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Kenny Neal and Mitch Woods

The Funky Biscuit Photo: Jay Skolnick

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The Verve Pipe Broward Center Photo: Sean McCloskey

C ON T E N T S MARCH 2018 | Issue #69

10. Concert Dates 14. Queen Dementia 17. Mary J Blige 18. Florida Jazz & Blues Jam 22. Hard Rock Event Center 23. The Wailers 24. Dan + Shay 28. G3 Tour 31. Reverand Shawn Amos 33. Robert Cray 33. Eric Johnson 33. Jonathan Edwards 36. Coin 36. Barry Manilow 38. Rodriguez 38. Groove Thangs



MARCH 1 Voodoo Visionary – The Funky Biscuit Bella’s Bartok – Funky Buddha Lounge

John Kadlecik Band – The Funky Biscuit Remerge & Closer to the Ocean – Funky Buddha Lounge

MARCH 2 Here Come the Mummies – The Funky Biscuit Axcents – Packy’s Sports Pub The Fab Faux – Parker Playhouse Funky Buddha Comedy Bash– Funky Buddha Lounge The Shindig - American Craft Aleworks Adam’s Anguish - Cheers Sunrise

MARCH 9 John Kadlecik Band – The Funky Biscuit Chali 2na & Naughty Professor – Culture Room The Stray Jackets – Packy’s Sports Pub Andy McKee – Broward Center Indigo Girls – Parker Playhouse Robert Klein – Aventura Center Gang of Thieves, Fount, Shorty the Giant Manny Diquez Duo - American Craft Aleworks Thought Monkey - Cheers Sunrise

MARCH 3 New Orleans Suspects, The Honey Island Swamp Band – The Funky Biscuit Phillip Phillips – Revolution Live Candlebox – Culture Room Bounce – Packy’s Sports Pub Chris McDonals’s Memories of Elvis – Aventura Center Abbe Davis Band, The Wolkof Project – Funky Buddha Lounge Hit Makers Music Festival – Magic City Casino The Goodnicks - American Craft Aleworks Green Means Go - Brendan’s Bombshell - Cheers Sunrise MARCH 4 Flogging Molly – Revolution Live Michael McDonald – Parker Playhouse Fleet Foxes – The Fillmore Miami Beach MARCH 5 Ana Popovic – The Funky Biscuit Daughtry – Parker Playhouse MARCH 7 Mike Zito, Shaw Davis & the Black Ties – The Funky Biscuit Robin Trower – Parker Playhouse MARCH 8

Alice Cooper March 21 Broward Center Alice Cooper and his 2018 Paranormal tour will take the stage at Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday March 21. The new leg finds Cooper on the road with his recently-released 27th album, Paranormal. Paranormal has already climbed the iTunes rock charts, landing at No. 1 in twelve countries. “It’s a pure Alice Cooper show with the snakes and guillotine and the straight jacket, but there’s a bunch of stuff you haven’t seen before,” Alice told The Spokesman-Review. 10 |

MARCH 10 BoDeans – The Funky Biscuit The Smokin’ Aces – Packy’s Sports Pub Steve Martin & Martin Short – Broward Center Uppercutter, Faith & Majesty, Mabmoo Kudzu – Funky Buddha Lounge Adam & Artti - American Craft Aleworks Steeltown Religion - Brendan’s Project X - Cheers Sunrise MARCH 11 Tim Reynolds Tr3 – The Funky Biscuit Spoon – Revolution Live MARCH 12 Christine Tambakis, Matt Schofield – The Funky Biscuit MARCH 14 Easy Star All-Stars – Culture Room Celebrating David Bowie – Parker Playhouse MARCH 15 Crazy Fingers – The Funky Biscuit Little Dragon – Revolution Live Get the Led Out – Culture Room Romeo Santos – AmericanAirlines Arena Trevor Lee, Shark Antony, Neon – Funky Buddha Lounge MARCH 16 NRBQ – The Funky Biscuit J Boog – Culture Room Shane Duncan Band – Packy’s Sports Pub Firefall – Broward Center Mike + the Mechanics – Parker Playhouse Pop, Rock & Doo Wopp Live! – Aventura Center Matt Calderin Trio, Johan Danno & the Love – Funky Buddha Lounge Joe Rogan – The Fillmore Miami Beach The Stray Jackets - American Craft Aleworks Zero to Sixty - Cheers Sunrise

MARCH 17 Brian Simpson & Jackiem Joyner – The Funky Biscuit Nahko – My Name Is Bear – Culture Room St Paddy’s Day Bash – Packy’s Sports Pub Xotic Yeyo, The Remyz, Above the Skyline – Funky Buddha Lounge Paul Rodriguez – Magic City Casino Axcents - Brendan’s Repeat Offenders - Cheers Sunrise MARCH 19 Albert Castiglia – The Funky Biscuit MARCH 20 Foreigner – Broward Center MARCH 21 Juke – The Funky Biscuit Alice Cooper – Broward Center MARCH 22 Eric Lindell & the Grand Nationals – The Funky Biscuit Badfish – Revolution Live Doug Counvell, Daniel Gootner, Lochness Monster – Funky Buddha Lounge

MARCH 23 Atlanta Rhythm Section – The Funky Biscuit Sippin’ Fire – Packy’s Sports Pub Emerson Hart – Broward Center Spiral Light – Funky Buddha Lounge Suicide Girls – The Fillmore Miami Beach The Baron Sisters - American Craft Aleworks Stone Mojo - Cheers Sunrise MARCH 24 Bonerama – The Funky Biscuit Between the Buried and Me

Atlanta Rhythm Section March 23 The Funky Biscuit South Florida music lovers will appreciate Atlanta Rhythm Section at The Funky Biscuit on Friday, March 23. The veterans have earned a huge fan base with fifteen albums. Based in Atlanta, ARS has had some pretty big hits and have been a major player in the Southern rock scene with a diverse pop sound. They have even been compared to Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers Band in the quality of their songwriting and performances.

– Revolution Live The Klik – Packy’s Sports Pub Funky Buddha Spring Comedy Show – Funky Buddha Lounge Bush – The Fillmore Miami Beach Peter Cetera, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Ambrosia – Magic City Casino Peace Out - American Craft Aleworks Rough Shot - Brendan’s Stereo Mix - Cheers Sunrise MARCH 25 Pretenders – The Fillmore Miami Beach MARCH 26

Between the Buried and Me March 24 Revolution Live Between the Buried and Me will be at Revolution Live on Saturday, March 24. Since getting together in Raleigh, North Carolina back in 2000, the ensemble has been fusing rock, heavy metal and hardcore influences ranging from Pink Floyd and Queen to Pantera. Between the Buried and Me even put out a covers album and subsequent headlining tour The Anatomy Of in 2006. Their sound has been described as everything from “new wave polka grunge” to “rock opera.”

12 |

Jon & Zoe Zeeman – The Funky Biscuit MARCH 28 Bobby Nathan’s Family Affair – The Funky Biscuit We Came As Romans – Culture Room MARCH 29 Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes – The Funky Biscuit Thoughts & Slofunkpump – Funky Buddha Lounge MARCH 30 The Fabulous Fleetwoods – The Funky Biscuit Spektora – Packy’s Sports Pub

Pretenders March 25 The Fillmore Miami Beach In support of their latest album Alone, the Pretenders will make their way through The Fillmore Miami Beach on Sunday, March 25. On the road with their first album in eight years, the punk rock Brits’ driving guitars, righteous arrangements, distinct vocals and tender lyrics are still magnificent. More than three decades after their remarkable first album, the new Pretenders tour could be the older, wiser sister to that exhilarating debut.

Demi Lovato – AmericanAirlines Arena Reggae Night – Funky Buddha Lounge Miguel – The Fillmore Miami Beach Sean Hanley Duo - American Craft Aleworks Steeltown Religion - Cheers Sunrise MARCH 31 Heather Gillis Band – The Funky Biscuit Audio Tramp – Packy’s Sports Pub The Von – Funky Buddha Lounge Crash Davis - American Craft Aleworks Fistful of Dollars - Brendan’s Zero Point Zero - Cheers Sunrise

Fortunate Youth March 31 Culture Room The reggae sounds of Fortunate Youth will be experienced at Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room on Saturday, March 31. The collective of six outstanding musicians have been spreading inspirational messages of peace, love and unity. Stemming from Hermosa Beach, California, Fortunate Youth has toured heavily since 2009 with over 20 tours nationwide and abroad. The boys have released three full length albums, two of which hit #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae charts. Not too shabby.

By Todd McFliker SFL Music: On May 26th, Queen Dementia will be performing a Memorial Day bash at O’Malley’s Sports Bar in Margate. I’ve seen you guys play at that venue several times. Vocalist Alanna Vilane, a.k.a. Queen Lana: O’Malley’s is near and dear to our hearts because we have played there so many times. Personally, I’ve seen the room evolve. There have been a handful of improvements, from the staging and the lighting to the regular crowds that we see. One of the reasons we get people to come out is because Margate is sandwiched in the middle of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale or even Miami. People tend to like that centralized location. Too many venues throughout South Florida have closed over the years. Other ones stopped hosting rock and metal shows. If it’s not a Latin club, it turned into a restaurant. Thankfully O’Malley’s has stuck it out. At the same time, there’s definitely a vibe when we get people in there. It’s comfortable and it feels like home. 14 |

Guitarist Joseph Vilane: Orlando is close and we really enjoying playing at the Haven Lounge. We’ve been there a handful of times over the last five years or so. We play there, as well as Tampa and Fort Myers. But the Orlando area is two or three hours away from so many cities, that people come from all over Florida to see us. We have built a decent size following that comes to see us. SFL Music: Chronologically, what came first, the band or your relationship? Alanna: We will celebrate 10 years of marriage in September. Our current band didn’t come together until after Joe and I were together. However, we were friends, as well as musical collaborators first. As friends, we began writing music together and the two of us started looking for other band members. In 2008, we got married, and we actually got a full band together in the next couple years. SFL Music: How is it working with your spouse?

Alanna: The two of us don’t bicker or have any petty issues whatsoever when we get together with the rest of the guys. It almost seems like we are one person to deal with because we coordinate our schedules ahead of time, we are both easygoing, and we are so musically compatible. We also share the same visions for the band. All that definitely makes things easier for everyone. Joseph: I imagine that most couples would think it is impossible to work with your spouse. When you’re in a band, it is crucial that everyone gets along and works well together. Alanna and I really do have similar tastes in music. It’s great because I feed off her energy. Another thing about being married to my music partner is that I never know when a new idea for a song is going to come along. It could be a 2 o’clock or 6 o’clock in the morning and I can still bounce ideas off of her and ultimately finish a big thought. We have wonderful chemistry and it is truly something special. Even when the two of us were just friends, we connected with music unlike anyone else I have ever joined forces with before. We actually wrote a song together on the first day we ever met. It was all very natural. SFL Music: Do you guys still perform that first song that you wrote? Joseph: Umm, no. (Laughs). That was 10 years ago. Regardless, I am very blessed to have her as a musical partner, but as a lifelong partner as well. SFL Music: What influences can be seen and heard when you are onstage? Joseph: The most obvious influences that you’ll hear come from Metallica. There will be some (Black) Sabbathy riffs too. SFL Music: Nice. Ozzy in April. Fort Rock Festival in Sunrise, by the way. Joseph: Yes, Ozzy in April. I’ve also been influenced quite a bit by Vito Bratta from White Lion. It is made up of subtle things that a guitarist may do. The average listener doesn’t even hear it. Then there’s some more recent stuff that I’ve been getting into, like (instrumental band from Washington, D.C.) Animals as Leaders and (Swedish heavy metal group) Meshuggah. Personally, I like to find key elements to inspire me, so I am always listening to something new. SFL Music: Queen Dementia has put out two Eps and music videos, but tell me all about your first fulllength album. Joseph: The Aftermath from 2014 is extremely special to us because it’s our first full-length album. Every one of 16 |

the songs was conceptually written and fit just right into the album. But then there was one other song that I wrote the main guitar arrangements for just before we went into the studio. We jammed on “Blood on the Horizon” as a band and it just came very natural. Everything just sounded perfect. So we couldn’t leave that song off the album. Plus, I play it with an 8-string guitar. Our drummer Jav really came into in with the drums and Lucha (Spivacow) kicks ass on the bass. Alanna: As much as I enjoy the bass, Lucha’s sound really fits with Queen Dementia. He has been with us for 6 months. Along with Jav’s meticulous drumming, the band is more interactive than ever. It is something different this time around. Alanna wrote all the lyrics. Of course, they are open to interpretation. That’s one of the things that makes our music more interesting for fans. SFL Music: Alanna, what advice would you give your younger self in regards to the music business? Alanna: Start early. But it’s hard to have control over meeting the right people or when it all happens. The more time you put into your art, the more beneficial it is to you, the maturation of the music and the opportunities that will arise. Joseph: I would say ‘slow down.’ When I first started playing, I wanted to be the fastest guitarist out there. Over time, I’ve learned to slow down and focus on songwriting. . SFL Music: Hail to the queen.

Mary J Blige Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL Photo: Sean McCloskey

Taking place at Sunset Cove Amphitheater in West Boca Raton on Saturday, January 27th, the Florida Jazz and Blues Jam 2018 was an exciting day for a variety of music lovers. Despite the unfortunate news that 77-year-old Dr. John had to cancel his spot due to illness, South Florida music fans were thrilled that Gov’t Mule decided to headline their only show this year in the Southeastern U.S.

By Todd McFliker Photos Jay Skolnick & Sean McCloskey

Promoting their 2017 release Revolution Come… Revolution Go, Gov’t Mule was led by Warren Haynes, one of the legendary guitarists of the Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead. As always, Haynes took the stage in black jeans and a matching button-down and shredded his instrument. Besides material from his latest cut, Haynes delivered plenty of timeless covers, including Van Morrison’s “Tupelo Honey” and Al Green’s “I’m a Ram,” as well as The Allman Brothers’ “Mountain Jam” and “Soulshine.” A highlight of the Florida Jazz and Blues Jam was when Walter Trout accompanied Gov’t Mule onstage to trade licks with Haynes during a heavenly version of “The Sky 18 |

make my father smile down at me from above.”

Is Crying.” Yet, the icing on the cake was when Devon Allman, guitarist Duane Betts and the Gregg Allman Band keyboardist Peter Levin all took the stage for an extended encore, “Statesboro Blues.” Resembling a Hell’s Angel with a long beard, black jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket and a chain hanging from his hip, Devon Allman more than earned his legendary name. The son of the late great Gregg Allman sang about both the blues and living it up with his six-piece ensemble, the Devon Allman Project. The band was even joined by Duane Betts and Peter Levin for an awe-inspiring set. “We share an incredible legacy, Allman said in a press release. “It’s truly an honor to renew that bond our dads created to a new generation of their admirers and those that have loved the music we’ve made on our own. Having an Allman and a Betts playing together once again will surely

Looking like the Godfather of Grunge in jeans and a flannel, Walter Trout left concertgoers feeling spent and satisfied. Highlighting the energetic set was an aggressive guitar solo by Walters’ talented son Jon, along with a powerful jam featuring Kenny Neal on harmonica. The guitar royalty known as Robben Ford calmly and confidently worked his audience. Kenny Neal discussed his involvement with Kids Rock the Nation, a charity organization that gives guitars, as well as lessons, to youngsters in need. The talented artist serenated the crowd with “Louisiana music” and discussed performing covers of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. Yet, the man from Baton Rouge performed one nobody expected, an impressive version of Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away.” As an added surprise, Neal brought local blues veteran Joey Gilmore onstage to jam a bit. Opening the festivities, vocalist and keyboardist from the Louisiana swamp Marcia Ball belted out feel-good blues. Draped in a black and red dress, high heels and plenty of tattoos, the contemporary vixen set the mood for the entire day of spectacular jazz and blues in South Florida. Florida Jazz and Blues Jam 2018 delivered the goods.

20 |

Hard Rock Event Center Taking center stage at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood is Hard Rock Event Center, the new and intimate performance venue set to replace Hard Rock Live during the $1.5 billion property-wide expansion. The former Hard Rock Live arena is being razed and will eventually be replaced with a state-of-the-art 6,500-plus-seat venue in a theater-style configuration, slated to open in 2019. In the interim, Hard Rock Event Center will be home to a full line-up of concerts and shows, starting with the sold-out performance by The Tenderloins, an acclaimed comedy troupe and the cast of TruTV’s “Impractical Jokers” on Saturday, March 10. The 3,500-seat Hard Rock Event Center features state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, and is located in the northwest corner of the resort. The unique Hard Rock Event Center venue can accommodate a wide array of events ranging from concerts and comedy shows to sporting events and charity galas, and everything in between. With convenient access to South Florida’s major highways, Hard Rock Event Center is ready to take on the mantle as the region’s premier live music and entertainment venue giving fans intimate and authentic experiences. Following The Tenderloins’ performance on March 10, Hard Rock Event Center will host the Shogun Fights: An Alliance MMA Promotion on Saturday, March 17. Currently on the schedule of shows coming to Hard Rock Event Center include many of the year’s hottest acts. • • • • • • • • • • •

Huey Lewis and The News on Friday, April 20 John Mulaney on Saturday, April 21 Gipsy Kings on Saturday, May 5 Dane Cook on Saturday, May 12 Kenny Loggins on Tuesday, May 15 George Lopez on Saturday, May 26 Tyler Henry on Saturday, June 23 KC and the Sunshine Band on Friday, July 20 Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton on Saturday, July 21 Rod Stewart with special guest Cyndi Lauper on Tuesday, July 24 Britney Spears for a three-night, sold-out engagement on Friday, July 27; Saturday, July 28; and Sunday, July 29

The expansion of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood including the iconic guitar-shaped hotel tower is slated to be completed in 2019 in advance of Super Bowl LIV, hosted at nearby Hard Rock Stadium in February 2020. For more information on Hard Rock Event Center and how to buy tickets, visit 22 |

The Wailers Take on ULTRA

By Todd McFliker

Aston, I know you began playing bass as a kid on your father’s Steinberger. How did you end up behind the drums?

We love that you have been included on the bill for this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami. How did the Wailers get involved?

Alston Barrett Jr: I knew my father and uncle are the sound of Wailers. As a bloodline, I had to find a way to learn and to keep that sound because it’s all we have. Everything else has been taken away, so I felt I had to keep this family sound alive.

We have a friend name Joe Risolia. He hooked us up with the Estefan’s family and we’ve been friends since.

I am sure there are benefits and downsides to working with your father. Would you care to give me some examples? Working with my father is the best thing ever to learn as much as I can to keep this ship moving. It also comes with all of his stress, which is not easy. Everyone comes down on me thinking I am him. But I’m starting everything fresh and moving in light and positive vibrations.

Name what only Josh Barrett can bring to The Wailers’ vocals? Rasta. Josh is what Bob is, a Rastaman that loves his majesty. When Bob died, the movement was blocked by jealousy and greed that almost made all members go crazy. But because Jah love, we were saved and Josh helps to keep that order. Can we expect any special collaborations at the show? Yes, Julian Marley and Emily Estefan.

Since Bob Marley formed the Wailers in 1963, is your message of “One Love” still relevant in today’s culture and political landscape?

Rumor has it that you are entering the studio to record a song with Emily Estefan. Will we be hearing the new song at Ultra?

Yes, it is. We learn from our elders and it’s my job to keep that order and to add our new message is now to Stand Firm Ina Babylon.

Not this time due to our busy schedule. The idea is already made and we will be in the studio after we come back from Australia.

When did you realize how important Bob Marley and the Wailers are to culture? I always knew they are very important, but I never really knew until I started traveling. The fans come up to me and tell me how much the music has helped them through so many things.

Ultra Music Festival will be held on March 23-25th in Downtown Miami


By Angel Melendez Come Friday, April 6th, Fort Lauderdale Beach will be drowning in fun seeking country music fans armed with every brand of booze under the sun (literally) looking to get loaded for three days straight. One of the hottest acts in country, Dan + Shay, seemingly have the perfect song for such an occasion, “Tequila.” That is, until you actually listen to it. Rather than being a party starter, “Tequila” is a reflective, somber number about the memories unleased by the senses, in this case, the smell and taste of a tequila shot. We spoke to the fast-rising, platinum certified duo about their upcoming headlining slot at Florida’s premier country fest, life on the road, and measuring success. Was your last visit to Florida last year when you crashed that wedding? How did that come about and how far in advance did you plan it? We have been to Florida a few times since our wedding crashing experience, but that was certainly one of the most memorable trips. The mother of the bride reached out via social media, saying that the bride was our biggest fan and was dancing to “From The Ground Up” in the wedding. We thought it would make the night even more special if we performed it live.  We ended up staying for the 24 |

whole reception and playing an hour set (including Taylor Swift covers). Can we expect you to surprise any more fans during random life events? Maybe at a bar mitzvah, a baptism, or high school prom? We’re always down for a good surprise! Totally open to any ideas or suggestions! What do you know about Tortuga Music Festival and what are your expectations? We’ve heard from a bunch of our artist friends that it is the best festival in country music.  The lineup, the fans, the environment, everything.  We’re excited to be on the same night as Keith Urban, who is one of our favorite artists of all time.  We’re bringing our friends and family to Tortuga on a mini-vacation, so we can experience the festival as fans, too. You’re both married men. What’s the toughest part about being away from your families and how do you cope when you’re on tour? One of the most difficult parts of being away from our families is trying to communicate while in different time zones. 

straints of a genre, and more judging it based on, “do we like it, or do we not like it.” Both of our music libraries are very eclectic, and include songs from George Strait, all the way to Post Malone. Musicians gauge their success by different standards - money, fame, awards, headlining giant festivals, or being parodied my “Weird Al” Yankovic; at what point do you look at one another and say, “we made it. This is what we were gunning for.”  Wow, [we] hadn’t thought about it until just now, but if Weird Al parodied one of our songs, we would definitely consider ourselves to have “made it”.  We’re just thankful to be able to write songs for a living and support our fami-

Dan + Shay

Especially when we’re overseas! It’s a challenge trying to coordinate schedules, but worth the effort (and sometimes, fewer hours of sleep) to hear our wives’ voices while we’re away. Do you ever have a particular audience in mind when you write songs? For example, with a song like “Obsessed” do you think it’s more likely that’s song that a group of women will perform sing-along to or is that a song couples are making babies to?  Ha!  We’ll take the baby making music as a compliment!  We have a great relationship with our fans, especially with how active we are on social media.  After two albums, we have a pretty good grasp on what our fans will and won’t like. Ultimately, we’re making the music for our fans, so they’re always on our minds when writing and recording the music. “Road Trippin’” paints the picture of an ideal getaway. That being said, what’s the worst road trip you’ve ever been on, either together or separately? We’ve been on quite a few road trips, or tour dates where our bus has broken down.  Those are always devastating, mainly because with our luck, we are usually in the middle of nowhere. And if we end up missing the show because of it, that’s an extra bummer, so fingers crossed for less bus trouble in 2018! You have a mass appeal that crisscrosses genres; do your personal music libraries lean more towards old school country or modern-day pop?

will be performing at the Tortuga Music Festival April 6, 7, & 8th Along with Florida Georgia Line, Snoop Dogg, Keith Urban, dwight Yoakam, Eric Church, BrOTHers Osborne & many more!! lies comfortably. If our fans keep enjoying our music, and we can continue to do this for a long time, we’ll be perfectly happy!  But a Weird Al parody would be rad. Your new hit single “Tequila” features a liquor that has a deserved reputation for making people’s clothes fall off. What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on tequila that you won’t get in trouble telling us about?  Uh oh, depends on whether or not our moms are reading this.  We’ve had some great times with tequila. Our fans know it is our drink of choice, so when we released this song, it made total sense.  We’re looking to make some crazy tequila memories, or lack thereof, at Tortuga this year!  I have no doubt that tequila will be flowing on the Dan + Shay bus. Is there anything you’d like people to know about Dan + Shay that perhaps no one ever asks?

No one ever asks if we want free cars or vacations, and we want the people to know, that our answer is “yes”! Ha, just kidding.  Nah, we just want them to know that we are so appreciative of their support and being the reason we We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love all genres of music.  are living our dream.  So even though they didn’t ask, we We spend less time trying to classify things within the con- want to say thank you. 26 |

Phil Collen

By Ray Anton | Ray’s Guitars N’ Gear Photos: Tom Craig

G3 Parker Playhouse In 1996, electric rock guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, along with fellow virtuoso Steve Vai, started the G3 concert experiment. The idea was to take three mostly instrumental electro guitar players on tour together. Each would play their own set of music. The show would then culminate with the three getting together for an epic encore jam. The first G3 started out with Satriani, Vai, and fellow guitar hero Eric Johnson. Over twenty years and dozens of fretboard masters later, Joe Satriani is back on the road again with his 13th installment of the G3 tour, this time with six-time G3 veteran John Petrucci of Dream Theater, and Def Leppard‘s own Phil Collen. I was able to catch the latest edition Thursday night, February 1st at Fort 28 |

Lauderdale’s Parker Playhouse. The show was moved from the Pompano Beach Amphitheater just a few days prior to the show. While there was some confusion upon entering the venue, the staff at the Parker Playhouse was great in handling the situation.

over the past 3 1/2 decades, I was very interested to see how he would fare in the land of instrumental virtuosos. He opened with a cover of Billy Cobham’s “Quadrant 4”, followed by an original instrumental composition called “Yo 2 Joe”, an ode to Joe Satriani.

The show started at 7:30 and the first guitar slinger up was Phil Collen, Def Leppard‘s primary lead guitar player for the past 35 years. While Phil has cowritten many of Def Leppard’s hits

He really shined when he broke out the blues and brought out Debbie Blackwell-Cook, the singer in his bluesy side project called Delta Deep. Phil definitely seemed more comfortable with Delta Deep, finishing the last four songs of his set belting out blues riffs and trading blues runs ‘call and answer’ style with Debbie’s wide vocal range. Drummer Forrest Robinson and bassist Craig Martini round out Delta Deep, which just released an album in January.

John Petrucci

Next up was Dream Theater cofounder John Petrucci. He took the stage at 8:15 in front of a video screen back-

presses work, “What Happens Next.” His latest release is definitely a departure from his past work. I definitely detected more elements of surf rock, less technical noodling and simpler melodies. Included in his just over an hour set were classic Satch songs such as “Satch Boogie”, “Always With Me, Always With You” and “Summer Song.” The guys playing behind joe include long time keyboard, rhythm and lead guitar player Mike Keneally. There were some songs that Mike was playing both keys and guitar at the SAME time!!! Bryan Beller handled the bass guitar while Joe Travers took care of the drums, and even had a drum solo.

Joe Satriani drop showing astral dreamscapes and opened with the dark and powerful “Wrath of Amazons” and then “Jaws of Light.” After a few words welcoming the audience to the show, he lightened the mood and introduced his ‘happy song’. Some songs are as complicated as a wet noodle, and at the other extreme, there are those so complicated it’s more of an exercise in fret board gymnastics than it is music. John Petrucci‘s ‘happy song’ has combined technical complexity and musicality that I feel has taken his musicianship to another level. The musicians involved in this powerful Trio are fellow Dream Theater member and drummer Mike Mangini and bassist of Dixie Dregs fame, Dave Larue. To end Petrucci’s 45 minute set was the also technically brilliant “Glasgow Kiss.” Satriani took the stage after a 15-minute break with his trademark chrome Ibanez guitar. He opened with two songs from his fresh off the 30 |

As Joe’s set finished, he invited Phil and John back to the stage for the legendary G3 encore and the guitar slingers cranked out Deep Purple’s “Highway Star.” Debbie BlackwellCook joined them on stage and

Phil Collen

handled the vocal duties. The guys broke into 3 part harmonies before taking turns playing some fret board blistering leads. Following that they went into Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious.” At the midpoint of the song, they each took a few measures and put down some lightning solos. From there they teased with Jimi Hendrix’ “Voodoo Child” and AC/DC’s “Back in Black”, only playing the intros before diving into the Alabama State Troupers’ “Going Down” where again the guitar solo section of the song was turned into a shred fest!!!

John Petrucci

While Phil might not have had the extensive technical chops as John and Joe, he was able to hold his own place on the stage. As the show ended and the guitar monsters took their bows, I realized I had just witnessed another great guitar jam in the G3 series. I just hope Joe continues to bring the G3 tour idea to the masses, because I will do whatever I can to watch the guitar wizardry the he brings forth!!!

The Reverend Shawn Amos is calling his third release “a collection of 21st Century freedom songs.” The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down contains nine tracks with six of them penned by the Reverend. The disc opens with a very moving original song appropriately title “Moved.” The emotionally delivered line of “Well I sleep every night with every single light on” immediately sets its melancholic mood.  Musically, deep acoustic guitar pickin’ and dark harmonic leads create an equally somber tone. As I type, Blues Foundation members are currently voting on their choices for the annual “Song of the Year.” Having said that, this anthemic quality song will surely be one of their next year’s choices. Musically, it’s a masterpiece.  From its powerful rhythm to its outstanding guitar leads, to its Gospel preaching vocal deliverance with its choir style backing vocals, this is one heck of a production. The following three tracks are collectively referred to as The Freedom Suite. The first one is titled “Uncle Tom’s Prayer.”  It’s a tribute to, Cordell Hull Reagon, founder of the Freedom Singers.  It features Shawn putting on a powerfully persuasive a cappella performance. The second of this trilogy is an original titled “Does My Life Matter?” With the many changes he makes, this could very well be Shawn’s best vocal effort of the lot.  As he speaks of the children, he’s so soft and tender. Yet, when he addresses why and how he needs to be there, his emphasis becomes that of rage and frustration.  The Freedom Suite closes out with a very funky original titled “(We’ve Got to) Come Together.”  It’s an inspirational rally type song featuring a fierce rhythm led by the blaring horns, sharp harmonica leads, great vocal harmonizing, lots of hand clapping and a bunch of laughter.  Its a goodtime song for sure.  With the messages and the spiritual way in which these songs are delivered, they all seem to be headed in the direction of church.  That said, with the final track, “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding,” we are now there.  Featuring amazing organ work, along with choir level vocal harmonies, this perfectly performed hymn is an ideal way to close out the disc. To find out more about Reverend Shawn Amos and to get a copy of the disc, visit - Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro

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Robert Cray Parker Playhouse Photo: Sean McCloskey

Jonathan and Grace Edwards Crest Theater Photo: Tom Craig

Eric Johnson Broward Center Photo: Sean McCloskey

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Coin Revolution Live Photo: Sean McCloskey

Barry Manilow By Joseph Vilanein Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Courtesy Photo: Sean McCloskey 36 |

Rodriguez Parker Playhouse Photo: Sean McCloskey

Groove Thangs The Funky Biscuit Photo: Jay Skolnick 38 |

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SFL Music - March 2018  

Featuring: Dan + Shay, Queen Dementia, G3 Tour, Hard Rock Event Center, Reverand Shawn Amos, Florida Jazz & Blues Fest, Coin, Jonathan Edwar...

SFL Music - March 2018  

Featuring: Dan + Shay, Queen Dementia, G3 Tour, Hard Rock Event Center, Reverand Shawn Amos, Florida Jazz & Blues Fest, Coin, Jonathan Edwar...