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17 MAY 2013

this issue Marketing P.1 Customer Service P.1 Tools, Tidbits, and Trends P.2 The WOW Factor P.2 Upcoming Events P.3 Web Hits P.3 Key Marketing Dates P.3 Sponsorship P.4 Training P.5 Professional Development P.5 TEAM FMWR P.6 Employee/Program Highlights P.6

CUSTOMER SERVICE "We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.“ Andrew Ryan - Bioshock OPEX & OPEX REFRESHER TRAINING DATES

21 MAY - OPEX 0730-1630 AMCC 22 MAY - OPEX Refresher 0800-1130 or 1300-1630 AMCC 13 JUNE - OPEX 0730-1630 AMCC 14 JUNE - OPEX Refresher 0800-1130 or 1300-1630 AMCC Remember space is limited to 28 per session so please get your staff registered now. The Refresher is for front line staff. Anyone who is a rater is to attend the Sustaining the Covenant Management Workshop – date TBD.

“Build your business plan to draw customers not income. Where the customers go, income follows. Mr. Wayne Bardell Director FMWR Fort Leonard Wood

Customer Service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude!

Is your Programming ‘Gangnam Style’? Many Koreans are as baffled as some of us as to why Psy’s Gangnam Style has captured the West’s attention with such force. The song has reached the top of the iTunes chart in 18 different countries including the US, and has tallied over 200 million YouTube views. The Beans Group has examined the track in their youth marketing laboratory and have identified four key ingredients that have exploded Gangnam Style’s success. Add these to your own programming and watch our youth stampede towards you.



Listen to the song and your first thought is: what is this? You haven’t heard anything like it before, and if you watch the video the sensation is amplified as a chubby 30-something Asian man walks through a surreal variety of locations (horse stables? Children’s playground? Underground car park?) doing a dance which is part Tai-Chi, part Madonna’s Vogue, part buzzing builder at a rave. To marketers this is the Purple Cow (Seth Godin) - everyone has seen a Brown Cow, give them something they haven’t seen!

The sounds and rhythm that push Gangnam Style along are perfectly calibrated to make you move. Anyone who has danced to electronic music and that’s a lot of people globally - will not fail to respond when faced with this composition. Musically everything feels perfect - the pumping beats, the crashing cymbals, the dramatic pauses, the climatic wooshes. It’s well crafted; is your programming as cleverly arranged?


The song and video celebrates albeit tongue-in-cheek lavishness and luxury. Bling. In a country where credit card debt is 155% of disposable income and the Korean government isn’t bothered, it taps into the ‘Vegas baby’ recklessness and daring that appeals to many.

People like to smile. People like to be amused. Gangnam Style presses several funny buttons all at once. It’s a subversive satire on Korean overconsumption. It’s full of slapstick, both visually and in its audio effects. And it’s bizarre and silly, reminding us of everything from Monty Python to. Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Buckwheat Boyz). What ever it is… Humor works.


Life is short, live it to the max. This is the mantra that leads to skydives and other adrenaline activities, but it also drives weekend shopathons across the world. Does your program contain swagger? Source: The Beans Group / Youth Marketing




FACTOR! Don’t just satisfy your customers, WOW them!

“New marketing is

Internal Customers are Customers too!

about the relationships, not the medium.”

Leaders who set out to GIVE, are more productive than leaders who seek to GET.

Ben Grossman

Seth Godin


LOL - Love Our Library

Dueling Pianos







We all know the "five Ps" product, pricing, promotion, positioning, publicity, this has become the basic business checklist, a quick way to make sure that you've done your job. No longer. It's time to add an exceptionally important new P to the list: Purple Cow. Everyone has seen a cow grazing in lovely pastures right next to the road, after a while your not too excited about the cows. The new cows were just like the old cows, it becomes boring. Cows, after you've seen them for a while, are boring. They may be well-bred cows, Six Sigma cows, cows lit by a beautiful light, but they are still boring. A Purple Cow, though: Now, that would really stand out. The essence of the Purple Cow -- the reason it would shine among a crowd of perfectly competent, even undeniably excellent cows -- is that it would be remarkable. Something remarkable is worth talking about, worth paying attention to. Boring stuff quickly becomes invisible. The world is full of boring stuff -brown cows -- which is why so few people pay attention. Build your program so it’s worth noticing. Build a Purple Cow!

INBOUND MARKETING is the practice of bringing warm, qualified leads into your sales funnel rather than reaching outward. Inbound marketing focuses on creating valuable content, promoting your marketable content, building customer relationships, and overall "pulling" the customer toward you. • Market research • Customer needs • Customer Reviews / Comments (Advocacy) • Involves entire company • Optimize internet traffic • Search Engine Optimization

Source: Seth Godin

HIRED! Teen Job Fair

OUTBOUND MARKETING also known as traditional marketing, has been the main marketing strategy for the past century. With outbound marketing, you push your message out to customers. • Marketing communications (print material, TV, Radio) • Brand visibility • Measured advertising • Targeted Audience • Effective promotions • Builds customer relationship For a well rounded Marketing plan, you need to include BOTH Inbound and Outbound Marketing.




Upcoming Events / Spread the Word!

Marketing: To capitalize on our Marketing efforts, Marketing Requests are DUE a MINIMUM of 45 days out! Getting the request at 45 days or EARLIER ensures that the Marketing Office can meet all our advertising deadlines to maximize exposure of your event, program or facility. •Requests will be accepted at anytime however you may miss out on many advertising avenues. •July Marketing Requests are due by May 8. ~ 4 – Independence Day ~ 10 – Teddy Bear Picnic Day ~ 28 – Parent’s Day •August Marketing Requests are due by Jun 7 ~ National Golf Month ~ National Family Fun Month ~ 4 – US Coast Guard Day

For a link to ALL MWR Flyers and Events click here May 1 – 30 PIPPIN YOUTH CENTER SUMMER CAMPS: REGISTRATION ~ Flyer The Pippin Youth Center is hosting a summer camp program beginning June 3 for youth currently enrolled in 6th – 12th grade. Registrations begin May 1 at Pippin Youth Center. Each camp requires a signed permission slip and a $25 deposit which will be returned on the final day of the camp if youth attended each day. 573 596-0209. May 7 – August 27 LADIES GOLF FUN LEAGUE ~ Flyer Join the fun at Piney Valley Golf Course’s “Ladies Golf Fun League” Tuesdays at 5:00 pm from May 7 – August 27. Registration fee is $30 for all participants. Weekly fees are $6 green fees and $5 prize fund (does not include optional cart). Open to the public. PV Golf Course is located at 10221 Water Intake Rd. 573 329-4770. May 11 DUELING PIANOS ~ Flyer A night of music and laughter at this all request interactive show at the Pershing Community Center. Doors open at 7:15 pm for early entry ticket holders and 7:30 pm for non-ticket holders. Show begins 8:00 pm. $10 early entry tickets are available at the ITR office. Those with early entrance tickets will be seated first to choose their seats, those without can enter at 7:30 pm $5 cover. Show is open to the public 18 yrs. and older. Pershing Community Center, Bldg. 4109, Piney Hills Drive. 573 596-6913. May 12 MOTHER’S DAY SPECIALS ~ Click for info Mother’s Day Brunch Pershing Community Center 10am-2pm Specials @ PV Golf, Rec Plex & Bowling! May 25 SPLASHAPALOOZA ~ Flyer Celebrate with Family & MWR at the Rec Plex Splashapalooza. Enjoy family activities such as a bounce house, mini golf, go-karts and check out our HUGE WATER SLIDE from 12pm – 4pm. Cost is $7 for ages 16 & up, $5 for ages 15 & under, 4 & under are FREE or $16 for a family of 4 and $2 for each additional family member. Cost includes; entrance to all attractions plus a hot dog, chips and a drink. No pets. Annual and Season Pool Pass will not be honored for this event. 573 596-0843.

WEB HITS – APRIL 2012 Check your web sites, patrons are lurking! FORTLEONARDWOODMWR.COM TOTAL HITS: 9,869,384 AVG HITS PER DAY: 328,979 AVG PAGES VISITED PER DAY: 674 TOTAL PAGES VISITED: 3,944,825 EZINE IMPRESSIONS: 2,282

TOP 4 FLYERS DOWNLOADED April E-Zine Warehouse Sale Movie in the Park Rec Plex Price List

TOP 10 PAGES VISITED 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

MWR Home Page LORA Outdoor Recreation Sports & Fitness ITR CYSS Calendar Rec Plex Flyers Warehouse

Fort Leonard Wood Family & MWR Marketing  573 596-0117 


KEY DATES Sponsorship: Be sure to get your Sponsorship requests in as early as possible



Jan 2013

Sep 30, 2012


Nov 1, 2012

SPONSORSHIP EVENTS & PROGRAM OVERVIEW WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I PERSON/COMPANY COMES INTO MY FACILITY AND WANTS TO SPONSOR A PROGRAM/EVENT? If someone approaches you regarding sponsorship – thank them for their interest and let them know that they will be coordinating through Shereece Spain. However – we don’t want to let a HOT lead go COLD – so offer to call Shereece on the spot and pass the phone to the potential sponsor. Worst case – they leave a voice mail and we follow up on our end. MWR Marketing will provide each facility with Sponsorship cards to hand out as a follow up to the phone call or if you are at another location. Please do not make any promises. Legal contracts are for the benefit of both MWR and the potential sponsor. EVENT MAY CG SCRAMBLE MO EAGLE & RELIABLE CHEVY MILITARY SPOUSES DAY Ft W HOTELS & COOK'S SPA VELATA & MARY KAY TOWNSEND CHIRO RELIABLE CHEVY MOTHER'S DAY BRUNCH STONE HILL WINERY & WALMART EPIC PROPORTIONS MISSOURI EAGLE & PEPSI MAY DAYS SOFTBALL BODYBUILDING.COM SPLASHAPALOOZA OZARKS COKE JUNE CG SCRAMBLE MO EAGLE & RELIABLE CHEVY CATFISH DERBY OZARK COCA COLA & AAFES

CASH $1,700.00 $550.00

IN-KIND $599.50 $75.00

TOTAL $2,123.00 $625.00





Dec 3, 2012


Jan 9, 2013


Feb 1, 2013


Mar 1, 2013


Apr 2, 2013


May 1, 2013


Jun 1, 2013


Jun 29, 2013


Aug 1, 2013


Sep 2, 2013

Jan 2014

Sep 30, 2013

Reminder: Sponsorship is a benefit to both the sponsor and the program receiving


sponsorship. Sponsorship is not a guarantee – but will be




$250.00 $700.00

sought if all requirements are met.

Shereece Spain


Sponsorship Manager

$550.00 $550.00

$171.50 $75.00

$400.00 $350.00



(573) 596-0147 Email Shereece




OPSEC and TARP Training

Date and Time 10 September 2013 (1000-1130) (1300- 1430)

Baker Theater

Suicide Prevention--Ask, Care, Escort (ACE) Lincoln Hall Aud Suicide Prevention--Ask, Care, Escort (ACE) Baker Theater

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Baker Theater

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Lincoln Hall Aud

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Lincoln Hall Aud

27 June 2013 (1000-1130) (1300-1430) 1 August 2013 (1000-1130) (1300-1430) 14 May 2013 (1300-1430) (1430-1600) 25 July 2013 (0800-0930) (1300-1430) 29 August 2013 (0800-0930) (1300-1430) 4 June 2013 (0800-1000) (1300-1500) 25 September 2013 (0800-1000) (1300-1500)

SHARP Training (Installation)

Baker Theater

SHARP Training (Installation)

Lincoln Hall Aud

Safety Days Safety Fair

Installation 13-23 May (8 hrs) Nutter Field House 23 May (0900-1500)


CY13 TMO Training Schedule Training Titles TMO TMO - SUMMER HIRE TMO TMO TMO TMO TMO TMO TMO

Location AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room

Date and Time 15-17 May 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 18 May 2013 (0600-UTC) 1 day 5-7 June 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 10-12 July 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 14-16 August 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 11-13 September 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 9-11 October 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 13-15 November 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days 4-6 December 2013 (0730-UTC) 3 days

CY13 OPEX New Employee Training Schedule Training Titles OPEX (New Employee) OPEX (New Employee) OPEX (New Employee) OPEX (New Employee) OPEX (New Employee)

Location AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room

Date and Time 21 May 2013 0730-1630 13 June 2013 0730-1630 24 July 2013 0730-1630 27 August 2013 0730-1630 17 September 2013 0730-1630

CY13 OPEX Refresher Training Schedule OPEX Refresher Training OPEX Refresher Training OPEX Refresher Training OPEX Refresher Training OPEX Refresher Training

AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room AMCC Training Room

Professional Development

22 May 2013 (0800-1130) (1300-1630) 14 June 2013 (0800-1130) (1300-1630) 25 July 2013 (0800-1130) (1300-1630) 28 August 2013 (0800-1130) (1300-1630) 19 September 2013 (0800-1130) (1300-1630)

FMWR BASIC MANAGEMENT COURSE VERSION 3″ IS NOW LIVE!!! Managers who have never enrolled in or completed a Basic Management course – This one is for YOU!! This course is a requirement for all managers to complete within their first year as a Family and MWR manager. *NOTE: You must complete the course only one time (Prior courses listed above meet the requirement). 3) This course is a pre-requisite to all Academy classroom and virtual classroom courses. The Basic Management course provides the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to be successful working as a Family and MWR Program Manager. The course explains management basics and governing regulations in the AR215-1. Lessons include: NAF and APF Personnel Management, Budget, Financial Management, Retail Sales Accountability, Management Information Systems, Safety and RIMP, Acquisition Management, NAF Contracting, Commercial Sponsorship, Marketing, and Management Controls. As always, if you have questions or need assistance you can connect with the Academy at or m.






Email me ________________________

Employee of the Quarter Cassie Westfall BOD / DBC

Remarkable Leader Glen Haney BOD/ DBC

Unsung Hero Donna Quipp BOD / DBC

WIN A FREE Lunch at BlackJack / Finish the sentence – Leaders who set out to GIVE ____________ Email the answer and be entered into a drawing for a Free lunch! EMAIL HERE Last month’s winner: Maureen White (CRD)

Dream Team / Frame Shop Jennifer Moore, David Lompe, Matthew Rossignol

Unsung Hero / SSD Supply Andrew Brownlow, Bobby Glover, Randy Rogers


Raoul Lozano Recreation Specialist Installation Wide Events

Karryl Tolle Rec Spec / Programmer Outdoor Adventure Center

Willie Short Chief, Sports Fitness & Aquatics Davidson Fitness Center

Meleena Camp Fitness Coordinator Davidson Fitness Center

Fort Leonard Wood Family & MWR Marketing  573 596-0117 


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