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March 19, 2014

the Visitor a publication of Flushing United Methodist Church

Our Vision Statement Preparing servants who make a difference in their community and the world by knowing Christ, sharing Christ, and emulating Christ.

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Published the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (810)659-5172 Editor: Marty Cheely

Joy Lewis Sara Bledsoe

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During the season of Lent we are looking at how the apostles Paul and Peter interpreted the meanings and implications of the Cross of Jesus Christ in our series: Cross Words. Our sanctuary has been decorated with some beautiful banners of different styles of crosses designed by Lore Dearing and created by Lori Dorman, Nancy Otero, and Denise Trantham. We offer these women our thanks for giving us a rich environment in which we worship. Lent continues through the middle of April when we mark three holy days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter (four if you count Holy Saturday). On April 17th, we will remember Maundy Thursday through worship with a Passover Seder meal. The meal will begin at 6:15 pm and will run to approximately 8:00 pm. Children are most welcome and there is a several parts of the Seder meal only for them. Our Seder meal/worship combines elements of both Jewish and Christian traditions. There will be prayers, liturgies, songs and, of course, food – prepared by Chef Bill Lewis. This will be our Maundy Thursday worship service; so if you are planning to attend you MUST pre-register. You can sign up on Sunday morning or call the church office by April 9th. Our Good Friday service will begin at 7:00 pm, and, of course, our Easter worship services will be at our regular worship times. On Easter we will begin a new sermon series that will take us through the first of June entitled: Practice Resurrection. I look forward to the journey that you and I will take to the cross of Calvary, the Upper Room, the Garden Tomb and on beyond Easter! And, as always, I am proud to be with you on the journey

The Jerusalem Cross is a busy collection of five crosses. Its primary use in history has been for heraldic or military use, which accounts for its other title, the Crusader's Cross. The most common interpretations of the cross are: The four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, with Christ in the center. Christianity (central cross) through the command of Jesus, was to be broadcast and spread by missionaries to the four corners of the world, starting in Jerusalem. Five crosses representing the five wounds of Jesus on the cross (small crosses for the hands and feet, and the large central cross for the spear wound in His side.

Jerusalem Cross

2014 LENTEN SERMON SERIES It is believed that the apostle Andrew was crucified on a saltire (X-shaped) cross; hence the name St. Andrew's Cross. He is said to have told his executioners that he was not worthy to be crucified on the same cross style as Jesus, and persuaded them to alter the shape. If this is true, it's a remarkable example of stoicism displayed by a man, no doubt beaten and starved, yet retaining the mental energy to plead such a thing with his brutal executioner and reminds Christians that they should exercise humility.

St Andrew Cross

Check the kitchen counter for lost dishes and our Lost & Found!

Rummage Sale Friday, March 28 9:30 AM—4 PM

Saturday, March 29 9:30 AM—12 PM Bring your gently used treasures to the back of Fellowship Hall NOT BEFORE Mon, March 17. No exercise equipment, computers or encyclopedias, please. Ladies & Tween Jamberry Party Ladies come Jam with the Tween group for a Jamberry party April 4 6:00-8:00pm. Jamberry is the newest trend in manicures. This event will benefit the Heifer International as the Tweens wish to purchase a water buffalo. Tickets are $10 each. This includes entry into the party, a manicure set, and snacks. See a Tween member or Sara Bledsoe for tickets. Tickets will only be sold through March 23, so get your tickets early! This is the perfect way to get ready for Spring.

Kids, Youth, Adults Sports, Music, Special Needs

During Lent, Pastor Jaggers and Pastor Wisenbaugh are preaching a sermon series titled Cross Words. During this series we will be looking at how the Apostles Paul and Peter interpreted the meanings, implications and applications of the Cross for everyone who follows Jesus Christ. Each week we will discover or re-discover the gracious gift of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the impact it has or ought to have in our lives as we seek to be ever more faithful Christ-followers.

You may pick up Sermon Series 2014 Lent Devotionals in the Lobby.

Notes from God Faithful stewardship is a way of worshipping God. “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; bring an offering and come into his courts.� Psalm 96:8 Another chance to go to Nicaragua! Jo Buescher, El Porvenir volunteer coordinator, is leading a group to Nicaragua to work with el Porvenir Oct 4 -13, 2014. It is with Primetimers - a United Methodist volunteer group for persons over 50 years. The cost is $1250 plus transportation costs and cost of health, accident insurance. They will be working in El Sauce area - the same area Flushing United Methodist Mission team worked. The deadline is August 1, 2014 to register. More information is at - get involved volunteer opportunities primetimers.

Mission Sunday, April 6 at 10:00 am “Young adults hungry for Christ” - Chad Schlosser, UM/Flint and MottCC will talk about the challenging task of sharing Christ with students on campuses in this area. Plan to have breakfast with your church family Sun, April 6 between services. (It’s the 4th eating occasion hosted by the Faith in Action Team since Feb!) Bring a dish to pass and your own table service. Beverages will be provided. A free will offering will be taken to support InterVarsity. (Checks made out to FUMC).

Saturday, April 19, 10 – 11:30 am Open to all kids through grade 6 • • • • •

Absolutely guaranteed not to rain !(well, ok...because it’s inside)

Crafts Stories Refreshments Candy Totally fun! ( Please turn in to the church office)

What a great outreach ministry to the community! I want to help share Christ’s Easter story with children in the Flushing area by: Donating small wrapped candy Donating money to buy candy Help stuffing eggs Help set up Help clean up

U MCONNECTION Connectional Giving While it would be wonderful if we Finally, a portion of your giving could reach out personally to goes to the general church to everyone who needs our help, support programs on a national we know that is impossible. So and international level, which we gather regularly with our have been agreed upon by lay congregation and put money into and clergy delegates of General the offering plate, and Conference. We share THE POWER OF the cost of these through a carefully OUR COLLECTIVE ministries, with each crafted system of GIVING ENABLES local church being United Methodist mission and ministry responsible for US TO SPREAD our gifts stretch contributing a fair THE LOVE OF around the world. JESUS CHRIST portion or "apportionment." Your contributions to your local church not only benefit your The power of our collective giving local congregation, but also enables us to spread the love of have regional, national and Jesus Christ, educate clergy, international impact through encourage cooperation with other our connectional giving system. faith communions, fund General Most of the money you give is Conference, nurture historically used to support the ministries of Black colleges and Africa your local church. A small portion University, and support bishops. funds regional ministries.

Connectional Funds Include: Episcopal Fund Bishops have always had a very special role in our church…elected and consecrated to speak to the church…and from the church. The apostle Paul called it “a noble task,” but it is practical, too, since our bishops oversee and promote the church’s spiritual and temporal interests as well. Black College Fund The 11 U.S. historically Black colleges and universities supported by The United Methodist Church have played a unique role in higher education. Their graduates—teachers and doctors, ministers, bishops, judges, artists and entrepreneurs— are leaders in the African-American community and in a rapidly changing, more diverse United States.

SEDER MEAL AND WORSHIP SERVICE Our Maundy Thursday worship service will be a Seder meal combining elements of Judaism and Chris anity.

APRIL 17, 2014 6:15 PM This meal and the accompanying liturgy are the Maundy Thursday worship service. Children are welcome – in fact there are special por ons of the Seder Meal that are only for kids.

MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS BY APRIL 9 Davison Passion Players The group will have several performances leading us to Easter Sunday including: April 5 at Swartz Creek UMC, 3:00 pm and April 6 at Flushing’s Holy Cross Lutheran Church at 5:00 pm. Check out their schedule on our lobby bulletin board or online. Admission is free, offering taken.

As you now know, our bishop, Deborah Kiesey, is appointing me as lead pastor at Fenton United Methodist Church effective July 1st, 2014. It has been my joy and honor to serve and lead this congregation for a decade. You have allowed me to make mistakes and forgiven me when I have. You have surrounded me with love, compassion and care when tragedies and difficulties snuck up on me. You have allowed me to use my gifts and talents and passions in ministry. And, you have gone down several unknown roads with me as we explored different avenues of building God’s kingdom around the block and around the world. I want you to know that I affirm the Bishop’s decision to send me to Fenton United Methodist Church. I believe that I have the gifts, skills and experiences to have an effective ministry there, and that is in large part because you have helped me to grow as a pastor, as a follower of Jesus Christ, and as a person. I believe that God is in the process of the itinerant covenant of the United Methodist Church. It is the process that brought me here. It is the process that sends me and my gifts and experiences to Fenton and it is the process that will bring someone new here who will serve and lead you on the next step in the journey. I like the African concept of Ubuntu – that is, I am who I am because you are who you are. Our years together have shaped me to be the person and the pastor that stands before you now. And, I receive that as a gift. And, for good or bad, for better or worse, you are who you are now, in part shaped by me and my ministry. We still have several weeks before we need to say “farewell.” Let us use this time to celebrate what God’s Spirit has done among us, through us and with us, and to prepare ourselves for the future toward which God is calling us. I will be praying for you, and I hope that you will be praying for me, and Keri, Megan and Joshua. Much agape, Jeff Jaggers

Easter Gifts and Memorials Remember someone special this Lenten season by giving an Easter Donation. A few lilies will adorn our Easter services and serve as a reminder of the donations to missions, given in honor of or in memory of friends and family members. A suggested donation is $10, but all donations are welcome. A listing of Memorials will be published in the Easter Sunday bulletin. Donations given will support:

Liberia Pastors’ Salary Support Local Liberia pastors survive on a portion of the Sunday services collection - an amount that could not even purchase the rice (a staple of their diet) they eat each month. Advance#15124A will provide additional salary support for local pastors and by assisting with a livable wage, help prevent a shortage of pastors.

Camps for the Mentally and Physically Challenged Each summer the Board of Outdoor and Retreat Ministries offers camping for these special populations. Your gifts will help with the extra costs such as higher staff ratios and special medical supplies.

Easter Memorial Gifts (Tear off & return to the church office by Monday, April 14) Attached is a gift in the amount of: $_______________ Given by: __________________________________________________ Given in loving HONOR/MEMORY of (Please circle one): __________________________________________________________

Flushing United Methodist Church

Spring Fair



Vendor & Craft Event

Saturday, April 12 9:00 - 3:00 AM

A FUMC Youth Fund Raising Event with proceeds going to Flint Mission in the City. Monies raised help our youth re-roof, repair, and paint homes in the community.


Many Vendors and Crafters Participating!

413 E Main Street, Flushing Vendors and Crafters interested in participating in this event, please contact Joy (810) 287-2212 or e-mail:

March Against Hunger, Feinstein’s 17th Annual Funds are available to match a portion of your contribution to fight hunger March 1-April 30! Your donation to the Food Bank during the March campaign is a great way to maximize your gift. Pick up the deposit slip in the church office. Checks must be payable to Food Bank of Eastern Michigan (Matching Funds Program), have a filled out deposit slip and be received at the Food Bank by April 30, 2014. Flushing Christian Outreach Center (FCOC) Donations of shampoo needed during March. Thank you! Flushing Christian Outreach Center Volunteers FCOC invites you to hear Craig Pohl, Director of New Evangelism for the Diocese of Lansing, speak about our evolving relationships with each other and Jesus Christ. This special event will be held in honor of the FCOC Volunteers who help fight hunger in Flushing Mon, April 7 at 7:00 pm at our church. Free of charge. Family Promise of Genesee County has officially opened the doors to families without homes. Davison UMC has begun housing the guests. What a blessing it is in helping these families become independent! FUMC will host April 27-May 3. That is only 6 weeks away! We continue to work on our readiness to serve. Servant training, orientation and scheduling will be done in early April and all servants will be notified once we have training times determined. We continue to take in staple supplies such as toiletries and packaged food items. The needed supplies can be found on the current Wish list in the rack. The FP Day Center (located at Calvary UMC) needs servants and various Wish list items as well. The Day Center Servant Request form and the Wish list can also be found in the church lobby rack. Thanks to all who provide donations, time and dedicated service. Thanks to FIAT for the fantastic Spaghetti Dinner held on behalf of FP.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT The Trustees would like to thank all of you who have included Capital Improvements in your yearly financial pledge to the church. As Trustees, we have been fortunate to be able to continue updating the buildings and make significant improvements. Listed below are some of the things that you may, or may not, be aware of. Sunday School classrooms: Classrooms and hallways now have acoustical ceilings for sound improvement, and have energy efficient lighting, the Jr. High room is now handicap accessible, and classroom windows have been replaced with thermo pane glass. Lobby and Centrum: Replaced the lobby ceiling and light fixture, added emergency exit paddles on main doors, changed centrum lights to LEDs for energy efficiency, installed new projectors, and made major repairs to the pipe organ. Fellowship Hall and Kitchen: Windows have been replaced with thermo pane glass, replaced ceiling fans, added new window blinds, added air conditioning, added baby changing stations, replaced the counter top at the serving area, and added pull out shelving for plate and cup storage. Parsonage: We had the roof replaced, replaced the deck, remodeled the kitchen, remodeled the bathroom, and corrected the flooding problem in the basement. Other items: Added a new video security system, added a NOAA radio for emergency information, corrected flooding problems that occurred in choir and storage areas in basement, and added new landscaping and a Prayer Garden at back of Fellowship Hall near parking lot. Thank you again for you continuing financial support that helps keep our buildings looking their best. Your Board of Trustees

Our Church Family Aware of a concern or joy in our family? Please notify the church, so we can share them with you. Only first names will be published in prayer concerns.

Please remember in your hearts and prayers:

✝ Dean hospitalized with pneumonia ✝ Jack hospitalized with pneumonia ✝ Mark with esophageal cancer ✝ Uncle Vic with health problems ✝ Bill having choking episodes and is not doing well ✝ Michael needing housing to rent ✝ Charles recovering from open heart surgery ✝ Erba home from the hospital

✝ Sister and family with struggles, husband has broken leg ✝ Cousin Marty dying from cancer ✝ Jackie recovering from extensive surgery ✝ Liz recovering from hand surgery ✝ Kay waiting for thyroid results ✝ Ava with a broken neck from a fall, partial paralysis ✝ Anna who has had a successful kidney transplant and for the family who donated the kidney

Sympathy To Duane & Laurel Allyn and family on the March 13 passing of Laurel’s father May this family be uplifted by our prayers.

Thank You Thank you all so much for the cards, prayers, gifts and calls that we received during Sue's hospitalization, convalescence and those that have continued since she returned home. Pastor Jeff, we really appreciate your many visits. God Bless you all. Bob & Sue McKone

Thanks to everyone who thawed, baked and frosted cinnamon rolls. They were enjoyed by many persons in our community which helped raise $500 for Allyn's trip to Kenya. Thanks to all the servers, food prep people, dishwashers, and cake bakers for the spaghetti dinner. Even though there was a March blizzard that day, 75 people came out to enjoy the dinner and contribute $600 to Family Promise of Genesee county.

Church Calendar Sunday, March 23 Sunday, March 30 1:00 pm Financial Peace Class 6:00 pm Four:12 & Tweens 5:00 pm Tweens Wednesday, April 2 6:00 pm Four:12 Newsletter Published Monday, March 24 7:00 pm Praise Band 6:00 pm Finance Committee Thursday, April 3 7:00 pm Administrative Council 6:00 pm Handbells Tuesday, March 25 7:30 pm Centrum Choir 7:30 pm Praise Chorus Friday, April 4 Wednesday, March 26 6:00 pm Tween Jamberry 7:00 pm Praise Band Thursday, March 27 6:00 pm Handbells 7:30 pm Centrum Choir Friday, March 28 9:30-4pm Rummage Sale Saturday, March 29 9:30-12p Rummage Sale Worship Helpers Sunday, March 23 Sunday, March 30 Scripture Reader Mary Lou Martin Scripture Reader Keri Jaggers Greeters Greeters 8:45 am Bill & Sue Martin 8:45 am Kristi Packer, 11:15 am Laurie Pitkin, Mary Ellen Zeller Barb Ackerman 11:15 am Leonard Pickelmann Coffee Hosts Coffee Hosts 8:45 am Jim & Laragene Triplett 8:45 am Larry & Sue Ridge 11:15 am Becky Stamm 11:15 am Sid & Connie Roman Ushers Ushers 8:45 am Duane & Dawn Hiller, 8:45 am Robert Baker, Harry & Ellen Hulet Duane Hiller 11:15 am Sid & Connie Roman Lois Griffin, Jerry Todd Acolytes 11:15 am Grant & Michele Wildman 8:45 am Bonnie Wisenbaugh Acolytes 11:15 am Taylor Fleury 8:45 am Bonnie Wisenbaugh Kids’ Church Beth Ward, 11:15 am Ramsey Lechota Lauryn Klorres Kids’ Church Lorie, Lydia Goodale Play Place Ramsey Lechota Play Place Mackenzie Lewis

Newsletter Helpers Wednesday, April 2 Wally & Marion Jurvelin, Jim & Laragene Triplett

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