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What is it? The Coaching Skills Workshop is a one day programme teaching people the basics of coaching and ultimately how to achieve better results in their 121’s with clients. Who is it for? Ideal for anyone who works 121 with clients to help them improve their lives. How does it work? A one day workshop at a suitable venue for groups of between 10 and 20 with a qualified life coach. Content includes: - Introduction to Coaching, Creating Motivation and Inspiration, the Coaching Relationship, Coaching Skills. How much will it cost? The cost is £50 per participant. If there are less than 10 participants the cost is £500. What are the benefits? The Coaching Skills Workshop is delivered by a qualified life coach with many years experience working with young people and adults. The benefits of gaining basic coaching skills are not only beneficial for 121 clients helping them move forward but also beneficial for members of your team helping them focus on the positive rather than the negative and enabling them to find solutions to their problems.

Want more of a chat about it? ...Give us bell on 01652 689298 ...or drop us an email to “Simple but brilliant at the same time. This will make a big difference to my day to day work.. We need more of this kind of thing.” Andy


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