Coastin Ramp How-to (English)

Page 1

tools and hardware This is the list of the tools and hardware that you need.

wood needed This is the list of wood that you just need.

1. draw the ramp on the floor Draw the side of the ramp on the floor as shown.

For the radius, drill a screw on one side of the “drawing stick� and draw the curve with the pencil.

2. DRAW THE TRANSITION Layout the transition planks on the ramp drawing and draw the pieces. Draw the curve using the “drawing stick� as in step 01.

3. cut the transition Cut the pieces for the transition.

4. put the transition together Screw the transition pieces together.

5. build the other transitions Use the first transition as a template to draw the other two.

6. put the ramp together Place the transition structures on the floor as shown. Screw the first two planks as shown to achieve a perfect alignment (The first and last planks will be screwed later)

7. refinements You will end up with a smaller space than the plank size. Measure the distance, cut the plank to the size and screw in.

continuous step 7 Cut this piece of wood

Fill up the edge of the first and last planks to have a smooth ramp entry and screw in.

continuous step 7 Put reinforcements on the bottom of the first and second plank at both ends of the ramp for reinforcement.

8. ASSEMBLE THE LEGS Assemble the two planks of each leg first.


continuous step 8 Place the legs, mark the holes on the transition structures, drill the holes and attach the nuts and bolts.



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