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IMPAC T ’S T h r e e Service Areas.

D o e s Yo u r FA m i ly n e e d i m pac t ? Impact System of Care is for youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance.

W o r r i e d A b o u t Yo u r C h i l d ’s B e h av i o r ?

W h at I s S e r i o u s E m ot i o n a l D i s t u r b a n c e ( SED ) ? These are the signs to look for in a child: • Has a hard time learning • Has a hard time making and keeping friends • Is angry a lot • Often seems sad or hopeless • Seems to have more fears than do others • Has lost interest in things he or she used to enjoy • Avoids friends or family and wants to be alone all the time • Often hurts others, destroys things, or breaks the law • Refuses to follow directions and often makes poor choices Any child can have these signs for a short time, but over a longer time, such signs can indicate a mental health concern such as SED. Impact can help determine whether your child has Serious Emotional Disturbance.

w h at i s i m pac t ?

Impact is Ingham County’s System of Care, a partnership of child- and family-serving agencies in Ingham County working in cooperation to provide coordinated services for children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and their families. The main goal of Impact is to build and enhance home- and community-based services for young people involved with the juvenile justice system and/or Department of Human Services. Impact believes that children with SED are best supported within their family and community. This is the kind of care that has proven most likely to help young people and families have lifelong success.



The wraparound process assists a family by bringing together all of the system providers (school, court, child welfare, mental health, and others) and natural support persons who are involved in the family’s life and can help the family maintain their child in the family’s home. A wraparound facilitator assists the child and family team to create a plan that provides support to meet the needs of the family. The goal is to support the family in maintaining their youth safely in the community.

Impact provides an array of services to help ensure youth success: Family Guidance, Wraparound Services, and the Family Advocacy Support Program.

Fa m i ly G u i d a n c e H o m e - Ba s e d S e r v i c e s . Individualized home-based mental health services are provided by Community Mental Health Family Guidance therapists to children and families in their homes and other community settings. Family-centered service plans are developed in partnership with families to meet their needs and enhance their strengths. In addition to individual and family therapy and case management, families and therapists choose from a flexible array of community-based services as needed, including:

• • • • • • • •

Safety and crisis planning Psychiatric medication management Respite, including overnight respite Love and Logic Parent Training Parent-to-parent mentor services Behavior management planning and consultation Social, recreational, and mentoring services Other services and supports individually developed in response to family needs



Fa m i ly A d v o cacy S u p p o r t P r o g r a m . Impact Family Advocates, provided through the Association for Children’s Mental Health, are parents/caregivers of children who experience emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. Advocates partner with families to support, educate, and empower them to use their voice, develop positive relationships with service providers, and develop skills to navigate the systems with which the child and family are involved.

T h e Co r e Va lu e s o f I m pac t. Impact, Ingham County’s System of Care Initiative, is guided by several core values. These values play an important role in ensuring that services and supports are effective and that they respond to the needs of each youth and family.

O u r co r e va lu e s :

• Impact is family-driven and youth-guided, which means that families and youth have a significant voice in the care they receive. • Impact provides individualized services and supports driven by, and in response to, the strength and needs of each child and family. • Impact respects the culture and language of families and young people. • Impact has established clearly defined goals, roles, and responsibilities for each partner agency, provider, and organization, in order to better provide high-quality, accessible care. • Impact provides a seamless system of services and supports for children and families through close collaboration and coordination of information and resources that enhance the capacity of all partner agencies, providers, and organizations.


Opportunities for Fa m i ly S u p p o r t a n d Yo u t h I n v o lv e m e n t.

If your Court or DHS worker has referred you to Impact, please call (517) 346-8318.

Youth and Families from Ingham County

For general information about Impact,

Association for Children’s Mental Health

please call (517) 346-9597

Boys & Girls Club of Lansing

or visit

Child and Family Services – Capital Area Community Mental Health Authority, C-E-I Cristo Rey Community Center Highfields, Inc.

Impact Family Council: for any parent or family member of a youth with SED. For dates and more information, contact Malisa Pearson, (517) 346-8062.

Ingham County Circuit Court – Family Division Ingham County Department of Human Services Ingham Intermediate School District Lansing Police Department

Speak Your Mind: for any teenage youth in services. For dates and more information, contact Katie Van Dorn, (517) 346-8006.

Lansing School District Lutheran Social Services St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Artwork provided by Ingham County youth

Impact SYstem of Care  

Impact brochure.

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