvements, and the ACE Educational Endowment. Levels of recognition include: Enthusiasts’ Level: $1-$99 a year; Co-Pilots’ Circle: $100-$499 a year; Pilots’ Circle: $500-$999 a year; and Commanders’ Circle: $1,000+ a year. Each level comes with an assortment of benefits, such as quarterly newsletter, access to Aviation Discovery at the Florida Air Museum, discounts to various events and much more. To learn more about the program, go to



10 AM-12 PM Saturday, April 29

Winter Haven Municipal Airport Hangar Lease Available with this Home!

2972±sqft 3BR/2BA Home on 0.26± AC in Exclusive Eagles Landing Aviation Community

• • • •


Spacious Kitchen w/ Hardwood Cabinets Access to Pool & Common Areas 45x60 Hangar Lease at Buyer’s Discretion Conveniently located between Tampa & Orlando, just minutes from I-4.

Walk from your home through your hangar to the taxiway on Winter Haven, Florida’s Gilbert Field (KGIF).

A unique residential airpark located adjacent to the Winter Haven Municipal Airport - Gilbert Field(KGIF). This community is beautifully maintained, and features common areas - including an airplane shaped pool - all maintained by the active homeowners association. Annual Dues are very reasonable.

Out of State Buyers: Preview Appointments May Be Scheduled with Oglesby & Company Auctioneers.


*10% Buyer’s Premium | AB2577/AU3313


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

What’s happening today SUN ’n FUN FORUMS Forums are held in classrooms at the Central Florida Aviation Academy. Volunteers are near all entrances to help you find the right room. Room numbers are listed in front of each forum topic.

9 am 1 Mountain Flying, Captain John Hook 2 Self-Fly International Vacations, Justine Harrison 3 On and Off Airport Emergency Landings, David Joseph 5 Lycoming Engine Care and Maintenance, Frank Lukachinsky 6 Swift Fuels Unleaded AvGas, Chris D’Acosta 8 Tax Planning for Business Aircraft, Jonathan Levy and Suzanne Meiners-Levy 10 Revmaster 85-hp R-2300 & Turbo, Patrick Panzera, CONTACT! Magazine

10 am 1 Using iPads for IFR Tips and Mistakes, Gary Reeves, ATP, Master CFI

3 FAA Enforcement 101 and IAs, Justine Harrison 4 Don’t Leave Home Without It, Steve McCaughey 5 Flying in the AirVenture Cup Race and Into Oshkosh, Carl Houghton 6 Maintenance Records for Owners and Pilots, James L. Goldman 9 Maintaining Beech Aircraft, American Bonanza Society 10 Auto PSRUs Chevy LS3 & Subaru Engines, Stuart Davis 11 Overcoming Your Fear of Flying For Pilots and Passengers, Robert Delaurentis 12 Humanitarian/Disaster Relief, Joseph Karabensh

11 am 1 ForeFlight 201: Intermediate, ForeFlight 2 Should you build, buy, or rent your next aircraft? Scott Sky Smith 3 Getting the Airline Job You Want Fast, Kit Darby

4 SPA Water Landing Directory App 101, Steve McCaughey 5 Top 10 Pilot Errors, Michele Rash 6 A&P/IA Licensing Process and FAR Review, Thomas Black

and Cover Letters Do It Right, Kit Darby 4 A dvanced IFR Tips & Tricks, Gary Reeves, ATP, Master CFI 5 F lying Around the World Can Be Safe and Fun, CarolAnn Garratt

7 Protecting and Recovering Your Medical Certificate, Harry Shannon 8 SAM EX Aircraft: The new modern retro kit from Zenith/SAM Aircraft, Sebastien Heintz 9 Tips and Techniques For Flying Vans RV, Jan Bussell 10 Pegasus 58 hp 1/2 Continental O-200 Conversion, Pete Plumb 11 Airmanship and emergency maneuvers, Jim Alsip 12 Switchblade Flying Car: Cabin & Safety Features, Sam Bousfield

9 LSA Buying and Flying Tips, Louis Mancuso 10 1 00hp 6 Cylinder Air Cooled Corvair Engine, William Wynne

12 pm 1 Choosing The Right iPad, Matt Krysiak, 2 There’s More to METARs than just the weather, Veronica T. Cote 3 Airline Pilot Online Applications, Resumes,

1 pm 2 L ook Up, Clouds Tell A Story, Veronica T. Cote 3 TFRs and NORAD Intercepts: How to avoid a Fighter Escort, Lt Col Tom Gustin 4 Wx Technology in the Cockpit, Mel J Futrell 11 E xtending the Range of your Piston Plane by 10-20% For Free, Robert Delaurentis

FAA FORUMS FAA forums are held at the FAA Aviation Safety Center located in the middle of the exhibit area at the corner of Laird Drive and SUN ’n FUN Drive. The FAA Center opens daily at 8 am and the FAA Exhibits are open daily 9 am to 5 pm.



AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM Coil • Sheet • Tubing • Extrusions 4130 Steel • Stainless Hardware • Much More!!

Stop in and see us at Booth N-084


Frank & Ethel Ferree, Airparts Founders

1-800-800-3229 •

April 8, 2017

8:30 am ATDs & Training Credit Allowances, Marcel Bernard, FAA 10 am Congressional Town Hall, US Congressmen 11:30 am Loss of Control Prevention, Dr. Earl Weener, NTSB 1 pm UAS Update, James Malecha, FAA

PARADISE CITY FORUMS Light-Sport Aircraft, Sport Pilot and Ultralight forums are held in the Paradise CIty Briefing/ Forum Tent. 9 am Daily Devotional, MASA Tent 10:30 am eLogbook for Pilots, Ken VeArd, Pilot Partner 12 pm Drones 101, Tim Schmelzer, Alex Rodriquez, Michael den Hartog 1:30 pm Training 101-UL, SP, Rec & Private Pilot, Timm Bogenhagen, EAA UL, LSA Programs 3 pm Light Sport Flying & Buying Tips, John Calla, Bristell Aviation

MUSEUM PROGRAMS 10 am Meet the Crews of the Legendary SR 71, SR 71 Pilots 10 am Flying at Mach 3+ Crews of the SR-71 Blackbird 10 am Innovations in Propulsion, Frank Klatt 12 pm The U-2 Incident from a Son’s Point of View, Gary Powers, Jr 1 pm Before and Beyond the Niihau Zero, KT Jones 2 pm Howard Hughes Mysterious Life After His Fake Death, Major General Mark Musick 3 pm Save the F-4 Phantom, Walt Houghton

AOPA EXHIBIT PRESENTATIONS A variety of presentations will be held throughout the week at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Exhibit Booth AC9 11 am Drone Flying 101, Kat Swain 11 am Autograph Signing, Patty Wagstaff 12 pm Air Safety Institute: Cross Country Challenge, John Collins 1 pm Continental Motors: Reaching TBO and Caring for Your Engine, Ron Humphrey 2 pm The Kings On Winning with the ACS, John & Martha King 3 pm Jeppesen: RNAV Revealed, Slim Morgan

Lost and Found Lost something? It may have been turned into the Lost and Found, which is in the Volunteer Center, east of the Buehler Aerospace Skills Center. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sun ’n Fun Today -

AIRSHOW The Saturday airshow launches at 1:30 pm and goes through about 5:30 pm (weather permitting). Slated to perform today are: Geico Art Nalls Viper Heritage Flight Class of ’45 David Martin Jessy Panzer Jim Peitz Jim Tobul


Julie Clark Kyle Franklin Michael Goulian Patty Wagstaff Scott Yoak Blue Angels

Bob Carlton Dan Buchanan Gary Rower Gene Soucy Manfred Radius Fireworks



7:30-9:30 pm

At Corn Roast Area 6-8 pm: Country Spice Band

Lee Lauderback Julie Clark Jerry “Jive” Kerby AeroShell

EVENING MOVIE At Ace’s Flying Flix in the Campgrounds 7:45-10pm: Fighter Squadron


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 8, 2017

Scenes from SUN ’n FUN

Photo by Jason McLemore

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Matt Genuardi

Photo by Ken Strohm

Photo by Jason McLemore Photo by Jason McLemore

Calling all photographers Did you shoot a great photo at SUN ’n FUN this morning or afternoon? Want to see it in tomorrow’s edition of SUN ’n FUN Today? Bring your camera to the SUN ’n FUN Today trailer near the Cessna display by 1 p.m. We can download your photo and then we’ll put the best ones in the next day’s paper.

Or, you can text photos from your phone to (253) 228-1634. Be sure to include your name, the names of any people in the picture and a few details about what’s happening in the shot. Not every picture will make the paper, so bring us your best and get that instant gratification of seeing your name in the paper the next morning.

Photo by Becca Maddux

Visit Booth N-035 for SHOW SPECIALS & to enter DAILY PRIZE DRAWINGS

See the new SiriusXM-equipped Mooney Acclaim Ultra at Sun ‘N Fun

Get Superior Aviation Weather Show Specials & More Come by our Booth N-035 for Show Specials, Giveaways & enter for a chance to win show prizes.

FEATURES SiriusXM Weather Continuous, Coast-To-Coast Service – No Coverage Gaps No Line-of-Sight Restrictions No Minimum Altitude Limitation Coast-To-Coast High Resolution Weather Radar Lightning: Cloud-To-Cloud & Cloud-To-Ground Graphical Cloud Cover


Choose your service package at then call 855.SXM.WTHR to subscribe.

$200 REBATE Purchase any new eligible aviation satellite weather receiver from January 1 to December 31, 2017, activate it with any SiriusXM Aviation weather subscription package from SiriusXM by December 31, 2017 (see DETAILS below), maintain 60 days of continuous service and receive a $200 SiriusXM Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card. See Rebate Offer Details at

DETAILS: Subscription and hardware sold separately. Fees and taxes apply. The subscription plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. To cancel you must call us at 1-866-635-2349. See our Customer Agreement for complete terms at Data displays vary by device; images are representative only. SiriusXM Services may include weather and other content and emergency alert information. Such information and data is not for “safety for life,” but is merely supplemental and advisory in nature, and therefore cannot be relied upon as safety critical in connection with any aircraft, sea craft, automobile, or any other usage. SiriusXM is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the data services or their use. © 2017 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM, SiriusXM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. All other marks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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3/24/17 9:32 AM

• Fights Rust & Corrosion • Reduces Cam & Lifter Wear

• Prevents Engine Deposits • Conditions Seals

ASL Camguard™ is an advanced oil supplement, F.A.A. accepted for use in most piston aircraft engines. Camguard is formulated to safeguard the investment in your aircraft engine by addressing the complex and interrelated problems of corrosion, carbon deposits and mechanical wear. Camguard combats corrosion by leaving a continuous film of inhibitor on metal surfaces. Camguard halts deposit formation, leaving your engine clean and parts free to move. So whether you fly a little or a lot, Camguard always pays dividends with decreased aircraft engine maintenance costs. Just adding 5% of ASL Camguard to your oil at every oil change provides peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is protected.

Profile for General Aviation News

SUN ’n FUN - Day 5  

This is the April 8, 2017 edition of SUN ’n FUN Today from the grounds of the SUN ’n FUN Fly-In in Lakeland, FL

SUN ’n FUN - Day 5  

This is the April 8, 2017 edition of SUN ’n FUN Today from the grounds of the SUN ’n FUN Fly-In in Lakeland, FL

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