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March 5, 2014

the Visitor a publication of Flushing United Methodist Church

Our Vision Statement Preparing servants who make a difference in their community and the world by knowing Christ, sharing Christ and emulating Christ.

Church Staff Jeff Jaggers Lore Dearing Jeanne Wisenbaugh Marty Cheely Pat Helmer

LENTEN SERMON SERIES During Lent, Pastor Jaggers and Pastor Wisenbaugh are preaching a sermon series titled Cross Words. We will be looking at how the Apostles Paul and Peter interpreted the meanings, implications and applications of the Cross for

everyone who follows Jesus Christ. Each week we will discover or rediscover the gracious gift of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the impact it has or ought to have in our lives as we seek to be ever more faithful Christ-followers.

You may pick up Sermon Series 2014 Lent Devotionals in the Lobby.

Sunday Worship 8:45 am Traditional 10:00 am Sunday School 11:15 am Contemporary

Christie Dover Matt Packer

Published the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (810)659-5172 Editor: Marty Cheely

Joy Lewis Sara Bledsoe

413 E Main St, Flushing MI 48433 e-mail:

The Cross of Jesus Christ is more than a single event at a point in history. It has implications and meanings beyond the crucifixion of the Son of God. The apostle Paul looked at the Cross of Christ and saw God’s love, reconciliation and atonement. The Apostle Peter looked at the Cross and saw our sin crucified along with Jesus. One of the most exciting and poignant statements of the Cross comes to us from Paul’s letter to the church in Rome when Paul writes, “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The greatest beauty of this verse lies in its grammar. Christ’s death on the cross for us is a one-time event. It did what it needed to do – atone for our sins, reconcile us to God. The verb that is translated as “demonstrates” is in the present tense. In Greek grammar, it means that the action is a continuous action. In other words, God is still demonstrating His love for us through the Cross of Jesus Christ! True love does not restrict itself to words. It reveals itself in actions. The Cross is God’s on-going revelation of His love for all humankind. The question we may want to ask ourselves is, “What kind of love is it that would die for sinners?” And, when you answer that question – I hope a lump comes to your throat. The Cross of Christ is not simply a blood-soaked, nail-pierced chunk of wood. It is a demonstration of God’s love for you, and for all you love, and all you don’t love so much. May you experience the depth of God’s love for you that, while you were still a sinner – not just having a bad hair day, but a dyed-in-thewool sinner – Christ died for you. And, may that love compel you to look at yourself – and those you love, and those you don’t love so much – differently. And, as always, I am proud to be with you on the journey

The Latin Cross, also known as the Christian Cross, is a stipe (upright post) with a patibulum (horizontal beam) inserted at right-angles. It is a symbol of Christianity even though it was once used as a pagan symbol long before the foundation of the Christian Church. As a representation of the Trinity, the three shorter sections represent the Three Persons of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the longer, lower portion signifies the One Divinity (God).

Latin Cross

It is also known as a Protestant Cross or Western Cross because it is plain, without any corpus (body of Jesus) attached. It’s focus is on Christ's Resurrection and is mostly used in Protestant churches.

2014 LENTEN SERMON SERIES The name Jesus is a transliteration of the Hebrew (Joshua read right to left) pronounced Yahshua. The English name Jesus, which employs the letter J, is a derivation from the Greek Iesous and Latin Iesus. The name Jesus commonly used in Christianity today did not exist and would not be spelled with the letter J until about 500 years ago because there was no letter J in any language prior to the 14th Century. God attaches great significance to names, using the person’s name to indicate that individual's purpose. Because God, through the Holy Spirit told Joseph what Mary’s child was to be named, we can know that God had a great purpose in mind for Jesus, and we have come to understand Jesus is God’s gift of salvation for us.

Jesus Cross

UMCONNECTION One reason United Methodists are able to accomplish great things is the church’s emphasis on “connectionalism.” It is common to hear United Methodist leaders speak of the denomination as “the connection.” This concept has been central to Methodism from its beginning.

societies, and annual conferences.

No local church is the total body of Christ. Therefore, local United Methodist churches are bound together by a common mission and common The United Methodist Church, governance that accomplish which began as a movement reaching out into the world. and a loose network of local United Methodist churches and societies with a organizations join mission, has grown CHURCHES in mission with into one of the most each other and JOIN IN carefully organized with other and largest MISSION WITH denominations. Connectionalism denominations in EACH OTHER shows through the the world. The clergy appointment United Methodist system, through the structure and organization developing of mission and began as a means of ministry that United accomplishing the mission of Methodists do together, and spreading Scriptural Holiness through giving. over the land. John Wesley recognized the need for an organized system of communi- An example of cation and accountability and connectionalism: Mission work developed what around the world, whether it he called the be a new university in Africa “connexion,” or bicycles for Cuban pastors, which was an is the work of “the interlocking connection,” as opposed to the system of work of a single congregation. classes,


Spaghetti Dinner All You Can Eat!! Wednesday, March 12 6:00 pm $6 each, children 2 to 5 yrs $3, under 2 yrs free All proceeds will benefit Family Promise of Genesee County. All you can eat spaghetti with garlic bread, salad , dessert & drink. Sauce by pre-order only, to pick up that evening - $7 for quart, $4 for pint - sauce only. Persons who would like to help make salads and bread, serve, or wash dishes should sign up in the lobby.

Bible Study Class The Thursday 1:00 pm Bible Study Class that meets at our church is starting a new book. If interested contact Nancy Elsner, 659-1269. Rada Knives The UM Women has Rada Knives available to sell. The knives and other items make great gifts! Contact Nancy Elsner. Family Promise coordinators are creating schedules for servants for the first week of hosting guests, April 27-May 4. Details available in early April. All bedding and towels will be available for pick up March 30. Servants will be notified in advance so that they can pick up the laundry after services on Sunday. Servant orientation and training will be held in early April. Once the dates and times have been determined, you will be notified. All servants are expected to attend. Servants are needed at the Day Center during the day time. Information forms are available in the church office. If you have any questions, contact Sheila Reid-Hall.

Notes from God Faithful stewardship puts God first. “Bring the best of your firstfruits of your soil to the Lord your God.” Exodus 23:19a

Ladies & Tween Jamberry Party Ladies come Jam with the Tween group for a Jamberry party April 4 6:00-8:00pm. Jamberry is the newest trend in manicures. This event will benefit the Heifer International as the Tweens wish to purchase a water buffalo. Tickets are $10 each. This includes entry into the party, a manicure set, and snacks. See a Tween member or Sara Bledsoe for tickets. Tickets will only be sold through March 23, so get your tickets early! This is the perfect way to get ready for Spring. Check the kitchen counter for lost dishes and our Lost & Found!

Rummage Sale Friday, March 28 9:30 AM—4 PM

Saturday, March 29 9:30 AM—12 PM Bring your gently used treasures to the back of Fellowship Hall NOT BEFORE Mon, March 17. No exercise equipment, computers or encyclopedias, please.

Area Emergency Response Team This past Christmas and through January showed us weather we have not seen in years. So much now, power loss, trees down, and people displaced. Did you lose power, or get stuck in all that snow? Did you have to go to a shelter, Red Cross, hotel, etc?

What to Do in the Future A group of agencies, city administrators, and citizens have been meeting to figure out why there were so many issues and what we can do to do a better job connecting to those affected by the storms. There are 3 main issues: Communication – Health and Shelter – Roads & Transportation. I would like to start a new emergency volunteer group that could help make food for emergency shelters such as the Red Cross when they are housing people because of super storms, tornadoes, large apartment fires, and more. The way it will work is, if the Red Cross have to respond to an emergency that affects a lot of people, they will call me and ask for food such as sandwiches or hot casseroles. This could be a one time delivery of the food, or like the past storm, over several days. It could be 1 or 2 times a year or never! I need a volunteer group that is willing to come to North End Soup Kitchen (NESK) during these emergencies and help prepare the food with me. For instance, if there is a large fire or tornado and the Red Cross are housing people overnight and need food, they will call me. In turn, I will send out a Short Message Service (SMS) or text messaging service to the people on our Emergency List giving a time to meet at NESK. It may take as little as an hour of your time, depending on the emergency. If you’re interested, please fill in the info below and send to me: Full Name ________________________________ Phone with SMS ___________________________ 2nd Phone_________________________________ Email ____________________________________ Can you provide transportation (have 4W Drive, Truck, etc) ___ Yes ___ No Thank you, Jon K. Manse Director of Community Services

E-mail: 735 E. Stewart Ave., Flint, MI 48505 810-785-6911 Fax: 810-785-4656

Feinstein’s 17th Annual

March Against Hunger March 1-April 30 Funds are available to match a portion of your contribution to fight hunger! Your donation to the Food Bank during the March campaign is a great way to maximize your gift. Pick up the deposit slip in the church office. Checks must be payable to Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (Matching Funds Program), have a filled out deposit slip and be received at the Food Bank by April 30, 2014. Flushing Christian Outreach Center FCOC is asking for donations of shampoo during the month of March. Thank you for keeping them in your prayers and supporting their clients needs. Bread for Life Needs Our Help Five local churches in the Flushing area have collaborated to provide easy to fix meals for Flushing School students who are struggling with food shortages on the weekends. Meals are boxed at Holy Cross Lutheran Church every Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm & then delivered to the schools for Finance Report students to take home.

$90 provides enough food for one student for a semester. Funds are running low in this program. Donations to this program can be put in your Sunday morning offering or dropped off at the office during the week. Please put "bread for life" in the memo line of your check or write it on your envelope. Hungry children of Flushing thank you.

as of January 31, 2014 General Budget Monthly Offering Received Monthly Offering Needed Excess/(Deficit) Year to Date YTD Offering Received YTD Offering Needed Excess/(Deficit)

$355,000 31,166 29,583


31,166 29,583


A MESSAGE FROM BISHOP DEB You are invited to participate in a free 40-day Lenten journey with Bishop Deb called Journey to Life. This Lenten daily devotion begins on Ash Wednesday, March 5th.

To register, please visit As Christ journeyed to Jerusalem - as he taught his followers on the journey – as he met one last time in the upper room – as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane – and as he faced a cruel and difficult death, he was also journeying toward Life. That is what we are doing through the Imagine No Malaria campaign in the Michigan Area. We are journeying with people across the globe to bring hope of new life. We are journeying with those in malaria-infested areas to offer a new future. We are saving lives. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 5th, a daily devotion will be sent by email. This series has been authored by Michigan Area clergy and laity and includes 12 special videos that can be viewed or downloaded for viewing during worship services. You can sign up at any time during the series. All devotions will be archived at This is a special way to connect us during this time of Lent with God and the people of Sub-Saharan Africa. With you in the work of Jesus Christ,

Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey Michigan Area

Our Church Family Aware of a concern or joy in our family? Please notify the church, so we can share them with you. Only first names will be published in prayer concerns.

Please remember in your hearts and prayers:

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

Jeanne recovering at home Walter, 84, hospitalized for fluid Daughter - facial cancer surgery Family of Drew who has died Praise Ziggy’s circulation restored Jan with pneumonia Leon in hospice Ann suffering aches and pains One going through divorce Family members with cancer Granddaughter getting therapy

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

Daughter who has found a home Lisa - blocked bowel surgery Joan recovering from pneumonia Jacob, 7, with intestinal infection Pete with severe pain waiting for blocking procedure approval Kim who suffered a stroke Dick & Storm whose daughter died and Dick a heart attack Elaine - guide her doctors’ hands GA school friend with leukemia Kira with allergy problems

New Members Please welcome Keith Johnston and Tom & Roxie Casteel into our congregation. We are proud to be together on the journey. Congratulations To Keith & Glenda (Swirtz) Johnston on their marriage March 1. May they grow together as one in God’s love. Thank You Thank you for all the well wishes. It’s going to be a long fight, but I have a good chance of winning. I need your prayers and I thank you for your communications. Mark Jones

Thank you for the cards during my recent hospital stay and for the visits from Jeff and Jeanne. God bless you all. Erba Hynes Gifts and Memorials Committee would like to than the following families for allowing us to use their loved ones memorial funds for the following memorials to FUMC: New Altar Bible - in memory of Robert & Doris Beebe; Pew Bibles - in memory of Patricia Harmon, Ann Jeanette Lyon, Kyle Peterson, Norma Pickelmann, and Arlan Trantham. God bless you, Barbara Zelenka, Chairperson

Church Calendar Sunday, March 9 Sunday, March 16 12:30 pm Staff Meeting 12:30 pm Kids’ Chimes & Bells 1:00 pm Financial Peace Class 1:00 pm Financial Peace Class 6:00 pm Four:12 Youth & Tweens 6:00 pm Four:12 Youth & Tweens Monday, March 10 Monday, March 17 9:30 am Ugli Quilts 7:00 pm Staff Parish Relations 7:00 pm Worship Committee Tuesday, March 18 Tuesday, March 11 9:30 am Ugli Quilts 1:30 pm Soup Kitchen 7:00 pm Stephen Ministers 7:30 pm Praise Chorus Wednesday, March 19 Wednesday, March 12 Newsletter Published 9:30 am UMW Executive Council UM Women Circles 6:00 pm Spaghetti Dinner 7:00 pm Praise Band 7:00 pm Audit Committee Thursday, March 20 7:00 pm Praise Band 6:00 pm Handbells Thursday, March 13 7:30 pm Sanctuary Choir 6:00 pm Handbells Friday, March 21 7:30 pm Sanctuary Choir 9:30 am Caregivers Meeting Saturday, March 15 6:00 pm Family Fun Nite 9:15 am NC Men’s Ministry Sunday, March 9 Worship Helpers Scripture Reader Alta Sunday, March 16 Parsons Scripture Reader Cathy Metz Greeters 8:45 am Keri Jaggers, Greeters Marshall Knight 8:45 am Dave & Sue Lewis 11:15 am Gunther & Kay 11:15 am Jon & Diane Roberts Romoslawski Coffee Hosts Coffee Hosts 8:45 am Jon & Kris Rundell 8:45 am Judy Martz, Rusty Eavy 11:15 am Tammy Workman 11:15 am Blair & Tracey Booth Ushers Ushers 8:45 am Bob Hurst, Bill Martin, 8:45 am Cathy Metz, Mel Weeden, Jim & Laragene Triplett Larry & Sue Ridge 11:15 am Becky Stamm 11:15 am Gunther & Kay Acolytes Romoslawski 8:45 am Bonnie Wisenbaugh Acolytes 8:45 Bonnie Wisenbaugh 11:15 am Michael Workman 11:15 am Ramsey Lechota Kids’ Church Natalie Napier, Kids’ Church Lorie, Lydia Goodale Mackenzie Lewis Play Place Sarah Covert Play Place Lauryn Klorres Newsletter Helpers Wednesday, March 19 Bill & Germaine Knox, Jean Read

Worship Attendance Feb 23 — 192 March 2 — 200 8:45 am— 88 8:45 am— 75 11:15 am— 104 11:15 am— 125




the Visitor March 5, 2014 – Issue #4





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