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Hey you!

Hey you! Welcome to the second issue of Fluce Magazine! After the enormous amount of love and positive feedback on the first issue, I was so excited to put together this b(lu)eautiful issue. Because of the tips and suggestions it is way better than the previous issue, for sure. The second issue will be all about the color blue; deep waters, bright skies and illusions. (Not only the issue, but the Fluce blog has improved. take a look: “Blue is the color of the swaying oceans. The blue jays chirping in their nest. Blue is the color of my sapphire ring. Blue is also the color of my nail polish. Blue is the color of the sky. Navy blue is the color of my jeans. Blue is the color of the earth And is part of our Nation’s flag. It is the color of my shadow in the snow. Blue is the color of my tears.”

Since I was a little kid, my favorite color has been blue. All kind of blues, turquoise, deep sky blue, teal, celeste, but also the blue of the sky and the sea. Blue can calm you down and is always around us. That’s a reason why this issue is all about blue. Have fun.

kisses and hugs 3/


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On Replay By SHANNEN - Many of you suggested to do a

playlist every issue and here it is! I collected some old tunes and mixed them with rather new ones. Enjoy listening while reading!

listen here

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The Lumineers - Ho Hey M.I.A. - Paper Planes Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko Bakermat - Vandaag Chris Brown - With You Robyn - Hang With Me (Avicii Remix) Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Can’t Hold Us Feat. Ray Dalton Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggety vs. Thrift Shop Sean Paul - Like Glue Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven Major Lazer - Watch Out For This feat. Busy Signal The Flexican & FS Green Tupac ft. Dr Dre - California Love One Direction - Irresistable



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v e t h in g s

l o o t v e s g n i


8 s g n to i h t



lov e th FLUcE / 12

By SHANNEN - There are so many things to love out there. To find out what the 10 things are that were selected for this issue, continue reading and spread the love.

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Totally hot, the 30 day squat challenge. It’s the perfect workout to get your body ready for summer. All you have to do is an amount of squats (what amout you will read in a bit) a day.

So what is the plan? On the first day, you start with 50 squats. It won’t be easy at first maybe, but you’ll get used to it. Each day the amount of squats you have to do increases and finally you will be able to do 250 squats at day 30!! In total you will have 7 days of rest, so that you can just relax a bit ;-) This workout can be easily combined with the workout you were already doing, so that’s another positive thing about this challenge.

FLUcE / 14

WORKOUT SCHEDULE Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day

01 - 50 squats 02 - 55 squats 03 - 60 squats 04 - Rest 05 - 70 squats 06 - 75 squats 07 - 80 squats 08 - Rest 09 - 100 squats 10 - 105 squats 11 - 110 squats 12 - Rest 13 - 130 squats 14 - 135 squats 15 - 140 squats

Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day

16 - Rest 17 - 150 squats 18 - 155 squats 19 - 160 squats 20 - Rest 21 - 180 squats 22 - 185 squats 23 - 190 squats 24 - Rest 25 - 220 squats 26 - 225 squats 27 - 230 squats 28 - Rest 29 - 240 squats 30 - 250 squats

Good luck!

Want to know what squats are? Squats are an easy way to train your butts and thighs. Very easy. Don’t really know what squats are? Check out this video!

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Spring Breakers. We have waited a very long time for this movie to come. And all of the sudden, there it is. Sweet Disney actresses turned into crazy bitches. Yes, this is definitely a movie we all need to see. Continue reading to see what Oyster wrote about the movie. Just as the viral spin surrounding Spring Breakers has been assaulting us on a daily basis, the film itself — right from the opening beach shot with the Skrillex track playing and more tits and ass than a Hugh Hefner party — is a complete sensory onslaught. It’s Harmony Korine’s twisted interpretation of modern life meets a Girls Gone Wild video game, and, though I felt a little bit of PTSD afterwards, this is his best film yet. Spring Breakers will no doubt be the cult film for this generation, much like Larry Clarke’s Kids (which Harmony co-wrote) was THE film of the 90s. We can see this in every detail, from the Spring Breakers movie title — letters constructed from neon dolphins, butterflies and palm trees — to the casting — pop princesses Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, Gucci Mane, James Franco in his best role ever, and the ATL twins. Yet where Kids was shocking and gritty, Spring Breakers is ultra-glossy, supedup and darkly funny. Visually it might look like a turbo-charged David LaChapelle picture crossed with a meme, but the performances and screenplay are pure poetry. You’ve probably read the synopsis of the film time and time again, the gist being that four girls go on spring break and shit gets fucked up. It’s a simple story, but it’s well-told and should resonate with a generation who are facing high unemployment and feeling so desolate and bored that getting wasted seems to be a reasonable way to escape. Interestingly, parallels have even been drawn between the film’s plot and Britney Spears’ breakdown — one of the most public and tragic in pop history. There are two Britney tracks in the film, ‘Baby One More Time’, which propelled her to stardom at the age of 17, and the ballad ‘Everytime’, which was a comment on her inability to cope with said stardom. The former appears early in the film and the latter later on when things have gotten a little crazy. James Franco’s character Alien does a hilarious rendition of

17 /

‘Everytime’, complete with piano accompaniment, and it makes for one of the best scenes in the film — the girls do a choreographed dance poolside with guns while wearing balaclavas and sweat pants with DTF emblazoned on their butts (copy the look care of Opening Ceremony). The Spears Theory is a loose one although Alien, the local gangsta/wannabe rapper, does look a little like K-Fed. James Franco also has some of the best/most ridiculous lines ever and he still manages to bring a likeable vulnerability to a character that is so easy to laugh off (can’t say the same for K-Fed). In truth, he actually took inspiration for the role from Florida rapper Dangeruss and even went on to direct the clip for his track ‘Hangin’ With Da Dopeboys’, which also appears on the film’s soundtrack. So meta, so James Franco. Even if Britney wasn’t an inspiration, the hedonism and disillusion of her reign are certainly the themes. This generation is apparently screwed, much like she was, thanks to an excess of alcohol, drugs, sex, and a lack of sexual self-respect. The girls, with the exception of Selena Gomez’s character Faith, get themselves into near-compromising situations, though Harmony Korine avoids going to a place that Larry Clarke might have gone. They’re not role models, but this isn’t that kind of movie: it’s an entertaining snapshot of our time, albeit an extreme and often disturbing one. Curious? Check out the trailer here.


There are so many ways to style your hair. One of them is a the braid crown. Continue reading and check out how Nasty Gal teaches you to make one yourself.


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1. First things first, split your hair down the middle. Don’t worry about making a perfectly straight line, just get as close as you can.

2. Starting at the nape of the neck, braid your hair forward toward your forehead. Fasten with a small elastic band. Repeat on the other side. When you’re finished with this step, you should have have pretty awkward front braids (see below).

19 /


3. Wrap your braids to see how it will look, then decide which one you want to be on the bottom.

4. Cross that one over your head like a headband and pin into place with a few bobby pins. Repeat on the other side, crossing it over the first braid.

5. Pull a few pieces of hair out around your face to make it look more messy and modern.

FLUcE / 20

6. Toss on a ’90s floral dress, sheer blouse or rocker tee to add a little edge to your sweet new ‘do.

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Alexandra Spencer. Who doesn’t love this beautiful blonde Aussie?! With her blog 4th and Bleeker she rules the world. She creates beautiful images and you’re crazy if you don’t love her. Period. What Ilona Harmer from You Are Not Ilona says about Alexandra: “Alexandra Spencer is not your average blogger. This girl oozes sex, style and sophistication and in just a few short years she has managed to turn her blog 4th and Bleeker from a boredom project into a lucrative business venture with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Viceroy hotel and J Brand. Where most run-of-the-mill personal style bloggers deem the suburban street as a suitable back drop and post exorbitant amounts of unnecessary images, Spencer cleverly set herself apart from the begining with her editorialised point of view, tight edit and effortless unique style. To say she has a particular

23 /

kind of je ne sais quoi is an understatement. Her power lies not only in the images she creates but also in her lifestyle and identity as a brand. The 4th and Bleeker girl travels the world, shops not only at Givenchy and Balenciaga but also at Topshop and Zara. She is at home in New York or by the beach in Rio De Janeiro and hangs with the obligatory cool kids in every town. She has managed to create a brand with an allure that it is both attainable and out of reach at the same time, always leaving her readers wanting more. Spencer is a blogging force to be reckoned with and if the last few years are anything to go by the future looks bright on 4th and Bleeker.”


Get to know Alexandra Katherine Berry Spencer From 4th and Bleeker

FLUcE / 24

I’m from Sydney, Australia. Favorite designers: Nicolas Ghesquiére’s Balenciaga, James Perse’s menswear, Calvin Klein, Givenchy. Style mantra: Just try to look French. I admire Vanessa Traina, Ilona Hamer, Carine Roitfeld. Always do whatever makes you the happiest. Never willingly go to an escort bar. It’s the worst when you have to leave people that you love. Sometimes I wish that Paris Hilton would release another music video. I want to be like myself on a good thinking day. I’m upset I threw out a Louis Vuitton duffle that my brother spilled an entire bottle of cough syrup in. I’ll always picture myself in New York. I regret wearing most of the outfits I wear to get coffee in the morning. Stripes: will always be great. White jeans: go well with Tracy Anderson’s work out routine. Vintage is for people with more patience than me. Men’s shirts: with black jeans and the Saint Laurent Jane sandal. Sneakers: I wear them to the gym, That’s it. Heels are for giving short men complexes. Platform shoes: I can’t. Dots go with anyone trying to achieve Julia Robert’s polo look in Pretty Woman. Lipstick: makes me feel uncomfortable. Center parted hair: is perfect. My favorite color is navy blue. Suits are for everyone, all day, everyday. The best outfit I ever wore was a black YSL suit. Or the Celine Dion Hockey jersey. I like when boys wear a suit. Or their birthday suit. I hate when girls wear kitten heels. Everyone should wear more sunscreen. Barney’s: is where I spend a lot of time and money. Bergdorf’s: is where I buy my Tom Ford make up. Opening Ceremony: I love it, I’m hoping one day I will be cool enough to walk in without feeling absolutely ridiculous. Steal from your father watch, advice, Campari! I’m secretly addicted to Law and Order: SVU, I have watched so much I think I’m a detective with a law degree. Don’t listen to your mother about drinking too much Campari and stealing your fathers watch. Uptown is where I go to see people rollerblade in the park to Massive Attack. Downtown is where good things happen. Screw: Midtown! The band with the best style is Kate Moss with a tamborine or anyone dating Kate Moss. I wish I could afford a yacht and a full time driver. The best thing I ever bought was a 1970’s Mercedes. Everyday I’m hustlin’.

25 /


The king of the jeans, the 501 from Levi’s, celebrates it’s 140th anniversary this year. The blue jeans really are timeless.


The Levi 501 denim jean, whose design was originally developed by Levi Strauss in the USA in around 1872, has become the world’s most successful manufactured article of clothing. First conceived as a sturdy working garment for miners in California, the ubiquitous ‘blue jean’ is now worn throughout the world from the mine to the boardroom, and is as much a symbol of the western lifestyle as it is a staple item in billions of wardrobes. Pop and film stars like Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Marlon Brando (not to mention the singer Mark Wynter with “Venus in Blue Jeans”) stimulated the popularity of jeans as leisure wear, and in 1964 a pair of Levi jeans entered into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. Their enduring success rests partly on the charisma associated with their legendary American roots, but also on their practicality as a versatile washable garment whose appearance actually improves with age. The Levi 501 is nowadays just one of thousands of models and brands of jean, but it remains the classic version and the fountainhead of all its ‘designer’ imitations. Levi Strauss is popularly credited with inventing jeans, but jeans and denim originate much earlier, in Europe. The term “jeans” may well be derived

from “Genoese”, a blue fustian fabric worn by Italian sailors. It was imported into Britain during the 16th century, and fustian is referred to in English literature by Thomas Hardy (in The Mayor of Casterbridge) and Charles Dickens (in The Pickwick Papers). Denim may be an English abbreviation of Serge de Nîmes, a French twill weave cloth made from a mixture of wool and silk, and by the 19th century in England a denim fabric was being manufactured with a white warp and a navy weft. At around the same time, American weavers were making hard wearing denim-type fabric to satisfy a home market, replacing the original yarns with locally produced cotton. A native German, Levi Strauss was already a successful trader when in 1873 he and a tailor named Jacob Davis patented a method by which the weak points of work pants – such as pocket corners and the base of the fly – could be reinforced by metal rivets. Soon, Levi Strauss & Co. was selling the innovative new pants to all types of working men, assigning to the product the number 501. The patent went into the public domain in about 1891 and other garment manufacturers began to imitate the original riveted clothing.

FLUcE / 26

It was the Levi jean which dominated the market. For several decades blue jeans were regarded by comsumers simply as sturdy trousers, remaining a symbol of physical labour. The American cowboy wore them, and with the arrival of motion pictures in the 1930s they gained importance as icons of popular culture. The design of the Levi back pockets (first introduced in 1902) was adjusted in 1937 when they were restitched to cover the rivets to prevent them scratching furniture and saddles. The suspender buttons were removed, though the jeans were still supplied with a snap-on set. With the arrival of the Second World War the GI’s rugged but relaxed denim ‘waist overalls’ worn while off duty appeared in Europe, and at the end of the war surplus Levi jeans were left behind by the American armed forces. European workwear manufacturers tried to copy the U.S. originals but never seemed to be able to replicate the real thing. After the war Levi Strauss began selling its products outside the American West for the first time. New rivals such as Wrangler and Lee began to compete for market share, and ‘body fit’ jeans were introduced. The 1950s fuelled the attraction of denim jeans as they became synonymous with teen rebellion in film, television, and rock ‘n’ roll – Elvis Presley wore a denim prison uniform in “Jailhouse Rock”. The association of denim jeans with non-conformity and youth rebellion grew still further when ‘college kids’ wore them during the sit-ins, loveins, and civil rights and anti-war demonstrations of the 1960s – their protests rising up out of a sea of torn and faded blue. At the 1969 Woodstock music festival embroidered and sequinned jeans were worn to ‘make a statement’. They became firmly

27 /

established in the West as a social equaliser and symbol of carefree decadence, and as such were in great demand behind the Iron Curtain. In the 1970s personalized bell-bottomed jeans flourished in the ‘Flower Power’ era with their bells and whistles, then went upmarket as expensive designs become the rage in fashionable places like St. Tropez. Jeans were no longer synonymous with youthful ideals but integrated into mainstream fashion. Even respectable adults wore denim. The ultimate manifestation of the adoption of denim by the affluent establishment was the ‘designer’ jeans wave which swept first America and then Europe. A reaction came with the appearance of ‘destroyed’ denim in the 1980s. Chain stores and fashion houses promoted their own lines of jeans and endless new ‘labels’ were introduced. And there was ‘acid wash’, and ‘stonewashed’, and baggy jeans, and then coming full circle Levi launched a “back to basics”” campaign to reinstate the pedigree of the original 501. Jeans were bought by Yuppy-types who wanted to be seen wearing the right label, and by wealthy executives who enjoyed the idea of donning the original uniform of the authentic ‘working man’. The 1990s saw the neat and classic look, and an added percentage of Lycra to enhance fit and comfort. The popularity of dark shades of blue alternated with washed-out shades. And now? It’s hard to imagine a world without denim jeans, and clothing manufacturers will doubtless continue finding ways re-market the original Levi Strauss concept, but they will remain direct descendants of the original pair made in 1873. Words:


501 TIMELINE 1873

The 501 was born. It was called XX because of the high quality of the denim that was used. The pants - called “waist overalls” - have one back pocket with the Arcuate stitching design, a watch pocket, a cinch, suspender buttons and a rivet in the crotch.


The Two Horse brand leather patch is first used on the waist overalls. Its purpose was to demonstrate the strength of the pants.

1890 1901

The pants – now just called “overalls” - now have two back pockets.

Lot numbers are first assigned to the products being manufactured. 501 is used to designate the famous copper-riveted waist overalls.


Cone Mills develops the 10 oz. red selvage denim exclusively for the 501 jeans.

FLUcE / 28


Levi Strauss & Co develops the first “overalls” for women; the Lady Levi’s.


The Lady Levi’s was worn while working but also in the women’s spare time.


The post-war version of the 501 jeans starts coming off the production line. The cinch is gone forever, the rivets are put back on the watch pocket and the Arcuate is now stitched with a double-needle machine.


Marlon Brando wore the 501 in the movie The Wild One, together with a white shirt and black leather jacket.


The word “overalls” is replaced by the word “jeans” in advertising and on packaging.

29 /



Marilyn Monroe wears double denim in the movie The Misfits and shows the world how sexy the 501 is for women.


The rivets are removed from the back pockets and replaced with bar tacking.


Many visitors of Woodstock go dressed in 501s. It’s the jeans of the hippie generation who rebel against the established order. Levi’s is flattering their audience with their Woodstock campaign.


The word “Levi’s on the red Tab device is now stitched in white with a capital “L”.

FLUcE / 30


The renowned “501 Blues” television advertising campaign is launched at the summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. And Bruce Springsteen is wearing a 501 on the cover of his album Born in the USA.


The first in a series of innovative television commercials for the 501 jeans airs in Europe. These commercials feature classic American rock music mixed with nostalgia and romance.


Kurt Cobain from Nirvana was rarely spotted without wearing a 501, what increased the popularity of the 501 among his fans.


“And her smile is as faded as a used pair of jeans/And her heart is a frayed around the edges she’s comin’ undone at the seams” Jewel sings in her song She’s a 501 beauty queen.


Levi’s researches what the ecological impact of the 501 is and launches the ‘Better Cotton’ project; the production process is becoming more environmental friendly.

31 /



BryJin’s. Fashion photographer Bryant Eslava, and illustrator Hajin Bae introduce “BryJin” a new collaborative project that combines their original work (Bryant’s fashion photography and Hajin’s illustrations) to create the multimedia images that make up this blog. Continue reading and be amazed by their work.

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33 /


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35 /


FLUcE / 36

37 /


Air Force Blue #5D8AA8

Alice Blue #F0F8FF

Baby Blue #89CFF0

Blue de France #318CE7

Cambrigde Blue #A3C1AD

Celeste #B2FFFF

FLUcE / 38


Shades of blue, to be exact. Because ‘blue’ covers lots of different ‘blue’s’.

Cobalt #0047AB Cyaan #00FFFF Columbia Blue #75B2DD

Duke Blue #001A57

Deep Sky Blue #00BFFF

Indigo #37629C

39 /


Light Blue #ADD8E6

Medium Blue #0000CD

Navy Blue #000080

Periwinkle #CCCCFF

Powder Blue #B0E0E6

Sapphire #0F52BA

FLUcE / 40

Teal #008080

Tiffany Blue #81D8D0

Turquoise #40E0D0

Ultramarine #3F00FF

Want more? Check them out here.

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Do you already follow Fluce’s tumblr page? You don’t?! Well, go ahead then. Also, Tumblr now has reached an epic milestone...


FLUcE / 42

“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.” —Wisdom of Confucius

Tumblr now hosts over 100 million blogs. What’s more, 44.6 billion blog posts have been created using the site. That’s a shitload of pyramid motifs superimposed onto orion nebula backgrounds. The network responsbile for the birth of both the soft grunge and sea punk genres only had 50 million blogs early last year, so it has seen crazy growth since then. For the record, Beyoncé got on that Tumblr train in April 2012 and later that year Tumblr became one of the

43 /

ten most visited sites in the world. Coincidence? I think not. Founded in 2007 by David Karp who surprisingly does not have pastel hair, Tumblr now has 167 employees and, even though the beauty of a Seinfeld GIF is undeniably universal transcending race and religion, the microblogging site is available in 12 different languages. Via Osyter


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45 /



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47 /


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49 /


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51 /


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53 /


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I live in a world of fantasy so keep your reality away from me 55 /


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57 /


FLUcE / 58

t what I see - I see what I want - I want

what I see -I see what I

want - I want what I see - I see what I

I see what I want - I wan

59 /


FLUcE / 60

61 /


Some ti mes I th ink a soulma te is someone who will make you be the mos t “you” tha t you can possibly be.

FLUcE / 62

63 /


I guess you can hang with me FLUcE / 64

65 /


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67 /


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69 /


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71 /


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73 /


“Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair”

FLUcE / 74

75 /


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77 /


FLUcE / 78

79 /


Whatever you are be a good one FLUcE / 80

81 /


FLUcE / 82

83 /


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85 /


Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you

FLUcE / 86

87 /


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89 /


FLUcE / 90

91 /


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93 /


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95 /


People’s words affect you only as much as you let them FLUcE / 96

97 /


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99 /


FLUcE / 100

101 /


“I like people wi th depth, I like people wi th emoti on, I like people wi th a s tr ong mind, an interes ti ng mind, a twis ted mind, and also people tha t can make me smile.�

FLUcE / 102

103 /


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105 /


FLUcE / 106

107 /


FLUcE / 108

109 /


FLUcE / 110

111 /


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human life

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115 /


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117 /


FLUcE / 118

119 /


FLUcE / 120

121 /


FLUcE / 122

123 /


Some old wounds never truly heal and bleed again at the slightest word FLUcE / 124

125 /


FLUcE / 126

127 /


FLUcE / 128

129 /


FLUcE / 130

Life is too short to waste time on people who don’t lift you up, who don’t inspire you—they’ll eventually drain you.

131 /


FLUcE / 132

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Style file By SHANNEN

To stick with the theme, the style file is going to be all about blueish and metellicish fashion.

FLUcE / 134

Runway On the runway we saw a lot of metellics, styled in all sorts of ways

135 /


FLUcE / 136

137 /


FLUcE / 138

139 /


FLUcE / 140

141 /


FLUcE / 142

143 /


FLUcE / 144

145 /



Fashion Combining denim and metillics with soft colors.


FLUcE / 146

Nasty Gal



147 /


Citizens of Humanity

Nasty Gal

FLUcE / 148




149 /


Faith Connexion


Alexander Wang


FLUcE / 150



151 /




FLUcE / 152

Nasty Gal


Nasty Gal

153 /



f there’s anything I love about fashion, like the sea, is that it’s deep. Its complex. It’s refreshing. A new season drifts over the fashion world like a warm sea breeze, new trends are unique, individual. If you’re anything like me, and you religiously attempt to keep on top of new colours and styles, you’ll know how amazing our new SS13 trends really are. Eye-catching cobalts, bohemian styles, sport luxe, tailored separates, monochromes, tans, blacks, metallics, you name it. This spring has it. Victoria Beckham provided pivotal pieces in her SS13 collection. She continues to wow the fashion industry with her seemingly limitless supply of knockout designs. Beckham is chic, sexy and undeniably meticulous. Her tiered black block dresses, and cobalt blue tailored dresses with fabulous tan totes bowled over the runway, portraying that ‘I’m ready for summer, and I AM fabulous’ feel. But if there is something I truly love, it’s monochromes. From Motel’s nifty little striped skater dresses, to striped Chanel sandals, monochromes add detail to any outfit in addition to being completely effortless and seamless. Stripes soon became a key trend throughout the fashion week season, kick-started by Marc Jacobs; he showcased both vertical and horizontal stripes in monochrome. Tommy Hilfiger then followed suit with vertical stripes in brighter hues. Lets take Jacobs for instance. He started the show with a simple graphic striped tee, on a heavy eye browed blonde, 60s

style beauty baring pale legs in opaque knicker shorts and androgynous black patent pointed flats. Simple. No radical embellishment. Only heavy eyes and a bouncing swagger. Then coats. Stripes, tailoring, bare legs and pointed androgynous boots. My eyes, like yours would be, perplexed, and in awe of this 60’s and free spirited portrayal. Skirts, blazers, again paired with bare legs and those iconic pointed androgynous shoes. Rag and Bone’s chilled out bohemian, simplistic colour scheme this season featured baggy yet tailored silhouettes, take this boyish co-ord for example. Feminine tailoring, in soft blue hues with black panel details, and an unusual long, deep neck white shirt offsetting and complementing the outfit all at once. Similar to Beckham, the addition of tan shades via the platforms complements the soft spring tones. Model of the moment Cara Delevigne fronts DKNY’s SS13 campaign, again including those all-important pastels, bold cobalts, and white tailoring amid a sport luxe impression. In the campaign alone, Delevigne wears a white mesh, long sleeved tee, and skater skirt - a girly, fun twist on a simplistic, modern and classic design. In another campaign photo Cara exudes busy city chic in a heavy tailored white, crisp suit, phone in hand, bag on arm, punched out mesh hip pack around the waist. I love it. It’s cool. It’s simple. It’s chic. And it’s so DKNY. A trouble-free, straightforward look that can reassign from day to night. It completely represents the cool, laid-back American vibe and uses recognisable sports silhouettes to get a look that is fashionable yet functional. →

FLUcE / 154

Article By GEORGIA

Rag & Bone

155 /


Cara for DKNY

But with an overload of metallic on the runways, it’s hard to keep our eyes of designers such as Burberry and Jonathan Saunders. They give a futuristic, iridescent feel to otherwise minimalistic designs. It’s finally classy to add a speck of metallic via a clutch or a pair of shoes on a night out. It’s one of those trends that you either attempt with caution or you go the whole hog. Burberry added a sense of texture to their SS13 designs, pleating and gathering the fabric, via a strong and feminine silhouette. The incorporation of plastics supplemented the futuristic, glamorous collection yet, like all designers I have talked about here, strong accents of boyish tailoring gave the models and collection an androgynous and fashionable edge. Jonathan Saunders featured gorgeous, sport luxe, metallic bombers on his runway, made

sexy by the flawless Jourdan Dunn, who is regularly seen in fashionable sports attire with her bestie Cara Delevigne.. Stripes were illustrated in addition to tan shades similar to that of Veronique Branquinho’s SS13 collection. Veronique Branquinho used metallics in a Grecian, organic way opting for softer silhouettes paired with minimalistic gold jewellery. So like we’ve discovered, this season, like any season is completely diverse in texture, in colour, yet it’s like designers all had tailoring in mind. With such a large spectrum of amazing pieces by amazing designers, there’s absolutely no chance any of us, the high street shoppers, cannot expect to find some amazing key pieces in our favourite stores this spring. I love it, I love clothes. And I know you do too.

FLUcE / 156

Marc Jacobs

Jonathan Saunders

157 /


Photography credits: Ryan Kenny Oyster Mag Russh Champagneshowers Tumblr Bryant Eslava Gavriel Maynard Oracle Fox Bentrova C-heads Fashion gone rogue Akila Berjaoui Flickr Cara Stricker 4th and Bleeker Spencer not spencer Melanie Tjoeng Suger High Love Stoned Gary Peper Fashionisng The2bandits Magdalena Wosinska Wasteland Urban Outfitters

FLUcE / 158

see you soo Or on ;-)

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Fluce Magazine - Issue #02 - Into Blue  

The Second issue of Fluce is out now! Make sure to read it while the playlist is playing ;-)

Fluce Magazine - Issue #02 - Into Blue  

The Second issue of Fluce is out now! Make sure to read it while the playlist is playing ;-)