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Jason Robinson leads his team in the face of COVID-19 fears BY LEAH RYBAK


fter twenty years in business, Jason Robinson of Robinson Custom Cleaning is shifting his business model and leading his team to persevere through these challenging times. Robinson Custom Cleaning is located in Arvada and serves the Denver Metro Area. They specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet & odor issues, wood floor rejuvenation, 24/7 water extraction, and much more. Robinson usually services businesses and individual homes but, most recently, has shifted to almost solely commercial disinfecting services. “We can’t control the virus,” Robinson comments. “But I’m grateful to be in the cleaning industry and restoration world for this piece of the puzzle. It is some of our only hope, besides science with a cure, for being able to facilitate decontamination of buildings and public spaces.” Right now, most of Robinson’s business is shut down, except for decontamination services and cleaning at commercial buildings and for construction sites. As businesses open up, he anticipates a shift back to cleaning restaurants and offices.


Fluent Hustle | June 2020

This shift may sound minor to some, but for Robinson, COVID-19 had shifted the entirety of his business. During all of this, however, his spirits, faith, and his team have stayed strong. Part of this is due to Robinson’s leadership, calm and centered business approach, and years of growth while enduring hardship. Robinson has learned a lot in twenty years of running his own business, alongside his family. But one thing holds to be most prevalent: Robinson surrounds himself with the best team imaginable and supports that team no matter what.

His Banker

In the middle of this crisis, Robinson sought assistance from his bank, only to be left high and dry. His personal savings was initially acting as the full support for his business. “The first negative experience throughout this all was with my bank,” Robinson says. “I banked with the same credit union for 22 years, but they totally failed me. I needed help and someone to talk to, and they shut their doors and sent their phones to an automated system. I feared not only for the business piece but also for my finances.”

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