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June 4, 2014

the Visitor a publication of Flushing United Methodist Church

Our Vision Statement Preparing servants who make a difference in their community and the world by knowing Christ, sharing Christ and emulating Christ.

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Published the 1st Wednesday

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Time for a little something… Father’s Day. People used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” I never really bought that. Not only can they hurt, words can start wars, bring hope, strip confidence. And when breathed with the power, imagination and truth of God, words can bring order to chaos, life from dead stone, and can stand upright, in the form of a man called Jesus, healing and destroying, saving and confronting. The words we choose to speak into being are important. This became clearer to me a while back in seminary. In seminary, I learned that for some people, to call God “Father” is a painful and frightening understanding of our loving creator. So they chose other words to refer to God. At first I believed this to be just one more trivial issue for Christians to get hung up over to keep us from doing the real work of Christ. But that changed as I listened to some of their stories. I would say, I became more sensitive, more compassionate, more accepting, and, yes, more Christ-like toward them. I couldn’t experience their pain, but I could acknowledge it. I couldn’t erase their past, but I could be an instrument of healing in their present. When Jesus prayed, he sometimes used “Abba” to address God. Usually this is translated as “Father” but a better translation would be “Daddy.” He was, by the words he chose, introducing a new relationship with the divine: not a relationship about male gender or dominance, but a relationship of intimacy, innocence, and trust. Forcing me to put away my father image of God in seminary helped me to realize what a gift it truly is to have a father who is also daddy, and who sees our relationship as a gift, rather than a chore or situation to control. Because of my dad, I can experience my heavenly abba as one whose lap I can climb into when the world gets too scary or threatening; as a force of kindness and gentleness in teaching and in play; as a forgiving and compassionate guide and friend; as an endless source of wisdom, patience, and strength. He has given me eyes to see beyond what the world sees, ears to listen for truth that sometimes hides behind fear, and a heart that can cry and laugh in the midst of adversity.

I cannot change what “Father” has meant to some people, but I can listen and share with them what father means to me. And in the care-full choosing of our words, it becomes possible for us to heal and uphold one another and discover together the words for God that might invite every person to express praise and thanks for the God who is all. Thanks be to God this Father’s Day for the gift of my father, and all men who are reflections of abbalove in the life of others.

One Practice Choir A special choir is being put together for the 8:45 am service on June 22. Anyone who would like to sing is invited to be a part of this opportunity to provide some special music for worship on the Jaggers last Sunday with us. There will be one practice Thurs, June 19, 7:30 pm. We would love to see as many of you there as possible! Would you like to say a short good bye to the Jaggers family!? Lore Dearing is taping good byes through Thurs, June 12 at 4 pm. Please contact Lore to set up a time or stop by the church office. She will have the camera set up on Sunday morning, also. Thank you!

Goodbye Reception for the Jaggers Family June 22, 6:00 pm dinner, 7:00 pm roast Wardo’s BBQ provided Table service provided Dessert provided by UM Women Please bring a side dish to share Contributions for Pastor’s gift will be received in the office until June 15

Family Promise On The Move We are preparing to serve as a host church to families for the second time July 27-August 3. Servants are needed for various tasks including: preparing dinner; serving as a host for dinner, the evening, overnight and breakfast; doing laundry and setting up or tearing down the bedrooms. Those who served in April will be contacted soon about their availability in July, however you can contact Carolyn Malaski anytime, 348-0653, or email, to volunteer. New servants are encouraged to join us. Family Promise servant opportunity forms, including details about the tasks, are available in the literature rack inside the front door of the church or from Carolyn or Kay Romoslawski. After reviewing our first week in April, we could use the following items: 1 sturdy table or floor lamp; 2-3 smaller lamps for reading; 2 table fans; 2 sheets for pack and play/play yard; 1 alarm clock; parenting and women’s magazines; x-box games for ages 6-15*; toys and games for outside play*; basketball and larger balls*; small riding toys*; PG or PG13 movies on DVD* for all ages and action games for school age boys; 6-8 folding lawn/deck chairs*. We are asking for donations that are in good condition or for those with an *, we are interested in borrowing them for the week. A more complete list will soon be available in Fellowship Hall. A list of food needed, including perishable and non-perishable items, will be available by the end of the month. The goal of FP is to transform families by helping them achieve sustainable independence one family at a time. We are pleased to announce that our first family, a mother and her two sons, moved into their own place Friday, May 30! Several members of our congregation donated furniture and bedding and assisted the family by delivering the items and helping them move in. Check out the web site at for photos. Thank you for your continued support of the Family Promise ministry.





MUSICIANS & SINGERS AGE 14 and UP BRING YOUR GUITAR OR BASS Keyboard, drums, mics provided. Sponsored by Youth Group & SUM DOODS

Young at Heart The senior singles will be dining June 22, 1:00 pm at Valley County Island, corner of Miller and Linden roads. Contact Becky Herr for reservations. Flushing Christian Outreach Center Needs FCOC appreciates all the donations! Some of the items that are especially needed: summer clothing (especially for children), diapers, toilet paper, laundry detergent and peanut butter. Also needed are men's jeans and queen size bedding. Thank you for your continued support. Nuggets from God Faithful stewardship reflects faith in God’s providence. “But seek first God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness and all these other things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

Flint Mission in the City 2014 The youth group has all but one 24 hour shift covered. We need one male to step up to help chaperone from Thurs, June 26, 6:00 pm until Fri, June 27, 6:00 pm (or possibly earlier depending on how soon we finish for the day). Must be a regular attendee for a minimum of 6 months, over 21 and male.

Connectional Funds Include: Episcopal Fund Bishops are elected and consecrated to speak to the church…and from the church. Our bishops oversee the church’s spiritual and temporal interests as well. Black College Fund The 11 U.S. historically Black colleges supported by the UM Church have played a unique role in higher education. Their graduates are leaders in a more diverse U.S. The World Service Fund This fund is the core of our outreach ministry, underwriting Christian mission around the world. By giving to World Service we empower evangelistic efforts, stimulate spiritual commitment, encourage growth and help God’s children everywhere. Ministerial Education Fund Men and women choose the ministry because God calls them. This fund is our way of helping them answer that divine call. Our seminaries lead the effort to proclaim God’s word. Interdenominational Cooperation Fund Our unity with other Christian communions is affirmed as we witness to a common Christian faith, meet human suffering and advocate for peace and justice all over the world. Africa University Fund This vital fund supports the only UM-related, degree-granting university on the continent of Africa—serving students from 21 countries, all across the continent of Africa. General Administration Fund This fund underwrites and finances general church activities that are administrative in nature, rather than program related— like General Conference, the legislative branch of the church. General Council on Finance and Administration coordinates and administers the finances of the church, receives, disburses and accounts for the church’s general funds, Together… we safeguards the denomination’s legal accomplish what interests and rights, compiles and no single publishes denominational statistics church… could and maintains the church’s records.

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Family Kick-Off Event Sunday, July 20, 5-6:30 pm Monday – Thursday for Kids age 4 thru 5th Grade July 21 - 24, 2014 11:45 am - 3:20 pm

KIDS SERVING KIDS BEYOND THEIR BACKYARD Vacation Bible School Needs List for 2014 The following items are needed for Vacation Bible School 2014. Non-perishable Donations may be dropped off any time in Lore’s office. Perishable Donations dropped off July 18th, 2014 labeled VBS 2014.

Thank you for your help! Ivory Soap Flakes Used Men’s T-Shirts size M, L and XL Elastic Paint Brushes Wax Paper Quart-size Ziplock Bags Circular oatmeal or bread crumb containers WITH the lids. Unsweetened Kool-aid Envelope Mixes NO RED Tubs of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid or Lemonaide NO RED Pretzels - mini twists

Mini-muffins (May brought in any time since they can be frozen.) NO PEANUT BUTTER OR NUTS Chocolate Chips Goldfish Crackers NO RAINBOW WITH RED Dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, cherries, blueberries, etc.) Chex cereal NO PEANUT BUTTER or NUTS Monetary Donations (Checks payable to Flushing UMC with VBS in memo line.)

C H ILD RE N L E AR N W HA T T H E Y L IV E If a child lives with criticism, he learns to feel discouraged If a child lives with hostility, he learns to feel angry If a child lives with violence, he learns to feel afraid If a child lives with dishonesty, he learns to feel suspicious If a child lives with judgment, he learns to feel guilty If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to feel ashamed If a child lives with disorder, he learns to feel confused If a child lives with disappointment, he learns to feel helpless If a child lives with silence, he learns to feel lonely BUT If a child lives with protection, he learns to feel safe If a child lives with honesty, he learns to feel trustful If a child lives with peace, he learns to feel calm If a child lives with sharing, he learns to feel thankful If a child lives with understanding, he learns to feel encouraged If a child lives with laughter, he learns to feel happy If a child lives with creativity, he learns to feel inspired If a child lives with choice, he learns to feel free If a child lives with community, he learns to feel supported If a child lives with accomplishment, he learns to feel confident If a child lives with meaning, he learns to feel fulfilled If a child lives with love, he learns to feel tender W I T H W HAT I S YOU R CHI L D LI VIN G?

Thank You Thank you to all who helped make such a success of the recent Spring Fling, an event for girls, gals & little girls, planned and organized by United Methodist Women! Everyone had a great time and we appreciate all who made it possible!

Thanks to my innovative planning committee: Lynne Whitmire, Kris Supernaw, Jess Rowley, Autumn Supernaw-Halbedel, Ruth Brown, Liz Fonger and Nancy Harrison! On behalf of the committee thanks goes out to our head chef, Bill Lewis, and his kitchen crew; to all the UMW women who baked and donated food items; to Joe Williams, Kids 4 Christ, 150, Men's Chorus, and Chrissy Latstetter for musical performances; to Debbie Pierce and Marcie Anderson for background music; to Lore Dearing for program design & logistical planning assistance; to Pat Helmer and Marty Cheely for all the printing needs; to Kathryn Dover for designing and creating our table signs; and to all the table leaders for the many optional pampering activities!! And, thanks to all those who attended and made our event profitable, $330 (including free will donations), for our local church mission of Family Promise! Sue Ridge and Planning Committee, United Methodist Women

Church Calendar Sunday, June 8 Sunday, June 15 Pentecost Peace with Justice 12:30 pm Kids 150 Band Practice 12:30 pm Kids 150 Band Practice Monday, June 9 Monday, June 16 9:30 am Ugli Quilts 7:00 pm Staff Parish Relations Tuesday, June 10 7:00 pm Float Decorating 1:30 pm Soup Kitchen Tuesday, June 17 Saturday, June 14 9:30 am Ugli Quilts 8:30 am UM Men 7:00 pm Stephen Ministry 8-11 pm Open Mic Nite Wednesday, June 18 UMW Planning Team 7:00 pm Flushing Parade Saturday, June 21 Worship Helpers 9:15 am NC Men’s Ministry Sunday, June 8 Sunday, June 15 Scripture Reader Caron Mosey Scripture Reader Glenda Johnston Greeters Greeters 8:45 am Donna Essy, 8:45 am Jim & Velma Graham Margaret MacArthur 11:15 am Joe & Lori Dorman 11:15 am Denise Charles Coffee Hosts Coffee Hosts 8:45 Dorothy Byard, 8:45 am Jerry & Carol Dick Bonnie Farrow 11:15 am Tammy Workman 11:15 am Becky Stamm Ushers Ushers 8:45 am Cathy Metz, 8:45 am Bill McKay, Jerry Todd, Jim Stauffacher, Mel Weeden, Jim & Laragene Triplett 11:15 am Leonard Pickelmann 11:15 am Laurie Pitkin Kids’ Church Beth Ward, Kids’ Church Natalie Napier, Hannah Nettleton Patricia Wisenbaugh

Our Church Family Aware of a concern or joy in our family? Please notify the church.

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Please remember in your hearts and prayers: Joan experiencing dizziness ✝ Keith recovering from a blood and balance problems clot in his leg Patricia who has pneumonia ✝ Bessie who has been in the and is on life support hospital Bob with liver cancer ✝ Mary Ellen who is experiencing Pete for the nerve stimulator ongoing health concerns to remove his pain ✝ Elaine recovering from triple Bob who has a kidney stone bypass surgery

Church Calendar Sunday, June 22 Wednesday, July 3 Newsletter Published Flint Mission in the City (next deadline Aug 4, 9 am) 6:00 pm Jaggers’ Dinner & Roast Monday, June 23 Friday, July 4 Office Closed 6:00 pm Finance Committee Independence Day 7:00 pm Administrative Council Monday-Friday June 23-27 Flint Mission in the City Worship Helpers Sunday, June 22 Sunday, June 29 Scripture Reader Sue Durling Scripture Reader Dave Lewis Greeters Greeters 8:45 am Bonnie Farrow, 8:45 am Jim & Liz Fonger Keri Jaggers 11:15 am Laurel Allyn 11:15 am Blair & Tracey Booth Coffee Hosts Coffee Hosts 8:45 am Nancy Elsner, 8:45 am Rusty Eavy, Judy Martz Donna Essy 11:15 am Sid & Connie Roman 11:15 am John & Diane Roberts Ushers Ushers 8:45 am Jim Graham, 8:45 am Gerry & Dorothy Byard, Bruce Hathaway, Lois Griffin, Bob Hurst Don Hodges, 11:15 am Gunther & Kay 11:15 am John & Diane Roberts Romoslawski Kids’ Church Denise Trantham Kids’ Church Lorie Goodale, Emma Nettleton Lydia Goodale

Thank You Special thanks to the 48 dedicated people who worked through rain & shine to give out food to 153 families who shared it with 434 family members at the May food give away!

Thank you for the lovely prayer shawl, spread with hope and joy. This is a difficult journey, but with love and grace as you have sent me, God will see me through this. Sue King Summer Office Hours Mon-Thurs, 9am-12 and 1:00-4:00 pm. Newsletter Helpers Wednesday, July 2 Wally & Marion Jurvelin, Jim & Laragene Triplett

Worship Attendance May 25 — 198 June 1 — 263 8:45 am— 103 8:45 am— 125 11:15 am— 95 11:15 am— 138




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