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FA MAG news, updates and articles Bringing Back Creativity In Stick Figure Animations Section Overview ---------------------------- ‘4’ Day’s success, how the animations have done at newgrounds and the site records that we set the day of ‘4’ day, September 30th. - Phil’s youtube posts, how they can help you and why he’s doing them. - Importance of FA’s twitter, why you should follow. - RHG battle initiated between Andre(stone) vs FLLFFL(Terkoiz) - Competition! ( prizes ) - FA Mansion. - ‘4’ Day Posters and Fluidanims Decals in the FA Store. - BSE - Making a comeback! - FA Radio Podcast Back!


1 Vol. 1 - 2010

‘4’ Days Success Stories: Well, ‘4’ day could not have been any more successful! September 30th, 2010 was a huge day for fluidanims. Many records were set this day. One, fluidanims had a traffic flux of over 40,000 visits in a single day ( the most since the creation of the site back in 2006. ) At one point, when releasing SHOCK 3, the site was actually crashed by so many users constantly refreshing the page to be the first to see the animation. We had over 80+ users in fluidanims’ IRC chat, stomping the past record of around 60. At newgrounds, SHOCK 3, BYE, and Tentacle Monsters Tribute all got featured on the fron page. SHOCK 3, daily first ( over johnny Utah ) - weekly 3rd. BYE - Daily First, weekly 2nd and review crew pick! All have excellent scores. Also, it has to be some sort of record at newgrounds for a single author to have 3 front paged animations all at once? -----

Phil’s Youtube Uploads: Phil(terkoiz) has been uploading videos on his youtube ( ) on giving criticism to users animations, updates about what he’s currently got going on, even short tutorials on animations, the list goes on. Gotta check it out! -----




If you haven’t yet you need to now! Follow FA on twitter, tweets are sent constantly about what’s going on at the site, latest features, news, competitions everything can nearly be always seen first from -----

RHG Andre



It’s began, the battle everyone has been wai ting for is underway. Each user has created a blog to record and keep track of their animation progress. These battles are going to be full-length! You can expect the best from each as this date is set for release on January 7th 2011. Which side will you choose?


Vol. 1 - 2010 FA Mansion! ( Halloween Contest ) The very first annual FA Mansion competition! learn more, enter and compete to win cash and prizes! ------

‘4’ Day Posters


FA Decals:

The FA Store is a huge step in moving forward for the site. Sales enable us to finally have an income stream to help promote and sponsor animators and their animations. Supply is running short on your ‘4’ day posters, be sure to pick them up while they still last. As an added perk for the release of the FA Store, stone has decided to sign these first set of posters. ------

BSE - Back

and running!


now with prizes


You heard it right, BSE is back! Go ahead and check out the progress so far. Round one is ending very soon so get your entries in!

FA Radio Podcast - Back


Your online radio podcast to keep you in the loop at fluidanims is back with stone and mike. Be sure to check in weekly for our podcasts at

3 Vol. 1 - 2010

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4 Vol. 1 - 2010 - FA Mag Vol1: Issue 1  

Introducing the very first Issue of FA Mag. FA Mag will includes news, updates and articles relating to