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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paul Cox, of Ft. Myers, Fla., taxis his 26-year-old Mustang II into the homebuilt parking area on Monday. The plansbuilt aircraft has 2,800 hours on it, and owner/builder Cox noted with a twinkle in his eye, “kits are for sissies.” Photo by Russell Kasselman

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April 9, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -


By JANICE WOOD As the gates open on the 39th annual SUN ’n FUN Fly-In & Expo, who better to tap for some advice on how best to enjoy the show than someone who has been coming here for more than 30 years? Oh yeah, he also is in charge. SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts has this advice for all those attending the show this week: Take a minute to plan your day (or week). “There is so much to do, you need to plan in advance where you want to go,” he said. “So many times I’ve wanted to go to a certain event and found that I missed it by a couple of hours.” So while your head may be reeling as you walk through the grounds at the many

attractions — from the Aviation Kid Zone to the Workshops Area to the Warbirds and homebuilts, not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of exhibitors — take a breath, then take a moment to look at the schedule of What’s Happening Today on pages 40 and 42 in SUN ’n FUN Today to make a plan for your day. Leenhouts suggests hitting the exhibitors early in the day. That gives you plenty of time to look at all the aircraft, participate in a workshop or attend a forum before the airshow takes off at 3 p.m. There’s something new in the forums area. The usual schedule has been complemented by another schedule with colors for different tracks. Say you are interested in forums that deal with aerobatics: Look for yellow. Flying with an iPad? Light green.

Those that qualify for IA renewal? Light blue. All these forums are held in classrooms at the Central Florida Aviation Academy, just across from the Florida Air Museum. Also new this year are forums at the ex- John Leenhouts panded Paradise City. Now home to the LSA Mall, all LSA and Sport Pilot forums will be held in that area’s Flight Operations Tent. Making its debut at SUN ’n FUN is the Pilot Proficiency Project, which gives you the chance to fly a Redbird simulator with a volunteer CFI from the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE). That’s

Photo courtesy SUN ’n FUN

How to make the best of SUN ’n FUN at the Florida Air Museum, but be sure to check it out early in the day as spots are first come-first served. A natural question to ask a SUN ’n FUN veteran is “what is the ONE thing that is a must see this week?” “There is a must see for every person that comes to SUN ’n FUN, but it’s different for every person,” he said. There are so many different areas of aviation interest that one person may be interested in the Warbirds, while another is fascinated by the latest in avionics, he noted. “What you want to see may not apply to someone else,” he continued. “But the good news is that we have something for every interest, so you will find your ‘must see.’”

Sequestration’s silver lining By JANICE WOOD The news last week that the FAA will delay closing 149 contract control towers should come as a bit of a relief to the folks at SUN ’n FUN, since Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport was among the first slated to close.

That meant SUN ’n FUN had to come up with the money to pay controllers during the week of the fly-in. The FAA’s latest decision, however, doesn’t let SUN ’n FUN off the hook. While the FAA will continue to pay for two to three controllers for day-to-day operations at the field, the traffic associated with the

fly-in requires up to 72 additional controllers. Previously, the FAA covered the costs for those additional controllers. Now, it’s up to SUN ’n FUN to cover those costs. While the exact amount isn’t known, it is expected to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Besides salaries, SUN ’n FUN has to cover the costs for the control-

lers to travel here, lodging, food and other expenses. “We don’t know the real numbers yet,” said John “Lites” Leenhouts, SUN ’n FUN president. What he does know is that paying the SEQUESTRATION | See Page 4




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Photo by Bruce Selyem


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SUN ’n FUN Today -

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Profiles of change: Bob Knight By DREW STEKETEE He’s been on the SUN ’n FUN board for years, but chairman for just 18 months. Robert C. (Bob) Knight is head of Knight Industrial Equipment (a long-time Lakeland Airport tenant), an airport board member and community leader. He’s been flying out of LAL since 1965. That A-36 Bonanza of his, which he calls “my lifeblood,” is on its fourth engine and third turbo-normalizer. “I am a very active chairman. This job is a tester,” he says, noting he’s devoting 60% to 70% of his time to SUN ’n FUN these days. “Lites (John Leenhouts, SUN ’n FUN president) and I are in contact every day. We are both a lot more hands-on.” Board meetings are now once-a-month affairs, not three or four times a year. He sees the board taking more control and its committees becoming more functional. “They’re gonna be dumped on with responsibilities,” he says. Tomorrow we’ll profile Stacie Rine, SUN ’n FUN director of business development, who is tasked with finding those sponsors.

The Florida Air Museum, a non-profit that gets most of its proceeds from SUN ’n FUN operations, still exists. Knight dissolved the museum’s board, however, consolidating it with that of SUN ’n FUN and making Leen- Bob Knight houts president of both organizations. “We were operating like two separate companies,” he notes. The museum will be renamed this spring to represent its new function as a learning center, although “Florida Air Museum” may still be part of the moniker, he says. He’s fully onboard with new concepts. “We are no longer a once-a-year venue. We’ve got tons of space and parking.” And that can be put to work year-round, he said. He believes that SUN ’n FUN’s expanded schedule can help “dig us out of a 10-year financial hole.” SUN ’n FUN has been operating in the red, he says, but now “finances are improv-

Photo by Drew Steketee

Issue 1 — TUESDAY April 9, 2013

April 9, 2013

ing.” Past building programs and other costs, including the 2011 tornado, meant SUN ’n FUN was “living on a line of credit.” The tornado dramatically proved that the organization “needs a nest egg,” he adds. Knight also wants to “get back to the grassroots days” of the fly-in, but acknowledges that “kids today don’t relate to aviation’s good old days.” So he’s allowing the board to evolve through attrition and by establishing a new “Chairman’s Circle” of key local leaders — a source of potential future board members. That group will gather every three to four months for lunch or cocktails and discussion. The result: Insights (and support) from the community. “Everything we’re trying to do is for education, but we’re a non-profit,” he notes. “Too many people have their hand out, not helping.” Knight laments SUN ’n FUN’s recent image as a big, successful (and therefore cashrich) enterprise, an image bolstered by past spending and image-polishing. “We need to earn more for important new activities,” he says. “We need more sponsors.”

Rotax seminars at Paradise City For years now, Phil Lockwood’s Rotax Aircraft Engine forums are among the most well attended talks at major airshows. For this year’s SUN ’n FUN, Lockwood’s forums will be held at the Flight Operations Tent at the newly revitalized Paradise City. Lockwood kicks off his forums on Wednesday, April 10, at 10 am., speaking about the Rotax two-stroke engine. He will talk about fuels, specifically about the use of 100LL avgas or ethanol mogas, plus he will cover which oil products have proven well in company evaluations. He will speak about the Rotax 9-series of four-stroke engine on Thursday, April 11, again at 10 a.m. In this forum, he will discuss the comparison test his company has been running on the AirCam where he installed a carburetor 912 ULS on one side and a fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS on the other. No one else has this information, Lockwood noted. “So many improvements come with the

Rotax 912 iS engine that pilots and mechanics alike will want to come and increase their awareness,” explained Lockwood. Lockwood notes that all Rotax owners or aircraft mechanics may benefit by attending. For ultralight or kitbuilt aircraft, he will also speak about two-stroke engines. The 9-series engines from Rotax power an overwhelming majority of Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA). Since 1973, the company has delivered more than 125,000 aircraft engines — including more than 40,000 9-series engines. Since its founding, Rotax has delivered more than 3 million engines of all types. Lockwood, who has been a pilot since 1978, has logged more than 2,500 hours in more than 100 different types of aircraft. He is president and CEO of Lockwood Aviation Supply, a company he founded in 1989, that has become the largest service center for Rotax Aircraft engines in North America. Another company, Lockwood


the safety net is being solved by Florida leaders to offset those costs,” Leenhouts said. “If they didn’t step up, it would have been devastating.” Even better, according to some SUN ’n FUN officials, is that those tourism associations now have SUN ’n FUN firmly on their radar screens. That makes sense, since the fly-in generates about $67 million for the local area, officials estimate. It is the largest convention in the state, but often the tourism efforts were more focused on beaches and baseball. The fly-in also has received increased attention from local television stations, with camera crews expected to be here all day

bill means less money for the organization’s scholarship and education programs, such as the outreach programs, the summer camps, afterschool programs for the students at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, and more. But an unexpected thing happened with all the bad news surrounding the effects of sequestration on aviation. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association stepped in as a major sponsor, offering to pay some of the costs of the controllers, along with Visit Florida and the Lakeland Linder Airport Authority. “The FAA’s random decision to remove

Phil Lockwood with a Rotax engine. Aviation Repair, is an FAA licensed repair station that specializes in the repair and overhaul of Rotax Aircraft engines. It is located in the same Sebring, Florida, facility as the company’s flight school. At SUN ’n FUN, Lockwood Aviation is based in Hangar D, Spaces 68-70. Friday and Saturday. That can only increase awareness of the fly-in, hopefully inspiring more aviators and attendees for the remaining days of this year’s fly-in and subsequent years. Meanwhile, for those who have been to SUN ’n FUN for years and years, you shouldn’t have noticed anything different when you flew in, Leenhouts says. “If you’ve been here before, you won’t know the difference,” he says. “It looks, smells and tastes the same.” “The highly trained controllers who are here are the ones who have been here forever,” he continues. “Whether this is your 15th year or first year, you’ll see that air traffic is handled very professionally.”

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

By DICK KNAPINSKI More than six decades ago, Milwaukee resident Paul Poberezny gathered about three dozen fellow aircraft builders and restorers at Curtiss-Wright Field (now Timmerman Airport) to form a club where they could share information and talk about airplanes. Not much beyond that was expected at first, even as the new Experimental Aircraft Association created its first monthly newsletter and held a fly-in as part of the Milwaukee Air Pageant. That fly-in drew 21 airplanes and all of 150 people, who easily fit in the Miller Brewing Company hangar for a Saturday night dinner. Of course, that fly-in is now known as EAA AirVenture, the largest airshow in the country. Called Oshkosh by many, the show draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the globe each year. The association also has grown into a key advocate for general aviation. As EAA celebrates its 60th anniversary, what lies ahead for the association and its members?

portunity is one to bring another person into aviation. • EAA will continue to protect and promote the rights and privileges of recreational flying. The ability for an individual to dream, design, build, and fly is an essential freedom. It also inspires innovation, which we’ve seen by EAA members for the past 60 years. • EAA also will provide the pathways to discover more about flight. That includes the youth aviation movement based in the success of Young Eagles, as well as ways for people of all ages to engage in aviation. Wherever events and progress carry aviation in the future, we are certain of one thing: The desire to fly has been inside people since the dawn of history. It will continue to be there in the future and people will find a way to, as Paul Poberezny has often stated, “use hand and mind to explore the ocean of air above us.” EAA is committed to helping that happen for as many people as possible.,,

SUN ’n FUN kicks off the week with a recognition of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s 60th Anniversary in 2013. SUN ’n FUN was founded by men and women from local Florida EAA Chapters more than 39 years ago. According to association officials, EAA’s vision is for a vibrant and growing aviation community, based on the things that EAA members have always been: Passionate about flight, welcoming to others, and inspiring to those who are inside and outside of the organization. Some of things that will be part of EAA in the future include: • Getting people involved in aviation where they want to be involved. For some, that means building an airplane or as part of a local EAA chapter. For others, it might be a Young Eagles flight or a chapter breakfast. It could be a visit to the local fly-in or to Oshkosh. Each op-

Photo by Russell Kasselman

EAA celebrates 60 years

By JACK J. PELTON EAA Chairman of the Board SUN ’n FUN is a happy sign to tens of thousands of us who have spent the past six months either strictly hangar flying or bundled up against the elements as we pull a cold airplane onto the ramp. Sure, the aircraft lifts off much faster in cold climates, but choosing between frozen fingers and gloved-hand (non) dexterity makes one eagerly await longer days and warmer temperatures. Thousands of EAA members make SUN ’n FUN an annual journey to celebrate the return of spring. Many of them also volunteer at Lakeland, exhibiting that unique EAA culture that has been part of the organization for 60 years. EAA member volunteers are among the most generous and helpful people you’ll find anywhere. Six decades into EAA’s existence, there are still common threads that hold EAAers

— and to some extent, aviators in general — together as a community. We share a passion and enthusiasm for flying, and understand the joy, sense of accomplishment, and the fulfillment that is part of it. EAA has also always Jack Pelton been about family. That’s true whether it’s our own family being involved or as a family of aviators who share a common bond. EAA has also been about sharing with others what we have in aviation. Those types of bonds are important. They make celebrations more memorable when times are good and provide support when things aren’t. There are certainly challenges in aviation right now. That’s why it’s more important

Photos courtesy EAA

That Spring flying feeling than ever to unite within our community. One asset we have within EAA is that it’s not about what you fly — whether it’s a homebuilt, ultralight, vintage aircraft, warbirds, or production airplane — it’s about what binds us together. Aviation is a love of that skill, adventure, and discovery regardless of the device that propels into the sky. As Paul Poberezny often asked people who complained that EAA or Oshkosh was getting too big or drifting away from whatever they thought it should be: “Who do we tell that they are not welcome? Who do we tell to just stay home?” In aviation today, we cannot tell anybody to just stay home. We need everyone. We must welcome everyone. Whether it’s within EAA, a local EAA chapter, or just among our hangar friends out at the airport, we must be inviting and welcoming. We need more people in aviation and they need our support and encouragement.

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We’ll have plenty of opportunities to discuss aviation’s challenges and possible solutions this week at Lakeland, this summer at Oshkosh, and many times at local fly-ins and events. Every so often, though, I hope you’ll take a moment and revel in the sheer joy of what we do. Make that evening flight. Take somebody along, whether they’re young or old. Watch a few takeoffs and landings at the local airport. Enjoy that feeling of why we fly and why spring renews it for all of us.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

Team AeroDynamix ready for takeoff required for pilots to maintain their tight spacing in this three-dimensional “crackthe-whip.” For the night performance, special wingtip and smoke lights transform the team into a “giant UFO” as darkness descends. The team will perform Thursday and Friday and during Saturday’s night show. During the fly-in, Team AeroDynamix also will unveil its new partnership with Engine Components International (ECi). Team AeroDynamix pilots will make special appearances on Friday and Saturday at ECi’s engine assemblies booth in the North Exhibit area, Spaces 82 and 89, just outside

Hangar A. The pilots will be there Friday from 11 a.m. to noon and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Company officials encourage all to stop by to talk one-on-one with a crew member and pick up a free poster signed by one of the flight team. Teaming with Team AeroDynamix is “synergy at its best,” according to Tim Morland, ECi’s general manager. The alliance comes on the heels of the launch of ECi’s new Engine Assembly Program, which offers owners a complete en-

gine, built and run-in, ready for installation into their airframe. “This partnership is the perfect fit for both businesses,” Morland said. “We aligned ourselves with a team that has strong connections with the experimental and RV aircraft owners. The greatest impact for these owners will be to personally see how a TITAN engine performs, and have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the flight crew — literally — behind a TITAN engine.”,

Photos courtesy TeamAerodynamix

Team AeroDynamix, the precision formation aerobatic team that made its SUN ’n FUN debut last year, returns this year, promising more aerobatics, bigger formations, and a night show to its SUN ’n FUN display. Flying homebuilt RVs, Team AeroDynamix will showcase its signature move, an eight-ship parallel diamond loop, team officials note. The team’s largest formation, called the airplane, is a V-shape 240 feet across with the outside airplane flying 25 mph faster than its inside wingman as the team turns before the crowd. Spectators will see and hear the constant adjustments

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SUN ’n FUN Show Specials - Hangar D - Booth D-013 - D-014


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

Focus on education

January 16–19 2014 A NN


Education is a primary focus of all SUN ’n FUN activities, with opportunities for learning from everyone from the youngest to the oldest. The fly-in’s mission says it well: “To preserve and enhance the future of flight through world-class events, inspiring and educating people of all ages.” That begins with forums held in several places throughout the grounds, including the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and in Paradise City. Many of the forums and the Workshops offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Inspector Authorization (IA) certificate renewals. Also new this year is the Pilot Proficiency Project (see separate story on page 20). A change in plans means the project will be held in a tent across from the SAFE exhibit in the Northeast exhibit area. On Saturday, SUN ’n FUN will host the Aerospace Educators Workshop. All teachers will have a chance for a ride with the Geico Skytpers and the Aeroshell team. Educators in attendance will hear presenters like Dr. Jeffrey Bennett offering information about curriculum options for incorporating new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) components and techniques into the classroom, as well as materials and funding options. Astronaut Story Musgrave is the guest speaker at the luncheon, where the 20th Annual Ray Lien Award will be presented to the Aerospace Educator of the Year . From Tuesday through Sunday, students will be offered age specific activities in the Piedmont Hangar with presentations by Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry, NASA, the Glazer Children’s Museum, Janet’s Planet and Reptile Discovery for younger visitors. Older students will be offered guided tours of the SUN ’n FUN grounds, including a visit to The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Red Tail Squadron, and the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit, a story of the Tuskegee Airmen. Included on the tour will be interactive learning displays in the Florida Air Museum, simulator rides and introductions to static displays of aircraft on the grounds by pilots, educators and

Photo by Russell Kasselman


M O C O. .COM P X PO COM E N -EX PO. OM O I IV AT TION N-EX PO.C .COM M A VIA IO -EX PO CO T R T-A IAT ION -EX PO. OM O P OR -AV AT N EX O.C S . I TIO N- XPEvery Kid Flies T P W V R S A . W W SPO RT- VIA TIO -E . PO T-A VIA ION W W W W .S OR T-A IAT W WW .SP OR -AV W WWW.SP ORT W W .SP W WW W Tonight will see the world premiere of a new musical “Every Kid Flies,” written by John Iskra, director of education at SUN ’n FUN. A accomplished musician and long-time teacher, Iskra was talking with other SUN ’n FUN staffers, scheming on ways to expand the education programs. During the brainstorming sessions, they came upon a “Bartholomew Biddle and the Very Big Wind” by Gary Ross, illustrated by Matthew Myers, which was recommended by the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine in 2012. “The book is about a boy who one day

The donated FedEx 727 will be dedicated Friday. historians. Captain Judy Rice will introduce students to the components of her aroundthe-world “Think Global” flight scheduled for 2014. Opening the Evening Entertainment Series tonight is the debut of a new musical “Every Kid Flies.” (See accompanying story). On Thursday, a group of 90 student from New York City and Orlando will arrive via JetBlue. The students are participants in a number of Jet Blue University learning programs dubbed the Eagles Nest. The students are building kitplanes and will be attending airplane construction workshops while at SUN ’n FUN to have first-hand experience from the experts. Cadets from CFAA, the

Air Force Jr. ROTC, and Civil Air Patrol will be on hand to partner with the visiting Jet Blue students, as well as cadets from Norway, the United Kingdom, and around the U.S. The FedEx Boeing 727 donated to SUN ’n FUN to be used as an interactive classroom will be formally dedicated on Friday, April 12, at 1 p.m. The $650,000 donation (named Paul) is the 62nd aircraft contributed by FedEx to education, but the first to be donated outside of a university setting. The aircraft will be used initially by students at CFAA, as well as Polk State College, for students in aviation curriculums. Everyone will have an opportunity to tour “Paul” during the event.

grabs a bedsheet and starts flying and has all kinds of adventures,” Iskra said. While inspired by the book, the musical isn’t based on the book, he noted. In the musical, Bartholomew is a dreamer, while his sister, Tori, believes in science, math and logical. “She says you can dream whatever you like, but to make it reality you need science or logic,” he said. The musical deals with the conflicts between dreams and reality and how the two must get together to work it all out. “The story contrasts the emotion, purpose, and exhilaration of flight with the physical and engineering concepts necessary to build

and fly any aircraft,” he noted. Iskra added he had a lot of help developing the story from the actors, who are students at The Harrison School of the Arts and its director Joe Sniegocki. “He and the students added a great deal of material,” he said. After Tuesday’s premiere, the musical will be performed in local schools and as part of SUN ’n FUN’s outreach programs. “Our mission is to entertain and educate,” he said. The musical takes off tonight in the AOPA Pavilion at the Florida Air Museum at 7 p.m.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

The Grand Caravan right after the 2011 tornado. more about Preferred Airports at its booth in Hangar C, Space 97). Preferred Airparts repaired the Grand Caravan with the specialized equipment that MAF needs to operate on remote, rugged airstrips in equatorial weather. And this new-again plane is desperately needed. “Our current east DRC Caravan was the 10th Caravan built,” said Rask. “MAF purchased it new in 1985 and it now has more than 20,000 hours. This new aircraft has modern avionics and can carry a larger load. “Caravans work great in that part of Africa,” Rask continued. “They are especially suited for the airstrips there. We transport heavy loads and land on airstrips hacked out of the jungle, but the Caravan can handle it.” MAF’s services are desperately needed in the DRC, and the ministry organization hopes to purchase two additional Caravans to expand its work there, as funding becomes available. Mission Aviation Fellowship is a family of organizations with a singular mission: To share the love of Jesus through aviation and technology so that isolated people may

Photo courtesy MAF

What began as a tragedy has turned into a blessing for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Two years ago, in March 2011, a tornado ripped through the SUN ’n FUN International Fly-in and Expo, damaging a number of aircraft, including a Cessna Grand Caravan owned by a Florida family. The plane, with distinctive zebra-stripe accents on its cargo pod and interior, was flipped over and sustained extensive damage. Two years later, that aircraft is back on display at this week’s SUN ’n FUN before taking off for a new life as a missionary plane in Africa. “The way this plane was previously decorated, with the zebra interior and accents, it’s as if it was destined for Africa,” said John Boyd, MAF president and CEO. “We give thanks to God for the gracious donors whose gifts allowed MAF to purchase the plane.” You can see the new-again Cessna Grand Caravan at the MAF display in the Southeast Exhibit Area, Lot 1 (corner of Doolittle and SUN ’n FUN roads). A public dedication ceremony will be held at the MAF display at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, April 12. All are invited to attend. With its fleet of 57 light aircraft, MAF provides transportation for churches, missionaries, relief agencies, medical groups, and others working in the most isolated corners of the world. It flies mostly Cessna 206s and 208s, along with Kodiaks, King Airs, and a few other planes. “When we first heard about the damaged Caravan, we were interested,” said David Rask, MAF’s director of aviation resources. “We weren’t in any position to repair it ourselves, but we thought if it was totaled, perhaps we could purchase it for parts.” That’s where Preferred Airparts entered the picture. Preferred purchased the Cessna 208B and set about to repair it. “We had been looking for a Caravan for our program in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and when we learned Preferred Airparts had purchased the tornado plane, we contacted them,” said Rask. “We like Preferred’s work and have purchased several planes from them in the past.” MAF signed a purchase agreement with Preferred in May of 2012. (You can find out

Photo courtesy EAA/Brady Lane

Tornado tragedy turns into blessing

Dave Rask and MAF’s new-again C208. The Caravan departs for Africa immediately after SUN ’n FUN. be physically and spiritually transformed. Its U.S. headquarters is in Nampa, Idaho. Recently, MAF has been actively involved in combatting malaria and Ebola in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo,

supporting relief work in Haiti and Indonesia, and enabling the work of churches, evangelists, and Bible translators across Africa and Asia.

CAP: An aviation presence for 71 years By ERNEST LEE Civil Air Patrol, Florida Wing Formed before the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has provided vital missions for the United States since its inception. From coastal patrol, and search and rescue for downed pilots during World War II, to today’s missions of supporting local and national government agencies, CAP provides essential services to US citizens at a very low cost. Since World War II, missions have traditionally focused on search and rescue for

downed aircraft from the general aviation community. Although still a primary mission, the advancement of technology and with today’s threats to America has expanded the capabilities and missions assigned to CAP. Current advancements in satellite and photography allows CAP to provide realtime aerial imagery to local, state and federal agencies in surveying large areas of damage during natural disasters. CAP aircraft also provides pre-disaster support in specific areas of the county. In Hawaii, eight CAP aircraft were dispatched to fly

tsunami warning flights immediately after the 9.0 earthquakes that hit Japan in 2011, flying low to the Hawaiian coast with airborne high power speakers announcing warnings in areas without a fixed tsunami alert system. CAP aircraft also provide valuable and inexpensive training in support of our armed services, whether it is providing an aerial platform as a surrogate Predator for drone pilots-in-training, or as an airborne “intruder” into restricted airspace for USAF intercept pilots. A large number — more than 27,000 — of

CAP’s members are youths age 12 through 19. CAP focuses their cadet training in areas of leadership, aerospace education and emergency services. The rank structure for cadets follow that of the USAF, but there is absolutely no obligation to continue with military service. That said, more than 10% of incoming freshmen at the USAF academy are former CAP cadets. With a budget of $27.8 million, the hours contributed by CAP’s volunteers equate to a value of $155 million in 2012. This week, CAP displays will be located at the Northeast Exhibit area, NE-055.


Appeals to the rational part of the brain.

ZERO-TIME ENGINE Satisfies your need to keep flying.


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SAVE UP TO $5,000

Save your brain. Let us do the thinking. Scan here to learn more.

Every part of a factory rebuilt makes so much sense, it’s practically a no-brainer. With an engine built to factory-new specifications that comes with a zero-time log book, a 2-year factory warranty, and increases your airplane’s value, what’s to think about? Learn more at, or call 800-258-3279. Visit us at SUN ‘n FUN, Booths D39-D42. *Certain restrictions apply. Exchange engine core requirements will be dependent upon the selected offer. Contact your Distributor or visit for more details. *Offer subject to end or change at any time. © 2013 Avco Corporation. All rights reserved.

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3/27/13 2:56 PM


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

Keep it fun: Top 10 hints to stay healthy One thing you can be sure of: When dealing with any gathering this big, the first-aid facilities will be swamped. Here are a few suggestions to keep those wonderful allvolunteer medical experts out of work this year. 1. Keep your wits about you, your eyes and ears open. Airshows are full of ways to get hurt. Propellers have been known to slice and dice unwary pedestrians, and there are myriad ways to bang yourself up. Watch for moving airplanes, jet intakes, prop wash, sharp edges of control surfaces, low wings to walk into, wheel chocks and tie-down lines to trip over. And keep your eyes on children who may not be paying attention. 2. Drink plenty of water, and if you’re perspiring a lot, sip a sports drink to replenish your electrolytes. Dehydration is one of the most common and most preventable causes of airshow malaise. Don’t skip meals, either. A good breakfast and a decent lunch will provide the energy you’ll need to keep going all day. 3. Be careful about sunburn. It can sneak up on you, especially this early in the season. This is the perfect excuse to buy yourself a souvenir hat with a broad brim to keep

Photos courtesy SUN ’n FUN


the sun off your nose and the back of your neck. Sunblock lotion is useful for preventing sunburn, but more damage to your skin can come from rays that sunscreen doesn’t block. Desert dwellers from earliest days were onto something: loose, light-colored, cotton clothing that covers you protects even better than sunscreen. 4. Wear comfortable shoes and absorbent socks. This is not a good place to wear san-

dals, platform shoes, or flip-flops, with so many ways to stub toes and twist ankles. If you wind up with blisters, try to keep them intact for as long as you can, and check with the medical center for blister bandages. 5. You only have one set of ears. Take care of them. Those inexpensive squishy foam earplugs make a lot of sense, and provide much more comfortable airshow-watching, especially for little children.

6.Bugs bugging you? Especially at dawn and dusk, mosquitos and gnats can be irritating. A little pump-bottle of insect repellent can be well worth its weight. Hydrocortisone cream smeared on the itchy spots will help alleviate the discomfort. 7. If you get dizzy, nauseated, have chest pain or severe sudden headache, seek help right away. Flag down a staff member in a golf cart for a lift to the Medical Hospitality Center or call 911 for a prompt ride to the hospital in Lakeland. 8. If you have an insect bite or a cut that seems to be getting infected, stop in for a look-see. Got something in your eye or ear? Here again, the Medical Hospitality Center can help. Also, they have water, sunscreen, and first-aid supplies that they’ll be glad to share. 9. Easy things to tuck in your bag can keep small problems from becoming larger ones: A couple of adhesive bandages, aspirin or other pain-reliever, alcohol wipes, cortisone cream, a bandana, a bottle of water, and an adequate supply of whatever medications you routinely take. If you have a significant ongoing medical issue like diabetes or a seizure disorder, make sure you have your Medic-Alert bracelet on. STAY HEALTHY | See Page 34

CIRRUS AIRCRAFT , located in Duluth, MN on the scenic shores of Lake Superior, is a general aviation industry leader. Our line of all composite personal aircraft - the SR20, SR22 and turbocharged SR22T - incorporate advanced performance, electronic and safety technologies, and the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™). Our upcoming Cirrus Vision SF50 jet will raise the bar higher by providing a new personal and regional business transportation solution: the “personal jet.” We have immediate, full-time openings for experienced professionals in the following roles:

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineers Avionics & Electrical Engineers Systems Engineers Flight Test Engineers A & P Mechanics Mechanical Systems Engineers Quality Engineers Robot/CNC Programmers Designers/Drafters Stress Analysts PLM (Windchill) Applications Administrator


Super Petrel USA

Come see us in the LSA Mall Booth 36 Florida Light Sport Aviation Call us at (716) 860-7474

April 9-14, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -


New Veterans Plaza debuts At this year’s fly-in, SUN ’n FUN unveils a new — yet not new — destination on the grounds: The Veterans Plaza. For years, veterans organizations have been located in the Southeast Exhibit area, but with no formal organization. That changes with the debut this year of the Veterans Plaza.

To recognize the 40th anniversary of “Operation Homecoming,” the cornerstone of this year’s Veterans Plaza is the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association’s exhibit, which includes artifacts and aircraft on display. Following the Paris Peace Accords of 1973, 591 American prisoners of war

(POWs) were returned during “Operation Homecoming.” About 1,350 Americans were listed as prisoners of war or missing in action, while another 1,200 were reported killed in action and body not recovered. Other participants in the plaza include the Hillsborough Veterans Park Museum, Honor Flight of West Central Florida, Military

Officers Association of America, James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital, Polk County Veterans Council, Air America, Vet Center, The Bomber Girls, and Gold Star Moms. Also located in Veterans Plaza is an informal area for veterans and active-duty military to meet up, share stories and enjoy the fly-in.

Other activities planned to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Operation Homecoming include the Wednesday Evening Entertainment Series Program featuring Brian Shul; Air America day on Friday; and Huey helicopter rides. Shul’s presentation, “Over the Rainbow At MACH 3” on the AOPA Pavilion Stage Wednesday evening beginning at 8 p.m., is sponsored by DTC DUATS. As an Air Force fighter pilot during the Vietnam war, Shul was shot down and severely burned in the ensuing crash. Initially given up for dead, he was finally rescued and spent a year in hospitals, underwent 15 surgeries and was told his flying days were over. He returned to active duty flying, became an airshow demonstration pilot, went on to become a TOPGUN instruc-

tor, and culminated his Air Force career by flying the Top Secret spy plane, the SR-71. Flying the world’s fastest and highest flying aircraft required an astronaut physical and Shul made Air Force history when he passed with no waivers. He retired from the Air Force in 1990 and pursued his interests in writing and photography. He wrote two books about the Blackbird, followed by books about the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels. Friday has been designated as Air America Day, honoring the 30-year history of the CIA owned and operated airline. From 1946 to 1976, Air America served alongside U.S. and allied intelligence agents and military personnel in the Far East, often in combat and combat support roles. Behind a shroud of secrecy, many Air

America personnel were unaware that they were “shadow people” in counterinsurgency operations. Some 87 were killed in action in China, Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere. CAT and Air America personnel were the first Americans in China and Korea and, after the U.S. military withdrew from Vietnam, Air America pilots risked their lives to evacuate the last Americans. As part of the commemoration, three forums on Air America-The CIA’s Secret Airline, will be presented on Friday, April 12, beginning at 9 a.m. in the Central Florida Aerospace Academy (CFAA). Huey helicopter rides will be offered daily at the Ridehopper area for an additional fee. The Huey performed multiple missions, including air assault, gunship, search and

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Operation Homecoming

rescue, resupply, command and control and medevac. Presented by the Army Heritage Foundation, the rides will be conducted by veteran combat pilots and crew.


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

By JANICE WOOD When sequestration meant the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds couldn’t make it to this week’s airshow, SUN ’n FUN officials didn’t have to look far for a replacement with star power. In fact, they just had to look across Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport (LAL) at the old Piper hangar. That’s where the Black Diamond Jet Team is headquartered. Known as Lakeland’s “home team,” the Black Diamond Jet Team is ready for takeoff for this week’s airshows. The team’s performances will feature four L-39s and a T-33 performing precision formations, according to Team Lead Jerry “Jive” Kerby. “The routine is approximately 30 minutes long and strives to keep the aircraft in front of the audience with little to no dead time between passes,” he reported. The L-39 formation is led by Kerby. Civilian Jared “Rook” Isaacman flies the right wing, while Doug “Tut” Demko takes the left wing position. The slot position is flown by Major Sean “Stroker” Gustafson, USAF Reserve, while the dynamic L-39 position is taken by Major John “Slick” Baum, USAF. The team doesn’t feel any extra pressure

with the absence of the Thunderbirds, according to Kerby. “We go out and do what we can,” he said. “It doesn’t change how we prepare. We always do our best.” In fact, the Black Diamond pilots will miss having the Thunderbirds here at the show. “The entire USAF Thunderbird team are friends of the Black Diamond Jet Team,” Kerby said. “We have flown many shows with them in the last two years, and when we’re booked together both teams always tend to fly their best so bragging rights can be maintained.” That “friendly rivalry” helps keep “both teams up on their game,” Kerby said. During airshows, the Black Diamonds knew the Thunderbird pilots were watching, while the Thunderbirds “know we’re watching,” he said. “We’re disappointed sequestration has forced their cancellation at this year’s SUN ’n FUN,” he noted. “We will do our best to entertain the great audience that will assemble in Lakeland.” The Black Diamonds are slated to perform in the airshow Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The airshow kicks off at 3 p.m. each day.

DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS, USE THE BEST! • Visit us in Building C, Exhibit C-032 • Show special on disc and linings

Photos courtesy Black Diamond Jet Team

Black Diamond Jet Team: The Home Team


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

By JANICE WOOD This year, SUN ’n FUN attendees will see a much different Paradise City. Formerly the haven for ultralights, Paradise City is now also home to the LSA Mall and other Light-Sport Aircraft exhibitors. This has effectively doubled the number of exhibitors there, according to officials. Numerous site improvements have been made, but the most exciting thing for both exhibitors and attendees alike is that demonstration flights will be able to take place throughout the day, including during the airshow (unless the jet teams are flying). Creating this improved space for LSAs only makes sense, according to John “Lites” Leenhouts, SUN ’n FUN president. “LSAs are a major component of the future of aviation,” he said. “We needed to make a place where people can get excited about it. We needed a centerpoint where peo-

ple could see all the LSAs — and fly them. We wanted to create a Mecca for LSAs.” Paradise City also will become “demo heaven,” according to Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) President Dan Johnson, who noted that in previous years demo flights were shut down for up to four hours every day during the airshow. “This move will allow LSA marketers to continue demonstration operations,” he said. LSA specific forums also will be held at Paradise City throughout the week. Rotax BRP will make the LSA Mall easily accessible with its sponsorship of sixseater golf carts that will run to and from the main gate to the new LSA Mall area. “The carts will also be used to ferry demo flight customers from all over the grounds to Paradise City,” Johnson said. “It’s great to see the resurgence of an area once admired for its charm and high flight activity.”

Photo courtesy Dan Johnson

The new and improved Paradise City

The LSA Mall has moved to Paradise City this year.

Place your bet on the future of aviation The annual SUN ’n FUN educational programs’ fundraiser is set for Thursday, April 11, with the Future of Flight Casino Night at the Buehler Restoration Center. Proceeds from Casino Night are vital to

SUN ’n FUN’s outreach efforts, such as the Museum in the Schools, STEMtastics Aviation Education Youth Saturday and Holiday Camps, STEMtastic and Destination Aviation Summer Camps, Wings & Things

Aerospace Weekend, and other community outreach programs. These programs provide students with math and science skills, encourage future career goals, and inspire imaginations to “take flight.”

Tickets are $50 and include $2,500 in “Funny Money” to play at the Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack tables, two drink tickets and hors’ douerves. A live auction also will be held during the event.

Re-introducing a favorite cross-country, low-price leader (…where the world learned to fly at the former Bolivar Aviation) “M08 is GA great” with new self-serve fueling and Jet-A: $4.55/Jet-A and $5.15/100LL

Whitehurst Field/Bolivar, TN

5,000’ 01/19; A-I to B-II capability with PAPIs, REILs and GPS

2013 Ad-Sun'nFun.pdf



1:43 PM

• Lounge

• On-ramp wi-fi

• Courtesy car

• Free refreshments

ONE STOP FITS ALL. The big red and white FLYING Magazine tent is the only place at Sun ’n Fun 2013 to get official FLYING wearables, pilot gear and collectibles. You’ll find just the right thing for everyone, from the littlest size S to the biggest XXXL. Open every day from 8am till after airshow performance.



SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

SUN ’n FUN has teamed with Redbird Flight Simulations and the Society of Aviation and Flight Instructors (SAFE) to bring the Pilot Proficiency Project to this year’s fly-in. This is the first time the project has been at SUN ’n FUN. It has proven to be quite successful at other airshows, including AirVenture and the AOPA Aviation Summit. The project consists of 11 different simulator scenarios, along with 10 seminars addressing a variety of issues, from transitioning to experimental homebuilts, to stick and rudder skills in glass cockpit aircraft, to preventing CFIT. All the seminars and simulator scenarios qualify for WINGS credit. Pilots can “fly” one of the 11 scenarios in Redbird’s FMX full-motion simulator located in the Florida Air Museum. They can sign up daily for a one-hour session. Sign-

ups are on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning at 8:30 a.m. each day. The scenarios consist of a 15-minute prebriefing, 30-minute flight and 15-minute debrief with a SAFE member. Each flight scenario has its challenges, such as an uncommanded engine power loss, deteriorating weather, or high density altitude takeoffs and landings, officials note. The scenarios are designed around the top 10 factors that cause problems in general aviation for both VFR and IFR pilots. Pilots who bring their logbooks receive a sign off for dual instruction received from the CFI. Those who did not bring it will get a sticker with the sign off that can be placed in their logbook. Seminars will be held at the museum first thing each morning. Check at the museum for the full schedule.

Photo by Meg Godlewski

Pilot Proficiency Project debuts at museum

The Redbird sim is the centerpiece of the Pilot Proficiency Project.

New location for International Visitors Tent Each year, more than 4,000 international visitors make their way to SUN ’n FUN. One of their first stops is the International Visitors Tent, which has moved to the Southeast Exhibit area, just north of the main entrance. International visitors are encouraged to visit the tent and stick a pin in the world map

highlighting their home country. Over the years, international visitors have come to the fly-in from more than 82 countries. Brazil, Canada, England and Germany top the list of countries, according to officials, who note that this year a large contingent from China is expected to attend the fly-in.

Translators are at the tent to assist in any communications for visitors, from shopping to finding a hotel. This year, international visitors also will receive a treat, with oranges and fruit juice provided fresh daily from Ridge Island Groves. The International Visitors Tent is also

where attendees can register for the International Visitors Celebration, slated for Friday, April 12, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The party is sponsored by Gulf Coast Avionics, the Islands of the Bahamas, Central Florida Tourism and Sports Marketing, and Signature Flight.

Arrive at 10 o’clock. Take off at 11 o’clock.

Bogeys at 12 o’clock.

Do you have what it takes? Find out at

Fly into Kissimmee Gateway Airport for the ultimate in aviation history thrills. Check out our warbird museum, and watch a Luftwaffe fighter restoration in progress. Then strap into a T-6 Texan for an adventure flight, or conquer the sky in a P-51 Mustang—or sit side by side with a friend in an open cockpit biplane and see the sites of Orlando.

April 9-14, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -

SUN ’n FUN has made a commitment to the future, with its mission to “Build a Brighter Future through Aviation.” In that vein, SUN ’n FUN is offering expanded educational opportunities and youth activities not just this week, but all year round. For those at the fly-in, daily activities begin at 9 a.m. at the Piedmont Hangar Workshops (just past the Florida Air Museum). Activities will run until 3 p.m. when the airshow begins. Activities are age specific. Children in Grades K-6 will be introduced to the creative side of science, with encouragement and supplies to explore kites, windsocks, parachutes, foam airplanes and paper airplanes or experience an art project on paper or their faces. Kids in Grades 7-12 will have the opportunity to work with engines, electrical circuits, electric motors, weather, wave forms, and rocketry, and even try an amateur radio. Volunteers also will offer kids tours, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., which will allow them to participate in hands-on activities at presentations sponsored by Janet’s Planet, Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry, NASA, The Glazer Children’s Museum and Reptile Discovery. All of these partners are located alongside the Kid Plane, a heli-

copter and other hands-on displays at The Central Florida Aerospace Academy. (You don’t have to take a tour to visit the partners at the school.) Grades 7-12 will be accompanied by guides on a comprehensive riding and walking tour of the fly-in. Paradise City has been transformed this year into a new area where Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) will be flying overhead; vintage aircraft and Warbirds show the history of aviation in ways rarely found in a textbook, officials note. Sit in the cockpit of “Paul,” the newest addition on the SUN ’n FUN grounds, a Boeing 727 donated by FedEx to be transformed into a learning center. Meet LULU and Captain Judy Rice as she prepares to head out on her transcontinental THINK GLOBAL Flight. End your tour testing your strength against hurricane force winds and try your hand at landing a space shuttle. The Florida Air Museum also will be open, and officials invite kids to explore the exhibitors and authors on site, as well as the interactive learning devices like wind tunnels and weather stations that have been donated for use and will be added to the new science center scheduled for completion in 2014. Also returning this year is the Kid Zone, near the front entrance, which is packed with aviation-themed activities.

Photos by Ben Sclair

Building a brighter future



SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013


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Arnold Palmers, iced-tea, soft drinks, water, fired pickles, fried mozzerella sticks, baked potatoes, sausage, shrimp 8 Strates Bakery CInnamon Rolls 9 Southern Specialties - German Cuisine

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Sausage, Philly Cheese steak, Fries, Pitas, hot dogs, burgers, beverages 20 Smokin Jims Ribs, Shredded pork sandwiches, pork tacos, French fries, banana pudding, turkey legs, corn dogs, iced-tea, soda 21 S & S Catering

Breakfast daily and Chicken, Pork, Meatloaf, Catfish with sides

22 Sunset Grill 23 Country Store 24 George’s Fun Foods Italian

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26 Catering By the Family “Latin Café”

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27 Seivers Concessions

Pita Palace - Pitas Fry Station - Fries, Chicken tenders, deep fried vegetables Seivers Sweet Treats - Funnel cakes, deep fried oreos, deep fried snickers, deep fried cheesecake Corn Patch - Roasted sweet corn, Chicken on a stick, Turkey Legs Hydration station - Fresh squeezed lemonade, soda, water

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12 Delucas Italian

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April 9-14, 2013

International Fly-In & Expo 4175 Medulla Road, Lakeland FL 33811 863-644-2431

28 Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn

29 Lemonade 30 Peanuts


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

Fantasy of Flight to host Splash-In For the fifth year in a row, Fantasy of Flight will host the Splash-In. The Splash-In site at Lake Agnes, adjacent to Fantasy of Flight, which is just up I-4 from the SUN ’n FUN campus, will be operational Wednesday, April 10, through Friday, April 12. The actual Splash-In competitions, including spot landing and a “bomb drop” contest, will be held Thursday, April 11. The day will kick off with a fly-by of the SUN ’n FUN campus at 10:30 a.m. The festivities wrap up at 6 p.m. that night with the annual Seabird banquet. Pilots who want to participate in the Splash-In activities must attend a manda-

tory briefing at 9 a.m. Thursday at Lake Agnes. Radios also are required to operate at Fantasy of Flight’s seaplane base. Frequency is

The 5th annual SUN ’n FUN Seabirds dinner will be held Friday, April 12, kicking off at 5:30 p.m. The dinner is for “all seaplane people” and volunteers at the fly-in. After dinner, all those in attendance can watch the night airshow together, organizers note. Tickets, which are $25 per person, can be purchased at the Seaplanes Tent and at Lake Agnes during the SplashIn.

Photo by GAN staffers

Seabirds dinner


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119.125; ground/ramp frequency is 122.85. Camping will be available at Fantasy of Flight while the Splash-In grounds are operational. Shuttles will be provided to and

from SUN ’n FUN to Fantasy of Flight on Thursday, April 11. Rain date is Friday, April 12. The banquet will be held rain or shine on Thursday.

April 9-14, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -

The Parts Exchange, located in Hangar E, is a popular destination for everyone from homebuilders and restorers to the owners of certified aircraft. Each year during SUN ’n FUN, thousands of items are consigned by their owners to sell in the Parts Exchange, including avionics, props, wings, and a host of other parts and components. If you’re looking to sell items during the show, you can purchase tags for 50 cents each. The tag must be secured to the item. Tires and batteries cannot be accepted for sale due to Florida law, according to

In the know

Parts Exchange volunteers. Tires mounted on aircraft wheel assemblies will be accepted if described as such on the tag. Volunteers also note that cash is the preferred method of payment as no credit cards or checks are accepted. ATM machines are located on the grounds, they add. The Parts Exchange will be open daily during the show from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Sunday, when all sales cease at noon. The Parts Exchange tent will be open for consignors only on Sunday from noon until 5 p.m. to claim unsold items. The tent will close promptly at 5 p.m. and any unclaimed items will become donations to SUN ’n FUN, volunteers add.

Photo by Meg Godlewski

Need a part? Got something to sell?


WiFi will be provided by Bright House Networks for a fee: $9.95 for one day; $29.95 for the week. Existing Brighthouse customers with a Tampa Bay Road Runner email account will be able to access the WiFi for free.

Internet Cafés

Pacific Coast Avionics is once again sponsoring the Internet Cafés at this year’s fly-in. There are two locations for the Internet Café: One at the Visitor and Convention Center’s hospitality area adjacent to the Sunset Grill, and a second location inside Hangar E. Both locations are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day of the show.

Pilot Briefing Center

The Pilot Briefing Center has the latest information on taxi procedures, field opening and closing schedules, availability of tie-downs, fly-by information, demonstration ride staging, information about the grass strip, and radio frequencies. It is located next to the showers by Vintage HQ.

Pilot Weather Briefings

Several self-briefing weather stations have been provided by XMWX Satellite Weather. Check the map for locations.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the Volunteer Center east of the Buehler Restoration Center.

Medical Services

The Brokaw Medical Hospitality Center is located across from Main Admissions and east of Buehler Restoration Skills Center on Doolittle Road.


A FedEx booth is located next to PilotMall. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to noon on Sunday.

Give blood

The Blood Bank will be onsite all week in the Southeast Exhibits area.

See us at SUN ’n FUN 2013 - Booth D061



SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

Tune in to SUN ’n FUN Radio Trying to stay on top of all the happenings at SUN ’n FUN? Tune in to SUN ’n FUN Radio on 1510 AM or listen worldwide on the Internet at The radio station has more than 40 volunteers covering every aspect of the fly-in, according to Volunteer Radio Chairman Dave Shallbetter. “We’ll have updates on news and happenings around the fly-in, great interviews with aviation notables, up-to-date schedules of events, interviews with sponsors, vendors and guests,” he said. Returning this year is “Today’s Highlights with Lites,” a daily update at 9:30 a.m. on the happenings around the campus from SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts. That will be followed by Dan Johnson, president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) and

LSA blogger for General Aviation News, highlighting all the action at the new and improved Paradise City. Also returning is “The 99’s Present,” featuring the 99’s special guests, including the World War II Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). Women in Aviation will return this year with its special segment, “Women Shine at SUN ’n FUN.” “Lunch with AOPA” will feature a special guest at noon each day, including an interview with AOPA President Craig Fuller on Thursday. The station also will feature interviews with SUN ’n FUN sponsors, vendors and advertisers, guests and aviation notables. New this year is remote broadcast capabilities, so the radio station volunteers will present remote broadcasts of the daily and night airshows and select evening programs,

as well as special live remotes from around the SUN ’n FUN campus, Shallbetter said. Also debuting is an early show. Volunteers David Allen and Howie Marlin go live from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. from various locations around campus. They’ll bring news of upto-the-minute schedules, special events, and their sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always unique, commentary. Another favorite returning this year are live podcasts. “We’re happy to have a complete line-up of podcasts this year,” he said. “Listeners can stay tuned after the airshow for a different podcast each day.” Tuesday will be Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon and Jack Hodgson, from The Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast (UCAP). Wednesday will be The Stuck Mic Avcast with host Carl Valeri. Thursday will be Other People’s Our new A2 ADAHRS Module (Air data, Attitude and Heading Reference System) turns the EKP V display into an EFIS! The A2 ADAHRS module extends the functionalities of the EKP V Aeronautical Navigator bringing attitude and airspeed to the moving map. See us at SUN ’N FUN! Building A 28 -29

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Airplanes, with host David Allen, which will be both audio and video streamed. Friday is the annual aviation podcast feature, The Gathering of Aviation Podcasters (or The GAP), an open mic night for aviation podcasters, Shallbetter explained. Saturday is the virtual podcast, “Not at SUN ’n FUN 13.” Wrapping up the week will be UCAP on Sunday at 10 a.m. “The SUN ’n FUN Radio volunteer staff does its best to bring you all the happenings at SUN ’n FUN, but we need your help,” Shallbetter said. “Please let us know of any special events, interesting stories, or neat people you think we should cover for our radio listeners.” You can stop by the studio, which is on the end of Club House Row, near the Sunset Grill, email, or send a message on Twitter @SnFRadio. “Special thanks to Dave Pascoe and Live­ for sponsoring the audio streaming, as well as streaming several Air Traffic Control frequencies, on SNF; The Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast for sponsoring the station’s high-speed Internet; Sennheiser for providing equipment support; the SUN ’n FUN staff; and a very special thanks to the SUN ’n FUN Radio volunteer staff, who make it happen,” he said.

Florida Aviation Network named official TV network The Florida Aviation Network (FAN) has become the first official television network of SUN ’n FUN. Working to support the broadcast studios on the SUN ’n FUN campus on LakelandLinder Regional Airport (LAL) and playing a major role in the Florida Aviation Emergency Broadcast system since 2001, FAN staff and volunteers will be streaming live daily programs online at from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The live broadcasts will be picked up via satellite by PGTV, Brighthouse 622, Verizon 20 and Comcast 5 daily from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. The Florida Aviation Network is an “In the Clear” satellite broadcast system that promotes aviation and aviation safety. Programs are normally broadcast live or prerecorded with remote crews. The anchor desk is in Orlando, Florida, and aviation events are carried from across the United States. This year FAN will collaborate with educators at SUN ’n FUN, Central Florida Aerospace Academy and Kathleen High School on the design and technical components for a new Howard Hughes set that will become part of a permanent production studio to be used by Polk County school students year round. The personal aviation collection of Howard Hughes, housed at the Florida Air Museum, will augment the new Howard Hughes “theater” at the museum.

April 9-14, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -



SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

New location — and items — for auction There are a lot of changes this year for the AvBid Aircraft Auctions at SUN ’n FUN. First is the location. No longer in a hangar far away from the action, the auction has been moved to the Southeast Exhibit area. “We’ve moved to the hub of things,” said Don Stephens, AvBid president. “Now when people walk in the gate, there we are.” The other big change is that besides aircraft, the auction will also sell artifacts and memorabilia from the Florida Air Museum. “It’s kind of like cleaning out the attic at the museum,” Stephens mused. “We need to clear the way for new exhibits. I’ll probably end up buying half the stuff,” he added with a laugh. Because of the sheer volume of items from the museum, most will be sold in lots, which are designated by bins. A few special items, like a compass off a World War II bomber, will be sold individually, according to Stephens. The museum’s artifacts and memorabilia will be put on display Thursday morning before the start of the auction at 11 a.m. The aircraft up for auction will be on display throughout the week. That includes a Bensen B-8M Gyrocopter, a Fisher FP303 Ultralight, McNeal Ranchero, Mitchell P-38 Lightning, Monnet Moni, R.A.F. – Fighter

Photo by Ben Sclair


AvBid is based at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport in the old Piper Aircraft delivery center. Scout, Rutan Varieze, Ultraflight Lazair, and a Volmer VJ-24w. Also new this year is that the auction will be “absolute,” which means the items will

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go to the highest bidder, Stephens explained. Before, a minimum reserve price had to be met for the item to be sold. Those who want to bid at the auction must

Come visit

first register. It’s free to register and requires only giving your name and an email address. You will then be given a paddle with your number on it to use during the auction.

us at tent NE - 0 06

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April 9-14, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -


By MEG GODLEWSKI This year marks the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Women Airforce Service Pilots. The WASP, as they were known, where the first American women to fly military aircraft. SUN ’n FUN, in conjunction with the Ninety-Nines and Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum, will honor these first ladies of military aviation with several events this week, most occurring on Thursday, which has been designated WASP 70th Anniversary Celebration Day. In 1943 America was fighting a world war on two fronts, creating a critical pilot shortage. Noted aviatrix Jackie Cochran approached General Henry “Hap” Arnold with the idea of using women to fill the non-combat flying positions needed by the military. Cochran was very persuasive, and in December the Women Airforce Service Pilot program was created. More than 25,000 women applied to the program. Just 1,830 were accepted. Because they were civilian volunteers and not military, the women had to pay their own way to Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas, for training. At the end of that training, 1,074 women earned their WASP wings. The women flew every airplane in Amer-

ica’s arsenal, from transports to fighters to bombers, ferrying them to bases, towing targets, and even providing flight training for men. The program was disbanded in December 1944 as male pilots returned from overseas. After the war the WASP’s challenges did not end. Their records were sealed and they did not obtain veterans status until the Carter administration. In 2009 the WASP were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. On Thursday, April 11, the WASP Luncheon and Forum will be held at 11:30 a.m. at the Buehler Restoration Center. WASPs Bee Haydu, Helen Snapp and Shirly Kruse have been invited to share their stories and experiences. Tickets for the lunch are $18 per person. Other events to honor the WASP include a proclamation of WASP 70th Anniversary Celebration Day by Lakeland Mayor Gow Fields at 2:30 p.m. at the airshow announcer’s stand and a Hero Ride of WASP along the airshow line. The day will be rounded out with a tribute concert to the WASPs from the Over 55 Show Band. The full orchestra of 23 musicians performs big band standards, modern arrangements and show tunes. The concert will kick off at 7 p.m. at the AOPA Pavilion at the Florida Air Museum

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Honoring the WASP

with a special “Rose & Salute Ceremony” by the Central Florida Aerospace Academy JROTC Color Guard. On Friday, April 12, at 10 a.m. the WASP will attend a forum at the Florida Air Museum. This hour will showcase surviving

WASP reliving their personal wartime experiences. The WASP will be based at the NinetyNines building on Clubhouse Row from April 10 to April 13. All are invited to come by and say hello.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9-14, 2013

Is your plane an award winner? pared to explain questionable areas. Make sure that it is clean. Have the aircraft opened up so the judges can see all the aircraft’s qualities. Have presentation documentation, such as pictures, aircraft paperwork, etc. Have proof of authenticity, if it applies. Old airplanes may have many mods. In many cases, we are looking for aircraft as they came out of the factory when they were built. Authenticity is King.” And for those owners who plan to fly their aircraft to AirVenture this summer and enter it for judging there, Leenhouts gives them this advice: “Come here first and put it through the judging process,” he said. “You may discover areas that need to be fixed before you head to AirVenture.”

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You are justifiably proud of your aircraft, but is it an award winner? You can find out this week. “It is quite an honor to be recognized at SUN ’n FUN,” said John “Lites” Leenhouts, SUN ’n FUN president. He notes the SUN ’n FUN judges are highly experienced and professional, following standards set by the Experimental Aircraft Association. “Our judging program is identical to theirs,” he added. It’s easy to enter your aircraft. When you registered at arrival, you may have been given a Judging Registration Form. The sticker on the registration alerts the judges to include your aircraft in the process. There is no charge to register for judging, according to Leonard Kress, chief judge at SUN ’n FUN. But what are the judges looking for? “Our judges are judging the aircraft based on their experience as aircraft builders, restorers and aircraft maintenance technicians as to what constitutes quality, authenticity and safety,” Kress said. “Rest assured that all the judges are veterans in their respective areas.” Awards are handed out in a variety of categories, ranging from ultralight to antique, classic, light-sport aircraft, seaplane,


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and more. New last year were the People’s Choice Awards. This year also sees the return of the professional Warbird judging, Leenhouts noted. Leenhouts acknowledged that some owners may be skittish because of past conditions on the SUN ’n FUN grounds. He promises those are gone. “One of the first things I did was stop the burning of the grass,” he said. “All the dusty roads are gone as well and the turf has been replaced. The parking areas are more pristine for all aircraft.” Convinced and ready to find out if your plane is a winner? Kress offers these tips to help you increase your chances of becoming an award winner: “Be there when it is judged. Be pre-


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Hone your skills at Workshops SUN ’n FUN Workshops can help you learn all the skills necessary to build your own plane or work on any other project that uses the same tools and techniques. Experienced instructors guide you through the techniques for each skill and answer your questions about specific projects. Many of the workshops are approved by the FAA for credit towards the annual requirements for IA renewal and the A&P Awards Program. To get credit for attending, pick up a time sheet at the information booth and have the Workshop Instructor sign it. Workshops are ongoing from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Workshops area, which is near the Buehler Restoration Center and the Florida Air Museum. Workshops are held on everything from Engines, Aircraft Woodwork, Avionics/ Electrical, Basic Sheet Metal, Cable Swaging, Composites, Computer Workshop (flight planning to GPS navigation to computer-aided design), Fabric Covering, Metal Shaping, Propeller Carving, and Welding.

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

A little alliance goes a long way By JAMIE BECKETT It started with a conversation, which lead to a thought, which resulted in a plan. In no time at all that process caused an email to be drafted and sent to approximately a dozen hopefully receptive recipients. That was the start of the Polk Aviation Alliance, a diverse group of aviation professionals who have committed themselves to working together to maximize the economic benefits of aviation to Polk County, Florida. All four of the county’s municipally owned airports were represented at the first

meeting, as were SUN ’n FUN and Fantasy of Flight. But the focus didn’t stop with airports and tourism draws. The alliance branched out to include traditional education with representation from the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, a public high school that focuses on aviation as a career, and Polk State College, which has introduced a pilot science degree program, with plans to expand its aviation offerings in the coming semesters. Within a year of forming, the quarterly lunchtime meeting had grown to include governmental entities, economic development people, engineering firms, and the

Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA). More individuals arrive with each subsequent meeting, and the long-term planning for success has become a central focus. “Being a part of the Polk Aviation Alliance really allows the SPA to serve as a role model for how aviation entities can come together for the benefit of aviation as a whole,” says Steve McCaughey, SPA executive director. He’s right, too. It’s that attitude of cooperation and collaboration that allows everyone to get together and work effectively to affect change. “Every one of the alliance members brings something to the table for us,” says

McCaughey. “And we hope we bring something important to the table for them, too.” By gathering together a collection of highly professional, well-intentioned people who have expertise in a specific area, the alliance is able to offer each entity a greater impact on the local economy and political representatives than it would on its own. That is a facet of membership McCaughey and his fellow alliance members enjoy immensely. “By being a part of the alliance we can bring the value of seaplane flying to a prequalified assortment of aviation enthusiasts,” says McCaughey. He has a valid point there, too. Considering that SUN ’n FUN holds the second largest aviation gathering in North America, and Fantasy of Flight hosts the annual Splash-In associated with the fly-in, and Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base is an icon of seaplane activity, it makes perfect sense for SPA to take a stand on behalf of the economic, educational, and recreational benefits of a type of flying of which their membership demonstrates themselves to be tremendously knowledgeable. If there is strength in numbers, and all indications suggest that to be the case, then the Polk Aviation Alliance is headed in the right direction. I share this success story for a couple of reasons. First, it is worth sharing because it illustrates how an organization like the Seaplane Pilots Association can serve in a leadership role and bring economic benefits to a wide geographic area, even without insisting that its own focus — seaplane activities — be the primary driver of any initiative. Second, there is nothing about this story that is central Florida specific. The alliance could have been formed anywhere. But it happened in central Florida, where the players were all ready to take the next step, to expand their horizons, and to seek out willing, motivated partners to work with. As a point of interest, you might find it worth knowing that Polk County, Florida, is not a small dot on the map. It is considerably larger than Rhode Island. It’s nearly as big as Delaware. As counties go, this one’s a whopper, covering more than 2,000 square miles. It also has the distinction of being located in the geographic center of a state that is particularly friendly to general aviation. As the alliance grows and continues to find new ways to support and promote aviation, the question remains whether others will take a page from their book and start alliances of their own? There is a model for success. It is currently in existence in the heart of Florida. Here’s hoping there are many who will take note and use it as a template to start their own alliances — for the betterment of aviation in general and their own communities as well. Jamie Beckett is a CFI and A&P who stepped into the political arena to promote and protect GA at his local airport. He founded and serves as a member of the Polk Aviation Alliance in central Florida.

April 9, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -

Fly Before You Buy

Photo courtesy Banyan Pilot Shop

Light Sport America, which recently entered the light-sport aircraft market with a line of U.S.-built planes, is offering two new purchase plans: “Fly Before You Buy” and a “Money Back Guarantee” program. Light Sport America recently purchased ATR StormAircraft and is moving its factory to Bartow Municipal Airport. It offers four Storm models: The all-composite, high-wing Storm Rally, Rally Amphibious, the all-metal, low-wing Century with tricycle gear, and the Century conventional (tail wheel). Both the Rally and Century models are priced from $89,900 to $124,995 depending on options and avionics. LSA also offers several Storm kits, including the Fury, Fury RG, and 400. LSA’s “Fly Before You Buy” program allows a customer to lease an airplane for up to 45 days with a small deposit and a lease payment. If the customer decides to purchase, the full deposit and lease payment are then credited to the purchase price. Find out more at the company’s exhibit in Paradise City.

Free T-shirt from Banyan Pilot shop One of the best parts of SUN ’n FUN is the chance to do some hard-core shopping. This year Banyan Pilot Shop returns to Sun ’n Fun. As an added bonus, it will be giving out a free T-shirt with each purchase (while supplies last) at the show at the company’s booth in Hangar D, Space 65. The company is also offering a variety of special show promotions.

Showcase Sprints and Cat Shot A pair of fun events for performance enthusiasts will be held tomorrow during the daily Showcase. “Here is the opportunity to demonstrate your piloting precision and test your airplane’s performance in a time trial,” organizers promise. The Cat Shot is a timed launch from flag

drop to the 6,000-foot mark on the runway where timers will clock elapsed time. Aircraft will be launched one at a time. Sprint contestants will continue their takeoff and run a short 25 nm closed course, finishing overhead to stop another clock. All participants must pre-register. Specific classes will be determined by participation. This first event will be limited to single engine piston aircraft. The numbers of entries are limited by the available time slot during a busy convention, organizers note. A mandatory briefing will be conducted prior to the launch.

Wicks giving away iPad mini Wicks Aircraft Supply is giving away an iPad Mini to a lucky SUN ’n FUN attendee. In order to build up its email list, which is used to promote Wicks specials, free shipping to shows, new products, and other good things — and which is absolutely private) Wicks is going to give away an iPad Mini. Just stop by the Wicks booth in Hangar D, Spaces 1-4, and sign up. It’s quick and simple. New subscribers only; winner need not be present to win.



SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

Photo courtesy Van’s

Van’s RV-14 lands in Florida

STAY HEALTHY | From Page 14 10. See somebody who appears to be in distress? We’re friends here, and a gentle offer of assistance or an offer to summon medical help might be appreciated. On the other hand, if there’s an emergency, get out of the way and let the pros work unhindered. The Brokaw Medical Hospitality Center is staffed entirely with Florida-licensed volunteer doctors and nurses, most of whom are also pilots. There is no charge for their services. Chairman Terry Sullivan, RN, said, “We try to do whatever we can to make sure our visitors can get back to enjoying the airshow.”

Last year, the center treated more than 260 people for cuts and bug bites, bruises and sunburns, upset stomachs and other ailments. A few were sick enough to need hospitalization, and more merely required prescription refills, for medicines inadvertently left at home. The medical staff has even looked after a few four-legged patients. The nurse quipped, “We turn away no patient, no matter the species.” The center offers handicapped-accessible rest room, a place for new moms to feed and change their babies, and a cool place for overheated and footsore visitors to recuperate. “People come from Europe and all over who aren’t accustomed to our Florida heat

Van’s newest airplane, the RV-14, has landed in Florida for the first time. “It has come to our attention that isolated pockets of civilization might exist in the far reaches of the American continent, way out east of Oshkosh,” Van’s officials said. “On the theory that some of those folks might be interested in our newest airplane, Van’s has sent two intrepid explorers, Joe Blank and Sterling Langrell, to investigate. Flying the RV-14, they plan to go where the airplane has never gone before — Florida.” The RV-14 will be on display at the comand humidity, so we treat a lot of heat exhaustion and dehydration,” she said. “Often a bottle of water and a place to cool off is enough, but sometimes we put in an IV. The Medical Hospitality Center is officially open from 0800 until 1800, but there’s usually somebody around after hours, a doctor asleep on an exam table, a nurse camping nearby, who can help, if need be. We hope that attention won’t be necessary, though. The best advice is this: Take it all at an easy pace. Relax. Find some shade, sit down from time to time, and just enjoy the show. We’d like you to return home with great photos, not battle scars.

pany’s booth in the Northeast exhibit area, along with an RV-12. The RV-12 represents the “other big news” from the company, officials said. “The first S-LSA RV-12s are being readied for delivery to customers, joining the 250 kit-built examples that are currently flying,” officials said. “An RV-10 will also be on display, and we expect literally hundreds of RVs of all types will visit the show.” Also at the display will be the man who started it all: Dick (Van) VanGrunsven.

Where to find it


The Brokaw Medical Hospitality Center is located across from the main admissions gate. Look for the white flag with a red cross out front. Phone: 863-644-2431, ask for the Medical Hospitality Center. In case of major emergency, or the need for an ambulance, call 911 and specify Polk County; The Polk County EMS also will be on the grounds with ambulances, and roaming EMTs on Gators.

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April 9, 2013

Sun ’n Fun Today -


If you head out to the Warbird Flight Line, you’ll see “Crazy Horse” and several other aircraft from the “stable” of Stallion 51, an aviation business that specializes in rare expensive vintage aircraft built on the dream and passion of the Lauderback brothers. Lee, Peter, Richard and John are the cornerstone of the Mustang world, restoring, operating and marketing the rarest of the breed. Stallion 51 has a large presence on Florida’s Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) with its three hangars, encompassing the flight operations for its two dual-cockpit, dual-control P-51 Mustangs and T-6 Texan orientation flights and transition training program, including a VFR unusual attitude training (UAT) program in the P-51. Stallion 51 recently launched its new UAT program, offering real time-real life advanced IFR upset training in a specially modified L-39 TurboJet. The UAT program’s purpose is to familiarize pilots with the recognition and recovery from unusual attitudes and in-flight upsets, according to Lee Lauderback. The program is structured to train pilots to recognize and respond accurately and quickly before the situation progresses into one from which they are unable to recover. That training is complemented by training from Stallion 51’s on-site flight sur-

geon, Dr. William Busch, who teaches the physiology and aeromedical aspects of spatial disorientation that can cause the onset of unusual attitudes. “Our curriculum offers pilots insight into when and why physiological sensations are experienced in the upset environment, how to overcome them, and then safely respond,” Lauderback explained. “Flight simulators are very limited in reproducing those disorienting sensations. That is why our program is a safe way to fully realize those sensations and train for appropriate responses.” Pilots from all over the world enroll in Stallion 51’s transition and check-out training programs, both in the T-6 Texan and the P-51 Mustang. Insurance companies recognize that Stallion 51’s check out program is the gold standard in training for those who want to own and operate their own Texan or Mustang, according to company officials. John Lauderback assists those pilots by helping them find the perfect vintage plane to match their dreams of owning one. Through Stallion’s many warbird connections, the Lauderback family virtually know every Mustang flying or project available in the world. During SUN ’n FUN, you can see Lee Lauderback fly on Thursday and Saturday.,

Photo courtesy Stallion 51

Mustangs and more

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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

Photo by Ryan Cleavland

Scenes from SUN ’n FUN

Photo by Alec Thigpen

Photo by Russell Kasselman

Photo by Russell Kasselman

Photo by Russell Kasselman

SUN ’n FUN President John “Lites” Leenhouts test drives a 1957 Nash Metropolitan convertible brought to the fly-in by Tim Kirby of the Coconut Flyers and the Florida Bi-Plane Association.

Calling all photographers We’d love your help to showcase all the great airplanes and events happening at SUN ’n FUN this year.

Classifieds Experimentals - 5300 QUICKIE 2 project, 2/3 complete w/Revmaster 70hp engine, in Florida. $9500.00. Contact Fred Gere for details. 352-503-9060, cell 805-801-9119, Equipment - 6990

Bring your camera to the SUN ’n FUN Today trailer near the Cessna display. We can download your camera card and then we’ll put the best photos in the next day’s paper. Not every picture will make the paper, so bring us your best and get that instant gratification of seeing your name in the next day’s paper.

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Front Gate Tent | Paul & Audrey’s Blue House | EAA Welcome Center | EAA Insurance in Hangar B | Paradise City | Warbirds | IAC | Member Oasis Flight Line Tent

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Photo by Russell Kasselman

Photo by Alec Thigpen

Photo by Russell Kasselman

Photo by Alec Thigpen

Photo by Meg Godlewski

Photo by Meg Godlewski

38 SUN ’n FUN Today - April 9, 2013

Scenes from SUN ’n FUN


SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

SUN ’n FUN 2013

What’s happening today

8 a.m.

hicle performance update, Jay Carter

Morning Yoga: AOPA Pavilion Pilot Proficiency: Program takes off at Florida Air Museum

Room 9: Quickie Forum, Jerry Marstall

10 a.m. Room 1: Electric Aircraft Development Alliance, Neil Cosentino


The forums are held at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy across from the Florida Air Museum in 11 classrooms. Volunteers are near all the entrances and exits to help you find the right classroom for the forum you are seeking.

9 a.m.


Production Studio in the FAA Building

Room 4: Airparks, the selection process,

Room 5 iPad takes flight! Advanced:

Ron Heidebrink

Bring iPad, Charles Schneider

Room 5: Everything you need to know

Room 8: End of an era: History of the

8:30 a.m. Is your aircraft talking to you? Listen! Cathy Gagne, NTSB Air Safety Investigator

Room 11: Becoming a Sport Pilot in 20

Room 5: On and off airport emergency

landings, David Joseph

Room 6: Prevent aerodynamic stalls at low altitude, Paul Cox

Room 8: Carter Aviation Personal Air Ve-

Room 8: Navigating Special Use Airspace, 1Lt D. Palmer/MSgt H. Marstella

12 p.m. Room 2: Luscombe Association, Doug

Room 2: Engine care and maintenance, ning in minutes, Leon Thomas

Room 6: Continental virtual factory tour,

Bill Ross

Room 3: #1 reason GA aircraft are intercepted; avoid it, Roethe/Courtney

Room 6: How to safely abort takeoffs or

Room 4: Free CSC DUATS flight plan-

chael Bergen

Room 1: Fractional aircraft ownership

Room 1: Cylinder anatomy: safety first; Frank Lukachinsky

Room 11 SkyCatcher: Learning to fly or last plane? Jack Vandeventer

Room 5: Beyond Composites 101, Mi-

Room 2: Designing the perfect paint scheme, Craig Barnett

about aviation piston oil, Steve Strollo

Tim Morland

Room 8: Potentially Perfect Project, Scott Sky Smith

landings, Brian Shepson

hours, Nathan McLaughlin

for us little guys, Rick Matthews

Space Shuttle program, Gary Dahlke

1 p.m. Room 1: Is your aircraft talking to you? Cathy Gagne

Room 2: Luscombe Association; Main-

11a.m. Room 2: Stewart Systems Waterborne

taining Luscombe Aircraft, Steve Krog/ Doug Combs

covering and painting, Dan Stewart/Jason Gerard

Room 3: EAA on EAB safety, Chad

Room 7: A&P/IA licensing process and

Room 4: Top 10 aviation insurance

FAR review, Thomas D. Black

FAA Forums

10 a.m. Safety from an insurance perspective, Mike Adams, Avemco Insurance Co. 11:30 a.m. Prevent aerodynamic stalls at low altitude, Paul Cox, NTSB Air Safety Investigator 1 p.m. Why wise pilots choose WINGS, Bryan W. Neville, FAA Safety Team Program Manager


myths, Marci Veronie/Mike Adams

Is pilot and passenger safety your No.1 priority?

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Honoring the men and women of the armed forces

3-year manufacturer’s warranty

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 Historic aviation exhibits  The Exchange gift shop  Complimentary hot dog social every Friday 1100 to 1300


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SUN ’n FUN Today -

April 9, 2013

What’s happening today Paradise City Forums

1 p.m.: Belite Aircraft, James Wiebe 2 p.m.: Bristel Light Planes-USA, Barry


New this year are forums in the Flight Operations Tent at Paradise City 10 a.m.: Getting Started in Ultralights &

Light Planes, Carla Larsh

11 a.m-1 p.m.: Light Aircraft Manufac-

turers Association (LAMA) at work, Dan Johnson

3 p.m. Amsoil Synthetics: Making an informed decision, George Douglas

EVENING ENTERTAINMENT 7 p.m. “Every Kid Flies,” an original

musical, AOPA Pavilion at the Florida Air Museum

8 p.m. Jill’s Cash Box, country music band, AOPA Pavilion


CFAA Building, First Floor Common Room 8 p.m. Air Force One


Chuck Aaron Aeroshell Aerostars E Team Kyle Franklin Ben Freelove

Jack Knutson John Mohr Jason Newburg Melissa Pemberton Buck Roetman Gary Rower Warbirds Gary Ward Jane Wicker Jerry McCart Matt Younkin All schedules subject to change

WAI celebrates silver anniversary With the conclusion of its 24th annual conference last month in Nashville, Women in Aviation International President Dr. Peggy Chabrian has turned her attention to networking and outreach as part of WAI’s 25th anniversary. The Nashville conference set a new record with 3,375 attendees, WAI officials said. “We’ve come a long way from the humble beginnings of our first conference in Prescott, Arizona, back in 1990,” says

Chabrian. “What many people don’t know is that WAI existed as a conference before it existed as an organization. The organization was formed five years after our first conference, really at the request of attendees.” The 25th annual conference year kicks off with a regional conference in Prescott Oct. 4-5. “We’re returning to where it all began — at Embry-Riddle’s Prescott campus,” says Chabrian. Tours of the campus, a luncheon, and

STC’d for Certified Aircraft Safe for You, Safe for the World, Safe for Your Airplane

User Friendly

Gebhart, vice president at the Helicopter Association International, will speak. After a Saturday luncheon, WAI conference attendees, along with ERAU students, alumni, faculty and staff, will be treated to a private airshow. The 25th annual International Women in Aviation Conference will be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida, from March 6-8, 2014.



Aircraft Covering Products

speakers are planned for Oct. 4. Dr. Frank Ayers, ERAU chancellor, will speak, along with WASP Betty Blake and former FAA Deputy Administrator Barbara Barrett. An airshow panel consisting of Melissa Pemberton, Julie Clark and Matt Chapman will discuss life as an airshow performer. Saturday, Oct. 5, launches with a fly-in breakfast, followed by a tour of EmbryRiddle’s flightline and simulators. Terrafugia COO Anna Mracek Dietrich and Karen

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Stewart Aircraft Finishing Systems 5500 Sullivan St., Cashmere, WA 98815 1-888-356-7659 • (1-888-EKO-POLY)

Same day exams available. To schedule call (407) 846-0854.

Located at Stallion 51 at the Kissimmee Gateway Airport (KISM)



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SNF Today April 9, 2013  
SNF Today April 9, 2013  

The April 9, 2013 edition of SUN ’n FUN Today