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Media Kit: Fluent Hustle Magazine


Fluent Hustle is Denver’s authentic magazine for entrepreneurs and professionals to empower, educate, and entertain these leaders by featuring local stories and resources to support navigating one’s business journey.

This digital publication is where entrepreneurs and professional leaders come to seek knowledge, build new relationships, receive advice, learn from others, and face their challenges with confidence. Through enhancing a community of trust, sharing, learning, and growth, we achieve success in business and personal fulfillment.

We do this by creating awareness of entrepreneurship, leadership, inspiration, business management practices, entertainment, health, finance, and much more. Our goal is to tell the stories of entrepreneurs in Denver to maximize their success.

We are committed to supporting the Denver business community and, now more than ever, want to help local brands reach their potential customers effectively and affordably. As a part of Fluent Hustle Magazine, not only businesses are able to grow their brand recognition but they also expand their customer base.

Featured businesses are by invitation only. If you would like your business featured in this entrepreneur publication, please send us an email that includes information about your business accompanied by your website, Instagram links, and photos that reflect your brand.

Published monthly, our magazine is available free of charge to subscribers.


Fluent Hustle magazine connects your brand with Denver’s motivated entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals - authoritative, responsible, supportive thought leaders at the forefront of the local business community.

We are a trusted source at the heart of entrepreneurship, innovation, and meaningful relationships. Our content guides business leaders, community partners, and trusted influencers that are shaping the landscape and driving transformation growth.

We deliver one of the few hyper-local ways for business owners to share their stories with the people who matter most to them, and to others, in their thriving communities.

For advertising information, contact Ira Coleman at speak@FluentHustle.com or visit www.FluentHustle.com

Ira Coleman, President and Publisher