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To: JonasButautis GeneralDirector of AB (FL TECHNICS)

TRANSPORT AGENCY Leningradskyprospect,37. Moscow 125993 A-167,GSP-3, Phone(499)23153 10Fax(499)23156 56

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The audit for maintenance of the Boein9737-300/400/500,Boeing 737'7001800and Airbus A3l9l320l32l aircraft of AB (FL TECHNICS>. The audit was carried out at the bases of AB (FL TECHNICS>,Vilnius Airport, Republic of Lithuania. The audit establishedthat: AB (FL TECHNICS> is certified in accordancewith Part 145 requirements, 1. Approval CertificateReferenceLT.145.011 to carry out maintenanceof the Boeing 737t 500,Boeing 737-7 00/800 and Airbus A3 I 9I 320I 321 airctaft. t +OO I OO AB npf TECHNICS) has the necessary facilities, equipment, tools, Z. documentation,engineeringand technical personnelto carry out maintenanceon aircraft. Techriical peisonnel have been properly trained and have the required 3. experienceand authorizationto work on aircraft. Conclusion: AB (FL TECHNICS> is permitted to perform maintenance on the Boeing 4. Boeing 737-7001800and Airbus A31913201321aircraft.,operatedby 737-3001400/500, Russiancarrier in compliance with approvedmaintenanceprogram' The permissionis valid for the next 12 monthsfrom the dateof signing.

AlexanderDevochkin DeputyDirectorof AirworthinessDePartment

SergeyBrik +7 49923158 5l