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ON THIS PAGE: A few (9) Planetminis members met up for a

day of trail riding at Bee Canyon in Hemet CA. It made for a great day out on the trails packed full of jumps, clifs, rednecks shooting their guns and even a broken exhaust pipe!



As I write this I’m putting in the final touches for the first ever Planetminis Magazine. Wow, I had no idea how much work this was going to be but I’m glad the hardest part is behind me! PM Magazine started as an idea that I had over 2 years ago. The reason it has taken me so long to get going is because there were 3 other magazines dedicated to pitbikes. I felt PM was the online market for the industry so I decided to put my efforts into development of the site rather then adding more work to my day. After the last 2 mags decided to close their doors I felt it was time to pick up where they all had left off. With a growing community at my disposal I started researching exactly what it would take to bring a magazine to fruition. I knew once I announced there would be a magazine that I would have helping hands ready for what ever I needed. That is exactly what I received! I’m glad to be a part of such a great community with so many helping hands! For the most part members get along but of course there will always be some bad apples.... but anyway here it is guys, Planetminis Magazine Issue 1, ENJOY! -Nick Nicholls // publisher









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PHOTOGRAPHERS Nick Nicholls Jesse Pierce

Geof K Wilson


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The number one email that I receive on a daily basis has got to be, “I forgot my password”. Well now im going to give you guys the link on where to go if you forgot your password!

Group with all members being owners of Pitsters! Check out the list of groups that have been started, or start your own! Either use the link below or find the direct link in the main menu on the left column of the website.

videos posted, so I’m sure if everyone added one of their favorites we could see a drastic amount of videos to view!

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If you haven’t voted for this months Fiddy of the month or Midsize of the month make sure you get your butt over to the forums and do it! I would like to see alot more submissions in the coming months!

One of the newest and coolest features on PM since our last upgrade is probably the Social Groups. With Social Groups you have the ability start your own community within PM! As of right now Pitster has the largest Social

One of the features that I would like to see getting a little more love’n is the PM Tube. Basically what this module does is give you the ability to show off your Youtube videos in a gallery format. Currently there’s only a total of about 50


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Biggest mini stuffed in my car to date Starter: reynolds_brad This ones funny, the Ape had to ride on its side to fit in there. Not sure I’ll be able to get anything larger then an Ape in there. d Rea e Mor

Anyone ride with headphones? Starter: SomeDonnieDude So lately I’ve been riding alot with headphones, but they just arent loud enough....

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PM Name: Pimpindahoes Real Name: Matt Gilbert

Favorite Riding Spot: Milestone

Age: 26 Bike Setup: KLX 195+R Riding Style: Wide Open




d Rea e Mor

Member Since: 04-12-2004 Number of Posts: 8,906

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2up Minis Race Series 4/25 Tomahawk - WV. 5/16 Happy Ramblers - PA. 6/13 Sleepy Hollow - PA. 7/11 Rocket Raceway - PA. 7/25 Tomahawk - WV. 8/8 Rocket Raceway - PA. 9/6 Sleepy Hollow - PA. 9/19 Happy Ramblers - PA. TBA - 2009 2UP MINIS EASTCOAST PITBIKE NATIONALS

Master of Minis Series Race 1 April ‘09

Mini Moto SX - Vegas May 1st 2009 Las Vegas

Lake Havasu City Series February 21st 2009




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New Released DVD’s

From the Dirt

Dirt Alliance is at it again, showcasing the dirt lifestyle in full HD! “From the Dirt” follows the biggest names in the dirt industry, unveiling the action and lifestyle they live day to day. Shot in high definition at the most gnarly west coast locations, “From the dirt” packs in the raddest dirt lifestyle footage ever seen to date! With a hard hitting, multi-genre soundtrack from some of the sickest underground acts out there. Director Matt Rogers brings the action directly to your big screen with insane cinematography to feast your eyes upon. “From the dirt” is the video that is guaranteed to satisfy your need for more dirt!


Thrillbillies 2

Thrillbillies Double-Wide offroad & motocross video dvd promises to be double the fun of last years hit release! Join Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus gang as they invade and take over a motocross race in Costa Rica, compete in their own brand of Winter and Summer Olympics, and big wheel base jump ridiculous cliffs at Lake Powell! Travis also planes his motocross bike off of a floating ramp in the middle of a lake!

[24.99, need url]

Rhinos Rule

Bad Seed Productions takes a look at the exciting world of UTV racing... Watch as these fully modified utility vehicles are launched over 100 feet in the air. Featuring young racing sensation Luke Johnson and his team mates at Mafia Industries, Rhinos Rule is loaded with insane Side X Side UTV action from Championship Off Road Racing and the Dirt Alliance/M4SX Side X Side Nationals. Featuring Rhinos, RZR’s and more... Also with clips of the future of off road racing... Trophy Karts, see kids as young as 6 launch their mini trucks to victory.





New Technology


The Pandora is a unique machine. It was designed based on the input of thousands of forum users with one goal in mind - to make the ultimate open source handheld device. Think NES, SNES, GENSIS, GAMEBOY ADVANCED, NDS, and maybe even N64, right at your finger tips!


Windows 7

Microsoft can do better than Windows Vista. And with Windows 7—expected sometime before the year is up—they will. Whether it’s the new features or the less taxing system requirements, Windows 7 promises to be a vast improvement on Vista, and hopefully enough to coax most of us still clutching XP for dear life to finally upgrade.


Wireless Audio This stuff will stream jams from your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or Mac to any room in the house, but you should also know that the system plays nice with the anti-Apple (but pro-USB / auxiliary port) crowd as well. It promises a wireless range of 150 feet, and it seems to be available in a variety of “Groups” depending on how complex or simplistic your home setup is. Look for the components to ship in March for as low as $89.95 per piece

Available in March

[89.95 piece,]





PRODUCT REPORT Chassis V3 Perimeter Frame BBR Motorsports


eveloped for the BBR/Monster Energy race team, the new V3 Perimeter frame kit has been re-designed from the ground up. Using computer modeling and on-track testing, the engineers at BBR have found a way to improve the handling characteristics, enlarge the cockpit and reduce weight on this new frame. In addition, they have designed the V3 frame platform to accept both CRF 50 and KLX 110 motors. The bolt-on motor mounts are interchangeable allowing either motor to be used with this new frame.

Performance CHP’s new UHF KLX-110 Race pipe CHP - Race Proven Technology


he New UHF ( Ultima High Flow) Race pipe for the KLX-110. Designed with the same unmatched low and mid range performance but now with a 4 transition design and pressure balanced header, the top end performance is off the charts. The old design delivered unmatched top end performance now with the new UHF design, CHP has been able to capture even more top end HP. Tune for MAXIMUM performance with our new UHF design. Un-Matched quality and UNIQUE design. Dyno Tested and Tuned for Maximum Performance.

Engine Trail Bikes 184cc Bore Kit, Race Head V2, and 28mm Carb Kit for GPX/YX160 his is our latest complete kit to turn your YX/GPX160 engine into an absolute beast! This kit includes our new Race Head V2 and while the new head may appear to be the same on the outside as our other KLX110 type race head, internally it has gone through numerous changes. The addition of roller rocker arms and a new camshaft are the biggest changes followed by bigger valves and ports. The exhaust valve is now stainless as well (21-4N material). This all adds up to a cylinder head that puts out a professional level of performance yet is still affordable for the privateer rider. The kit also includes an all aluminum ceramic plated 64mm cylinder.





THE FINISH LINE Mini4GB, Craig Webb, 2up Nationals


50cc Pro Mini 1st Jonny Groves 2nd Nick Cole 3rd Joe Pyke

Open Minibike 1st Paul Gipp 2nd Luke Coker 3rd Ellz Gardiner

88cc Pro Mini 1st Lewis Blackbird 2nd Jamie McLaren 3rd Nick Cole

Open Midsize 1st Trevor Scott 2nd Grant Dyer 3rd Pat Crump

Superstock Midsize 1st Jonny Groves 2nd Rhys Davies 3rd Luke Coker

Open Midsize B (non -championship) 1st Ashley Rhymer 2nd Jordon Warren 3rd Craig Lucas



East Coast National

10 Youth 1st Cody Gray 2nd David Tamini 10 Adult SS 1st Josh Sheffer 2nd Clint Johnson 3rd Eric Butler 88 CC 1st Cody Gray 2nd Mike McAlister 3rd Mike Borchardt 10 Amateur 1st Josh Sheffer 2nd Tim Scott 3rd Scott Sokol 12 Adult SS 1 - Tyson Clark 2 - Clark Schlecht 3 - Corey Walters

10 Pro/Open 1st Carl Schlecht 2nd Derek Rose 3rd Grant Runkes 12 Youth 1st Kyle Davis 2nd Cody gray 3rd Kyle Lowry Vet 30 + 1 - Will Ricker 2 - Adam Robinson 3 - Chris Kovar Tall boy 1 - Derek Means 2 - Todd Stith 3 - Jim Bowen Big Wheel 1 - David Sites 2 - Ray Pierce

Women 1 - Amber Hughes 2 - Amanda Schmidt 3 - Carey Wampler

Young Boy 1 - Jake Mckinney 2 - Devin Lykens 3 - Brandon Russel

12 Amateur 1 - Kyle Davis 2 - Mike Borchardt 3 - Kyle Lowry

Vintage 1 - Travis Boston 2 - Devin Manahan 3 - Josh Sheffer

12 Pro/Open 1 - Willy Browning 2 - Derek Rose 3 - Dann Raible

3rd Annual

Craig Webb 16 Over 12” Open 1st #411 Tyson Clark, Thumpstar 2nd #126 Clint Johnson, 3rd #1 Shelby Reitz, McBride Sports Accessories, 16 Under 12” Open 1st #00 Kyle Davis, McBride Sports Accessories, 2nd #932 Zack Itter, Pitster 3rd #81 David Tamini, Thumpstar

the finish line

Race Results

16 Over 10” Open 1st #411 Tyson Clark, Thumpstar 2nd #71 Josh Elsbree, Pit Pro 3rd #232 Brandon Weary, 2UP minis 16 Under 10” Open 1st #411 Zack Itter, Pitster 2nd #81 David Tamini, Pit Pro 3rd #04 Devin Lykens, Vet +30 1st #510 James Max, McBride Sports Accessories 2nd #387 Ron Feathers “Boots”, 2UP minis 3rd #18 Harlan Selverling, Pitster Pro Womens 1st #89 Amber Hughes, Pitster 2nd #18 Fantasia Selverling, 3rd #110 Meghan Reitz, 18 Over Beginner 1st #191 Jason Stout, Pitster 2nd #7 Josh Barnhart, Kawasaki 3rd #153 Chris Fowler, Pitster Pro 50 Stock 1st #924 Clint Johnson, 2UP minis, 2nd #81x Joshua Sheffer, 2UP minis, 3rd #126 Eric Butler, 2UP minis, 110 Stock 1st #89 Shelby Reitz, McBride Sports Accessories 2nd #188 Jesse Pierce, 2UP minis 3rd #267 Kevin Brown, Little Guys/Girls Under 8 1st #77 Anthony Mazziaotto III, 2nd #28 Grant Raum, 3rd #18 Fantasia Selverling, Dash For Cash 1st #411 Tyson Clark, Thumpstar 2nd #00 Kyle Davis, McBride Sports Accessories, 3rd #918 Matt Stanley, G2 Moto




Pit Pass Brad Ripple 304

Above: Ripple battling it out at Minimoto SX

Sponsorship: Pitster Pro, Two Brothers, HJC, EVS, OGIO


e were able to catch up with Pitster Pro rider Brad Ripple. He was more than willing to answer some questions for us....

First off Brad, before you started riding/racing Minis, you were a top competitor in the BooKoo Arenacross Series,as well a many other 250/450 races. Tell us a little bit about your Big Bike Career. Well I started racing AX/SX in 02-03 , did a few races that year to get the feel of it, then in 04-05 I did the whole east coast lites I made all but 1 main and ended up 19th in the points that year. East/West shootout 2005 I ended up 11th. 2006 I was riding for Team




“I don’t ride because I have to, I do it because I want to. I wasn’t going faster or higher than some of the riders out there but I am who I am”

Babbitts. I started the year off great winning both the Lite mains at the opening rounds of the BooKoo Arenacross series. I had a few other podiums that year and ended up 7th overall. 2007 I switched to Hondas riding for the GPS, Club 24/7 , Cannon Falls Honda team. During that year they also had a pitbike class. The guys from two brothers built me a really nice bike for that series allowing me to win all but 4 races I think that year, giving me the BooKoo Arenacross pro pitbike title. I also had a few wins on the big bikes that year and a handful of podiums giving me 3rd overall in the combined points of the 250 and 450 class’ total of 48 races.

but my worst one has to be the end of 06. I got a flat and hit a pretty big double out of a turn , and I ended up landing and getting high sided into a big bank turn, splitting my kidney in half and splitting my bladder away from the right kidney... that was a bad situation where we were and all. I took an air flight to Lexington, KY where they did a great job and I was able to keep my kidney and everything is 100% now, but that was an experience50% chance to live With amedical induced coma for a few days! It was difficult time for sure. I’ve also had some knee injuries this last year but I’m feeling a lot better now and hoping for a great 09 year!

What made you make the transition to Minis?

For the readers that don’t know BR304, fill them in a little bit.

Well I had always rode pitbikes and played around with friends on them. I think the BooKoo Arenacross really helped me get noticed. I could ride the little bikes pretty well. I was doing some pretty big jumps on them during the series that helped also, but all in all the transition wasn’t really big. I had always ridden them, but I finally got the chance to show people what I could do!

Ohh man haha well BR304 is my Gamertag on Xbox live! I play a lot of video games on my down time!

Do you have any plans for the next couple of seasons? As far as races you’re looking forward to, & where you see yourself? Plans are to stay healthy! Im going to do the east coast sx lites series 09, vegas minimoto, and a lot others! Where I see myself next few years not exactly sure ive got some big goals set so we will see how many I can accomplish!

What has been your favorite race of 08? I didn’t do very many races this year…. my best race finish would have to be the worlds richest pitbike race up in washington!

How often do you ride your bike and where is your favorite place to moto?

You also have quite the list of injuries correct? Explain how you got your worst injuries. Wow man yeah I’ve been hurt a lot, starting when I was 10 with two broken legs….lets just say I like to jump and I’ve learned the hard way! I think I have a total of 30+ broken bones(each leg 3 times)




s s a Pit P When the weather allows it I ride everyday. My favorite place would be my practice track a few blocks down the street. Just because I can build whatever I want and change it whenever!

Who has been the most influential person in your riding career up to this point? I have to say my brother! He’s always been there for me! He’s helped me everyday and with my riding he knows my style and what I can and cant do. He has just done so much I cant thank him enough!

On the minis they guys at pitster are great chris raney does a fantastic job on my race bikes for the big races! Tyler minor hooks all my bikes up with some of the best and most detailed graphics I have ever seen! On my big bikes my mechanic marvin does an incredible job on my bikes!

Is there anyone you would like to thank or say hi to? Yeah I would like to thank all the guys at pitster pro for all they have done for me… brother hes been a great support and friend…you guys for taking the time for this interview…all the guys at two brothers racing,hjc,evs,ogio,ncc,and everyone else who has helped me get to where I am!

Who helps you out with getting your bike dialed in?

SOME EXTRAS Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana Age:23 Favorite Rider: Stewart Favorite Track: Redbud Bikes: Pitster Pro x4r, crf250 Motor: NCC built GPX 160 Height:5 8 Weight:147 Sponsors: Pitster Pro, Two Brothers Racing, HJC,EVS,Ogio Downtime Hobby:video games 4 Thinks you probably don’t know about Brad: 1.I play a lot of video games 2.r/c cars take some of my down time also 3.I hate wearing washed socks! 4. Favorite color is red




Riding in Northe

rn Illinois

Jason Langford

riding for LCS


Next time i’ll use a helm

Smoking Dust

Peelin’ So. Cal. local Brad King doesn’t going big on his P3 Racing / BBRmind 50

off the b

erm on

the OG


Derek Rose gettin it done!

Kyle Zirkus bustin his Whip Brent Hahn on his stock KLX110

Snap Shot

next to Sam Yannitelli on my Pitste


Catch me if yo

u can!

Frankie busting his favo trick and making it look rite easy

If your not first your last!

2008 CHP Texas MX track

Mini National at

North Texas

Patrick Keegan chargin at Dade City Motocrossg ahead in Florida

Brent Hahn doing the

Matt Simmers railing a

left hander at Sams Klub

t MX

Having fun at Starwes

’s Klub

downhill double at Sam

Over the Pond It is hoped that this section will give a true representation of the mini bike scene within the UK from both the grass roots level to the National championships. I hope to be able to bring you an insight into what tracks we have, the variety of racing on offer as well as company profiles, rider interviews and photos as well as highlighting some of the UK build bikes.


Over the Pond

As the sun rose over Bonneville Farm, Essex on Sunday 14th September hopes were high for some great racing in the final round of the 2008 MBP-Powersports National 4 Stroke Minibike Championship and I for one can say I was not dissapointed by what I saw! Above: Craig & Pat from lead out the midsize Contributor: Geof K Wilson

Over the Pond

“Elbow to elbow action all day long”


- he MINI4GB series is a national status race series, but its participants are riders of all abilities. It is an all inclusive series where everyone is encouraged to race. The skill levels vary from professional minibikers, right down to weekend warriors who just love to bang bars with fellow minibikers. This was the second running of the Bonneville track in the championship, which was ideal, as most of the riders had the track dialed in within a few laps of practice. Minor modification were made from the inital layout back in May, which seemed to go down well in the paddock. A new table-top was put in on the finish line which allowed top riders to show off there skills as well as a little showboating at the chequed flag. The track was in a good condition as practice started and at the end of the day it was just starting to show “blue groove”

Round 6 - 50cc Pro Mini 1st Jonny Groves 2nd Stu Hughes 3rd Nick Cole

“The race scenery was very picturesque”

Top Photo: LRC shows his class in the superstocks Above: Hottie 1, 2, 3 what else could you ask for? Below: Holeshot for midsize was well contested

Johny Groves took the overall honours in the 50cc class on the day, but there were some great battles being had throughout the pack. Mel Pocock took a little time out of his busy MX schedule to show his talent on the minis. Mel and Stu Hughes were elbow-to-elbow many times during the afternoon and it was great to see the 50cc class putting on a real show for the crowd. Nick Cole rode well and to be competitive in two classes over the season he deservedly gets to hold the title of “Drumming Bunny” for 2008. I felt sorry for Chuck Davies who had built up a lovely little 50 just for the final round only to suffer from electrical problems in all but the final race. Credit where its due though, Jonny Groves rode the pants off his 50 all day and is a worthy winner having rode consistently well throughout the whole championship. I don’t think I could write a piece of the 50 class withiout mentioning Amy Ferdinando not only does she own and ride one of the prettiest mini bikes on the circuit, but rides it very well, willing to bang elbows with the lads as and when necessary. Nice one Amy, I for one credit you for the fact you finished every single moto, something that even the championship winner failed to attain! Rumour has it that the 50cc class may be dropped from the schedule for next year - I for one would hope this is not the case as it not only provides some great entertainment but is after all where the sport began.

“Make room for the white boy!” 22



Round 6 - 88cc Pro Mini 1st Lewis Blackbird 2nd Nick Cole 3rd David Gay “Go Lewis...Go Lewis...Go Lewis” Well what can I say but; “Go Lewis...Go Lewis...Go Lewis” I still have it echoing in my ears from the first round - that will teach me for standing to close to your Mrs when you are on track. From the first round to the last Lewis has been the guy to watch. Not only is he consistent, he is also a super smooth rider. Jamie “Jimmy Mac” McLaren fought hard all season even managing to take to the top stage of the podium a couple of times, however he could not knock Lewis from the top spot in the championship. Andrew Lawton rode well during the early part of the season, but decided to return to his roots and headed of to the world of MX. We can only hope that he sees the light again and returns to the little wheels as his talent was sadly missed in the last rounds.

Round 6 - Superstock Midsize 1st Rhys Davies 2nd Luke Coker 3rd Trevor Buckley

“Chuck D airs out the new table top” “Go Lewis Go”

With the final round of the superstock championship came a certain amount of controvesy; would the ACU strip bikes down before, during or after the races, would entrants risk running some of the modifications that were deemed by some to be outside of the “original regulations”??? Would some people even enter the class at all having tuned their bikes further since the last round??? As it turned out a few bikes were seen to be markedly slower than they had been at other rounds, some competitors even resorted to riding totally different bikes. I did try and find the true reasoning behind these perceived “cover-ups” and was assured that the reasons were nothing to do with any modification issues. Allegedly, some of the riders were getting “arm pump” and thus struggling to keep up the pace they had shown at other rounds, whilst other were struggling with poorly maintained bikes and had to ride with their brakes binding. To add fuel to the fire a confrontation between the father of a competitor and a fellow rider nearly came to blows over a couple of racing incidents... some would call it un-gentlemanly conduct ...some would call it racing... all I know is it added to the tension in the superstock class with everyone shouting encouragement for their man ...and they say mini biking is just for fun hey! It was noted that both Josh Bisonette and Ben Harman were much closer to the pace of the championship leaders over all three of the final races at the Bonneville farm track - be that down to there superior skill over the track, tuning mods (LOL) or some other reason I could say, however it was nice to see some closer racing in the class rather than one guy hitting the front and dissappearing as was seen in some rounds. Rhys Davies came up trumps on the day knocking Luke Coker down to the second place position. Trevor Buckley came a respectable third after some very smooth riding on the day.




Stu Hughes gets his rewards as Nick Cole looks on with envy

Over the Pond

Top: Josh Bisonette and Ben Harman were right on the heels of Johny Groves in the last round Bottom: Pretty in Pink - Dave Gay keeps it real on his 88




Over the Pond

Round 6 - Open Minibike 1st Luke Coker 2nd Paul Gipp 3rd Adrian Williams “Coker dominates Open Mini” Luke Coker continued his domination of the Open Mini class, however despite claiming twelve victories out of the eighteen possible throughout the year Luke could not take the crown from Paul Gipp who showed that consistency really does win titles. Paul, who moved up from the 88cc class this year proved himself a true mini biker to take his place as the No 1 rider of 10 inch wheels in the UK. Well done Paul - it was a pleasure to watch you ride. Ellz Gardiner rode fast all season...some would say too fast at that the “exuberance of youth” or the “need for speed,” I don’t know - however when he realizes that it is the first person past the chequed flag that counts perhaps his points tally will improve somewhat. To pull a 3rd in the championship was amazing considering the bad luck you have had this year mate. I hope the lessons can be learned and you show your true potential in 2009.

Round 6 - Open Midsize 1st Tommy Wright 2nd Grant Dyer 3rd Pat Crump “it is how well you perform on your worst days that makes the difference” Wow! I never thought I would say it, but the midsize class does add something to the mini bike scene. From the anticipaction of the drop of the gate to the full-on combat of the initial lap you hardly have time to express your excitement! Being in the lucky position of taking photos of the holeshot I can say I now know what it must have felt like to stand in the way of a stampede of see a full gate of midsize bikes going for it looked crazy - God only knows what it was like to be in the action.




Trevor Scott once again proved himself as top Kahuna, he must have been relieved to have collected the Championship win having had his worst point scoring many commentators have said over the years - it is how well you perform on your worst days that makes the difference between champions and also-rans. Tommy Wright deservedly took first place honours on the day showing he can ride a mini bike equally as well as an MX bike. Grant Dyer was on the gas all day and managed to knock the consistent scoring Patrick Crump in third spot.

Round 6 - Open Midsize B (non -championship) 1st Ashley Rhymer 2nd Mark Houghton 3rd Andrew Barber Ashley Rhymer rode consistently well during the day to take the top slot on the podium and clinch the overall Championship win. It was great to see Mark Houghton aka “Biggie” getting his first holeshot and race win on his “tweaked” Super-stock KLX, I don’t know exactly what he has done to the engine since its Superstock days, but man that bike pulled like a train! It was great to see a class put on to satisfy the extra demand for the midsize which allowed some of the less experiencedrider to ride the track and have a battle with other novices. Credit should be given to all the people behind the teams as well as the privateer entries I can not mention every person but thanks go out to you all for making The 2008 Mini4GB - MBP-Powersports National 4 Stroke Minibike Championship what it was. So to MBP Powersports, SPLandscapes, Bens Bikes,, MonsterMoto,, fiddyparts, Stomp....I raise a glass and say cheers :cheers:...The fans enjoyed a fantastic day of racing culminating in the crowning of the champions roll on 2009.





50$PIT’s 2008 Fiddy of the year Chassis Mainframe Swingarm Fork Shock Chain Guide Footpegs/Cradle Seat//Seat Foam Graphics Engine Engine Carburetors Exhaust Rev Box Flywheel Transmission Transmission Clutch Sproket Gearing F/R: Shift Lever Controls Handlebar Triple Clamp Throttle Grips Levers Cables Rear Break Lever Wheels Tires Hubs Brakes Rims




BBR Perimeter Frame BBR Supercomp Adj. Swingarm Marzocchi Dual Compression Elka BBR SS Valved by Feal CHP Ti Moose Racing Pegs Red Baron Custom CRF50 by Titan MX and P3 Kitaco 124 SE Ported/Polished VM26 Two Brothers M-6 Kitaco Super Coil / Rev Box Lightened Takegawa 3 Speed Close Ratio Takegawa Special Clutch with Magnesium Cover Two Brothers Front and Rear 15 / 39 CHP Pro Taper 50 Bend Marzocchi Joker Tornado Renthal Kevlar Dual Compound ASV Takegawa/Joker BBR Dunlop / IRC Marzocchi / BBR KX65 Front by Sik BBR Rear Disc Kit Faba/BBR




The BiggesT Mini Bike Race On The PlaneT!

April 30-May 1st

Two DAys of RAcing

On Black

ThREE youTh clAssEs

The same weekend as the Supercross

TEn ADulT clAssEs

Final in Las Vegas

$15,000 PuRsE

Order your tickets online at or call 888-234-2334

Friday night Finals, May 1 Two new classes added Doors Open 7:00pm show starts at 8:30pm On White


Inside the...

Register to Race online at


cole210’s 2008 Midsize of the year Chassis Mainframe Swingarm Fork Shock Chain Guide Footpegs/Cradle Seat//Seat Foam Graphics Engine Engine Carburetors Head Cam Shaft Rotor Transmission Transmission

Clutch Sproket Gearing F/R: Shift Lever Controls Handlebar Triple Clamp Throttle Grips Levers Cables Rear Break Lever Wheels Tires Hubs Brakes Rims Misc

Special Parts




BBR Perimeter Frame BBR Supercomp Adj. Swingarm Marzocchi 35mm Shiver Works Elka BBR Sunline SL-1 Arch Titanium Two Brothers Tall Seat Decal Works Custom Graphics Kitaco 143 SE Keihin 28mm D-slide carb kit Head by Lyle Mirsky from CHP CHP compression release camshaft Kitaco inner rotor ignition Kitaco quick shift 4th gear drum CHP billet shift star CHP billet output shaft Takegawa Cable Clutch kit Renthal 14/37 tooth BBR Renthal Mini Bike Bars Marzocchi CHP High Throttle Reel Renthal Dual Comp Works Connection, BBR CHP BBR Billet Aluminum Michelin Starcross Reeg MX Front, BBR Rear BBR Front Disc Brake Upgrade Kit Excel Black Pro-Circuit Dual Exhaust made to fit Perimeter Frame, Machined and Beadblasted Ignition Cover, Custom: Vented Number Plate, Oil Cooler Mount UFO Red Platics CHP Red Dress up kit BBR Skid Plate Works Connect Holeshot Device




A few Planetminis members gathered on Saturday to do a little trail riding up at Bee Canyon in Hemet, CA Disaster after disaster, it ended in a great day! Really, the day started off pretty bad‌ BY NICK NICHOLLS


roll over to my phone and see a text message

before the ride. I decided to make a call to Mychael that

from Matt (Pimpndahoes) that was sent at 3:30

was headed up to the trail entrance to break the news.

am! It read exactly this, “yep. just got home.

He told me it was no big deal that he had a stock 110 for

lots of women and drinks!”. My first reaction

me to ride. Matt said he would ride his street legal bike

was to text message him to make sure he

all the way from my house to the trail so I jumped in the

was up. (He was going to tune my bike so I

truck and we headed out! Pulling up to the trail I was

was ready for the ride) Sure enough he was

greeted with a bunch of other riders that were itching to

hung over but getting ready. As 8 o’clock hit,

get out on the trail. All the bikes were unloaded, gassed

the phone started ringing from riders that were trying to

up and ready to go. A quick photo shoot of everyone and

find directions. As it started getting closer to 9 o’clock

we were off! The trail started off a bit rocky and rutted out

I became worried that we wouldn’t have enough time

but smoothed out after about a mile or so. Riding up we

to tune my bike. About 5 minutes later Matt was pull-

passed a few groups of people shooting guns and other

ing into my driveway! I pulled my bike out of the garage

riders on big bikes, quads and side x sides. Since we

and Matt began fiddling with the carburetor on my bike.

were shooting video and photos we made a few stops to

After some time we determined that there was a bigger

get some good riding shots of everyone along with taking

problem with it and there was no way we could fix in time

breaks and checking out the scenery. After about 7 miles

Left: Matt, Kyle, Mike, Mychael head down the trail ahead of me to check for rangers! Top Right: Two goons go clay bird shooting in the middle of our trail ride

up the trail it opened up to a cleared out area with some hill climbs and jumps. We had about a 45 minute photo shoot and show off contest until it was time to head back down the mountain. I went ahead so I could capture some photos of the guys blast’n back down the trail. After everyone caught up to the side trail where I was taking photos, a truck made a turn off on our trail and parked. The first thing they unloaded was a clay shooter so that perked everyones interest to stay and watch a while. Once setup they spent no time getting right into there shooting practice. Fearing they might not be that good a shot we all decided to continue our ride to the bottom of the trail. Once we got back to our trucks I we relieved to see that the rangers were not there waiting for us. Apparently they look for a green sticker and spark arrester. With everyones bike having an upgraded pipe that pretty much makes us open season for tickets. This ride was a great success and I had the pleasure of meeting some great members. The trail has some awesome riding with beautiful scenery. No one crashed and everyone had a great time and to me that’s all that maters!




“Hemet, near the start of this trail, is thought to have gotten its name from a derivative of hemmett (Scandinavian for “home”)”

did you know? The area of Bee Canyon was originally inhabited by Cahuilla Indians before it was taken over by the Mission San Luis Rey in the early 1800’s for cattle ranching. After the missions were disbanded by the Mexican government, the land was given to Jose Antonio Estudillo in 1842. Trail Ride Information Starting Point: California 74, mile market 49.25 Total Mileage: 15.5 Driving time: 1.5 hours Elevation Range: 2,000 - 5,000 ft Usually open: May to November






3rd Annual

Craig Webb By: Jesse Pierce


eff Webb put on the 3rd annual Craig Webb pit bike race / pig roast to raise money for the American Heart Association in

honor of his dad. It was held on September 20 in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. This event gets bigger and bigger every year. This year, there were people there from at least four different states that I know of which included some of  the 2up minis factory riders along with Thumpster’s Tyson Clark. McBride motor sports and Soloman Racing had their top riders there also. About 70 riders were there all together and the track didn’t disappoint any of them. It was designed to be fun for all skill levels. There was a big finish line double and a step on - step off section plus a really nice whoop section to keep the top guys happy. And there were some smaller doubles and singles to keep it fun for the beginners. Also, there was plenty to keep the whole family busy. A big blow up play center, a swing set and a trampoline to keep the kids happy all day. That was the main goal of this event for everyone to get together and have a fun day while rasing money for a good cause. But don’t get me wrong, these guys and girls were all busy out on the track. There were lots of good battles out on the track in all the

3rd Annual

Craig Webb classes. The women’s class even had ex WMA pro rider Amber Hughes in it. But the fast rider of the day had to be Tyson Clark. He had the track wired winning 10” open, 12” open and the dash for cash. But what really impressed me was not only how many riders showed up, but how generous they all were to help raise money. Almost all the riders that won money in classes that were paying out, donated their winnings to the charity. Great job guys! After the racing was all done, (which ran though very smoothly and

►► Devin Manahan blows out one of the big burns

organized, thanks to Melissa and Nichole of 2up minis for helping out and running registration and keeping the motos moving along)

►► 2007 12”open win Shelby Reitz shows of his #1 plate

the plaques were given out. Then it was time for the raffle which had an amazing amount of stuff donated to be raffled off. I don’t think anybody

►► Ethan Webb ready to try out the track his dad built in the back yard

left there empty handed. After that, it was time to party with the band Sugarcoat, playing a show for everyone which was cool of them to do for free to help raise money. But the man of the day had to be Jeff Webb for putting all the time and effort in to making this one of the finest races of the year. I heard a lot of people calling it that at the end of the day. Thanks to all the sponsors that helped make this thing happen: TB Parts, G2Moto, McBride Sports Accessories, Koups, Troy Lee Designs, Tucker Rocky, Plyler Wheel Chocks, JJW Industries, 230 Café, Brownstone Café, Dead Mikes Bikes, Solomon Racing, Vitamin Water, Toy Tech, Turkey Hill, Parts Unlimited, HJC, Two Brothers Racing and Max 44



►► Melissa Feather keeping things running smoothly

Machine. Rhinesmith Masonry for the equipment to work on and build the track. And most importantly, thanks to all the rider and spectators that showed for a day of fun and racing which raised $5500 for the American Heart Association. So if you are looking for a fun backyard style race, check this one out next year. You will not be disappointed.

►► Below: Vet class starts off with a bang! ►► Bottom Left: 2up mins Jim Pierce took some time to entertain the crowed with a cancan ►► Bottom Right: Start of the 10” open class









3rd Annual b Craig Web

Devin Manahan deside to sit down and take a break during practice

The monster woops gobble up a vet rider

Solomon racings Timy Scott gets some bigair

Jeff Webb aka “the linebacker� takes some hot laps on the track he built in his back yard

Vitamen water sent out some water and for some reason all the guys there could not get enough from them

Trying to brake dance with a pit bike is never a good idea but this rider makes it look good

Devin Manahan going all retro in the stock 50 class

Getting some big air on the back yard track

Jeff and Ethan Webb putting the finshing touches on the track

Even though it was a backyard race for a good cause once out on the track the riders were all business

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Planetminis Magazine Issue 1  

Covering the lifestyle of the pitbike industry!