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Fred Cabanas in “American Beauty” (left) and John Curtiss in “Parrothead”

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October 9, 2009


Phil Boyer passes the

torch P. 14 End of an era: AOPA’s Phil Boyer passes the torch

Hangar flying with Cliff Robertson Voters save Maine airport The end of Warbird flights? Obama’s impact on GA

Robertson P. 10 Hangar flying with Cliff P. 15 Voters save Maine airport P. 15 The end of Warbird flights? P. 9 Obama’s impact on GA



Fly into Kissimmee Gateway Airport for the ultimate in aviation history thrills. Check out our warbird museum, and watch a Luftwaffe fighter restoration in progress. Then strap into a T-6 Texan for an adventure flight, or conquer the sky in a P-51 Mustang—or sit side by side with a friend in an open cockpit biplane and see the sites of Orlando.




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October 9, 2009


3 Special Adv

ertising Sec

On the Cover

tion: Beech

and Moone

y Mods P. 25

Fred Cabanas in “American Beauty� (left) and John in “Parrothe Curtiss ad�

Reno Air Races | The excitement of all the action

at this year’s races is captured in photographs by Max Haynes. .................................................... 23

tools to bolster our image: The Alliance for Aviation Across America has launched a new website detailing the immense impact of GA................. 8

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News & Features

ADS-B: Wh at you nee d to know Lycomingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s P. 12 new agenda : Growth P. An ocean-ins 7 pired RV-7 P. 24 LSAs, Unite! P. 32

Some good news | New study boosts business aviation....................................6 New products, new leadership | Lycomingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plans for growth........................7 Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going on in your state? New website details GAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s impact...................8 Capital Comments | Congress passes yet another FAA short-term fix................9 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;maid of the seasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;:â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Mike Rossum, a retired Pan American World Airways pilot, describes his RV-7A as part flying aquarium, part history lesson. ........24

Guest Editorial | AEAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s president on the value of continuing education...........10 Changing of the guard | New co-chairs for Young Eagles ..............................11 Position Report: Avionics | What do you need to know about ADS-B?..........12 Ask Paul | Wide-deck vs. narrow-deck engines.................................................13 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Maid of the Seasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; | An ocean-inspired RV......................................................24 Flight & Flyers | A nationwide chain of airports ..............................................32 LSAs, Unite! Aviationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest segment shakes things up.................................35

Special Advertising Section

flying high:â&#x20AC;&#x2C6;SeaRey made a splash at this summerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oshkosh, racking up impressive sales for the LSA.................35

Niagara Air Parts ...........................................................................................25 Tempest. .........................................................................................................25 Pacific Coast Avionics. ..................................................................................26 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. ..................................................................26 B/E Aerospace Inc.. .......................................................................................28 a place to land: Curtiss Field in Garden City, Long Island, was just one of 15 airports that formed a chain of airports operated by the Curtiss-Wright Airports Corp. in the Golden Age of aviation. .........................................32

Air Capitol Dial Inc........................................................................................28 ASL Camguard...............................................................................................29 Hydraulics International Inc. . .....................................................................30 Mountain High Equipment & Supply. ........................................................30 Micro Aerodynamics Inc.. ............................................................................31


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A decade down | Floridaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cecil Field celebrates 10th anniversary

4 Takeoff

13 Ask Paul

33 Calendar of Events

History for sale | Earhartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s googles auctioned off

9 Capital Comments

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34 On the Market

Fuels for Sport Aircraft | The looming crisis

10 Touch & Go

32 Flight & Flyers


Safer mountain flying | FAA introduces new surveillance system

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General Aviation News

— Pilot and newsman Miles O’Brien

“While aircraft sales have slowed, the passion to keep flying is as powerful as it has always been.”



“If Boeing came down and said it was making a light plane, wouldn’t you be interested?”


— David Kruger, president, Aircraft Partnership Association, which just surpassed 5,000 members

— Thrush Aircraft’s Jody Bays, on why the company is going with the new GE Aviation engine

“There’s no question we have to get the lead out.” — Lycoming’s Ian Walsh on the search for an alternative avgas

“It’s not ‘downsizing,’ it’s ‘fun-sizing.’” — LSA guru (and GAN columnist) Dan Johnson on pilots who go from larger planes to LSAs

It may be officially named Pierce County Airport (PLU), but to anyone who has ever been around the airport in Puyallup, Wash., it is Thun Field. Last month, Pierce County officials dedicated a plaque to the man, John Thun, who built the airport on Puyallup’s South Hill and ran it for about 30 years before selling it to Pierce County. A crowd of about 300 friends and many family members turned out on a beautiful sunny day to see the plaque unveiled. It is located on a grassy area just south of the house in which Thun and his wife, Babe, who attended the event, raised their family. They also operated the airport from the house. The grassy area, which now holds a flagpole and the plaque, used to boast a cafe that Babe ran. It was the community center of its day and where, according to Bruce Thun, the couple’s son and now airport operations manager for the county, the local CAP and EAA chapters — and many other groups — were formed. The airport opened in 1944 and Thun acquired the property in 1949, just as he was learning to fly. He sold the field to the county in 1979. Today businesses located on the airport employ about 300 people. Clover Park Technical College operates its maintenance and flight schools on the east side of the field and plans are underway to develop more operations on the east side on land acquired by the county.

Photos by Dave Sclair

“Aviation is hope.”

CELELBRATING AN ICON: A newly restored DC-3 is flanked by a pair of antique planes during a ceremony at Thun Field, officially known as Pierce County Airport, honoring John Thun. According to county officials, the airport produces a $20 million economic benefit to the area. Numerous antique and homebuilt aircraft were flown in for the celebration, including a recently restored DC-3. Photos from the airport’s earliest days were displayed inside the house.

Want to be a TV star?

“It’s not the best of times for the aviation industry, but it’s not the worst of times either.” — BRS Aerospace’s Larry Williams

“Timebuilders make us cringe.” — NAFI’s Jason Blair

“If you want to grow old as a pilot, you’ve got to know when to push it, and when to back off.” — Chuck Yeager

“The time to familiarize yourself with an airport is not on short final.” — FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt

“The Aviators,” an aviation-oriented television show slated to air next year on PBS, is looking for a few good stories. Even though the show’s North American television premiere is still about a year away, the crew of “The Aviators” has been busy traveling around the U.S. and Canada filming segments for the television series, including a stop at this summer’s



A.C. Propeller Service.............................. 20 Acampo Flying Club................................. 33 Adlog (Aerotech Publications).................... 3 Aero Battery Services & Sales................. 19 Aero Ski Mfg Co Inc................................. 20 Aerocet Inc............................................... 17 Aeromech Aircraft Parts Express............. 20 Aero-Tech Services.................................. 17 Aerox Aviation Oxygen, Inc...................... 19 Air Capitol Dial Inc.................................... 28 Aircraft Door Seals................................... 16

October 9, 2009

Honoring a local legend




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Aircraft Glareshields/Aircraft Spruce........ 17 Aircraft Specialties Services..................... 29 Aircraft Spruce & Specialty...................... 27 Airforms.................................................... 17 Airpac Inc................................................. 20 Airport Cars Club...................................... 16 America’s Aircraft Engines Inc................. 16 AOPA Membership Publications, Inc....... 36 Avemco Insurance Company................... 19 Aviation Insurance Resources.................. 19 Avionics Shop Inc................................ 12,16 AviPro Aircraft, Ltd..................................... 7 Avtech Marketing...................................... 15 B/E Aerospace, Inc................................... 28 Baumann Floats LLC................................ 17 Big John Mfg dba The Air Store............... 20 Brown Aviation......................................... 16 Cannon Avionics...................................... 16

AirVenture in Oshkosh. So far, 15 segments have been shot for the show, including pieces about the U.S. Air Force, Airbus, Icon Aircraft, Cessna, Joe Balzer, the Tiger Moth, the Russian MiG-15, and Julie Clark. “The pilot episode is in the works,” said Anthony Nalli, executive producer. “John Lovelace and his post-production team should have it ready in a matter of weeks, at which time we will release it to advertisers, broadcasters and distributors. Clips will also be placed on the gallery of our website.” Work on the upcoming spring shooting schedule is now in full swing and producers of “The Aviators” welcome story ideas. “Ideally, we’re looking for stories that can capture the interests of pilots across North America,” Nalli said, adding, “stories broad enough to attract non-pilot, aviation enthusiasts are even better.” If you have an interesting aircraft, aviation business, destination or story, send it to info@ TheAviators.TV. For more information: TheAviators.TV.


Cee Bailey’s Aircraft Plastics................... 17 Composite A/C Tech LLC/Express A/C... 15 Desser Tire & Rubber Co......................... 17 Eagle Fuel Cells Inc................................. 17 Ehrhardt Aviation Agency......................... 18 ExperCraft.................................................. 2 F & M Enterprises.................................... 19 Float Planes & Amphibs........................... 15 Floats & Fuel Cells................................... 17 Fly Baby................................................... 15 Flying Machine Restorations LLC............ 19 G&B Aircraft............................................. 20 General Aviation Modifications Inc........... 12 Genuine Aircraft Hardware Inc................. 20 Gibson Aviation.......................................... 7 Global Aircraft Industries Ltd.................... 19 Great Lakes Aero Products Inc................ 19 Hooker Custom Harness.......................... 20

Hydraulics International............................ 30 Intermountain Air...................................... 20 JabiruUSA Sport Aircraft LLC.................. 32 Kissimmee Gateway Airport....................... 2 KS Avionics, Inc....................................... 16 Mena Intermountain Muni Airport............. 33 Micro Aerodynamics................................. 31 Mid-Continent Instruments....................... 16 MH Oxygen Systems................................ 30 Niagara Air Parts...................................... 25 Pacific Coast Avionics.............................. 26 Para-Phernalia.......................................... 19 Pearson Air Inc......................................... 19 Pegasus Farms........................................ 21 Pine Hollow Airport................................... 22 Plus 5 Aviation LLC.................................. 18 R & M Steel................................................ 8 Regal Aviation Insurance........................... 8

Remos Aircraft.......................................... 11 RMD Aircraft Inc....................................... 20 Rocky Mountain Propellers...................... 13 Saircorp, LTD........................................... 19 Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors................. 18,21,22 Scott Wings.............................................. 20 Sheltair Aviation Facilities, Inc................. 18 Sky Ox Limited......................................... 17 Sporty’s Pilot Shop................................ 9,18 Stewart Aircraft Finishing Systems.......... 19 SunQuest Air Specialties.......................... 19 SureCheck Aviation.................................. 13 Survival Products, Inc................................. 3 Tailwind Airpark........................................ 22 Tempest Plus Marketing Group..... 16,19,25 Transwestern Aviation.............................. 20 Univair Aircraft Corporation................... 5,19 ZD Publishing Inc..................................... 18

October 9, 2009



General Aviation News

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October 9, 2009

New study boosts business aviation

uuu The new TL-3000 Sirius Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and the Cheetah XLS have received their Special-LSA certifications. The Sirius (pictured), manufactured by TL-Ultralight, s.r.o., in the Czech Republic, is a two-passenger, carbon fiber composite, fixed-wing airplane powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912ULS engine. It is distributed in the U.S. by SportairUSA. Midwest Sport Aviation has been designated the U.S. assembly center and distributor for the Cheetah XLS by

Rainbow Aircraft of South Africa. The Cheetah XLS, a high-wing tube and fabric aircraft, is available Ready to Fly at prices beginning at $47,900 and as a kit starting at $21,950. The Ready to Fly aircraft comes with the choice of Rotax or Jabiru engines.,

uuu Quest Aircraft Co. has received full production certification for the Kodiak, which means the company is now able to issue standard airworthiness certificates for the aircraft it produces. The company has been ramping up production, and Kodiaks are rolling off the line at the rate of three aircraft a month, according to officials with the Sandpoint, Idaho-based company. Since receiving the Kodiak Type Certificate in May 2007, Quest has delivered 22 airplanes.

uuu The Senate has formed the General Aviation Caucus to “work with pilots, aircraft owners, the aviation industry, and relevant government agencies to ensure a safe and vibrant environment exists for GA in our country.” Sens. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) co-chair the caucus. The House formed its GA Caucus in April.

uuu has launched a new

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its first straight and amphibious models in October. Zenair floats are available as basic or advanced (pre-drilled) kits for at-home assembly. They will be available from Zenair as factory-assembled units, ready for installation, early next year.

Photo courtesy SportairUSA

A just-released study shows that companies using business aviation outperform those without aircraft. “This study shows what the people in the business aviation community have always known,” said National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) President and CEO Ed Bolen. “A business airplane is the sign of a well-managed company, because business aviation helps companies of all sizes be more efficient, productive and competitive.” “It’s no surprise that America’s bestperforming and most-admired companies rely on business aviation,” added General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) President and CEO Pete Bunce. The study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, concludes: “Business aircraft users had a dominant presence, on average of 92%, among the most innovative, most admired, best brands, and best places to work, as well as dominating the list of companies strongest in corporate governance and responsibility.” The report also finds that business aviation is the only asset capable of accelerating strategic transactions and therefore providing a competitive edge to top-performing companies. “We found that companies using business aircraft outperform non-users across every key financial and non-financial measure of business success,” said the study’s lead author, Michael Dyment, managing director of NEXA Advisors.

Copyright 2009, Flyer Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. editorial Janice Wood, Editor | 888-333-5937 Meg Godlewski, Staff Reporter | 800-426-8538 Contributing Writers Larry W. Bledsoe  • Mark Grady  • Steve Bill Hanshew Max Haynes • J. Douglas Hinton • Dan Johnson Paul McBride • Deborah McFarland • Charles Spence Ben Visser • Bill Walker General Aviation News accepts unsolicited editorial manuscripts and photos but is not responsible for return unless submissions are accompanied by a stamped, selfaddressed envelope.

website to help businesses affected by NACO’s new Chart Agent policy. As of Oct. 5, NACO no longer serves agents that order less than $5,000 a year in aeronautical charts. This change affects the majority (93%) of aeronautical chart sellers, pilot shops, flight schools, and FBOs, according to officials, who say they created the website so affected businesses could order NACO charts at the same price as before.

uuu Cessna has released its new webbased Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course, called a “key component” in its effort “to make flying more accessible and to reenergize pilot training,” according to Tom Aniello, vice president of marketing. First deliveries of Cessna’s LSA, the SkyCatcher, are expected later this year. The first Skycatcher fabricated and assembled on production tooling flew Sept. 17 at the Shenyang Aircraft Co. (SAC) factory in northeast China. SAC is fabricating the fuselage and integrating the U.S.-made engine, systems and avionics. Following shipment to the U.S., the 162s will be reassembled for delivery. Order book for the LSA tops 1,000.,

uuu More than 10 years after moving production abroad, Zenair has returned its research and development, as well as all production of its all-metal light aircraft float kits, to North America. The company will begin deliveries of

uuu Brad Stiefvater of Salem, S.D., became the first customer to complete and fly a Van’s Aircraft RV-12 kit. The Sept. 19 flight took place in Madison, S.D. Reported cost to build was $60,000. The RV-12 is Van’s entry into the LSA market. The two-seat, all-metal airplane is powered by a Rotax 912 engine.

uuu The FAA’s proposed changes for handling traffic in the Hudson River corridor are based on the success of air traffic control at EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, the head of FAA’s air traffic department told a House Aviation Subcommittee Sept. 16. Hank Krakowski reported that Oshkosh safely handles more than 3,000 aircraft movements a day, with pilots following established rules and having minimum contact with air traffic controllers. FAA officials say the rules may be used in other parts of the country, as well.

uuu Air traffic controllers have ratified a new contract, following an intense threeyear battle with FAA officials. The new contract, which covers the National Air Traffic Controllers Association’s air traffic controller, traffic management and NOTAM specialist bargaining units, took effect Oct. 1. NATCA members only voted on a set of new work rules that both NATCA and the FAA agreed to at the negotiating table earlier this year. Other contract items, including pay, were decided through a binding arbitration process.,


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October 9, 2009


New products, new leadership

Lycoming’s new GM has a clear agenda: Growth By JANICE WOOD It’s time for some changes at Lycoming Engines. The past few years were spent stabilizing the company and re-establishing it as a leader in the market. Now it’s time for growth, says Michael Kraft, who recently took over as senior vice president and general manager with the promotion of Ian Walsh to Chief Innovation Officer at parent company Textron. The transition is “going well,” according to Kraft, who notes the company has a great management team. “The work that Ian did also makes it easier to transition. I’ve inherited a stable organization, which allows me to concentrate on my agenda.” And that agenda is summed up in just a few words: “Growth and new product development,” Kraft says. The centerpiece of that growth is the iE2, Lycoming’s electronic engine control system, which was introduced at this summer’s AirVenture. The system is now being tested on a TEO-540-EXPpowered Lancair Evolution. The 350-hp twin-turbocharged TEO-540-A1A is the first iE2 engine model planned for FAA certification. Prior to certification, an experimental version will be available as an option for experimental aircraft. “The logical evolution is to apply the iE2 to other engine models,” Kraft says. “We will address the turbocharged models first, since they are more com-

Photo courtesy Lycoming

General Aviation News

Michael Kraft plicated to fly.” Kraft, who served as Lycoming’s vice president of research, development and engineering before his promotion, emphasizes that the iE2 is “truly a single lever operation, even up to the cowl flap control.” The system provides automated preflight safety checks and automotive start simplicity. It also promises to increase fuel efficiency, reliability, and make alternative fuel consumption possible without major hardware changes, protecting the customer’s investment, Walsh said when he unveiled the technology this summer. As the iE2 was being developed, Lycoming engineers realized that it would have to adapt to new fuels as

100LL is replaced. The software was developed with the ability to adapt to those new fuels, according to Kraft, who explains that the software contains fuel maps for octane ratings and other fuel characteristics that affect timing, power output and other engine functions. “The new technology has multiple fuel map capabilities, so it can be adapted to different fuels,” he says. It also has “closed loop control,” which means that if a fuel with a lower octane rating is put in an engine, that engine can adapt to protect itself, he says. “We don’t know what the next avgas will be, but the technology is there to adapt to the new fuel,” he says. “In a world of uncertainty, this future technology gives an aircraft owner faith that the value of his asset won’t deteriorate.” Lycoming is very active in the search for alternative fuels. It has representatives on the ASTM avgas subcommittee, as well as the synthetic fuels committee. Testing also continues in Lycoming’s unleaded automotive gasoline program for its O-360 and IO-360 engines. The intended fuel is the unleaded 93 AKI automotive gasoline, which conforms to either Euro Norm EN228 or ASTM D4814. Work also continues on Lycoming’s partnership with the FAA and Swift Enterprises to research the use of 100SF, a renewable fuel being developed by Swift Enterprises of West Lafayette, Ind., as a possible replace-

ment for 100LL. Swift Enterprises’ goal is to develop a renewable fuel to replace 100LL without requiring modifications to existing engines. “We’re very active in the search for alternative fuels,” Kraft says. “The legacy fleet is so large and the segment is so dependent on 100LL that any type of migration program off 100LL must consider the economic impact. It will be severe. We estimate it to be in the (Continued on page 13)

ALSO IN THE WORKS Oshkosh also marked the debut of the first IO-233-LSA light sport engine installation. T&T Aviation of Washington, Pa., displayed its Falcon LSA at the Lycoming exhibit. After Oshkosh, on-wing ground, taxi and flight testing with the IO-233-LSA began. The engine is designed to run on gasoline. The company expects to start shipping non-certified IO-233s in the fourth quarter of 2009. Engine certification is slated for the first quarter of 2010. Also getting a lot of attention is the company’s Echelon STC program, which offers powerplant upgrades to customers. “Our philosophy is that there is a great legacy fleet out there,” Kraft says. “People are still active in their aircraft and are opting to upgrade.” The first STC is for the IO-390A1A6, an upgrade for customers now flying with IO-360 engines.

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October 9, 2009

GA economic value website launches Karen Kerrigan of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council, Henry Ogrodzinski, president of the National Association of State Aviation Officials, and Carl Brewer, mayor of Wichita. Brewer was quoted in the Air Capital Insider, a “Wichita Eagle” blog, as saying: “Transportation is part of doing business, no matter where you are in the world. In Business 101, they teach you that time is money.”

By CHARLES SPENCE For General Aviation News

A major step to informing the public of general aviation’s value was taken Sept. 30 when the Alliance for Aviation Across America launched a new website that highlights the economic impact and importance of general aviation and its airports state-by-state across America. Alliance officials hope the new website will help dispel much of the negative media and public opinion general aviation has faced in recent months. The website features a map of the United States. Clicking on a particular state reveals the economic impact GA has in that state. The map details specific jobs, aviation-related businesses in each state, the economic impact this brings, and information about airports in each state. It also includes information on Congressional districts. The Alliance conducted a study over the past six to seven months, gathering

For more information:


data from each state. One of the main objectives, according to Alliance officials, is to inform local communities of how much they gain from their airports and non-airline flying.

Aviation accident rates increase slightly Transportation fatalities in the U.S. decreased by almost 10% in 2008 from 2007, according to preliminary figures from the National Transportation Safety Board. This marks the third consecutive year of decreasing transportation fatalities. However, deaths from aviation accidents increased slightly last year, from 550 to 572. Nearly 87% of those fatalities occurred in GA accidents

(495), which was almost unchanged from the previous year (496). As of July this year, there have been 837 GA accidents, including 159 that resulted in 279 fatalities, according to the latest NTSB data. That compares to 945 accidents for the same time period last year. Of those, 156 accidents resulted in 276 fatalities. For more information:

The Alliance launched its new site with a teleconference attended by several key individuals speaking out on the importance of flying. Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) opened the comments, declaring that Congress has been partly to blame for the negative feelings about general aviation in recent months. He called general aviation a “real plus” for the United States and deplored the incorrect information that has been released about it. He then cited specific examples of how private and business aircraft serve the nation, from helping to keep businesses operating to police and fire work. Others on the teleconference were Niel Ritchie of the League of Rural Voters, Leroy Watson of The National Grange,

According to the Alliance’s economic impact map, there are 5,261 public-use airports that can be directly accessed by general aviation — more than 10 times the number of airports served by scheduled airlines. According to the FAA, there are nearly 600,000 pilots in the U.S. The vast majority of these pilots fly general aviation aircraft. In 2005, a study by Merge Global, Inc. concluded that employment from GA totaled 1.265 million jobs. That same study pegged the national total economic contribution of GA at $150 billion annually. Additional economic impact can be inferred from the nation’s 2,200 charter companies, 4,144 repair stations, and 569 flight schools that were operating 4,653 aircraft at the time of the study. There also were 3,330 FBOs, 18 fractional ownership providers and 261,806 airframe and powerplant specialists.


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October 9, 2009


Buying time Congress passes yet another short-term extension for the FAA By Charles Spence WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congress has once again failed to act on FAA reauthorization and been forced to pass another short-term extension to keep the agency in busiCapital ness. Comments This latest extension, like the several before it, is for three months, expiring Dec. 31. The House was first to act, as it was when okaying the full extension. The Senate never moved on the full extension. Although the Senate had not acted on a temporary extension when this was written, only a miracle could keep the FAA going without it. The reason for the inaction given by the lawmakers is that the health care issue is taking up all the floor time, forcing other discussions to take a back seat — and the Senate wants discussion on FAA reauthorization. Although the President and lawmakers stress the urgency of moving on health care, reports are that even if the Senate version is passed and combined with the House legislation and new health care legislation is finally agreed upon, the new health care laws won’t be effective until the end of next year. Like everything else in government, it is “hurry up and wait.” If and when the Senate passes health care legislation, much discussion will have to take place with the House before it becomes law. There are many important differences

TSA reworking LASP

The Transpor tation Security Administration’s Aviation Security Advisory Committee met recently for the first time in nearly three years to receive updates on security programs affecting airports, cargo and GA. At that meeting, TSA officials indicated that the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) is undergoing revisions based on comments received to the docket and at public hearings. The agency expects to issue a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking in early 2010 detailing the modifications. The industry will then have 60 days to review and submit comments on the new proposal. The controversial LASP would have required airline-like security for GA airplanes weighing 12,500 lbs. or more. For more information:

between the two. Some in town suspect Congress will not get health care legislation passed this year. When the Senate does get around to thinking about issues other than the President’s health care reform — like FAA reauthorization — the issue of user fees will arise. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), chairman of the Commerce Committee, is a strong supporter of user fees and he doesn’t give up easily. The House version, passed last year, does not include user fees. Many Congressional representatives are firmly opposed to user fees, which sets the stage for a heated debate. In addition to the differences over user fees, there are other policy differences. For example, the House bill would allow airports to raise passenger

facility charges from $4.50 to $7 a ticket — something the airports like but the airlines do not. Also, European countries are angry. The House bill directs more U.S. inspections of overseas aircraft repair stations. Another provision of the House bill would make it easier for unions to organize FedEx employees and other non-aviation employees.

GA PROMOTES ITSELF General aviation seems to be finally taking up the issue of public acceptance. The need for it was recognized nearly a half-century ago when manufacturers realized they were selling bigger and more expensive airplanes to the same people. The industry initiated a meager PR program and more aggressive selling,

which helped sales pick up. Another aggressive initiative will be unveiled next month by actor and pilot Harrison Ford at the AOPA Aviation Summit at Tampa. When “USA Today” ran a front-page story opposing tax dollars going to airports that do not have airline passenger service, much of general aviation went into action. Many individuals and most general aviation-affiliated organizations let the newspaper have it between the eyes. The paper did run a letter from AOPA President Craig Fuller — giving it equal space to the anti-GA story — but it also reiterated its own opposition to GA airport funding. Charles Spence is GAN’s Washington, D.C., correspondent.

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Continuing education

Deb McFarland’s March 20 Short Final column, “The Land of Perfect,” was actually, well, perfect! I agree with everything she said. I also mostly lurk on several Yahoo groups and share opinions about the veracity of the information presented. At first, I felt like I had to be the Lone Ranger, responding with a correction to every bit of misinformation, but hey, there is too much of it, so I gave up. In the spirit of full disclosure, let me hasten to add that I am a “pilot from a different era.” I started flying in 1967 and am still doing it. With more than 3,000 hours, I’ve flown everything from ultralights to small slow homebuilts to high performance homebuilts to restored antique/classics to single-engine spam-cans to high performance singles. I once flew coast to coast NORDO in a 200-mph homebuilt BD-8 (no, not a BD-4 or BD-5). I taught myself aerobatics in a Steen Skybolt I built after having read Duane Cole’s book “Roll Around a Point,” scaring myself silly in the process. I’ve performed thousands of slips, spins and other “dangerous” maneuvers. Hopefully, a lot of pilots from this era will read the article and heed the valid points it makes!

New avionics technologies means continuous learning opportunities for all in GA By Paula Derks My son graduates from college in December. His father and I could not be happier. Of course, we are proud he is obtaining a college degree, but I must admit we are more than a Guest Editorial little thrilled that it means no more tuition payments, no more books to be purchased, no more room-and-board expenses to be paid to the university, and no more extracurricular dues and fees, which seem to crop up every semester. What his graduation doesn’t mean, however, is that he can stop studying and learning. We always have told both our son and daughter that graduation from college doesn’t mean a hall pass to closing your mind to continuous learning. Our mantra to them was: If you are to be a wise and productive citizen, you will have a quest to keep learning and exploring until the day you die. Right now, our son is not too interested in our mantra; he simply wants to get through his senior capstone project, get a diploma in hand, and go snow skiing with his buddies as his last big hurrah before his “real world” job awaits him in January. Most of us in the general aviation industry, however, abide by this very discipline of continuing education. Whether we fly for fun, or for a job, or whether we manufacture, install and maintain the equipment helping propel us into the air, we all make the commitment to continue to learn about the world of aviation. As new and exciting avionics technologies make their way into every type of GA cockpit, it means more learning challenges and opportunities — and not just for the pilot. As the president of the Aircraft Electronics Association, it’s exciting to offer our members — the avionics equipment manufacturers and distributors, as well as the government-certified repair stations, more commonly referred to as avionics shops — endless opportunities to receive continuous training on new, state-of-the-art avionics technologies. As members of the AEA, thousands of avionics shop technicians around the globe can take advantage of the many classes, workshops and online training sessions we offer throughout the year. These courses are designed to train technicians on installing, integrating and maintaining the latest avionics systems. Through teaching and hands-on training, these highly skilled individuals learn how to troubleshoot, diagnose, install and

repair these essential systems. Not only are the majority of the AEA’s training programs recognized by the FAA, but our association also recognizes the technicians’ continuous educational accomplishments through our own training awards program, the annual “AEA Avionics Training Excellence” award. To be recognized with the award each year, AEA avionics shops must show proof that every one of their technicians has received some form of AEA-recognized training during the year. Qualified training for the award can be attendance at AEA-sponsored workshops, seminars, the AEA annual convention, or AEA regional meetings. Our online training programs, available through the AEA website (, also count toward the award. In addition, we recognize partnerprovided training, such as classes through Global Jet Services. Par tly in response to the recent changes in the FAA’s Part 145 certified repair station regulations requiring continuous training, the AEA recently built a new headquarters office in Lee’s Summit, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City. The new offices feature a dedicated training classroom for avionics technicians: the Dan Derby Center for Professional Development. Since its inception 18 months ago, the Derby Center has hosted several avionics training classes, industry-specific training sessions, as well as business management topics, all designed with both the avionics shop and the equipment manufacturer in mind. We have opened our classroom doors to technicians from around the world. Future plans for training classes in the new Derby Center include advanced avionics classes, manufacturer-specific product training for their dealers, and round table discussions on topics such as ADS-B implementation, safety management systems, human factors in aviation maintenance, hazardous materials handling, and import/ export rules for avionics. Of course, the AEA takes our show on the road throughout the year, traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the South Pacific, bringing technical training to our members in their own backyards. It is particularly gratifying to meet and witness technicians of all ages and backgrounds eager to learn new advancements in avionics systems. While my son’s degree and career choice is not related to the aviation industry, I can only hope he will continue to have the same thirst for learning as the avionics professionals I have had the pleasure to meet. Paula Derks is president of the Aircraft Electronics Association. To learn more about the AEA and its training programs, go to

October 9, 2009


G. MICHAEL HUFFMAN Lawrenceville, Ga.

Loved Deb McFarland’s piece, “The Land of Perfect.” I fly a Cubcrafters Sport Cub and am an avid practitioner of all those dangerous flying techniques, often with 50° flaps. I also have no problem with NORDO operations and am a firm believer in see and avoid. I wonder if others have the same problem with all those non-slipping pilots who fly extremely wide patterns to avoid any radical maneuvers, such as dangerous slips, while talking excessively on the radio. Sometimes they are so far out that it’s debatable whether they are in the pattern at the same airport. Enjoy Deb’s work and style very much — thank you!





USA TODAY ARTICLE RAISES READER’S IRE Thomas Frank’s article, “Feds keep little-used airports in business” in the Sept. 17 issue of “USA Today” ranks amongst the worst pieces of journalism that I have read in my 56 years! Obviously, he knows little to nothing about general aviation, let alone the aviation industry as a whole. He did not get the picture at all. What makes it worse is that the editor put this piece of garbage on the front page! Sadly, to others who also know little about this subject, it was full of enough facts and figures to sound convincing. It is no wonder why the mainstream media is in trouble these days as they frequently report sensational stories without knowing all the details. Perhaps Mr. Frank should look into the thousands of miles of bike paths that have been built across the country. They are horribly underused. Come to think of it, they have cost the taxpayers plenty. Maybe I am missing something, but I am not aware of a single federal or state license or user fee in place for these feel-good projects. Better yet, based on his misled logic, let’s only have freeways and close the state highways and side roads. STEVE PETRICH submitted online at

October 9, 2009


Changing of the guard Sullenberger and Skiles tapped for Young Eagles PASSING THE BATON: Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger (left), Jeffrey Skiles and Harrison Ford after the announcement that Sullenberger and Skiles will be the new Young Eagles co-chairs.

Photo by Shea Walsh/Associated Press

U.S. Airways Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey Skiles, known for their expert handling of their airliner’s emergency landing in the Hudson River in January, have been named co-chairmen of the EAA Young Eagles Program. Actor and pilot Harrison Ford passed the baton to the new cochairmen late last month after having served for five years as the chairman of the program, which uses aviation to inspire and educate youth. “Harrison and I were delighted when Sully and Jeff agreed to co-chair the program,” said Tom Poberezny, EAA chairman and president, who launched the Young Eagles in 1992. “They were ideal candidates not only because of the skill they demonstrated on that fateful day in January but also — and perhaps more significantly — because of the leadership they’ve shown since that time. They’ve been excellent ambassadors on behalf of aviation.” Ford agreed, saying: “For five years as the program chair, I’ve stressed the program’s message of earned rewards, showing young people that, by disciplining and applying themselves, they can earn marvelous rewards, such as the freedom and thrill of flight. Now, Sully and Jeff will add an emphasis on the value of training, preparation, and teamwork. No one could bring more credibility in sharing these concepts with our youth.” Sullenberger and Skiles accepted the offer to lead the program in discussions with Poberezny and Ford that took place during this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. “After having the opportunity to learn more about the EAA Young Eagles Program while I was in Oshkosh, Jeff and I were inspired to get involved,” Sullenberger said. “Co-chairing the program is an opportunity that I welcome. Jeff and I are honored to take the stick from Harrison Ford, who has gracefully guided the program for the past five years.” For Skiles, a rekindled enthusiasm for flight fueled his acceptance of the co-chair role. “I’m grateful to EAA and the AirVenture Oshkosh convention for allowing me to fall in love with aviation for a second time in my life,“ Skiles said. “I’m eager to share this passion with young people and encourage their participation in aviation.” Now in its 17th year, Young Eagles has given first-flight experiences to nearly 1.5 million kids, thanks to the

Young Eagles Program chairs were: Oscar-winning actor and pilot Cliff Robertson (1992-1993) and aviation legend Chuck Yeager (1994-2003). volunteer efforts of 42,000 EAA member pilots and countless supporters

around the globe. In addition to Ford, previous EAA


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reat e

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October 9, 2009

Position Report: Avionics What do GA pilots need to know about ADS-B? By JANICE WOOD General Aviation News

It’s been called the future of aviation. But what exactly is ADS-B and, perhaps more importantly, what does the average GA pilot need to know to prepare for that future? Called the cornerstone of the NextGen air traffic control system, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a combination ground- and aircraft-based satellite communications tracking network. Instead of using radar data to keep aircraft at safe distances from one another, signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System provide air traffic controllers and pilots with much more accurate information that help keep aircraft safely separated in the sky and on runways. Pilots viewing ADS-B cockpit displays are able to see, in real time, their location in relation to other aircraft, bad weather and terrain. In Southwest Alaska, the first place to get ADS-B, the fatal accident rate for ADS-B-equipped aircraft dropped by 47%. Besides Alaska, ADS-B is already operational in Florida, Kentucky and other Midwest areas. By the end of this year, it will be deployed in the Gulf of Mexico, where radar could never be installed. The FAA plans to deploy the system nationwide by 2013 and will require all aircraft flying in Class A, B, and C airspace, plus all airspace above 10,000 feet msl, to install ADS-B Out, by 2020. One of the expected benefits of ADS-B is a shift in responsibility for keeping safe distances between aircraft from controllers to pilots who will have displays in their cockpits pinpointing all the traffic around them, along with local weather displays. But what are those displays and how much are they going to cost you? While most of the avionics manufacturers are working on products for ADS-B, the final rule has not been approved. That approval is expected later this year. “Aircraft will have to have some type of transmitter on the ADS-B assigned frequencies, but there is no requirement for a receiver or display for the airborne aircraft,” said Brad Miller, service manager for Gulf Coast — Garmin’s Avionics. “It will be expensive for most GA flyers. They will have to have some type of ADS-B transmitter (an extended squitter transponder, traffic transmitter/receiver or dedicated ADS-B transmitter) and WAAS GPS for position input to the

transmitter.” ADS-B will greatly enhance situational awareness for pilots, added Bill Moffitt, vice president of sales at NavWorx, a Rowlett, Texas-based company founded in 2007 to provide affordable ADS-B products to general aviation. “The delivery of traffic and flight information services, such as graphical weather and TFRs, will be universally available and delivered direct to the cockpit.” NavWorx already sells ADS-B receivers for $1,495 and will be selling an ADS-B transceiver for $2,495, said Moffitt, who noted “those prices will remain in place when we achieve Technical Standards Order (TSO) certification.”

For more information:,,,,

THE LATEST NEWS Industry leader Garmin unveiled its ADS-B solutions at this summer’s AirVenture: GTS 800 and GTS 820 traffic advisory systems (TAS) and the GTS 850 traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS I). “The GTS series incorporates ADS-B In technology, which is one of the cornerstones of the FAA’s NextGen program,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing. “As ADS-B coverage improves worldwide, the expanded capabilities of the GTS system will be realized. We’re ready for the NextGen system.” There are three distinct configurations for the GTS series at three different price points. All GTS series products include Garmin’s new CLEAR CAS (Correlated Location Enhanced ADS-B Receiver Collision Avoidance System) technology, a hybrid system that provides realtime information that is independent of radar-based air traffic control, Garmin officials note. CLEAR CAS combines active and passive surveillance data, including 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B data. In the future, the system can provide enhanced information about a target Gary Kelley aircraft including flight ID, altitude, velocity and direction. The products are expected to be available in the fourth quarter. Prices range from $9,995 to $23,495. FreeFlight Systems is another company offering

“We’re ready for the NextGen system.”

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ADS-B solutions. The Waco, Texas-based company’s ADS-B Out System combines a 978 MHz data radio with its TSO-certified 1201 or 1203 GPS/WAAS sensor, dual antennas, and compact control head. It will provide pilots with WAAS positional accuracy, along with the ability to broadcast ADS-B Out aircraft position information, said company officials, who note the design provides an upgrade path for ADS-B In and its associated benefits, including Traffic Information Service-Broadcast (TIS-B) and Flight Information ServiceBroadcast (FIS-B). “Our ADS-B solution requires minimal changes to the existing cockpit,” said Tim Taylor, president. “We understand that cost and time implications are a real concern, especially for those flying in non-radar airspace where ADS-B promises greater efficiency and safety.” The ADS-B Out System, expected to be available in the third quarter of this year, will be manufactured under a TSO and certified and installed under an STC.

1026 26th Ave. NW, #A Gig Harbor WA 98335 Tacoma Narrows Airport FAA Approved Repair Station #FP4R188M

The FAA has just received a report from the RTCA task force, which gives the agency a short list of recommendations that can be implemented between now and 2018 to “improve the performance of the national airspace system during the transition” to NextGen, said task force Chairman Steve Dickson, senior VP-flight operations for Delta Airlines. The task force recommends a building-block approach based on deploying available capabilities, rather than on accelerating future technologies, because “users cannot afford to invest without getting a return on their investment,” he added. RTCA, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit corporation, organized in 1935 as the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. It develops recommendations on communications, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management system issues. Its recommendations are used by the FAA as the basis for policy, program, and regulatory decisions and by the private sector as the basis for development, investment and other business decisions. RTCA includes about 335 government, industry and academic organizations from the United States and around the world, including the FAA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, National Business Aviation Association, Garmin International, Stanford University, Lockheed Martin, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, NASA, and others. For more information:

October 9, 2009


Wide deck vs. narrow deck How can you tell the difference? By Paul McBride Before I tackle this question, I want to pass along my heartiest congratulations to those who caught my mistake in the July 24 ar ticle, “Which cylinder is Ask where?” P aul If I told you I intentionally stated that our friends at Continental number their cylinder locations the same as Lycoming just to see if people actually read what I write, you’d think I was pulling your leg. I didn’t do it intentionally and it was a mistake. I know it probably comes as a shock that someone in today’s world would readily admit to a mistake, but there it is and, who knows, maybe I’ll set a new trend for government and corporate America that it’s OK to admit you made a mistake rather than ignore it or blame someone else. With this, I hope I can reestablish the integrity I believe I once had in the industry I love so much. I recently received a question from a friend of a friend in Texas regarding the difference between a “Narrow Deck” and a “Wide Deck” Lycoming engine. This has been confusing to many, so let’s see if I can shed some light on the subject. The difference between a Narrow Deck (ND) and a Wide Deck (WD) configured engine is easily determined by checking the specific engine serial number. The WD serial numbers end (Continued from page 7)

billions of dollars. Lycoming’s position is that there needs to be a migration program. “The new technology can help, but the economic impact will be considerable however we move forward,” he continues. The company has been very active in letting pilots know about these efforts by holding forums at fly-ins, flying club gatherings and at shows like Oshkosh, he adds. The new head of Lycoming also would like pilots to know that the while things are changing at the company, it is change for the good. “The Lycoming reputation is built upon a bullet-proof scenario,” he says. “Pilots can count on Lycoming, which produces a very predictable powerplant.” That predictability created a per-

with the suffix “A,” such as L-0000-36A on an O-360 series WD compared to L-0000-36 on a ND. There are a few exceptions to this, such as the O-320-H series and O-360-E series, neither of which have the suffix “A” but still contain WD cylinders. The design of these cylinders is considerably different from conventional engines, so there shouldn’t be any confusion once you’ve looked at them. The rocker arm configuration alone would be enough to alert you that they are not interchangeable with a standard cylinder. One of the most noticeable differences is that WD cylinders are retained to the crankcase using a standard hex nut, while a ND cylinder utilizes a barrel type, internal spline nut with a “banana plate” that is installed over the cylinder flange for additional integrity. The best way to tell the difference is to set a ND cylinder and a WD cylinder side-by-side on a work bench. The difference you’ll spot right off the bat is the thickness of the flange. This is considered the “deck” and the WD is thicker. My guess is that this design came about when Lycoming began to increase the horsepower and compression ratios of its engines. Prior to the WD cylinder, most engine compression ratios were 7.30:1, with none higher than 8.70:1. This, coupled with the fact that most TBO times were no more than 1,200 hours, worked out just fine. The WD cylinder was one of the things that allowed Lycoming to increase the engine TBO times over a period of time. In 1963, when Piper introduced the PA-30 Twin Comanche, it used

two IO-320-B1A engines, which used the new WD configuration. There was never a PA-30 delivered with anything but a WD engine. That set the stage and the WD cylinder was phased in on other Lycoming engine models from that point. In the eyes of the FAA there is no difference between a ND and a WD engine in any of the Type Certificate Data Sheets. Therefore, it’s conceivable that on a Piper Navajo PA-31 you could have a TIO-540-A2C WD engine on the left and a TIO-540-A2C ND engine on the right. Can a WD engine replace a ND engine? The answer is yes. You will probably have to trim some of the engine baffling to fit over the slightly larger WD cylinders, but this can be accomplished while still maintaining the proper fit for the cooling requirements of those baffles. What you can’t do as easily is install a ND engine in place of a WD engine unless you’ve got a “baffle stretcher,” which I’ve never even heard of, let alone seen, but you get my point. Since I mentioned the TIO-540 series engines, I’ll alert you to one small thing when swapping a ND engine for a WD engine on this series. You must be aware that the prop governor gear drive ratio is different between these two configurations. This doesn’t cause any problems as long as you advise the facility that is overhauling the prop governor so it can make the necessary changes internally in the governor. This may apply to other six-cylinder engine models, but none come to mind right now, so I’d suggest if you are

ception about the company as being “conservative in product development,” he acknowledges. “I think pilots will now see that bullet-proof product with the new

technology wrapped around it,” he says. “I’m quite certain that it’s going to be an exciting ride in the future and Lycoming wants to be on that ride.”

“In the eyes of the FAA there is no difference between a Narrow Deck and a Wide Deck engine.”

For more information:

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800-462-7605 e-mail:

2865 AIRPORT DRIVE � ERIE, CO 80516 FAX: 303-665-7164 FAA/EASA CRS FR6R545N


confronted with this situation, contact either the prop governor overhaul facility or Lycoming Product Support before the work begins. Paul McBride, recognized worldwide as an expert on engines, retired after almost 40 years with Lycoming. Send your questions to:

14 Aero Commander - 1000 1974 ROCKWELL Commander 112A, 790TT/SMOH. One owner. $67,750. West One Air. 208-455-9393 Aeronca - 1050 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING Hundreds of FAA-PMA’d parts. Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, fax 800-457-7811, CITABRIA, AERONCA Scout, Decathlon, salvage, surplus, 5-ply birch formers, gear legs straightened, repair, wing inspection kits. RAINBOW 509-765-1606,/fax 1616. American Champion - 1190 2001 SCOUT 8GCBC 325TT, EDM-700, King 196 Com, Garmin 150 GPS, GMA-340 audio-panel, L/R tanks and spades, xpdr, $120,000. 775-772-9179.

General Aviation News 1948 C-140, 125hp, O-290. $28,750. West One Air. 208455-9393, Cessna 150 - 1904 1968 C-150H, TT-4737, SMOH-650, 300 NavCom, King xpdr, strobe, autogas, Emron paint, shoulder harness, Complete rebuild 2007. $28,950. 360-683-9175, 360461-9007. GOING LSA, must sell Cessna 150R, 3540 TT, 1693 SMOH. Michel Nav/Com, Bendix xpdr,DVOR, intercom, interior 8, exterior 8, $15,000. Lloyd 435-616-0327. BUYING OR FLYING A CESSNA 150/152? Read the complete, authoritative guide! Second Printing! Officially endorsed by the 150/152 Club! Fly safer, save thousands. You’ll love it! Cessna 152 - 1905 1978 C-152 one radio, one xpdr. 10,000 TTAF, 4,000 SMOH. Nice interior. Paint is great. No corrosion. $16,500. 360-786-8333. 1978 C-152. One radio, one xpdr, TTAF 9309, SMOH 3055. Nice clean airplane, no corrosion. $16,500. 360786-8333. Cessna 170/175/177 - 1906

2000 SCOUT, model 8GCBC, 125TT, 180HP, IFR, mode C, apollo GPS#55, hangared since new, strobes, showroom condition! A steal $115,000.Call Ron 503559-3191, 79 BELLANCA Scout 900TTAF&E, 180HP Lycoming CS prop int SL40 com, King GPS/com, LR tanks, Garmin 320 xpdr, EL fuel flow, VG’s, NDH. Complete logs. West Mt and NE Oregon since new. Hangared since new. $65,000. 208-413-3210. Mick. 1998 8GCBC Scout, 448-TTAFE&P, 2-bl CS, King IFR cert, 70gal., VG’s, PMA6000M audio-panel w/IC, engheat, NDH, 4/10 annual, maroon/tan, $99,800, will-deliver, split-expenses. NV/775-322-2929. Aviat - 1400 AVIAT HUSKIES 2005 thru 2008 used, new ‘08 amphib, taking 2009 orders. Jim Taylor, McCreery Aviation, 956686-1774. Beech Bonanza - 1505 1957 H-35, 10989-TTAF, 294-SFRM, IO520BA, full IFR certified, GAMI injectors, GEM monitor, dual yoke, BDS tip tanks, GNS 430W coupled to STEC-50, $90,000, 717-642-9886. 1966 V-35 TT 6985, 920-SFRM, 60-STOH w/new Cont cylinders. KMA-24, KX-155 w/GS, KY-96, KNS-80, KR87, KT-76, GX-55. Annual 3/09. Good paint & leather upholstery. Asking $85,000. 541-447-1118. 7am-5pm PDT. 1951 BONANZA C35, SFRM 450, Garmin (530,SL30, 340,327), STEC 30, tip tanks, complete log, No corrosion, rated 8-9. Bob 253-335-3944. Beech Debonair - 1510 1961 BEECH Debonair B-33. 1/3 ownership for sale. Based and maintained at Flightcraft in PDX. Call for Brochure. Jim 360-991-6880. Beech Sierra - 1525 BEAUTIFUL RED and White 1975 SIERRA 2337TT, 352SMOH, full-IFR, $59,999. Will trade for Real Estate, RV/or ??. 360-438-8811, cell/ 360-481-7171. Beech Baron - 1602 1976 E55 Baron 4000-TTAF, 800-SFRM-LH, 400SFRM-RH, 600-SNEW 3bl props, GAMI’s, KFC-200 w/yaw, full King pkg w/KLN-90B, 6seats, leather, 166 gallons, deliver w/fresh annual & AD 2008-13-17 completed, NDH, open to reasonable offers 541-296-1897 Beech Duke - 1606

1973 177B 180 HP TBO. Good compression. 8 in & out. Fresh annual, powerflow exhaust. $50,000 OBO. Call Gary 360-731-8088. ‘68 CESSNA Cardinal, 4790 TT, Lyc O-320-E2D engine 1086 SN, Powerflow exhaust, King 170B, MXll w/VOR. Marker beacon, AT150 xpdr w/enc, 4pl intercom. $27,500/obo, Auburn WA, Dick/253-852-5914. 1954 C-170B, 3717TT, 211SMOH, Narco AT-150 xpdr, Narco MK-12D Nav/com, Loran, Scott tail-wheel, Clevelands, 8.50X6 tires, Annual-5/09. $42,000/OBO. 360446-6234, IRVPAL@YAHOO.COM 1978 177RG SN:177RG1334 N53061 1760TT, orig. Eng. Beautiful A/C. IFR, GPS, SS, Eng Anal w/fuel flow. New paint & leather int. 1998. Stroke victim. Quitting Flying. Emptying Hangar. For pics and equip:

Cessna 172 - 1907

1977 C-172N, 2670-TTAF, 1420-TTE O-360 Lyc-180hp, all logs, flybuddy-GPS, DME, full-IFR, NDH. CSP, new annual, Hangared Bandon OR, $59,000. 907-305-3056. 1962 172C 4118 TT, 433 SMOH by Mattituck. Fresh annual. KX125 radio. Narco AT150 xpdr. One sweet airplane! $27,900. 360-681-4965 1973 C-172M, IFR, NDH, 1400 hr eng, 3800 AF, very good condition, always hangared, fresh annual, $38,000. Bremerton WA 360-297-1324. 1968 CESSNA 172. Lycoming E2D. 840 SMOH. 5415 TTAF. IFR. Autofuel. Hangared, dry Eastern WA. Very nice. $38,000. 509-662-5438. 1968 C-172, lowtime AF, 200hrs eng, Horton STOL, full King stack, King KX155 w/GS, xpdr/enc, leather interior, $45,000, 503-838-5286, 800-831-6513. 1957 C-172. Excellent ciondition! 250SMOH on O-300D engine, Garmin-250 XL, GPS, Shadin fuel-flo EGT, Horton-STOL and More! $34,500. Call 253-863-2493. 1977 C-172N, 4700TT, 38SMOH, Horton factory float-kit. MX-300/GS, KMD-150 GPS, articulating seats, exc mech/logs, $52,500, 208-587-3585, cell 208-629-6272. 1965 C-172, 4,495TT, 1349SMOH, 4STOP, always hangared, newer paint, refurbished interior, Airmap GPS, MX-11 Com, King-xpdr, King KX-150B. $25,000. 253847-2022. 1979 C-172 180 conversion, 6,600 TT, 150 since factory new engine. Nice aircraft. $64,950. Call Bill at 916-9911725.

—  800.426.8538 1960 C-172 4400 TT, 600 SMOH. $22,500. Call Bill at 916-991-1725. Cessna 180/185 - 1908 1953 C-180 4400TT, 370SMOH. 84-gals., P-Ponk, leather interior, camera hole w/28V system, fact. oxy. original wheel pants, Sharp! $75,000. 772-971-5157. C-180A, HORTON STOL, 290hrs on Texas Skyway O470U eng/prop, Garmin IFR-GPS, dual EGT, Topline radios, many extras, new paint/leather int, always hangared, very clean, $99,950, 702-723-5427 702-228-5982. LOOKING FOR a Skywagon? Four 180/185s to choose from! Floats, Skis, Wheels, Cargo Pods. Wing-X!!! $75K$116K. Keenan 907-243-1966. C-185A 3797TT, eng 2318, SMOH 1349, 4-6 seater. Basic cockpit, tight, clean, solid, reliable worker. 11-12 GPH. 406-544-2195. $99,000. Cessna 182 - 1909 1973 SKYLANE, 3300 TT, 1775 SMOH, 450 SPOH, Narco Mk12D, KT-76A, ADF, Apollo loran, LRT, recent fuel bladders, $45,500, 650-515-0943. 1962 CESSNA Skylane 182E SMOH- 0618.4. Excellent paint and interior, hangared. Asking $53,000. cell 479970-2208. 1969 C-182 4550 TT, 650 SFRM. Nice paint and interior. $68,500. Call Bill at 916-991-1725. 1959 CESSNA 182B straight tail classic w/cowl flaps, 5580-TT, 1164-SMOH, O-470L, Western Skyways Gold Seal, 500-SPOH, Garmin GNC-250XL Com/GPS, Flybuddy-GPS, KY97A-Com, KA134 audio-panel, AT50xpdr/C, VG’s, P&I-1995, $48,500. NV/775-322-2929. 1976 CESSNA 182P, 512 SMOH, hangared, fresh annual, Garmin 430 GPS, Garmin & King radios, $116,000, 603-787-6771. 1960 SKYLANE, 5350+ TT,1170-SMOH, 150-SPOH, P&I 9, Garmin135A GPS/com, King KX170A VOR w/GS, Apollo SL70 xpdr, EGT/CHT, cowl/manual flaps. slant tail, Horton STOL, aileron/ flap-gap seals, leading edge cuff wingtips, stall fences, 4-pl intercom, ext baggage, May annual. $49,000, will take medium size motor home partial trade, must have slide-out, Ron/509-750-7225. 1968 SKYLANE 182LTT4875, 631SMOH. Custom blueprinted, balanced eng. w/roller tapetts, Smooth!!! STOL kit, VG generators, oversize front landing-gear, Electronic Intl. eng-analyzer, Stec 40AP. Rosen-visors, Bass harness, elec aileron trim, 2-NavComs, GS, 3 LMB, xpdr.w/enc,ADF, Garmin 100GPS, 296GPS, LR tanks, IFR, eng heat, many extras. Extensive annual Jan.09 ,always maintainted&hangared over 23 yrs by same owner. red/yellow over white, nice airplane, ready to fly! Lost med. $70,000, consider trade for real estate, or interesting antique cars. John, 530-527-2958. Cessna 200 Series - 1912 “3” CESSNA 210’s. “P” 4 sale. Cessna 300 Series - 2005 1971 310Q Turbo, IFR, full de-ice, VG’s, hangared. $89,750. WestOneAir. 208-455-9393. 1963 C-310 IFR, GPS, A/P, 650 SMOH. Very Nice! $55,750. 208-455-9393, C-340A, New engines, props, avionics, paint and interior. 1/4 Share available. Hangared in BIL. Call for details. 406-670-9643. THREE CESSNA 310’s 4 sale. C320B 1964 2940-TTAF engines lower-end OHl with prop-OH. S-Tech 60-2 coupled A/P. Fresh annual. Priced to sell. $65,000, 704-236-4093 Cessna - 2020

DUKE: BEST piston airplane Beech built. 147hrs on 0time engine. Everything new under the cowling. Excellent condition! Must sell. Lost medical. Call 517-740-8141. Bellanca - 1650

CESSNA WING rebuilding, using factory jigs. CRS #UDIR892K. Aircraft Rebuilders 2245 SO. Hwy 89, Perry UT 84302 435-723-5650. Cessna Parts - 2030

1976 VIKING 1300TT, 300hp Turbo Lyc. Looks like new. Wholesale price. See at Oshkosh Booth#459. Vic’s Aircraft Sales. 701-293-8362. Cessna 120/140 - 1902

BEECH/CESSNA Control surfaces reskinned on jigs Call for quotes. West Coast Wings 707-462-6822.

LOST MEDICAL 1946 C-140 TTAF-7022, 877 SMOH, Cont.O-200, STC-autogas, climb-prop, strobes, Clevelands, xpdr, encoder, new windshield & cover. $18,000. 406-253-3214.

October 9, 2009 SELKIRK AVIATION Inc. has FAA approval on composite cowlings for all Cessna 180, 185 and years 1956 to 1961 Cessna 182 planes. Also interior panels, extended bag kits, glare shields and nose bowl for most C-170 to U206 models. Contact or 208664-9589. Champion Parts - 2055 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING. Hundreds of FAA-PMA’d parts Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, FAX 1-800-457-7811, Citabria - 2150 1968 CITABRIA 7KCAB, IO-320, 150hp, inverted fuel, 3090 TT, 865-TSOH, 07/09 annual, $30K, Ceconite fabric, Imron paint, always hangared, 360-243-7388. CITABRIA, AERONCA Scout, Decathlon, salvage, surplus, 5-ply birch formers, gear legs straightened, repair, wing inspection kits. RAINBOW 509-765-1606/fax 509765-1616, Citabria Parts - 2155 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING. Hundreds of FAA-PMA’d parts Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, FAX 1-800-457-7811, DeHavilland - 2400

1956 DEHAVILLAND BEAVER, 5hours since stunning new paint and leather interior. SN-994. 12,100TTSN, 830since Covington Major. 20hours on 3-bladed Hartzell Wipline 6000-Amphibs. $465,000 with free delivery in North America. (just more opportunity for me to fly it). Ron, TX/806-662-5823-cell; 1956 DHC-2 Beaver, SN 1031, TT 15274, TSMOH 1141, Edo 4930 floats, 135 ready, many mods. Call Don at 907-789-2142 for specifications and installed equip. $330,000/OBO. DEHAVILLAND BEAVER 4 sale. Emigh Trojan - 2530 EMIGH TROJAN A-2 Serial# 22, 1518TT, 170STOH, C85, airframe/ engine perfect. Needs glass/seats, paint, last flown 4-01. $10,000. 707-4460930. Ercoupe - 2550 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING Thousands of type Certificated parts direct from our factory. Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, FAX 1800-457-7811, Grumman - 2850 1976 GRUMANN Tiger, 3409.6-TT, 1412.7-SMOH, 2 KX-170B, KTA-76 and KMA-20, Garmin 296 and 95 XL, AP, CHT, EGT $45,750, 530-263-4497. Howard - 3020 1943 HOWARD DGA 15P, 3673-TT, PW985 946SMOH by Aero, Jobmaster conversion, LH door, gross weight increase 2126 useful, Cleveland wheels and brakes, Jasco alternator, 6pl intercom, Edo 6470 floats, $125,000, possible trade C-180,182,185, 907-376-8052. Luscombe - 3300 1949 LUSCOMBE 8A, 85hp, 25 gallons, 1591 AF, 242 SMOH. Fair paint, good interior, climb prop. $20,000, 541-686-8619.

CESSNA WINGS REBUILT ON JIGS BEAUTIFUL STRAIGHT Tail 172. IFR, 4800 TT, 750 SMOH, dual Nav Com w/GS, 3 lite MB, Mode C, intercom, DME, 195 GPS, alt static, alt vac, alternator, heated pitot, new tires BAS harnesses, spin-on oil filer, autogas STC, 1 pc windshield, push brkrs. New plush interior, fresh annual. Nice 7.5 gph flyer. Hangared at Sunriver Oregon. $29,500 firm, 541-419-0147,

FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING. Hundreds of FAA-PMA’d parts for 120-185.Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888433-5433, info 303-375-8882, FAX 1-800-457-7811,

LUSCOMBE AIRPLANE “WIN ME” drawing. 1/$40; 3/$100; 10/$300. and IRS 501C3 organization. 480-650-0883.

October 9, 2009 Luscombe - 3300 LUSCOMBE SUPPORT: Parts, PMA, NOS, used; knowledgable technical help. 480650-0883. Luscombe Parts - 3310 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING Hundreds of FAA-PMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d parts. Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, fax 800-457-7811, Maule - 3400 MAULE AK WORLDWIDE has various MAULES for sale at competitive prices. High performance 3&2 blade props, floats, etc. 707-942-5934, Piper Cherokee Series - 3806 1963 PA-28-235, 2151TTAF. 1196SMOH, IFR-equipped, new 3-bl prop w/25hrs, new alt/gov, new tires on main, one owner last 37yrs, always hangared, $55,000. Also 2bl prop OHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d, and Tri-Pacer parts. 208-746-1432, cell/208-750-5011. 1963 PIPER Cherokee 160 HP, IFR, 2800 TT, 250 SMOH. Excellent condition. $27,750. 208-455-9393 1967 CHEROKEE Six, 260hp, King-avionics, 2-KX55â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s NavCcom, STEC-50-A/P, G/S, MB, recent-int, nice-paint, strikefinder. Many-extras. Will-take trades. Wholesale price. 701-293-8362.

MAULE M-4-145, 2180-TTAF&E, 140-SMOH, ext-8, new interior, patroller doors, KX-170B, KT-76A, Feb annual. Collector classic, sell or trade. 406-245-7250, Mooney - 3500 1967 MOONEY M20C, TTAF3900, 200SMOH,SPOH-81, Hartzell-prop, IFR, 180hp, new paint/glass. Late modelstyling, xpdr, w/take trades. $55,000.Wholesale Price. 701-293-8362, 1967 MOONEY M20F, 4350-TT, 700-SMOH, 5hrsSNprop, NDH, nice-paint, good-interior, speed-mods, 160-kts. $45,900. Nice looking, fast, well-maintained in Ogden/Utah. 250-490-7921,

1968 PA28R-180 TT-5215, SMOH-1007, SPOH-570, Apollo GX-50, full-FR. Beautiful new interior. Stand-by vacuum. Oil-separator, heater, engine-cover, hangared, paint-7, $44,000. Maine/207-786-9303. 1968 PIPER Cherokee 235C TT-1937, Narco audio-panel, 4-pl intercom, Narco-xpdr, elec-trim, AP, Narco DME, $69,500. Wholesale Price. Details: 701-293-8362 Piper Comanche - 3809 1960 COMANCHE 250 3154 TT, IFR cert. Center stack radios, 3-blade prop, tip-tanks, speed-mods, Gap-seals. Best one around. $59,950. 509-993-7888.


1962 COMANCHE 250. 3842TTAF, 1312 SMOH, custom panel, Cent 2000, dual KX155, 3-bl, leather, many upgrades. $49,995. 503-318-5620. 1971 COMANCHE 260TC N9459P. 3200-TT, 1700SMOH. Factory-turbos/oxy. King-GPS, DME, ADF, Piper AP, KX175â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Apollo audio-panel. $94,500/obo. Charles. 503-681-4626, 503-799-3210, Piper J Series - 3818

2009 LEGEND CUB, certified S-LSA. J3 or PA-11 style 100hp, built to your specifications. From $109.9K. Order today. 903-885-7000. Piper Saratoga - 3822

RELIANT AVIATION. Mooney parts/ service since 1972. Large inventory. Toll Free 877-758-3232. Fax 541-9288356. Email North American - 3680

1990 PIPER Saratoga SP, 1570-TT, clean, one owner, hangared (ttd), King equipped, HSI. Pics, details in Controller. Carric Scott 503-539-1123. Piper Tri-Pacer - 3826 1953 TRI-PACER PA22-135hp, 2898 TTAF, 487 SMOH, 448 SRecover. Auto-fuel, sealed struts, hangared, 08/2009 Annual. $19,500 CA/530-410-1893.

Piper Single - 3800

NEW CONTROL LOCK for Pipers! Holds the ailerons neutral and the stabilizer down. Installs in seconds, weighs 3oz., easy to store. Only $39.95. Airplane Things, Inc, 866-365-0357 or see at Piper Archer - 3802 1976 PIPER Archer 181, 2000 SFRMAN, 7400TTSN, Garmin 150 GPS, King digital IFR, Original P&I, NDH, $34,950. CA/ 510-783-2711.

FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING. Thousands of Type Certificated parts direct from our factory Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, FAX 1800-457-7811, Taylorcraft Parts - 4605 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING FAA-PMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d approved parts. Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303375-8882, FAX 1-800-457-7811, Experimentals - 5300

1957 PA22 150 Tripacer, TT-2382, SMOH-1881.9, All ADâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s complied with. New annual, new a/c battery. Compression 79/77/79/77. Sealed struts. KLX-135A GPS/ Com w/new battery, TX-170B Com/Nav, KT-76 TSO xpdr w/mode-C, 9-gph rich, 6gph-lean. Good VFR timebuilder and a nice old lady. $19,000. 509-674-5870. 1957 PA22-20-150, TTAF 3122, TTE 1844, SMOH 322, King KX175 NavCom, Narco-50A, Stits fabric, always hangared, nice airplane. $21,500 360-692-3421 Piper Warrior - 3838 1976 PIPER WARRIOR II 151, 628 SMOH, 4490 TTSN, King VFR, complete logs, NDH. $29,950. CA/ 510-7832711. Piper Twin Comanche - 3914 1964 PA-30 Comanche 4690TT, 40/1050-SMOH, 40SPOHâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Knots-2U speed-mods, VGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, high-performance wingtips, 1-piece-W/S, Rosens, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;96-paint/int/windows. $69,500. Will-take trades. Whole-sale-price. ND/701293-8362. Piper Parts - 3920 FREE UNIVAIR INVENTORY LISTING Thousands of FAA-PMAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d and original Piper parts for J-3 through PA22 and PA-25. Contact: UNIVAIR, 2500 Himalaya Rd, Aurora CO 80011-8156. Toll free 1-888-433-5433, info 303-375-8882, FAX 1-800-457-7811, LOTS TRI-PACER, Colt Airframe Parts. Rich Waldren 503-538-7575.

The ONLY Certified LSA Amphib Light Sport Aircraft - 5620

2006 RANS S-6S COYOTE II- FOR SALE OR TRADE$48,500 OBO. For pictures/specs contact owner 360459-0086 or

AIRCRAFT GRADE FINLAND BIRCH PLYWOOD Best Prices, Call Toll Free for FREE price list, 800-222-7853 B & D International, Inc, Tacoma, WA. Now order on line: PARTIAL SONEX kit, wings ready to skin. flaps, ailerons, rudder, stabilizer complete. Material to finish fuselage, also tools. 916-723-6994.

The Express Series 2000

Tomorrows aircraft that you can build today!


NEW REMOS GX, loaded, substantial price-reduction, GX@G3 price. Dynon-EFIS/EMS, Garmin496GPS, autopilot, ballistic-chute, TIS, leather, $143,825. Rocky Mountain Sport Aviation, CO/303-841-2400. Airport Equipment - 6300


VOLMER VJ-22, less engine. With Trailer. $7500. 509-750-7225.

'""$&35*'*&%t"5$$"--#"$,$"1"#-& AVTECH MARKETING, INC. 612.377.6976

Nieuport 11 7/8 scale. Owned by Blackhawk pilot, Erik Kesterson, KIA Mosel Iraq 11/03. MJ or Clay 503-6062765, 503-930-9097, $13,500

Announcements - 6375

1946 PIPER J-3, Cont 85, electric starter, strobe on tail. disassembled, NDH, no paperwork, new windshield, $27,000, 570-696-1305, Bernie.

MOONEY'S LARGEST Factory Authorized Parts Service Center. Large supply of discontiued parts. Lone Star Aero, 888-566-3781, fax 210-979-0226.

1945 NORTH AMERICAN P51D Mustang, 1305TTSN, 135SMOH by Nixon, Rolls Royce Merlin 1650-7 with transport heads. Dual-controls. New Martin-radiator, new hoses, new tubes new hydraulics, fresh annual. $2,145,000, will accept Harvard or AT6 on partial trade. Ron Fernuik 806-662-5823;

Stinson - 4455 1947 STINSON 108-1, 1808-TT, 485-SMOH, King-135A, Clevelands, metal prop, Ceconite, auto STC, fresh annual 2009, always hangared, REDUCED $16,500, MN/218-586-2492.

CHINOOK+ 2. 20-TT. Bad back. Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Fly. Hirth 65hp3-bl-BRS. Beautiful! Cost $23,000 to build. 1st $15,000. Gary 253-863-9466, Fax-253-863-3304.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I SOLD my Mooney one week after the buyer saw it advertised in GAN.â&#x20AC;? .............................CB, Tacoma Washington,

Lasar Plane Sales, service, parts, engine work, mods, upholstery, avionics, etc. Servicing your Mooney needs since 1966. Free Mooney buyers guide or mod brochure: Email: PARTS: 800-954-5619 or 707-263-0581 OFFICE 707-263-0412 FAX 707-263-0420 LASAR PLANE Sales has many Mooneys on consignment. Call for info & free Mooney Buyers Guide, 707263-0452, Fax: 707-263-0472. See us on the internet:, email:


2000 AMD ZENITH CH-2000, Lyc.O-235, TTAF-3200, SMOH-1118, STOH-5, Garmin-430, GTX-327, intercom, MB, annual-11/08, IFR-209, NDH, ADâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s-current. $43,500. Jay 904-642-9683

PLEASE DONATE your aircraft, engines, avionics, aviation equipment. We provide Humanitarian Air Service World Wide. Donations tax deductible. 800-448-9487. Apparel & Equipment - 6385


0,!.3&/2 TheAviator



UĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â?`Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160;7Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;-Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;}Â?iÂ&#x2021;-i>Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC; UĂ&#x160;7Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2DC;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;ÂŁÂ&#x2122;Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x201C;Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; iĂ&#x192;Â&#x2C6;}Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;



The AV-SUNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S are sunglasses with reading bifocals designed for Pilots who need reading glasses. Only $99.95 Titanium frames, 3 styles, same tint as the US fighters pilots, clear on bottom. Call toll free 1-866-365-0357 Appraisals - 6405 NAAA/USPAP APPRAISALS / CONSULTING. Northwest US and Western Canada. Call Russ, Bow Aviation, 360-766-7600.

*****************SEATTLE AREA***************** CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT APPRAISALS 253-271-6100********



Floatplanes - 5400 Seaplane Ratings & Solo Rentals in central Florida and Minnesota PA12 & C172 available 612-868-4243 - 612-749-1337

For some good results call Dodie to place your classified ad. 800-426-8538

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October 9, 2009

Employment - 6900 A&P/ IA POSITIONS OPEN full time position with well equipped shop maintaining GA private personal and business turbine aircraft all makes. Must have minimum 3-yrs experience. Pay and benefits BOE. Fax resume: Associated Aviation (KTIW). Gig Harbor, WA. AIRJOBSDAILY.COM - Largest source of Aviation and Aerospace Jobs on the Internet! New Jobs Posted Daily. visit our website: RUTHERFORDTON, NORTH Carolina is seeking proposals for a Fixed Base Operator to provide aeronautical services at the Rutherford County Airport and to provide management services (under a separate agreement) for running the day-to-day operations of the Airport. Interested parties please contact the Airport Authority for detailed information. phone: 828-287-6211 Fax: 828-2876210 E-mail:

ALLOWS THE use of an O-200 crankshaft, rods, and pistons in a C-85 engine, for less than the cost to replace your C-85 crankshaft. Complete with FAA certification and STC paper work. For more information and prices call AIRCRAFT SPECIALTIES SERVICES, 800-8269252. KAWASAKI PACKAGE - SAVE 50% Engine, reduction drive, carburetor, and tuned exhaust. 0-time, 64 lbs, 40hp. J-Bird, 262-626-2611

Builders Assistance - 6570

Avionics - 6500

BUILDER ASSIST, conditional inspections, maintenance & mods. Over 20yrs experience in kit A/C. Specializing in Glasair, Glastar, Sportsman/RVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Velocity. Arlington WA(AWO), 360-403-0679 Business Opportunities - 6576


THE HUNTINGBURG Airport(KHNB) is soliciting proposals from interested parties(i.e.-aircraft owners or Aviation orientated businesses) for the lease of multiple hangar facilities. The facilities include over 16,000SF, Multiple doors: 1) (2)16â&#x20AC;&#x2122;H x 52â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x10â&#x20AC;?W. 2)18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Hâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;x 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122;W. For information & bid package, contact Travis McQueen at 812-683-5454, or via e-mail: and visit or Sealed bids must be submitted by 5:30pm(EST) Oct. 12th to :Airport Manager, Huntingburg Airport, PO Box 293, or 2495 W 900 S Huntingburg, IN 47542.


Avionics Shop, Inc.

Avionics Sales & Service

AIRCRAFT DETAILING/ PAINT REPAIRS/ ALUMINUM POLISHING/CORROSION TREATMENTS, join Wing Waxers, the nations leading Aircraft Detailing Services Company. We provide comprehensive hands-on training marketing programs, as well as all equipment. Join within the next 90-days and your first years insurance will be included. More information available at: 800-Wing-Wax/ 800-946-4929 or

G Garmin GNS 430W G

Your Premier NW Garmi Garmin Installation Center A SPEN â&#x20AC;˘ A VIDYNE â&#x20AC;˘ C HELTON â&#x20AC;˘ D AVID C LARK EI â&#x20AC;˘ G ARMIN â&#x20AC;˘ H ONEYWELL â&#x20AC;˘ JPI â&#x20AC;˘ L-3 PS-E NGINEERING â&#x20AC;˘ R YAN â&#x20AC;˘ S-T EC â&#x20AC;˘ S ANDEL S HADIN â&#x20AC;˘ T RANSCAL â&#x20AC;˘ Y AESU , AND MANY MORE !

CROSSWINDS AIRPORT(C-72) Still For Sale. 100acres. 4-landing strips. 26-miles to Spokane WA. Own your own restaurant. Park for children. 509-276-2552.


FAX: 253-851-2500 1026 26th Ave. NW, #A, Gig Harbor WA 98335 Tacoma Narrows Airport â&#x20AC;˘ FAA Approved Repair Station #FP4R188M

STORMSCOPES: BUY, sell or trade. Exchange components available. Specializing in Stormscopes since 1994. Valentine Aviation 972-495-3284

Hosting a fly-in? List it free in our Calendar of Events!

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Cold! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Wet!! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Noisy!!!

and I smell exhaust!!!! I sure wish we had new door seals on our plane.

INDUSTRIAL AIRPORT Property. Relocate to scenic Kingman AZ. 12,800â&#x20AC;&#x2122; under roof on 1 1/2 fenced acres. Perfect for assembly, metal fabricating etc. Owner will work w/tenant.On Historic Rt 66. Living qtrs, office, mild climate. Recreation abounds.. Bob @ 928-757-8303. Charts & Maps - 6590 CHARTS, WIDEST range of NOS/NIMA, Canada, Worldwide charts. 10-30% discount. Lowest cost. Next day service available. GCA Intl Inc. Fax 623-935-6568. 877-231-2001. Cylinder Overhaul - 6605

Contact us about our Eagle IV-EX Engine for Home Built Aircraft s INFO OVERHAULCOMsWWWOVERHAULCOM

Engines - 6950

AIRCRAFT ENGINE OVERHAUL U FAA approved Continental and Lycoming engine overhaul. U Extreme commitment to quality, turnaround and service. U Crankcase and crankshaft repair at no extra charge. U Three cylinder options: Remanufactured, New ECI Titan, Factory new. Eagle I, II and III respectively. U 6-Month/500 hour or 12 Month/1000 hour full warranty. FAA Certified Repair Station IAXR223L

Contact us now! Aircraft Door Seals, LLC

Wiley Post Airport â&#x20AC;˘ Bethany, Oklahoma Phone: 405-470-3636 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: 405-470-3637

LYC. IO-720 A1B 73 SMOH w/new cylinders. Exchange or outright. Ullrich Aviation 918-245-6092. FAA Certified Repair Station #FB6R529N

Visit us at our new location on the west side of Arlington Airport!

RetroďŹ t glass is now within your grasp!

ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM! Flowmatching & overhaul for Continental & Lycoming cylinders! FAA Certified Repair Station. Aircraft Cylinder Repair. CO/1-800-622-7101.

An entirely new door seal design is now available for Beech, Cessna, Mooney and Piper aircraft.

CASH: WE BUY Cont & Lyc engines & parts. Used, new, damaged. Jerry Meyers Aviation 888-893-3301.

WAAS software update is available for your Garmin 430 and 530. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll pay the sales tax on your GNS430, GNS530 or G600 installation.

Call 360-435-0900 for an appointment.

Garmin G600

Avionics Dealer for: s 'ARMIN s 34EC s (ONEYWELL s 3ANDEL s !SPEN s !%!-EMBER

17725 48th Drive N.E., Hangar A&B Arlington, Washington, 98223

Garmin GNS530 WAAS

1-360-435-0900 fax: 1-360-403-9304

October 9, 2009

Engines - 6950 CONTINENTAL O-200 O SMOH, New cylinders. No Accessories. $8,250. Clark Custom. 509-476-2304. Fax 509-476-3785. ENGINES FROM $200 GUARANTEED: Kawasaki, Rotax, Hirth, and most other brands with the BEST reduction drive, carburetor, exhaust selection of accessories with top-notch service from our friendly staff. J-Bird, 210 Main St, Kewaskum WI 53040 262-626-2611 LYCOMING O-320 B2B Wide deck. 160hp. straight mount. O-SMOH. New cylinders. New ignition system, New Carb. $16,895. 509-476-2304, Fax -509-476-3785.

Float Equipment - 7170


Baumann Floats LLC


The Lightest, Fastest, Certified Floats on the Market!! 715-246-9352 • Aerocet Composite Aircraft Floats THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED FLOAT

One piece hand-laminate with a molded Naugahyde texture, designed to tuck under the windshield from the front totally covering the top of the instrument panel.


Protects Instruments from Intense Heat The glareshield extends (3) three inches past the front of the panel to shade instrument faces. The reinforced “lip” forms a nifty hand-hold on the Glareshield’s front edge and provides room for mounting optional FAA approved lights for greater night visibility.

OVERHAULED, RECONDITIONED, reground. Complete aircraft engine machine shop services. Heat treating, plating, NDT. Also complete new and used parts sales. Call for free brochure and pricing. AIRCRAFT SPECIALTIES SERVICES, 800-826-9252. Engine Parts - 6955 RAPCO RA-VAC-K1 vacuum pump kit. New in box. RA215CC pump, gasket, hose, clamps, fittings, gauge, regulator, filter, paperwork. $500. 425-348-9637. Airforms, Inc. P (907) 892-8244 F (907) 892-8244 Big Lake, AK

PARTING OUT Lycoming and Continental engines, all parts, large and small! Cores and overhauled parts available. Jerry Meyers Aviation. 888-893-3301. CASH FOR your steel engine parts. Crankshafts, camshafts, lifter bodies, rods & gears. Call Aircraft Specialties Services, 800-826-9252 or Equipment - 6990


Fuel Cells - 7220

“Windlock” Device This control lock is designed to be used inside the cockpit & attaches to the �ight controls. Cannot be forgotten prior to �ight! ... $72.75

Glareshield Price List Cessna 120/140/150 Cessna 170/172 Cessna 180/182/185 Cessna 205/206/210 Cessna 337 Skymaster Beech 33/35/Baron/Travelair Mooney 201 Piper PA 24/30 Comanche, etc. Piper PA 28/6/32/34 Cherokee, etc. Piper PA 38 Tomahawk Optional FAA Approved Lights

FUEL CELLS Quality and safety

$275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $275.00 $140.00

Fuel cells all makes and models


Warranty & Support FAA Certified - Manufacturer - Repair Station OEM Distributor

Now Distributed By:

Financial - 7050 AIRCRAFT SPRUCE & SPECIALTY CO. 225 Airport Circle Corona, CA 92880 (800)-945-7768 (877)-4-SPRUCE (951)-372-9555

Stainless steel drain valve kits

TITLE SEARCHES: Same day reports if called before noon CT, most searches. 800-666-1397 or 405-2328886. Visa/ MC. Aircraft Title Corp. Established 1957.

45 yrs of honest service

Tel 715-479-6149 Fax 715-479-6344


Online catalog

For Portable Oxygen Systems or Windsocks

Bookmark This Useful Website

www. ALLOWS THE use of an O-200 crankshaft, rods, and pistons in a C-85 engine, for less than the cost to replace your C-85 crankshaft. Complete with FAA certification and STC paper work. For more information and prices call AIRCRAFT SPECIALTIES SERVICES, 800-8269252.

Classifieds Work! Place your ad today! 800-426-8538

Henry Ford (creator


or call 800-253-0800

of the Model T) was also responsible for the development of the Ford Tri-motor passenger plane. Reliable, sturdy, safe and powered by 3 Pratt & Whitney

Nitrile Rubber


FERRYING TANKS CHECK US OUT ON THE WEB Local and Worldwide Shipment (800) 842-9387 (562) 696-1128

Aero-Tech Services, Inc. The fuel cell standard

general aviation � vintage aircraft � custom aircraft

Wasp radial engines, the “Tin Goose” had a top speed of 110 mph and carried up to15 passengers in questionable comfort. Considered safe in its day, the “Ole Tin Goose” would have been a lot safer with FFC state-of-the-art nitrile rubber fuel cells featuring autoclave cured seams, an integrated fuel vapor barrier and backed by a “No Hassle” FFC 10-Year Warranty. Henry would have loved our fuel cells.

“Over Thirty Years of Proven Performance” 4010 Pilot Drive, Suite 103  Memphis, Tennessee 38118 1-800-647-6148  901-842-7110  FAX 901-842-7135  24/7 Support

Ask about the FFC Manufacturers Manufact Direct Rebate


General Aviation News

Ground Support Equipment - 7240

T-HANGARS AVAILABLE at Pearson Field in Vancouver. Closest airport to 15-amp electrical service, paved floors. 40’door for $308, large w/42’door for $345. Contact Willy 360-487-8619,

Fueling Systems - 7240 6,000 GALLON Double Wall above ground Av-gas storage tank. Meets all current EPA regulations. Includes pump and dispenser. Excellent condition. For info email: Hangars & Tie-Downs - 7300

JAMES ALLEN INDUSTRIAL PAINTING Specializing in aircraft hangar floors

JAMESA1967DE WA•OR•ID•NV • 360-366-9135

KELSO-LONGVIEW NEW T-hangars-42” opening x 12’height, approx-1,000sqft. view-panel, 8’long lights, rolling-doors, $350/mo. Please call-360-528-2550. Ask for Jeff or Geri or visit:

CORVALLIS CORPORATE HANGAR. At the Corvallis Municipal Airport, property is enclosed by security fence. Main hangar is heated 68X68 with folding overhead door. 500 SF office with AC & heat, newer carpet & maple cabinets, 1400 SF storage area, 2 full bathrooms, 4 covered parking spaces. Land lease $2,800/year. $299,500. Lanny Zoeller, Town & Country Realty 888741-9141, HANGAR FOR sale: $155,000, neg. 45x50 hangar w/elec bi-fold door. Bathroom, washer/dryer incl. Gene Endsley 206-300-1197.Pierce County A/P, Puyallup WA.

KSHN/SHELTON, WA Like new large T and a half condo hangar, furnished/heated office, phone, 10’garage door. Private entrance. $55,000. 425-922-1213.

FOR LEASE:Kissimmee FL 3400sqft of interior office space in GA terminal and 1-acre of paved aircraft parking. 407-518-2516 or

PAINE FIELD hangar-40x50, bi-fold door w/remote, tilefloor w/compass rose. Facing main-runway, lots of extras. Buy or lease., 800-345-9066. BREMERTON (PWT) - “2” hangars - 1 40X50, “1” THangar. Sale or lease, Mark 360-798-6290,

CALIFORNIA, SAN Rafael private airport (CA-35). Rent or rent-to-own: Exec-I port-a-port, $19,750 or $325/mo, 42x34’x11’, (4 aircraft plus toys). Norm/650-964-8124.

BUY HANGAR BUILDINGS direct from manufacturer. Thangars or individual hangars, instruction, R&M STEEL COMPANY, Box 580, Caldwell ID 83606. 208-454-1800.

CHINO, CALIFORNIA: NEW HANGARS FOR SALE OR RENT, 50x50 insulated, metal halide lighting, Schweiss bifold door. $199,000. Financing available. One 50X50 for rent $1150/month. 949-533-0298. .

AUBURN AIRPORT, WA: Metal T hangar 40’X16’ high $425 per month. Negotiable with long term lease. 360981-8796. or

ARLINGTON AWO condo hangar, office with bathroom, heated, 60X60, with 20’ door, 46yr lease, Mike King, 360-474-1818. ECONOMICAL AIRCRAFT HANGARS with the Banyan Steel Arch Systems. Will ship worldwide. (800)533-7773, (317)849-2246, Fax: (317)8495378, FOR SALE T-hangar at Thun Field. Asking $55,000 253-770-0954.

October 9, 2009 FLY FLORIDA- Aerobatics, Tail Wheel, Emergency Maneuvers; Master CFI- Aerobatic. Super Decathlon and Pitts S2A;. Country Airport; Lodging at Country Inn. 772485-6761,

NEW HANGARS AVAILABLE! For sale or lease from $149,900. Developer financing available. (KREI) Redlands, CA/909-794-5642.

COUGAR MTN Airfield, Yelm WA. T-hangar, 39’ sliding door opening, $85/mo, rented by the quarter. Call Bill 360-894-3453.

—  800.426.8538

CAVE JUNCTION Oregon (Illinois Valley) hangar 60X40 metal. Electricity and telephone. On paved 5,200’ runway w/paved taxiway.“3S4” $125,000. 541-592-6322. BREMERTON AIRPORT T-Hangar available for rent. $250 per month. 206-669-1325. PAINE FIELD New Corp. Hangar 100x100’ 22’ high door, heated, finished floor, office, bath w/shwr, parking 425-827-6588. AFTON, WY. Jackson Hole :For sale or lease new heated 110X110, 100’Wx38’H-door, deluxe-office/apartment. 7023’x75’RWY, cheap Jet A. Lance 925-788-2500,

PAINE FIELD 65X65 hangar for lease or sale. 63’wide x 17.5 tall bi-fold electric-door. 12x10’ office w/mezzanine, bathroomw/shower. Halogen-lighting, gas radiant-heat, recirc-fans, VCT tile-floor. 10’x12’ vehicle-door. Rent:$1,850/mo or buy: $479,000. 206-679-9484

We Can Teach ANYONE to Land a Pitts!

C-3 BUILDING, Paine Field, Everett,WA. Hangar Bay(1) 4,878sf, Bay(2) 4,878sf w/2nd floor office space 377sf. SuiteC 849sf, (possible separate rental). Adjacent ramp area 10,143sf. Total Usage: 21,125sf. 425-388-5107, THE HUNTINGBURG Airport(KHNB) is soliciting proposals from interested parties(i.e.-aircraft owners or Aviation orientated businesses) for the lease of multiple hangar facilities. The facilities include over 16,000SF, Multiple doors: 1) (2)16’H x 52’x10”W. 2)18’ H’x 90’W. For information & bid package, contact Travis McQueen at 812-683-5454, or via e-mail: and visit or Sealed bids must be submitted by 5:30pm(EST) Oct. 12th to :Airport Manager, Huntingburg Airport, PO Box 293, or 2495 W 900 S Huntingburg, IN 47542. "THE NEW LIFT STRAPS" BI-FOLD DOORS By Schweiss for airplane hangars. Electricall operated. Lose no headroom, we install and deliver. Schweiss BiFold Doors 800-746-8273. Visit POWER METERS for hangars. Recover the cost of electricity used by tenants, Davidge Controls, 800-824-9696, BREMERTON (PWT) - “2” hangars - 1 40X50, “1” THangar. Sale or lease, Mark 360-798-6290, SANDPOINT, IDAHO (2 sold, 2 left) New 47 x 70 steel hangar for sale. 18’ Hydroswing door. Gas tube radiant heating. Full bathroom. Well insulated. Call Andy 208255-9560. Larger hangar available also. Instruction - 7350 TAILWHEEL SPECIALIST,.Maule and J 3-PiperCubs. Spin-awareness, Tailwheel, FUN-BFR’s, Mountain, EMT, Sport-Pilot, or just plane fun! George Kirkish,. 206-567-4994.

• 37 Years Experience. • Train for Skybolt, Eagle, Model 12, S-1S, ANY taildragger. • We love low time pilots. The sun always shines in Phoenix Visit us at Budd Davisson's

Plus 5 Aviation, LLC.

602-971-3991 • MOUNTAIN FLIGHT Training in the East TN Mountains. Learn the ins and outs of mountain flying. Contact us today at Smoky Mountain Flight Center at Knoxville’s McGhee-Tyson Airport. 865-970-3090.

Instruction-Multi-Engine - 7355 DALLAS: GUARANTEED multi ratings, $1395. Examiner fee not included. Also ATP, MEI, CFII, instrument ratings. 817-557-4004. Instruction-Seaplane - 7360 PAVCO FLIGHT Center has seaplane training for C-182 amphib, special float training price, examiner on staff. Pavco Aircraft, 800-645-3563, 253-851-5577, Instruments - 7380 GET YOUR INSTRUMENT RATING in 10-15 days. Retired Air traffic controller will train you up to 40hrs in aircraft w/30hrs of ground school. $5,795. No simulator. I work with one student at a time. 8hrs per day. Call 843229-4845 or see my website: Insurance - 7400

Flight Training Courses • DVDs • Headsets • GPS • Radios Flight Bags • Kneeboards • Flashlights • and Much More

TITLE SEARCHES & INSURANCE: Same day reports if called before noon CT-most searches. 800-666-1397, 405-232-8886. Visa/MC. Aircraft Title Corp. Est 1957.

fax:1(USA) 513.735.9200 phone: 1 (USA) 513.735.9000 Clermont County/Sporty’s Airport 2001 Sporty’s Drive Batavia, OH 45103-9747 USA

CENTRAL FLORIDA T-HANGARS FOR LEASE: Sebastian - Kissimmee - Orlando Executive Melbourne - Arthur Dunn

Small T’s starting at $300 per month. First month free with one-year lease.

800-940-2641 ELMA, WA T-Hangars $97.50/mo Completely enclosed w/lockup. Pilot controlled runway lights. 360-482-2228. ARLINGTON AIRPORT, 50miles north of Seattle, WA (AWO). 19,700 sqft hangar/mfg building for lease. 80X18’ stack door, on taxi-way, A/C offices. $9750 per month, 360-435-8581.

GPS Manuals Pilot-friendly manuals are now available for the GPSmap 696 and Garmin G900X. Our task-oriented manuals are simplified directions that lead you step-by-step through all the operations. An Index supplements the Table of Contents to help find specific subjects. Using our manuals along with the unit in simulator mode or PC trainer on the computer is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn the intricate operations. Our Library also includes: The Garmin GNS 430, 430W, 480, 530, 530W, GPS on the G1000, G1000W, GPSmap 295, 196, 296, 396, 496, Bendix/King’s KLN 89B/94, KLN 90B, KLN 900, Lowrance 600C and 2000C. G1000W and G900X cost $54.95, IFR models $44.95 and Hand helds $39.95. Add $6.00 for S&H. Other than U.S. add $6 more.

ZD Publishing, Inc., PO Box 3487, Wichita, KS 67201

888 310-3134 (In KS 316-371-3134) •

TAILWHEEL SPECIALIST,.Maule and J 3-PiperCubs. Spin-awareness, Tailwheel, FUN-BFR’s, Mountain, EMT, Sport-Pilot, or just plane fun! George Kirkish,. 206-567-4994. SPORT PILOT and tailwheel flying lessons in new Sport Cub. Learn stick and rudder skills. Discovery flights $50.00! WA/253-566-8751, REAL BUSH flying in actual bush location. Look at our new website: 800-478-1449

Ehrhardt Aviation Insurance 800 394-2062 33 years experience in ALL things aviation! REGAL AVIATION INSURANCE: Your insurance professionals. Representing all aviation insurance companies. Dedicated to General Aviation since 1978. 800275-7345(OR), 877-676-1229(ID)

October 9, 2009

Maintenance - 7460

Maintenance - 7460

Painting & Recovering - 8130


Insurance - 7400


Now Available in Texas by F&M Enterprises

Rebuilding Wings and Controls Olympia, WA

Painting & Recovering - 8130





Poly Fiber Aircraft Coatings are the Worlds #1 Aircraft Paint and Covering System Fabric Covering Videos and Manuals Available Poly Tak, Poly Brush, Poly Spray, Poly Tone 50 Colors in Aerothane, Poly Tone and Enamel


Oxygen - 8125

Epoxy Primer

Stits-Poly Fiber by F&M Enterprises


9910 Air Park Drive

Granbury, Texas 76049

Parachutes - 8150


PENNSYLVANIA PARACHUTE CO: Parachute riggers. Your authorized Softie, Strong and National dealer. New and used. 610-317-2536,



Painting & Recovering - 8130


PILOT’S EMERGENCY Parachutes --hundreds of new and used rigs --military and aerobatic types. Prices from $250 and up. Western Parachute Sales, Inc., 29388 SE Heiple Road, Eagle Creek, OR 97022. 503-630-5867 or fax 503-630-5868.


WWW.AEROBATTERY.COM 513-271-9116 Service Before The Sale

Available 24 hours on the web



Aviation Insurance Resources

COMPLETE AIRCRAFT painting and refinish; all types of aircraft structural repair including fabric, sheet metal, and welding of aluminum, stainless or conventional steel. Soda/sand blasting available, 15 x 20 ft. booth. Located at Pierce County Airport (Thun Field) 10412 172nd St. East, Puyallup, WA 98374. Voice msg phone: (253) 864-0594. Cell: (206) 300-1197.

Save Time & Money! One Call - All Markets


Best Rates, Broadest Coverages Association Member Discounts & Coverages

FOR ALL YOUR AIRCRAFT PAINTING NEEDS… Interiors & Upholstery - 7405

yoke reconditioning L C

eather overing

Instrument Panel Fabrication Rudder Pedal Extensions ll Ca t us Organizer Consoles and much more isi

V ! or oday T


���������������� VANCOUVER, WA. Interiors by a Pilot, for a Pilot. FAA Approved materials. 26-years experience, free estimates. Call Gary 360-694-1751, Maintenance - 7460 ROYAL FLYING Service Inc. Eastern WA. Maintenance Repairs & Restorations. 509-346-2417. MAGNETO SERVICE. Quality Bendix magneto overhauls and repairs. Mansfield Magnetos, Inc. 318-8722026, Materials & Supplies - 7465 RAMOS PLATING and polishing: We polish your aluminum spinners, chrome and cadmium plating, alum/stainless polishing, OK City, OK, 405-232-4300.

Classifieds Work!

WING EXTENSION Kit for S2R Thrush. NIB includes STC. Also G-164 all models. $6000 plus 200 crating, 509-689-2712.

POLY FIBER Dealer, PDX Area, Rich Waldren, 503538-7575.

Single & Multi-Engine Pistons, Turbines, Jets, VLJ Helicopters, Hangars, FBO, Renters, Sport Pilot, LSA


Parts - 8225 RELIANT AVIATION. Mooney parts/ service since 1972. Large inventory. Toll Free 877-758-3232. Fax 541-9288356. Email

We use state of the art High Solids Epoxy Primers with High Solids Linear Polyurethane Topcoats. While you’re here, we can also replace windows, install De-ice boots, sheet metal work, and more!

Next Classified Ad Deadline: Wed, Oct 14 @ 5pm (PDT) free post to website w/paid print ad 800-426-8538

Check our ads out online! Parts - 8225

Parts - 8225



Aircraft Finishes of the Future Today! Stewart Systems provides a complete line of Aircraft Finishing Products for fabric, metal and composite aircraft.


• Satisfaction Guaranteed • Huge Inventory of Parts for Single and Twin Engine • Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Mooney, Rockwell, Bellanca, Mitsubishi, etc.

• Engines, Props, Airframe, Avionics, Instruments • Next-Day Delivery Available • Call Toll-Free from the U.S. and Canada • The Best Source of Used Aircraft Parts

Say “I saw your ad in General Aviation News” and receive 10% off your order

STEWART AIRCRAFT FINISHING SYSTEMS 5500 Sullivan St., Cashmere, WA 98815 1-888-356-7659 • (1-888-EKO-POLY)

800.561.6448 • 780.458.2801 • Fax 780.459.4163 Web: • E-mail:

UNIVAIR AIRCRAFT CORPORATION “All Parts for Some… Some Parts for All”

2500 Himalaya Rd., Aurora, CO 80011-8156 • • Order 1-888-433-5433 • Info. (303) 375-8882 • FAX 800-457-7811 • FAX (303) 375-8888


We are as close to you as your

Telephone, Computer or



General Aviation News

Parts - 8225

Skis - 8870

â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;Ż 800.426.8538

Tugs & Towbars - 9300


Also retractables, homebuilt & ultralight skis


Box 58, Brooten, MN 56316 â&#x20AC;˘ (320) 346-2285

Software - 8890


 ZZZDLUSDFFRP Survival - 9000

The Plane Tug Affordable Cordless Power Tow

The Plane Tug is the answer to moving heavy aircraft in and out of tight spots. The Tug makes the retrieval of your plane from storage a safe and easy task. The Plane Tug is like having your own personal lineman any time you want to move your aircraft. The Plane Tug has a battery operated cordless electric drive motor. The Plane Tug is very easy to use.

October 9, 2009

Real Estate/Airport Property - 9650 Arizona - 9650 MORETON AIRPARK (23AZ), Wickenburg, Arizona, spectacular setting near Phoenix, partially developed, 137acres, 24 large home/hangar sites remaining. $2.5M. Dan, AZ/602-315-0323.

The Air Store

Box 456 Osmond, Nebraska 68765 402.748.3860 â&#x20AC;˘ www.AIRSTORE.BIZ X-Country Directory - 9500 Oregon - 9500 SCAPPOOSE (SPB) â&#x20AC;˘ Transwestern Aviation 100LL â&#x20AC;˘ Jet A â&#x20AC;˘ Air BP Cards â&#x20AC;˘ Check â&#x20AC;˘ MC â&#x20AC;˘ Visa Repairs â&#x20AC;˘ Ground Trans â&#x20AC;˘ Tie-Downs â&#x20AC;˘ Lodging â&#x20AC;˘ Food Camping Picnic Area â&#x20AC;˘503-543-3121

OKAY PILOTS, This is the one for you. 2BDRMS, 1 3/4 bath and great den, Best yet, 50X50 hangar just a few feet away. Indian Hills Airpark is a very active aviation community.Truly a good value at $235,000. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll love living here. More photos: Airport info: 928-231-9500, GREAT HANGAR with attached 1000sqft 2-bed,3/4 bath home. Covered-patio, Desert-landscape w/watering system. Call Julie at Outback Realty Inc. 928-859-4141, 928-486-8984.

Utah - 9500 BOUNTIFUL (BTF) â&#x20AC;˘ G & B Aircraft â&#x20AC;˘ 100LL Jet Aâ&#x20AC;˘ AlwaysLowestPrices â&#x20AC;˘ Self Serv 24hrs â&#x20AC;˘ Line Serv 7am-7pm â&#x20AC;˘ MC â&#x20AC;˘ Visa â&#x20AC;˘ Amex â&#x20AC;˘ repairs â&#x20AC;˘ ground trans tie-downs â&#x20AC;˘ pilot lounge â&#x20AC;˘ courtesy/rental car 801-397-2324 â&#x20AC;˘ Pilot Supplies - 8360 Title Services - 9210 TITLE SEARCHES: Same day reports if called before noon C.T., most searches. 800-666-1397 or 405-2328886. Visa/ MC. Aircraft Title Corp. Established 1957. Propellers - 8400

A.C. Propeller Service, Inc. Governors

Highest Quality Workmanship â&#x20AC;˘ Trouble Shooting Competitive Prices â&#x20AC;˘ Exchanges Available Repairs & Overhauls â&#x20AC;˘ Quickest Turnaround

1-800-253-7556 or (206) 762-1225

Place your ad today! 800-426-8538

Vacation - 9350 FLY-IN VACATION Rental in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana.Airport has 5700â&#x20AC;&#x2122;turf runway, $1699 per week or/$300 per night (3-night-minimum). 406-333-4166. Video, Audio, DVD - 9400 QUAD CITY CHALLENGER VIDEO. 45 minutes of flying fun on floats, skiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, soaring and other neat stuff. Send $10 to QCU, POBox 370, Moline IL 61266-0370. Money back if not totally satisfied Also see our web site. For VISA/MC order call 309-764-3515. s'ENERAL!VIATION!IRCRAFT0ARTSAND3UPPLIES s"UY/NLINEORAT!0%8+IOSKSIN&,'! s&2%%0ART.UMBER,OOK 5PBY!IRCRAFT-AKE-ODEL s!IRCRAFT-AINTENANCE6IDEO4UTORIALS s(OW4O4IPSAND1UICK2EFERENCE'UIDES

1-888-618-APEX (2739)

PILOTSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; DELIGHT. Beautiful home... Wonderful 60X60 hangar with auto remote door opener. Paved runway & taxi ways. New pool, 5 acres. 928-231-9500, more photos:

October 9, 2009 Georgia - 9650

Arizona - 9650

ARIZONA DESERT, 3-bd-2ba, 1200sqfthome, furnished. San Juan pool, 50X50 hangar w/den, 1/2bath, storage rooms. 3500’ paved runway. $254,000. 928-8593796, 928-274-5001.

ARIZONA 5-Acre Air Ranch $115,000 Owner will finance EAGLE ROOST AIRPARK An exclusive GATED & PRIVATE community. Paved taxiway & lighted 3,800’ R/W 2,200’ ASL Purchase includes ownership of all common areas in top condition, including a brand new lounge on 5 ac. Underground utilities. Custom owner-built estates/hangars. In the heart of clear & clean “Valley of the Eagle”. We are surrounded by recreational federal lands, lakes, rivers and ski-lifts/mountains over 10,000’ and lush forests. Golf & tennis clubs 20 minutes east to famous Wickenburg. A short drive to Metropolitan Phoenix. I began building Eagle Roost Airpark in 1974. I have discounted this last 5 acres site to $115,000/ firm. Financing $25M down. 630/mo Michael Sansone. BOUSE ARIZONA. Your own airport! Beautiful mountain views. 56 acres with 2 runways at 1100 ft MSL with 2 hangars. First is a 50X60’ hangar home, with 1800sqft, 2 story 2bd/2ba inside. Corian countertops, solid wood cabinets and tile floors. All new appliances. Many double paned insulating windows to enjoy the view. The second hangar is 50X50 with OH vehicle door. Both hangars have Schwiess bifold doors with strap lifts and remotes & high intensity lighting. The property also has a 2 bed/2 bath modular home. One 3 unit carport and a large storage shed/workshop. Installed is a 1000-gallon fuel tank with metered dispensing system. Property has 2 wells, 2 septics & 2 electric meters. Mature trees on watersaving underground system. All this for $565,000. Contact Dennis for more info & pictures at 928-287-0744.

HOW’S THIS For Perfect...Located on the corner of the runway...How close can you be.A great 42X60 hangar in your back yard.Brand new home, Pick out your appliances. $415,000. Bring your horsepower and your horse, 5 acres...Valley of the Eagles Airpark. For more photos: 928-231-9500 4BD,3.5 BA 3400sqft home. 5000sqft hangar, 50X14 hydro door, 12X14 bus door, equine facility 2500 barn w/stalls. Best value in the community. FSBO 13151 N Tailwind Dr 520-297-8438. $990,000. For photos: EAGLE ROOST Airpark Aquila AZ Lease or Lease Option.(1)2bd/2ba, 5acres, 2Hangars.(2)3BD/2-1/2ba, 1Hangar or Hangar+large workshop. Both remodeled & redecorated, 602-708-4664.

RIGHT ON The Runway. Affordable airpark living. 45X50 hangar, gracious home for easy life style and entertaining, room for add’l hangar. 3BDR, 2-1/2BA. 5acres. $599,000. 928-231-9500. More photos:


ARIZONA ELEGANT LIVING WITH YOUR AIRPLANE This is a unique gorgeous home with all the amenities. So many features. This is a must to see!!! Two four car garages, a private spa and now the “EXTRAS”, a 3600’ hard surface lighted runway, a 3000sqft hangar to house your prized possessions.and a personal producing vineyard of your very own..FIVE ACRES, bring your horsepower and the horse. An airpark with unmatched camaraderie. Pilots paradise!!! Fly the clear open skies of Western Arizona.. $1,200,000. For more photos Eagle Roost Airpark. Listing agent is a park resident and will provide landing instructions upon request 928-231-9500.

WAIT TIL You see this home and hangar. Wonderful colors and open living area..One hangar next to the home & large shop possible. Add’l hangar..5 acres, 3BD 2 1/2 BA. Yours for $599K. Eagle Roost Airpark. More photos: 928-231-9500. Arkansas - 9650 ARKANSAS VALLEY Airport Cotter. Runway lot. $64,900. 2.44 acre Taxiway-tract 200’ from White River $69,900. 4% mortage available. 870-430-5545, SPECTACULAR FLY-IN 5400 sf timber frame home, hangar, guest quarters on world class trout stream. Located near Heber Springs, Arkansas. 2500’ grass strip. Offered by Heber Springs Realty Inc. Frank 501-9401900. ARKANSAS BULL Shoals Lake acreages w/airpark, 3+ acres, $25,000-$80,000, Village Land Office, 870-4454266, 870-453-2966 eves, Bahamas - 9650 CAT ISLAND, Bahamas. Airport Marina 1-mile. Beachfront 1.4 acres, 2-br/ 1-ba, concrete construction. Great getaway. $550K. California - 9650

PINE MOUNTAIN Lake, CA.(E45). Taxi to your airpark home or live on the lake. Championship golf, tennis, stables in a gated community near Yosemite. Capt. Larry Jobe. “UAL”retired. 209-962-5501/6540. GATED AIRPARK & private lake community. 4bd/3b on 2-private water ski lakes w/runway between. Virtual tour: 818-891-8813. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. Reduced over $300,000. Access to private F25 Airport. Airstrip has been recently paved. Property features 3 hangars on 5 beautiful acres. Remodeled 3br, 2.5ba, 2100sf home+ separate guest/inlaw/caretaker studio w/bath & kitchenette. Close to 3 recreational lakes. Level & private land yet only 30 minutes to Oroville (driving time) or Marysville. Fabulous views. $575,000. or call 530-271-1669. NEW HOME on one-acre alongside taxi-way for sale: Adelanto Airpark, Southern California. $250,000. Call Broker Bill 760-792-8072, near Victorville CA. Canada - 9650 MIX BUSINESS and fun with a solid land adjacent to paved, airport. Fenced, excellent cabin and garage with well, septic, and power. Fantastic B.C. climate, upcoming, growing area. Two-zoning parts including airport industrial...right on the US Canada border. $389,000/Canadian. 250-442-7224, or Colorado - 9650 DENVER CO- Live the dream at Erie Airpark (EIK). 2 acres with unique-home, finished-hangar & 4700’ paved runway! $489,000. Florida - 9650 FLORIDA-MASSEY AIRPARK (X50) Edgewater. 1acre cleared w/city water, elec, paved taxiway. FAA approach. $109,000 obo. 386-451-5535 RIDGE LANDING Airpark luxury-living. 1-2 acre waterfront/runway/taxiway lots. Custom-home packages & plane trade-ins available. 3000'-runway, gated, hunting, equestrian. 863-676-0707x225 FLORIDA’S CANNON Creek Airpark, paved & turf runways. 2409 SW Sisters Welcome Rd. Suite 101, Lake City, FL 32025. Hangars and homes for rent when available. 800-766-0406. URL:

SPRUCE CREEK FLY-IN America’s Premier Fly-In and Country Club Community, Daytona Beach, (East Coast of Florida). Taxiway homes from $535,000, non-taxiway homes from $300,000, condo’s from $200,000. Lots available. SPRUCE CREEK FLY-IN REALTY, Pat & Lenny Ohlsson, 800-932-4437.

PINE MOUNTAIN LAKE, CA (E45). Over 2 acres on 318’ of runway w/2 hangars, over 10,000sqft w/living quarters above. Separate guest house. (1800 ft). Pool & Koi pond. $1,900,000. Red Rossio, The Flying Broker, Pine Mtn Lake Rlty, 209-962-7156,

“GREAT DEALS “on Orlando Area Hangars & Lots! Aviation properties, hangars, hangar rentals & residential property. Chandelle Realty. 407-814-9126. 3505160f-5e80-4214-aed7-e7c8142cf9dc&Report=Yes

HTTP://WWW.1772MITCHELLCT.COM - “A Pilot’s Dream”! Call Maureen Reynolds 386-679-5873; Email: Spruce Creek Fly-in Realty 800932-4437

CALIFORNIA IDEAL climate, Pine Mountain lake. (E45) Taxiway homes or lots in the Sierra foothills near Yosemite Nat'l Park. Gated community with boating, golf, tennis and stables “Red” Rossio, The Flying Broker, Pine Mountain. Lake Realty, 209-962-7156.

2100 SQFT home and hangar with large-pond and beautiful-landscaping. Willis Gliderport near West Palm Beach. Price reduced! call FL/561-731-1899.

ATLANTA, LYONS Landing Airpark, 1.4acre to 3acre lots available, runway, taxiway, and lake lots, all lots have access to 3,000’ runway, 35easy miles to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. Gated Community has clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, paved roads, county water, cable, high-speed internet, lakes, walking/golf cart trails. Convenient to shopping(etc). Prices start at $75,000, details: or call 770-832-7000 COASTAL GOLDEN Isles of GA, Eagle Neck Airpark 32 home, pool, hangar. $345,000. Paved, lighted runway, 3475’ 912-832-7078 Idaho - 9650 SANDPOINT, IDAHO. Beautiful five-acre parcel located on the only residential airstrip in Sandpoint. Offered for quick-sale: Reduced to $199,000. Call Beth Hall 208610-5858, Exit Realty Sandpoint. PRIVATE AIRSTRIP 2000ft turf. 40 prime acres. Three buildable scenic lakeview home sites. All utilities. Cabin and hangar. CoeurD’Alene. 208-661-3200. Illinois - 9650 CHICAGO METRO. Lake Aero Estates. 4/3.5 airpark home with heated hangar. 5700sqft. $399,900. community horse stable and state wildlife reserve. Glider club. IN/219-477-7038. C77 POPLAR Grove, IL. Builders Residence Custom Home Hangar Ready to Build to suit. See more@ call 847-264-0308. Indiana - 9650

I^`Zlnl?Zkfl Beautiful airpark community in a wooded country setting, just 20 minutes SW of Indianapolis. 3000 foot grass strip with secluded 5 acre tracts, some with lakefront property. All have water and underground utilities to the site. Prices start at $65,500. For more information call

Peggy Mershon at 270-879-8597

For some good results call Dodie to place your classified ad.


22 Maryland - 9650

General Aviation News Oregon - 9650 WILL CONSIDER a late model Cessna-172, Archer, or ?? up-to $160,000 in-trade. Have Oregon Coast Property-12-miles from ONP 541-270-7999.

Pine Hollow, Oregon (32OR)

BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN property near Deep Creek Lake, Maryland at the Garrett Co Airport. 8.4 acres with private gated access and spectacular views. This is the only private homesite located at 2g4, with no homeowners dues or property restrictions. A gated, estate sized aviation property at the premier four-season resort area of Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. This unique homesite has incredible views of the Allegheny Range. Enjoy the use of a publicly owned, operated and funded airport with a 5,000’ runway. New rental hangars available. Don’t miss a great opportunity to invest in this one of a kind property located just minutes from Deep Creek Lake and the Wisp Ski Resort. For information on this exclusive resort airport property please call 301-616-8514 or Price $189,000. Massachusetts - 9650 CAPE COD-FALMOUTH Airpark. Outstanding large wooded lot on taxiway w/nearby tennis court. Steal it at $220K or trade for Bonanza A36/PA32-series+$$. 978314-4626 Mississippi - 9650

2 br, 2 bath on 2/3 of an acre, on private airstrip. Mobile has new carpet, blinds, kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, furnace & metal roof. $164,000 includes airstrip ownership. Go to:

Contact Jim @ 425-864-1732 SUNRIVER RESORT, Oregon. Exquisite Skypark home. River-frontage. 4000+sqft, 3-bed/3.5bath. Nearby tie-down. $1,199,000. Hangar also available for sale. Call Suzanne Iselin, Broker. Sunriver Realty, 57057 Beaver Drive Sunriver, Oregon. 541-350-8617. BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE, 360A, dividable, 2000’ airstrip, 3bdr, pines, ponds, shop, 850K, owner terms, C175, NE Oregon. Good hunting,xfenced pastures, 541-881-9259. $650,000 INDEPENDENCE Airpark home 0.41ac & 3888SF, 4/bd/4ba. Massive family room & dining area. 3car garage, hangar. #617932. MarianFitts 503-949-3334. Windermere/Western View Properties 503-838-1141. $394,000 INDEPENDENCE Airpark home. Lovely 3bd/ 2ba w/open plan. 36X42 hangar w/ofc & full bath. Immaculate grounds. #617928. Marian Fitts 503-949-3334 Windermere/Western View Properties. 503-838-1141.

HOUSE, HANGAR, pool, second-garage-w/apartment. Green Village Airpark ID-H75. Access to 3,300’runway. 25min S of Memphis. Price/reduced $249,900., 651-357-0210. Missouri - 9650

WALLOWA COUNTY Oregon, home of world class Kokanee fishing. Rocky Mtn. Elk hunting and the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Home, apartment and hangar next to City of Enterprise Airport. $365,000. Jayne Warrener, Broker. Wallowa Mtn. Properties , Enterprise OR/800-537-7082,

7 ACRES of fenced property, County Road frontage, deed restricted to site built homes,commute to Washington County Municipal Airport area. Mineral Point, Missouri. Asking $20,000. Call 772-985-4373 or email: Montana - 9650

3BD, 2BA w/ocean view on 1835’grass runway, 36x40 hangar, w/5-beautiful/wooded acres. 2nd-building site. $229,000 Reduced to $209,000. Tom, ERA/All State Real Estate, OR/ 541-267-7777, C-541-217-8889. Pennsylvania - 9650

HELENA-ELLISTON 15-ACRES w/2000X120 private grass airstrip. Custom 3BD /2BA. 42X80’ hangar, 36X48’ RV building. 30X40’ garage. MT/406-492-6235. REDUCED BY $200,000: Paradise Valley,76-acres w/5700’turf runway, 2-hangars, 3bd/2ba house. All the pleasures of living in Paradise Valley. $1.K. 406-3334166.

MONTANA, WINDSOCK SKYPARK. The Last Best Place! Only 20-lots left for sale. One-acre or larger, on the Shores of Beautiful Fort Peck Lake in NE MT. City water, sewer, nat-gas, underground-utilities installed. paved-streets, taxiway to 37S public airport. Call Lanny Hanson at 406-526-3535 or 263-1154. Visit our website: Don’t miss the opportunity to Live in a beautiful hunting and fishing recreational paradise! LOTS NOW SELLING $60,000. New Mexico - 9650 AIRPORT LIVING!. Great home/ neighborhood! 3bd/2ba 1561 sqft w/400sqft finished/ heated garage. 1000sqft hangar! Debbie 505-319-2181, Debonair Real Estate. North Carolina - 9650 AVIATION, INVESTMENT & Residential Properties. Licensed in both Carolina’s. Sell Airpark & Airstrip property That’s what we do! 877-279-9623 NO CAROLINA airpark 8NC2. Acreage lots starting at $24,500. Between Ashville & Charlotte NC. 1.5 miles to Hwy 74 bypass. 2500’x90’ turf runway,landing lights, pilot lounge w/bath/hangar space. $125/mo, 864-812-0482 Oregon - 9650 TWO PRIME Adjoining Lots at Independence Airpark! Long frontage faces runway, beautiful sunsets. All utilities in place, level lot ready to build your dream home and extra-large hangar. Low low fees, great community. Don’t let this one get away! 408-891-5643.

—  800.426.8538

October 9, 2009 STUART ISLAND WA 4 bedroom, turnkey, waterfront cabin, private airstrip, dock, beaches. $595,000. 1-360378-7508.

Texas - 9650

TAILWIND AIRPARK Beautiful country airpark with 1+ acre lots for custom homes and hangars. Located 50 minutes East of Dallas, near Canton TX Lots from the upper $50’s.

903-896-4647 TEXAS: NOW Subdividing prime runway frontage lots on 4340x60 instrument runway serving San Antonio, Boerne and Hill Country. for pic, plats and prices from 100’s. Predevelopment special pricing now thru the summer. LOCATION! 20 minutes from everything you'll ever want. 830-981-2345. WARD AIRPARK (5TO) in South Texas, approx. 50 acres, 3100’x100’Turf runway Brick-3-BD House w/4000sqft Hangar. Quiet Country living with convenient shopping centers and entertainment. 979-387-2277.

NORTH TEXAS PILOT'S DREAM! Exclusive community of 140 homesites in a 340-acre residential airpark. Live with your plane in quiet seclusion only 5 minutes from shopping, restaurants and universities, just 25 minutes North of DFW, near 23,000-acre lake. Taxi from the paved runway to your home. Seven 1-acre lots available, also some homes. 940-321-5758,

Utah - 9650

BEAUTIFUL 37+OR- acre parcel within a 1000’ of Municipal Airport in Southern Utah. Red Rock Country. Gateway to four national parks and close to Lake Powell Exceptional development potential. Beautiful 1,890sqft home with large 3500’collector garage and shop. Two hangars available also.“50X50& 40X50”. Call for more details and pix. 435-632-6654. Washington - 9650 10 ACRE lot frontage on 2500’paved airstrip. Sub dividable 2-acres zoning, also river frontage on Toutle River. $85,000. 360-749-1170, 360-274-5255.

“COASTAL-SEQUIM LIVING” for people who love the coast. Water-view hangar/home/runway, Beach access. Diamond-Point A/P $759,000. 360-808-4444, Re/maxFifth Ave. ESR AUBURN WA. (K51WA), For rent: custom 3-beds, 1.75-baths, 2,190sq.ft.w/attached 3-car carport, 40X60 hangar/shop with-1/2bath. 3-acre lot, view of Mount Rainier, 2600’runway.$2500/Month. 360-661-6943.

HOME ON hangar approved lot on the Lynden city airstrip. 3Br, 2.5 bath, 2254 sq ft; like new $419,000. Call 360-961-3551 for details FRONTIER AIRPARK 5 Acres Gated community. Air rights 2600X50 runway. Building permit for 3000SqFt. home. Lake Stevens, WA $225,000 425-422-5558. ROCHE HARBOR, San Juan Island. Close to the marina, pool, tennis courts and restaurants. 3/1 home w /tie down. $275,000. New 50’x60’ Hangar w/20’ hydro-door. $299,000, .62 acre lot, below assessed value, $225,000. Paul Le Baron, Island Group Sotheby’s Int Realty, 800258-3112.

DECATUR SHORES AIRPARK Decatur Island WA: Taxi to your 4bdrm, 3bath westerly facing octagonal home w/hangar. Enjoy watching runway activity & sunsets: $900K. Adjacent airpark lot w/nearly new hangar, garden & fruit trees: $400K. Judy, Flying Island Realty, 360-375-6302

NEW AIRPARK, Northeast Pennsylvania, 47-lots for sale. 1.25-3 acres, great views, underground utilities, sewers, some lakefront. EZ flight/drive to NYC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut. At Seamans Airport (9N3), 2500’paved IFR approach, lighted, all services, Build Your Dream Home This Spring! 866-924-7787 or South Carolina - 9650 LOCATION, LOCATION!!!! 3300x130 turf runway, 10miles to ocean, Myrtle Beach, SC, I-ac $75,000. Low taxes/insurance. SC 843-602-8220. ONLY 30 mins from Greenville, SC; 2 hours to Atlanta or Charlotte. Co-ownership in 2500’Bermuda runway. Easley SC (SC86). Brick home with many amenities built 2005. 3BR/2BA+ large bonus room. Wired 45X36 hangar $309,000. 864-230-2956. MYRTLE BEACH Hardee Airpark: S Carolina's Newest 3300' Turf Runways, 10miles to Atlantic Myrtle Beaches, 1+ acre lots, 843-602-8220,

CHEWELAH WA (1S9). Out your back door to your 3600’ municipal runway. Out your front door to your own 27hole PGA golf course. 56X41 home, 40X50X12 hangar. $450,000.509-936-1171. FERNDALE WA MeadowMist Airpark. Live your Dream! Very Scenic Airpark Home. 1800sqft, 3BD/2BA on 1-acre landscaped property. Low taxes. Runway 2000’x200’ year round turf, hangar 65’x45’. Heated shop. Only runway fees, sharing mowing costs. 360-384-6203. 2.5 ACRES on Parkside Airstrip, near PDX. No income tax state! 3000sqft, 3bd/3.5ba, 42X38’hangar. Vancouver WA $529,000 Sandy Scott 360-608-6166. Wisconsin - 9650

Publisher’s notice: All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limited or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodian, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 800-669-9777. Toll-free number for the hearing impaired is 800-927-9277.

FLY IN to Seven Bays Estates on Lake Roosevelt. LeRoy or Darla, Exit Real Estate Valley. 888-852-2237,

LOVELY 4BED 2 1/2bath home in Geneva Aire Estates, Lake Geneva, WI. 2400’ landing strip, 2.4 acres. Live in the country, close to town. Call Janet at 262-348-3228, Keefe Real Estate. LACROSSE HOLLAND Airpark “36 WI” 3bd/ 2 1/2 ba, 3-car garage, 40X60-hangar, golf. Excellent-restaurants and Mississippi river nearby. Health forces sale. Make offer! 608-526-1160.


5 ACRE FABULOUS RUNWAY ESTATE in Washington State Frontier AirPark. 4800 sqft hangar. 3715 sqft Custom Built Home. 425-330-2188.

“WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL” Gated airpark with underground utilities in place. Palmetto-POBox 777-Manning-SC 29102-803-473-2199 South Dakota - 9650 SE SOUTH DAKOTA, Bixler Ridge Airpark. Valley view Sites. 3 acres - $60K. 2550X80’ grass. 2SD8. 605-5632765, 605-660-0960 cell, Tennessee - 9650 PILOT’S DREAM: Only home on 3500’ paved runway in Tennessee mountains. 6.18 acres. 4800sqft 5br 4ba, lodge. $350K. 904-669-9661.

Hosting a fly-in? List it free in our Calendar of Events!

SAN JUAN AVIATION ESTATES BLAKELY ISLAND, WA. Private Island, Washington’s Premier Recreational Airpark. Paved Lighted Runway. Exceptional Marina. "Owner Access Only" to 3000ac protected forestland w/2 – 70ac Lakes to fish/swim/ boat. Airpark Homes from $390,000 to $1,950,000. NEW LISTINGS: Marine View Home near runway $525,000 ($100,000 below accessed value). Lushly treed building lot near runway: $139,000. Judy, Flying Island Realty, 360-375-6302

Next Classified Ad Deadline: Wed, Oct14 @ 5pm 20 words - 2 issues - $27 free post to website w/paid print ad 800-426-8538

October 9, 2009



To be sure, race week is full of dramatic, high-speed air racing. This year featured a history-making run by Steve Hinton Jr., the youngest pilot to ever race in the Unlimited Class. The 22-year-old emerged victorious, flying the modified P-51D “Strega.” But there is more to the Reno experience than 500-mph racing.

The National Championship Air Races are full of surprises

Steve Hinton Jr.

Pictures by Max Haynes M a x A i r 2A i r . c o m

First place in the Super Sport category went to John Thorp in “Nemesis.” Dan McClung and Buck Roetman of the Red Eagles wowed the crowd with close air passes and synchronized aerobatics. Doug Mathews in “117” makes a move on Fred Cabanas in “American Beauty.”

In a hangar off the beaten path, John Marlin and friends were busy completing a replica of the MartinBaker MB5, which sports a Rolls-Royce Griffin engine with a contra-rotating twin propeller, partially assembled in this photo. Bill Allen removes the engine cowling of his Ryan S-M-T-2 for an onlooker to see. The Ryan won Best Classic in the National Aviation Heritage Invitational (N.A.H.I.).

The famous Aerocar was a crowd favorite in the N.A.H.I. collection of rare and spectacular aircraft. A full-blown movie crew set up shop in the pits and on the racing ramp to film a movie that will be shown in IMAX theaters in the future. Roger Tonry of Lost Squadron fame is directing the feature.

Photos by Meg Godlewski

Maid of the Seas: An ocean-inspired RV

By MEG GODLEWSKI General Aviation News

You probably wouldn’t think of a Van’s RV as a seaplane, unless you saw the one owned by Mike Rossum of Longwood, Fla. Rossum, a retired Pan American World Airways pilot, describes his RV-7A as part flying aquarium, part history lesson. “I wanted a fun airplane after I retired,” he explains. The airplane made its first flight in November 2007, but didn’t get the seainspired paint job until October 2008. “It took me a whole year to figure out that I didn’t want a regular stripe-painted aircraft,” he jokes. According to Rossum, several factors went into choosing the design. “I am a Pisces so I gravitate to water and I have children and grandchildren, so my wife Alice suggested that I do something that would be educational and that was connected to my histor y with Pan Am,” he says. “On the rudder is a clipper ship. Juan Trippe, Pan Am’s founder, was enamored with clipper ships, the fast-moving vessels from the 1880s, so all Pan Am aircraft were known as Clippers and Pan Am’s radio call-sign was Clipper. “On one side of the fuselage is the mermaid Maire, which in Irish Gaelic means ‘star of the sea’,” he continues. “She represents Pan Am’s Atlantic service. On the other side is Nalani, which in Hawaiian means ‘calm of the sea’, and represents the Pacific service.” Next to the clipper ship is an albatross in flight, representing Pan Am’s longrange flights to far-away places. There are two airplanes included in the design. One is a Sikorsky-42 Amphibian, which was used to explore and establish routes for Pan Am. The other is a downed Japanese World War II

Zero that has become part of a reef. The Pan Am and blue globe logos and an island scene representing Pan Am’s first flight, which was a mail run from Key West to Havana in October 1927, also are depicted. Sea creatures galore abound in the design. On the left wing is an Orca named Oreo, on the right wing are a pair of porpoises, Ponda and her baby Pinky. Near the Zero is Tucker, the turtle. On the belly of the airplane you’ll find Mano, the Manta Ray. A host of smaller tropical fish swim escort. The airplane is named for one of the most somber moments in the airline’s history. “The name of the airplane is ‘Maid of the Seas’, which was the name of Pan Am Flight 103, which was destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December of 1988 taking the lives of 259 people on board and 11 people on the ground,” Rossum says. According to Rossum, it took four months to develop the design. The paint job was done by John Stahr of Eugene, Ore. “It took him 130 hours to do it,” Rossum says. “He loves doing animal designs and he did some wonder ful Hawaiian-inspired work. When I saw this design, I knew this was the one I wanted!” Stahr’s work often wins awards at air shows and fly-ins. The images have almost a three-dimensional look to them, and visitors are hard pressed to keep their hands in their pockets when they approach the plane. Often there is great debate over whether it is paint or decals. “They are paint,” Rossum laughs, adding that the airplane was Reser ve Grand Champion kit-built at Sun ’n Fun this year. For more information:

October 9, 2009

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Niagara Air Parts: Everything you need to keep flying safely

Tempest:The safest carburetors in the marketplace

If you’ve got questions about parts needed to get your airplane back into the air or to keep it flying reliably and safely, a good place to start getting the answers you need is Niagara Air Parts. From the company’s extensive “in stock” inventory of parts in Niagara Falls, New York, ordered parts can be shipped anywhere in the world, usually on the same day the order is received. Niagara Air Parts is a factory direct distributor in the United States for Canadian Aero Manufacturing, a Transport Canada-approved aircraft parts manufacturer and maintenance organization. Both companies are owned by Ronald Newburg, a Toronto native who has been flying since 1964. After a successful career in insurance, Newburg founded Canadian Aero Engine & Accessories in 1987 to provide a source of quality engines overhauls and repairs.

In early 2008 Volare Carburetors LLC purchased the Marvel-Schebler carburetor line and began production in North Carolina. First priority was re-establishing the supply of carburetors interrupted in 2007, so 2008 was a fast-paced first year. We offered technical support to many aircraft owners over a short period of time and, although some problems were more difficult to diagnose than others, each was addressed while the carburetor supply was re-established. Our manufacturing facilities have the most modern,computerized flow testing capabilities in the industry. We can manufacture any model MSA carburetor, new and rebuild, or overhaul any MSA carburetor already in service. Distributors can send customer carburetors directly to Volare’s service center or address customers’ needs through Volare’s fast exchange service. Factory technical support is always “one-on-one” with end users or technicians because Volare is eager to

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MSA Float Carburetors & Components The original Marvel-Schebler carburetor is now Tempest! We will overhaul any MSA carburetor

The Genuine Factory Article New, Rebuilt and Overhaul

Carburetor supplier to aviation’s original piston engine manufacturers: Lycoming Teledyne Continental Motors

(800) 822-3200


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Pacific Coast Avionics: A proven leader in custom panel installations and upgrades Pacific Coast Avionics has a well-deserved reputation for being a proven leader in the design, fabrication and installation of custom avionics panels and panel upgrades. For almost 20 years, it has been providing expert services to a variety of single and twin aircraft, kitplanes, classics, warbirds, and corporate turbine aircraft. At its modern, FAA-approved facility on Aurora State Airport in Aurora, Ore., Pacific Coast Avionics has an experienced team of avionics professionals who can meet practically any customer requirement. One of the latest examples of Pacific Coast’s highly specialized work is the design and installation of a custom panel in an A36 Bonanza that included a Garmin G600 EFIS/MFD, Electronics International UBG16 Engine Monitor and FP-5L Fuel Computer, SkyWatch Traffic System, and GDL-69A XM Weather Receiver. An all-new custom-

Aircraft Spruce carries products for your Mooney Aircraft Spruce is your one-stop shop for parts, pilot supplies and avionics needed for Mooney aircraft. Its product line includes numerous items for Mooney aircraft, including Glareshields, towbars, engine mounts, aluminum ribs, spinner assemblies, throttle controls, air filters, windshields, exhaust systems, and more. High-quality fiberglass Glareshields are in stock and available for most popular Mooney aircraft. These fiberglass Glareshields feature a one-piece hand-laminate with a molded


October 9, 2009

designed and laser engraved metal instrument panel was also installed by Pacific Coast Avionics as part of the Bonanza’s panel upgrade. Pacific Coast Avionics also recently completed a custom design and installation in an F33A Bonanza featuring the Aspen EFD-1000-PRO EFIS system.A complementing Garmin Avionics package also featured a GMA-340 Audio Panel, GNS-530W GPS/Nav/Com, and a GTX-327 Transponder, all in a custom laser engraved instrument panel. Beyond custom panel capabilities, Pacific Coast Avionics has one the largest customer showrooms on the West Coast with a wide range of interactive displays. It also provides avionics repair and overhaul capabilities, and maintains a comprehensive inventory of avionics, instruments, and pilot supplies that are available through its catalog or online. Dewey Conroy, vice president and general manager, states that the company is committed to its promise of excellent customer service and guaranteed low prices. For more information: 800-353-0370 or Naugahyde texture, and are designed to tuck under the windshield from the front, totally covering the top of the instrument panel.The Glareshield extends approximately 3 inches past the front of the panel to shade instrument faces. FAA-approved lights are available for these Glareshields as well. Heavy duty universal tow bars are standard equipment for FBOs. They fit most Piper, Cessna, Beech, Mooney, AeroCommander, and many other aircraft models. The adjustable fork allows the fork assembly to be extended from 3 inches to 10 inches.This tow bar is extra long at 7 feet, 6 inches. It has spring-loaded adapters that will fit any 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch tow pins on the aircraft axle (this will not work with aircraft that have tow pins on the landing gear). The engine mounts that are available for Mooney aircraft are compression type couplings consisting of bonded rubber joints pressed into the sockets of metal hubs.The dynafocal engine suspensions provide proper flexible support to isolate engine vibrations and reduce noise transmission to airframe structure in all aircraft applications. Careful design assures maximum strength to hold the engine under ultimate load and emergency conditions. The full Aircraft Spruce product line is presented in the company’s 800-page 20092010 catalog, which is available free upon request. Also available is the new 2010 Aircraft Spruce Pilot Shop color catalog offering a complete section of portable GPS, avionics, headsets and pilot supplies. For more information: 877-4SPRUCE or (Niagara from page 25)

Through that business, he discovered a need for another company to manufacture parts, such as clutches, which were a continuing problem for his customers. The company has since branched out, receiving manufacturing approvals for the entire starter adapter and all of its components. It also manufactures and supplies oil coolers, oil pumps and other parts. It also provides replacement window latches for 100, 200 and 300 series Cessna aircraft. By opening Niagara Air Parts in New York, the Canadian businessman solved the problem of customs delays so his company could live up to its motto: Call Today, Fly Tomorrow. Niagara Air Parts also provides the highest quality overhauls with the lowest possible price and excellent warranty. For more information: 800-565-4268 or

Garmin G-600 EFIS Installed in A-36 Bonanza

Aspen EFD1000 PRO EFIS Installed in F33A Bonanza

Since 1991, we’ve been leading the industry in low prices, quality installations, and excellence in customer service. Check us out on the web or ask for our free catalog. GARMIN






HEADSETS LightSPEED Zulu BOSE® David Clark Sennheiser Flightcom Telex NO SAL

PCA .aero



ORDERS: 800-353-0370 • SALES: 503-678-6242 FAX: 503-678-6292

Price and availability subject to change.

Aurora State Airport • 22783 Airport Road, N.E. • Aurora, OR 97002 Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PST



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support each of our customers with personalized service. Tempest brand carburetors have a tested and true core design. By combining that with important recent innovations based upon decades of experience, Tempest brand carburetors have become thoroughly modern iterations of the most reliable, available and proven aircraft carburetor in the world. Tempest carburetors are better and safer and make the most economic sense. Tempest carburetors include the uniquely reliable solid, blue epoxy float. Hollow or foam floats can sink or disintegrate. Tempest brand carburetors produced by Volare are immune to float leaking, sinking and deterioration problems. Genuine Tempest parts meet strict OEM specifications and quality requirements. Precise manufacturing techniques ensure consistent fuel flow year after year. We are proud to have achieved our short-term goals of improving parts and manufacturing processes over the past year. We are confident that we also will achieve our long-term goals of continuous product improvement and consistently excellent customer support — always innovating, never imitating — in order to provide the safest and best value line of aviation carburetors in the marketplace. For more information:

October 9, 2009

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27 Thanks to unique Bose® acoustic technologies, this unmatched combination of benefits is available in one lightweight headset. And with the AdaptiSense™ headset technology, you can enjoy the performance of the Aviation Headset X for at least 40 hours from just two AA alkaline batteries. Specify straight or coiled cord, Portable (batt. pack) on Installed Models. P/N 11-01834.............. $995.00 Special Pricing on Zulu Quantity Orders. While supplies last. Call or visit our website for details. The NEW Zulu headset looks different because it is different. Made with magnesium, stainless steel, and four types of composite plastics, it’s extremely durable and yet weighs just over 13 ounces.

Zulu Headset .................................. P/N Lightflight Mach 1 ........................... P/N Thirty-3g ANR................................. P/N 20XLc (w/ cell phone interface) ...... P/N

11-05617............ $850.00 11-03606............ $499.00 11-01614............ $545.00 11-02647............ $439.00

X11P .............................................................$799.00 X11 ...............................................................$799.00 H10-13Y Youth .............................................$306.90 H10-20 ..........................................................$302.25 H10-30 ......................................................... $251.10 H10-60 ......................................................... $345.96 H10-13.4 ......................................................$306.90 H10-13.4S ................................................................................... $311.55 H20-10 ......................................................................................... $327.36 H10-13X ANR (battery) ............................................................... $628.68 H10-13XL ANR (battery) ............................................................. $717.03

Bendix King AV8OR ACE

The Newest member of a fully loaded family. family A true paperless, paperl full electronic flight bag. A Smaller, lightweight design includes airborne navigation, all FAA charts, airport diagrams, weather, traffic, automotive and multimedia capabilities. Geo-reference charts and larger, easy-to-use touchscreen.

11-07923 .................$1,979.00 11-07925 .................$1,799.00 11-07926 .................$1,979.00 11-07928 .................$1,799.00

ICOM TRANSCEIVERS A210 Panel Mount .... P/N 11-05618 .... $1,339.00 A210 Mobile Mount .. P/N 11-05836 .... $1,430.00 IC-A14 (Simple Key) P/N 11-05903 ....... $231.00 IC-A14 (Full Key) ...... P/N 11-05904 ....... $231.00 IC-A24 Nav/Com ...... P/N 11-02942 ....... $325.00 IC-A6 ........................ P/N 11-02944 ....... $269.00

Collision Avoidance MRX A A-A A is i the th world’s ld’ smallest ll t collision lli i avoidid

ance device, yet sacrifices none of the features previous upper-end systems have become known for.Get alerts directly through your headset with our new audio output feature and audio cable, included with every MRX. P/N 11-05223 ...................... $539.00 PCAS™ XRX™ is the first & only stand-alone portable device to sense aircraft direction from within the cockpit. Displays “3-D View” quadrant bearing information, as well as relative altitude and range. P/N 11-06504 ......... $1,785.00 XPD-X Wire Power/Data Cable P/N 11-06243 .............. $29.75

Aircraft Markers

Plane Sights Si ht markers k are easily il custom- t ttted to virtually any aircraft, take only minutes to attach and remove, and weigh only three pounds folded into their briefcase-size pouch. Universal Pitot Tube Cover (Shown) P/N 13-05610.....$12.95 GA Pitot Tube Cover ................ P/N 13-05611 ..... $11.95 Remove Before Flight Strmr .... P/N 13-05612..... $11.75 Light Sport Pilot Plug Kit .......... P/N 13-06020.....$12.95 Blade Pitot Cover..................... P/N 13-06016.....$14.95 Static Wick Markers (3/pkg.).... P/N 13-05609...$173.00


Authorized Distributor

GPSMAP 696- Meet our ultimate portable MFD: the GPSMAP 696, an all-in-one navigator designed exclusively for aviation. Featuring a large screen, detailed electronic charts and real-time weather, the 696 is your own personal avionics system. GPSMAP 695 - With features that focus on aviation-only navigation and mapping, GPSMAP 695 is Garmin’s ultimate portable MFD. Similar to the 696, the GPSMAP 695 comes with a large screen and detailed electronic charts — minus XM compatibility — at a price you’ll love. GPSMAP 696 Americas . P/N 11-07022 .. $3,295.00 GPSMAP 695 Americas . P/N 11-07023 .. $2,695.00

We Take Trades! Lower Prices! GPSMAP 496 New features include: Garmin’s SafeTaxiTM airport diagrams;AOPA airport directory data;enhanced terrain and aviation databases (showing private airports and heliports);significantly faster 5 Hz updating on maps and “Panel” page instruments; and for go-anywhere versatility,built-in automotive street mapping for USA/Canada or Europe...P/N 11-04684........$2,395.00 GPS 396................................P/N 11-03592........$1,495.00 Auto Kit (396) ........................P/N 11-02677...........$209.95 495, Americas ...................... P/N 11-06248 .......$1,595.00 495, Atlantic ......................... P/N 11-06317 .......$1,595.00 495, Pacic .......................... P/N 11-06318 .......$1,595.00


Exceptional torque to start virtually any general aviation piston engine in nearly any environment. Replaces the bulky windings of a conventional starter motor with lightweight permanent magnets. More efficient starter operation & improved performance. 12V ....................................... P/N 07-01270 .............................$559.00 25V ....................................... P/N 07-01272 .............................$605.00

Castleberry Electric Horizon

FAA Approved back-up b k Altitude Altit d indicator i di t replaces l turn t & banks b k under d AC91-75. AC91 Features inclinometer and failing warning flag. Factory new. 15 month warranty. Simple installation. 14V ................................................ P/N 10-02823..........................$2,359.00 28V ................................................. P/N 10-02824..........................$2,359.00 14V w/ 8° tilt ................................... P/N 10-02828..........................$2,195.00 28V w/ 8° tilt ................................... P/N 10-02829..........................$2,195.00

Fuel Scan 450 from JPI Instruments provides continuous display of fuel burned in gal/hour (liter and lbs. available on special order). Fuel Scan 450 also provides total fuel used, fuel remaining, endurance in hours and minutes, fuel required to next waypoint, fuel reserve at next waypoint, and nautical miles/gal. P/N 10-00135 ............$658.75

FREE Bluetooth® Purchase any Sennheiser aviation headset between September 1, 2009 and November 7, 2009 and receive a high-quality VMX 100 Bluetooth® wireless mobile phone headset from Sennheiser Communications FREE by mail. That’s a $99.95 value, free!

800+ page Parts Catalog, also on CD!

GPSMAP 696 & 695

Redline Sidewinder Power Driver

The HMEC 250 has a very attractive, foldable design. It offers an interesting price/performance ratio and a design that is extremely lightweight and comfortable. What places this headset above our competition is the Peak Level Portection and Talk Through features. P/N 11-07030 ................ $499.00

USA/Canada............ P/N Americas.................. P/N Europe ..................... P/N Atlantic ..................... P/N


Electronics International UBG-16 Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer is a sophisticated instrument with unique features designed to provide pilots with a unique tool for detecting engine problems in their earliest stages and assisting you in operation your engine safely and economically. UBG-16(Instrument Only) ... P/N 10-25335 .... $1,195.00 UBG-16 w/8 Probes ......... P/N 10-00593 .... $1,638.00 UBG-16 w/12 Probes ....... P/N 10-00594 .... $2,098.00

Plane-Power Alternators

These are the products of years of research, development and intensive testing. Each component has been engineered, developed, tested and re-tested exclusively for use in general aviation aircraft. PMA Certified New Replacement Alternators AL12-F60P/N 07-00998 .....$483.95 AL12-C60P/N 07-00997 .....$489.95 Experimental Aircraft Alternators AL12-EI60/b..... P/N 07-01313..............$376.95 AL12-EI70/b ............ P/N 07-01414..............$452.95 Visit our website for complete line of Plane Power Alternators

Powerful and portable, the Sidewinder will forever change the way you move your aircraft. Powered by Milwaukee’s top of the line 28V power unit with a long-lasting, lithium ion battery pack, Sidewinder weighs less than 22 pounds, collapses to 27” and stows easily in your baggage compartment. Made in the USA using 4130 Chromoly material. Available for Beechcraft, Cessna single and twin engines, Piper, Mooney, and Eclipse. Please call or visit or website for more information.

One piece hand-laminate with a molded Naugahyde texture, designed to tuck under the windshield from the front totally covering the top of the instrument panel.

Cessna 120/140/150 .................... P/N 05-03871.......$275.00 Cessna 170/172 ........................... P/N 05-03875.......$275.00 Cessna 180/182/185 .................... P/N 05-03878.......$275.00 Cessna 205/206/210 .................... P/N 05-03887.......$275.00 Cessna 337 Skymaster ................ P/N 05-03892.......$275.00 Beech 33/35/Baron/Travelair ........ P/N 05-03899.......$275.00 Mooney 201 .................................. P/N 05-03907.......$275.00 Piper PA 24/30 Comanche, etc..... P/N 05-03894.......$275.00 Piper PA 28/6/32/34 Cherokee, etc...P/N 05-03895 ........$275.00 Piper PA 38 Tomahawk ................. P/N 05-03898.......$275.00 Optional FAA Approved Lights ...... P/N 05-03998.......$122.95

Starters Sky-Tec High-Torque HT Model - Starters are designed for rugged, demanding applications. HT Starters weigh only 8.4 lbs., spin twice as fast as heavier OEM starters. Unique cantilevered heavy-duty drive allows for “zero” nose clearance applications. High-Torque HT Model 122-12HT P/N 07-06250 ..........$422.00 Flyweight Starter Model 122-12PM P/N 07-06252 ..........$362.95 NL Starter Model 122-NL P/N 07-00761 ..........$435.95 NL Starter Model 149-NL P/N 07-00762 ..........$435.95 NL Starter Model 149-NLR P/N 07-00763 ..........$435.95

Artex ME-406 is a single output ELT. Two emergency frequencies (121.5 and 406.028 MHz) utilize the same RF output, requiring only one coax cable to connect to the new series of Artex single input antennas. The ELT automatically activates during a crash and transmits the standard swept tone on 121.5 MHz. US programmed PNs are listed. Please call for international programmed PNs. With Whip Antenna ..... P/N 11-03492 ... $945.00 With Rod Antenna .... P/N 11-03493 .....$1,524.00

CB-25 ........................................ $169.95 CB-35A ...................................... $203.95 CB24-11 .................................... $392.95 CB24-11M ......................................$366.95 RG24-15 ................................... $414.95 RG-25 ........................................ $169.95 RG-35A...................................... $197.95 RG24-11 .................................... $366.95 RG24-11M ................................ $389.95 RG24-15M ................................. $414.95 RG380E/44** ......................... $2,188.00 NEW XC (Extra Cranking Power) RG-25XC ................................... $189.95 RG-35AXC ............................... $225.95

Free UPS Ground* Shipping in 48 States No UPS Hazardous Charge ~ Pay Price of Battery - That’s It! FULL MFG. WARRANTY - SHIPPED SAME DAY ORDERED All batteries listed are with acid unless otherwise noted. Call for pricing for batteries without acid. *Batteries up to 50 lbs. **This battery weighs 112 lbs.-does not ship free.

Oil - Additives

Aeroshell - 15W-50 Multigrade Case ............... P/N 08-05451 ................$74.50 Aeroshell -Mineral Oil Case ............................. P/N 08-05410 ................$55.75 Aeroshell -W100 SAE 50 Case ........................ P/N 08-05401 ................$54.25 Phillips - Oil SAE 20W-50 Case ....................... P/N 08-05301 ................$51.95 Phillips - Mineral Oil 20W-50 Case .................. P/N 08-05311 ................$48.25 Exxon - Elite 20W-50 Case............................... P/N 08-00432 ................$68.75 Exxon -Break In Oil 20W-50 Case .................... P/N 08-01293 ................$59.25 Additives Camguard Oil Additive 1 Pint............................. P/N 08-07096 ................$24.95 TCP Fuel Additive Qt. ........................................ P/N 05-21300 ................$34.85 Lycoming Oil Additive 6 oz. ............................... P/N 08-05600 ................$24.95 Microlon CL-100 Aircraft Kit ............................... P/N 09-35805 .............. $119.95

Slick Kits by Champion 08-01468 ..................K4516 Slick Kit .............$2,169.00 $ 08-02572 ..................K6320 Slick Kit .............$2,638.00 08-01487 ..................K4517 Slick Kit .............$2,168.00 08-01578 ..................K4527 Slick Kit .............$2,246.00 08-02666 ..................K6327 Slick Kit .............$2,638.00 08-04516-38 .............K4516 Slick Kit .............$1,686.00 08-02616 ..................K6322 Slick Kit .............$2,643.00 08-02575 ..................K6320 Slick Kit .............$2,638.00 08-02681 ..................K6328 Slick Kit .............$2,638.00 AUTOLITE MASSIVE PLUGS




Aircraft Glareshields



G-25...................................... $134.95 G-35...................................... $154.95 G-242.................................... $298.95 G-243.................................... $299.95 G-246.................................... $338.95 G-247.................................... $361.75 G-25S ................................... $164.95 G35S .................................... $189.95 G243S .................................. $363.95 G6381E ............................. $1,132.95 G6381ES .....................................$1,694.00



Aircraft Tires

The Goodyear Flight Custom III replacement tire for light aircraft, the Flight Special is an unsurpassed combination of value and performance. Designed for long treadlife, this tire is built to last.

5.00-5 6 Ply ..................P/N 6.00-6 4Ply ...................P/N 6.00-6 6 Ply ..................P/N 6.50-8 6 Ply ..................P/N 6.50-10 8 Ply ................P/N 7.00-6 6 Ply ..................P/N 7.00-6 8 Ply ..................P/N

06-05100-3 ............ $129.95 06-05200-3 ............ $154.95 06-05400-3 ............ $156.95 06-05600-3 ............ $198.95 06-05900-3 ............ $236.95 06-06200-3 ............ $183.95 06-06210-3 ............ $186.95

Specialty Tires

If you’re looking for an increased level of performance and security at a price that won’t bust your budget, the Air Hawk® is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. 5.00-5, 4ply. .....................P/N 06-07710 ............... $48.90 5.00-5, 6ply. .....................P/N 06-07700 ............... $49.50 6.00-6, 4ply. .....................P/N 06-07800 ............... $55.50 6.00-6, 6ply. .....................P/N 06-07900 ............... $59.25 6.00-6, 8ply. .....................P/N 06-07910 ............... $63.25 ASK FOR FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING ON MOST TIRES ORDERED IN THE 48 STATES


In an emergency, the MicroFix™ transmits on 406 MHz via the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system with the sender’s unique registered, digitally coded distress signal. P/N 11-05531 ........$599.99 ACR Microx 406 GPS Canada P/N 11-05898 ....... $589.00

Lifetime Cleanable Oil Filters

Model No. Part No. CP-48103C .... 08-06017 CP-48104C .... 08-06018 CP-48108-1 ... 08-06019

$295.00 ea.

Audio Panels

PM1000-II(4Ch. Panel Mnt)...................... P/N11-11922.....................$309.95 PM3000 4-Pl Stereo Pnl Mount .............. P/N 11-04843....................$419.99 PM3000 6-Pl Stereo Intercom .................. P/N 11-00851....................$549.95 PMA 6000 Audio Panel / Int. .................... P/N 11-11937....................$949.95 PMA 6000M Aud. Panel/Mrkr Beac ................ P/N 11-01083.................$1,149.00


A simple one-shot treatment with every ll-up prevents lead build-up on spark plugs and valves. QUART ............. P/N 05-21300............$34.85 GALLON ................. P/N 05-21400 ......................$129.50 **TCP dispenser sold separately ................................................................ P/N 05-21500 ........................ $17.50

AIRCRAFT SPRUCE WEST AIRCRAFT SPRUCE EAST AIRCRAFT SPRUCE CANADA (CYFD) (KFFC) (KAJO) 150 Aviation Avenue 452 Dividend Drive 225 Airport Circle Brantford Municipal Airport Peachtree City, GA 30269 Corona, CA 92880 Brantford, ON N3T 5L7 Ph: 770-487-2310 Ph: 951-372-9555 Ph: 519-759-5017 Fax: 951-372-0555 All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.

Model No. Part No. CP-48109-1 ... 08-06020 CP-48110-1 ... 08-06021 CP-48111-1 ... 08-06022

Oil Filters

Now in 4 packs! • ES48103-1 ..............08-00968 ES48103-1................ 08-07065 • ES48108-1 ..............08-00970 ES48104-1................ 08-07066 • ES48104-1 ..............08-00969 ES48108-1................ 08-07067 • ES48109 -1 .............08-00971 ES48109-1................ 08-07068 • ES48110-1 ..............08-00972 ES48110-1 ................ 08-07069 • ES48111-1 ..............08-00973 ES48111-1 ............... 08-07070 $15.95 ea. 10% on 6 or more of the same lter. $61.00 ea.

AA48103 AA48104 AA48108 AA48109 AA48110 AA48111

Oil Oil Oil Oil Oil Oil

Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter

6 6 6 6 6 6

Oil Filters

Pk($14.66 ea.) ........ 08-04969 .... $88.00 Pk ($14.66 ea.) ....... 08-04970 .... $88.00 Pk ($14.66 ea.) ....... 08-04971 .... $88.00 Pk ($14.66 ea.) ....... 08-04972 .... $88.00 Pk ($14.66 ea.) ....... 08-04973 .... $88.00 Pk ($14.66 ea.) ....... 08-04974 .... $88.00

FREE UPS Ground Shipping on most orders over $500 to the lower 48 states &

Freight Discount to Alaska Call or see our website for details.


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October 9, 2009

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The need for pneumatic de-icer products for general aviation aircraft has been recognized by B/E Aerospace, Inc. for a number of years. Ice Shield De-icing Systems offers an extensive line of pneumatic de-icers available for replacement of original de-ice boots. Ice Shield is available for a wide variety of piston and turboprop aircraft operating today.All Ice Shield pneumatic de-icers feature Edge Guard technology, which has been laboratory proven to extend service life up to 60%. Ice Shield 2, an extension of the existing Ice Shield de-icer line, applies the sewn-carcass technology to the most popular older aircraft, while fitting the exact footprint of the older tube-type (Type 23) de-icers. Ice Shield also offers a line of propeller boots,both in etched foil and wire wound patterns. The propeller de-ice boots feature a tapered edge design for easier application and have a textured bond surface for superior adhesion.Wire harnesses are available in a variety of lead configurations from traditional ring terminals to quick disconnect systems. With a focus on customer service, Ice Shield offers a no-charge, 48hour delivery guarantee to customers in the United States and no-charge UPS delivery to Canada. The product line is readily available through a network of distributors throughout the world. Additionally, a network of factory certified installation centers is established to provide convenience in picking a location closest to the aircraft owner and operator. B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products and a leading aftermarket distributor of aerospace fasteners. B/E designs, develops and manufactures a broad product line for both commercial aircraft and business jets and provides cabin interior design, reconfiguration and passenger-to-freighter conversion services. For more information: or

If the lighted displays or edge-lighted panels in your aircraft are dim or inoperative, or if they just need refurbishing to look new again, then you need to contact Air Capitol Dial Inc. Air Capitol Dial specializes in the repair and refurbishing of all types of lighted displays and cockpit EL panels. One of its trademarks is its quick turn times — normally five to seven working days. If you have an AOG situation, special response efforts are available at no extra cost to the customer. While one of Air Capitol Dial’s specialties is working with aircraft from single and twin engine to turbines, the company also repairs and refurbishes panels for all models of Hawker Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Cessna, Bombardier/ Lear Jet, Piper, Mooney and all helicopters. Air Capitol Dial is an FAA Certified Repair Station authorized to repair and refurbish electroluminescent panels and edge-lighted panels. If spare panels are not available or long lead times prevent buying new, your panels can be repaired and refurbished in conjunction with scheduled maintenance and at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Air Capitol Dial has provided unmatched customer service along with the fastest turn times in the industry since 1963. Quality and dependability have built its reputation and the company is committed to working within each customer’s schedule to help ensure that the airplane will be delivered on time. Air Capitol Dial offers customers manufacturing of lighted displays, an experienced engineering staff and technicians who will design lighted displays to your specifications. The company’s specialty is small-quantity jobs (1 each to 5 each) for STC projects, and it also has the capability for production quantity manufacturing. All lighted displays are manufactured to the current MIL-P-7788 specifications and the turn times from start to finish lead the industry. For more information: 877-269-2483, or



Air Capitol Dial

Specialists in Repair and Refurbishing

If your cockpit panel components are faded, need repairs or just need some touch-up, we’re ready to serve you. We’re an FAA Certified Repair Station.

Call us, we’ll take care of you. 877-269-2483

October 9, 2009

Beech and Mooney Mods Special Advertising Section

ASL Camguard named ‘Official Engine Oil Supplement of the 2009 World Aerobatic Championships’ ASL Camguard has been named the “Official Engine Oil Supplement of the 2009 World Aerobatic Championships” in Silverstone, United Kingdom. From Camguard’s introduction and proceeding through FAA trials in Randy Harris’s Super 300 Skybolt air show aircraft, Camguard has proven its value in preventing engine deposits and wear under the toughest, most demanding conditions. Most pilots never approach the severe and constant demands on their engines that aerobatic pilots place on theirs, but it is comforting to know ASL Camguard can and does protect engines even under these conditions. Even with commercial flight school operations and other extreme high-usage applications like agricultural aviation, ASL Camguard has proven effective

Mooney debuts publications library Mooney has introduced a complete Technical Publications Master Library for all M20 through M20TN aircraft. All of the publications are on a 2 GB Lexar JumpDrive, engraved with the Mooney logo. Each drive contains aircraft model specific technical publications, including Pilot Operating Handbooks, Illustrated Parts Catalogs, Service and Maintenance Manuals. Service Bulletins, Service Instructions and Special Letters also have been added for some models, according to Mooney officials. The publications are digitized and contain internal links and cross-references between the various documents. Most manuals are keyword searchable and include the ability to print individual pages or a range of pages. The information is also hyperlinked to the Mooney website for update information. This requires Internet access, company officials note. JumpDrives are available for M20M — S/N: 27-0001 through 27-0317 and 27-0319 through 27-0355; M20R — S/N: 29-0001 through 29-TBA; M20J — S/N: 24-0001 through 24-3431; M20K — S/N: 25-0001 through 25-2032; M20S — S/N: 30-0001 through TBA; M20C, D, E, F, G — Applicable Model S/N Range; M20, M20A and M20B — Applicable Model S/N Range; M20TN — S/N: 31-0001 through 31-TBA; M10 Cadet — Applicable Model S/N Range; All M20 through M20TN — Master Technical Publications Library; and M20L — S/N 26-0001 through TBA. For more information:


in deposit reduction, wear reduction and seal protection. Under normal conditions faced by the average general aviation pilot, ASL Camguard protects engines from excess wear, deposits and seal degradation far better than oil alone. More importantly, it protects against corrosion and rust common in aircraft engines not commonly flown on a daily basis. Protect your investment in your aircraft engine with ASL Camguard, “The Official Engine Oil Supplement of the World Aerobatic Championships.” For more information: 800-826-9252 or


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HII: Committed to professional and personalized service Hydraulics International Inc. (HII) has more than 30 years of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of air driven gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers, liquid pumps, high pressure components and valves, turbine flow meters, and packaged systems. We offer portable and stationary high pressure breathing air, oxygen, nitrogen booster and hydrostatic test packages. Applications include, but are not limited to, charging oxygen life





Use HII’s 3G-SS-20-O Oxygen booster to ensure FULL 2400-3450 PSI FILLS

Even if the oxygen supply Drops below 300-psi. DON’T WASTE YOUR

MONEY AND TIME. EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR CYLINDER Lightweight, only 10 lbs. Safe, driven by low pressure shop air, high-pressure nitrogen bottle, or manually by means of its integral hand pump assembly Air consumption at 60 cycles/min is less than 4 scfm.


H 92 C h 0 1 I II ats nd (P w ep (F) ) 8 orth end , C enc 1 (T A9 e F 8 8A ww ) 8 1 8 4 0 8 -40 7-3 1311 ve. w. hii 8 7- 40 US 7 pu A mp 8 0 3 4 0 PR OD s.c 28 UC TI om 7 8 NS TO 6 CK 7 FO R IM








October 9, 2009

support cylinders for onboard aircraft use, military, medical, fire and safety, diving, filling and charging of carbon dioxide cylinders for the inflation of escape chutes and life rafts, filling of nitrogen cylinders for tire inflation, charging landing gear suspension struts and accumulators, and processing industries. We offer standard products and custom configurations. We separate ourselves from other manufacturers by offering the ability to design a specific need into a standard product in an integrated package. HII manufactures every major component at our Chatsworth, Calif., facility with a large inventory of boosters and parts. We pride ourselves on supporting the sales efforts with the ability to respond to customer requirements quickly and accurately. We are committed to giving you the very best professional and personalized service with responsible answers regarding availability and delivery. Our three facilities accommodate our complete product lines with stock for immediate delivery. Our expanded inventory and competitive pricing allow you to order from a single source. Please contact us for a FREE catalog at 818-407-3400, 888-780-7867 or

FADOC Oxygen System now available for Mooney, Piper and Beech aircraft Building on its leadership as No. 1 in engineered general aviation oxygen systems, Mountain High Equipment & Supply’s newest technology is the two-person portable MH EDS O2D2 Pulse-Demand FADOC (Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control) Oxygen Delivery System designed for Beech, Mooney and Piper aircraft. It is the only portable, twoplace (expandable to four-place) carry-on pulse demand oxygen system currently available. The MH EDS O2D2, with the patented digital electronic “Pulse Demand” FADOC oxygen delivery system, enables the pilot and passenger/crew to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 feet with safety and comfort. The system reduces oxygen consumption dramatically. Different from standard constant flow systems, the O2D2 pulse demand system wastes no oxygen during the breathing cycle. Studies show that 90% of the oxygen supplied by the O2D2 is transferred to the blood. The average user will enjoy a conservative consumption drop of four times compared to constant flow systems. The system operates, with two people, for up to 50 hours on three AA alkaline batteries. Easy to use, the two-person O2D2 reduces oxygen system workload to almost nil.There are no oxygen flow indicators to watch or manually operated constant flow valves to adjust due to altitude changes.Two push buttons cycle the O2D2 through the various modes that automatically deliver the required supplemental oxygen pulses for various altitudes. The complete system consists of an aluminum oxygen cylinder (buyer has a choice of sizes, with upgrades available to very lightweight composite cylinders), primary reducing regulator, low pressure service line, connection fittings, the MH EDS O2D2 FADOC unit, breathing cannulas, face masks, and a tote bag. The complete system starts at $1,275. A variety of options are available to meet specific pilot needs, including lightweight composite cylinders, regulators, adapters, cannulas and masks. For more information: 800-468-8185 or

October 9, 2009

Beech and Mooney Mods Special Advertising Section


Make your Beech, Mooney or Piper safer with Micro VGs Beech Musketeer owner Ron Sellers put Micro Vortex Generators on his airplane and said, “When I flew en route I didn’t notice much change, but when I landed — “Holy Cow!” Another owner said that before VGs his Musketeer had the slow flight characteristics of a cook stove, but now with Micro VGs it lands much better and is a much safer airplane. He added that the really heavy stabilator is now much lighter. Beech Musketeer, Sierra, Sundowner, Bonanza, Baron, Twin Bonanza and TravelAir are all STC approved for Micro VG kits. A major portion of the Baron fleet is already flying with VGs installed and now have reduced Vs, Vso and Vmc. The Mooney M20 series has been approved for VGs and several are now VG equipped. Mooney owners really appreciate that the VGs don’t slow them down in cruise, while adding more stability on short final at a slower speed. Piper airplanes from the J3 to the Piper Malibu Meridian are VG approved. Piper Aircraft Co. is retrofitting Micro VGs on the entire fleet of Malibu Meridians and more than 200 already have VGs. The Piper Cub is the all-time winner, with more Cubs flying with VGs than any other model. All FAA STC certification flights are done at the Anacortes Airport (74S) in Washington state, where two new models have just received STC approval for Micro VGs and a third is expected to be approved by the end of October. The most important thing about VGs is improved controllability at slow speeds.

An owner recently phoned to say, “Thanks for the Micro VGs for saving my life and the lives of my passengers.” That was the 57th call saying that VGs have avoided an accident. VGs keep the air attached to ailerons, rudder and elevator, resulting in improved controllability. For more information: 800-677-2370, 360-293-8082 or

Mooney Acclaim wins Ultimate Challenge Air Race

Hawker Beechcraft expands Indy facility Hawker Beechcraft Services has expanded its factory-owned aircraft maintenance and service facility at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). The facility, which has been open for almost 40 years, specializes in Hawker and Beechcraft products. The new maintenance facility is three times the size of the previous one, said company officials, who note the staff includes several Master Technicians who collectively have nearly 200 years of experience. The facility plans to add “many” new jobs over the next 18 months, company officials add. The new facility also includes a line service terminal operated by Signature Flight Support. For more information: 888-893-4488 or

AND THE WINNER IS: Frikkie Greefe’s Mooney Acclaim took top prize in the inaugural run of South Africa’s Ultimate Challenge Air Race.

Photo courtesy Mooney

A Mooney Acclaim M20TN took first prize in Category C of the Ultimate Challenge Air Race, held in August in South Africa. Mooney ZS-ACC, piloted by Patrick Hanly of SA Mooney in Port Alfred and owned and navigated by Frikkie Greefe, flew the 297.32 nautical mile course in 1:30:44. Other aircraft in the category included Cirrus SR22s and Beech Bonanzas, according to officials with Kerrville, Texas-based Mooney. “The idea behind this particular race started because all the other air races in South Africa work strictly on individual handicaps,” said Hanly. “This caused a lot of unhappiness because it was more an argument about handicaps rather than who flew

fast airplanes.” The August race was the inaugural run of the Ultimate Challenge Air

Race. Race distance was 300 nautical miles, with both the start and finish at Rustenberg Airfield, which is

located about 40 miles northwest of Johannesburg. Aviators were permitted to use GPS and carry as much fuel as they wished. Each aircraft was given a GPS logger to ensure that the course was followed and timing recorded. The main aim was speed. “We were thrilled with the results and plan to be back next year for sure,” said Greefe. For more information:


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October 9, 2009

During the two years following Lindbergh’s success across the Atlantic, the United States saw the swift transition of aviation from an experimental posture to a recognized part of the world of Flight & transportation and Flyers commerce. Air mail had become an accepted fact and passengers could fly coast-to-coast. The Curtiss Company, realizing that the nation’s flying fields and airports were inadequate, decided that modern airports and facilities were required to meet the future demands of aviation. In 1929, the company came up with a plan to build a nationwide chain of modern airports containing service facilities that would make them the aviation centers of the future. Strategic points were selected on the most heavily traveled lines of transportation to set up the first nationwide chain of airports in the United States. All of the sites selected would be in easy reach of the great business centers of the country. With this plan in mind, Curtiss formed a new group to build and operate a chain of airports in 15 cities. This was not a small venture as the new endeavor was capitalized to the tune of $35.2 million. Locations for the airports included Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles and multiple locations in and near New York City. In addition to aircraft ser vices, the company planned to obtain revenue from parking spaces for automobiles, from grandstands erected atop the hangars, and from food and soft drink concessions. A pamphlet produced by Curtiss in 1930 declared that the airports were “destined to become the great aviation centers of the future.” According to the publication, this was because the developments had been selected for their strategic positions on heavily traveled main lines of air transportation, that each served a great commercial and industrial center, and that each had modern equipment and provided all the facilities for growth and expansion. Curtiss was indeed already heavily involved in air commerce. During 1929 the Flying Service carried 122,400 passengers, and its fleet flew more than 5 million miles. More than 3,500 ground and flight students also were in training during that year.

Dennis Parks is Curator Emeritus of Seattle’s Museum of Flight. He can be reached at

FLY-IN: Curtiss Field (formerly Hazelhurst Field) in Garden City, Long Island, played host to a flying festival Oct. 16, 1921. It would continue under the Curtiss name until it was incorporated into Roosevelt Field.

Photo from Curtiss-Wright Airports publication, 1930

By Dennis Parks

AVIATION ARCHITECTURE: The beautiful Spanish-style terminal building at Grand Central Terminal Airport in Burbank, just north of Los Angeles, contained a restaurant, news stand, ticket office and a weather bureau. The airport was served by Maddux, Nevada and Pickwick airlines.

Photo from Curtiss-Wright Airports publication, 1930

Big events were happening in 1929, including a $70 million deal combining Keystone, Wright and Curtiss, plus other companies, forming the largest domestic aviation holding company. With this merger, the Curtiss Airports Corporation became the Cur tiss-Wright Airpor ts Corporation. In July 1929 the company unveiled plans for a parent field for the airports corporation. Based in Valley Stream Long Island, the facility had four runways, six hangars and parking for 10,000 cars. The field at Valley Stream replaced the old Curtiss Field at Mineola and contained a flying school, a repair base and a service department. The airport was fully lighted with boundary, obstacle and flood lights for night flying. Among the buildings were a dope and motor shop, a cafeteria, two exposition buildings and the flying school. The four runways crossed each other so that planes could land directly into the wind for safety. They ran in length from 2,900 to 3,500 feet, the longest being into the prevailing wind. The field was located with one corner at the Valley Stream railroad station. New York City was the hub of airport development, with four Curtiss airports operating in the area by 1930, as well as two others in the planning stages. In addition to Valley Stream, there was the North Beach Airport at Bowery Bay, a combination land and seaplane base; the Essex Airport in Caldwell, N.J., situated in the wealthier suburbs, including Montclair, Morristown and East Orange; and the Hadley Airport in New Brunswick, N.J., center of the largest air mail operation in the east. The Cur tiss-Wright developments were systematic of the high level of interest and activity in aviation development at this time. A sur vey in 1929 showed that more than $390 million was scheduled to be spent on the construction and development of airports in the United States. Henry Blee of the Department of Commerce stated, “aviation was becoming a vital factor in our business and social life,” and urged construction of airports. The Curtiss airports in the New York area live on today in the form of La Guardia Airport (LGA). Originally developed by Curtiss as North Beach Airport, it was leased to the city of New York in 1934. An expansion of the airport was undertaken in 1937 and it was rededicated in 1939 as the New York Municipal Airport. Later the airport was renamed for Mayor Fiorello La Guardia, who was instrumental in the airport’s development. Today, La Guardia remains one of the busiest airports in the United States, a lasting legacy of the Curtiss-Wright Airports Corporation.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: An aerial view of North Beach Airport shows its close proximity to mid-town Manhattan. Service to the city was provided in 15 minutes via speed boat or by motor vehicle over the Queensboro Bridge.

Photo from Curtiss-Wright Airports publication, 1930

Curtiss-Wright Airports Corporation developed airports across the U.S.

Photo from Aircraft Year Book, 1921

A nationwide chain of airports

THE WINDY CITY: Located in Glenview, Ill., this Curtiss Airport served the Chicago area. An elevated electric railway provided 40-minute service to downtown Chicago. The insert shows the promenade veranda, which could hold 2,000 people.

October 9, 2009


Fuel mismanagement leads to misfortune These October 2007 accident reports are provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Published as an educational tool, they are intended to help pilots learn from the misfortunes of others.

damaged. Examination of the left fuel tank revealed that it was empty. Probable cause: The pilot’s inadequate fuel management.

Aircraft: Beech G35. Location: Lexington, S.C. Injuries: None. Aircraft damage: Substantial. What reportedly happened : According to the pilot, the airplane was in cruise flight at 1,600 feet MSL, when the engine “sputtered” and lost all power. The fuel selector was positioned to the left main fuel tank. The pilot attempted to restart the engine using the right fuel tank and then the auxiliary fuel tanks, but was unsuccessful. He performed a forced landing on a road. The right wing hit a telephone pole and was substantially

uuu Aircraft: Piper Cherokee. Location: Walthourville, Ga. Injuries: 2 Fatal. Aircraft damage: Destroyed. What reportedly happened: The noninstrument-rated pilot was flying at night in marginal VFR conditions. The pilot, who had logged 238 hours, including 150 in the Cherokee, had flown 66.9 hours at night. He had never logged any instrument time in actual conditions, but had 1.2 hours of simulated instrument time. On the evening of the accident the pilot received a weather briefing before departing. The briefer encouraged the

Calendar EAST Oct. 8-9, 2009, Wise, VA. Let Freedom Ring-A Salute to American Veterans (LNP)., 276-328-5300. Oct. 9-10, 2009, Wauchula, FL. Mission Aviation DAY Camp., 800-660-0516. Oct. 10, 2009, Burgaw, NC. EAA 297 Fall Fly-In (7NC1). Oct. 10-11, 2009, New Bern, NC. New Bern MUMfest Fly-in (EWN)., 252-635-8757. Oct. 17, 2009, South Boston, VA. Fly-In, Drive-In (W78). Nov. 5-7, 2009, Tampa, FL. AOPA Aviation Summit 2009., 800-872-2672.

NORTH CENTRAL Oct. 10, 2009, Ames, IA. Open House and Fly-In (AMW)., 515-233-1743. Oct. 10, 2009, Millbury, OH. EAA 582 Super Breakfast (TDZ)., 419-360-7414. Oct. 11, 2009, Mt Morris, IL. Pork ‘n Pie Feast (C55)., 815-732-7268. Oct. 11, 2009, Noblesville, IN. BBQ Fly-in (I80). EAA67. org, 317-201-6822. Oct. 17, 2009, Batavia, OH. Sporty’s Hot Dog Fly-In (I69)., 513-735-9100. Oct. 17, 2009, Napoleon, OH. Annual Fly-In Breakfast and Chili Cook Off (7W5). 419-832-0748. Oct. 18, 2009, Watervliet, MI. Chili Hop Fly-In, 11am4pm (40C). 269-463-5532.

Oct. 24, 2009, Batavia, OH. Sporty’s Hot Dog Fly-In (I69)., 513-735-9100. Oct. 31, 2009, Batavia, OH. Sporty’s Hot Dog Fly-In (I69)., 513-735-9100. Nov. 7, 2009, Stevens Point, WI. America Airspace (STE)., 715-252-3326. Nov. 14, 2009, Millbury, OH. EAA 582 Super Breakfast (TDZ)., 419-360-7414. Nov. 14, 2009, Stow, OH. Great Kent State Chili Challenge (1G3). 603-520-2976.

SOUTH CENTRAL Oct. 9-11, 2009, Owensboro, KY. Mooney Safety Pilot Proficiency (KOWB)., 210-5258008. Oct. 10, 2009, Willow Springs, MO. Jerry L. Smith Memorial Fly-In (1H5)., 417-469-4212. Oct. 14-18, 2009, Gulf Shores, AL. Cessna 120-140 Convention (KJKA). 850-8633330. Oct. 16-17, 2009, Gordonville, TX. Cedar Mills So Central Safety Seminar Fly/Splash In (3T0). CedarMills. com, 903-523-4222, ext 234. Oct. 17, 2009, Bryan, TX. Coulter Air Classic (KCFD)., 979-412-1611. Oct. 17, 2009, Houston, TX. 1940 Air Terminal Museum Hobby Hangar Hop (HOU). 713-454-1940. Nov. 14, 2009, Fairview, OK. World’s Oldest Free Fly-In & Air Show (6K4). 580-227-3788.

pilot to obtain an updated briefing en route because the weather was expected to get worse. Prior to departure, the passenger called a person at their destination and told them they were aware of the marginal weather, and would arrive in about two hours. The plane landed at an intermediate airport en route but the pilot did not obtain an updated weather briefing. The aircraft departed again. During the flight the pilot utilized flight following. The airplane was in cruise flight at 3,500 feet when the controller informed the pilot that the airport was at his 12 o’clock position, at a distance of five miles. The pilot reported the airport was in sight and flight following was terminated. There was no further radio communication with the pilot. Instead of heading directly to the airport, the pilot initiated a descending


turn to the right. The weather at the destination airport was reported as overcast clouds at 2,200 feet, broken clouds at 1,000 feet, scattered clouds at 500 feet, and a few clouds at 200 feet. A review of radar data revealed the airplane made several descending turns, with the last radar contact at 300 feet above terrain. The airplane hit trees about one mile from the airport. No pre-crash mechanical malfunctions were discovered during the investigation. It was determined that clouds in the vicinity of the airport caused the pilot to be unable to distinguish ground cues that would have helped him determine the airplane’s attitude, resulting in spatial disorientation. Probable cause : The non-instrument-rated pilot’s loss of control at night in marginal night VFR operations due to spatial disorientation.


Oct. 10, 2009, Jean, NV. BSR Rally (OL7)., 702 275-9112. Oct. 15-17, 2009, Hayward, CA. Parade of Planes (HWD)., 218-525-6228. Oct. 16-18, 2009, Lone Pine, CA. Lone Pine Homebuilt Fly-In (O26). 760-375-2958. Oct. 17, 2009, Groveland, CA. Historical Aircraft Display (E45). 209-962-7597. Oct. 18, 2009, Avalon, CA. Airport in the Sky 50th Anniversary (AVX)., 310-510-0143. Oct. 22-25, 2009, Case Grande, AZ. Copperstate Regional Fly-In., 520-426-3616. Oct. 24, 2009, Imperial , CA. Aviation Day (IPL). 760353-8332. Oct. 25, 2009, Los Alamitos, CA. Wings Wheels Rotors & Expo., 562-598-6659.

Nov. 14, 2009, Denver, CO. 6th Annual Spreading Wings Gala., 303-360-5360x170. Nov. 21, 2009, Groveland, CA. Historical Aircraft Display (E45). 209-962-7597.

International Oct. 19-20, 2009, Dublin, Ireland. New Generation A/C Asset Mgmt Training School. (Clarion Hotel)., +44 01342 324353. Nov. 16-17, 2009, London, England. Unmanned Aircraft Systems 2009., +44 (0)20 7827 6098. Nov. 24, 2009, London, England. Royal Aeronautical Society Conference., +44 (0)20 7670 4372.

is host to the


Acampo Flying Club Non Profit Organization

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24 October 2009 9 am to 3 pm be the

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October 9, 2009

ON THE MARKET Tempest Volare releases safety video

J-3 VG kit improved Micro Aerodynamics has enlarged its micro vortex generator kit for the J-3, J-4, J-5 and PA-11 to include the horizontal stabilizer. The complete kit with FAA STC approval, which sells for $695 plus shipping and handling, reduces the J-3 stall speed to 23 mph, according to company officials. The addition of the 24 vortex generators to the underside of the horizontal stabilizer improves elevator control in slow flight, officials add. To complete the kit, 80 VGs are mounted just aft of the leading edge of the wing using precut templates and Loctite Depend for adhesion. For more information: 800-677-2370 or

BoomBeams OK’d for Citations LoPresti Aviation has received FAA STC approval for its BoomBeam HID lights on the Citation 560. “Safety is aviation’s number one agenda,” said Curt LoPresti, CEO. “We know that the addition of BoomBeam HID lights to all aircraft greatly improves their conspicuity and safety. Lights on 24/7 is now possible with our filament free, low power draw system.” Light kits are available for both wing and main landing gear locations on many Cessna Citation aircraft. For more information: 772-562-4757 or

Rib alignment tool debuts P&D Enterprises has introduced the Rib Alignment Tool (R.A.T. Tool), which has been designed to enable aircraft mechanics to perform fast and accurate repairs to damaged flap, aileron and elevator ribs.

The course complements in-aircraft training with an instructor, covering everything you need to know to be safe, proficient and comfortable with the G1000, Sporty’s officials said. The program emphasizes scenario-based training, taking the viewer along on real-world flights in a variety of conditions. So users can put this knowledge into practice, Garmin’s interactive G1000 PC simulator is also included.The simulator functions just like the real G1000 and provides a safe environment to practice techniques and strategy. Price: $89.95. For more information: 800-SPORTYS or

Safe hand propping DVD premieres Windsock Productions LLC has produced a 15-minute DVD on safe hand propping. Created by veteran flight instructors John Pipkin and Kim Bevier, the DVD is designed to teach the critical risk factors associated with hand propping an aircraft and time-tested procedures for keeping you — and everyone else — safe during the process. Price: $19.50. The DVD is available at and

Tempest Volare has released a new video that demonstrates the safety and benefits of its new solid epoxy float. According to company officials, more than 50% of all FAA service difficulty reports on carburetors are related to float damage or failure. “We view this new float as not only a product improvement but an essential component to safety of flight,” said Tim Henderson, president. The new epoxy float is a proprietary material and process to Tempest Volare. It is used on the Tempest Volare aviation carburetors. Tempest officials encourage people to copy, distribute and utilize the video in any way deemed appropriate for aviation safety education. For more information: 800-822-3200 or

Lightweight seat for Caravans developed Yingling Aviation has developed a lightweight seat for the Cessna 208 Caravan. At a fully-upholstered weight of 45 pounds, the seat comes with a quick release feature that allows easy removal to permit the airplane to be used for cargo carrying missions, Yingling officials note. The seat is fully-reclinable and equipped with both inboard and outboard stowable armrests. The seats have passed the FAA’s 21G dynamic test requirement for forward-facing seats and are equipped with retractable shoulder harnesses and the ability to track fore and aft for additional legroom or cargo space. Installation takes about five minutes,Yingling officials said. For more information: 316-943-3246 or

Custom models take off The tool uses two outside manipulating rods and two inside stationary rods. Once correctly inserted into the trailing edge of the control surface ribs, it’s a three-step process to straighten and align the ribs. Price: $219.95. For more information: 864-949-6666 or

Sporty’s G1000 Course goes online

Recreate your airplane with a desktop replica from Aircraft Spruce. The custom-made models are built to your exact specifications. Any aircraft can be recreated with your paint scheme, logos, registration number or any other details and markings. Complete your model with a fully customized stand, including your choice of logo and a personalized inscription plaque. Price: $349. For more information: 877-477-7823 or

Sporty’s Garmin G1000 Checkout Course is now available in an online format with new interactive features. On The Market information is provided by manufacturers and distributors. Products have not been tested by General Aviation News staff. Discretion is advised. See more On the Market online at

October 9, 2009


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LSAs, Unite! Competitors work together to help LSA industry grow

operation to one providing fully-built SLSA and, eventually, ELSA kits. SeaRey marketing man Darrell Lynds reported a spectacular Oshkosh: “We sold 11 kit SeaRey aircraft (the LSX) and four SLSA versions to be called the SeaRey Sport.” That represents quite a performance, causing me to inquire what amount of money changed hands to call these orders. “We collected $5,000 toward a kit and $10,000 on a fully-built SLSA,” explained Lynds. I’d call that enough cash per airplane to make

SEAREY FLIES HIGH The SeaRey from Progressive Aerodyne is an all-American brand making the move from a kit-only

REACHING OUT We all discuss the declining numbers of pilots in FAA’s database. Despite widespread concerns, efforts to bring more people into aviation have fallen short. Several worthy projects have attempted to reverse the drop in the pilot population. Over the years, EAA’s Young Eagles program has put nearly a million and a half kids into airplanes. That’s a wonderful achievement, thanks to EAA’s leadership and many thousands of

for genuine orders. I spoke with many sellers at Oshkosh who reported “very solid leads,” and “genuinely interested buyers,” but a few complained that, despite these positive comments, they were not seeing the cash. SeaRey logged one of the best-selling performances among LSA suppliers. The company has been working on LSA approval for several months and that follows years of successful kit selling. More than 500 SeaRey kits are now flying and they’ve generated an intensely loyal following. For more information:

A FIRST LOOK AT NEW TANDEMS Here come the new tandems — and I do mean new! Suspending a full flight trial regime, U.S.-based MySky One took a long maiden voyage from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Oshkosh. Just last month, the Slovak Republic-based sportShark, from Shark.Aero, took its first flight. Tandems seat the occupants fore and aft like some existing SLSA models but that’s where the similarities end. One and sportShark are clean-sheet designs aimed at performance and comfort, where all tandems presently approved are recreational aircraft. Other than the composite Sky Arrow, all other seven tandems in the SLSA list are simpler, first-generation designs. All are fabric covered. None are speedsters. One and sportShark are second-generation designs. In both cases they were created after the Light Sport rules and ASTM industry-standards certification. Each has

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“LSAs, Unite!” might be the campaign slogan. Sector-only air shows are rare. By that term I mean an allone-class or -type event. Club fly-ins occur where owners of a certain brand get together at a local or regional airport. A gathering of Van’s aircraft builders can bring quite a flock SPLOG of flying machines. However, competing brands don’t work together nearly as frequently. Perhaps because Light Sport Aircraft are the “new kids on the block,” presenting them together is a concept that really seems to work well. This benefit is recognized by both vendors and potential buyers. We all love the big aviation shows like Sun ’n Fun, AirVenture and AOPA. They offer something for everyone who flies...and that’s the problem. At the largest shows you must walk extensively (or ride trams) to see all the aircraft in the LSA community. LSA Malls at these events help at lot, but they don’t facilitate vital functions like demo flying for purchase. Indeed, this is one of the most compelling reasons for the January Sebring LSA Expo. All day long, every day of the show, you can arrange for a demonstration flight — weather permitting, of course. Sebring is not alone anymore. An increasing number of events feature LSAs, with many brands presented wingtip to wingtip. The Midwest LSA Expo is attempting a new annual event in early October. The Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association held its second annual LSA Jambo in early July. Earlier this year, in March, many southerners attended the Heart of Texas LSA Expo. All these follow the early success of the all-LSA Sport Pilot Tour sponsored by EAA. Those 13 events at airports across the country drew many thousands and it appears the idea planted a seed for a new type of air show. Nothing changes the vigorous competition for sales, but it’s great to see aviators working together to advance their goals.

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By Dan Johnson

been some years in development. But why tandem? Those who prefer tandem note several reasons: Many flights are one-place, so you aren’t seated off to one side; tandem is leaner and more efficient; and has a high-end sports car look.

willing volunteer pilots. One LSA provider, Remos, has worked with the organization to provide flights to a large flock of kids attending EAA summer flying camps (pictured above). Yet we must do more to interest people in flying. Along those lines, I’m at once amazed and appreciative that AOPA and EAA have chosen to combine efforts (finally!). AOPA also is completely refashioning its former Expo into the new AOPA Aviation Summit. For the first time, AOPA will be reaching outside the aviation community to welcome the public into all general aviation has to offer. For the fifth year in a row, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) will work with AOPA event planners to provide an LSA area at the airport display, which itself will focus on more public outreach this year. One neat new addition: Seaplanes, including LSA, flying from a pier right next to Peter O. Knight Airport in Tampa, Florida. For more information:,,

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October 9, 2009 issue of General Aviation News