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He is a happy, fluffy little kitten‌

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01/10/2009 16:40:56

park this way …because he is going to play with his friends in the park.

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01/10/2009 16:40:56

Here is Fluffy Little Kitten playing in the park with his friends.

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01/10/2009 16:40:56

Fluffy Little Kitten is having a great time.

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01/10/2009 16:40:57

Suddenly, Fluffy Little Kitten’s new little brother turns up.

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01/10/2009 16:40:57

Fluffy Little Kitten begins to cry.

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01/10/2009 16:40:57

“It is my little brother!” says Fluffy Little Kitten. “I am very sad because he copies everything I do!”

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01/10/2009 16:40:57

“When I lie on my back with my tummy in the air on a sunny day, he lies on his back with his tummy in the air.� FLK_brother_200x250_text_reading_order_v2.indd 12

01/10/2009 16:40:57

“When I want kitten food, he wants kitten food.�

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01/10/2009 16:40:57

“When I like a pop group, he likes the same pop group…”

I love pop music

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me too

01/10/2009 16:40:57

“…and he is always following me wherever I go.”

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01/10/2009 16:40:57

“He might be following me right now!”

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01/10/2009 16:40:58

Fluffy's Brother  

The fourth Fluffy Little Kitten story.

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