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Club News F&LS CastinG CALL

November 4 | 6-9 pm | Mustang Lounge

sweater weather socializer

Movember Fashion SHOW

Interested in modelling for F&LS? On November 4th, we will be hosting a huge Casting Call to scout individuals interested in being featured in: the pages of Volta Magazine, the Movember Fashion Show, and our Annual Year-End Fashion Show. One lucky model from the Casting Call will be chosen to win a whether you’re runway or editorial, be sure to come out!

November 5 | 7-9 pm | The Spoke We kick off the year with our first event: a Sweater Weather Socializer! Come out to get to know your fellow fashionistas, and have a chat with Exec to learn more about how you can contribute to the club or be on the team next year. Complimentary food will be provided and don’t forget to wear your favourite sweater!

November 29 | 10pm | Gatsby

The tradition continues with our Movember Fashion Show on November 29! After a great show last year, we’re ready to do it all over again at Gatsby Sound House & Bar. Join us for a night of fashion, fun and fabulous moustaches! All proceeds from the show will go to charity.

F&LS TANK DESIGN contest Calling all designers! F&LS is excited to introduce our very own club tank tops this year, but we need YOU to help us come up with the winning graphic design. If you have an idea for what to feature on our club apparel, email us at for contest requirements and guidelines. Deadline for submissions is November 24.

most anticipated albums fall 2013 Written By: Stephanie Ling

mgmt - mgmt While MGMT suffered serious losses after the release of their album Congratulations, you have to admire their persistence in being uniquely experimental while working on a major label. However, as much praise as there is for this album, there are just as many people who hate it. Their new album, titled MGMT, is a medley of synthesized and electro rock, serving up a track list sure to mess with your mind.

haim - days are gone Opening for musical sensations such as Mumford & Suns and Rihanna, this sister-rock trio is a must-listen. Drawing musical inspiration from artists such as Fleetwood Mac and TLC, HAIM’S LP is a combination of sweet harmonylaced and textural sounds. It perfectly combines the typicality of lyrical teen-angst with a seriously infectious beat.

the killers - direct hits Direct Hits, a highly anticipated album set to be released on November 11th, is The Killers first singles compilation - a package of their greatest hits thus far. Featuring 15 of the band’s greatest tunes and two new tracks produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83. With their two sounds blending seamlessly, these new tracks feature a flashback into the fantasia of eighties pop-rock.

lorde - the love club Seemingly out of nowhere, Lorde busted into the music scene with the release of “Royals” back in June. Maintaining a perfect balance of coolness and warmth, Lorde’s EP is a gust of needed originality in our current mindless pop landscape. The Love Club features a winning tracklist, layering her smooth vocals over a flowing, understated groove.


channeling cher: un d o n e o l d s c ho ol Written By: Stephanie Ling & jaein mun

Last month’s Flare September cover was exactly the inspiration we needed to describe one of our favourite trends this Fall: Undone Old School. This trend was spotted on the F/W ‘13 Runways of iconic brands such as Prada, Chloé, Valentino, Céline, Dior, Proenza Schouler, and many more. Taking a hint from the movie Clueless, Tai, Cher and Dionne have become this season’s style icons. The trend combines a pastel palette with shapely silhouettes, soft textures, and dark accents, creating a perfect ode to the cast. We love the contrast between the sweet and careless ease of this inspired trend in combination with edgier accents such as bold plaid and leather details.

L.A. designer, Wildfox, was clearly just as inspired by “Clueless” as we are. From the impeccable styling, to models and scenes that perfectly resemble the movie, there is nothing about this lookbook that we don’t love.

Flare’s September and October covers are exactly the inspiration we needed. Their use of contrasting dusty pastel tones is spot on.


Twosum is a fashion and lifestyle blog created in early 2013 by F&LS members Stephanie Ling and Jaein Mun. Check them out at “We’ve found creeping and loving blogs is one thing we totally have in common - other than that, we’re pretty much opposites. But that’s what makes our blog work. You get two completely different styles along with two totally different perspectives on just about everything.”

NUDE the industry’s lacking standard Written By: Dana El-Tawil Nude pumps are an investment every woman needs to make for her shoe collection. While basic, they are so important as to be indispensable, evolving over the years into an absolute style staple.

-claimed “nude” pair of heels when in reality, south of her ankle lies a stark, contrasting line of separation from the rest of her body. Nudity is fluid, and so too should our conception and representation of it.

The only problem is determining what classifies as “nude”. For the longest time, both the fashion industry and average consumer have been using “nude” without thinking twice about what it truly means. The term “nude” quite literally means naked in its rawest form. Nude does not—and should not—bring to mind one colour, one shade, or one hue. Nude is not “blush pink” nor is it “pale” or some chalky, grayish-peach colour used on store mannequins. These do not classify nude.

Enter Christian Louboutin, a designer who has taken the initiative to change this prejudice and revamp its image. The Parisian shoe designer, who more often than not is associated with red soles, not race relations, has stepped in to introduce a new range of colour-matched heels: a shoe tailored to your skin tone that promises to “elongate your legs”.

Nothing says counter-intuitive like a woman of colour (on any spectrum of the scale) wearing a pro

In his own words, “They disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of [your] legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette.”

In hopes of redefining the nude heel, the designer has produced five new shades of nude, ranging from fair blush to rich chestnut, aiming to match as closely possible the wearer’s own skin. The red-soled stiletto king states, “The shoes are there to give the woman an extra lift, not to take attention away from the legs and what she is wearing.” Images from the campaign showcase his vision flawlessly, pairing legs of various skin colours and nude heels in harmonious accord. To make it easier for consumers, the designer has also launched the app ‘Louboutin Shades’, available in the iTunes app store, for individuals to discover what shade most appropriately matches their skin tone. Christian Louboutin’s initiative to jump in foot first is certainly one to be applauded. Monseuir Louboutin has started a trend, so much so that Italian lingerie label Cosabella recently launched the ‘Trenta Skin Tone’ collection of underwear. The collection is designed to match a complete range of skin colours, and is available in various styles.

Controversy is no foreign concept in the world of fashion. Fashion is an incredibly powerful medium that deals with issues of politics, social justice and social change. Thus, diversity is an extremely important matter to advocate and promote. Last year, 82% of runways in NYFW featured predominantly Caucasian models. Only 6% of models featured were of darker tones. The colour in question should no longer be synonymous with white skin. Nude is praised for its leg-lengthening powers. Thus, women with skin of any other colour were implicitly unable to participate in this trend. As with bandaids and foundation, light skin remains the default option, leaving women of colour often feeling marginalized, as though their identity must be one complacent with that of a lighter-skinned consumer. Although some may argue that Louboutin’s collection is not going to make an impact on the vast majority, the ripples sent to the high streets no doubt will. We are often presented with the idea that one size does not fit all, but it is refreshing to see brands who are now realizing that neither does one colour.

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