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Sooner or later the serious competitor goes through a special, very personal experience that is unknown to most people. Some call it euphoria. Others say it’s a new kind of mystical experience that propels you into an elevated state of consciousness. A flash of joy, a sense of flotation as you compete. The experience is unique to each of us, but when it happens you break through a barrier that separates you from the casual participant, FOREVER. From that point on, there is no finish line. You run for your life. You are addicted to what the competition gives you. Beating the competition is relatively easy, but beating yourself is a never ending commitment.


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As another summer passes, remind yourself that everything you say and do - your life off the court and during practices and games, sends messages to others about your values and character. As a leader make sure you are sending the correct messages. The late Grambling football coach, Eddie Robinson said it well, “coaching is a profession you love. You can’t coach people unless you love them.” Love what you do, pursue your passion, make a difference, expect the best, and,

Leadership Lessons 2 Recommended


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Don’t Stop Believing,

Pros Play of the Month


Stan Jones Associate Head Basketball Coach

July 6-15:

Evaluation Period

June 12-15:

FSU Individual Overnight Camp

July 22-31:

Evaluation Period

August 6:

Last day of Summer Classes

August 23:

Fall Classes begin

Above: Coach Hamilton addressing individual camp Left: Station work during camp at Tully Gym







Seminole Quick Facts 

Solomon Alabi, a 2 - time ACC All - Defensive team selection and a 3rd team All ACC selection this past season, was an NBA Draft pick of the Dallas Mavericks in the 2010 NBA Draft. Solomon’s rights were traded later that night to the Toronto Raptors.

Rising junior, Chris Singleton was selected and will participate with USA Basketball in July and August with the USA Select Team. He will help prepare the USA men’s senior team for competition when they play in the World Championships in September.

Senior, Ryan Reid became the 7th FSU player to be drafted in the last 7 NBA drafts when his name was called by the Indiana Pacers in the second round of the 2010 NBA Draft. Reid’s rights were later traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Associate Head Coach Stan Jones was selected by Fox Sports as one of the Top 25 High Major college assistant coaches for 2010

play in 2 international competitions this summer in an attempt to make the Argentina men’s national team that will play in the World Championship tournament at the end of this summer.

Above: FSU Junior Chris Singleton Left: Stan Jones & 2010 NBA Draft Picks Alabi and Reid

Former Seminole, Diego Romero was chosen to train and

Think on These Things “With a truly great coach, it’s not about a diagram, it’s not about a play, it’s not about a practice, it’s the course of time over history. It’s the impact a coach has on the lives around him. That’s what Phil has done for Kobe. The history of life is that most people figure it out. Most of the time it’s too late.”

“Don’t expect strangers or even acquaintances to care about you or your goals unless they perceive a desired benefit for themselves.”

“One of the great things about America is that we are allowed to fall flat on our faces, as Vince Lombardi pointed out, but then get back up and try again. I believe that this is the key that turns the good life lock.”

- Bob Beaudine

- Bill O’Reilly

“The Power of Who. You Already Know

Need to Know.”

“The Basketball Guy”

by Bob

Leadership Lessons A coach, particularly an experienced one, should be able to take the floor, and using his judgment, work on phases of the game particularly needed by the team. However, I strongly feel that disorganization will sometimes take place and inferior learning situations will oc-


Everyone You

- Bill Simmons

Why Organize Practices?


cur when a coach has not completely structured his practice for that day or period of the season. Organization helps you to: 1.

Assure maximum use of available time.


Ensure ample coverage of each phase of the game.


Eliminate inadvertent over -


emphasis on any one phase. 4.

Maintain better player interest.


Allow for daily, weekly, and seasonal evaluations and to better plan for future seasons.


Allow for maximum development of each player by avoiding players standing around too much.

7. Allow the maximum use of staff and managers 8. Answer the 3 primary questions involving practices A) What am I going to teach B) How will I teach it C) Why am I teaching it






Seminoles in the Pros NBA Pre - Draft Camp When our former players are invited to attend the pre - draft camp conducted by the NBA, they quickly find that the work they put in during their Florida State careers with Strength and Conditioning Coach, Michael Bradley has successfully prepared them for this event. He helped former Seminole great, Al Thornton to have the highest vertical jump in the 2007 camp and Toney Douglas have the fastest sprint time in the 2009 camp which no player has topped in the last two years. Obviously, genetics plays a part in any player’s athletic success but Coach Bradley’s regiment over their careers has already pushed the individual to reach his genetic potential. In addition, once our season is over, Coach B’s teaching ability helps our players understand how to best perform in this combine atmosphere.

Here are the components that make up the testing for the NBA Pre - Draft camp: 1.

Strength - Each player is tested on their ability to maximize their repetitions on the bench press. 185 lbs is placed on the bar and they are asked to perform as many reps as possible. This is a test that requires excellent bench press technique as well as testing the maximum strength of the player.


Power - The NBA uses the vertical jump test to measure an athlete’s explosive power. The NBA uses two versions for this test. A standard no step test and a test where each player gets one step leading into their jump.


Speed - Each player starts behind the baseline and his speed is measured in seconds over a distance of 3/4 of the basketball court. The finish line is below the top of the key on the opposite end of the basketball court.


Agility - Each player begins on the baseline where the NBA free throw lane line intersects the baseline on the right side of the basket. The player will sprint to where the free throw line intersects with the lane

line where the player will shuffle/slide to the opposite lane line. Then he will begin a back pedal to the baseline where he will shuffle/slide across and back the lane. He finishes the agility test by reversing the action with a sprint to the lane intersection; shuffle/slide across the lane and to finish with a back pedal to the original beginning point. Time is measured in seconds with the clock starting on the player’s first forward movement. 5.

Body Size - Measurements are taken on a number of areas including height with and without shoes, weight, body fat percentage, wingspan, standing reach, and just recently added were hand measurements of the players’ width and length of his hand span.

Above: Former Nole Solomon Alabi at 2010 NBA Pre - Draft Combine Below: former Noles Al Thornton and Toney Douglas were prepared for the combine after training at FSU

Above: Former Nole Ryan Reid using his Coach Bradley built body in the NBA Summer League







Play of the Month End of Game Quick Hitters 2 - Guard Ball screen

Option for a key drive for 2, a dump off to roll man or 3 point shooters spotted up

1 - Guard Ball screen Iso

Key is timing as 2 comes off Iverson cut, 5 needs a quick step up where 1 can come hard off his hip and attack


Use when defense is expecting isolation for your 2-guard and your 1 is a good athlete


Seminole Sightings - Summer 2010  
Seminole Sightings - Summer 2010  

News and notes from the Florida State men's basketball office.