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Notice is hereby given that AB <FL Technics>>uls a pafi-I47 approved Organisationmeetsthe requirementsof the FederalAir TransportAgency, Ministry of Transportof the RussianFederation. The FederalAir TransportAgency has consideredthe Organisationarrangements 'and hasmadethe following conclusion: 1' AB <<FLTechnics>is approvedas Part-147MaintenanceTrainingOrganisation by the Lithuaniacivil Aviation Authority (cerrificate}lb LT. 147.}aD. 2- The methods,contentand form of knowledgeand,skills evaluationprovide an effectiveknowledgecontrol. 3. The instructorsof AB <FL Technics>> havebeenproperly kained andhavegot the requiredexperienceand authorization. 4. The programs,facilities and equipmentfor theoreticaland on the job training correspondsto the requirementsof FederalAir TransportAgency. The approvalof AB dL Technics>> is,valid for the nert24months from the date of signing.


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Oleg Storchevoy